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Vintage Bones: MAQ- The Man on Death Row- Best Opening Ever?



So this episode has what I think is the best episode opening ever, where Brennan tries to apply for a gun, and she is…


This scene deserves so much more time than I have to dedicate to it, and one of these days, I’ll do a scene study of it, but for now, I have to ask. IS it the best episode opening ever?

Other episodes with good openings that come to mind are Judas on a Pole, The Princess and the Pear and The Killer in the Crosshairs. But I really think this season one episode is the best ever.


What say you?

In the meantime, here is your B&B of the day:

The “Here’s to the truth” B&B


From: The Man on Death Row: Season One

Peace, Love & Bones,



17 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: MAQ- The Man on Death Row- Best Opening Ever?

  1. B&B’s on-going tussle about Brennan with a gun, whether or not she’s a good shot, whether or not she gets to have a gun, where she hides the gun in a Wonder Women outfit, is like Booth trying to get her to eat a piece of pie which she finally has done — it’s all about foreplay.

  2. Hehehe….sorry, I’d be more coherent, but I’m cracking up at the opening picture. Serious Booth eyes, right over the “DENIED”. 🙂

  3. I do love the opening scene in this episode; but, I would say that my favorite opening scene was in “Fire in the Ice”. I just loved hockey playing Booth and Brennan was so cute in her cap and mittens.

  4. I just watched this episode the other day…You are so right. It’s just vintage Bones. Witty dialog, great banter between B&B, Brennan not being clueless, and Booth being so “Boothy”. I think this calls for yet another season one marathon! Happy New Year all. And thank you Sarah for Bones Theory!

  5. Name of arresting officer?
    You. (silence as Booth stares at Brennan, waiting) Special Agent Seeley Booth. Do you need me to spell that for you?
    You know..I can sound that out.

    I love these 2…if not the best opening scene, definitely on the list for Top 5 Tuesday!

  6. I thought of this opener when Sweets was trying to get a weapon. I think he was harder on Brennan! LOL!!

  7. Booth may not want to give her carte blanche to carry a gun but he’s okay with her having one. I just watched an episode (can’t remember which one) where he casually tosses her his gun so that he can – oh, “Man in the Wall.” He’s handcuffing the club owner and he just tosses his gun to Brennan so that she can keep it trained on the bodyguard cum undercover FBI agent.

    Even in this episode, after Brennan breaks Howard Epps wrist/arm (can’t remember which) she makes a comment about not getting a gun being a good thing because she has a bad temper and Booth says “you can have mine.”

    He’s a hard ass but he’s a marshmallow where Brennan is concerned, and he trusts her to back him up.

  8. Yup! I love this opening. It was just classic Booth-Brennan. 🙂

    And since I watched it again, it did help bring into context some personal struggles on season 6. I was hoping that season 7 would at least help clear some issues for me, but apparently looking back is more helpful than looking ahead… at least for now.

    So yes! Vintage Bones is a great idea!

  9. I’m sorry, what was the question??? Booth from behind in the white shirt straining across his shoulders I keep losing my train of thought.

    So much of the good stuff happened in Season 1 & 2. *sigh* This opener was definitely up there with the best, although as Lenora said Fire in the Ice with the hockey and Brennan in her cap & mittens and Booth’s little smile and wave to her from the penalty box is pretty darn good too.

    • Great opening. Classic. I did love the opening scene in Killer in the Crosshairs in S6 though. B&B running, being flirty and competitive. Great stuff.

  10. Got this from a fellow poster, jmg. You won’t regret clicking on this one!

    Happy New Year from DB and his chest. haha

  11. Happy New Year, fellow Bonesaholics!
    May it bring love, laughter, purpose, friendship and dancing 🙂

  12. My favorite opening scene is the one where Booth tells Brennan that he’s got the weirdest one for her ever and then they find the skeleton tied together at the ankles and balancing on a stack of bricks and then Booth suggests that maybe he was rolled up in a carpet and then Brennan laughs. LAUGHS! The most wonderful, lighthearted, can’t help herself laugh that keeps sneaking out and then Caroline comes and says that they can’t work together (The Verdict in the Story maybe?) and Brennan says Why? Because I made fun of Booth? And Booth says, That doesn’t bother me. But t is really because they are trying Max now. And then ultimately, Brennan says Booth won’t be able to solve the case without him and has this funny little thing that she does with her mouth that is really cute. Sigh. Best opening ever. But I do like this one too with the gun permit. 🙂

  13. Love this one, just watched it. Died. It’s soooo Booth and Brennan.

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