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Vintage Bones: The Woman in the Car- Paladin and Heroes


Good morning!

I love this episode. There is something very attractive about both Brennan and Booth in this one. I love the way they work this case and rely on one another’s expertise. It’s also very funny in a lot of ways.

I think I’ve come to realize that I like the episodes where they are investigating a murder but ALSO they are racing against the clock for something else. Nowadays, the murders are almost always done deals, and they are rarely anything but accidents (with quickly disposed of bodies), or sort-of accidents with clumsy murderers who just didn’t feel like doing anything to save the victim. Enough of that, though…let’s discuss this one!

I want to talk a little about the idea of Paladin—which Cullen says suits Booth. Heroic, savior-type, defender of good things, etc, etc. I liked that it was used to describe Booth, and in the early seasons, it did suit him. It still does. But there was a time — toward the middle of season four through maybe the middle of season six—where there was talk…stuff like “Okay, this whole thing is being set up so that in the end, Brennan is the one who saves Booth.” But I don’t think that has happened.

Bones, at its core for many years, was a story of redemption—two really good people who found one another and by doing so found out that their own issues/pasts/failures weren’t the worst thing. Two people who found out that it was possible to be that close to someone and not have them leave you behind or worse off, etc.

In mulling that over in my head (within this Paladin context), I wonder if that means both of them are the heroic ones, or perhaps in the end, neither one needed to be a hero and neither one needed saved.  What do you think?

In the meantime, here is your B&B of the day:

The “No, Booth. Brennan really has no interest in having a baby–except eventually your baby, baby.” B&B



From The Woman in the Car: Season One

Peace, Love & Bones,



13 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Woman in the Car- Paladin and Heroes

  1. Hm…Sarah, your post today instantly put me in mind of the movie Pretty Woman, which I saw like twice this weekend on TBS haha 🙂 The ending dialogue:

    Edward Lewis: So what happens after he climbs up and rescues her?
    Vivian: She rescues him right back.

    I think there is an element of both of them needing to be saved and both of them being the hero at the same time. We all need someone, sometime. And some of us have more scars on our backs than others…B&B have similiar scars on their backs and both needed someone to help them through life that could understand. I think they found that in each other. They can spend their lives now, being “heroes” to each other, as they help each other grow, learn, change, etc. I’ve always seen B&B as a mutual couple, they can go head to head in bickering matches, and their individual strengths complement each other. Sometimes Booth seems to have it all together and sometimes its Brennan. We’ve seen him comfort her as she cries, we’ve seen her comfort him as he cries. I think that’s the beauty of what they have. They rescue each other right back 🙂

    • Nicely said, bb! The thing I really like about both Booth and Brennan is that while they both have scars, neither is really destructive. Yes, Booth has a gambling problem. Got it. Yes, Brennan built walls up around herself. But neither really set out to hurt other people and themselves. It could have been a much darker show. We can debate whether or not the cases should be darker but the fact that they have not portrayed B&B as really destructive people is fine by me.

  2. Caption that photo, “Oh, come on now, you know you wanna be my daddy mommy!” LOL. Shout-out to S3 Baby in a Bough. I love this episode too. I do hope that in S7 we get a murder that is a challenge. I agree, I like it when they are working against a clock and a murderer is truly, truly a bad, bad person. A little grit every once in a while is a good, good thing. B&B are good people. They had some bad experiences in the past but work to overcome them. I think in each other they found someone to have their back and that has only helped to bring out the best in each of them. Did they need “saving”? I don’t know if I agree with that completely, maybe just some positive reinforcement that they could have good things in their lives.

  3. I get the heebies from both Tom Cruise and Zellwhatever so I didn’t see the movie but I think the line is appropriate: “You complete me.” (Delivered without the overly dramatic intense eye staring that is the extent of Cruise’s emotional range as an actor. Moving on . . .)

    I think they’re kind of each other’s hero simply because they accept each other, flaws and all, and by doing so, sort of give the other one permission to be who s/he is knowing that acceptance is out there.

    They’re sort of each others Army – I don’t think either of them would Be All They Could Be without the other.

    • I felt the same way about Jerry Maguire. I remember feeling like I was SUPPOSED to like that movie, but it just didn’t work for me for reasons I can’t quite articulate.

      And I agree with your assessment of B & B vis a vis that quote as well.

      Totally off point, but don’t you think that “Be All You Can Be” was a much superior Army slogan to “An Army of One”? I remember thinking, What the heck is that even supposed to mean?

  4. Oh, another caption for the B&B photo: “Aw, come on, you know our kid would be ADORABLE! Right? Gotta be” or ” I’m telling ya, one day, Bam! Mamma Bones!” or “I have a feeling we would be really fertile so nothing is going to happen for like, another 5 or 6 years.”

  5. Well since we are all quoting movies, my choice would be The Big Sleep.

    “What’s wrong with you?”
    “Nothing you can’t fix.”

    They each have a unique set of hurts that can only be healed by the other. And some of the hurts were ones they didn’t even know they had until they met each other!

  6. The beauty of B/B is that they illuminate each other’s strengths in a way that allows them to heal themselves. Ultimately no one can save you; only you can do that for yourself-otherwise, it’s just a temporatry fix, a kind of band aid with little staying power. Someone can, however, show you those parts about yourself that might set you on the path towards personal redemption. Despite the occasional Brennan “learning moments”. I really believe that both characters have fallen and basically picked themselves up by themselves, figuring out on their own how to adapt and grow. Would that have happened without the other person’s presence in their lives? Maybe, although I like to think that both of them knowing that the other person was standing right there besides them the whole time, without judgment or resentment regardless of the situation, was a great motivator for self-healing. “I’m not going to let you fall-I’ll always be here (paraphrasing)” is probably the line that for me defines the show more than any other. And about the caption-yeah baby!

  7. I introduced my mother to Aliens in a Spaceship the other night… well, it was just the last ten minutes, but within those last ten minutes, there is this scene:

    Brennan: I’m okay with you thanking God for saving me and Hodgins.
    Booth: That’s not what I thanked Him for. I thanked Him for saving … all of us. It was all of us, every single one. You take one of us away and you and Hodgins are in that hole forever. And I’m thankful for that.
    Brennan: I knew you wouldn’t give up.
    Booth: I knew you wouldn’t give up.

    In a way, it’s not Booth saving Brennan or Brennan saving Booth, but the ENTIRE TEAM (hence the need of some more against-the-clock-evil-baddies) saving each other. I think the transition from S5 to S6 illustrates it perfectly (how without one person or two people, they fall apart), and the ending of S6, how it took Vincent’s death for the team to really be a whole team again. I mean, Brennan and Booth are that center of that whole, but they are really parts in the sum of that whole. Sudden realization: notice the title of the episode where Vincent died? The Hole in the Heart? Or else I could be crazy. That works, too.

    • Whoo, yeah, the end of Aliens in a Spaceship…welll, really the whole thing, such a fabulous episode of Bones. If you don’t love the show from watching that episode then something is wrong with you! Great interactions of Bones/Hodgins in the car, Booth rallying the team to not give up even when time’s run out, Booth running slow mo to the “poof”, Booth hauling Brennan straight up through the dirt, the church conversation…its just well done all around. Haha its off topic, but I adore that episode! 🙂

  8. What is lovely about the show is that it’s not Brennan forever fending off some kidnapper/creepazoid/baddie and Booth to the rescue, but both are perfectly able to rescue the other. I remember HH was said to have told ED that she should be ready for the “damsel in distress” storyline at least once a season, but I don’t think they’ve even done it that often. They rescue each other physically and emotionally as well as rescue the victims of the creepazoid of the week.

    Gordon Gordon told Sweets that Booth and Brennan were not really different and that has always stuck with me. They totally get the other person in a way that others cannot. It’s why Booth couldn’t be himself entirely with another person and why Brennan couldn’t sail off into the sunset with Sully. They both have a bit of that White Knight syndrome– how many times has Brennan raced off to rescue someone? Booth, however, wears the badge, carries the gun and gets to do the cop thing.

  9. 1. Any episode with Booth shooting a gun is excellent. When he has a bit automatic one, absolutely yummy.
    2. Booth in a bullet-proof vest — turn up the AC even if it is 15 degrees outside.
    3. Fave moments from this ep:
    When Brennan asks about the car seat and tells him he could have said he’d had a tiny felon.
    When Brennan asks why they take her car and he asks if she has bullet-proof vests in her trunk.
    When she ACTUALLY LISTENS to Booth and doesn’t go rushing in when they go in to get the kid.
    When he tells off the assistant US attorney.
    Brennan getting the father to back down when he has his gun to the head of the head of the company.
    I LOVE how they figure out where the kid is being held, which leads to Booth making a confession about what he has done in his life — already knowing it will be ok with Bones?
    When Cullen says about Paladin, of course.
    Booth’s reaction to the box with the kid’s finger and how he and Brennan work together with it — she tells him she needs to do her process and he gets that.
    YIKES! I could go on, but I won’t.

    I agree about the line from the end of Pretty Woman, it’s exactly right about these two. They are both wounded people. There is a lot of commonality in their wounds/scars. Loss of parents. Childhood abuse. Having seen things that no one should have to see. Etc. Their responses were different but reflected who they are and each needed the offset of the other’s response. Meaning: Brennan put walls up to keep people out, to not risk the pain a family could inflict. Booth became even more intent on fixing things and trying to build the family he lost. Brain v. heart. Booth opened Brennan up to her heart. Brennan uses logic to comfort and help Booth.

    There was something else, but I’ve forgotten it now. It’s that image of Booth in the bullet-proof vest. I’ve got to get some cold air in here. ;-D

  10. I just rewatched this episode today, I’ve been rewatching season 1 overall. It’s a really striking contrast between where the characters were back then and where they are now, seven years later. Brennan’s transformation is the most striking of course. She did a complete 180 with that whole “I’m never having children” issue. For anyone watching the episodes out of order, this could get really confusing, which is why I went ahead and purchased all the seasons on DVD, so I could watch in order. Watching that progression for the last seven seasons has been really interesting. It’s also noticeable that even back then, she struggled a little bit with people thinking she didn’t care or was cold and detached, but back then she seemed to shrug it off.

    Hodgins has changed a lot too, he was very angry and bitter back then. I feel like I’m watching a completely different show, both very good and highly entertaining, but different.

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