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Vintage Bones: The Man on the Fairway- Brennan Has People


Hello and Happy Monday!

I like this episode, and I think it has a great case. There are also some great Booth and Brennan moments, particularly toward the beginning when they bicker about whether or not Brennan misses him after they haven’t done a case together lately. Brennan insists that Zack is the one who misses Booth. HA!

But I think this *is* the beginning of what we later see in season four, when Brennan makes it very clear that she isn’t interested in working with any other FBI agent than Booth (she makes it clear in season two, also, but both times, she has no choice but to work with someone else when Booth is out of commission).

What do you think of the ‘silent treatment’ from Booth to Zack. Booth says it’s better than shooting him, and Brennan accepts it and even calls it sweet. Booth shrugs it off by saying that her people are his people, to which Brennan asks, surprised, “I have people?” I love the look Booth gives her, as if he’s shocked that she doesn’t understand that her little band of squints wouldn’t practically go to the death for her, and I love that Brennan quickly puts it together that he’s right.

We’ve talked about it before–the idea that Brennan had family, even if she didn’t realize it. Do you think she recognized the loyalty of the Jeffersonian staff but compartmentalized it into ‘work’ mode? I still think at this point, Booth is the only one she’s really letting see much of her vulnerability, right? Angela does get to see some, but not like Booth does–especially by the end of this episode, once she’s given Booth the file she’d collected on her parents’ disappearance.

Booth is proud she asked, and I was also proud she asked. I love these episode endings at the beginning of this series, where they showed Brennan displaying interpersonal skills and growing closer to Booth by understanding him and letting him in.


On that note, here is your B&B of the Day:

The “We may both have people, but you are my #1 person” B&B

From: The Man on the Fairway: Season One


15 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Man on the Fairway- Brennan Has People

  1. I love a lot about this episode! Some highlights:

    BRENNAN: (after bringing down a suspect) I feel like kicking him.
    BOOTH: That’s normal after a pursuit. We try not to do that.

    BOOTH: That’s great. You knew that when you asked me what I thought. You testing out my instincts, Bones?
    BRENNAN: Poking and prodding. I learned from the best. [Pinches his cheek]

    ANGELA: In as far as I know, which is quite far believe me, no one has tried to kiss Brennan in this office and lived to tell about it.
    ********EXCEPT BOOTH DID YOU GUYSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!***************

    BRENNAN: Do you want to think about it? It’s a pretty big favor.
    BOOTH: You’d do it for me.
    BRENNAN: Yeah I would.

  2. The cheek pinching is one of the all time adorable moments for me.

    That screen cap above demonstrates something that I have always liked about the show; ED is very lovely, of course, but her character isn’t particularly glamorous. Her hair’s kind of messy in that scene and she doesn’t appear to be wearing makeup. (I know that at other times she does wear makeup, but the idea is that she’s not always perfectly put together). In fact, a large part of her screen time involves wearing a shapeless lab coat and a ponytail.

    I just like that for much of the time, Brennan looks…normal.

    • Amen! How often do you see that on television, or in any visual media? I love the simplicity of her “look” in the early days. And yes, ED is quite lovely, and IMO much prettier than Brennan. (odd that that can be true)

  3. It’s interesting that although Brennan might be the one that is portrayed as being socially awkward throughout the series, she’s also the one surrounded by people who have been charmed/impressed enough by her to have become her “posse.” Booth on the other hand has remained essentially a loner even now, tied to Brennan’s staff primarily by virtue of his association with her. Even wilth all of her vulnerabilities, in many ways I think she’s emotionally the stronger of the two. Whereas Booth is pressed to offer anything about himself except when he absolutely has to, perhaps because he believes he’ll be judged adversely by it, Brennan pretty much shares just about everything with him almost from the beginning. That she can trust anyone this much illustrates for me that she’s not nearly as damaged by her past as we sometimes think. Giving him that file showed her amazing personal strength-and even though she would deny it-also shows her ability to have faith in others.

    • I love your insight– Brennan doesn’t realize that she has mad skills that others find impressive and attractive in their own way. That loyalty is tested later when the squints go to bat for her in investigating her mother’s death, but it shows up here, too. These people are willing to buck their boss and are involved in a coverup of sorts all to protect Brennan who is a real rebel. She sees what is important and she follows through with it no matter what. It’s as if the mundane cases she’s done in the past are just that– mundane and she no longer wants to play it safe especially when there’s a murder afoot.

    • In some ways I think that it is Brennan’s social awkwardness that actually inspires the loyalty the squints have for her. Booth is socially adept, but often that just means that a person is good at superficial relationships, not necessarily at connecting on a deeper level. Brennan’s straightforwardness and social clumsiness actually endear her to those who take the time to get to know her, because they know that she’s for real. If she praises you, she means it. If she confides in you, it’s because she trusts you. If she reassures you, it’s because use actually believes you deserve to be reassured. She’s genuine.

  4. I like this episode a lot, too. I don’t think Brennan realizes the impact she has on her merry band of misfits. She’s gathered together a group of people who are instrumental in making it possible for her to do her research and to help out Booth and she gives them purpose and a sense of belonging. I don’t think she would see that until someone points it out to her.

    It’s so interesting what mariu100 says earlier about Booth. He’s much more aware of the social niceties and people seem to like him, but he is guarded. He recognizes something in Brennan that allows him to open up a bit with her, but he remains an enigma mostly feeding out dribs and drabs of himself over time. Both of them are private people and both have a tiny circle of “friends” that they let in, but just.

    • We hardly get to see Booth’s world apart from the Jeffersonian anymore. We used to see his superiors and buddies from war. It gives the impression that he doesn’t have a life outside of solving crimes, except Parker, Pops, and Brennan. Is “his people” only supposed to be the squints? There’s only one male that I can see Booth going to talk through whatever he’s going through: GGW, but we don’t really get to see him, unfortunately. Although, Booth was kind of a lone wolf; maybe he never really felt the need to have “his people.”

      • Love her character or not (I happen to like her), Agent Shaw was a nice addition to the cast because it allowed Booth to interact with someone outside his tiny circle. It showcased him as a mentor and a complete adult without the constant back and forth that-except for Parker-defines most of his other relationships. Most of the time he’s watching out for what he says or how he acts, whether with Brennan, Sweets, GGW, Cam or Pops; with Shaw, that element seemed to be missing from his behavior and it was just nice to see that side of him. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing her again, once she’s overcome a bit of her hero-worship.

      • I can’t even get over MY hero-worship 🙂 haha

      • I read somewhere (here I go again…) that it was intentional to have Booth without a set of ‘people’, mainly as a way to distinguish Bones from all the other procedurals that focus on the cops. In Bones, Booth is the ‘odd man out’ so to speak. We are forced to connect with the squints, who in most shows are behind the scenes, and our hunky cop is seen as being the outcast. How this correlates to now, I’m not so sure. The last time they brought in someone outside the circle to be, ahem, friends with Booth, she was like a bad smell…so I’m ok with him being the ‘mysterious’ one.

  5. This is one of my most favorite episodes of Season 1. The cheek pinch is just a great moment between them because it’s so easy and comfortable. So many great moments. The pig in the wood chipper and Brennan giving her parents file to Booth because he’s the ‘right’ person to investigate what happened. Booth’s face as he’s looking at Brennan’s picture as a little girl.

    I love how they have the same people and the delight in Brennan as she realizes she does ‘have people’.

  6. I don’t think either of them have much of a life outside work, but it is interesting that of the two, Booth considers himself the people person but is more alone than not, and Brennan is the solitary one who is surrounded by people.

    I also loved the way Goodman played Hodgins, and walked away grinning knowing he’d just played Hodgins.

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