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Morning After Q: Who Has Bigger Trust Issues- Booth or Brennan?


Hello and Happy Friday!

One scene I liked in Twist in the Twister was when Booth arrived home, late, from the tornado site. He got on Brennan’s case a little bit about leaving him stranded, but HER reply was that she wasn’t worried; unlike him, she trusted her partner to be able to take care of himself.

I thought that was really interesting. It was a dig on Booth, and he understood that, and the apologies commenced, which was good.

And I liked at the end that Booth basically promised that he would NOT stop hovering–seemed Boothy to me. He said he did trust her.

But it got me to thinking, and so now I’m asking you. Who has bigger trust issues between the two of them (if either of them do, in your opinion)?

Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones,



53 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Who Has Bigger Trust Issues- Booth or Brennan?

  1. With Booth I don’t think it was really about trust. Booth trusts Brennan but his protective instinct is so strong, especially now, that he is doing what all alpha males do, protect their mates and their progeny — oops, daughter. Looking back, by this measure, he trusted Hannah implicitly in that he knew she’s was going into danger and he never tried to stop her or follow her or protect her in any way. And we all know where that ended. Booth’s need to watch over Brennan is part of who he is and an extension of his love for her and I think Brennan realizes that. As for Brennan, she has always trusted Booth. That trust has been the throughline of their relationship.

  2. I think they both trust each other. It’s just that Booth is in Booth mode when it comes to his girl right now and that annoys Brennan to no end. On the other hand, Brennan can be too brave under certain circumstances and that scares the heck out of Booth.

    I liked the fact that when he lied to Brennan he became angry with himself. He knew it was wrong and he felt bad he did it. He then saw what the ramifications of doing that was when she showed up in a very dangerous situation. I think he’ll be more up front from now on. He’ll be protective whether she likes it or not; but, he will probably just be more honest about how he goes about it.

  3. Hm….very interesting post topic…

    I think a more specific question would not be do they have trust issues, but who do they have trust issues with? I actually think they do have trust within each other. They’ve been partners forever, saved each others’ lives multiple times. Who did Booth want present in his surgery room? Brennan. Who did Brennan lean on during her father’s trial? Booth. Even in their new relationship, though they disagree and argue, Booth trusts that Brennan will be there when he comes home, and Brennan trusts that Booth will come home. Brennan trusts Booth with her heart to the point of sharing a life. Booth trusts that she will not break his heart or reject him like others in his life. That’s amazing to me. And wonderful that they are in that place.

    Do they have trust issues with each other? You betcha. Mostly stemming from their family relationships; they definitely don’t 100% trust family members, and that’s probably something they will always have. I think they also have a kind of distrust or…maybe wariness, I should say, with new people in their lives. You have to prove yourself to B&B. Though they’ve made great strides in these areas too. (Booth letting Sweets be trained to back him up, Brennan delegating more of the work to her squints, working with Finn).

    But as far as trust with each other? I’d say they have it. A great deal, in fact. Otherwise, one or both would be hustling it towards the door, the way they had in the past with their SO. Like them each giving up their own places to find a new place together, they’ve shed alot of those walls that kept them from each other. Now…they still have other issues, like abandonment issues, daddy issues, etc, that they will need to work through, but the trust is there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. *Edit, 2nd paragraph 1st line should be: Do they have trust issues with OTHERS? Sorry ๐Ÿ™‚ Bad proofreading!

  5. It’s not trusting each other that’s at issue, it’s trusting themselves that I see as the problem which still needs to get worked out (and where would we be if there was nothing else to resolve?) For Booth, this means believing that at some point he might still go down the slippery slide into aggression and anger, or that he not be the kind of person or provider he thinks he needs to be to keep Brennan’s respect. For Brennan, I think it’s about still doubting she has what it takes to make Booth and their child happy while retaining her independence. She may also have questions about being able to remain in the relationship long-term like Booth wants. I see these things come up in his insistence that he get to contribute equally to their household and in her questions to Angela about being there for Booth and the “for the time being” comment of last week.

    On a completely unrelated topic, I’m really liking this new firm bicep-oops, hand-Booth. His refusal to back down on protecting her (and really, when has he not had her back) and his shooting down of Sweets, well, wow. And the scene where he apologizes? Left me all gooey-melty inside.

    • Well said. I think Brennan’s still doubtful. She’s the proverbial “fish out of water” in this relationship because she’s got to cope with an area that she just is not comfortable swimming in. But I like that they are both holding on and standing their ground when needed. Brennan’s never understood Booth’s protectiveness, although she is certainly grateful for it at times and expectant of it at others (Maluku– you weren’t there to save me?). Booth, on the other hand, is growing confident in himself and in Brennan. They can fight and still hold together.

  6. I agree with everything but I would also add that Brennan DOES also have FAITH in Booth. As Hodgins said in Aliens in the Spaceship, “You have Faith, baby”. She might not call it faith, or maybe she will one day, but she does. Brennan may not have faith in a God but she has faith in science and in Booth.

    Oh, and one more thing, regarding Booth’s protectiveness. He has always had Brennan’s back. We did see that he seemed to allow Hannah to go off into dangerous situations. After she was shot he offered to help more but, prior to that, he trusted her to go off on her own. He trusts Brennan too but,yeah, we know Booth really does protect the ones he loves. That was true even in DITP when he followed her to a bad part of town and saved her life. He’s always kept an eye out and I think even if their fate had been different he would have continued in that role in some way. Remember B&B’s parting at the end of S5? Sniff. Sniff. When Booth told Brennan to be careful in the jungle and Brennan told Booth to, well, not be him, to not be a hero. Aww. I LOVE the moments of home life we’ve seen between them so far. Very loving.

    • I don’t expect Booth to change either. Sure, he could cut back on the taking food away and lying, and I really hope he does, but that need to protect will always be there. From way back, he’d rather her be mad then dead. Booth is a protector. Brennan knows that already, and she shouldn’t expect him to change that much in that area. However, since she’s been taking care of herself longer than she’s had someone else take care of her, that has to be extremely irksome. She understands his position, but it chafes at her independence.

      Brennan going out into the field is not just about the thrill. She’s working: observing and asking the right questions, retrieving evidence that her team can use. That’s her stuff. Booth has his, and he’s learned a lot from her, but he can’t do her stuff. I can totally understand her being mad that he just decided by himself that he wasn’t going to take her.

      Also, for the sake of the show, I’m so glad that Brennan isn’t worrying about Booth 24/7 just because of the type of relationship they have now. The stakes may be higher, and she does worry about him to a certain extent, but like she said, she trusts him. I don’t want to see a suddenly emotional Brennan when it comes to Booth doing his job like he’s always done. Maybe one day the concern will be higher, but I hope that comes much later, like the end of the series. One can question if that is realistic or not, but I appease myself by saying it’s a scripted TV show – nothing too terrible will happen to the main characters.

      • Good point about Brennan saying she trusts Booth in the field. Before she left for Maluku she told Angela that she was worried all the time that something would happen to Booth and she couldn’t help him; I think she even said this to Booth in Boy with the Answer and gave the grave digger kidnapping as the example. I think Brennan knew that part of taking a risk, or loosing her imperviousness, and going into a relationship with Booth would mean having to deal with this fear. Booth works in a dangerous field – and loves it. Booth could get injured at any moment – whether he and Brennan were work partners or work partners and partners in life. Any of us could get injured at any moment. That’s part of a reality we have to accept when we give our heart to another. Brennan trusts Booth but I would bet that she still does worry a little…just a smidge. Hey, she liked the idea of Sweets getting a gun! It helps cut down on her chances of becoming a single paret afterall:)

      • I would like to see Brennan being a little bit more understanding of Booth’s protectiveness. She is used to being independant, and sure the old Brennan would pop in a car and drive into a tornado with no problem…but like Angela said, Brennan’s never going to be alone again, with BBB and Booth. So she needs to consider that more and not rush headlong into a tornado, but think about the long distance driving, safety of the scene etc, before putting her baby and herself in danger. For the baby’s sake, her own sake, and the sake of her partner, who would be crushed if something were to happen.

        Of course, Booth should not have lied like that, but at the same time, he did know her well enough to know she’d go anyway. And while Booth needs to respect her independance (which I think he largely does already), she needs to respect their family unit, and play it a little bit safer. She could have easily been horribly hurt or dead by her actions in the eppy.

  7. I agree with others that they trust each other. No doubt about that. If Brennan didn’t trust Booth, there is no way she would be in a relationship with him, let alone buying a house with him. But they have a hard time trusting new people and themselves. Not trusting themselves is what brings up some issues in their relationship. But we’ve seen them acknowledge and apologize for their mistakes, and talk about them. They have the tools to work through their problems,and they have what it takes to last 30,40 or 50 years. To some extent I think they just need to realize that.

    I loved that when Booth said he was sorry(which was so adorable and heartfelt) he didn’t say ‘but’. He just said he was really really sorry and waited for her answer. And she definitely melted a little bit.
    And mariu100, I also like that Booth is not letting himself get run over at all. Sometimes he was so puppy dog in love that he didn’t stand up for himself. Now he is more than willing to admit when he’s wrong,and say he’s sorry, but he won’t back down from his opinion or beliefs. Sorry I got a little off topic. I tend to go on forever when it comes to Bones!

    • As to Booth saying he’s sorry and all: that’s also about trust. He can stand up to her and she can stand up to him and one thing that we know is that they can say pretty hurtful things to one another, but the next moment they’ll pull the other from a burning car. That’s how they operate and that’s about trust. They know the other will be there even if they’re pissed off at each other. There’s that connection that goes deeper than trust, but it is wrapped in trust.

  8. Can we also take a moment to give another amen shout-out to FBI t-shirt Booth! Mmmmm! Yum. I’ve missed rugged/casual Booth in the field. Welcome back! So, So, So HOT!. T-shirt Booth can protect me anytime:) and then say he’s sorry.

    • Truly, the green jacket *and* the t-shirt, together? Almost made up for the fact that we won’t get a new Bones until January. Bah-humbug to you too, Fox-talk about a Christmas grinch!

    • YES! Wow I think I drooled through half the episode! The green jacket makes a return after like 3 years! And the black t-shirt just showed off his beautiful arms…ok I’ll stop now.

      • haha, totally. There’s no need to stop. I was SO excited to see a little hint of ‘in action’ Booth again. And sat on that bench with Sweets, all FBI T-shirt arms? That’s great TV right there ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I really liked when Booth said he needed to just at least pretend that he could always be there to protect Brennan and their child. Very Boothy. I’m sure he feels that way about Parker as well. Being a parent means knowing that sometimes you do have to let go. We’ve seen Booth’s issues with that just with Jared alone. Seriously y’all, we can only imagine how Daddy Booth will be with his teenage daughter. The conversations he and Brennan will have around dating… I mean, wow. Can’t you just envision Booth perched up in the treehouse at their family home, with binoculars, waiting for their daugther to come home? LOL. I can! But, also, I can envision mamma Bones to be pretty fierce with their child as well!

  10. One more thing and then I gotta go! I LOVED when Booth said “this beautiful baby”. Awwwww:) Just LOVED it. Daddy Booth is the bestest! So sweet. I can’t wait to see him with Parker and Parker’s new little sister.

    • Any boy who wants to date baby girl Booth will have two over-protective males to deal with. Only one will have the gun and badge, but Parker’s going to be just as bad as his dad when it comes to protecting his little sister.

      • Throw in Grandpa Max and the guy hasn’t got a chance.

      • I am shocked and appalled at the idea that Booth might interfere with his daughter’s dating life. Shocked and appalled. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • And maybe Michael Hodgins as well…. I’m not of the belief that baby girl Booth and Michael are destined to be romantic soulmates but I would like to think they will be good friends growing up and that they might have each other’s backs growing up.

  11. Booth was wrong to lie, but he was absolutely correct in that she wouldn’t listen and would put herself directly in the line of danger. It wasn’t like she would have stayed behind if he had told her he was worried that they could be driving into real danger and now that’s she’s 81/2 months along maybe it would be better if she didn’t go. Brennan still doesn’t seem to get it that she has more than herself to consider now. I didn’t like it that she called the baby ‘progeny’ either. Really Brennan? She wants to connect enough that she puts speakers on her stomach so she can play music/listen to the baby’s heartbeat, but not enough to say our baby/daughter. I don’t like when she’s written so inconsistently. I did like that he told her flat out he was not going to stop hovering. BTW I thought she should have apologized to him as well. She was reckless-she scared him and she should have been rational enough to realize that.

    The trust issue. They totally trust each other. They band together against outsiders all the time. This episode was not about a question of trusting each other as much as being over-protective with the ones you love the most. Same with Hodgins & Angela. Billy is an out there kinda guy who kidnaps Hodgins and gives him tatoos or has him steal his car from bad guys. Not exactly the kind of guy who gives you peace of mind when he’s around. They were just trying to protect Michael until they could be in the same room with him and Billy.

    • Lisa, Brennan has repeatedly used “daughter*” since episode two. In fact, I’d say almost exclusively. It is yet another sign on the painfully contrived conflicts these season that they chose to have her NOT use the word in that scene.

      • Or perhaps she was still so angry with Booth that she decided to use the word progeny because she knew he wouldn’t like it.

      • Barbara I know she’s used the term daughter once she got over calling the baby ‘the fetus’. That’s why I was surprised they had her use it now. It seems lame at this point. We know she’s much more bonded with the baby now.

    • I hardly even noticed that on my conflict radar. I haven’t read anything into those things yet. I won’t until further notice. I think to Brennan some things are interchangeable and it’s no biggie to her to use either in a situation. Like Angela’s son vs. Michael, intercourse vs. making love. But then I was the kind of person who didn’t read into Booth’s use of associate vs. partner, so that could be just me.

  12. I agree with everything that’s been said re: B&B and trust, so I’ll just add the following:

    Green jacket + t-shirt — OMG! It got really hot last night. ;-D

  13. In a related issue, someone just pointed out on another board that people are becoming either concerned or just don’t like that Booth has come home and had a drink on more than one occasion…but here’s my take on that: I think that its just meant to show their comfortability and ease in their lives. He just gets a drink and comes to sit with Brennan. Also, their home scenes are meant to replace their after-case drinks at the Founding Fathers bar. Just that ED/Brennan can’t actually drink with him now. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I agree. She would be drinking too if she could.

    • For my own part, I don’t mind the drinking in general… but I’m not really happy when the very first thing someone does when walking in the door is go straight for the booze.

      I certainly don’t look at it as a message or sign that Booth drinks too much, just noting my own perceptions of how a scene like that looks when any character does that. I like a “hi, how was your day” brief chit chat… and then let’s share a drink. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • My only thought when it comes to Booth coming home and getting himself a drink before he sits down with Brennan is that I wish the writers played it so that he comes home and kisses Brennan before sitting down.

        To my mind, they are avoiding giving us too many kisses (to keep us waiting and impatient for those moments they do) and so having him go to the drinks cabinet is just something to give him to do before they give us the inevitable ‘tie up the conflict’ conversation.

        Considering they’ve never really dealt with his gambling issues and only last week gave us much to do with his father, I’m pretty sure they’re not going to dive in with a ‘Booth’s a drinker’ storyline this late in the game.

    • Bb, I made a comment like that on twitter but I also very specifically qualified it by saying that as a person who grew up with alcoholics, I have an instinctive unpleasant reaction to scenes of ” Dad comes home and heads for the liquor cabinet”. Drinking does happen a great deal on the show. IRL the son and brother of alcoholics might think twice about daily drinking. I’m not accusing the show or Booth of anything, I’m just saying that it resonated with me in a personally unhappy way. Just as tornado survivors might have found that aspect of the show particularly affecting.

      • Hey Barbara, I barely use twitter, so I definitely didn’t see your comment and wasn’t directing anything at you ๐Ÿ™‚ It was actually brought up on an thread.

    • It doesn’t bother me that he drinks, and I don’t actually think drinking will become an issue, I just don’t think it looks good that a couple times he’s come home and immediately gone to the alcohol. I wish he’d chat a bit then get a drink.

    • Last week, right before Booth opened the box of memorbillia, it looked like he was drinking water with his meal; the same last night. The times we’ve seen him come home and have a drink so far seems when he’s just finished closing out a case, similar to what he and Brennan did at FF. I think Brennan would be sharing that drink with him if she could. I realize there may be some who are concerned because of his father, etc., but I don’t have that perspective. When they are in their own home, and after the baby is born, I could see them sharing a drink at the end of an episode. In fact, I could them returning to FF after the baby is born for a real, honest-to-goodness, date night! Aw. Because, really, they don’t need to go to FF after every case anymore because now they can unwind together at home.

  14. I didn’t grow up around drinking (we are a very dry people) so sometimes the drinking seems excessive to me. On the other hand, Booth is a nostalgic kind of guy and somehow his coming home and pouring himself something seems rightfour of the fifties. It’s like he formed his ideal pattern from watching the old shows and that is what he is going with. I hope that sense.

    • Well, also, we don’t know if Booth is doing this every single day, or if this is just a solving-the-case kind of drink. If it’s just an after-case habit, then its not “as bad” to me. We only see the snippet of their lives when they are on cases. So it seems like its all the time because we only see them during those times.

      • I think one of the things that makes it a bit dicey is that Booth usually just had a bottle of beer at the FF with Brennan. Now he’s heading straight for the hard stuff. Rightly observed about the son and brother of alcoholics needing to think before he drinks.

      • That’s a good point. And I agree, because I’ve written before about my grandfather who drank, subsequently my dad quit, and I never have drank because it runs in the family. So I totally get what you are saying and agree.

        I just watched Woman in the Sand though, and Brennan freaked out when she realized Booth was in a casino. She wanted to get him out of there right away so he wouldn’t be tempted (which was so SWEET!! haha!) so I would think that if Brennan perceived it to be a problem for him, she’d definitely speak up, make sure it wasn’t kept at home, etc. Now, maybe they will bring this up later on as an issue, I don’t know, but Brennan’s the kind of gal that would speak her mind if she was worried about it. Well, if the writers are concerned about continuity (hehe) then she would ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Booth told Brennan in the memorable break-up bar scene that he wasn’t a drunk and his terror of turning into his own father would probably keep him from sliding down a slippery slope. Once again, I think it’s something the writers have given him to do to create some action. It would be nice if said writers got together and thought up some new ways to make B&B seem to be doing something in these scenes other than eating or drinking.

  15. I haven’t seen anyone mention the tat on Michael. I thought Hodgins was going to have heart failure.
    That baby just stole those scenes last night. He is so adorable.

    • LOL!! I love the tat on the baby. You just KNOW Grandpa did that to mess with Hodgins’ sleep deprived brain. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Also, that baby is seriously the cutest frickin’ baby I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how they are going to find a baby as cute (or cuter) than that for Baby B. They certainly have their work cut out for them there. :p

  16. Huh… the take away for me from this episode wasn’t trust issues, but communication problems.

    I was impressed that Brennan got on Booth’s case about his overprotectiveness when he took the cup of noodles out of her hand, but Booth wasn’t listening. He didn’t really respond at all, instead it was “I’ll find you some fruit” and “did you bring a sweater?” Really? Booth, she’s trying, the least you can do is acknowledge it and try to meet her in the middle.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been waiting to see overprotective, hovering Booth since the words “you’re the father” came out of Brennan’s mouth. I was just expecting it to be a constant thing (along the lines of “let me carry the case”) and there to be constant sniping and bickering about things like that. I was expecting (hoping?) that Booth would be all “here, let me” and “watch where you’re stepping” and Brennan would be all “Booth, I’m pregnant not (sick, an invalid, stupid, helpless, etc; etc)”. So, when she said “Booth, I’m pregnant, not sick” I squealed a little.

    I didn’t like it when Booth lied to her (though I thought the little beat about her not liking crusty dishes was a great insight into their private life) and clearly neither did Brennan. I’m pretty sure he knew he didn’t get away with it, too. She knows him better than she knows anyone else in her life. She’s going to be able to tell when he’s keeping something from her; she certainly has in the past.

    She also knows that Booth defaults to being protective. Hell, in the the season six premiere he asked her about fighting off the armed guerrillas and she said “I had to. You weren’t there to protect me.” All she was trying to do was to get him to back off a little bit and give her some breathing room.

    Those two things being the case, I don’t fault her one bit for going after him to prove her point. They have a system and the system works. He does the cop thing, she does the science thing and together they get the bad guy.

    The fact that he didn’t discuss what he was doing was not only irresponsible and disrespectful from a professional partnership perspective, but also from a personal partnership perspective. He left the DC metro area. As her romantic partner and the father of her unborn child, he at least owes her a “hey, I don’t want you to worry but, I’m going to be late for dinner because I’m going to NC to follow up on a lead” call. Even if he hadn’t left the area, he’s a cop, he should call her if he’s not going to be home on time so she doesn’t worry.

    I’ve seen some fanwank about her being irresponsible and going into a dangerous weather situation and putting herself in danger, and that she drove from DC to NC after him. Blah, blah, blah. To me, that was pure Brennan. Do the words “you rat bastard!” mean anything to anyone? She went after him then, why wouldn’t she go after him now to call him on his BS? Honestly? I’ve got more fanwank issues with the fact that people were tornado chasing at a time of year when they would not actually be chasing, and that they were doing the chasing in NC than I do with anything Brennan did in this episode. :p

    I think my favorite part of the whole episode was that Brennan, to prove her point, left Booth stranded (with a cheeky little wave) went home, made dinner and fixed him a plate anyway, knowing he’d be home. The result of that was that Booth finally got that he messed up and he apologized. Sometimes, to get someone to hear you, you have to speak the right language. That’s what she did.

    Also, the thought of Brennan with bunny slippers cracks me up. You just know Booth got them for her.

    One final thought: Kudos to ED for being such a trooper. That last scene of the episode where she was sitting with her feet up, I think she looked uncomfortable. The fact that she still filmed another ep after that one? I’ve got nothing but respect for her.

    • When I realised they were going down the ‘over-protective Booth’ mode for this episode (which is never my favourite – I prefer kick ass, threatening-gangsters-for-her-but-she-doesn’t-know mode) I hoped there might be some tie-in with the fact that Booth just lost his father and so is more inclined/concerned with take care of the people who are most important to him because he’s scared of losing them angle. But alas, we know from Angela that two months have passed between the last episode and this one, so the loss isn’t so immediate (although obviously still relevant, this episode isn’t an immediate follow on of the last).

      That would have made more sense to me than Booth suddenly freaking out about slippers and sweaters. (They kind of missed their point though – Booth came across as a jerk to start with, lying and being a pain, and then they show he was correct to freak out because she drove four hours into a tornado while 8 months pregnant. Neither of them made cool choices.)

  17. Neither of them seems to be thinking clearly. The over-protectiveness was way over the top though. Booth knows Brennan can decide for herself whether or not she can eat cup o noodles or needs a sweater or slippers. Maybe if he weren’t so overprotective about the soup or the sweater first, she would not have tried to prove herself by the close call with the tornado. I do think though that she secretly likes it that he is so protective because it’s an indicator of his love. She trusts him to come home after leaving him and Sweets in the field. He trusts her enough to know that she won’t run even though he stands his ground.
    I liked the parallel story of H/A’s trust issues with her father and the lack of sleep was funny and true to life.

  18. Re: Booth’s lie. That was such a bad lie. The grocery store? To account for all the time he would be gone? I don’t think Brennan is such a hard person to lie to, but even she saw through it right away, and that’s saying something. Although some of his previous attempts to lie to her didn’t work either. Men, when will they ever learn (Hodgins seems to be better about it, though.)

    • Yeah, that lie was pretty lame which is a good thing! If it would have been a good lie, well, time to worry! I still like how they show B&B working out their own issues. Brennan seems to be willing to seek Angela’s advice but in the end B&B have been able to find their own solutions to their challenges. Brennan has Angela but Booth, so far, doesn’t seem to want to share anything, especially with Sweets! Interesting since last year we DID see Booth talking to Sweets or seeking advice from Sweets regarding Hannah. Booth knew he was wrong for lying to Brennan and he felt bad the moment that lie left his lips.

  19. Man, I’m craving some BT discussion today! I just had a random thought, not sure where to post it….but…what kind of mother will Brennan be? Will she watch something like Barney with the kids (even though dinosaurs aren’t purple)? Will the kid get to watch lots of “Science Dude” or “Reading Rainbow” types of educational shows? (Ooohh or The Magic School Bus!–even though buses can’t shrink) She did purchase the foam ball guns and “sort of” played with Prince Charmington…and we know she wants to dissect things with her daughter…but how will it really play out? I think Booth will have to just admit his girl will be a squint, between Brennan and her science teacher dad. And the squint team which surely will be around her. And her built-in best friend, MSVH. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m just trying to actually picture Brennan as a mom. What does she do about Santa Claus? The tooth fairy?

    • It all could go so wrong. If some well-meaning soul gave her a teddy bear and Brennan took it away because bears maul people, I could see very many instances of BBB wailing, ‘Daddy!’ and Booth having to explain that the stuffed bear wouldn’t actually eat their child. What if she isn’t a born squint? What if she has no desire to dissect a frog and would rather hit a baseball with her brother? Brennan is going to have to loosen up and not assume that her progeny is going to be a clone of herself. Could be rough.

      • I’d like to envision little Brennan Booth as a good blend of both her lion-hearted, athletic father and her brainy, brave, good-hearted mother. She would be smart, fun, good-hearted and have a good head on her shoulders. Most of all she would be confident, not obnoxious, but a well-adjusted, loved child. I could see her participating in the science fair, math league, and play for her field hockey team. I could see her adoring her daddy and admiring her mother, loving them both and being proud to be their daughter. I think Brennan will be a loving mother. Different, yes, but loving. I hope she is not portrayed as a cold mother or having difficulty bonding because I just don’t see that. I could see her daughter knowing her mother is not like all moms but being okay with that. I could see her admiring her mom, wanting to be like her in that she is a strong, confident, accomplished woman but also a loving mom. So, yeah, in short I hope they show that while Brennan may not always be a “conventional” mom, she’s still awesome. Like any new mother, Brennan will have her learning curves but I really, really, really hope she isn’t shown as completely clueless or cold. In fact, I’d like to see the little loving things she does as only Brennan could do. Hey, at the end of the day, Booth seems very happy and he knows she loves him. So she is able to connect. Is Brennan like any other woman Booth has been with? Umm…I would venture to say NO but that is okay. I hope we see some fierce Mamma Bones too.

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