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The Twist in the Twister: Post- Ep Discussion


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32 thoughts on “The Twist in the Twister: Post- Ep Discussion

  1. Ok, Brennan thinks Booth is overly protective; but, let’s face it, if Brennan thought it was ok to drive herself into the path of a tornado, then I don’t consider Booth to be in the wrong. I’d worry about her too.

  2. I figured Booth was going to keep being protective and over-protective. Overall, I enjoyed the episode. I recall doing a lot of laughing with all the main characters. Especially when Booth was talking about the slippers. But yeah, Brennan is a bit of a daredevil. That’s why Booth is there, and he’s staying on duty. That’s the way it’s been, and that’s the way it always will be, ;).

  3. First, Sarah, LOL on the Brennan pic. I throw out words like “homies” and “yo” at school just so my students call roll their eyes at my lameness haha 🙂

    First ep thoughts:

    ~I like how Booth was able to explain his reasoning for being protective, that while he really can’t do anything…it helps him to feel better to pretend that he can. That’s sweet! 🙂

    ~Booth shouldn’t have lied (esp cuz you know Brennan will find out and call him out on it!) however, Brennan should not have driven to the tornado site. She was wrong that she’d never put the child in danger, because that was pretty freakin dangerous.

    ~MSVH likes rock n roll like his grandpa. That’s adorable!

    ~Oh my goodness, ED is HUGE! However, she has very nice PTB that made sure she was crouching, sitting, and propping her feet up most of the time 🙂

  4. Yes, Booth is very protective, but not overly. But it must be very hard on him that he even had to lie to her to keep her safe, because Bones is so strong headed. And she was outright crazy to drive into a Tornado.

    I have not said anything this season about the episodes we have seen, but I feel something is still off between Bones and Booth. There is not much affection. He comes home after work, just sits down and eats. No hug or saying: “It’s nice to be home!” No looking at each other and smiling. I know, we have seen a bit of it. They look like a couple married for a very long time. I miss the big smile Booth gave at the end of Season 6, he looked so happy, but now he does not. Is this just my feeling? Hodgins and Angela are much more realistic in there togetherness, and they have a Baby of 8 month which can give frictions in a relationship when you sleep deprived, but you can see the love between them.

    • I think Booth and Brennan are who they have always been. Neither of them are overly demonstrative. I’d actually hate it if they started to act like Hodgins and Angela. Booth and Brennan have been partners and best friends for years. They love each other; but, they have been together for a very long time. Booth understands that Brennan is not overly affectionate and really Booth isn’t either. It works for them and I like it that way.

      • Oh No, I don’t want them like Hodgins and Angela either. And I am mostly ok with the interaction of Bones and Booth, but still a little bit of happy eye contact can’t hurt.

  5. The business about the sweater totally cracked me up. It’s so Jewish mother-y. The old joke: a sweater is something you put on when your mother is cold. It is so-o true. (BTW, Fisher’s mother problems cracked me up too.)

    Not only did Brennan drive into a tornado, but it was a long drive for someone so pregnant to undertake on her own. DC to NC is non-trivial.

    Booth was only being Booth-y being so protective. But, I did like that he apologized for lying AND didn’t apologize for being so protective. I also liked that Sweets was poking him about it a bit.

    Also, liked green jacket redux, but also liked when the jacket came off. ;-Q…

    Emily is incredibly pregnant. It’s amazing to me that they’ve been able to push off the birth for so long. Imagine how she will look in Crack in the Code.

    On are things off between B&B and lack of affection: I think that the limitations on the kissing, etc. are deliberate on TPTB’s part. It may partly be in deference to Emily, but I also think it’s to avoid them being too too lovey-dovey which TPTB said they were determined to avoid. We’ve picked them up 5 or 6 months into their new relationship and presumably (esp w/ her being so pregnant), they are past the “all over each other” stage.

    I actually find the level of affection appropriate. We have had affection and kissing in prior eps to various degrees. Tonight the affection was the protectiveness.

    Finally, MSVH is so-adorable. That grandpa’s music was what put him to sleep was perfect — as was the tiny temporary tattoo.

    • Yes, I know every episode has a theme, which started in Season 6 , and being protected by Booth was tonight’s theme. I like the concepts of this writing, because you can see a lot of parallels with not only between Bones and Booth, but also Angela and Hodgins worry about their son and his grandpa and even Fischer and his Mother. Remains me of how many ways you can prepare a Potato. Ha,ha,ha

    • Yeah, I would not want them all kissy/huggy it just wouldn’t feel right to me. Plus, with ED being soooo pregnant, it would just be akward. I think after little bb’s arrival we’ll see some affection between B&B, maybe some flirtiness, etc. I like to think that those weeks B&B had leading up to CITG were, well, QUITE affectionate, thus leading B&B to where they are now. ahem. Although, I will say, Booth in the FBI t-shirt when he arrived home – Hello, gorgeous! If I were Brennan, preggo or not, I’d want to at least snuggle up to that. LOVE rugged Booth in the field.

  6. I loved the little continuity nod at the end when we saw Brennan reading “Medicinal Physics Quarterly”. It’s the publication she referred Wendell to in Blackout in the Blizzard that described how to take x rays with static electricity. Lol, I can’t believe I remember that but it was all I could think about when I saw the cover of the journal.

  7. I loved it! Some people are complaining that it was light on B&B, but Emily was just about 9 months pregnant! She’s doing a lot for that!

    Booth shouldn’t have lied, but i can totally understand why he did! And he so obviously felt horrible about lying, even before she knew he lied. His apology was so cute. And he’s still going to be overprotective because it makes him feel better even if it doesn’t work. Haha.

    Brennan driving into the tornado was just wow. Granted, she didn’t know she was driving into a dangerous situation when she drove to to meet him, but she didn’t even care that there was a tornado, just that Booth lied to her!

    I see the affection and love very clearly. It isn’t lacking for me at all, however, I don’t like that Booth seems to rush to the alcohol right away, without even hugging Brennan or anything. But overall, they are a mature, fun couple to watch, and I think Hart has handled their relationship fabulously! Bones isn’t a soap opera, so they can’t focus on their relationship too much, or they risk losing viewers. But they give us enough to be happy and wanting more!

  8. First off – GREAT picture. It made me smile, especially after I wasn’t too pleased with the episode.

    Aside from the personal character development, outside the Lab, I feel as though the episode was lacking in the action/ mystery department. I understand that Emily is preggers so she can’t do too much, but I miss the days when there was a lot of squint work involved – with the Angela-tron and Hodgens putting things thru the Mass- spec. [BUT I will say I was pleased to see Fisher]- If I’m able to figure it out within forty minutes, something is wrong. It should not be this predictable. I also have to say that there is a part of me that agrees with Marel Barle. The relationship we see between BB is much different than the one I think we all imagined. There does seem to be a disconnect between them especially at home, WHERE IS THE LOVE people?!! When I walk through the door I can’t wait to be greeted by a loved one, to talk about my day… hell even a cuddle on the couch! These two, squat. =(

    Our season is cut short and I really wish more could be given to us instead of what I call “wasted space”. I think the writers are becming repetative with Booth & Bones’ personality traits / flaws. Bones has always been the imperical scientice who struggles with “normal” cues like empathy or what some consider common sense. And Booth has always shown a protective nature toward those he works closest too. No need to rehash that.

    I just have to add that last week’s “emotional” episode of Booth being able to deal with his father’s death- while important for him to do in order to fully comitt to being a better father- could have been dealt with off camera in the twenty years that the relationship was strained. Don’t you think he would have given up or dealt with that during the birth of his first child, Parker.

    – thanks for letting me vent. LOVE the site & sorry if I seemed a bit cynical, I just expect more out of something we’ve all waited so long for.

    • I think that those sometimes ridiculous opening sequences where the bodies are found could be pared down if you are looking for wasted space. And I don’t like that heading straight for the booze either.

  9. So much to say! But I’ll keep it limited… for now!

    First of all, I was rolling in laughter for most of the episode. Loudly. LOVED it.

    Booth’s explanation of his protectiveness at the end reminded me of the earlier seasons, where he would tell her to do something for her own safety, which she would NEVER listen to, but he would always try anyway. =)

    There was a moment where I couldn’t figure out why DB was particularly more gorgeous than usual, and then I realized he was wearing my FAVORITE FBI t-shirt. Swoon.

    Lastly, Nolan was easily the most attractive suspect since Logan from The Woman in the Garden, yes?

    Quite happy with this one. ❤

    • Agreed! That FBI t-shirt shows off DB’s insane biceps (look at them, they’re massive!) and forearms to great advantage. Seriously, the short sleeved t-shirt is my fave look on Booth.
      I loved Booth’s overprotectiveness. It’s obviously in his nature to protect (esp. when the people in question are the love of his life and his unborn child). I think the explanation of him going overboard because he feels so otherwise helpless makes a lot of sense.

      I have no issues with the supposed “lack of affection” between B&B in the episode or the final scene. Honestly, I didn’t even notice it until others pointed it out. Even now, I don’t really see it in that light. I wasn’t surprised that Booth wasn’t being affectionate right off the bat when he got home, because they hadn’t “made up” from their disagreement at that point yet. I saw him gauging her mood as they discussed the case being wrapped up, before seguing onto the subject of his overprotectiveness.

      They lived together now for what, 6-8months now? So yeah, perhaps B&B are acting like an old married couple (he knows her dishwashing preferences, she saves dinner for him). I don’t feel that it’s a bad thing at all.
      On the contrary, actually. Sure, it would have been nice to see them in the honeymoon phase (assuming they’ve had one) of their relationship– all happy and blissful and untouchably perfect. But honeymoon phases don’t last forever; eventually the viewer high would have diminished once we’d gotten inured to it, and started taking it for granted after adjusting to the new equilibrium. This way, the high will never really wear off because we haven’t experienced them in one great big new rush, rather we’re getting smaller shots of endorphins with unpredictable timing.

      I take the view that what we see on the show are simply snapshots of what goes on in their lives. We see the big, important personal moments and the case-related stuff, but there’s still a lot that happens off-screen. I’m quite positive they’ve already had many affectionate moments unseen by us. I like it this way– every one of the small, sweet exchanges B&B don’t think twice about making anymore in their old married couple state still seems so new and unexpected and amazing to my inner fangirl heart.

      • I totally agree. Even with the little we got, I still went “Awwwww” at it and at this point I’m still treasuring every sweet moment we get, just like before they got together. They don’t want to give us too much, because for a lot of people it would get old really fast.

      • Nicky, I’m with you on the BB interactions. And let’s face it, even with Emily not being this pregnant, TPTB are just being plain smart about what they show. Are we all still pining and watching and waiting for more kisses, hugs and…? I know I am. So mission accomplished. We got what we wanted, Booth and Brennan together, without getting exactly we wanted or in the right amounts. The UST lives! My guess is that they will save big moments of affection for special episodes to keep us from OD-ing on the stuff. The fact that they are comfortable with each other in this new world, that they look after each other and that they are willing to work things through? That’s pretty darn loving as far as I’m concerned.

      • Agree with Nicky, and mariu makes a good point as well. They are definitely in a committed, loving relationship. Also, ED is about ready to pop here, as she delivered about a week after they finished shooting. So not only is her screen time limited, but “sexy times” are going to have to wait. More than that, they’ve grown so much. Brennan, remember, got mad at Booth on the first case, slapped him and said “I hate you”. How nice is it to see her home, waiting for him, with dinner ready, even though she was mad at him. What a difference!! And Booth, instead of getting super angry, or afraid to upset her/make her leave, he stands his ground and apologizes for being overprotective, but not for feeling protective over his GF and child. Good for you Booth! Good for both of them 🙂

      • I really loved that she made Booth a plate and kept his dinner warm….aww… Did you see the dish over it to keep the pasta warm? Aww. And she set his place setting next to hers…aww. And the sweater and slippers, aww. No matter what they are coming home to one another at the end of the day. It’s very sweet and I’ll take it! That is love. That is, as Booth said, finding someone to love him for 30, 40, or 50 years. When Brennan said she loved Booth and he said he knew this is the kind of stuff that lets you know. It just does. That and their little breakfast routine in the morning and talking about their day. It just all means so much and, to me, is very real.

  10. I’m in a long-term relationship and when I come home, I don’t rush to him. I don’t usually kiss him, I don’t even hug him. It’s been just a few hours, so IMO there’s no need for great displays of affection, and I’m not that affectionate anyway. So personally, I have a hard time understanding why people are complaining about the so-called lack of affection. They look like a couple who’s been together for a long time, and that’s what HH & Co. wanted it to be.

  11. I wasn’t crazy about the episode. Not to go on too much of a rant but I am tired of scenes like in the beginning when they have Booth trying to get Brennan to stop squatting for comedic effect. I get it but I just don’t find it funny. I also found the chats with Fisher and his mom boring. Perhaps, it would be better if it were more sporadic. I believe what bothers me the most is that B&B didn’t deal with Booth’s overprotectiveness. Brennan just mentioned she didn’t like it and Booth said he wouldn’t stop. I think I wanted the two characters to explain a little more why they each felt that way. I guess it’s too much to ask in a short timeframe!

  12. Oh and one more minor quibble- Can we have a scene at Brennan’s place? Her place is bigger! Why do they always stay at Booth’s place?

    • I think perhaps they didn’t have access to that set. I know for sure they’ve destroyed Booth’s apartment set after filming (sad!) thanks to DB’s tweeting 🙂 but it might have been either impractical or impossible to use both sets anymore.

  13. I must say, as much as I like Hodgela, I don’t really watch the show for them. At this point I’m content that they are a stable family unit and love abounds. But I must say I really did like seeing into their family life in this episode. And Michael is truly adorable.

  14. Did anyone catch the bunny B&B gave Michael in his nursery? It was there!

  15. Natbor, they DID have B&B explain their feelings to one another regarding the overprotectiveness issue!

    First thread – Booth cautiously throws out that Brennan had left him stranded in the middle of nowhere…which gets the response from Brennan that she hadn’t been worried about him, because, in contrast to HIS attitude toward HER, SHE trusted that her partner was capable of taking care of himself. That leads Booth to apologize to Brennan for lying to her and to assure her that he DOES trust her and regard her as a capable person.

    Second thread – When Brennan hits the nail on the head and identifies Booth’s behavior toward her as being analogous to a crab hovering over its mate when the mate is about to moult, Booth admits forthrightly that he will NOT discontinue his over protective behavior toward her, leading her to ask, “Why”? Booth then states that although he knows that he won’t always be able to protect her and their beautiful baby, acting as though he CAN protect them, makes him feel less helpless.
    When Brennan then says, “So, basically you are asking me to support your delusion?”, Booth replies with honestly and forthrightness, “Yes”.

    I’m reminded of the exchange in this week’s Castle episode, “Cuffed”, when Castle chided Beckett, “Do I begrudge you your coping mechanisms?”.

    Brennan now understands that Booth’s overprotectiveness is his coping mechanism, that it does NOT imply that he doesn’t see her capability and strength. And although she will undoubtedly continue to find this behavior of his to be annoying, she is now aware that it is a symptom of HIS fears and insecurites and that when he’s being less extreme in this behavior, she should try to be a “good sport” about putting up with it.

    • I was also left with the impression that his overprotectiveness had more to do with his insecurities than him doubting her, and she pinpointed that. Also, for good or for bad, being a protector is such a huge part of who he is, and it’s exaggerated with the ones he’s closest to. To me, it’s analogous to Brennan’s rationality, which can also be good or bad, but very much a part of who she is. We can say they should change, but I think it would be faster for the moon to become rainbow-colored. I think the term “coping mechanism” is appropriate and very important here.

      Truthfully, though, I hope he lets up a little in terms of what to eat and wear. The issue seemed to come to a head because of this late stage of pregnancy. Maybe it wasn’t so much before, and maybe it won’t be so much after. Although since they are having a girl that could make it worse on his part. It’s a good thing Brennan will be there to balance things out.

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