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Vintage Bones: The Superhero in the Alley


Hello and Happy Friday!

This is another season one episode that I love very much. I adore the ending. Adore it! There are a lot of moments I love, like when Booth says, “For a recluse, Warren Granger sure had his thumb in a lot of piesssss” or however he says it.

One common thread in this episode is the idea of whether or not they are crime fighters and/or have superpowers. It comes up between Booth and Brennan when they are discussing which one was most like Warren. At the beginning of the episode, the comparison/discussion has negative connotations–Warren was a nerd, or geek, as Booth corrects, and neither one of them wants that title. But later in the episode, Brennan tells Booth that because Warren wanted to make a difference before he died, this makes him more like Booth than Brennan.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, and there aren’t really questions involved– I guess I’m just saying I really liked that part. How about you? Did you like this episode? Were there moments that stuck out to you as important or cool?


The B&B of the Day:

The “Don’t Worry, Brennan. Even extraordinary people fall to the power of the charm smile” B&B



From: The Superhero in the Alley: Season One


22 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Superhero in the Alley

  1. Will pop in later with actual comment on the episode…but I am loving the B&B’s of the day. Today’s is very true. NO ONE is immune from the charm smile. I’m fairly certain its what got him Max’s approval as well 🙂

  2. This episode was on TNT last night! I forgot how much I liked it. I liked how the killer WAS a baddie. Just a bad egg all around. I liked how the team came together to honor the victim: Angela finishing his comic book coloring in the pictures, and Boot placing his sharp shooter pin on the victim’s coffin. Very poignant. I also liked how both B&B just thoroughly did not like the killer. And, again, I miss Booth dropping by the Jeffersonian to see the team’s progress on the case. I miss his “what does this lab do to you people?” presence that he brought. I’m still hoping we get to see him drop by in S7 and meet Finn, the squint with a past.

    Re: Booth’s “charm smile” ah! it is a beautiful thing! Behold the power of the charm smile:)

  3. It’s happened a couple of times in the show in which Booth identifies the victim with her, but has it turned around on him by Brennan that maybe, just maybe, he has more in common with the victim. I think from the very beginning it was meant as a means to show just how similar the two of them really are– he is, in his own way, an FBI geek. He really has to be to keep up with the people in the lab.

    I, too, hope there’s more Booth interaction with people in the lab. His moments with Hodgins are fun, his interaction with Cam is usually two “normal” people commenting on the abnormal people they work with, Angela “nailing” the B&B dynamic quite insightful. Like yesterday’s episode, I’d just like to see more of the team working together toward solving the case. They don’t have to be in the lab– I’d like to see them try to solve a case and not have all the fancy machines at the lab to use. There’s still a lot of stories for these people to tell.

  4. One of the things I love about Bones vs. Buffy is that DB is allowed to smile, because he has such an incredible glacier-melting grin. As much as I adored him as the angsty vampire, I prefer him with his goofy, charming human foibles. I never thought I’d live to see the day where I would be happy seeing DB paired with anyone but his Sunnydale sweetheart, but I passed that benchmark quite a while ago. Back to the episode, I like how Brennan continues her appraisal of Booth, and by this one she’s really getting his vibe. Despite the glaring dissimilarities between Booth and the victim, Brennan can see that they had a major thing in common: they are both decent, caring people willing to put themselves to the ultimate test in order to do the right thing. Of course she’s done this herself during the course of her career by endangering her life to help the victims of genocide receive justice; it’s just that with Booth it’s more immediate and instinctive.

    Interesting too about the cemetery scene; ever notice how prominent cemeteries are on Bones? Fitting I guess because ot the show’s focus is on the dead, but lots of other tv shows feature dead bodies yet seldom do the grave thing. Cemeteries show the connection between the living and the dead in a way few other things can. I think that these scenes give the show a little more heart because they emphasize that the victim isn’t automatically forgotten once the business of solving the crime is done. People continue to have an impact on those they left behind even once they’re gone.

    • mariu100 – I came to Bones before Angel, so Buffy has never been competition for Brennan in my eyes, but I totally agree that what gives Booth the edge over Angel is that smile which Angel rarely had the opportunity to flash. I just saw one of the rare Angel eps where he does smile and Cordy points out that he should do that more often.

      On to the post, I like the scene in the kid’s bedroom. How Bones uses her magic powers and how Booth uses his to help them learn more about Warren. Which brings to mind their visit to the kid’s room in Boy in a Tree. I love when Booth demonstrates the differences between male and female filing of CD’s. BTW, mine are filed alphabetically. I’m such a girl. 😉

      There’s also some nice interaction with Cullen.

      There’s is one GLARING false note in this episode: I HATE, ABSOLUTELY HATE Booth in sneakers with his suit.

      I’ve also come to like the “kids” including the comic book store guy in this episode. They evolve nicely.

  5. Oh, I agree! I’m SO GLAD the sneakers did not stay! Everyone has their favorite “Booth” grooming – many of us, I think, share a love for the bullet proof vests, the gun holster, and t-shirts that show off his well-scuplted arms…. Anyway, i don’t miss the garish ties or the converse sneakers from this episode. I personally like crisp, white shirts, well-tailored suits, and, yes, I like him with less hair. I know, I know, many miss the longer hair but I like it short. I did watch Buffy back in the day and, I gotta say, Angel did not really do anything for me back then. I was more of a Spike girl! I actually liked it when Angel lost his soul! He was a smart-ass and was able to emote a little more:) When I started watching Bones I could not believe how much more DB did it for me as Booth!

    • Haha following this Booth rabbit trail for a second….

      I have to say that I did not watch Buffy/Angel, but I know enough from Bones fans and Googling for DB pictures (haha) that I think I’d prefer Booth as well from his vampire alter ego. All the Angel-era pics I see of Booth are soooo brooding and Robert Pattinson-esque. Which, don’t get me wrong, I love brooding DB, but it is a bit depressing all the time! Poor guy! But with Booth, we still get the angsty-heart crushing times with this character, but also times of joy and contentedness. The charm smile and rubba-da-belly times. The anger at the end of Daredevil. The tears and the sexy looks back and forth with Brennan. The character of Booth is so multifaceted.

      And perhaps it is how DB seems to become hotter as he gets older? Looking at pics of his VERY early works (Married with Children) and his vampire times, he just isn’t that attractive to me…but I look at Booth-era pics of him and whew! The guy ages well, let’s just say that 🙂

      • Absolutely, bb! He is like a fine wine!

      • Well said bb! I get why the ladies liked him as Angel but as Booth he is a MAN, baby! I do like it when Booth gets intense but as you said it’s not allllll the time. It’s nice to see him portray the range of emotions. Agitated! Booth, Happy! Booth, charm-smile! Booth, Rangers lead the way Booth!, protective! Booth, all goooood.

      • Although Angel has his moments, Booth has many, many more.

        I have only one complaint: why is it that only men get better with age? You’d never hear someone say that woman look better at 40 than she did at 30 (unless she lost a ton or something like that), but DB is so much hotter at almost 43 than he was at 33.

        Getting hot in here. 😉

    • Hey, I’m supposed to get an email alert when someone mentions Spike! I need to check my settings.

      Personally, I loved Brennan’s reaction to his smile. She totally registered it, fell for it and then metaphorically smacked him for it.

      I just love these early episodes. They’re so much more natural with each other, so much more confident before they both began to shy away from how they felt and started walking on eggshells.

      I just can’t help smiling my way through every one of these early eps. So rife with possibility.

  6. This episode was on TNT last night so is fresh in my head. The charm smile in that picture above is NOTHING compared to the one he gives in the lab scene where Brennan says she’s an anthropologist with super powers.

    I also love that Booth doesn’t even deny he’s using it in the opening scene. He tells her it’s a mark of respect that he pulls it on her.

    The sneakers are funny – I don’t like them either but I’d rather see them then the VANS. Ugh. Anyway, it’s fun to see the first season of any show, because you can tell that they are always trying out new things to see what works.

    Speaking of Booth’s clothing, I loved the 1950’s red bowling shirt, and this was before the idea of Booth loving kitsch/stuff from the past was really a thing.

    It sounds crazy, but I swear these earlier episode seem longer than the current ones. It’s 44 minutes either way, but it just seems like so much more happened in 44 minutes back then.

    • I think that may have to do with the fact of the earlier shows being 4 acts versus the later seasons being 6 acts. The 4-act episodes seem to have much more depth and more time for plot and character development

      • I read something like that somewhere else and I couldn’t figure out if it was more acts to less or less to more. Thanks for the reminder.

        I wonder why the switch?

      • What exactly is considered an Act in a 44 minute show? Is an Act from the end of one commercial break to the beginning of the next? I am unfamiliar with the term in this context.

  7. I noticed that the sharp shooter pin was from the Los Angeles Police Department. That little nugget has never been explored or mentioned… or should I say, even, remembered.

    @Barbara – I understand what you mean about it seeming like more happened in the earlier seasons. I think that part of it is in how much time is taken up in the transition shots now.

    • I notice that about the LAPD sharpshooter pin long ago, and I’ve always wondered about it. Is it supposed to mean that at some point Booth got this from the LAPD, or did they use this because it was a real medal rather than a fake one and they had best access to something from LAPD?

      Were they even considering whether anyone would be able to read it?

      It may be one of those early season things like Brennan’s grandfather: they put it out there not thinking about its possibly becoming a point for discussion.

    • Ha! I was always so bothered that he even put his sharpshooter pin on the casket to begin with to notice that it an LAPD sharpshooter pin and not an Army one. I’ve always been stumped why he does this. (I know —because Elizabeth Benjamin wrote it that way :P). Still. I always want to snatch that pin back up.

  8. Anyone catch that the comic book store in this episode is the same facade as the Royal Diner? I can’t remember which episode introduced the diner but I’m pretty sure this is it.

    • I didn’t catch that – but it did look like Warren’s bedroom was a lot like Nestor Olivos’s in A Boy in a Tree.

    • We’ll also see the diner in Man in the Morgue, as a New Orleans cafe!

      • I know this is somewhat off topic, but I absolutely love that episode. When Booth bursts into Brennan’s hospital room and immediately gets all protective and…oooh. I just love it. The whole thing. You can see that Booth just wants to tuck her under his arm and take care of her. Seriously, season one was just freakin’ awesome. I heart Bones.

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