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Yo. Sup.

It’s January 12th, yay! I’m taking a break from Vintage Bones today (also, a reminder…we’ll talk about tonight’s episode tomorrow morning and Saturday and Sunday if needed and begin VB back up again on Monday. Oh, and I’ll open a post-episode chat tonight too, set to 9:01 PM EST!) to take a little time to recognize  FBI Agent Special Seeley Booth and a little something that happened last night at the People’s Choice Awards.  

Let me be clear; I’m not annoyed that David Boreanaz did not win. I would have smiled if he’d won–this isn’t a dis on Nathan Fillion or the show Castle or anything like that. I was fine with the results. What I was NOT fine with was the fact that the announcers for Best TV Drama Actor described Booth as a forensic anthropologist. ???? 

 Obviously, I take BONES personally, and most people in the world would just shrug. But Bones Theory is not most places in the world, so I feel I can be annoyed here. What the heck, PCAs? Do some research!

Pal Your1Backup I liked the shout out to fans with the five AM call…… he can feed the baby, and I had to agree! Funny!  I put the call out on Twitter last night for people to let me know their favorite DB/Booth moments, and the response was great (Gracias, btw). So here are some terrific Booth moments from the past seasons, and you are welcome to add your own in the comments. Ready??

(I think I got all of them, but I did eliminate some duplicates…If I missed yours…I’m sorry! Let me know, and I’ll fix it)

  • DiANNe0985 More than one kind of family scene
  • some1tookmename Oh gosh. Well acting wise? The end of Daredevil. Kills me every time. He rocks that scene. And anytime he’s Daddy Booth. SWOON
  • BrennanBooth His smile after Brennan told him she was pregnant and he was the father. Never. Gets. Old.
  • ProfeJMarie All of his singing and dancing moments. He may be a terrible singer, but love the spirit he puts into it. Uninhibited.
  • Janett38  Favorite DB/Booth moments? Can I say every single one of them???? (Hmmm, how about this one?)
  • Angie_Blacker Tender Chicken, his support for Bones when she fights with Angela. Also, the time he stays with Brennan instead of going w/ camBooth grabbing Brennan's hand in diner in Tender Chicken

  • Caprigirl60 Man in a Bear-“We’re in a bar-it’s a look” in response to Brennan’s ? about his shirt. *the blue shirt*
  • NatesMama1128 Man on the Fairway: “Next time you know, you miss me pick up the phone call me we’ll do lunch or something.” Cocky, pre-buckle.
  • ChoeBs Fav Booth moment (so so many, hard to chose). Well, one is his flirty advancement in 4×10 Passenger/Oven. *THUD*
  • Frankie707 Moments? When he’s in the penalty box and smiles/waves to Brennan. Critic in the hospital bed searching for Brennan then smiles

  • va32h any scene w/children. The various kids in Boy in a Bush, the brother in Boy in a Shroud, Parker, obviously.

  • Caprigirl60Fire in the Ice. “Don’t ever bring up my old man again!” to Sweets. Angry Booth is hot Booth.

    fire in the ice - Sweets' office

  • UK_MJ  And Booth and Max fighting!!
  • va32h you have to include the kiss in Knight on the Grid. Ten emotions conveyed in a 1/2 second of screen time.
  • UK_MJ And “Merry Christmas, Bones” from Santa in the Slush!

  • UK_MJ And Booth on the table with the rifle!!
  • Caprigirl60 Baby in the Bough. Booth with baby Andy. “Tiger, tiger, tiger”…moving the little legs. So sweet.
  • Frankie707 Booth on Vicodin using a bowling pin as pillow. 😀 Of course running to the buried car and pulling Brennan then Hodgins out

  • UK_MJ And “Sir Seeley”
  • some1tookmename OH! Shooting out the glass in Pudding. HELLO! YUM!
  • UK_MJ And OF COURSE ‘macaroni and cheese with Brennan’ Booth!
  • UK_MJ And happy, laughing Booth – watching Brennan karaoke, watching Brennan on The Science Dude

  • Cysvital Booth dancing like Michael Jackson, on “The Proof in the Pudding”
  • va32h End of Verdict in the Story. No dialogue – no need for it.
  • Frankie707 Oh and Booth enjoying his antifungals in fallout shelter, including telling Goodman about Parker
  • ChoeBs His I love You to Brennan in 7×01. Made my heart jump.
  • Cysvital Booth saving Brennan from the Harbingers doctor
  • Baileyjane13 Man in the Morgue, answering Brennan when she asks him why he is so nice to her. Hot.
  • Caprigirl60 Booth and Parker giving Brennan the Christmas Tree in Santa in the Slush.
  • Sharon_M745 If you are looking at recent history. The Bikini in the Soup when Brennan gave Booth his St. Valentine Day Massacre gift.
  • ProfeJMarie Interrogation scene in Silence when he punches the idiot kidnapper father. DB does action scenes well.
  • Caprigirl60 Male in the Mail. Booth going through the box of mementos from his dad.
  • some1tookmename How about 1 from season 7? Ep 1, from when Brennan calls to say she’s stuck and he runs, to the end smile before fade out. Love

And here are a few from me to round it out!

  • Well, Yeah”
  • “You’re the only smart person I really like”
  • Booth in uniform
  • White polo shirt, baby
  • Squint Booth
  • A little scruff action
  • On the pier
  • Nearly naked

  • Tipsy
  • In love

Okay….there are many, many more, and that is where you come in!

The comments are open!


54 thoughts on “Special Agent Seeley Booth. Special.

  1. Every picture listed and then:
    1. Booth pulling Brennan out of the cab (Knight On The Grid)
    2. Booth naked in the bathtub (Pain In The Heart)
    3. Booth looking down, while in the Royal Diner and Brennan puts a shell to her ear (The Bullet In The Brain)

  2. While I read this blog every single day and read every comment (I’m absolutely addicted!), I’ve never commented as of yet.


    But I just can’t even stand how amazing this whole post is! My heart flat lined, and then I woke up and drooled all over my keyboard. And that was just halfway down the post. Now I’m a puddle of goo. Thank you.

    As for my favorite Booth moments?
    Definitely end of Fire in the Ice (all time fave episode!) when they’re skating together. Season 2, when she turns around at the dock after saying goodbye to Sully and sees him standing there.
    Honestly, there are so many I have neither the time nor the space. So I’ll let everybody else bring them up!

  3. I….can’t….think….


    I thought that last night when DB was talking about (and demonstrating) how he uses a Thigh-Master plus telling us he has thighs that could crack walnuts was brain damage enough….but, now I’m totally dead. I’ll post more when I stop drooling uncontrollably.

    Thank you for this post BTW 🙂

  4. I’m not on Twitter, so I totally missed out, but I need to add to your “a little scruff action photo” (I’ve got a thing for beards). When he leaves Sweets office, he turns and flashes his badge, and he looks so child-like and just…adorable. Love love love that! And then the look on his face a little later in that episode when Angela asks why neither of them mentioned that Brennan was pregnant in the dream.

    Also, any time he’s in a three-piece suit. Oh my (that sounded saucy in my head) 😉

    • Oh! And I forgot about the seen at the end of Dwarf in the Dirt at the firing range. I love the whole scene, but when the perspective changes and shows him from behind and he reloads…for reasons I can’t quite articulate, I find that Sexy as Hell.

  5. Well thanks a lot everyone! Now I know what I’m doing over the next couple weeks….pulling out the DVDs and watching these shows again. I love Bones…Booth….Brennan…et al….I don’t know how this show doesn’t win awards every time it is nominated. Great writing, great characters, extraordinary actors and just a wonderful way to spend an hour every Thursday night.

    Just found this site recently and I love it.

  6. Okay, so clearly I had too much time on my hands last night! I could’ve kept going because there are just so many great moments. There wasn’t one there that I didn’t love when it happened.

  7. Sensitive Booth. Anytime. Goofy Booth. Anytime. Protecting my people Booth. Anytime.

    From the very beginning, he told Brennan that she needed to give a little of herself to get something in return and it’s played out throughout the seasons. What is so lovely about the man on screen is that he is a tough guy on the outside who has a sensitive core underneath. It kills me every time at the end of Hole in the Heart when he is there for a devastated Brennan.

    I also love it when he’s trying to get her to go back out into the field with him and he figures out why it was she was reluctant to go out with him. To have someone know you that well. . . .

  8. What an awesome way to start my morning! I woke up still aggravated that the Kentucky game shoved the PCA’s back in our schedule here…and then I fell asleep just after the first award was presented. Ugh! Really?! I wait this long and fall asleep? So I’m counting this post as a WIN! I may not have seen the awards…but I got my fill of some great Boothy moments and pics! Woo hoo!!

  9. Fanatastic start to my morning. However, I am now thinking we may have to install a defribilator in the office, for times like this. Loved all of the scenes described. However, if white polo gets its own shot, then grey sweater definitely needs its own shot. 🙂

  10. I thought I went a little too far just randomly spouting out favorite moments so I’m thrilled to see the ones I mentioned here.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me . . . I may or may not have a sudden desire to pretend I’m a table.

  11. Like one of your personal choices, one of my favourite ever Booth (and B/B) moments is the end of Soccer Mom – he makes does such an adorable tipsy!

  12. Ah, Special Agent Seeley J. Booth! Gets the morning started off right! And, come on, how many of us are hoping we do get a sweet scene between Booth and his baby girl. She can be a tiger, tiger, tiger too! It would be wrong if we did not. So many Booths to love! Even last season when acted like a pod person, there were moments to love. I came back around to him last season in that end scene in BITB when he watches Brennan with the shell. Damn, he is STILL dazzled in that moment. And, of course, I fell hook, line, and sinker when Booth broke out into that glorious smile when Brennan told him he was going to be a father again. I’m easy, all my worries from S6 were erased with that one smile. THAT is some greatness right there from DB. I firmly believe that the success of a show on television is based on large-part to the connection the audience feels to the characters/actors. We invite them into our homes and escape from the craziness of life. Both DB and ED have created a great show to escape into but I give DB credit for doing that in not one but 3 series. He’s been at it a long time in a really tough business. I love me some Agent Seeley Booth. And looking back at S6 now, DB had a lot of crap to sell as Booth and I think he pulled it off. We went on a journey with Booth last year. Even if the writing was crazy at times, I think DB gave us some nuances in Booth that said a lot. I know I’m biased, and call me crazy, but I SWEAR that Booth’s tone when he said he love Bones was so much more sincere/sure than when he said ILY to H. It just was. Thanks, DB!

  13. OMG-best post ever! As if getting a new Bones tonight wouldn’t be enough…So, so many good choices up there; loved every one. Here’s a few more:
    1.Running into the clinic and tipping her face up in Man in the Morgue
    2. When he comes out of the bathroom with a whole lot of chest showing after he’s been with Rebecca-to this day whenever I see that picture I get tingly all over. Also the “I’m sure she’s not you’re only option to satisfy biological urges” look
    3. When he sings the Poco song.
    4. Red-bow Booth.
    5. The look on his face at the end of Change in the Game when she takes his arm.
    6. His joyous reaction to Kris Kringle’s apartment.
    7. The look he gives Brennan at the end of Mummy in the Maze when she tells him she’s sorry he had to kill soimeone.
    8. His hurt at Brennan’s “loser” comment, -which we’ve almost never seen him show towards her- and his expression when he says “my dad drank.”
    9. The whole scene where he goes in with the Hostage Rescue Team to save the little boy (Woman in the Car.)
    10. Crafty Booth with the origami and the clay horse.
    Sorry-but I could find several “favorite Booths” in every single episode, so I should just stop now.

    • Mariu, good points! Not only do we get a new Bones today we also have this wonderfully amazing post! What a great day!! You also mention a great Booth moment, “My dad drank”…oh my word, just three words makes me want to break down and cry. Also the end of Daredevil when he says, “I mean, what is it with women who just don’t want what I’m offering here?” In those two moments especially, I just feel his pain, for lack of better words. It’s just raw human emotion. Bravo, DB!

      Also, he isn’t bad to look at either 🙂

      • That he isn’t, sister…

      • bb, you’re right about the end when he had his break down after “she who shall not be named” broke his heart. (the end of Daredevil). Wow, I had tears well up over that one.

      • Yeah, I know people argue about Booth and “H” and and all of that in season 6…but everyone at some point in their lives has felt that “Why doesn’t anyone want to be with me?” kind of moment. It was just so real. And I think that’s what sucks me into the show, because the characters have such real moments. ED does it to me when her character used to say all the time that she was meant to be alone, or she’s used to being alone/when she missed her moment. We all have our low moments in life, and Bones captures that really well. And especially when DB is performing those emotional, sad moments, I just can’t take my eyes off the screen!

    • I’m with you. I just loved the look on his face when he saw Kris Kringle’s apartment for the first time

    • oh… Poco. I totally forgot about that one. Swoooooon. Especially the tiny adorable laugh it induces from Brennan. love it.

  14. Are you trying to give me a heart attack?? Two more pictures then I’ll definitely need resuscitation.

  15. Good morning and what an ideal way to wake up! Yum!

    Double Trouble in the Panhandle and Fire in the Ice hold special places in my heart as those are the first episodes I ever watched. Any moment in those, are good for me.

    But, there are so so so many others. Love the history that this show has given us. I will be swooning for years to come.

  16. OMG, OMG, OMG.
    All those Booths and DB’s.
    Fortunately there’s an ER half a block from here.

    A lovely way to start my day.

    There are so many, many which have been mentioned already, so I’ll add these:

    The grin Booth gets after he smooches Brennan in “Change in the Game” for Max which is the same grin he gets in “Memories in the Shallow Grave” after he rescues Bones and she says she can depend on him for sexual help. He is just so smitten and pleased.

    I hate the scene at the end of “Beginning in the End,” but, my oh my, Booth in fatigues. Ditto beginning of “Mastodon.” In some interview, HH said that they had to have those scenes in Afghanistan because David in fatigues was just so-o — I’m going to say hot. Don’t exactly remember what adjective Hart used.

    Did anyone mention when he saves her from the bad doctor in “Harbingers” and then holds her and kisses her head and calls her baby? Oh dear, my heart is fluttering.

    When he comes in at the end of “Passenger in the Oven” with the champaign and says “there’s that smile.” That line is so intimate.

    ANY shirtless or sleeveless Booth, inc. the ones with you know who.

    Other fave moments (may be repeats of above).

    No. 1 is probably skating at the end of “Fire in the Ice.”
    Also love end of “Dwarf.”
    End of “Pain in the Heart.”
    As they walk off together at the end of “Pudding.”
    Plumbing scene! OOOOOH!

    Thinking about this could keep me from doing any work at all today.

    Off to the cold shower.

  17. “Rubba da belly” Booth!
    How could I forget that!

  18. Oh, yeah, meow, meow, meow — Nathan F. looked quite tubby last night. DB did not.

    • Haha I would have to agree.

    • I love Nathan and DB so I refuse to compare them. They are both attractive for different reasons. Of course, I was a fan of DB before NF; but, still, I just loved Firefly and NF is a real nice guy. ABC pulls in a different age group; so, that may have given NF an unfair advantage.

      • I’m right with you there, Lenora. It’s like comparing oranges and bananas… but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a favorite. 😉

        I’ve been a NF fan longer than I’ve been a DB fan, believe it or not. I totally missed the Buffy/Angel boat because (I have since rectified that – mainlined them both over the summer; such good stuff). I discovered NF in Serenity, then devoured Firefly (yes, I watched them backwards) and I’ve been watching Castle since it premiered because of him, which is about a year longer than I’ve been watching Bones; but both Bones and DB are, hands down, my favorites. (Sorry, Nathan)

        I don’t usually care about awards shows, but I voted for DB, ED and Show (more than once :p). All due congrats to NF and the other winners, but I was disappointed by the results of the show because I feel like it’s high time they are acknowledged for the amazing work they do. The industry hasn’t, so I was hoping the fans would be able to.

      • Lenora, that picture with the jeans/no shirt is positively sinful. If I had to go into some convent and forgo all of life’s other pleasures, I’d sneak that picture in with me. Those other nuns would just have to pry it away from my dead, cold fingers.

    • To be clear,I wasn’t dissing Nathan, I like him. But I do appreciate the fact that DB stays in such good shape!!

      • I’ll agree with you on that. DB takes very good care of himself. My screen saver on my computer at home is Booth in jeans and no shirt.

  19. All that Booth/DB is doing things to me! Wow! I love them all. He is such a fantastic actor, and he can say so much with just facial expressions. As much as I hate Daredevil, he kicked butt at the end scene!

    When he said last night that he can crack walnuts with his thighs…oh my. I had to turn a fan on!! And I love that he has Bones cuff links. The fact that he loves the show so much is amazing!

    I’m so excited for the new episode tonight!

  20. Sarah, I missed the shout out on Twitter, but I am sooo glad you added “scruffy on the couch” to your list, because before as I started looking through the list, that’s the one I would have added.

    Also, bad form by the PCA people. Part of me kind of hopes they write in a little dig about that into a future ep. Someone asks Booth a squinty question and he shakes his head in that little way he does and looks at them like they’re nuts and says something like “What are you asking me for? I’m the cop. She’s the forensic anthropologist.”

    Hart, can make this happen? 😉

  21. The end of Sin in the Sisterhood when he is looking at Brennan with longing, but quickly looks away as she turns towards him. I’d love to see a screen cap of that one.

    • I don’t like that one, but only because his haircut is so funky. Sometimes I want to do one of those finger pokes on the forehead to his stylist and ask wtf?

      • I never even noticed the funky hair because of the forlorn, lovesick, puppy dog look on his face. Next time I watch that one I will pay attention to the hair.

    • It’s like it was cut with a ruler. I hate it. Definitely finger-poke worthy.

  22. FYI: just found out they moved the Bones Episode up one hour to accomodate The Finder, from 8 to 7 central time. Maybe it’s old news, but I didn’t know. Boy, would I have been unhappy to tune in to the last Bones in several months only to see Walter Sherman’s face instead of Booth’s!!!

    One more (or two) : “making love” Booth, the “don’t touch her” Booth and the Booth that gives in to Brennan (and when doesn’t he when it matters) and dances with her real close in Queen Bee. Ooh, and the Booth that jumps in the pool to rescue the kid and later on in the series shoots Gorgonzola right through the heart.

  23. Oh my.
    cdkshvirbijfejb kpjdak
    That’s as good as it’s gonna get after that montage…

  24. I think it’s time to release those Booth Action Dolls…

    We have a whole range just from this post…and some willing buyers, it would appear…

  25. Jasper! Mega-closeups are always good.
    “Thai foooood?”
    “I just like watching you do the math.”
    Under the kitchen sink, (not) fixing that pipe.
    “Would you like me to kiss you on the forehead too?” “Sure.” OHboy.
    Hole in the Heart – too many to count.
    Actually, too many to count, period.

    I agree DB looked mighty fine last night at the PCA. (His hair certainly has made a fast recovery from that seemingly mortal blow he dealt it.) Those few minutes were worth sitting through the rest of all that Crap – uh, I mean the rest of the show. 😮

  26. The PCAs dissed DB all the way around, from misspelling his name on the PCA site during the nomination phase (which I wrote the them about and got a response), to the way they omitted his name from the verbal blerb leading into commercial to the way they frelled the description of his character in announcing the nomination. It was rather…well, annoying. Hey, I’m a Castle fan too, so I’m not ticked off about NF or Castle being chosen, but the rest of the show (over bearing commercialism, lame attempts at humor which took away from showing more awards, etc.) did nothing to make me want to watch this awards presentation ever again.

  27. o man!! did we all forget “Range Master Booth”???????

  28. And suddenly-bombarded-with-nerf-gun Booth? And couch-cuddle Booth??

  29. How about a “We found a home!” Booth?

  30. Sarah, it is true that I like him in any way, shape or form but that pic you chose for my comment,,,,ahhhh it melts my heart. Thank you!!!!

  31. Whoever described the scene at the end of DitD where the camera shows him from behind while he’s changing clips nailed it. That for me is sooooo sexy. It’s only a split second but it does things to my insides. Also in the same scene where it shows a close up of him where his face is serious and half in shadows…. Oh, oh my!

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