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Vintage Bones: Two Bodies in the Lab- Top Five Tuesday


Hello and Happy Tuesday! It’s time again for another Top Five Tuesday, and this time it centers around another great season one episode: Two Bodies in the Lab. Actually, I’m going to say it’s better than great. This episode is epic.  It’s funny and intense and emotionally moving, and oh yeah, Booth takes his shirt off. Plus, many Bones staples/standards or what have you come from this episode: Hot Blooded, Booth eating pudding, “Knight in Standard Issue Body Armor”, Booth was tortured, etc, etc…

Even better, it really helped to seal up Booth and Brennan’s partnership, in my opinion. Pal Monisse once described the rescue scene as:

It’s truly difficult for me to pick a favorite moment of B&B from all 5 seasons, but I guess that, since my favorite season is season 1, my favorite moment is also from that season. My moment is Booth rescuing Brennan in Two bodies in the Lab (1×15).

For me this is a very special and interesting moment. Not only it is the first time we see each other coming out of their comfort zone to reach for the other, but it’s also when they realize something very special is happening between the two. I’m referring to the fact that even though Booth has a hero syndrome and he would put is life in danger to save another person, we see in that scene that it’s quite different when it comes to Brennan, because he got out of the hospital, injured as it is, to save her. At the same time, this is the very first moment that really hits Brennan that Booth would do anything, including putting his life in danger (and kill another) for her. In that moment she does something that we’ve come to see it’s truly uncomfortable for her (in relation to other people), she reaches out and holds him like her life depended on him (and a few seconds back it really did). For me, this is the first moment of a series of other moments where they do whatever they can to save, comfort and love the other in that real special way that they have.

And I tend to agree! So here are a few moments I love from that episode:

1. Brennan’s Online Dating Site:

It’s called “Sensible Partners”, which…is so Brennan and also in my opinion, a hilarious little throwaway line/joke to sort of show her possible issues with how she feels in her current partnership. Insensible, perhaps? Yes, please.  Plus I love that her handle is “Doc206”. Good times.

2. Oh, there’s magic.

Please, as if this wouldn’t be on the list. Because there is, and this was.

3. Booth interrogates David, the online dater:

I adore Brennan’s reactions to David (now that they are years away and because they annoy Booth so much), and I love how uppity Booth gets toward David also, constantly physically standing between him and Brennan. It’s also funny that based on Booth’s interrogation, that David’s biggest crime is attempting to go out with Brennan.

4. Angela and Brennan’s conversation:

This is a particularly good conversation between these two. Angela asks about David, and Brennan tells her that she likes him, and she says that Booth doesn’t approve. Angela tells Brennan that “Booth is a big, strong, hot guy who wants to save your life. I mean, you actually have a Knight in Shining FBI Standard Issue Body Armor, so cut him some slack.” Well, yeah.

5. Hot Blooded

What makes this moment special (I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the singing) is that they are both sort of…sweet, and a little uninhibited. That makes the singing special, and the air guitar (and other instruments), of course, but I especially like the moment right before Booth turns on the cd where he realizes that Brennan likes jazz music and she gets a little carried away describing it.

6. “They were very thorough. And I was very annoying.”

This is one of my all time favorite Brennan lines, because it’s true and funny and very in character while letting her be self-aware. She’s telling Booth about what happened at the site of the bomb in her apartment, and forgive me for thinking that her purposefully being annoying is actually a mark of respect/sign of affection toward Booth. 😀

7. Hodgins tries to take Booth’s pudding cup…and fails.

Hahaha! First off, I love that Hodgins visited Booth. I suppose others might just see it as a convenient plot line, but this time I don’t mind it much, because I think it works. Booth is possessive of his pudding cup and his partner, and once he realizes Brennan is likely in danger from Kenton, he gets Hodgins to help him rescue her. Good stuff.

Okay…enough from me. There are more moments in this episode as well, so let me know which ones I missed!

Until then, here is your B&B of the Day–a classic!

The “There’s nothing sensible about us, but that’s okay” B&B

From Two Bodies in the Lab: Season One


24 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: Two Bodies in the Lab- Top Five Tuesday

  1. I absolutely love this episode. I’m tempted to say it’s my favorite episode from season one, except that…well, there are just so many great episodes in season one that it’s hard to choose!

    Anywho, I love most of the moments you hit on, but I have to say the Hot Blooded scene…eh. I won’t say I don’t like it, because in a way it’s sweet and cute and…I don’t know. But it also makes me cringe. DB should not sing or do air guitar. Period. It’s so terrible! But then it’s so terrible that it’s actually kind of cute. So I’m conflicted. On the one hand, I find that scene painful to watch and I am embarrassed for them (the characters? the actors? I’m not sure). On the other hand, they are bonding and letting their hair down.

    But overall I do LOVE the episode. I think my favorite part is when David is leaving the interrogation room and Booth is like, “Yeah, he’s nice. As a SUSPECT. Hello…” (That quote is probably a little off. It’s been a while since I’ve watched that episode.)

    And I agree with you about Hodgins visiting Booth is the hospital. So freakin’ awesome. Although every time I watch it now, I hear that PI lady saying her bit about beards in conjunction with big blue eyes. That scene, with Hodgins in his little cap…his eyes are just like…WOW.

    One of my favorite Angela lines from the whole series is from this ep: “Brokeback, baby. Gotta ask.” Which makes me think of Heath Ledger and then I get distracted. Sigh.

    I could ramble on incessantly about this episode, but I have things to do.

  2. Oh Two Bodies in the Lab…how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

    Ok, well that would take too long. I absolutely freaking adore it! I love all the things you mentioned, and more!

    Favorite part:
    AGENT: There’s no we, Booth.
    BOOTH: Yeah, I’m going in with you.
    AGENT: You can barely stand.
    BOOTH: I said I’m going with you. Give me my gun.

    Honorable mention:
    HODGINS: [When Booth groans] Maybe you shouldn’t have had all that pudding.

    Bah hahahahahahahaha, Hodgins 🙂

    Truly one of my favorites.

  3. This is easily my favorite season 1 episode and probably my favorite of all time (it’s close).

    The sequence where Brennan being dragged/tortured by Kent, juxtaposed with Booth & Hodgins driving in his car is like a microcosm of the whole series. Drama & suspense mixed with humor.

  4. Two Bodies in the Lab is near the top of my list of favorite Bones episodes. There’s so much to love! And that rescue scene is just…ahhhh!!

    I love all the moments on this list, but I have to add Booth’s “toy car” comment and Hodgins’, “maybe you shouldn’t have had all that pudding” line. Hysterical.

  5. Oh, how I’ve been waiting for Two Bodies in the Lab day!!! This is my favorite episode of S1 hands down, and set the bar pretty darn high for Stephen Nathan-written episodes for me. “You know, crackheads aren’t that detail oriented” and “Maybe you shouldn’t had all that pudding” are two of my favorite lines of all time. 😀

    Although I will say – like CJsMom, the “Hot Blooded” scene also makes me cringe. I love Brennan’s almost shy reaction when he starts playing the song, and the awkwardness between them is kind of cute when David calls, but them actually jamming to the song – it’s hard for me to watch. Cringe city.

    What I do love:
    I love when they’re bickering about her dating at the scene and Booth says, “You have fun with Dick431 or whatever his handle is.”

    Angela’s Knight in Shining FBI Standard Issue Body Armor comment.

    I absolutely love the Hodgins/Booth interactions in this episode – the subtle spoonblocking of his pudding cup (which I think was ad-libbed by DB, wasn’t it?) and Booth ripping on Hodgins’s mini-Cooper as a toy car.

    And Adam Baldwin. /drool.

    Also, Hollings’ apartment looks a little familiar to that of Tracy Laveck’s apartment in Bullet in the Brain. I’m sure they didn’t hold onto that set for the last 6 years, but the color of the apartments are the same. The props department must have gotten a deal on that shade of blue paint. 😛

    I also love the commentary for this episode. DB and ED kind of laugh about him acting hurt, but DB really does do a good job in this episode, (although when he’s lying on the floor after he gets blown up I can tell that he’s on the verge of a smile trying not to laugh.)

    • Firefly, I do think that, objectively speaking, Adam Baldwin in hot. However. It is impossible for me to look at him without seeing Jayne, and that totally negates his hotness for me. I just cannot separate him from that character. Which is not to say I don’t like Jayne’s character (I think he’s absolutely hilarious), but I find him the polar opposite of hot. (Is it same to assume from your handle that you know what I’m talking about?)

      • Actually, my handle is reference to the vodka, (which probably makes me sound like a lush), but I also know what you’re talking about. 😛

      • Well, you gotta choose something. At least it sounds pretty, and conjures images of warm summer nights, running around at dusk with a mason jar. For me, anyway. I loved chasing fireflies as a kid. And I love the show. Every time I watch the DVDs I am sad all over again that it was so short.

      • SyFy ran Serenity recently – either New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. I actually hadn’t seen that yet, so I’m glad I caught it. 😀 (Although like you with Adam Baldwin, I never got into Gina Torres’s Zoe in FF because I couldn’t see her as anything but Jasmine.)

  6. Ditto to everything everyone’s already said. I miss the creepy suspects of the past (I know, minor point to all the great moments of the episode) but the show had one of the creepiest with the key fanatic. Their conversation over the tortured girl was classic B&B– we see a wealth of emotions in Booth feeling guilt over the murders, his frustration with the death and with Brennan’s dating. It has all the elements of what we’ve come to know and love about the show.

  7. I love this episode as well, but this commentary just summed up what I miss most about the show:

    “This is one of my all time favorite Brennan lines, because it’s true and funny and very in character while letting her be self-aware.”

    YES! Where did that self-awareness of the early seasons go? I know we’ve talked about Brennan’s digression as a character before but I’ve been trying to figure out at what point in the series she lost it. This is the perfect place to ask. So people, when do you think (or first noticed) that Brennan stopped being self-aware?

    • She’s still plenty self-aware. I’d argue more so. The last ep, she knew she was likely to say the wrong thing, e.g.

      Anyway, I’ll second everything everyone has said.

      I especially love the way Booth comforts Brennan after he saves her. It’s all over, I’ve got you — or words to that effect. It’s what a parent says to a frightened or hurt child and how many of us have that as adults? How lovely would it be to know one had someone like that in one’s life?

      Crying and swooning.
      Must compose myself.

      In the humor column: Brennan’s kick in “Hot Blooded.” So-o totally unexpected. They discuss that in the commentary.

      It may not be my fave of all time, but it’s right up there!

  8. My favourite Bones episode of all time. That’s right, I went there and picked an all out favourite.

    It just has everything. I love the tone of it, the pace, the suspense, the humour, the rescue – everything.

  9. Hot Blooded: What makes this moment special (I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the singing) is that they are both sort of…sweet,

    Exactly. When we saw the flashback to their first meeting in the 100th epsiode, the thing that was surprising was how SWEET they were! They were like two puppies. They were twitipated, even if it didn’t make any sense. Even though they got under each other’s skin, that sweetness remained as seen in the hot blooded scene. And now? Oh, yeah. There is an underlying sweetness.

    Booth rescuing Brennan in this episode is epic. And Brennan DID try to save herself, she was no completely helpless. She didn’t give up,and neither did he.

    Also, I LOVED Hodgins in this episode! Hodgins and Booth in the little car is classic.

  10. Oh-oh-oh. Two Bodies in The Lab. Le sigh.

    I love it. Every time I watch it I feel on the edge of my seat. Silly, but true. It’s the same when I watch Mayhem…maybe this time their fingers will touch? With Two Bodies I’m always saying “HURRY BOOTH!”

    No one has touched my other favorite little moment. It’s really more of a second or two, actually and it happens when Hodgins first shows up at Booth’s hospital room. Booth goes into an almost instant panic. “Why are you here? Is Brennan alright?” Just watch him. He immediately starts to shift into action and it makes my heart speed up every time. And then I love watching him think and figure it all out. It’s a great scene, made greater by pudding and Hodgins, whom I adore.

    I also do love the rescue, because it does clearly demonstrate that he will ALWAYS do his best to help her, but also because she’s no helpless fair maiden. She kicks ass, first. She just lost the fight, that’s all. But then he does get there and what he says when he finally reaches her just makes my shipper heart pitter patter super hard. “I’m right here. It’s all over.” SWOON. Something about those words in particular seem very personal and intimate to me and I LOVE it.

    Great ep. I feel a rewatch coming on.

  11. This is probably my favorite episode (it’s so hard to pick!). It was also the first episode of Bones that I saw so it has a special place in my heart.

    No one has yet mentioned the last scene, which I think is adorable. I love that Brennan cancels her date to spend time with Booth. So sweet!

  12. Definitely one of my favorite episodes ever. As everyone else has said, it has some of everything. I love the intense episodes where they are rushing to save someone.

    The hot blooded scene doesn’t make me cringe, merely because when people let down their guard and act ridiculous,well, we all look a little goofy! It makes the scene more real. When I’m squealing and going nuts over an episode,or goofing off with my sister, I know I look stupid!

    The rescue scene…I don’t even know. It is so amazing. Booth refused to let anyone else save her, because he didn’t trust anyone else to do right. And the way Brennan hangs on to him, and just hugs him so tight is a big step for her at this point. This is the first time we see her take comfort from him, and I think it’s pretty rare that she seeks comfort from anyone. But she can’t help herself with him. This episode showed them start to actually become friends.

    • My favorite part of the rescue scene is how Booth does not let up, until he is completely assured she is safe. He shoots the bad guy, he tries to lift her with his injuries, but when that doesn’t work, he doesn’t let someone else step in, but uses his neck instead to lift her off…that is just the ultimate Bones moment for me. And they hug each other soooo tight. There is no one else in that room. If you don’t love Bones after this epsiode, if you don’t “get it”, then you just never will.

      BRENNAN: How did you get out of the hospital?
      BOOTH: [Wincing] Hodgins gave me a ride. Maybe…maybe you could give me a ride back though, huh?

      Agh….so adorbs. 🙂 One of those times Booth can look back on and say, “I knew” and if Brennan ever admits it, she “knew” too. 🙂

  13. This is one of my absolute favorite episodes. It does have everything. Some of my favorite moments include:

    “Stay Safe.”
    “She will stay safe” (I just love the way Booth says that)

    When Booth realizes that Bones likes jazz and how shy she gets after talking about it.

    All of the pudding comments.

    One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is the ending. I believe Booth is watching Grapes of Wrath. You can hear one of the best parts of the movie.
    “I’ll be all around in the dark – I’ll be everywhere. Wherever you can look – wherever there’s a fight, so hungry people can eat, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a cop beatin’ up a guy, I’ll be there. I’ll be in the way guys yell when they’re mad. I’ll be in the way kids laugh when they’re hungry and they know supper’s ready, and when the people are eatin’ the stuff they raise and livin’ in the houses they build – I’ll be there, too.”

    It just resonates well with who Booth is as a protector for Brennan.

  14. “Can you hand me one of the puddings?”
    That line from Booth gets me every time. It’s so adorable. The way it’s delivered…Slightly whiny and pathetic cause his chest and clavicle hurt just too much to reach his pudding cup all by himself. Oh, and the look he gives her? That pleading ‘partner, save me?’ look? Priceless.

  15. Warning: fangirl ahead. Honestly, if you didn’t love Booth before (eyebrow-lift) you absolutely have to love him now, or you might not actually have a pulse. Everything about his character is just thrown into high gear in this one; all the uber-male stuff that is mixed in with just the right amount of vulnerability so that it’s not overwhelming. Swoon. Trying to put on the vest and throwing it at Hodgins instead? Double swoon. And as to the violence factor, I’m sorry-but how hot is that shot he takes at the end? Notice he purposefully didn’t kill the guy and instead hit him in the arm, not because he was being nice, but most likely because killing him might have caused him to fire the weapon he was pointing at Brennan. Perfect. Shot. Every. Time.

    PS. Jared, you rat-I want my St. Christopher’s medal back on Seeley’s chest, where it belongs!

  16. This is the episode that always comes to mind first anytime I think about season 1 – and is always my first choice to watch if I am just looking for a random episode to watch. I like to get the DVD out on this on too to listen to the ED & DB commentary. I love when DB is pointing out the St. Christopher medal being inside then outside his zippered sweatshirt. Those are details that I always see and wonder how many others out there do too.

    Booth asking Brennan for the pudding cup in his little I’m-to-hurt-to-reach-for-it voice makes me chuckle every time.

    The only thing in this episode I don’t care for was Brennan’s apartment. It felt like it was in a basement or something – I think the ceiling was too low. Made me feel a bit claustrophobic. Glad it was short-lived.

  17. Well, crap. I have been trying so hard not to read these Vintage posts until I rewatch the episode but I. Can’t. Do. It. Anymore.

    And it’s all because of THIS EPISODE, dammit. There’s just everything, from Booth’s eye roll when he turns his back on David & Brennan in the interrogation room to that jazzy little kick of Brennan’s (and how quickly do they fall into absolute comfort with each other that they can just let go like that and enjoy the song?) to Knight in Shining Armour Booth refusing to allow anyone else to rescue Brennan to THAT EMBRACE to the both of them, battered and bruised and wounded, taking comfort in just being together at the hospital.

    I mean, seriously. Santa in the Slush is still my favorite episode but this one – omgomg, this one.

    You know, rewatching this first season is almost painful, especially after immersing myself in the alternate universe of ‘what if’ after Man in the Wall – I just want to shake someone. Look what they had! Look at what they had and danced around and screwed up and had to find again – and Look. At. Them!

    So much to love. So much to love.

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