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Vintage Bones: The Woman at the Airport- IAYA: Dr. Goodman



Did you like Dr. Goodman? Was he too ‘good’ to actually fit in at the lab? Which is better, that he was basically just written off the show with minimal explanation, or would you have preferred an actual storyline (like Zack’s, for example)?



Here is your B&B of the Day:

The “Booth still doesn’t like being blackmailed, and we’re still pretty sure he’s not supposed to” B&B

From: The Woman at the Airport: Season One

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29 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Woman at the Airport- IAYA: Dr. Goodman

  1. Dr. Goodman was okay but I did not really miss him when he left. How he was written off was fine with me. If the Gormogon story had had a chance to unfold in a different way it could have been really good but, alas, that was not meant to be.

  2. I actually liked Dr. Goodman. He was the calm in the eye of the storm. I suppose his leaving left us with more angst and we got to see more personal struggles with Brennan.

    Cam is definitely part of the storm at the Lab or at least she was when she first came to the Lab. Don’t get me wrong, I like Cam too and bringing her in gave Booth a friend he really needed; but, I wouldn’t have minded it they had bumped Dr. Goodman upstairs and brought in Cam. This way we could have had Dr. Goodman come in once in awhile.

    Oh yeah, Booth really hates it when Brennan blackmails him. He gets sullen.

    • I would have loved to have seen Brennan “blackmail” Booth with the omelete photo! “You show that photo of me crying at the crimescene and I’ll have to show everyone what you look like in your full omelete cooking mode!” Anyone think Booth got a little sullen?

      • Nobody does sullen and brooding like DB. It was pretty much Angel’s only expression. I was watching an Angel ep the other day which featured one of the rare times Angel really smiles, and Cordy tells him he should do that more often.

  3. Love the B&B of the day. That scene is to funny!

    I liked Dr. Goodman for the first season but happy that he was replaced by Cam in the second. He served his purpose with out overstaying his welcome. The fact that he was the only one who could “control” Brennan (ie telling her that she has to go on trips with Booth, has to go to the Jeffersonian Gala, etc) and yet still afraid her is just Great. He went on sabbatical for two months to avoid the fall out from hiring Cam and never even had the nerve to tell her that she had a new boss. Good Stuff. I do prefer Cam (so long as she is NOT bedding Booth, ugh).

    Thanks for the blog Seels!

  4. I miss Goodman. Rewatching the first season reminds me how great he was “herding the cats” of the lab.

    Okay, sure, I like him because he’s *not* Cam – you know, he’s ethical, confidently in-charge and professional.

    But I like his attitude, too. He was passionate about his discipline when he got the chance to use it, his management style is steady and purposeful, and – he’s got that voice. I love his voice.

    Maybe after I get James Marsters on Bones I’ll campaign to bring Goodman back? 🙂

    • I agree with your definition of trying to control the squints – herding the cats.

      So you still have hope to get James Marsters onto Bones? I sure wish HH would listen to you on that one. It would be awesome, especially if he came in and tried to poach Brennan.

      • I am determined to keep talking about James Marsters until someone listens to me! I have 20 whole “likes” on the Facebook page I created for it – it’s a movement, I tell you! I am woman, hear me roar!

        And if that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll try begging. Or fruit baskets.

      • Ah, James Marsters. Such a badass! He could totally be creepy/evil genius. HE would have been an AWESOME gravedigger!

    • Goodman really did have an amazing voice. I love the scene at the end of The Boy in the Bush when he convinces Angela to stick around and Zack says she just needed to hear her job description in a deep African-American tone.

      The actor who played him was on an episode of Burn Notice this season, and he played a crazy African dictator or revolutionary or some such thing. It made me miss Goodman. I was sad to see him go, and I really did not like Cam at first, but she’s grown on me. And I very much enjoy the Cam/Booth dynamic where she tells it like it is and metaphorically smacks him upside the head sometimes.

    • Marsters should be a serial killer (more than one ep!!!). And should somehow include major blood loss. So great if someone started calling him the vampire killer and Booth was like – whatever, dude.

    • MJ, I just had a thought. Why don’t you write a story showing us how you would use James Marsters. Just let us know that we should be picturing Marsters in our minds when reading the story. By the way your Rum story is really good and hmmmm beachy.

      • I’ve made a couple of attempts but apparently my “oh, shucks I can’t write THAT” aversion to M-ratings only applies to Booth and Brennan. And James Marsters is a naughty, naughty boy.

        So, the stories don’t really fit in BONES-verse. But I may have to pay another visit to the writer’s room. 🙂

        (Thanks re: Rum Punch!)

    • what are you doing here, mj?
      Get Back To That Computer And Keep Writing That Perfect Fic.
      or start writing a new one.
      just write. Lots.

  5. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a Goodman fan, and I didn’t miss him after he was replaced in S2 (although the first few episodes of S2 had me thinking ‘be careful what you wish for’ :P), so the minimal explanation about his absence didn’t faze me. I didn’t care. I recognize the purpose that he served in the beginning and the role his gravitas was supposed to play in the lab, but I never connected with him as a character.

  6. I am ok without a lot of story, but would have been nice if the consistency fairy had mentioned that he moved on to another job/place.

    I just re-watched The Pain in the Heart yesterday – where we lose Zach – the amazing scene in the hospital room! the foreheads touching! The tear when he figures it out! Amazing!

    • I just said “AMAZING!” twice – Dr Jude the Science Dude would be so proud!

      • That was one of those episodes that I was pleasantly surprised by when I watched season six on DVD. When early season six was on air I was so tied up in knots that I missed a lot of good stuff in those episodes. I love the Science Dude.

  7. It’s interesting: we lost the two father figures from s1 (Goodman and Cullen) and they were “replaced” by Max, Brennan’s real father and, in effect, Bpoth’s father-in-law. Then, of course, we ultimately get Booth’s father figure, i.e., Pops. Sort of interesting: from work fathers to real fathers. Especially given the issues that both B&B have with their fathers.

    Maybe it has something to do with the contractual realities: they didn’t want to bring in actual fathers until they knew they’d have long enough to really explore those relationships, especially for Brennan. In the meantime we had surrogate fathers/father figures.

    That HH was an evil genius from day 1.

    Also I love that scene in the car. Booth is so-o cute when he pouts. ;-D

  8. Dr. Goodman I think was completely too normal for The Island of Misfit Toys. He had a loving wife, twin daughters, seemed content in his career—farrrr too normal for our cast of characters. None of the rest of them are that “normal” at all. I did not dislike his character, but he just never did that much for me. I even forget most of the time that he existed at all, until I rewatch an old ep, and go “Oh yeah, I remember that guy!”

    However, he did bring to Bones one of my most favorite LOL lines in the series:
    GOODMAN: And how do you see your job?
    ANGELA: I draw death masks.
    GOODMAN: Is that really how you see it?
    ANGELA: Don’t you?
    GOODMAN: You are the best of us, Miss Montenegro. You discern humanity in the wreck of a ruined human body. You give victims back their faces, their identities. You remind us all of why we’re here in the first place. Because we treasure human life.
    BRENNAN: What happened?
    ZACK: Apparently all Angela needed was to hear her job description in a deep, African-American tone.

    But beyond that, he just ended up like Sid, a nice character, but doesn’t really add anything to the crime fighting part of the show, nor the intense character development-y stuff…so it would become increasingly harder to find something for them to do as the show progressed.

  9. I enjoyed Goodman very much. (Cullen too). They were the “adult” figures reigning in the unruly children. Eventually, the unruly children started running the asylum!

    I also liked that Goodman’s presence meant that episodes often had a museum side/crime side to them. We saw what Brennan’s work was like when she wasn’t solving crimes.

    I have read HH’s word on the loss of Goodman – that they just didn’t have enough for him to do, and it seemed unfair to have such a talented actor underused. I don’t know if I buy that – I mean, what does Cam do anymore except say “I’ll call Booth!” Not much.

    I also “get” that Cam being a pathologist opened the door to fleshier bodies and a wider variety of cases, but really – they could have handled that with a few lines of exposition, having Booth or Zack say “the coroner says XYZ.” Or having Cam be a coroner they work with and Goodman still in charge of the lab.

    But I suppose that would bloat the cast…season 1 had six characters in the credits, plus Cullen recurring and that other FBI boss (the one in Boy in the Tree) and the Homeland Security guy appeared at least twice…

    Cam was a multi-purpose character in s2: the boss of the lab, a foil for Brennan, a love interest for Booth (later a friend for Booth) a source of exposition on the cases so ED doesn’t have to be in every lab scene… That’s four roles for the price of one actress. Bargain!

  10. I liked Goodman, but I don’t miss him. I thought the explanation for his absence was a bit thin, but that’s tv. I miss Cullen way more than I miss Goodman. Sometimes I’m not sure Booth works for anyone! He just breezes in and out of his office and shouts a few commands now and then.
    Love the B&B of the day, and particularly how DB makes himself small and slouchy while ED is sitting up tall. Great physical juxtaposition.

    • It does seem that Booth does not have a boss, right! They went from Cullen to Andy Hacker who was REALLY not taken seriously as a boss…was he? Anyone? Anyone? I DO find it interesting that we have heard Booth mention hearing from “the office” or getting back to the “office” twice so far this season. Hmmmm. Speaking of the “office” and “bosses” are they EVER going to address the fact that consultants aren’t suppossed to be getting it on with agents again? Did they look the other way because B&B are that good? Because they aren’t technically married? Married or not they are going to have a child together AND share a home. It can’t just be flying under the radar, right? I mean Brennan waddling through the halls of the FBI and trying to eat their cups of noodles to satisfy her pregnancy cravings is pretty noticeable, right?! Did Sweets help them out??

      • well the “rule” about agents and consultants seems pretty flexible. It’s the reason they can’t date in the flashback, but it didn’t stop Booth & Cam. Booth tells Brennan it’s a bad idea for people in high-risk situations to work together but he never said there was a rule against it. It certainly didn’t stop Brennan & Sully either.

        Hacker asks Booth if he and Brennan are already together, suggesting that it happens, rule or no. Then he gives himself permission to break “the rule”.

        So…it seems to exist when the plot needs it to exist and then conveniently go away when it is no longer needed.

  11. Love the B&B pic and caption!
    As for Dr. Goodman, I liked him. Wouldn’t have minded having more of a storyline as to his departure, but I don’t think anyone wants to see a storyline like Zack’s again.

  12. Sometimes I totally forget Goodman was there at all, with the exception of the MitFS, he just seemed to pop in and out and not stick out that much to me. But, I liked him, especially his voice.

  13. I liked Goodman, I thought he was a good screw tossed into the works. Plot-wise, I’m pretty sure it was necessary that he leave to remove that father figure from Brennan’s life in preparation for Max and Booth, etc, etc. But still, I would have liked to hear what he was doing and why. I don’t necessarily miss him, but I would like to know something about what happened to him. I kind of wish he would pop in and out every once in awhile.
    And on the topic of bosses, it sort of feels like neither Booth or Brennan has a boss anymore. I like Cam, she is great at managing the lab, but she is not great with Brennan. And Booth doesn’t seem to have a boss, he’s all but hero worshipped. Well…he is, actually.
    And I think relationships between agents and consultants was taboo, but a relationship between partners is not allowed. I assume that Booth and Brennan are no longer. technically, “partners”. But since Booth doesn’t really have a boss, there’s no one there to stop Brennan the consultant from tagging along wherever he goes. Or at least, that’s what it looks like to me.

    • I find your last paragraph really interesting. I haven’t watched any season 7 eps yet (very long story…) but plan to catch up after Jan 12th. Do they reference the other as ‘partner’ anymore?

  14. I thought Dr. Goodman was ok but I do prefer Cam. The best dialogue he had was when he was explaining Angela’s job description to her…I really loved that!

    “You are the best of us, Miss Montenegro. You discern humanity in the wreck of a ruined human body. You give victims back their faces, their identities. You remind us all of why we’re here in the first place. Because we treasure human life.” Dr. Goodman

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