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Hart Hanson and company decided to have Booth and Brennan sleep together in the season four finale, but in order to keep the UST going, they made it a coma dream/story. However, the reasoning didn’t work; it didn’t matter in terms of Unresolved Sexual Tension if it was a dream or not…the UST in that moment was ‘resolved’, and there wasn’t sexual tension after that episode. True or False, and discuss.


32 thoughts on “IAYA: UST

  1. I think I would have to say false. Booth’s coma dream had Booth and Brennan have sex; but, since it wasn’t reality and only Booth had lived the fantasy, then the tension was still there. In fact, there was more tension after that. Booth had seen what he could have and wanted it; but, he didn’t really know how to go about getting it.

  2. I agree with Lenora. I guess they were showing them sleeping together in the coma dream, but really, we didn’t see very much. So there’s still plenty left to the imagination 🙂 haha

    But yeah, I think they upped the tension right back when Booth woke up and said “Who are you?” wondering if she was his wife or not. He spent the following episodes being in love with her, and Brennan being oblivious. That was tension all on its own. We still got instances like the awkward “I love you atta girl” (poor Booth! ripped my heart out!), and my goodness, in the 100th ep…those two still had it. Very good chemistry between them there, even though it didn’t end well.

    I just always have felt a strong connection between them. While maybe its not exactly UST, those two always have some form of tension mixed with attraction between them. It is that way now too. They get on each other’s nerves, but they love each other. It still works for me 🙂

  3. I agree with false but I disagree that only Booth lived the fantasy. The fantasy was being composed by Brennan on her computer. They were living it together. What was incredibly cruel is that she gave him what he wanted while he was in a coma and then snatched it away in the 100th episode. Obviously it was what she wanted too or she wouldn’t have been writing it. So began the long slow slog through two seasons, one of which (and you all can guess which) I still think was utterly unnecessary, at least the way it was written. Booth suffered; Brennan suffered; the viewers suffered. But even agonized journeys end in lovers’ meeting, as per Angela, GG and Shakespeare.

    • I agree that Brennan wrote it; but, it was Booth who lived it. He felt the happiness of being with Brennan in his coma and had to live with it when he was finally awake. Brennan just deleted the story from her computer and thought it was done and over. It wasn’t done and over for Booth.

      • That’s something I’ve always wondered about. I mean, Brennan wrote the story, but did she actually imagine them in it? Did she name the characters, or did Booth’s subconscious project the names/faces of his friends and co-workers onto Brennan’s story? I think it the answer to that question (which I fully expect never to be revealed) would be very telling.

      • Given that everyone who comments on Brennan’s books remarks on how she uses her co-workers and especially Booth as characters under pseudonyms it could be assumed that she saw the same people as Booth did in the story. Her look of (what I took to be) rather grim determination when she deleted the book implied some sort of conflict. Did she decide that it could never be? That Booth didn’t really feel that way? That she could never actually become the person she was writing in the story? Strange and mysterious are the ways of writers. Who knows what HH intended. Half the time he doesn’t seem to know himself.

      • @CJsmom:
        To me, its what GGW said to B&B about reading Sweets’ book; that the author reveals more about themselves than what they are writing about. Brennan reveals herself in her books, what she cannot/won’t reveal in her own life, she will express in her books. And the fact that she erases it completely shows me she was definitely aware of that.

      • bb, so do you think she actually called her characters Bren and Mr. B? Because given what we know of her character, that seems…off. Like, way off. She might write a story that deals with those issues, but if she actually called them by their names…that not subconscious revelation of the author’s neuroses. That’s just flat out dealing with it, and I don’t think she was at that point. My question is, who gave them their names and faces? Was it Brennan? (Because that’s too much of a stretch, in my opinion) Or was it Booth?

      • Personally, I absolutely think it was Booth who put names and faces to the characters. It was his dream, after all.

        But the book itself is a little odd for Brennan, isn’t it? I mean, we’re given to understand that her books are similar to Kathy Reichs and that dream was nothing like a Kathy Reichs books.

      • Well, I don’t know how much she actually wrote in the hospital, but Booth was in there 4 days I think? So she probably wrote a great deal at his bedside. She’d been openly emotional since he first got there, so perhaps her emotions and feelings for Booth generated this plot in her mind…and therefore why she deleted it before anyone could read and find out.

      • MJ, agreed. Especially since we find out later that Angela “enhanced” those parts of her books. But he coma dream was very light on the forensics and heavy on the relationship. And I’m inclined to agree that Booth must have imposed the faces/names, because if it was Brennan…it just doesn’t track for me. Actually, I liked the episode, but it does’ really fit into the series for me all that well. Hand wave. Enjoy the juicy beginning, and the alter-egos of the squints, Sweets (I’m practically a psychologist), and just love love love Caroline in this ep. One of my all-time favorite lines from Bones is: “It’s police brutality to use the word ‘nor’ so aggressively” from Caroline to Cam. Love it! So while I enjoy the episode, it kind of stands alone in my head-canon.

    • Remember how an embarrassed B/B looked at each other after Angela mentioned that they were married and expecting a baby in Brennan’s book? I think that was definitely them in the story, even if they were given different names, and they both knew it. For Booth, that story was the final kick he needed to acknowledge what he had been feeling way before; for Brennan, deleting it was just a continuing form of denial becasue she wasn’t ready to give up controlling her life just yet.

    • No, I’m not saying that. Booth’s brain probably filled that in. But I’m assuming the overall plot was the same in the dream and her book. And that her books, not just this one, reveal more than she means to. Everyone in the lab assumes her male lead in the book is Booth, and I think we are supposed to believe she does write with Booth in mind. So when she wrote this one, it again relfecting more about herself than she wanted it to, because she’s writing while Booth is in the hospital and she is emotional, she deletes it, because she knows perceptive people like Angela and Sweets are going to read that book and KNOW. 🙂

      • Aha. Yes, I can buy this theory. She wasn’t calling them Bren and Booth, but she was maybe exploring a personal fantasy through the characters of Andy and Kathy, while picturing herself and Booth in her head. I can dig it.

      • I think when she was writing her book, it was for personal reasons. She didn’t have any plans to publish it, so there was no need keep the same format as her other books. Whatever she called the main characters, she was thinking of Booth and herself, because otherwise why would she have gotten flustered at the pregnant (no pun intended) question? It was a very emotional time for her, and I think it was just an outlet to her feelings. Maybe she couldn’t say definitively that she loved Booth, but that word was going around in her head. At the very least she knew her feelings for him ran very deep, and it scared her. I think it’s interesting that when Booth woke up and said he had a weird dream, she immediately told him it wasn’t real, as if she knew exactly to what he was referring.

        I think Brennan was also affected post coma-dream. She was drawn to Booth, but had made a conscious decision to not do anything about her feelings because she wasn’t willing to take the risk. It was what led her to behave in a way that some people thought she was leading Booth on. But I think it was just certain moments in which even she couldn’t stop her heart from overruling her brain.

  4. I think it depends on whose unresolved sexual tension we’re talking about…because in addition to booth and brennan, if you are the show creator, you are also addressing your audience. It is possible (ahem) that some of us may have been clamoring for the (if you will) climax of that tension. As viewers, we got it. oh my did we get it.
    for brennan, probably not resolved, but perhaps shelved. for booth, possibly the ST got temporarily resolved, but i think coma>season five was his final transition from ST to “omg, she’s the one, end of story”

  5. The coma dream didn’t resolve anything for me. I’ve never had any trouble separating that fiction from the rest of BONES-fiction.

    The coma dream didn’t happen. They aren’t married. The lab isn’t a bar. Angela doesn’t call Brennan ‘Bren.’ Jared and Cam aren’t partners.

    I do think, though, that the dream ramped up the UST as far as Booth was concerned.

  6. I don’t think it got rid of the UST. If anything I feel like it racked up a few more notches!

    I think the coma dream changed everything for Booth. It woke him up to what was in his heart, and we know Booth believes in following your heart. The agony of him knowing what they could be, but not being able to have it was sublime – beautifully crafted and acted but heart crushing at the same time.

    If I may be so blunt, I’m sure the coma dream wasn’t the first time B&B thought / dreamed / fantasised about what it might be like to sleep together and so I don’t think the coma-specific time would have resolved that tension between them. I think it’s the relationship and love that was also in the dream that perhaps took them by surprise – making Booth clearer than ever on what he wanted and causing Brennan to retreat further back into herself to ignore the feelings, which she consistently did right up to Dr in the Photo.

    I think tension – sexual and otherwise – is the basis of their passion and fascination for each other. I don’t think it was resolved in the coma dream and I don’t think it’s resolved even now they’re with each other – I’m not sure it will ever be fully resolved and I’m not sure they’d want it to be.

    PS: Is anyone else hoping we see a little more evidence of the fact they’re now allowed to act on the passion they have for each other? I mean, I know we’re never going to get a sex scene (and who says I want one hey SN?!), but there are other ways to demonstrate that here are two people who wanted and yearned after each other for YEARS, I’d love to see just a bit more of what we saw in the premiere. Specially, I’d like Brennan to initiate some passion / romance between them. Shut the bedroom door in my face, that’s fine, but a little hint that it’s happening would be great 🙂

  7. The tension was there in spades because it was the dream that Booth began to chase. Season 5, up to the 100th, was filled with possibilities and it seemed that both of them were chasing some aspect of the dream. Brennan’s entire response to it seemed to be one in which she seemed open to the possibility, but never wanted to cross the line. Booth was open to the possibility, but never knew if he could safely cross the line.

    In the 100th, we found out that the line became an impossibly chasm for both of them.

    Unlike the earlier seasons, we saw the possibilities as did Booth (and to some extent, Brennan, as LucyC’s post suggests.) If Brennan did put a couple together and Booth supplied the names, then his hopes were amplified by that dream. If Brennan put the couple together and supplied the names, then she created a shared dream for them and probably ran from it when it got too close to her.

    But, like so much of Bones, it’s not ever going to be a nice, neat package that answers all questions because each question pulls in more questions. HH is a former physics student and the only question in that discipline is centered on whether it is chaos or order. In so many ways, he give us both. (And a healthy dash of UST to boot.)

  8. I think after the coma-dream, UST was replaced with something more encompassing – the idea of soulmates. It still included physical attraction, but it was definitely not all about the sex. These weren’t two people who were just hot for each other. There was a deep emotional connection; pain abounded when they lost some of that closeness. A “standard” had been chosen, at least on Booth’s end. Brennan felt for Booth what she had felt for no other person. Physical touch seemed to take on a different meaning after the coma-dream; they were more tentative (well, Booth was.) So yes, tension has always been there.

    • The soulmates idea resonates in how Brennan waits out Booth’s relationship and the aftermath– she chooses to remain his other half no matter how painful or how much she might disagree with his actions. (It’s the flipside of how Booth reacts after the 100th and agrees to remains partners with her.) For two people who don’t trust easily and let people in easily, they have someone in the other that is their sounding board, their backup. They accept their place with the other and remain steadfast despite the pain and anger they feel.

  9. I’m totally agreeing with what everyone said about the coma dream not resolving the UST-if anything, it made life together (and all the goodies that come with it) a very tangible possibility for Booth, and showed that Brennan was at least thinking about it. In fact, I don’t think even having a baby has resolved the UST-I’m still getting the vibes. As long as the show keeps providing tokens of B/B love mixed with their differing world views, there’s always going to be UST in my book. By the by, I do think we’ll get something close to a certain scene most of us want to see at some point-it just wasn’t going to happen when Emily was 8 months pregnant. It probably won’t be really graphic, but enough to satisfy us that there’s more than house-hunting and sports viewing going on in the bedroom. I know I’m by nature an optimist but hey, if they slept together and are having a kid, anything’s possible at this point, right?

  10. What I love about this show is that it goes beyond turning unresolved ST into resolved ST. B&B are so much more than that. It’s why many of us considered them “together” before they ever officially became a couple. It’s about their journey of how they connect through their partnership and friendship, which led to a romantic relationship. And we see how much they lean on and depend on each other to be there in certain ways. And I love that they just keep on building on what they already have.

    • I think there is so much more to mine with both characters. HH and Co are stingy about some of the background, but that works because DB and ED can make it work. We know about Booth’s childhood, to an extent, but the door is still open on his mother. Or some of the troubles his father left behind– he hadn’t seen him in 20 years, so he probably saw him in his early 20s. We don’t know about Brennan’s time in foster care and there’s the invisible grandfather (continuity issue) and aunts in Minnesota. . . . They are both children of trauma and both have things to resolve and it’s clear that their connection only deepens when the show mines those storylines.

      • Along those lines, I think they’ve made it clear this season that there’s room for her to grow (no pun intended) by making her agreement to live with him appear to be one based more on convenience than emotion (she might need help, Angela thinks their child would benefit) and having her say things like “for the time being.” On some level Brennan still seems a little skeptical about the permanence of relationships, and I would bet that there may be issues on that front in the future, especially as it pertains to marriage and the acceptance of the possibility that they might be spending the rest of their lives together with the loss of personal control that this entails. I feel that she’s still holding out emotionally, just like Booth will likely have his own issues with being overly-possessive and protective of her and the baby.

  11. I agree with others, no way it resolved any UST, it made it more powerful if anything! It changed it into something deeper though, as Booth finally admitted to himself that he was in love with Brennan. Brennan was not unaffected either. She clearly struggled with her feelings and attraction for him way more after that. I don’t think she named the characters, but I think she knew that it was basically them that she was writing about. Thats why it wasn’t really written to be a published book, and she deleted it.

    That spark isn’t gone even now that they are together. In the season premiere, they pretty much had eye sex in bed at the end of the episode! They are still so hot whenever they are on screen together, but it is so much deeper and more real than other tv couples I see, which is why it’s still so amazing to watch.

    I think we will get a love scene of sorts after Brennan has the baby. With Emily pregnant, it would have been VERY awkward to do much kissing and stuff. Hart Hanson said in an interview they are far from done with the romance!

    • I think it amped up the UST. Just look at the end scene in Mummy in the Maze or the pipe scene in Bond in the Boot. Their relationship IS more than sexual tension and that’s what makes everything more intense.

      Post-baby, well, I’m sure B&B will have some bumps adjusting to a new baby in their new household but after that, well, I think there’s more love there than ever. And after some time to adjust, I think the new mom and dad are going to want some alone time:) Yeah, I don’t think it will be graphic but it doesn’t have to to be hot with these two. Hey, Brennan even said she doesn’t want a television in their new bedroom because it could cut into some intimate time and she doesn’t want that, nor do we:)

  12. I have to put my 2 cents worth on this one. In my opinion, the dream heightened the tensions between them, especially Brennan. It was his coma dream, but it was her fantasy. She wrote and read the story to him while he was in a coma. It was the life she wanted to have with Booth, but was afraid to admit because she was afraid he wouldn’t want her. If you actually look at the characters in her story, even though they have different roles, their basic personalities are intact, with the exception of her. “Bren” is very different from “Bones.” In her fantasy, she is able to connect with people and even more out of character, commit to Booth and to marry him. Bones isn’t able to do this at that point in the story.
    The fact that he remembered her fantasy scared her more than she realized. This is why I believe she went to Guatemala right after he woke up. She couldn’t deal with his feelings knowing that he was reacting to her fantasy. I believe she knew that he didn’t mean “atta girl” when he added it to his declaration of love. Go back and look at her face when he said that he loved her, and notice the relief when he added “in an atta girl” to the statement. I also believe that the dream put them on the path to the 100th episode. He was sure he was in love and ready to take the step, but she was afraid because she still believed that she could not be the “Bren” of his dreams. She didn’t believe she could be what he wanted because he wanted “Bren” and in her opinion, “Bren” was a fantasy and “Bones” the reality had no hopes of living up to it.
    For the first time since they met, Booth misread her. He didn’t understand the difference in the characters was actually the difference between how Bones perceived herself and what she felt he wanted or needed her to be. He didn’t notice that she believed that she fell far short of what he deserved.—-until it hit him square between the eyes outside the Hoover Building.

    • @bonesfan…wow. I agree with all of it! 🙂

      “If you actually look at the characters in her story, even though they have different roles, their basic personalities are intact, with the exception of her. “Bren” is very different from “Bones.” In her fantasy, she is able to connect with people and even more out of character, commit to Booth and to marry him.”

      “For the first time since they met, Booth misread her. He didn’t understand the difference in the characters was actually the difference between how Bones perceived herself and what she felt he wanted or needed her to be. He didn’t notice that she believed that she fell far short of what he deserved.”

      Yes, and yes! Well said! 🙂

      • bonesfan158– well said. She says at least once in the fantasy/coma dream that their employees like “them” but especially “you” meaning Mr. B. Bren is still the pragmatic one, the realistic one, still ” like Iceland, cool to the touch but underneath, all volcano.” It’s the Brennan, like you said, how she would like to be but cannot be.

        And perceptions are everything. She is well-aware of being blunt and grating and cold– and she knows her limitations. She tells Arastoo that if she knew how to express her emotions, she would. That has to be particularly hard for someone like her watching everyone else “pair up” and being on the outside looking in. She’s been the outsider most of her life and she’s still struggling to fit in. UST is replaced by a different kind of tension– trying to make a relationship work with someone fundamentally different than yourself. It’s the same conflict they’ve had before but with a new twist– they have a young life they’re both committed to and how do you nurture that life and nurture the couple relationship in the process?

  13. I don’t think EITB killed the UST. Was there an episode that did throw cold water on UST for me? Well….. I would have to say that DITP threw cold water on it for me. I’m glad DITP played the way it did rather than have Booth look like a cheater or rather than going the route of having B&B hook up and then hide it from Hannah or some other trite and tired scenario. Booth was a good guy and didn’t mean to hurt Brennan etc., etc., but, yeah, that episode cooled the UST for me for sure. It started to came back for me when B&B were jogging in the beginning fo Killer in the Crosshairs and was back, baby, after Brennan talked about how making love would be “quite satisfying” in BITB and Booth had that look on his face while she talked about it:)

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