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I’ve been MIA lately, I know this. I’ll be sharing a bit more about this (and the future of BT) in the next few days. But sometimes, there is a lot of rumbling in Bones-world, and pal MJ mentioned to me that it’s nice that BT is spoiler free, and I thought it would be good to provide an emergency “CAN WE PLEASE HAVE SOMETHING ELSE TO TALK ABOUT SO WE’RE NOT TEMPTED” post. So…here goes; some things to talk about. Use as needed…

1. Booth doesn’t actually have a ‘type’ of woman he prefers, but instead, he relies on his emotions and/or feelings of fate. True or False.

2. Brennan has actually had the most impact on Hodgins, in terms of making him less angry/prone to quick conspiracy theories. True or False.

3. Sweets actually admires/respects Brennan more than Booth, even though they don’t usually agree on everything. He might want to be like Booth, but he really wants Brennan’s approval more. True or False.






34 thoughts on “Emergency Spoiler Free Discussion About Non-Spoilery Things :)

  1. 1. Booth’s type (or perhaps the showrunners’ type) is a leggy blond who is said to have a brain but little evidence is shown of it (Tessa, Rebecca, the blond skank). Which is why the brunette Brennan is so much more significant because she never was or will be a type. Unique, yes; type, no.

    2. The greatest impact on Hodgins’ conspiracy theories was the crash and burn of Zach Addy. That changed him more than anything else. Does he want Brennan’s approval? Do bears hide in the woods (and make bad playmates for small children)? Does he admire Booth and want his approval (see bears above)?

    3. Does Sweets admire Brennan’s expertise (refer again to bears). Does he find her abrasive and annoying at times (also see bears). Does he idolize Booth? That seems to be a question which has been answered over and over again. Booth is the hero father Sweets didn’t have (even though he had an adoptive father) and the big brother who would always look out for him that every boy wants (and Brennan had in Russ).

    So false (sort of); false; false Three for three.

  2. I think Booth definitely has a type. We didn’t get to see much of Tessa but she was a DC corporate attorney so dumb, she definitely wasn’t. Same with Rebecca (although what exactly does she do for a living? I don’t know or don’t remember.)

    They took great pains to tell us Hannah had the two Peabody’s blahblahblah, which means she was pretty sharp, too. So yea, I think Booth has a type.

    But aside from the difference in hair color, Brennan (IMO) takes Booth’s ‘type’ to its uber-level and that’s one of the things that makes her different,

    Re: Sweets, I agree 100% that Brennan’s good opinion is what he really really wants. I love the way you put that – he wants to ‘be like’ Sweets but he wants Brennan’s admiration and acceptance. That’s Sweets, for me, in a nutshell.

    • MJ, I thought Rebecca was also an attorney. But maybe I read that some where in fan fiction … 😉

      • This is unrelated but in regards to Firefly’s response for #3 I think Booth in general is a harder nut to crack than Brennan in some regards. On the surface it seems Brain (Brennan) and Heart (Booth) and that Brennan is not as “warm” as Booth but I think it is more complex. I think Booth’s edges are a little sharper than Brennan’s, it just may not seem that way. Brennan, to me, seems to melt a little easier than Booth. I also think that Brennan does learn and process from experiences more than Booth. Booth likes to give advice (helping others, protecting, etc.) but it seems when it comes time for him to take advice or accept help it’s harder for him to do.

      • camcat, I know what you mean. In episode 4, I understand the context was him processing his father’s death. But the way he was so curt with the people around him who just wanted to extend their sympathy kind of caught me off-guard. When he told Brennan, “I appreciate your concern,” he was so detached I wondered if he was just being sarcastic. However, it is just like Booth to be closed about his personal affairs. I’m just glad that he listened to her at the end.

        Brennan is often misunderstood in regards to emotions because she doesn’t like to publicly showcase them. People want to see her react in a certain way, and when she doesn’t, they think she’s cold. What Booth understands is that Brennan reserves the right to choose when, where, and with whom she expresses her emotions.

  3. The future of BT? I’m not sure if I should be excited or scared? But…major LOL at the idea of Booth’s teeth falling out if we get spoilery up in here. I sure hope that never happens!

    But back to the post at hand…

    1. I think its both true and false about Booth’s type. I don’t think he was conciously picking a “type”, he probably felt he was going by heart alone, but (trying not to sound too cheesy), while he was dating these accomplished (blonde) women, his heart was seeking out someone like Brennan. And perhaps Booth was dating people that were wrong for him because of his pastl, probably sabtoging his relationships, again subconciously, because he felt he didn’t deserve happiness. We know even Pops warned him about Rebecca, but Booth-we know- can be stubborn, and clung to what his “heart” wanted. So yes, Booth has a type, basically, Brennnan, but had to date a few frogs till he found the actual princess 🙂 haha
    (It doesn’t always have to be the woman finding the prince now does it?)

    2. Interesting thoughts about Hodgins…I think its a combination of Brennan, Angela, Booth, Zack…the whole team. Hodgins was much like Brennan, in that he was hiding from the world in the saftey of his lab. A great deal of that because of the super rich factor, but I think the world was a bit scary to Hodgins as well. But through falling in love with Angela, growing closer to lab people, going out into the field, etc, he grew much like Brennan did. They are both super squints who fell in love with non-squints, which I think was beneficial for them as well.

    3. I say false on Sweets because again, I think its a “both” answer, not one or the other. As GGW said, he imprinted on “them” like a baby duck. So, both B&B. He also likes observing the relationship and interactions of B&B. He is fascinated by that. Professionally, he is one of the top people in his field, and so are Booth and Brennan in theirs. It is a good work environment for them to interact, bounce ideas of each other. Especially when they don’t agree all the time, helps keep them all sharp and on their toes, which is great in their line of work! They are the Island of Misfit Toys, but they’ve found a home together, and that’s awesome!

  4. 1. I think Booth is attracted to the woman who is interested in him. We see that with the fish woman and with Hannah. We don’t see enough of Tessa or Rebecca or Cam to see how the attraction first began. He likes women of intelligence and beauty, so when she flirts with him he’s smitten. (The women at Brennan’s reunion were a mixed bag and he was still reeling a bit from her rejection.) With Brennan, he has two of the requisites, but beyond their first meeting, there’s no overt flirting from Brennan. But he gets to know her and lets her get to know him, so their trajectory goes in a very different direction than his tryst with Hannah and the others. For a well-trained sniper, he chose to take the shot with Brennan but missed in spectacular fashion.

    2. No, I would have to agree with EL that the person who straightened Hodgins’ conspiracy bend was Zack’s self-destruction. Then when he and Angela imploded, it seemed like all his anger was directed toward the people around him, not the government. I think Brennan had a greater impact on giving him a purpose beyond pure research and I think that has brought out the kinder, gentler Hodgins.

    3. I think he has written off Brennan as being anything more than what she is in his eyes– cold, empirical, anti-psychology. We’ve seen him interacting with Booth more and he seems to want to be the sounding board for Booth to discuss his relationship with Brennan. Booth just keeps shutting him down in a way that seems as precise and protective as Brennan might. He’s just more forthright– “nothing I want to know and nothing I want to tell.” Brennan would pooh-pooh psychology.

    I think Sweets is still trying to study them and he wants to be close to Booth– a friend, a little brother, what-have-you. With Brennan, I find it odd that he talks to the foot doctor of Brennan’s “cruelty” and trashes her after he’s told her that she is “one of my closest friends.” With friends like him, who needs enemies? Hodgins tells the foot doc to get mad at Brennan if he wants to, which isn’t trashing her; in fact, he knows her well enough to know that she would be able to take it. Process it? That would be pure speculation. Sweets also squabbles with her about the deaf girl and while I think he was right to do so, I think he was attacking her later in a way that suggests he sees her as being cold and cruel. (I almost expect him to try to give her unsolicited parenting advice in the future because he views her as being unable to emotionally connect with her child.) Her response, “I’m not as cold as everyone thinks,” is something she echoes with Arastoo and proves to be true in the course of the episode, but there’s no closure with Sweets.

    I’m not really sure what Sweets’ angle is with Brennan– he seems to have made some peace with how she is, but then he tries to foment trouble.

    I think Sweets wants Booth’s approval more than Brennan’s. He’s funny when he tells Booth he’s going to prevent him from getting his man-cave– it’s like a couple bickering over the living arrangements. They are a bromance in their own right– but Booth just isn’t putting out in a way that satisfies the good doctor.

    • I sometimes also get confused with Sweets and Brennan in regards to what he’ll say about her. I know that Brennan can be pretty harsh on him and his psychology, but he claims her to be one of his closest friends.

  5. 1) I think Booth is drawn to strong, independent women which is very interesting. For someone with a protective nature like Booth it is very interesting, to me, that he is drawn to women who CAN take care of themselves. Brennan is interesting because for as rational, strong, and independent as she is she does seem to recognize that Booth’s protectiveness is a sign of his love/affection for her. She knows he likes to “fix” things and lets him do that. I think she will also indulge him in his “delusions” of being able to protect her and their daughter as well just as long as he continues to trust her and doesn’t make up stupid lies to protect her:)

    2) I think Zach and Brennan both had an affect on Hodgins. I always loved the scene, can’t remember the exact wording though!, where Hodgins told Brennan that she taught him about some meaning behind science. We don’t get to see a lot of interaction between Brennan and Hodgins but there is a mutual respect and affection there and that is nice. Zach Addy’s fate though really did affect Hodgins though, that I agree with.

    3) Sweets and Brennan…hmm…. I would like to think that Sweets may admire Brennan as a fellow foster-child survivor. She has survived and thrived and is now possibly on the road to building a loving family. I DO think Sweets would very much value Brennan’s recognition of his knowledge and ability. I view Sweets’ admiration of Booth as more of a big-brother he never had. Booth’s kind probably did pick on Sweets in high school so to now have a partnerships/friendship with him is pretty cool. Plus, yeah, I think he admires Booth’s bravery and survival through some pretty tough stuff in life. I know Booth doesn’t seem to want to share too much of his personal life with Brennan with Sweets but some day I think those two should briefly discuss what it’s like to love a squint.

    • Regarding 2: ‘Up and forward are only two directions. Science should look in all directions. You taught me that.’ (Hodgins to Brennan in The Science in the Physicist’.

      • I get the sense that all the squints feel privileged to work with Brennan because of her scientific philosophies. For the true scientist within, the idea of not jumping to conclusions, collecting all the evidence first and then making conclusions has a very strong appeal. She’s so thorough, and though she instructs the interns, I think she mainly leads by example. Brennan’s word is as good as bond in that lab.

      • The interns do admire Brennan for her thoroughness and follow-through and so does Booth! Lol. Sometimes she drives him crazy but other times it’s that same rational and thorough processing that brings him comfort. She’s a cool customer and that coolness works very well with Booth’s hot, edginess. Good stuff.

  6. 1. True, Booth has a type. It’s established canon. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s the only kind of person he’s attracted to. It doesn’t mean that just because he’s with Brennan now that he no longer has a type. And obviously, every woman he was with who fit this type didn’t work out for him. But when Booth is shallow and/or detached from his feelings, and/or rejected, I think he resorts to his type out of visceral attraction.

    AMY: So, are you seeing each other?
    BRENNAN: Who?
    AMY: You and Booth.
    BRENNAN: No. No, we’re working together.
    AMY: Cause I’m picking up a bit of a sex vibe.
    BRENNAN: No, that’s tension. He has a girlfriend.
    AMY: Tall, blonde, beautiful?
    BRENNAN: A lawyer.
    AMY: Figures.

    Heck, I’ve been with my husband very happily for 16 years, and even I have a type I’m superficially viscerally attracted to. 😉

    2. False, I do not think Brennan had the most affect on Hodgins being less angry and toning down the conspiracy theories. The show hasn’t shown enough in regard to Brennan & Hodgins’ working relationship to make kind of personal connection. I think it was more Zack & Angela who had this effect on Hodgins’.

    3. False. I think Sweets wants very much to not have his field of study and life’s work dismissed by Brennan, but I don’t think he seeks her approval more than he seeks Booth’s. An interesting twist on that though – I think Brennan actually listens to and respects Sweets more than Booth does. Brennan may dismiss him professionally, but she doesn’t ignore him.

    • Firefly, I like your take on #3. It follows with what was said earlier about what people said about why Brennan is respected in the lab– she’s thorough. She’s someone who loves knowledge and wants to know everything about the case (although it’s taken her some time to understand the importance of the motive) and I think that’w why she respects Sweets. She might not appreciate his discipline, but some of what he tells her/them lands for her. Of the two, Brennan doesn’t hold a grudge against Sweets and his experiment on her/them from earlier. Except for people close to her, she lets go of those feelings with more ease than does Booth, it seems.

    • I think Brennan respects people who hold their ground, even if they don’t agree with her. Sweets doesn’t back down from what he believes, and if he did I think she would not be impressed. Brennan may act like she wants everybody to be like her, but she also likes being able to debate with people who are rational and consistent about what they believe.

  7. 1. True to his status as alpha male, Booth seeks alpha females as companions. In wolfpacks, that would be the healthiest (read attractive), smartest, most assertive female, which holds true with most of the women he’s dated and certainly applies to Brennan. In a way, he’s looking for a woman that is almost the opposite of what his mother may have been, maybe because he fears that if he dates someone weaker he may fall into his dad’s bad patterns of behavior. This of course is at odds with his desire to “fix” things, since the women he dates tend not to need much fixing, and it fact seem to feel suffocated by his need to intervene in their lives.

    Of all the women in his life that we’ve known, Brennan is probably the one that needed “fixing” the most, and I’m not remotely referring to anything about her personality, which he doesn’t seem to have much problem with. But her heart was definitely in need of some mending, what with the loss of her family and her trust issues, and I believe that Booth has found real fulfillment in his life by helping her find some happiness. I don’t mean to imply that she’s a project, which sounds condescending, but that he sees something in her which he feels was quashed at some point and which should be allowed to thrive. Whether she knows it or not, she has come to need Booth, in the same way that he needs her; not as a crutch, but as a person who helps to bring out her best.

    2. Agree with all who said Hodgins isn’t really influenced by Brennan all that much. Zack and Angela have definitely been the people who have affected him the most. It’s interesting that even though they clearly bonded during Aliens, TPTB chose not to delve into their relationship any further.

    3. I don’t see Sweets wanting Brennan’s approval as much as being intimidated by her clinical dismissal of his chosen field. Here is someone that he can’t spout his psycological mumbo-jumbo at without fear of some deadly comeback. With Booth, it really is the younger/older brother scenario, admiring and emulating him-but like with younger siblings, sometimes acting like a know-it-all. With Booth and Brennan together, he’s the adopted duckling, eager to see his parents end up together and getting along just fine.

    And whatever the news, Sarah, break it to us gently…

    • Mariu, I totally agree with your answer to #1. Booth told Brennan in Feet on the Beach, “I know what kind of person you are, maybe you should let others in on the secret. I like to think Booth secretly feels like he hit the jackpot by seeing in Brennan what others miss or don’t get with her. He knows who she is and she’s pretty neat. Was Brennan damaged in some ways when Booth met her? Sure, but so was he. I think Booth felt Brennan just needed some evidence or examples that she could have good things in her life like love, friendship and happiness. I think somewhere along the line Booth felt that he could be the one to help her see that. After the 100th episode I think he still hoped she could have that in her life but he just had to come to terms with the fact that he might not be the one to help her see that or share in it with her. Even during the darkest days of S6, I think both Brennan and Booth still wished and hoped for the best for one another. That is love.

      • There are people in our lives just by being there help us to be better people. They soften the edges, give us hope, make us realize our worth. I think Booth was that for Brennan, but I also think that Brennan has been that for Booth. Not a project, just a relationship.

      • Camcat, I’ve always felt that Booth’s obsession with fixing things comes from a desire to be needed by someone. It’s nice that Brennan let down her walls enough to allow herself to need him, and by extension, make him feel wanted and loved. And well put Roxane about theirs being not a project, like some people see it, but a relationship.

      • I love the mothering corner of Booth’s personality. With the pregnancy it’s as if he’s parenting Brennan (in a good way) in order to protect and support her. He so wants to give and Brennan has finally allowed herself to accept what he’s offering. Go, team.

    • As far as #2 is concerned, I choose to believe that any special bond they had got compromised when Hodgins compromised Booth’s safety by stealing evidence. She was really angry at him then. She did eventually forgive him, and her nightmare included not being to help him, and they’re on good terms now. I would like to see more Brennan and Hodgins and Booth and Hodgins moments.

  8. You know, I was reading a fanfic story that referenced HH’s and SN’s comments about no PDA between Booth and Brennan and the uproar it caused. It’s interesting, because I think they’ve pretty much held to that. The nuance is that they never said that Booth and Brennan wouldn’t show private displays of affection (except the most intimate kind.) There was that kiss in the office, but I got the feeling that hardly anybody else was around so it made it less likely they would get caught. It will be interesting to see if this continues to be the case. I think also at play is distinguishing the B&B relationship from H&A.

    • It doesn’t bother me at all because the thought of B&B making out at the FBI building or Brennan’s office with people walking in and out just makes me uncomfortalbe. That just doesn’t feel like them to me. The way Booth was with Hannah just seemed so juvenille. I’m really okay with seeing them coming home to one another at the end of a day and sharing their perspectives on the day and cuddling up on the couch or sharing a kiss while making breakfast. That feels more intimate to me. I would be really interesed in learning how the gang found out about B&B though. I wonder if they were like Max and just picked up on a different vibe between them. Angela knew so you know she shared with Hodgins and I think Cam is pretty perceptive….Sweets? Hmmm…. don’t know. Brennan is so matter-of-fact that I can’t really see her trying to hide anything and we know Booth is pretty private but he just seemed downright giddy in that diner scene with Max, he could barely contain it and it came through. In episode 2 Booth still seemed surprised that Brennan announced the baby’s sex in public and that Sweets knew what they were having before him so that kind of makes me believe they were on the same page about going public. In my mind I kind of imagine everyone knowing on some level but the real surprise being the news of the baby. So far in S6 and in S7 we have not seen Booth at the lab (during the discussion of a case) or B&B interacting in front of the squints or Caroline.

      • One reason I think the PDA is toned down for Booth and Brennan is probably because they are the “center” of this team and they have to be professional. There are enough ways for their relationship to go wrong without the FBI stepping in and separating them. If they don’t make a big deal about it then the FBI might be able to look the other way. But that whole question of how the FBI views their relationship has yet to be answered and we’ve gotten two stories– Booth’s “it’s not allowed” to Hacker’s “I’ll give myself permission.”

      • We’ll probably get a definitive answer to that FBI fraternization policy about the same time we find out the truth about Brennan’s mysterious grandfather.

      • I’m with ya, MJ. For years they’ve been putting this idea in our head of the FBI having a problem with fraternizing. Then they get together, baby and all, and there seems to be no problem. They haven’t even tried to rationalize their way through that one.

      • Maybe I’m giving them too much credit, but perhaps its one of those things that has to sit on the sidelines for now due to the shortened season. Even with the 4 bones eps, its still not as big of a season as we are used to getting. Perhaps they will be back up on that later, with there maybe being some kind of conflict of interest….or the baby is interfering in their work somehow…but as for now, there are so many other things happening this season that some of it just can’t fit.

      • I’m betting like so many things it never gets a single mention.

      • I’m not as willing to blame all the story problems this year on just the short season. Boardwalk Empire just finished its second season and it was only 12 episodes, just like S1 only had 12 episodes. Game of Thrones starts again in April and it will only be 12 episodes again, too. So it is possible to tell compelling stories even without the luxury of 18-22 episodes a year.

        If anything, I think they’re trying to do too much, like they have a list of bullet points that have to be checked off and the result is just sloppy, without much clarity.

        You can tell a great story in 12 episodes and even though ED’s pregnancy was a surprise to them, they had plenty of time to plot out this year in a way that could have worked a bit better.

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  11. A little off topic…is anyone else suprised that Bones season 7 didn’t have a Christmas episode? Now that Booth and Brennan are together, it would have been so much fun seeing how they navigated the holidays.

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