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Morning After Q: Could/Can Booth Ever Really Have Peace Without Brennan?


“I just need time, that’s all. I just need time to kinda hang back and find that inner peace before I, you know, get back out there……you and me, and love. Happiness and life and fate…”

~Seeley Booth, Blackout in the Blizzard

First of all…that Father’s Day card. Guh! GUH! I had been doing strong…maybe a little eye watering here and there, but…just imagining the sweet and eager Booth we get glimpses of now as a small child, and his sweet and eager offerings…well, the show got me…that’s for sure. I’m not complaining. I like eps that make me cry. Like Owl’s great system of measurement, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me think. Yay!

Last night’s ep, Male in the Mail, conjured up some resolution to the Blackout in the Blizzard episode, in terms of Booth finding out that his dad cared for him on certain levels, but I also thought it was interesting that Booth’s ‘peace’ was referred to again here.  Booth has always had a few edges, and don’t mind me if that gets me kind of hot and bothered at times. But he also deserves good things, and don’t mind me if I like seeing him at peace with the troubles in his life 🙂

But here’s the question for today, and feel free to expand…could Booth have come to that peace of mind without Brennan? She pressed him to deal with his emotions and recognize them, so in my mind, I’m thinking…he could not have. He said he was at peace with things, in the SUV, but I was not convinced (nor Brennan, I don’t think, haha).

Okay, enough from me…what do you think? Let’s discuss!

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54 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Could/Can Booth Ever Really Have Peace Without Brennan?

  1. I think she pressed him like he presses her since 7 years… not in the same way, because Booth is more subtle, but it was necessary. like the “move on” was necessary, like the Hannah’s Storyline was necessary too

    it was, for me, tears of joy. because those tears have erased all the bad memories Booth has from his father. this box was full of lovely and shared moments between the son and the father. and Booth found his inner peace when he finally decided to open it.

  2. Yes, Booth needed Brennan to find peace. But Brennan wouldn’t have known how to help him, or even seen the point of encouraging him to deal with his daddy issues without the influence that Booth has had on her. Season One Brennan had her own box to open and it took her fifteen years to get there. (Did anyone else ever wonder why she only got ONE Christmas gift from her parents? I mean…one?) It’s all about reciprocity with those two.

  3. I mentioned this last night on the board, but as soon as Angela told Brennan that she could give Booth something no one else could, this instantly popped into my head:

    BOOTH: Remind me again how great I feel after talking to you.
    BRENNAN: Well, who else would always tell you the truth?
    BOOTH: Yeah, you know, it does make me feel better. It makes no rational sense, but it does.

    That alone is going to put this ep into my “favorites of all time column”. Besides DB’s awesomeness, obvs. A beautiful job by the writers, continuity wise. It wrapped up Hank’s wanting Brennan to hold him when he needs it, and Booth himself saying that Brennan’s methods make him feel better. I think this is what some of us felt that was lacking in Episode 2 this season.


    ~Hank feeling his great-grandchild kick
    ~Hank calling Booth “shrimp” and “kiddo”
    ~DB’s face the whole episode
    ~Booth has his own squintern!
    ~Brennan knowing she needs to help, and figuring out what to do on her own
    ~Booth cooking in the kitchen (clothed or not)!
    ~Hank kicking Booth in the butt about not considering his Grandpa’s feelings
    ~Booth calling Hank his dad! And Hank calling Booth “son” 🙂
    ~Giving Booth’s dad more dimension than just a bad dad, made him a person
    ~Poor Clark! That guy can never win!
    ~Booth listening to Hank read the letter. He does listen to Hank even if he doesn’t like it.
    ~Angela putting the ball in Brennan’s court
    ~The enddddddddddddd. The card. The pictures. The ticket stubs. Brennan moving to sit beside him and just be there. Telling him about the past and present being the same. Using her scientific knowledge to help and support.

    Worst part:

    ~My roommate had a friend over…so I had to keep it together. 🙂 haha

    • Definitely going down as a favorites of all time episode!
      Seeing Booth’s tears and THE black t shirt was more than I could take! DB can certainly show angst. As you said his face the whole episode…. If he is not nominated for an emmy it will be a travesty! Ralph Waite deserves a nod also.

    • I was surprised at how much the show made me feel for the character of Booth’s father. There was a lot of gray there and that is very, very real. Booth DID love his father, even if he hated the pain he caused him as well. As Pops said, life is full of loose ends. We’ll never know, and that is okay, but I can easily imagine Booth’s dad (we never heard his name, right?) being an alcholic and possibly suffering from PTSD from his time at war. I could imagine a scenario with those problems along with other tough blows life may have dealt him and his inability to cope. Sad. Pops was a loving father to him, probably raised him in a very similar manner to Booth but parents can’t always help their children and that is very, very hard. It looks like his dad won a purple heart, right? He had to have some good traits too. When Pops told Booth that he knew what Booth went through, I immediately thought back to the what Pops told Brennan. We know he KNEW. He saw his son, his son he loved and raised, beating his grandson and that is when he stepped in. Sad. Hank told his son to leave. Guh, that is just some hard stuff. Seeley Booth IS a survivor. Even if he bottles up his pain, he survives. He recognized his gambling problem and got help because he knew he could be better and wanted to do just that. That is a trait or an ability that his father seemed to lack. It just all seemed very real and relatable to me. I felt for all of them, Pops, his son, and Booth.

      • Karen, I teared up a little when Pops told Booth to

        “Love that woman you have. Love that new little girl you’re going to have.”

        Sniff. Sniff. I like to think Pops knows how happy his grandson is and really happy that Booth finally has this type of happiness in his life. There is a lot of potential and hope for the future and that is something to hold on to and strive for going forward.

  4. The thing about Brennan is that she’s seldom judgmental, rarely attributing positive or negative qualities to things. That’s not to say she doesn’t know right from wrong because she’s a very moral person, but that she won’t call you out until she has all the facts. She’s a listener and an observer and these qualities make her the ideal person for Booth. By nature quiet and private, Booth excels at deflecting questions that pertain to himself while projecting whatever image it is that people want to see, like being the perfect boyfriend with the unmentionable one. With Brennan though, he could reveal little bits and pieces about his life because he knew there would be no sympathy (which he hates) and no danger of her judging him when the dark parts got revealed. That it took him a long time to go there even with Brennan shows how hard it was for him to do this, and he’s still got a long way to go, if this episode is any indication. Hopefully though they will show her continuing to press him in the future. She may not always get him to reveal all, but with her he’s willing to show his feelings more than he ever has with anyone else.

    So to answer (finally!) your question, Brennan being so unique made her perfect for Booth, and I doubt that any other person would have gotten Booth to open up like she did. The guy is after all 40 years old, and has kept all this stuff bottled up the whole time. If not now with Brennan, then when and with whom? It didn’t happen with Tessa, or Cam, Rebecca, H, Jared or even Pops. Plus, her complete honesty and her smarts make her opinion that much more valuable to Booth; when she says something, he listens, like he did when he opened up that box. His desire to make her happy also makes him work harder at improving himself for her sake-just go back to the time he quit gambling for her.

    • The thing that Brennan could give him is that no-nonsense look at his earlier memories. Only one other person could do that and that would be Hank. Booth needed someone to push at him to get some of those feelings to rise to the surface otherwise they would fester and cause him even more harm than did the beatings as a child.

      Brennan has the insight to know that he’s hurting and that opening up about one’s past can be very beneficial. Those were two things she could give back to Booth who clearly wasn’t going to acknowledge anything without some prodding.

      If not Brennan, it would have to be someone who he trusted and who he knew would have his metaphorical back on this one.

      One surprise was that Sweets wasn’t all over Booth about his father’s passing. Obviously if Shaw knew, Sweets could have been in on that as well.

  5. I think someone else said it the other thread about last night’s episode, Booth is good at taking care others but he fails to do that for himself. Booth likes to “fix” things. This trait, I think, is what helped him break down some of Brennan’s walls. He WAS able to help her when she needed him early on when she had to deal with her family’s past. She trusted him because she knew he was a good man who did not balk from his responsiblities. We’ve seen glimpses in the past though that Booth CAN be very closed off about his feelings and therefore it is harder to find peace. I don’t want this conversation to dissolve into a rehashing of all the events that happened in S6 but I think there can be some parrallels drawn between the Booth we saw in early S6 and the Booth we saw early in last night’s episode; he just shuts down and I think that is a survival method. He presses ahead, he survives, he’s a soldier afterall. But we all know Booth has a soft emotional center that gets lost. I think Booth is a survivor and he would have gotten through his father’s death but I think Brennan just has this ability to help him find peace, always has. He has always opened up to her more and, as Brennan observed, seems to feel better when he does. I’m really glad last night’s episode played out the way it did. It was truly beautiful to see Brennan helping Booth in only the way she can at the end.

    As an aside….so….what did Booth inherit from his father? Anything that can help him kick in a little more on the B&B family home? Might be a nice little way father could help son there. We also know that part of the reason establishing a home is so important for Booth is because he wants to be a good father and give his child what he did not have.

    • I thought about his inheritance also. Even if it isn’t a lot it might help him with the angst he has over money. I thought it was interesting that Booth was his sole heir. Guilt money; but, also maybe a form of atonement.

      • I know sometimes things are not followed-up on this show but, I mean, why else bring up the fact that he was the sole heir? Was it just to generate the conversation Booth had with Pops? I think the discussion in the diner in the beginning of the episode gave us a clue about B&B’s future home. Pops walked in and interrupted Booth but he was going to tell Brennan about a property the FBI just seized….. DB said where they end up living is kind of funny. Angela and Hodgins are living in a house that was the sight of one of the team’s murders so B&B living in a house that was seized by the FBI would have a little symmetry. But, yeah, I think some kind of inheritance left behind for Booth could help him in some manner with the new family home. The subject of money has come up a lot so far this season so the inheritance, I think, should play into that some way. Also, Pops said he never thought he’d be a great-grandfather again… wonder if Jared and his wife ever had kids? Hmmm…

      • I think Pops was referring to Parker.

    • I think the box and its contents were the only things Booth’s dad had to leave anyone.

  6. I think Booth would prefer to push things away rather than actually deal with them (emotionally, that is) so it takes someone to press him or to force him before he’ll handle them.

    So, short answer, it took Brennan to get him to that point. Otherwise, that box would have gone on a shelf in the closet and 40 years from now, Parker would be opening it.

  7. The episode – intentionally or not – seemed to build off of the past and the future and I liked that a lot. It was Brennan who ultimately pushed Booth to talk about them in Blackout in the Blizzard, right? I mean who knows how long it would have taken him to “find his peace” or “get back out there” had Brennan not opened up the conversation. Angela told Brennan to remember her happy times as a child and to try for that life with her child and Booth. That is what lead Brennan to make that leap and agree to find a home with Booth. Brennan asked Booth to remember his good/happy times with his father last night. Nice symmetry there. As Gordon Gordon observed, B&B are more alike than different and I think that is true. And, as Sweets observed, they do complement one another. Also, I loved how Brennan corrected Booth about the Baklavah. She helps him to evolve afterall.

  8. Here’s what always blows me away about these two: they listen to each other! It doesn’t sound mind-blowing, but people more often don’t listen than listen. That’s so important in a relationship, and one of the best ways to let a person know how much you care about them. That Brennan could help him remember his better memories was a beautiful moment. Booth needed to go through the grieving process. Holding it all in wasn’t healthy for him or those closest to him. But Booth refused to grieve for the little boy who was abused. Brennan helped him to grieve for the little boy who loved his father.

    And I don’t think it was meant as an eraser for the bad memories. But I think when reflecting on a loss, it’s only fair to look at the whole picture of a person. What Booth’s father did to Booth was horrible; no one was even telling him to forgive and forget. I really liked when Pops made Booth realize that he had lost his son, and felt guilty for the way things turned out.

    • I loved hearing Brennan recite some new (to us) good memories that Booth told her about. Brennan’s Booth file in her mind is quite extensive! So sweet. I also flashed back to when Booth new what Walter should find for Brennan, her science fair medal. They DO listen to one another. They KNOW one another. They have shared a life for quite some time but now that shared life is really letting one another in to share the joys and the pain. That end scene last night is really remarkable when you think about what Brennan said to Booth in the 100th episode. She really believed that she could not be what Booth needed, she was scared that she would just end up hurting him. So to see her wanting to be what he needed and finding a way to do so was so a great marker of growth and, yes, love.

      • Oh camcat, I love this bit you mention:
        “That end scene last night is really remarkable when you think about what Brennan said to Booth in the 100th episode. She really believed that she could not be what Booth needed, she was scared that she would just end up hurting him.”

        It answers so well why Brennan approaches Angela, saying, “I should know how to help Booth, shouldn’t I?” and then I love that Brennan later says to Booth, “I’ll probably say the wrong thing.” I like it because she doesn’t say it with worry, just matter-of-factly. And we know that in the end, it’s always going to be the right thing – especially for Booth. They do indeed KNOW each other.

    • Not only do they listen to each other– and listening also happens with the eyes with these two– they also remember things about the other. Last season when Brennan listed all of Booth’s injuries over the years, it was just as telling as her recounting the memories of his father he had shared with her. Brennan serves as his conscience in many ways. It’s highly doubtful he shared those memories with the other women in his life (except possibly Rebecca). It always seemed that he held a part of himself away from the women in his life. With Brennan, because of her past and her issues, and how she is so rational and objective, Booth can confide in her because, as someone wrote earlier, she doesn’t judge. She accepts and understands and takes it all in

      • We know Booth loved Rebecca and she is the mother of his son. Booth told Teddy in Hero in the Hold that he thought Rebecca liked him but did not love him. We know what Pop’s estimation of Rebecca was: “I told you you should not have wasted your time running after Rebecca, but (Brennan) is a keeper”. Ah, gotta love Pops! We don’t know everything about Booth’s relationship with Rebecca but I would venture to guess that he did not reveal as much about his past even with her. The thing about Brennan and Booth is that they were attracted to one another but they did not act on it and, instead, they became friends first before becoming lovers. I think Booth even told Brennan before that he never really had friendship with a woman the way he did with her. I think that is the basis for them building what they have over the years. At the very least I can surmise that Rebecca knew Booth was raised by his grandfather and had a strained relationship with his father but did he reveal more than that? I don’t think so. Does anyone think Booth told Rebecca how important it was to him for them to try and raise their son together because he wanted to give his child what he didn’t have? I don’t think so. They shared something but I just don’t see it being on the level of Brennan. Nope. And don’t even get me started on H. LOL. There’s no way she knew that much about his past. Just. No. Way.

  9. I know Sarah that you and several viewers were disappointed that there wasn’t a big B/B hug at the end; it’s what I would have expected too. However, in hindsight I liked that there wasn’t one because the story wasn’t so much about them connecting with each other as it was about Booth connecting with his dad. I felt that showing him with the box and the pictures and having her in the background with her arm around him was as it should be, compelling and subtle. I like that about Bones; they never give us what we expect-sometimes that’s not very satisfying, but other times it just blows you away.

    • I just want to pop in to say that ‘disappointed’ isn’t the right word (though I’m not calling you out, Maria at ALL!… I just want to be clear)…just that when I read the synopsis, I expected it to go one way. That it didn’t …that caught me off guard, honestly, but I was pretty much 100% happy with the way it was done. A hug between the partners/lovers/friends/babyparents would have just been *nice* …like 110%, like a cherry on top or finding an extra dollar bill in the laundry. Doesn’t make or break, I just would have *liked* it (and LOL, I refuse to say I wouldn’t have liked it–to me, it doesn’t have to be one or the other, I can like the idea of both things. It’s not like “Team HUG!” or anything like that here. )

      My only comment was that at some point, between FitF and this ep, the writers decided to make it a “Booth” moment. and i loved what it was. i think i’ve watched the moment where he takes her hand in his and leans 50 times. 🙂

      • Me too; it’s a testament to the power of that scene that I didn’t even notice the black t-shirt until someone pointed it out and I looked for it on my millionth reviewing. Since when have I ever missed something like that?

  10. I’d also like to think that when they went to bed that night, it was HitH all over again, except for she is giving the comfort.

    Sigh. 🙂 I love “head canon”!

    • I know isn’t it great?:)

    • LOL, what is “head canon”?

      • Haha Sarah, sorry 🙂 It must be a imdb board term!

        First of all, “canon” is the written/TV record of Bones. What they literally show us on the screen. “Head canon” is the stuff you make up in your head, the stuff we have to imagine and figure out for ourselves because they don’t show us. Sometimes we won’t agree with each other’s “head canon”, but that’s the fun of these boards! (I’m still on Team Didn’t that Night, btw :))

        So when I imagine that B&B cuddled in bed after opening the box, like they did in HitH, that is my own “head canon” because it was not shown. The writers may or may not have had that in mind. But, I’d like to think they always agree with me 🙂

  11. There are actually a lot of parallels between this episode and Con Man in the Meth Lab. Booth tends to hold things inside and deal with anger internally. We see it build up in him. Brennan got Booth to open up just by being herself. We even have Clark fumbling over Brennan’s physical appearance again!

  12. I really loved the continuity of this episode and the way it tied in with past episodes. So many things from the past were brought up accurately and it was handled so well.

    I do think that Brennan is the only one who could really help Booth, and get him to open up and remember the good times. The way she pushed him, and supported him, and refused to let him shut her out show just how much she has changed, and learned. And Booth was the one that helped her get there, and she used what he taught her to help him. Like someone else said, I love how they really listen to each other. They don’t have the typical silly misunderstandings that most tv couples have, because they know each other and listen to each other.

    In some ways, I almost think that Booth is more closed off with his feelings than Brennan is. She opened up to him fairly willingly early on, and has often sought him out to talk to and for comfort. He rarely even acknowledges he has a problem, and never seeks comfort. But Brennan will not let that happen anymore.

    I think this was a big step in their relationship, because more than ever we can see that Brennan is all in. She loves Booth so much, and hurts when he hurts, and desperately wants to fix it. I’ve heard some people still say that they are only together for the baby, but the ending scene proved without a doubt(not that I ever doubted it) that the fact that they are together has nothing to do with the baby or sex.

    I could talk about this episode forever, but I’ll stop boring you all now!

    • I agree, they are not together just because of the baby. They were ready to be together. Would they be moving in together if it wasn’t for the baby? Maybe not yet….they do tend to move at a glacial pace but it would have happened. The baby is a gift that happened sooner rather than later and she has forced her parents to own-up to their feelings and make choices/decisions now instead of later. It’s good fate/the universe stepped in because Brennan would have been in menopause before they may have felt everything was “ready”:) I agree with what Stephen Nathan said, B&B are where they always wanted to be but were in the past were too scared to go for. They were always afraid of hurting one another or loosing what they had.

  13. I did love this episode for all of the above reasons! A lot of Heart. But I was left feeling odd about Brennan, yet again. Not with Booth. That was all beautiful and very well done. And by no means is this a comment regarding Emily Deschanel’s talents. LOVE HER!!

    It’s the *boobs* thing. It’s the humor that is constantly being interjected these days that is driving me nuts. “It’s all so random, yo” and doesn’t seem to be a necessary part of the theme of the show. Jokes from previous seasons seemed to at least coherent to the week’s episode. Although I found it quite amusing to see the demure ED adjusting her breast on television. (I saw an interview where the host told where she was ranked on some entertainment list and it was 69th. The woman asked ED if she knew what *69* meant, obvious point being to embarrass her, and she seriously just blushed and giggled. So cute.) Back to point- I truly think that there is NO WAY Brennan would have ever done something so unprofessional in front of a squintern- (and that he should have been more observant of her larger breasts(!)… nor mention being naked at home last night. (wouldn’t that fall under the “what happens between us, stays between us”?) This whole season feels like Brennan has lost her edge and complexity. I don’t know-I guess I just need to stop comparing newer seasons to the older ones. They are, plainly, not the same.
    I really just needed to get that off of my chest. So, thank you, for the rant. I still love Bones and I’m curious to see how this season plays out.

    p.s. I LOVE THIS BLOG!

  14. Also, Brennan with Booth at the end and the way she was with the new southern intern in episode 2, showed the qualities that will make her a good mother. She may not be conventional but she is awesome in her own way. She CAN connect and show empathy and when she does, it’s so, so good and means a lot.

  15. After Pops caught him beating Seeley as a boy and threw him out (as Pops told Brennan in
    “Foreclosure”), perhaps Booth’s father stayed away all those years because he was aware that he was capable of doing great harm to his sons. Alcoholics, even abusive alcoholics, do have
    regrets. Maybe it was a conscious decision on his part that he should stay out of their lives for
    their own good.
    And in his letter to Pops, he thanked him for raising Seeley to be the man he himself could never be. Wow.

    Those photos – Booth now knows that not only was his father there at least for those moments in his childhood, but that his father kept those photos in a special place for the rest of his life.

    I’m not a cryer, but I got very choked up when Booth pulled out the World Series tickets and then looked over at the seats (the music right there is phenomenal, yes?)
    You could see it dawn on Booth that the ‘one perfect day’ had been cherished by his dad, too. And you could see it sink in, what that meant to the adult Booth now.

    Brennan came through – bigtime! She told Booth very directly that she wanted to know
    about the keepsakes in the box so he would open it, seemingly for her.
    She told him not to shut her out.
    Since both of them in the past have been oh so very good at shutting others out, this was huge. No fear of his anger, no hesitation even though she knew she could ‘say the wrong thing’ – she told him what she felt and what he should do. And because even in his pain he knows she loves him, he complied. For her.

    And where does “clueless, inept, I don’t know what that means” Brennan sit after she places the
    box in front of him? Does she go back to her seat across the table to “observe”? No! She perches right next to him on the arm of his chair — to be close when he needs her, to comfort him without words.

    How devastating would this have been for Booth without her — to go through that pain alone, to Never open that box, to bury all memories of his father even deeper, including the good moments. And not be able to “love that woman you have, and love that new little girl you’re going to have.”

  16. Hello everybody! This is my first comment on BT, and please, excuse my poor expression but English is not my mother tongue…I just would like to point out the fact that for me, the last scene of the episode so vividly exemplifies what Sarah wrote in a post a couple of years ago (and which is, by the way, a favorite of mine). Here’s the link:
    This moment shared between Brennan and Booth at the end seems indeed to reflect so perfectly such sentences as “For both of them, the beauty… the reality, the heart…the truth, everything of the other softens the heart”; “Build me a home, inside your scars”: “Basically, let me a part of you, every part of you. Let me see the real you and love you. What is beautiful about Booth and Brennan is that they do feel this way for the other one”; “No one can love Booth like Brennan can; no one can love Brennan like Booth can. It’s not possible”;”They know the pain of the other and part of taking that pain away is helping realize that it can never fully be gone. Scars are a reminder that there was once pain.” When I read this post a few months ago, I teared up and what I felt after reading it, I felt it once again watching this week’s whole episode (and not just the final scene to tell you the truth). That’s it! I just wanted to share this wonderful post with you in regards of this week’s episode.

    Love from France.

  17. Everyone: beautifully said. Myself, I started tearing up for real while watching Ralph Waite, who is wonderful as Gibbs’ father on NCIS, too, doing what he genuinely does so well – be a loving father – and realizing we may not have his presence in our living rooms very much longer. At the last scene, when we all naturally teared up, it was thinking again about Mr. Waite that had more emotional impact on me. Just sayin’.

    Wonderful episode!

  18. It was funny that Booth if he minded her sleeping naked because of her poor sore breasts. He better not mind, dude cooks in the nude! Hello! Booth is hot but, yeah, nakedness in the kitchen…..just saying. I mean, he could burn something that, you know, Brennan might be mad he injured:)

  19. I think Booth is just as compartmentalized as Brennan. And I think that one way they complement each other is that with each other they have to face their feelings. Before it was Brennan doing much of it, (I think Booth preferred it that way) but for a few seasons now, she has been there more and more for him. And that’s important for him just as it was for Brennan when he was there during the Max arc. I think they find their peace in each other, and only each other. Even if Cam and Rebecca know about Booth’s past, I don’t think they were allowed to be there for him in the same way as Brennan is now.

  20. I don’t think that Booth could find his sense of peace without Brennan, and for one good reason. Booth doesn’t TALK. He never talks about his father to anyone. Cam knows. She knows that his father was an abusive drunk. She knows he has a troubled past. I think Hannah was completely oblivious to everything that didn’t include his FBI/soldier-ness. He only told Brennan about the good times he had with his dad; only Brennan would have thought to combine her squinty-ness with that little known fact. It was a good moment. Great moment. Booth gets so defensive and he always has that tone of being in the right that people are afraid to challenge him. He’s intimidating; he sees too much. But Brennan sees past that. That’s why Angela couldn’t answer that question: she wouldn’t have been able to say what he needed.

    • Katherine, you’re right. Very few people would dare to challenge Booth when it comes to a personal issue and he’s angry. And he’s very good at deflecting, changing the topic, or even intimidating someone into silence. It takes a strong person to not be intimidated. Sometimes I’m amazed that he was always saying things like partners share things, and you have to offer a bit of yourself to get personal info from someone else, when he shared very very little of himself other than friendship, his feelings for Brennan being on his sleeve. Now, he did share more with her than anyone else, I can easily imagine. And if he has to be told the hard truth, he always prefers to hear it from Brennan (The Dwarf in the Dirt, The Con Man in the Meth Lab, The Proof in the Pudding, The Dentist in the Ditch.)

      Brennan has never had a problem with confronting Booth, though, even in the past. The only question one could ask is whether she had the right to confront him on certain things, but the same could be said for Booth. But they’ve (mostly) always (kind of) allowed each other to “go there.” Sure, they can get defensive, but they end up listening anyway because they value what the other has to say. This time, we know Brennan definitely had a right to confront Booth because of the life they are trying to build together. What’s great about B&B is that even if they don’t have all the details of each other’s lives before they met each other, what they know is the “heart” and “truth” of each other.

  21. I just have to say, that there’s usually no perfect episode, and there’s always a nitpicky thing here or there…but…last night, I was totally dazzled by DB’s performance. Just as I was at ED at DitP…just give these two some Emmys already!!!

  22. One mystery we still have after last night’s episode: What about Booth and Jared’s mother? Anyone notice there seems to be a lack of women in the Booth family? Booth’s mother is a mystery and Pop’s wife, or Grandma Booth, seems to be M.I.A. too. We know there was a Grandma Booth and Pops said she had some jam in her jelly:) But, yeah, should we worry for Brennan and Baby Girl Booth? The track record for women in that family seems dubious.

  23. I do think Brennan is the only one could get truly help Booth get through this…. and Pops knows that. I love the ending – it’s so sweet that you could see the love between father and son despite everything else that’s happened. Brennan gave Booth something to hang on to; something to help him understand that his father did love him and appreciated the good times they shared. It will help him through the grieving process.
    About the Brennan/Clark scenes — definitely out of character for Brennan. She doesn’t complain nor show discomfort in public; especially not in front of the squints.
    About the inheritance — We didn’t get to see Jared because there wasn’t time and because it was about Booth’s relationships with his father, Pops and Brennan and not about his relationship with his brother. I think Booth would share 1/2 with Jared out of fairness without being asked (though I doubt there is much to share).

  24. A couple of side notes then I’ll get to this post. And, apologies for going on so long, in advance.

    First, bravissimo, David.

    Camcat, something in Foot in the Foreclosure made me think that Grandma Booth is dead. Also, HH said in some interview recently that they are now considering what to do about his mom. He could be putting out some disinformation and/or they may not have the time to really go there, but I’d say it’s something that intrigues HH and the other PTB.

    On the change in Brennan from early seasons. TNT began at the beginning this week, and I find that Brennan harder and harder to take. Those eps in early s1, she is really very arrogant and completely oblivious to others’ and their feelings. I like the “tempered” Temperance. She’s still the same person, but she’s grown and now sees beyond herself. She’s still the totally self-assured scientist. Now she knows that that’s not all there is to things; that there is something beyond the facts that matters.

    Aude, welcome — and your English was just fine and I really liked your point. I hope we’ll have more comments from you.

    I’m with Barb as to Booth’s “inheritance.” The box was it. Legal note: just because Booth is the executor does not mean he necessarily inherits anything. The executor just sees to the execution of the will and the wrapping up of the estate. Very often it is one of the heirs, but it doesn’t have to be.

    Oh yeah, I thought the business with Brennan’s boobs and Clark was hilarious. I don’t think it was out of character because she has always been very open about bodily functions, etc. So, I think she’d have no qualms about saying that her breasts hurt. I also think that’s why she told him about going naked. She didn’t see it as something private between herself and Booth, but a medical fact. She let ’em fly free and now they feel better. We all know how great it feels to take off one’s bra at the end of the day. ;-D

    On to today’s post. Lots of interesting comments and I apologize in advance for repeating anybody.

    I agree with everyone that Booth can only have peace with Brennan, but I see that as having two levels to it. Someone discussed what kind of relationship he had with Rebecca. i’d add that not only don’t we know what it was, but we also can never know how that relationship might have developed if he had married her when Parker came along.

    Anyway, given how their relationship has evolved and where they are now, Brennan (and Pops) is the only person who really can help Booth find some peace. If they weren’t where they are now, it’s kind of scary to think how Booth would have dealt with this without Brennan. Especially, if he were with H., could she ever have helped him? It’s hard to believe he would ever have revealed himself to her the way he did over the years to Brennan. Without those revelations, it’s hard to see how H. could have helped him.

    But, there is another level here and that’s the one that Rebecca represents: could any other woman have helped him find peace? That is, if Bones had never come into his life, would some other woman have been able to connect with him in the way that Bones has? That is obviously a question that can never be answered, but it is interesting to consider. I’m inclined to agree with Brennan here: that nothing ever happens just once (or words to that effect to Angela in the ep where they’re looking for her boyfriend in the desert). There probably is some other woman out there that Booth could have developed as deep a relationship with as he has with Bones; a woman that he could let see the real Seeley J. Booth. But, he did find Bones and she finally came around, so the point is moot.

    In short, given where B&B are now and how they got there, only his Bones can help him find peace. Were they not together now as a couple, I don’t know how he would have found peace. If he’d never met Brennan, then I hope he would have found a woman who could do for him what his Bones does.

    • I love this response. I agree with you on all accounts.

    • About Booth’s inheritance…yeah I think we are all pretty much aware that everything that Booth’s dad left him was in that box. We were just saying that wouldn’t it be kind of nice if he was left something so he’d feel like he had something financial to contribute to the house and things. Most likely, if Booth’s dad was an alcoholic prone to anger, then he probably didn’t ever amass some grand fortune.

      Although, someone made the comment earlier that there wasn’t anything for Jared in there….so hopefully there is at the very least a duplicate box for Jared that Pops will deliver off-screen.

      • Even though Pop says Booth was the sole beneficiary of the will and that there were some insurance policies out there, my guess is any amount available is barely enough to cover burial expenses and outstanding bills. Grown kids get neither pension nor Social Security benefits. It seems that Booth’s dad continued drinking up until the end, and that makes it unlikely (coupled with him having a modest profession) that he would have had any significant income or much by way of life insurance.

        I do get the feeling that Dad kept at least a little eye out for how his kids turned out, maybe from the news or even from Pops, since he mentions that he’s proud of how his son turned out. He also died nearby, which means he was living somewhere around DC. This probably made Booth his go to choice to be both executor and benefactor since it’s clear that Booth is not only trustworthy but fair, and if anything is left he’ll share it with Jared. Dad knew how much Booth protected Jared, even when it came at his own expense, and maybe he figured out that Jared was a little too much like him and wasn’t entirely reliable. On that topic, I’m sure that Jared got his own box; there just wasn’t time to explore that; but its been suggested that Booth took most of the brunt of his father’s beatings due to his age and protective nature, so Dad might have felt he owed more to Seeley. I really liked that he gave Booth the purple heart since he would be the one to value it the most, given his own wartime experiences.

        A little sidenote about the ep; I watched the whole thing again last night and actually loved it more than the first time, if that’s possible. I think I was so excited on that first viewing and so focused on how the story was going to get resolved that I didn’t appreciate it enough the first time even though I loved it immediately. It’s really a very quiet, profound episode and one that will definitely stand the test of time. On reviewing, I also caught the symmetry of what was going on between Shaw/Booth/Pops and Booth/Brennan. Here he was telling her to stop focusing on herself and her own agenda and instead rely on teamwork to solve the problem, just as Pops/Brennan were telling him to do. It isn’t until he allows Brennan to help him that he finally deals with his father’s death, just like Shaw had to get other people involved to solve the crime. And the packaging of the body correlating to the packaging of feelings? Nice touch.

    • Thank you Angelena for your nice comment!

  25. On re-watch even better.

    I think I started getting misty-eyed during the scene with Pops reading the letter in Booth’s office. When he tells him to love Temperance and their baby girl, it really got to me.

  26. I am finding that the more times I watch that last scene, the mistier I get. I think I will be blubbering next time. Actually, just thinking about it is making me cry.

    Amazing scene. While it is clearly David’s scene, Emily is also amazing.

  27. After watching the episode again, I still love all the moments and still get teary! I also found a new moment to appreciate! The scene in the interrogation room when Brennan takes measurement of the “ass bones”. I LOVE the look on Booth face to Brennan when he pulls the special chair out for the suspect to sit on! LOL! SO CUTE! And Brennan wants to smile so badly but she catches herself and bites the side of her cheek. Aww….they still have fun working together!

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