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Vintage Bones: The Man in the SUV


Good morning and Happy Friday!

If you have time, go back and watch the scene where Brennan shows up at Booth’s place, and Tessa is there. It’s pretty funny, for one thing, but for another, it’s also quite revealing (and I don’t just mean Booth’s body (and Tessa’s, but…) ), especially when after Booth introduces the women to one another, Tessa is like “I’ve heard a lot about you,” to which Brennan says, “Really?”, which implies that she hasn’t heard anything about Tessa. Booth gets this look on his face that is just classic…

But what stuck out to me today when I thought about this episode is the idea that maybe Booth needed Brennan as much as she needed him. “Need” is a word that has connotations, so it might be positive or negative for you. But it is something B&B have both discussed, so I feel comfortable using the word. At least, Brennan wanted to get out of the lab, and he helped her do that. But Booth needed someone too. He needed someone he could talk to, as his friend in a later episode told him, and we begin to see more of that in this episode. He needed someone who sort of could see, analyze, rationalize all of the garbage associated with his job and still see that he was a good person. And I think on top of that, he needed someone who made him feel things– things besides some of his ‘that guy’ qualities, which…though he sort of embraces and denies them at different times, he does have them.

I think this would be a smile he wouldn’t soon forget. She makes him crazy, but she also, with just one encouraging smile, makes him feel better than anyone else, right? I think she cuts him down to size but also makes him feel like a million bucks in ways that have nothing to do with how sexy he is or how many touchdowns he scored (literally or metaphorically). It would be easy to get addicted to that, which I think is what happens to Booth. I mean that in a good way, that is. I think he realizes there is ‘more’, professionally, and personally. He’s the heart guy, but I don’t think he had any idea what this was going to be like.

She sends him home to Tessa, and he gives this little blink and clearing of the throat that tells me he is thinking things over. Maybe he’s realizing what HE needs as well. What do you think? Remember that (once he and Tessa split), with the exception of Cam (and in hindsight we know that was mostly an FWB scenario), he did not have a relationship with another woman for the next several years. YEARS.

I don’t know…I just think that in this case, Booth needed her as much as she needed him. He needed someone who could see past the sniper to the good person that he was/is.

Thoughts from you?

Here is your B&B of the Day:

The “Is It Bad That They are Kinda Hot When Bickering?” B&B

From Man in the SUV: Season One

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13 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Man in the SUV

  1. They definitely needed each other and I still think that Sully for Brennan was a desperate attempt to find a substitute Booth because he had just drawn a line in the sand between them and Hannah for Booth was a frantic attempt to find a substitute Brennan. Looking at the overall arc of the series (and listening to the writers which can be very confusing), they realized at some level from that first meeting that each could provide what the other so badly needed. They each saw the other clearly and accepted what they saw. Although each changed the other, neither asked the other to change.

  2. Oh yeah, totally, EL. Sully was Booth-lite (as was Hacker) and Hannah was Brennan-lite (as was Catherine). They kept trying….but there’s just no substitute for the real B&B baby!

    Great screen caps here. Brennan looks so young and….soft? Is the hair or the lighting? Anyway, she looks fabulous…and that Booth side-eye shot in the blue shirt…mmm….

    Oh wait…should comment on the story here, I guess 🙂 This was definitely the beginning of both of them realizing that something is missing in their current relationships, Brennan’s flings, Booth’s surfac-y relationships with blond gals haha. Their after-case drinks are so special because they can talk to each other about work, sort things out together, talk about personal stuff…like they can do with no one else but each other.

    When Booth says in the 100th, “I know”…I think that from the beginning they both kind of “knew” from the get-go, from meeting #1 that this person would change their lives. Cam said it about Zack that she knew he’d end up causing her pain…I think B&B both knew that this person they just met is attractive, yes, intelligent, yes, and would change their lives forever…maybe not conciously at first….but they spend the next 6 seasons either running from that inherent knowledge or wanting it but not knowing how to make it happen. Not love at first sight perhaps, but I really think they “knew” they would never be the same after that first meeting.

    Ah, reliving these old episodes is really fun! 🙂 Thanks, BT!

  3. I’m not happy that they fought at the beginning, but I’m glad that it forced them to take a step back and get to know each other and not just jump into connecting physically. Their bond really got a chance to grow and strengthen over the years, allowing them to build trust in amounts not even some couples have. I did find it intriguing that Booth had to drag himself away from the bar just having a drink and talking with his partner even though he had a girlfriend at home he seemed to be having quite a good sexual relationship with. For the record, I disliked Tessa more than Hannah, she seemed to be quite snobby. At least Hannah accepted Temperance at face value.

    I have always felt that Booth needed Brennan as much as she needed him. He may not have known it at the time or thought about it that way. To open up and say how he felt about killing that man is probably not something he would typically do. Before he met her, he didn’t want a partner. But here he is, “going there.” And she just listens. She understands, she doesn’t judge. In the Pinocchio episode, instead of going the obvious route of Booth revealing what he lied about, they had him thank her for being there for him and how much it meant to him (the world!). I didn’t expect it, but it was really great to hear him say that. And even to this day, she’s still there for him in that same way.

  4. First, yes, they are hot when they bicker! Still are. Hotter now maybe because the possibility that there could be a niiiice make-up session on the horizon just kind of adds to it;) Anyway, I also agree that they both “knew” on some level when they first met that something was different. I believe Brennan did not sleep with Booth because she was feeling something different, she knew it would mean more and that was something she just was not ready for at that point, If something had happened I don’t know if Booth would have been ready at that point either, he had some issues/demons he had to face as well.

    Booth was “that guy”in some ways. He was charming, good looking, jock, big brother, and decorated soldier. On the surface he was the man but underneath we know he had some scars and he was also more complex, more vulnerable than he liked to reveal. Booth is not a womanizer, never has been portrayed that way. Like Brennan pointed out, he remembered the names of the girls he took under the bleachers. He was conflicted about his war experiences even though he believes in his country and honor and duty. Plus, he does protect the ones he loves and that can seem very overwhelming to the strong women he has been attracted to. He DID need someone to talk to. I think Booth probably felt that he didn’t need to talk, probably felt he should be able to handle everything on his own. But there was just something about Brennan from the very beginning that made him feel that he could share/talk. He told her about his gambling problem, something I suspect he did not admitt to easily. He never seemed intimidated by Brennan, if anything he seemed to respect her high standards and wanted to rise to them. And Brennan saw that Booth was a good guy and good at what he did, she would work with nothing less. They were different but, as Gordon Gordon said, not that different. They challenge one another and share and grow together.

  5. “She sends him home to Tessa, and he gives this little blink and clearing of the throat that tells me he is thinking things over.”

    After the 100th episode, I rewached this and this moment took a whole new meaning for me. This is the first time after THAT time that they’re out for DRINKS again and he’s asking her if she wants to have ONE MORE… With the looks on both their faces and the knowledge of what happened in the past, I can only imagine the thoughts in their heads at that moment…

    • nice that you can see that – even if they had no idea when they filmed it! I agree though – it is very interesting watching these early eps now that we know the ‘whole’ story.

    • I started watching in S5 so I saw the 100th episode before I saw Man in the SUV. Even with that perspective though, I think the underlying current going on in that scene in the bar when Brennan sends Booth home just screams sexy. There was potential for breaking physics there. I think the potential was really there up until Booth drew that line in the sand at the end of Man In the Cell. Tessa was insecure about Brennan. Booth must have yammered on and on about his partner “Bones” and once Tessa saw Brennan, well, can’t blame her. I’ve always thought that Cam knew it would never be more than FWB with Booth because of Brennan. I think Cam knew Booth was in love with Brennan pretty fast, certainly before Booth admitted it to himself.

  6. It’s interesting how uncomfortable Booth was with Brennan knowing about Tessa; it’s almost as if he’s embarrassed. We know he’s kind of a prude (in a good, gentlemanlike way) and that he’s really into the privacy thing (no one knew about Parker) but this just sort of feels different, like he didn’t want Brennan seeing him with someone else. And the end scene was very telling; at first she dismisses him by saying that he should be at the ceremony getting praised and don’t all g-men want that, but when she sees that he truly is upset about having to kill the guy she comes up with genuine, kind words to make him feel better. Between the admission of guilt and the fact that he needed to make sure he was taking out the right person before killing him, she starts to see a different side of Booth than he shows the rest ot the world. As for Booth, the fact that he and Brennan work together and are subjected to the same experiences means that he can speak to her about stuff he would never bring up with Tessa or anyone else.

    • I know he says he’s a gentleman, and gentlemen are discreet. He did the same thing when he was with Rebecca and Cam. Even when she knew that he had resumed a sexual relationship with them, he still didn’t want to admit it.

  7. Just a quick comment on the B&B of th eday:

    Hell NO! It’s why we watch…isn’t it? 😉

  8. Ooooh. . . .the blue shirt getting some attention. The man really should wear that color more often. Like, during every show.

    It is interesting to rewatch this episode with knowledge of the 100th. There are so many undercurrents in that last scene before she sends him home to Tessa. I think Angela was on to something about Tessa’s discomfort after having heard so much about Brennan from him, too. When you watch that little scene at the end, when she and Booth are having dinner and Brennan is working on the WWI bones, you can see Tessa open her mouth to begin speaking a couple of different times, but she always stops and so they eat in silence. So much going on there.

  9. “He needed someone who could see past the sniper to the good person that he was/is.”

    In the episode, Soilder on the Grave, Booth’s friend tells him he needs to talk to someone about what they went through. “How about your girlfriend, the doctor lady?” he says. Booth dismisses that idea, “she’s just my partner”. But of course, he does confide in her about “I’ve done some things…” By the end of season 1, he has gotten close enough to her to tell her these things. And Brennan is there for him, accepting him and telling him “It’s ok”. The hand on his arm…. such a touching scene.

  10. I absolutely think Booth needed Brennan as much as she needed him. They were 2 wounded people trying their hardest to protect themselves from more hurt, while to some extent making the hurt worse. But together they helped each other open up and confront the old issues and have helped heal each other. Booth’s issues were not as pronounced because he put on a very good front, but they were there as much as Brennan’s.

    I agree with others that they both felt something from the beginning. I think that’s why Brennan didn’t sleep with Booth(and honestly I’m grateful for that because neither one was ready) because she knew this was different. This wouldn’t and couldn’t be a casual sexual relationship. I don’t think it was love at first sight(I don’t really believe in that) but there was that spark,that deeper connection, right from the first meeting.

    I love going back over old episodes! Seeing everything from where we are now is so interesting and there’s so many new things to pick up on!!

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