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Top Five Tuesday: Wednesday Edition- Wong Foo Wednesday


I realized last night that I hadn’t really mentioned the sad passing of Heavy D who played Sid on BONES. I thought it would be fun to just take a day to go back and take a look at the nice times B&B had at Wong Foo’s. There aren’t a ton of them, and I think I mentioned them all, but I’d love to hear which one is your favorite (or favorites!). Let’s begin!

1. The Man in the SUV

We see that Booth feels no pride in shooting someone, and Brennan begins to get to know Booth a little better also. What I love about this is that obviously, this is one of Booth’s ‘places’, and he has brought Brennan here for their post-case drink. Booth has always been all about ‘this is what partners do’, and Brennan usually believed him, if not a bit suspiciously sometimes (guy hugs, anyone?), but since we now know that Booth had never ‘partnered up’ before Brennan, some of his talk in the beginning is BS. Not in a bad way, just in a “Oh, we see through your attempts to be with her more, Booth. We see it” kind of way. 😀  Yes, partners DO always go out for a drink, sure…

2. The Boy in a Tree:

One of my favorite things about Sid was the quirk that he had menus but still always knew exactly what each person wanted to order. Brennan calls it a ‘knack’ which is fun, but Hodgins disregards and goes for the seven-organ soup. Ew.

Booth later claims the bar as ‘his’, and it’s cocky and fun, and within a couple of episodes, Brennan is with him again. I like how this illustrates that, for the most part, Booth is all about Brennan. He appreciates and cares about the rest of the J-team, but Brennan is his partner. She’s the one.

3. The Man in the Wall

The other day pal bbmagic and I were moaning that the red Range Master vest is probably going to go by the wayside, only to ever live on in fanfiction, with the gray sweater and white polo shirt (okay, okay…I added those, because I LOVE THEM!). But I love this scene, because we really see the draw and pull that Booth feels toward Brennan. Booth is not a balker, Brennan told us in this episode, and it’s true, however…the one thing Booth would maybe give in for is Brennan. She’s not a ‘thing’, but…you know what I mean.

4. The Man on Death Row:

I love the end of this episode, because it’s a case B&B didn’t ‘win’, but they still talk about it. They are both very tired, but Booth especially so, which means he looks toward Brennan in a way that sort of looks like he has his guard down a bit. There was a lot of attraction flowing in this first season, but also growing affection and respect. And Sid once again provides Brennan with the perfect food, without even asking, and he hands Booth a piece of pie. Smart guy.

5. The Man in the Fallout Shelter

Well, yes. In an episode nearly strictly contained in the Jeffersonian, the writers chose to move one scene outside. The mood at Wong Foos still fits the rest of the episode, and it completely works. Because the spirit of B&B and Christmas isn’t contained in the lab.

6. The Man on the Fairway

I think I remember once reading that the reason Wong Foos wasn’t on the show any longer was that it was just too dark, from a set and lighting perspective–thus the diner (which I also love). That makes me kind of sad, but I also get it. Sid should have just expanded with a nice patio or something, haha. But then it wouldn’t have been the same, perhaps. There was something very cozy and intimate about Wong Foos, however, something that allowed this early B&B to really open up to one another, like below, when Brennan asks Booth for a favor–to help her find out what happened to her parents.

Instead of going straight for the facts, Booth finds a picture of Brennan and smiles.

Okay…enough from me! Which moment/moments make your favorites list!?

Peace, Love & Bones,



28 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Wednesday Edition- Wong Foo Wednesday

  1. I think my favorite would have to be the last one. They are getting into the whole “delving into each other’s past” thing, which is a definite step up in any of their relationships. The favor she asks of Booth is a big deal. He knows it too. For two people who, mostly, have kept to themselves and kept their pain to themselves, this action of investigating her past is going to bring up things for both of them. And as we have seen, it definitely has impacted both of them.

    And yes, I’d have to say Booth is already having some “dazzled” feelings as he looks at that picture of Brennan. Though, obviously, they have much more to go through together before they can actually be together, but this is definitely the start of a “more than partners” kind of relationship. Booth’s investigation will reveal that Brennan has a bruised past and questionable family, just as he does, which will inevitably bring about some lovely B&B moments 🙂 but this scene is special because it is the start of something great.

    Thanks Wong Foos!

  2. I was chatting with someone last night during the TNT reruns and I mentioned that whenever they are in Sid’s there’s “bow chicka wow wow” music playing softly in the background. Sid’s was a sexy place. I also miss Booth having guy friends not connected to the FBI/Jeffersonian.

    • haha, I am going to listen out for ‘Booth chicka wow wow’ music now. I do remember a rather loaded moment between Booth and Angela when she said something like ‘You have no idea, just how open minded I can be’ and Booth’s face = hot & curious.

  3. The scenes in Boy in a Tree (which was on TNT yesterday) always crack me up, but Booth looking at the picture of girl Brennan always gets to me. He’s getting dazzled.

  4. No time to really comment, But great Wong Woo Wednesday post.

    p.s. I’m I the only one who wishes I could order some Wong Foo’s late at night?

    (and maybe have it delivered by a particular FBI agent!).

  5. Booth looking at little Bones….awww. Girls are nice, right Booth?

  6. Blue shirt. Oh, the blue shirt.

    I’m sorry, what? Sid’s? Yea. Great place.

    And….blue shirt.

  7. I miss Sid and Wong Foo’s too. My favorite is a tie between the first and last on your list.

    In Man in the SUV, Brennan literally reaches out to Booth and touches him. I think I’m correct in saying that the last time she did that, she was slapping him in the face! I love these flashes of her showing empathy in the early portrayal of Brennan. And I am so glad she reminded him Tessa was waiting at home, and Booth went home and we could see he’s an honorable man, respecting his own values and yet beginning to understand Tessa was not the one for him after all.

    In Man on the Fairway, Brennan shows him how much she trusts him, not just because of the thorough investigation she knows he’ll do, but because she’s asking him to do her this tremendous favor at all. And Booth, looking at that picture, sees the happy little girl she was long before they met, and that maybe he didn’t quite believe in before he saw the picture. His smile is affectionate and admiring, and maybe just a little bit smug because he is proud that she asked him (him!) to do this for her..

  8. Hi. I don’t normally comment but I do read your posts now and again and just wanted to add this:

    For Wong Foo’s, I remember in one of the commentaries for the first season, the producers I believe, mentioned that Wong Foo’s was a borrowed set and that’s why they no longer go there…because they weren’t able to use the set anymore. It could be that it was too dark also?

  9. I love the way Booth looks at the picture of Brennan at the end of The Man on the Fairway. And the picture of Brennan – that sweet, wistful look on her face says a lot too…if that makes any sense at all. Hands down my favorite Wong Foo’s scene. R.I.P. Sid/Heavy D.

    And Hodgin’s Seven Organ Soup burps?…ewwwwwwwww!

  10. Wong Foos lives on in fan fiction and in our imaginations and our DVDs.

    Another reason they abandoned Wong Foos was because they wanted the windows so they could have the ability to show characters coming and going and interacting with people on the street. The diner has has lots of significant moments over the years both inside and outside.

    I always liked the intimacy of the place and the fact that Booth tried to stake a claim to it as his, but really didn’t shoo away Brennan much after that one time. One moment that hasn’t been mentioned, I think, is the time in which Booth gets his Jeffersonian pass– it clearly is one more step on the road to becoming a squintaholic.

    • That was my favorite scene from Wong Foos – I love that Brennan just sort of casually leaves Booth’s Jeffersonian pass on the counter and walks away. The grin Booth gets on his face when he looks at it is just priceless haha.

  11. My favourite Wong Foo’s moment is in here – Man in the Fallout Shelter when Parker runs in and Booth scoops him up and kisses him. Gives me a heart and ovary explosion. In a good way, you understand 🙂

    • I always loved how David kissed Ty right on the lips just like a real dad would with his little boy. It was just a perfect scene.

      • Booth has always been so sweet with Parker. Man in the Fallout Shelter is when Brennan and Squints, as well as the audience, learn that Booth has a kid at all, right? I imagine that is because that wasn’t originally planned….it’s kind of odd that Booth would never mention that to Brennan, right? Especially in light of the 100th episode where he told her he had a gambling problem. Oh, well. Things change and evolve.

        It’s hard not to imagine Booth being totally adorable with his little girl.

  12. Sad, sad news; I always wished they had incorporated Sid into the line-up in some way after they all moved to the diner. Like Sophia, I also like the Man in the Fallout Shelter the best. Booth is such a private guy, and even after she made the insensitive out-of-wedlock remark he opens up and invites her to share his family for a little while, knowing at this point that she doesn’t have one of her own. It was a very sweet moment. I also don’t think we ever saw Booth looking quite as happy before as he was holding his cute son-imagine when he gets to hold his baby girl!

  13. I loved all the scenes at Wong Foo’s and the reason is the feeling of both intimacy and safety. You always got the feeling that Sid was some sort of magician with his I know what you would like to eat now magic. He was comforting and safe and so was his place and he provided that feeling in these scenes. But also a factor of the dark was the feeling of intimacy. The coffee shop looks out on the street and all sorts of people — wanted, like Pops or occasionally Sweets and unwanted, like a certain skanky blond — could come booming through the door at any minute. Phones ring and work occupies center stage. But at Wong Foo’s there were no windows for people to see through, phones didn’t ring and what B&B talked about was mostly not the cases but their emotional fallout, how it affected them. So the dialogue had an intimacy as well that the diner generally lacks. I really, really miss Wong Foo and Sid and like to revisit it in season one anytime it’s on.

    • Thank you for pointing out that they were often talking about the fallout from the cases. Unlike other shows of its kind, Bones always seemed to have real people dealing with the cases and feeling the aftershocks of what they saw and did. The diner is a catchall for anything and everyone who comes by to the sensitive talk gives to that numskull teen father to Hodgins spying his maniacal father-in-law-to-be. But Woo Fong’s was magical because it showed the humanity of the people dealing with the remains.

  14. I know it’s not Wong Foo related but I know I’m looking forward to seeing the Brennan-Booth family at the diner some weekday morning. Booth, Brennan and baby in her little high chair (you know one will be found for her) enjoying a breakfast together before starting their day. I could just see Sweets dropping by and starting to discuss a case and Booth covering the baby’s ears! Ha! You know that will be an issue between B&B. I could see Brennan thinking it’s okay to expose their daughter to discussions about their cases and Booth holding to his deal with Parker, no discussing cases until the kid is older. Would Booth use a code word for muder around the baby? Perhaps “translation”!

  15. I also love the one where Booth looks at Brennan as a girl and as is DB’s great strength, has a whole range of emotions passing over his face in those few moments, but I think (I’ll go back and check), I also love that Brennan is watching HIM looking at her picture in the doorway of Wong Foo’s! Oooooh. I love that.

  16. Gotta say that most of these moments for me fit right into yesterday’s post: did they really happen? Were B&B ever really like that? Wow.

    I agree with the fact that the setting allowed for more intimacy…and I can’t help but think that had ED & DB known that B&B had the history that they had (ie,what we find out in the 100th)that some of these scenes would have been done on a rather different level.

    Having said that I love the one at the end of the first xmas ep (sorry – just finished writing school reports – brain is mush – all I can think for a title is ‘The con man in the fairway’ and I know that isn’t right…) but then it’s one of my fave eps. That Brennan actually went to see him is gold. And yes Daddy Booth makes those ovaries pound…

  17. So…………NINE long hours to go to this episode. And word on the street is that it is AWESOME. And that’s all I’m saying. But I don’t know how I’m gonna make it till 9 pm! Any thoughts? What should I do??? 🙂

    • That’s how I feel. Time is moving so slow. But I guess I have actual work to do that I could focus on…*sigh*.
      All this anticipation is making me kind of anxious. It’s been so hyped up. I’m just trying to stay calm and reasonable about it all – I may question the writers sometimes, but DB and ED never fail to deliver moving, intense performances at times like these.

    • I’m just glad that spoilers have been far and few in between for this one, despite my best efforts at ferreting them out. I’m always upset with myself when I find out too much because it really ends up diluting the experience. There should be a support group out there for this kind of obssession. Oh wait, I’m here already! Happy Bones Day!

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