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Vintage Bones: Top Five Tuesday: The Man in the Bear: ‘What Is That, a Haiku’ and Other Moments I Love


The Man in the Bear is one of my all time favorite BONES episodes, I must say. I have said it before, but I’ll say it again– it really makes me laugh. It was the first episode that genuinely made me laugh a lot and think “This show is funny!” It’s ironic in some ways, because now I find myself wishing the show was LESS funny. That’s not the point of today, though, so I will move on.

I had laughed in earlier eps, but not quite like this one. There are SO many hilarious moments, but here are just a few.

1. Booth: “Just because you say it in that definitive tone doesn’t mean it means anything to me.”

I love the beginning BB scene, where they run into one another in her doorway. I also know I’ve mentioned this before too, so bear with me on that, but in an interview, DB once said that this episode was when he thought the show was really in sync– everything seemed to suddently be working well together, and I think we can see that. That B&B natural rhythm, give and take, etc, really shines in this episode.

2. Hodgins: “Where is my bear poop?!?”

Zack: “Is it the excrement you’re anxious to look at, or the courier?”

Hodgins: “What do you think?”

Ha! This is one of the all-time quotes my sister and I will text back and forth, if we’re texting Bones quotes to one another. This episode has a great little Hodgins/Zack rivalry, and I like it a lot.

3. Angela: “The skin in the scat has a sun on it.”

Sheriff Cutter: “What is that, a haiku?”

Booth: “It’s a tattoo”

Hahahaha! For an English major/nerd like myself, that the word haiku had even ended up in an episode of TV felt like a tiny perfectly wrapped gift to me. I don’t know; it’s just funny, funny stuff to me.

4. Brennan: “No one wants to hear that rambling psycho-speech.”

Just before this moment is another great one, where Brennan has a gun, and Booth is trying to give her advice. She asks him which part of the killer she should shoot if needed, and he replies, “Any part that’s not me, now stay back.” Of course she doesn’t (which was a common theme in these early eps– Booth trying to take the lead, and her just busting into rooms, guns a blazin!), but when they do catch up to the killer, he is spouting cannabalistic nonsense, and Booth calls it rambling psycho- speech. Brennan has decided she has had enough and she whacks the guy in the head with a bedpan and repeats Booth’s words. It’s funny coming from her, and Booth gets that little “She is so hot” glimmer in his eyes like he did in the 100th episode when  she punched the judge.

5. Booth: “The guy is nuts!”

Brennan: “Yes, but is he nuts because he got a brain disease from eating human flesh , OR was he nuts the first time he ate flesh OR did he just lick his fingers after surgery?”

Booth: “I should just become a vegetarian.”

Brennan: “Or as an alternative, just don’t eat people.”

It doesn’t get more classic than that, I don’t think. Just such funny dialogue and perfect delivery from ED and DB.

What other moments do you love? Maybe when Brennan thinks Goodman is trying to get her to have sex with Booth on a field trip? Maybe when Booth is trying to tell Angela that it wasn’t his fault that a suspect got away. Or perhaps it is when Brennan offers Booth some corn flakes after ruining his appetite? There are many more, so I hope you add a couple. Meanwhile…

Here is your B&B of the Day.

The “Attention Universe: Which part of ‘this is mine’ did you not understand? ” B&B

From Man in the Bear: Season One

Peace, Love & Bones,



26 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: Top Five Tuesday: The Man in the Bear: ‘What Is That, a Haiku’ and Other Moments I Love

  1. Another Classic: “Objectively, I’d say I’m very smart, though it has nothing to do with my ass”

  2. I’m sorry, I was going to have coherent response until I saw that picture of B&B dancing! Look at the way Booth is looking at her right there! In a blue shirt!!!!

    Squee-faint. 🙂

    PS….I only have an English minor, but yes, talk of haiku’s made me happy as well! Here’s a bonus Bones haiku (because its Christmas break and I have the time!)

    Why do we love Bones?
    Booth and Brennan solve the case
    Looking great as well


  3. This is one of my favorites as well so I loved this post!!! I also loved the part where Booth has to defend himself for losing the Native American Ranger in the woods.

  4. Oh my….Look at his face! Le sigh.

    I love the whole ep. Indeed, this was the ep that it seems to click for the cast (and by extension the crew, I suppose) and it is this one that really clicked for me as well.

    I feel a viewing coming on when the kids nap!

  5. BSA!! BSA!! (Blue Shirt Alert!)

    I know I’ve mentioned the blue shirt just about every day so far but I have to take my opportunities where I find them and the blue shirt mysteriously disappears after the early seasons. Boo!

    I also love how pretty Brennan is, especially in the early seasons. Except for some occasional odd choices in lipstick, her makeup is so understated and natural – it really lets ED’s basic good looks shine through. Not that she’s not wow! all glammed up but the screen caps from these early episodes prove just how pretty she really is.

    This is also one of my favorite eps. It just works.

  6. Loved this episode, especially the scene in the bar when Booth had to explain his shirt — ‘it’s a look’ — to Brennan.

    With the funny — these earlier episodes were effortlessly witty. That made the dialogue exchange truly funny. Now the effort to be funny is so painfully heavy-handed and the humor is no longer witty — ie, sophisticated and clever — it’s just very basic, especially the so-called jokes they gave poor Brennan last season. It’s like the difference between a perfectly cooked souffle and an overdone pound cake.

  7. “You’re a smart-a**, you know that?”
    “Objectively I’d say I am very smart but it has nothing to do with my a**.”
    Freakin’ cracks me up every time.

  8. Just so you know, I am loving these Vintage Bones posts. They make me want to go re-watch the entire series. 🙂 Keep it coming.

  9. bb, thanks for the bonus haiku — loved it

    It isn’t really a humorous moment except that Booth is able to shut Bones up: When she asks him why he was in Guatemala, was it for eco-tourism and he responds that it was to kill a guy at 1500 feet. I love that. Also he’s really cute with the jeans and jacket and shades and his general “so there” attitude.

    • That was the Booth I fell in love with. The guy who knows how good he is, but isn’t on an ego trip about it. He was so self-assured *cocky* if you will back then. He didn’t need the belt buckle to say it. His entire demeanor screamed it. *sigh* I miss that, and the blue shirts.

      • This comment and others suggest an earlier version of Booth, which I find interesting. Usually people talk about (and beat to death, imo) changes in Brennan. Just curious, but is the impression that Booth isn’t as cocky or self-assured now? Is it more than just his clothes that have changed? And if he has, does it seem random or is it an indicator of growth?

      • I don’t know the entire story behind the belt buckle but I thought it was a gift to DB and he just started wearing it on the show. I think it shows up for the first time in the Boneless Bride in the River episode. I’ve seen some fans think Booth started wearing it because of Sully/Brennan… and the, ofcourse, Brennan buys him a new one at the end of Hero in the Hold. Brennan likes it because it’s “Boothy”. I don’t think Booth needs it per se but I think Booth has been on a journey over these past 7-8 years. DB said he stopped wearing it last year during the sniper arc because he felt that was the right thing to do. I don’t know if there was a reason they let DB wear it when he began to or not. I think Brennan not going with Sully did reverberate for both Booth and Brennan, even if neither really understood why or were able to admitt to it. I don’t imagine Booth ever feeling threatened by anyone, and especially not Sully. But, hey, around that time Booth was dealing with a lot. Howard Epps, breaking things off with Cam, drawing a line in the sand with Brennan, Gordon Gordon, and then Sully/Brennan. Booth’s a confident guy but anyone’s mojo can be thrown for a little loop every once in a while. It’s interesting, in light of the 100th epsiode, what Booth really thought of Sully/Brennan. I think the argument can be made that Sully was indeed Booth-lite. Maybe ‘cocky’ is just “a look”. Ha! I do like to think about Booth putting cocky back on again for the first time after Hole in the Heart. The man was flying high, right? He just took down Broadsky AND he finally got his girl. High times my friends. I can see him putting it on after cooking a certain omelet sans clothing.

      • The buckle was a gift from DB’s acting coach and when he first started wearing it, the network wasn’t any too pleased. They’ve obviously now reconciled themselves. There was another belt buckle in the most recent episode which surprised me. Did anyone else notice it?

      • Sometimes I think we fans see more or read more into things than the writers,etc. Many, Many things are not planned or plotted. Anyway, I think that Booth has seemed more confident in the episodes we’ve seen so far in S7 than he has in a long time – I’m thinking post brain tumor all the way up until the end of Hole in the Heart. To me the swagger and a certain lightness was back in CITG. I remember what Booth said back in Dwarf in the Dirt to the suspect’s wife, about a man going crazy if he can’t have the woman he loves. Also what he said to Brennan in Feet on the Beach about how the reaction you get from hurting a grown man’s pride/feelings is worse than a child. Booth is a good man and I think he would have moved on and forged a productive life for himself if things really would not have worked out eventually for him and Brennan but, come on, that has to affect a person. The world turned upside down for him – comma dream onward- and in his attempt to turn it right back up, well, his brain and heart got a little scrambled. But he was back in fine form in that bowling alley in CITG and seems to be so in S7 so far as well. I do think also that as we age we begin to take less for granted, get a little more introspective. And maybe in his relationship with Brennan Booth is looking at things differently because it’s not just fate/luck that bring us to where we want to be.

    • I’ve always wondered about that line; it’s as if he’s daring her not to like him by broadcasting all this negative info about himself. Regardless (and I don’t know what this says about me) -it’s hot. Like Sarah says, the whole episode just clicks; the humor, the dance, the unbuttoned blue shirt. It might also have been the first time that their economic differences were brought up. All in all, B/B were really looking a lot more comfortable with each other in this one.

      • El, I thought there was a different belt buckle during the crime scene discovery in Twist in the Twister. That was the scene where Booth akwardly tried to help Brennan up off the ground…. I watched that scene a couple times and couldn’t tell if it was different or if it was the ‘cocky’ buckle only the light was hitting it differently.

      • I saw it in one of the scenes where he’s interrogating someone but there was just one quick shot. It was definitely a different buckle as it was all gold, no red.

  10. CamCat, I do think the return of ‘cocky’ Booth is becoming more evident this season. He got his girl and she’s having his baby so all’s right with the world. I’m glad his swagger is beginning to reappear. I missed it. Now, if only the the colored shirts would make a come-back.

  11. I just love this episode. The banter back and forth between B&B and the witty dialogue that is so well written and classy. Not like most of the attempts at humor in current episodes. I usually feel like now the humor is at the expense of making funny of a character, especially Brennan. Wish we could get that back…along with Booth in the grey sweater!

  12. Oh yay for TFT! This is a great episode, but then again, it is season 1, where it feels like everything was great! I need to go rewatch this episode now!

  13. I agree with yours, Sarah, and other people’s comments on the show’s humour and the difference between early seasons and recent episodes; the witty humour of those days is one of the things I terribly miss, and I’m getting tired of all the efforts to make fun at Brennan’s expense. You’re right, this episode is all sorts of funny, with great one-liners and the B&B and Zack-Hodgins(-Angela) interactions are great (Zack/Hodgins bromance-rivalry… le sigh!). The exchange between Brennan and Dr Goodman at the beginning is hilarious and Brennan’s line “Objectively, I’d say I’m very smart although it has nothing to do with my ass!” is classic. Booth’s jealousy over the delivery guy’s interest in Brennan is also something I love and the blue!shirt 🙂 screencap you’ve added plus the B&B dialogue over breakfast make me smile wide every time. Also Booth defending himself to Angela about losing the Native American guide.. 😀 *le 2nd sigh* I love this Vintage series, it makes me wanna rewatch all the old episodes and reminds me of all the good reasons I felt this show was special, back in the day. Thanks!

  14. Definitely worth a re-watch. The which came first – nuts or cannibalism discussion is one of my all time favorites. I’m always a fan of the blue shirt. I think one of the reasons this episode works so well is because it kind of brings them together since they are on the road and it’s just the two of them vs. the possible suspects, etc.

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  16. I love the part where zach and charlie the overnight guy are having a background conversation while brennan is discovering the killer was a cannibal.

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