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Male in the Mail Post-Ep Discussion


Hey, y’all!

Discuss, discuss!  Just remember…no spoilers or discussion of any FUTURE episodes, okay?



33 thoughts on “Male in the Mail Post-Ep Discussion

  1. Angela was right. Brennan probably was the only one who could get Booth to open that box and acknowledge that he did suffer a loss when he lost his father. Bittersweet.

    • BOOTH: Remind me again how great I feel after talking to you.
      BRENNAN: Well, who else would always tell you the truth?
      BOOTH: Yeah, you know, it does make me feel better. It makes no rational sense, but it does.

    • He opened that box for her as much as for him. She wanted him to open it, so he did.
      Something else we saw was that, like Brennan, Booth seems to have burried a lot of good memories from his past….I think that is because remembering makes things more painful but facing it now helps them both, I think, to realize what type of future they want and can possibly have for their family.

      • It also harks back to all the times that Booth pushed her in the direction of reconnecting with her mother’s memory and later with her brother and her dad. And just as he grieved with her and held her after Vincent died, so she did with him tonight; just perfect.

  2. I am a weepy pile of goo.

  3. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention the way they juxtapositioned the killer who was violent only five minutes in his life and committed murder with Booth’s father whose life was violence was like bookends holding different lives in between. Different but the same. Hope that wasn’t to obscure. I’m sure we were supposed to notice it.

  4. You know what I love about this show? That they can show/convey a lot without being heavy-handed. Brennan WAS there for Booth in the way that felt very much like Brennan. And you know what? It was what Booth needed and how he needed it. She DOES connect with him and she learns and builds upon what she learns. LOVE Pops, and so do the ladies;) I felt for Pops and, you know what? I actually felt for Booth’s Dad too…. I think that is a complicated story there, possibly a story of a Vet who had some serious PTSD. Sad. Pops’ reaction was very, very real. Parents always love their children AND feel responsible when their children loose their way. The letter to father from son, wow. And Booth? I think Booth’s reaction actually fit in very well with what we know of Booth, he does tend to shut down. The scene where Pops said he was disappointed that Booth couldn’t see how painful this was for him was just felt very real to me. Booth can freeze people out/shut down and I think that is very much his method of self-preservation…..I actually think that is a trait that he and Brennan share.

    I really like Agent Shaw. I hope we get to see her again. Both Booth and Brennan were good metors in this episode. Brennan gave Clark a compliment! She did! She said he would figure it out cause she don’t hire no fools! Love. And Booth was encouraging to Shaw while also helping her to learn. Nice. I think I would like to see Shaw interact with Brennan. Shaw is trying to find her way and be successful in a male-dominated field. She wants learn and learn from the best. I think Brennan, who also made her way in a male-dominated field and thrives on learning, could also be good mentor for Shaw.

    Can anyone believe that Sweets did not say anything?! Whoa. The squints/team were all balanced pretty well too. Gotta love Clark. Ha! So, So akward.

  5. Wow-outstanding and very touching performance by DB; loved his scenes with Pops, who deserves kudos as well. I’m glad they brought up the fact that he too lost his son-it was a very realistic touch that could easily have been overlooked with all the other hoopla. Brennan’s character was perfect in this one, both mature and caring while trying to navigate around the new boundaries that define her and Booth’s evolving relationship. And thank God they didn’t have Sweets poking and proding at every turn, which might just be starting to get a wee bit annoying. My one complaint? That it wasn’t a two-hour episode, because I would have loved to see a lot more. Story, case, writing and acting were all on fire tonight. Well worth the wait-can’t wait for next week and the apparent return of my beloved green jacket (or it’s reincarnation)!.

    • I did not miss Sweets trying to pry at all. Brennan found a way to be there for Booth, as it should be. These two found their way together last season without too much poking and prodding. Angela was right. Booth loves Brennan. Brennan may say the wrong things at times, which she is aware of, but only she knows how to comfort Booth and what she does works. How Angela, Cam or others may comfort their partners may work for them but B&B connect their own way. Perfect. It may not seem rational on paper but it works.

      Next week it looks like we get a return of rugged, in-the-field Booth! Yes, Please!

  6. I sobbed through most of the episode. Still am. The acting, writing and everything was so AMAZING! I also wish it could have been longer, but they did an awesome job and wow. They stayed in character, and Brennan supporting Booth and refusing to let him shut her out was beautiful. And when Pops said “So smile. Love that woman you have and love that little girl you’re going to have.” I burst into tears.

    I loved the fact that Angela didn’t try to tell Brennan what she should do, just said that Booth loves Brennan and to figure out what only she can give him to support him.

    Perfection. It may take me a few days to recover.

  7. May I add that no matter what scenario my mind came up with as to how they would end the episode, what they did was way more subtle and lovely than I possibly imagined This happens more often than not on Bones, which is the very reason I keep watching and why I forgive the eps that don’t quite measure up. When they hit it out of the park like they did tonight,they hit it waaaay out.

    PS-loved how she put her arm around him and how he held her hand when he was crying. Seeing him finally break down and accept the love and comfort she was offering was really special. Running back to get another tissue…

  8. I desperately want to rewatch…but I think I need some time. 🙂 I can’t wait to scene study the crap out of this someday haha!

  9. “For the time being, we’re sharing our lives and you cannot shut me out.” This statement from Brennan did not upset me at all. Brennan’s view on relationships/love HAS grown, she HAS evolved but….she is still Brennan. We know Brennan’s belief in the past that relationships do not last. Brennan’s reason for wanting Booth to basically be the sperm donor of her child in CITC instead of doing it the “right way” as Angela said was because she felt the feelings assoicated with it would be too mess and relationships end. Fast forward to current day. She has come a long way. We know Booth believes Brennan will ask him to marry her some day, we also know Booth’s belief that love is not rational. They are starting a family and they are looking for a home to share right now…that’s pretty serious. To me, if Brennan espoused that she and Booth would be together forever and ever would feel weird to me.

    • I feel the same way. Brennan is still not one for concepts of fate, destiny, or forever. But she is committed to what they are trying to do right now. Besides, “time being” is pretty vague. That time could still mean for 30, 40, 50 years, or the rest of their lives, ;).

      • Very true. I have to watch the episode again to process what Brennan said about our memories/experiences we have throughout our lives…something about how some researchers believe we don’t experience time in sequential order…I remember thinking, whoa, awesome. Anyway, yeah, it was scientific yet beautiful. She said Booth was still living those good memories with his dad, basically that the good times are with you too. Her comment about “time being” came right after that so, yeah, it just did not bother me. The fact that she wanted to help Booth and be able to comfort him was powerful and it meant a lot to her when she did.

      • It reminded me of when Brennan’s drama with her own father. Booth always insisted that Max loved Brennan, even though he hurt her. And Booth recognized the good qualities in Max (a stand-up criminal vs. a crooked cop) and encouraged Brennan to accept and forgive him.

    • I agree the ‘for the time being’ qualifier was totally Brennan. It didn’t bother me because I heard that as ‘for the foreseeable future’ and ‘I see nothing that will get in the way of us being together.’ In other words, she is only saying ‘for the time being’ because she knows nothing is absolute but that doesn’t mean she isn’t all in.

  10. I Love, Love, Love the relatonship between Hank and Brennan. Hank really, really likes Temperance and knows she is good for his grandson. Brennan seems to connect well with Pops too. We saw that back in Foreclosure and we saw it in this episode as well even if we only got to see them together once. I liked when Pops didn’t want her coming home to smelly garlic and when he told Booth to love the woman he has. Aw. It would be nice to see Pops back one last time before the end of the series.

  11. One more thing, can I just say that I’m loving Chef Booth! Ha! Gotta love a man who cooks! Gotta eat, right?! Wonder if he ever cooks garlic in the nude too?

  12. “Your assbones, they’re like a fingerprint in your pants!” Seeley Booth! You slay me!

    I’m definitely gonna need a couple days to recover from this one. So much happened, it’s defficult to process without an immediate rewatch!

    There were so many beautiful scenes. Brennan has never been shy to ask Angela for help, and Angela has never been shy to deliver. But this time Ange knows that only Brennan can do/say the right thing to help Booth. I think somewhere Brennan knows that too.
    Ralph Waite. Brilliant. I want to hug Pops at all times.
    The entire end scene. Brennan has grown SO much, and we got some serious Booth character development, it is just so much to process.

    I’m not a crier, but this episode nearly got me. When Pops was telling Booth to smile, and then told him something along the lines of holding/loving his woman and loving the daughter he is going to have, oh man. All I could think was, “Alright, Bub, yes this entire situation SUCKS, but you’ve got your best girl! Finally! Now you HAVE to smile at least a little bit!”

    • Yeah I definitely will need to recover from this one as well! Sooooo nice to see some Booth backstory development.

      Also, I really like how Hank sort of showed Booth how he was being a bit selfish. Booth’s dad did not hurt Booth alone. It kind of threw Booth for a loop there, and it was nice for him to realize that Hank felt guilt about raising a son who was capable of what he did to his sons. And a nice bookend to Angela telling Brennan to remember the good times with her parents and have that life. It’s Booth’s turn to hear from Brennan to remember the good times and have that life. With her.

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. It was just..soo good. Sometimes there are just no other words to best describe something that fantastic. David was phenomenal, totally Booth. He response and reactions to everything was totally in character, it wasn’t overdone or overplayed, there was the perfect amount of upset for Booth.

    And can I just say? GO HANK. I did get mad that Booth wasn’t even acknowledging that Pops might be hurting. I know that Booth was still really pissed at his father, but you would think, being a father himself, that he could empathize with Pops. Props to Pops for calling him out. I loved that. I loved Pops being the male authority and not taking Booth’s crap. Fabulous.

  14. This was overall the best episode of the season so far. The case was good, I originally thought the boss was the killer but I was wrong, Hodgins and Clark (as well as Brennan and Clark) were great. Gotta love the ‘stop staring at my boobs, you perv’ look Brennan gave Clark.

    Brennan and Angela’s scene was perfect, for once Angie wasn’t patronizing or bitchy, and the ‘conflict’ (which didn’t involve Brennan learning a new lesson) was believable. I think anyone, socially awkward or not, would be confused and distraught after seeing their spouse acting like Booth.

    Love how they incorporated Pops’s feelings instead of focusing solely on Booth and his seeming lack of emotion. Ralph Waite was amazing, he nearly made me cry. Wish there’d been more Pops/Brennan interaction, though.

    I loved Brennan’s line about time not being linear, reminded of the earlier seasons when we got quite a bit of that ‘deep’ stuff. And her comforting Booth was great, too. I loved that it was so subtle, because it inspired me to write about what I think happened after that scene. Sometimes less is indeed more, and I think this was one of those times. + I actually cried when Booth did, and I don’t cry easily.

    And yes, Chef Booth! He seems to be the cook in the family, which I totally love.

    Okay, in a nutshell, there was nothing I didn’t love about this episode. Except the body (minced meat, anyone?), made me sick, which doesn’t happen often.

  15. Definitely my favorite episode of the season. All of you captured my thoughts but here are a few others:
    Did anyone think of Angela in the episode – Man in the Fallout Shelter- photocopying her butt?
    I also thought since Booth was his Dad’s beneficiary that maybe he would be getting some money of his own from life insurance or something (to help buy the house with Bones).

    • Natbor, I thought of that too, about his dad’s estate! I guess it was to just show that Booth’s dad did care something for Booth since he made him in charge of it. He could have chosen Pops or Jared. But…you know, Booth did not really look at the papers he signed, he just signed ’em. So maybe…??? It would be kind of fun for Booth to inherit something 🙂

      • I mean, they made it sound like Booth’s dad was pretty unstable. Booth, who turned out much better, had a gambling problem. I’m assuming his dad didn’t have much to leave.

  16. Reblogged from rita2418
    “ David Boreanaz acting was incredibly touching, never excessive, so extraordinarily fragile and gently discreet that it was impossible not to be hit by his feelings. And Emily was the perfect partner to his performance. Those two are so generous as actors, they always support each other to bring home the best of the results.
    This is the magic of Bones to me, and I couldn’t love this show more.

  17. This is worth repeating also:

    One thing I will take from ’ The Male in the Mail’ is nobody else could force Booth to open up like Brennan did. He did it, only for her. Always, for her.

    (Source: hellyeahbones)

  18. I’m being lazy as I comment over here….copying my post from elsewhere! LOL So sue me 😛

    I’m kind of torn about this episode.

    First off I did really enjoy it. I thought the main case were superb as per usual. I loved Brennan through out, how she was trying to figure out the right thing to do for Booth even if she was struggling. As someone who would flounder in a similar situation I understood her need to ask for advice, even if I can’t help but think she needs a different sounding board. Angela isn’t exactly an expert, and in this instance I’d have thought Cam was the more obvious choice. She’s the only one who knows Booth almost as well as Brennan, plus she knows what he went through. I get HH and cos desire to give Brennan a ‘person’ and that person is Angela…it’s just a poor choice IMO.

    I loved Hodgins and Cam as per usual. These two can ALMOST do no wrong in my eyes. and they were on excellent form this episode. Add into the return of Clark and the Lab was a very happy place for me. I LOVE Hodgins and Clark together, and their joy with testing out the medieval weapons was priceless. (And Clark’s fascination with Brennan’s boobs? Hilarious…no one knows how to put their foot in it quite like Clark!)

    Shaw was back which has me excited…until I realised she kind of got on my nerves. She didn’t in her first episode, but in this one? She was a pain in the ass. I’m not sure what happened….now who is going to lure Sweets away from Daisy??! Although talking of Sweets, I loved him as per usual. Plus, he had a really awesome tie. (Priorities, right? )

    Now Booth…oh man, David B really knows how to tug at a girls heart strings. He doesn’t need to say anything, just one look at his face and I can feel myself crumble. The scene with Pops reading him the letter from his dad? Amazing. And the end…the tears rolling down his face…..holy mother of god. Just….he’s so fucking (excuse my french) amazing. And Ralph was on fine form as well, breaking my heart in the process. Whatever he’d done he was still his son, and my heart ached for him.

    I think my main problem with it was the case…again. I understand that this season is more about the relationships as opposed to the cases, but surely they could put a little bit more effort into it? Maybe I would give them a free pass on this episode, as the Booth dad stuff was emotionally heavy, if they hadn’t had such…lacklustre cases so far this Season (and quite a bit of the last Season too.)

    Bones is at it’s best, IMO, when the character interactions/evolution is offset with a case that connects with the audience, with victims that break your heart…but at the moment the cases seem too much like after thoughts for me to really engage with them. I miss that. I understand that shows evolve, and the characters move on to different phases in their fictitious lives,but that’s no excuse for the cases to become so…mediocre.

    Anyway, like I said I loved it. I just wish some things were a little different…or better thought out.

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