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Vintage Bones: The Man in the Wall- Angela: Giving Fate a Nudge Since 2005


Okay, show of hands. How many of you thought this episode’s turn in VB would result in an ode to the white polo shirt? Which white polo shirt, you ask?

Oh, wait…no one was asking? Haha, okay. Well, it’s not going to be an ode to the white polo today (though just wait for the gray sweater!). Some of you are probably thinking “darn!” and some are probably thinking “It’s a Christmas miracle!”. But today we’re going to talk a little about Angela and her early propensity for meddling in Brennan and Booth’s affairs.

I find it interesting that she absolutely goes out of her way to stir things up between Booth and Tessa, but when it comes to Brennan and her relationships (for example, Sully in season two), Angela is all for it.

Once, in a Morning After Q, I asked why Angela had never slept with Booth. Some people laughed and said because it was so obvious and clear that B&B were in love with one another. Well, yes, much later in the series. But at the beginning here? There is some Angela/Booth chemistry. Maybe Angela thinks Brennan’s protests are covering for the fact that she does want Booth?

What is it between B&B at this time in season one that makes Angela so aggressively match these two up? I suppose from a plot perspective, the writers didn’t know they’d have 6+ seasons to continually have to support that type of characterization, so maybe they were more aggressive with it in the beginning.

Angela’s meddling does lead to one of my favorite Bones moments, when she tells Brennan that Booth and Tessa balked at the pre-shacking up vacation. I love Brennan disregarding the stages of relationships and that she says Booth is not a balker. Warms me right up!

We did a scene study of the end of this episode, and I mentioned I thought it was interesting that Brennan pretended not to know that Tessa wasn’t going with Booth– to spare Booth’s feelings, perhaps.  I love that scene and could talk for days about it, so I’ll move on.

But what I’m wondering about are Angela’s motives, and that she actually goes through with them. Do you think Brennan has confided in her privately?

Another quick note: I think it’s fair to consider the 100th when we talk about these episodes. I remember an interview where Emily Deschanel said she was surprised by the 100th plot, because that wasn’t how she’d been playing Brennan for the previous 99 eps, basically. I kind of liked that, that she had learned something new about the character and was just figuring that out. If I recall, David Boreanaz bragged that he’d always known, but I think that was just a cocky joke. I don’t think he actually knew the plot, it may have been more of a Boothy-type “I knew” statement, in my opinion. THE POINT is that while we’re going through the series this time around, I think it’s fair to consider those times as canon and that they happened before these episodes ‘happened’.

So perhaps Angela ‘knows’ about the B&B stuff and the fight they had and perhaps Angela also knows that Booth was trying to get Brennan’s attention again for 13 months minus a week.

I don’t know. Thoughts from you?

In the meantime, here is your B&B of the day:

The “If these two knew it would be six years before they slept together, they probably would have done it on the bar counter” B&B

From Man in the Wall: Season One

Peace, Love & Bones,



20 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Man in the Wall- Angela: Giving Fate a Nudge Since 2005

  1. Nice. 🙂 Such great detail and insight here – I love it!

  2. Angela is all over the place throughout the series but she’s definitely flirting with Booth in the beginning — the only time she calls him Seeley. But she seems to realize pretty quickly that in Bonesland Booth is Brennan’s M.I.N.E. even if it takes Brennan sex oops six years to admit it to herself. Angela’s interference with Tessa always seemed an effort in aid of a friend who just wouldn’t speak up and claim what was hers.

  3. It’s funny, I never really thought about how ep100/the fact that they kissed totally changes how we could perceive all of the moments between B&B from the pilot onwards (thank God I have a week off, must now rewatch everything!). But yes, Angela’s meddling makes even more sense now, as I’m sure that she knew – not necessarily that Brennan confided in her – that there was ‘something’ between them from the start.

  4. Maybe it’s just me but that moment right before Booth leaves the restaurant, when he’s just standing there for a few seconds looking at her, I just know (I JUST KNOW) that he was tempted to ask her to come with him. “It’s full of possibilities” or whatever it was he said, but he’s looking at her and he’s got that little smirk and the moment stretches out and he’s thinking about it, betcha.

    And, she’s thinking about it, betcha.

  5. The world of men is Angela’s oyster and she was definitely attracted to Booth right from the beginning (who wouldn’t be!) but I like to think that she saw something special between B/B and decided not to pursue him for her friend’s sake. She knew that Brennan had very little success with personal relationships in the past and maybe she figured that the hot, kind guy she was going to be professionally tethered to for the discernible future was the best chance she’d have at a little romance; Angela wasn’t about to take that opportunity away from her-except maybe at the very beginning of the series. I’m thinking that neither Angela nor anyone else knew about the flashback kiss. It was just too easy for both Booth and Brennan to blame the kiss on tequila and purge it from their collective memories given what happened afterwards, at least on a superficial level. Underneath though, there was a whole lot going on.

    • Booth told Cam early in season two that Angela was ‘practically psychic’ when it came to ferreting out personal relationships and that statement coming from someone as attuned as Booth carries weight. So Angela must have sensed from the first the underlying currents flowing between B&B because viewers surely did.

    • I wonder if there is an element of Booth is a relationship kind of guy, and Angela was a funtime girl, who could only manage a 3 weeks a year (was it 3 weeks?) kind of realtionship. Maybe she could just see if she hooked-up with Booth it would not be a good thing, but with Brennan things could be epic because if he could break through Brennan’s shell it could be epic. And besides apparently it had been a while for Brennan. 😉

      • yup – 3 weeks. Our ‘classic hits’ station is screening Season 1 each night at 8.30pm over the holidays. Bliss!
        Made me think that ‘Classic Bones’ could have been a good name too.

  6. Well, if we count the flashback…Angela may not have known the details of what exactly did occur with Booth and Brennan that night they had tequila, but she definitely sensed something between the two. The next morning when Brennan told them they were fired, Angela immediately asked if it was because Brennan slept with Booth. Brennan was kind of shocked that she would ask that (even though it almost happened,) and Angela was kind of surprised that she didn’t. Although there was some Angela/Booth chemistry, I think that was more because of their similarities. Angela is Brennan’s friend first, she thought Brennan should be out and having fun, dating and the like, and Booth seemed like a good candidate. Once she settled that in her mind, I don’t think there was much of an issue of really wishing she could have Booth for herself, especially when Booth was starting to attach himself to Brennan and vice versa. And when Booth and Brennan’s friendship deepened to the point where Booth would take over where Angela used to, it was a done deal.

    I always thought it was interesting that at this point of the series, Brennan resisted Angela’s attempts to get her involved with Booth. Especially when she took her aside and pleaded for Angela to stop with the prodding. Knowing what we know now (even if ED didn’t), after their big blow-up, it’s no surprise that Brennan did not want a repeat performance.

  7. I think too that Angela would certainly be able to gauge Brennan’s responses. We don’t see much of how Brennan reacts when other guys hit on her, but I’m guessing she sort of either disses them straight up or sleeps with them, if they are attractive to her. I think Angela would know that. I can imagine Angela pointing guys out to Brennan and her immediately finding some fault and/or reason not to even bother. So Angela might notice Brennan’s reaction to Booth. It’s not necessarily a no, but Brennan doesn’t just come out and dis Booth as unattractive, etc, etc, and Angela would pick up on that.

    But I also think there is a big difference between not snagging (or shagging) a guy who your bestie might be interested in and actively ruining that guy’s relationship with another woman. Obviously Booth and Tessa likely wouldn’t have lasted that long. Well, actually, maybe it’s not fair to say ‘obviously’. I think it wouldn’t have lasted that long—I think Tessa probably would have wised up. But, and someone else mentioned this first, Booth likes who he’s with, and if he was with Tessa, he would have been absolutely honorable and true to her. That he was quickly single again is why I think MJ is right and he is totally giving Brennan the opportunity to invite herself along to Jamaica.

    I don’t think Booth was thinking 30,40,50 years w/Brennan in that moment at the bar, but they absolutely do want one another, and if he’s single, I see him giving it a shot. She turns him down, so to speak, which is another ‘line’ (another topic for another day, I suppose), but in the best way possible, which is by not turning him down verbally and just pointing back toward their partnership/work…that she would see him the next week. I also love that she says that, because I think it’s one of those moments where he gets tethered to her. He had hinted at the fact that being alone on a beach, it makes you want to not come back, and with no one there to laugh it off and actually make you get your butt back home, who knows what can happen. But she’s effectively given him that “not alone-ness”, and I can absolutely see him (and okay, okay, yes, she’s shirtless and gorgeous and tan and he’s on the beach, and yes, I’m there too and he has a bottle of suntan lotion and a lemonade, so sue me) sort of smiling to himself and almost being happy to go home because he knows Brennan is there.

    • Also I don’t remember it being totally clear that he and Tessa were toast. She just had found work reasons not to go with him and obviously the relationship was headed for the dumpster but would Booth have been crossing his own line if he’d openly invited Brennan to go with him at that point if he hadn’t yet completely ended it with the big T?

      • I don’t think Angela was actively trying to sabotage Booth and Tessa. I think she was interfering and being nosy and overly helpful but not trying to break them up. But I do wonder who much longer they would have lasted if they were so involved and yet both so freaked at the thought of taking what seems like the logical next step of moving in together.

        In the next episode, Booth doesn’t mention Tessa. Brennan does, several times, but Booth doesn’t. And when Brennan gives him the opportunity by asking him what he’d be doing on a Saturday night if he wasn’t out in the swamp digging up a grave (in a $1200 suit), he still doesn’t mention her by name. She becomes a generic “someone I care about.”

        I don’t know….I think balking on the vacation was the end of that relationship.

      • MJ, the season 1 episodes were aired all out of order from when they were written/filmed. At least the first half. So while Man on Death Row might have aired after Man in the Wall, it wasn’t intended to.

        This out of order thing also explains why Booth got his access card to the forensics platform 2 episodes after he’d been using it.

        The episodes in order of filming are:
        Boy in a Tree
        Man in the SUV
        Man on Death Row
        Man in the Bear
        Boy in a Bush
        Man in the Wall
        Girl in the Fridge
        Man in the Fallout Shelter
        Woman in the Car
        Woman at the Airport
        Woman in the Tunnel
        Superhero in the Alley
        Woman in the Garden
        Man on the Fairway
        Two Bodies in the Lab
        Man with the Bone
        Skull in the Desert
        the remaining three are in order

        Around mid-season, the episodes are interchangeable, but I think the early ones have a slightly different vibe if viewed in the order they were written.

      • Well, that blows.

        So how are viewers supposed to look back at previous episodes? In the order they were written or in the order they were actually aired? How would a ‘normal’ viewer know there was a difference in the order that might make a difference in the output?

        That’s wack, yo. (Just thought I’d throw that in for street cred.)

      • replying to MJ, who knows where this will fall…

        I think the episode switcheroo probably had to do with putting their best stuff forward to capture the audience in those early months. Seasons 2 and 5 were aired in order, the other ones are mostly in order with some occasional shuffling.

        Personally, I like knowing the order they were written. In terms of the Tessa situation, I think it’s interesting that Brennan meets Tessa in one episode, in the next episode she’s kind of obsessed with Booth and his “sexy lawyers” and then in the episode following Tessa’s departure, she falls into bed with Stires (to avoid the temptation of the newly-single Seeley Booth? Hmmm….)

        But other times…season 3, Wannabe in the Weeds is production coded as episode 12, Verdict in the Story is episode 13…makes me wonder what the original resolution for that season would have been like #thingsIwouldliketoaskHH

    • Can I come to the beach too! I just want to look at him 🙂 haha

  8. Great question! I agree with what some have touched on above…Angela is a very flirtatious/sexual person…and she’s going to interested in “buying a ticket on that ride” if at all possible….and Booth is a flirtatious guy with a “charm smile” that he is not afraid to use on the female population :). So flirting is bound to happen between them. However, I don’t think there was anything other than that from the get go. Again, taking the 100th flashback into consideration, the way B&B looked at each other at their first meeting? Please, it was over for the both of them, though it took them 6 seasons to realize it 🙂 But you can’t just turn off flirtatious energy if you are that type of person, and both Booth and Angela definitely can flirt!

    Also, the “If these two knew it would be six years before they slept together, they probably would have done it on the bar counter” caption seriously made me LOL…glad I’m reading this alone!

  9. didn’t know that about season 1 – makes me want to rewatch in that order…(any excuse…)

  10. Thinking about Angela/Booth….. Hmmm…. Although they may have been more flirty in the early days, I never got a vibe from Booth that he was really interested in Angela. And, honestly, i just don’t see Booth being with someone like Angela…. I do think Angela saw the chemistry between B&B. I remember Angela saying in one of the early episodes, I think pre-Tessa, that she thought Booth liked Brennan. I don’t know if Angela knew about what went down between B&B, i.e. that they almost slept together….I’m going to vote that she did not. In fact, I would say that neither Brennan nor Booth spoke to anyone about that night of tequilla prior to telling Sweets. File that under what happens between them is theirs. I think Angela just decided the ticket on the Booth ride just was not worth the fallout that could occur between her and Brennan.

  11. I think Angela knew there was something between B&B from the beginning though she may not have known they actually admitted it to each other. In the 100th, she makes a comment to Brennan about Booth’s attractiveness and poses the question about whether or not Brennan slept with him all to gauge her reaction. Angela is too good a friend to do that to Brennan and she doesn’t want to mess up the good thing she’s got going with her job there. Also, I think Booth knows Angela is not his type though he is flattered by the attention she gives him.

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