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Vintage Bones- The Woman in the Garden: Interpersonal Skills



I almost always associate this episode with this:

(and the subsequent “Oh it makes me crazy that Brennan will never know about this”, and yes, that’s me talking to myself), but when I re-watched this episode, I was reminded of something I’d forgotten about.

Brennan mentions that she purchased a book on how to improve working relationships. She states Booth shouldn’t have to teach her everything about it. He thanks her for that (sarcastically, sort of), but later in the episode, she tells him that sarcasm is not conducive to working relationships.

Booth certainly was sarcastic in the episode (is it bad that I say deliciously so), and Brennan has a point.

We’ve discussed each partner’s Most Valuable Qualities, but now I’m sort of wondering what their interpersonal lackings were. In your opinion, have they been overcome? Did they need to be?


Here is your B&B of the day:

The “You can call shotgun all you want, but you aren’t going to sit in Brennan’s seat, Hodgins.”

From Woman in the Garden: Season One

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22 thoughts on “Vintage Bones- The Woman in the Garden: Interpersonal Skills

  1. I just recently saw this on TNT rerun. Booth is soooo hot in that end scene. When he says “I never said anything about FBI. She’s my partner, and if anything happens to her I will find you and I will kill you. [puts gun in gang leader’s mouth] . Love me some protective Booth! And you’re right, he shows up late to the funeral and Brennan has no idea why or what was “more important”.
    I would like to see Booth be bad a** protective this season after their baby is born!

  2. I must be the only person in the fandom who doesn’t find that scene hot at all. I just don’t find Booth threatening to kill people – even bad people – attractive. It’s also totally irresponsible of him to not inform Brennan that she has a hit out on her. I’m sure that gangbanger has had plenty of guns in his face; why assume he’s going to back down over this single incident? And if he *had* told Brennan what he’d done, I think she’d be more pissed than impressed, so I don’t lament that she doesn’t know.

    Hodgins is golden in this episode from complaining about the social niceties of calling shotgun to his awkward high-five with Brennan over the prospect of taking down a senator, his eagerness to get a gun (and the little back and forth that followed. “”What is it with you people and guns?”)

    And isn’t this the one where Hodgins does his Booth impression too? One of my favorite Hodgins moments EVER.

    • I don’t think there’s any doubt that Brennan would have been pissed if she’d known. For several reasons: 1) She can take care of herself, 2) She doesn’t want Booth doing bad things on her behalf, and 3) She wouldn’t want Booth to put himself at risk for her. I think that Booth knew she’d be pissed and that’s the very reason he didn’t offer an excuse for why he was late to the funeral.

      As for why it’s so appealing..I’m not sure, exactly. Because Booth is a big strong man who will do anything to keep her safe? I don’t know. He just goes all Sniper!Booth, and I totally melt every time I see that scene. It probably makes me a really bad feminist, but there you go.

      • When Brennan says she can take care of herself she ultimately ends up needing to be rescued. What gets her in trouble is her arrogance about her abilities. In the early seasons she acted like she was indestructible. Plus, you know bullets-she’s not Superwoman. Bullets don’t bounce off her. It’s pretty hard to protect yourself from a hit order unless you’re in a safe house under lock and key.

        I thought Booth going to the gang leader and putting the gun in his mouth was a very effective deterrent. I bet Ortiz never had anybody threaten him the way Booth did. The way his eyes went black with fury-totally hot. I guess I’m a bad feminist too.

      • I don’t think it has anything to do with feminism. I was similarly uncomfortable with Brennan randomly assaulting people throughout season 1.

        I just don’t find any kind of violence or threat of violence attractive, regardless of the gender of the person making the threat.

        Maybe that makes me a stick in the mud.

      • Oh, I’m with Cam from the beginning of The Fire in the Ice. “I like it…just a little too much.” Even when Booth is beatin’ down the other hockey player…Yowza.

  3. I love that scene too. Once again, he’s putting their partnership and relationship above anything else, including his job or the law. Brennan and Parker (and now, Baby B, for sure!) are the only things that motivate him to do that. There’s virility in action for you, and it’s quite delectable.

    About your question, it’s hard for me to pinpoint what has changed except they’ve gotten less brittle around each other and consequently less defensive. Back then, they were both quick to retaliate verbally whenever they heard something they didn’t agree with or that made them uncomfortable. Communication-on *all* levels-has sure improved a whole lot since.

  4. Booth + Gun = hot Add in Protective! Booth and you have HOT. That’s just my opinion. I think both Brennan and Booth have come to value team work a lot more over the years. We learned in the 100th episode that Booth really didn’t parnter up prior to Brennan. Brennan gained “people” at the Jeffersonian. I think that has contributed to a lot of their growth, including communication.

  5. I don’t think those of us who like that scene like it for the threat of killing people, its the motivation behind it. Booth went from not having a partner at all to being so invested and protective of Brennan…THAT’S what’s hot to me. Similarily, with Brennan punches the crap out of the Gravedigger. Not that we support violence over all, but its demonstrative of the affection and partnership they have together.

    Do they have great strides to make? Yes. Because now their partnership is on a different level that before. I think they hit a great balance with a work partnership, and then they added romantic involvement…..which completely CHANGES THE GAME (get it? haha Great ep title!). So now they just have new challenges to navigate.

    I hope that we do get some protective Booth moments. Not that Brennan is completely incompetant, but its just so attractive when he does it 🙂 haha

  6. I think what I find attractive about Booth threatening the gang-leader (I can’t say ‘gangbanger’ without giggling, it means something very different here!) is the fact he didn’t tell Brennan what he’d done.

    He’d effectively saved her life and he could have used that to make himself look good in her eyes, but he didn’t, which reinforces the idea that he’s a good man, not because of what he can gain from being so, but because he has integrity. The way he just puts up with her being rude to him about missing the funeral when he could easily have put her in her place over it gives a lot of insight into his character.

    It was one of the examples though of a time when Booth kept quiet about his actions where maybe he shouldn’t have. Brennan should have been told that the consequence of her rash violence could have been devastating. I’ve always really disliked the way they used to have Brennan needlessly assault people sometimes – it’s not big or clever, and although I know it’s meant to show that she can take care of herself and doesn’t need a man to protect her, it actually causes me to draw the opposite conclusion – it shows that she’s rash and sometimes needs saving from herself, whereas Booth is portrayed as capable of maintaining calm rationality – displaying devastatingly accurate violence only when forced.

    It made me cringe in the 100th when Booth said Brennan punching the judge was ‘hot’. I didn’t think it was hot, I thought it was embarrassing.

    Obviously what people find hot is enormously subjective, but for me – Brennan punching the judge, unnecessary and therefore not hot. Booth speaking the gang-leaders language and ensuring he knows that he’s just pissed off a very dangerous man who is prepared to go outside of the law he’s sworn to uphold? Little bit hot 🙂

    • I think that characterization of Brennan was moreso true before. I don’t see her that way now. I think we see that she can still take care of herself now, but we usually just see her in action going after a suspect or when someone is actually attacking her. It’s one of the “modifications” of her character that I didn’t really mind, either.

      But I don’t think she would have been impressed that Booth did that for her (just as I think she wasn’t feeling particularly “grateful” when she thought him taking a bullet meant for her cost his life). So I don’t really consider it honorable from that viewpoint. She probably would have told him that what he did was very foolish and she can take care of herself.

      • Yes, but the point in that instance is that she couldn’t ‘take care of herself’. If Booth hadn’t done what he did, there is a good chance Brennan would have been killed.

        I agree that they’ve toned that aspect to her character down (thankfully) – although they still bring it out occasionally to get laughs (for instance her tackling the guy in Hot Dog)

        Perhaps what he did was foolish, but it was a lot less foolish than the initial behaviour that got her in the trouble in the first place.

      • I was just merely stating what I thought Brennan’s response would be. I think that up to a certain point people can take care of themselves. Perhaps it would be better if Brennan started to recognize that she can’t save or protect herself from everything. But I think it is very much a part of who she is, and even if we see it get toned down, won’t ever completely go away. Just like Booth’s overprotectiveness. It’s good to be protective, not so good to be overprotective. They are opposite ends of the spectrum, but they can balance each other out. This will be good for their daughter.

  7. I never watched Buffy or Angel. It wasn’t until I started watching Bones in S5 that I really knew about DB and ED. I’m not really into the brooding, dark side. Give me a happy Booth or his charm smile any day. Brennan’s character is already a little more on the uptight side; I like the part of Booth that encourages her to loosen up, even if it involves him being a little silly or goofy. I want Booth to smile more and I don’t think it would hurt if he was a little nicer to the people around him (the squints). I guess it’s an improvement that he’s not threatening to shoot any of the squints between the eyes anymore.

    • C-bones, reading your response instantly brought to mind when Booth taught her how to dine-and-dash. She was so concerned about not fully developing her mind in that area, and he was so cute in getting her to do it, but still leaving money anyway. She thought she was soooo bad! 🙂 I love B&B moments like that.

  8. Two things stood out to me in this episode – one, that Brennan suddenly decides she needs to work on interpersonal relationships after working regularly with Booth and two, when Brennan beats the crap out of the gang leader in the Hoover, Booth lets her. He doesn’t rush to her rescue when the guy puts his hand on her, or when he rushes her after Brennan clocks him. He didn’t have to – he knew she could take care of herself in that situation.

    I personally loved him threatening the gang leader later on, but I really liked the hint of a smile he got when Booth was sitting in the car watching for him and finally saw the dude walking down the street. There should have been a thought bubble above his head then.

    Booth the Sniper is a dangerous, dangerous guy and (to paraphrase Broadsky) you never see the bullet that gets you. I think we get more sappy, tortured moments about Booth’s wet work and not enough of this kind of ‘this is what kind of man I can be’ moments. His nonchalant comment in Man in the Bear about going to (somewhere) to shoot a man through the heart and this one where he’s daring the guy to read the deadness in his eyes as he threatens to kill him – those are great reminders of what a stone cold killer he really can be.

    • Guatemala! And that is one of my favorite parts of The Man in the Bear (which I freakin’ love, so I have many favorite parts!). I love how cooly Bad-Assly he says it. Guh. So very hot.

      • And the blue shirt. Let’s not forget the blue shirt.

        (That’s also the episode when I realized he has a flat ass. 😀 )

      • “It’s a look.” Right? I just love the way he watched her being passed around in that little bar.

        And he might have a flat ass, but those abs… Oh, mama. At least in season five. He seems to have put on a little weight since then. But that scene in the lab with him in just his boxers…positively yummy.

    • BOOTH: Uh, the dog should be, you know, in the cage. He killed Seth Elliot.
      BRENNAN: It’s not his fault. He’s actually a very nice dog. He reminds me of you.
      BOOTH: Me?
      BRENNAN: He’s got warm and reassuring brown eyes and he’s capable of great violence.

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