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79 thoughts on “The Crack in the Code: Post- Episode Discussion

  1. That was so…..

    I just love……

    I’m so freaking…..


    I’m so glad I’m DVRing these episodes. REWATCH!

  2. Frankie and I talked about how Caroline mispronounced Cher’ a few months ago. She said it right tonight. Yes.

  3. That was freaking amazing!! I never felt like the other episodes were missing anything, but for some reason this one just felt really….i don’t even know. Just felt so Bones-like! haha I can’t find the words. It just clicked!

    I love how the core team was used so much, and DB was in fine form. He switched back and forth from mad to frustrated to worried to insanely happy so many times! The end… had me in tears. Dang they were about to explode with happiness! And the baby kicked Booth! I know I won’t be sleeping tonight!

  4. Now I TOTALLY buy Pellant as a creep. TOTALLY. I hope we get to see him play with the team for a bit befoe the conclusion of all this. I liked seeing Angela and Hodgins working together. I LOVED seeing Caroline in her car again! Ha! I LOVED that Angela mentioned a baby Booth on the way. Aww. We have a home. Very sweet. They BOTH saw potential in their mighty hut. And baby Booth likes the home her daddy found for them. Aww.

    Pellant specifically called out Hodgins. Did he call out anyone else? He damaged Angela’s computer. He messed with the transfer of the body ordered by Cam. He left a message at the Lincoln statue; did he know about Booth’s family history? I’m sure he knows about Booth’s military history. Brennan was mostly focused on the personal side of finding a home (for obvious reasons with ED). He read all their trial transcripts. He circled B&B’s names in the articles. Creepy.

    Oh, well. Time to wait again! So Wendall like a Bob Villa I guess. If Wendall can turn that mighty hut into a liveable home before baby Booth arrives in six weeks he should go into the home remodeling business. Gotta love the squints! Oh, and who would have guessed that Sweets and Daisy would have had a part in helping to find Booth and Brennan’s new home?! Daisy on a vespa? Hmmm.. She won’t be allowed to babysit with that thing, that’s for sure.

    Oh, and was it me or was the exterior of their house in a tent or something? Was I seeing things? Maybe the exterior shot will be revealed in all its glory later…

  5. I just loved everything about this episode. No teaching Brennan a lesson, no corny jokes, great case, creepy villain, Caroline, the team all working together. I wish Booth had made it into the lab at least once, but it was not to be. The whole episode was very Bones seasons 1-3…which was great. Two more months until a new Bones episode….. Time for a Bones marathon!

  6. This one actually left me all creeped out, in a good way-what a great villain. Those names circled at the end? Sinister beyond words. The whole thing was very atmospheric, what with the lights going out in the lab and the music; can’t wait for the next one, although unfortunately I have to. And the mighty hut? Absolutely sweet, especially when Booth instinctively took the blame for a dumb idea only to have Brennan love the place, in that enthusiastic way she has when she really falls for something. So many neat details, and the kiss was just the icing on top-more please!

    • Brennan had an “I knew” moment at the end there for sure:) She KNEW that was there home. It had good bones:) I think there home is very them. It may look crazy on the outside but, it has good bones/foundation. If you have that then everything else can work its way out.

    • Oh, and those circled names were REALLY creepy. He didn’t have their photos x’d out but he might as well have because that was just as chilling.

  7. Couple of observations that may have meant nothing. Booth seemed, to me, affected by the woman who witnessed her father committing suicide in front of her. Now, that is a horrible scene for sure and so he may have just been showing his sympathy but…. was he affected because of his own recent loss? Did the thought of a daughter seeing her father die in front of her affect him a little more because he has a daughter on the way? Or… did the enigmatic Mrs. Booth committ suicide? Again, could have meant nothing.

    Also, the exchange between Booth and Pellant… the whole “I’m a simple man and simple men catch men like you”. That sent a chill down my spine. I felt like Booth almost gave Pellant exactly what he wanted in that moment. Pellant was chill. He relished being there and it was what he wanted. I don’t know. I just got, as Cam said, a bad feeling about that exchange.

    Oh, and this is shallow, but let’s hear it for Booth’s look when he arrived on that nightime crime scene! Holla! Black leather jacket, jean, and FBI t-shirt. Ohhhhh yeah. Looking good Booth, looking good. Booth seemed like a man enjoying having a lot on his plate:)

    • Camcat, you read my mind about Mrs. Booth; I’ve thought for a while that this might actually have been her fate, which would explain why she’s never brought up by her son. Of course, this theory would assume the creators even have a clue about what if anything they’re going to do about Booth’s mom. My guess is they’re still thinking about it. But this would be a logical way to go.

      I too found the exchange bwtween the two men chilling, particularly when he called Booth by name. Especially given the circled names, it left me with the feeling of Booth and Brennan as prey being stalked and played with right before the end comes.

      • I know this going to sound weird, but, when I saw Booth and Brennan’s name circled in the center of his montage, I sort of got the feeling that B&B weren’t necessarily targets. They were more like the center of the evil genius’s script. Not to be killed; but, to manipulated to help accomplish something. It’s just the way he had the montage set up. It just kind of niggled my mind.

      • I saw those and automatically thought: season ending cliff-hanger. I don’t know if the baddie (and I HATE him) will hang around that long but if he does, that scenario would not surprise me.

      • I just know that he better not come near BBB or we will all hunt him down!

  8. First time posting, been reading the blog for a while.

    I loved this episode, very intense and creepy. The serial killer has definitely piqued my interest. It’s too bad we have to wait so long for a new episode and that it was almost a “Boneless” episode, with Emily being so far along in her pregnancy. She’s a trooper for sure.

    It’s amazing how this show can go from such gruesome scenes and case right into what turned out to be a very tender, sweet and important moment for the main characters. I can’t wait to rewatch this one.

  9. Whew! What an episode! Such a creepy case…and B&B goodness at the end!

    I am SO GLAD that Brennan let Booth have that moment of finding their house. She could have pointed out all the flaws, but no, she said she could see the “bones” of it. My friend (yes, i let someone watch with me today!) and I “Awwwwww!”-ed out loud when she said that. And Booth’s SUPER HAPPY expression when she said that, and his eagerness to show her around????

    AWwwwwwwwww!!!! So stinking cute! It was a really sweet moment. Sigh. 🙂

    • I need to see a screen cap of his happy face at that moment. Along with his super happy expressions during “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, coma dream pregnancy, and “real” pregnancy with Brennan. I just adore excited Booth! 🙂

      • Oh, end scene Scene Study is HAPPENING this weekend.

      • Yeah for the scene study! Loved this ep and the easiness between B&B.

      • Sarah!!!! I wish I could reach through this screen and hug you!! Scene study of the ending??? I cannot wait!! 🙂

      • Thrilled to hear this. Of all the incredibly hawt & awesome expressions on Booth’s face during this episode…my fav was that split second when he realized Brennan just got him and could see the same vision as he did. For me, that was a beautiful moment where they were fully connected. And it was another one of those ‘he’s dazzled by her’ moments. *sigh*

    • Remember the cougar cruise episode in S6? There were a lot of hints at Booth’s age. In that episode Brennan said that in some tribes others hunted for “elders” his age. Booth’s response was that he WANTED to hunt. He wasn’t done yet. Well, he displayed his hunting skill here,didn’t he? He hunted out the best hut for their family. Aww. Booth likes to “fix things” and Brennan knows that. He hunted and she was pleased. And he was sooooo happy and proud to have pleased Mamma Bones. And how sweet was mamma Bones? Sooo sweet. She is so proud of her strong baby daughter. Was it rational that she thought the baby’s kick meant she liked her new room? Nope. Not at all. And it was great:)!

      • I think one of the sweetest things about Booth is that he actually listens when Brennan goes all anthropological. It’s not really his thing, but he always listens to what she has to say, even if it’s in a round-a-bout way, and he responds using some of the same language. I so can’t wait to be able to watch that scene again.

        Also, some women may have been upset that he bought a house like that, but even if Brennan was a bit skeptical, she gave it a chance. And apparently, they both love it. It still amazes me how sweet they can be with each other. I ❤ them 🙂

  10. I had a training session and none of my recording devices are hooked up since cable box changes, so I haven’t seen it yet. You are all making me crazy with wanting to see this apparently great episode. I hope iTunes posts it early.

  11. I’m at work so I can elaborate, but I do have to say that this was the strongest, creepiest and sweetest episode so far. Loved it from beginning to end. One thing did bother me though, no mention of Parker. Why wouldn’t Booth or Brennan mention him when they were at the house? More tomorrow after I watch it again. Too bad we have to wait 2 months now.

    • I’ve mentioned this before re: Parker but I do wonder if when we see him next if he won’t have some mixed feelings. Yes, I do believe we’ve seen that he likes Brennan. He’s known her for so long and I’m sure he thought to himself many times, “why isn’t she Dad’s girlfriend?”. Yes, that was brought up in one episode but I wouldn’t be surprised if had not continued thinking that, and not just for access to his dad’s partner’s pool. Ha! But now that it is reality and his dad is with Brennan AND they are having a baby together AND living together, well, that is a lot of change. Parker is getting older so I think his issues with having a sibling would be different than if he was younger. There’s such a big age difference so they’ll have a different relationship for sure. I could see Parker liking the idea of having a little sister. We’ve seen that Booth has been a good father to him and that they have a good bond. I would not be surprised however if Parker didn’t have some feeling of….not resentment but…. just a longing for having the kind of time with hid dad that his sister looks like she is going to have. Right? I don’t think it would take up a whole episode or anything but it would generate a little story for an episode. In other words, I wouldn’t be surprised if Parker would say to Booth, “I guess I kind of wish we could have had this kind of life”. I think Booth IS hyper-sensitive to this. He, to my knowledge, did not say in Memorie of the Shallow Grave that he wanted to give this child what he couldn’t give to Paker. But I’m sure that played into his thought process. We know that Booth has struggled with not always being able to have access to Parker. He did not want to be the father to Brennan’s baby unless he could actuall BE A father to the child. I could easily imagine a scenario where we get a glimpse of Booth telling Parker that he IS part of their family and wanting to make sure that Parker has a good bond with his sister. You just know Booth would be the kind of father (kind of like Max) that would tell his son that he has to watch out for his little sister. I think it would be important to Brennan to that Parker had a bond with his sister as well. So, yeah, I hope we get that but who knows. Where’s the story if everything is just all peaches and cream? Right? Right.

  12. I must be in the minority in the fandom who doesn’t think anything of it when Parker’s name isn’t mentioned. Parker was occasionally mentioned in the past – we rarely saw him. Until otherwise is said, I’m assuming Booth and Rebecca have the same arrangements as before, so no reason to actually see him more. We pretty much have to assume that Booth spends regularly scheduled time with his son even though we don’t really get to see it and almost never hear about it. Yes, Parker is Booth’s son, and can be considered a part of the B&B family, but he has always lived with his mom.

    • Exactly. Parker is an important part of Booth’s life but I don’t think we were ever lead to believe he had full custody of him. Parker has been seen a couple times each season, usually when Booth has scheduled time with him or if Booth has been asked to watch him. I’m pretty sure he’ll make an appearance at least once this season. Parker is and will be part of Booth and Brennan’s family but there’s no reason to think his time would increase. Could they have said something like they needed a room for him when he visits? Yeah…but it didn’t bother me that much either.

    • I’m with you. It doesn’t bother me when Parker isn’t mentioned specifically. I always assume the arrangement is the same as the past and he wasn’t mentioned 24/7 back then either. Do people really think that the baby will be more important to Booth than Parker is? No way will that happen. He cares too much and worries about what kind of father he is/will be.

  13. I agree that I wasn’t aware that I was missing something in the first 5 eps – all were good, most I was very happy with – but This one – Wow. It all really clicked, didn’t it? That ol’ Bones Magic (“Oh, there’s magic”) – I doubt I could describe it but I know it when I see it. And hear it. And feel it.

    Loved how the whole team was so integral in putting together the intricacies of the case – none of them could have done it without each of the others. And great to have Caroline back too, in her usual fine form. Love how she still drives that clunky old car – she kept it after Russ ran over it?

    Very creepy new villain. Baby-faced, pleasant and smug. Scary.

    Booth has said that fixing things makes him “feel like a guy”, right? Well, he’s gonna be one helluva “guy” if they get that place in shape before the baby arrives!

    But I guess that’s the point, isn’t it – he’ll be making a home for his new family. Just makes yer heart go pitterpat, don’t it….

    And how about uber-literal practical Brennan now, huh? She made the leap almost immediately, saw past the shambles of The Mighty Hut to…the bones of it. And loved it. Such softness in her face when she said they could plant a cherry blossom tree. And “We have a house, Booth. You found our house.” She knows what that means to him! And that smile of his when he replies, “We have our home.”
    O. M.-freakin’-out-here-now-.G! Rewatch rewatch. Again.

  14. I only watched it once last night, but I know I’m totally having a rewatch marathon this weekend. The new bad guy is sooo creepy. It’s always the apparently nice and charming once that are serial killers, right? Think Ted Bundy…charmed his way through life, but being evil all the way. Definitely super super creepy. However, I’m not watching to see him. It’s all about that delightful ending. I was hoping they would find something nice that would also fit in Booth’s budget so that he felt like they were partners in this and not just Brennan’s deal. And they did not disappoint. He jumped at the chance to get the good deal on the house, but did not try to force it, and she was so sweet in how she responded…and hey, even BBB got in on the fun! 🙂 Great, great show to leave us with for our next mini-break!

  15. Loved the episode….LOVED IT….but I am taking issue with the no Parker mention…i don’t think anyone is expecting huge scenes discussing him…but a passing mention? Hell YES!…when you have B&B discussing their home, their family and Parker doesn’t even get an inclusion, it feels totally off…because it is Parker’s home and Parker’s family too…all the writers have to do is have Booth say there is a great yard for Parker to play in or he will love his room…that’s all.

  16. I do agree. I think Parker being excluded from the storyline is a sensitive subject. It can be difficult for only children suddendly getting a new brother/sister and particulary when they don’t live with their dad. They are bound to have feelings of jealousy, maybe even feeling left out. B&B making a new life, family without him being a factor is leaving him out. Booth is a devoted dad to Parker this has been hammered home for yrs. Lets not forget this.

    • I might be alone in this, and it sounds bad, but I don’t really miss Parker when he’s gone. When he’s there and we get Daddy Booth moments, its great, but when he’s not there, its fine too. I think they set up a good way to explain his absences, living with his mom. For whatever reason, the actor that plays Parker is not considered a main character, thus, a great deal of time is not devoted to him. In real life, sure, you would mention your son all the time, but this is just TV. It’s not real, sometimes we have to do some hand waving, and just go with it. When the actor is available and the script calls for it, we’ll see Parker. Other than that, I’m satisfied.

      • I really do understand the reasons for mentioning Parker. Heck, it only makes sense and would have only taken one line. However, bb, I’m with you. Of course in RL, you would expect things to go a certain way. But since it’s a TV show, I don’t have to worry about an actual child’s feelings being hurt. There’s so much that they don’t talk about and show anyway. A passing mention of Parker would have been fine, nice even. They didn’t, so I just do my hand-waving thing and assume that Parker is welcome anytime and there will be room for him.

      • And they did mention him in “Memories” when they were house hunting online. I guess that it doesn’t bother me to have a lack of Parker because they do soooo much off screen on Bones anyway, that my brain just assumes they see him and talk about him off-screen. Since I have to make up their whole courtship in mind between HitH and CitG, I’m getting a pretty good Bones-imagination. 🙂

      • The lack of references to Parker may be intentional because I don’t think the actor who plays him is necessarily available all the time. From the producer’s point of view, out of sight is out of mind, so why bring him up? I don’t think they’re quite as sensitive to that situation as the viewers are, though. We know that Booth is a wonderful dad from the times we’ve seen him with his son or just worrying about him and we’d like to see more of that. But bringing him up may just lead people to ask “where the heck is he?”, so they don’t want to go there. Also, some of these episodes are so jam-packed with stuff, it’s difficult to included all that we’d like to see. I’m sure Parker will be around some time in the future to interact with his baby sister.

      • I’ve noticed with a lot of tv shows that when they reference a recurring but not regular character on an episode we don’t see that character, the dialogue usually goes into an explanation of sorts. It’s not always blatantly obvious, but the background for at least a hint of who the person is has to go in as well. That takes up time and seconds count with these shows. So for B&B to constantly mention Parker, seems like it would take up time and wouldn’t necessarily be relevant to the story we’re watching at the time. Plus, a lot of the moments people are talking about wanting to see (getting ready to be a big brother, jealous, picking out a bedroom, excited…whatever) are the ones I want to see when the actor is actually there to portray them. So for me…I agree with you bb and I’m cool with the lack of mention of Parker right now. He’s not gone. He’s not forgotten. He’s just as important as he ever was. And when he shows up on screen, I’ll enjoy it. 🙂

  17. Thank you! The fact is that Booth already has a child and has a family ~~ so instead of B&B going on about making a new family together, they should actually be talking about merging families together, that is Parker/Booth with Booth/Brennan/baby ~~ so on behalf of the first baby Booth 😉 I feel offended that he isn’t even a thought ~~ I mean c’mon! he is going to be a Big Brother, that is huge for him! ~~ seriously wouldn’t you rather have had an ep of Parker excited of being a brother to be, maybe needing reasuring that he isn’t going to be left out just cos daddy has a new baby on the way THAN the ep all about Finn and his background. That could of waited till after ep 6. Not crammed in the first 6.

    • I think Parker is definitely scheduled to make an appearance this season. I’m sure the Bones writers would have had him back earlier if they could. They’ve wanted a lot of people back: Gordon Gordon Wyatt, Russ, Jared, Cyndi Lauper’s character. And we only see Caroline and Max a little more frequently than those. But I think it really boils down to people’s schedules.

    • I found this article stating Parker will be back later this season. I miss Parker too and will love it when he makes a guest appearance.

  18. I’m going to have to rewatch “Memories in a Shallow Grave” and listen for a mention of Parker because I don’t recall it at all.

    I don’t mind not seeing Parker, that’s perfectly understandable. But at this point it almost feels like he’s being deliberately excluded and that does ring a clanging bell for me. We’re six episodes into a season with a pregnancy and baby story line front and center. There have been multiple lines about “we’re a family” and “a home for the three of us,” etc. – what, Parker isn’t part of their family? He’s the inconvenient other illegitimate child who, because he’s not there 24/7 is not included?

    It’s an odd note to strike for a character like Booth when he’s been molded into such the uber-family guy. If that’s something no one in the writer’s room has noticed yet, shame on them.

    • In “The Male in the Mail”, Hank Booth, Booth’s grandfather, “Pops”, says, “I never thought that I’d be a great-grandfather again”, an oblique reference to Parker as Parker is Pop’s great-grandson.

      Also in “The Male in the Mail”, Pops says to Booth, “I’m not defending him. (Booth’s father, Pop’s son). I’m very disappointed that you don’t seem to see the hurt that I’m feeling. He was my son. Don’t you think that I know what it was like for you? Don’t you think that I feel responsible? I raised him. Don’t you feel responsible for your boy?” (another oblique reference to Parker as Parker is Booth’s boy”.

      So Parker has not been completely ignored verbally so far this season.

      • Maybe I’m reading too much but I also thought of Parker when Brennan was looking for houses in the last scene of the premiere. She was looking at that ‘a little under 3 million’ house and mentioned “this one has a pool too”. I just made the connection, the pool is for Parker.

      • So, that’s all Parker has become? A vague mention of “another grandchild” and a reference to “your boy” when Booth and Hank are talking about Booth’s father?

        Different strokes/folks and egg yolks and if that works for you, that’s fine. It doesn’t work for me. Not when there have been several instances when Parker’s existence was just flat-out ignored – like when Booth races to pick Brennan up off the floor and says something about wanting to provide a home for “the three of them.” Really? The three of you? That’s the family unit? Maybe they should go ahead and color his hair because Parker’s definitely getting the red-headed step child treatment already.

        If this were a soap opera I’d expect him to disappear completely with no more mention period, as if he never existed. But it’s BONES so I’ll just hand/wave and imagine they’re having all kinds of conversations about Parker and his room and planning his college education and we’re just not privy to them.

        For me, it is a very jarring note and the longer it continues, the louder it clangs.

  19. The ending scene was awesome. I’ve watched it so many times already. But then I got to thinking there were other parts I enjoyed, too. Like when Sweets was talking with Brennan at the diner before Booth got there. It looks like she’s not listening that much. She’s 6 weeks from her due date, she and Booth are trying to find a place to live, and Sweets is talking about the “pressure” of buying his girlfriend the perfect birthday gift. Can someone please make an icon or screenshot of her facial expression that made Sweets quickly backtrack? But that was classic Brennan to look like she wasn’t really listening and end up taking the advice. Surprised both of them; I think Booth was definitely expecting more pushback, it looked like he had his speech prepared.

    • And I enjoyed Hodgins getting all excited about the code-breaking. He and Angela are a team to be reckoned with, aren’t they? I wonder what’s going to happen with her computer system.

  20. I loved everything about this episode! Everything clicked. I must have watched the ending 5 times! Kept rewinding it and in slow motion to see the smile on Booth’s face! That was one of the sweetest exchanges between B&B! Booth thought he messed up but then was like an excited kid when Bones loves the house too. He did say that Wendall would be doing some of the work to get the house ready.
    I loved Booth’s unbuttoned shirt, his facial expressions, and how proud & happy he looks when Brennan tells him “You found our house”
    Can’t wait for the scene study this weekend and some awesome screen caps! You can see at the very end Booth kissing her and he has his arms on her hips. Aaaahhhh!

    • Re: the unbuttoned shirt – Booth was obviously wearing a wife-beater under that. Someone couldn’t have conveniently spilled something on the overshirt so he had to take it off? Dangit.

      • You threw me a little. I had to googlel wife beater to find out it was a sleeveless t-shirt. Maybe we’ll get to see shirtless Booth when he’s renovating their house or at least t-shirt Booth.

      • Sorry about that! I’m sure there’s a less distasteful way of describing those undershirts. It’s a bad habit!

      • During rewatch-number-whatever last night, I too had a flight of fancy about Brennan coming home to scruffy-in-undershirt Booth working on the house – had to strangle the fangirl scream that welled up, since it was very late by then (no need to alarm the nextdoor neighbors).

        Booth said he’s got Wendell lined up to help – I can see the whole team pitching in as it gets closer and closer to their baby-deadline. Hodgins, Angela, even Sweets. And Daisy could arrive and drive her new Vespa into a wall or something cuz she couldn’t find the brakes in time.

      • Let’s see, for helping with the “mighty hut”:

        Booth and Wendell: manual labor
        Hodgins: manual labor (he has got series muscles we know!) and he could blow up a cool picture for decoration like he has done before of gross things that look beautiful
        Angela: maybe draw or paint a mural(s) or some kind of wall art? help Brennan shop for decorations
        Cam: could be in charge of calling contractors, making sure things stay on task/on budget
        Sweets: could be in charge of interviewing nannies, profiling them to make sure they are legit

        Um…anyone else? Not sure how Daisy or the other Squinterns might fit in….

  21. Those are very sexy t shirts, however! I would love to see Booth working on the house in jeans and sleeveless t-shirt!

    I loved Caroline in this episode also, esp. here line “‘Cause you got a little Booth comin’.”

    • And the little grin on her face when she said that – geez, I love that woman. I just want to follow her around and collect quotes 24/7.

  22. That kind of t-shirt is technically a “singlet”.

    • Aaahhhh! Otherpaul, hello from the IMDb board! Nice to see you here! I have a question about Caroline’s quotes. Can anyone understand what she says to Booth when leaving his office. After the “you got a little Booth commin” line as she leaves she says, “I figured that “Oh”, impies all the potential problems, why (inaudible ) a little. Booth then mumbles, “Problems” Can anyone understand what she said?

    • Only you would know that Otherpaul! I thought the “wifebeater” term came about after Marlon Brando wore that t shirt in” A Streetcar named Desire”?

  23. I liked this episode and not just for the B&B! It’s about time we had a crime that didn’t just happen in the background. Do you think this creepy guy is going to be Hodgins’ nemesis? We already had one for Bones and Booth, why not have one for the rest of the gang? It was just interesting how he mentioned Hodgins by name.

    • Ooohhh Natbor, you are making my mind race! Perhaps Pellant and Hodgins know each other from a secret conspiracy group or something…because Hodgins when we met him was actually kind of like Pellant in his anger towards secret things, governments, JFK, etc….but Hodgins chose the path of channeling that into making the world a better place. Pellant has chosen risking solders lives and dismembering people. But, perhaps he and Hodgins have some past secret conspiracy connection??

      • Hmmm…Interesting theory about Hodgins & Pellant. Maybe they did cross paths at one time. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

        Re: Caroline saying, “Why gild the lily?” I’m not sure about that. I thought perhaps, “why not give a little”??? Too bad we don’t have closed captions!

      • I just rewatched the episode on my lunch break and MJ is correct, it’s “gild the lily.” The phrase means to apply unnecessary ornament – to over embellish. I laughed both times I heard that line. Gotta love Caroline!

      • I thought it was interesting that Hodgins was going on and on about John Wilkes Booth until Cam reminded him that Booth is related to JWB. Maybe that’s why Pellant is going after our crew. Booth is related to an assassin, Hodgins believes in consipiracies and assassinations and Hodgins may know Pellant. Our crew fights evil doers inside the law and Pellant (an evil doer by the way) fights what he considers evil doers outside the law (like Brodsky; but, on a more macabre level). My mind is just wandering; but, I thought I would put my two cents out there. This isn’t spoilerish, just speculation.

      • They’re brothers! I read somewhere that Hodgins was gonna get some family? So maybe they’re related 🙂

      • If they actually give Hodgins a “brother,” I might just throw something. He specifically says he’s the only remaining Hodgins.

    • Interesting that you say Hodgins because I was thinking Sweets! Taffet: Brennan, Broadsky: Booth, Pellant…I don’t know? He seemed sort of young and obnoxious, eager to be a big deal. Sweets described him as socially marginalized with a really high IQ, which also describes Sweets, IMO. Sweets certainly has grown some over the years, but I thought Taffet and Broadsky were sort of to serve as “what ifs” to B&B, and Pellant reminded me of an evil-Sweets type. There was also this moment in the interrogation that seemed like a battle of the minds between Sweets and Pellant. But…I like the Hodgins angle too, and I can totally see it. I think what is cool is that this guy actually is a counter to each person on the team. By cool, I mean evil and scary, but I’m looking forward to it, because I think it will challenge the characters, which should make for awesome growth/episodes

      . Janet (ProfeJMarie) mentioned on another site that one cool thing is that while Pellant MIGHT be smarter than any one of them, when the team combines their efforts, it’s not likely they will be beat. The issue comes (I’m totally rambling, bear with me) when someone like Pellant has NO problem killing anyone who stands in his way, and the team has a hard time with all deaths.

      • I totally agree on the evil-Sweets take of Pelant. He even bears a pretty obvious physical resemblance to Sweets.

      • I agree, I think this is going to be a team effort. Yes, he very well may be smarter than Brennan. Smarter than Hodgins. Tough for anyone, even a simple, brave, man to take down alone. Booth told Brennan that Taffet would never get the best of her…..I don’t know if that will be true this time. I think it will take all of them. They have always been stronger as a team but this time I think it will definitely take everyone and, hey, maybe some new team members too, to take this baddie down. I say bring it on! He may challenge B&B but we know they never give up. And i really hope that no matter how much he may challenge them, B&B will always be able to come home to their mighty hut with the good bones to regroup together.

  24. I just watched the episode again and can I say I liked it even better the second time, it’s going to be a long wait until the end of March.

    • I forgot to mention that I’m not sure if is the fact that this Pellant character looks “normal” but he really creeps me out. I work night shift and when I went in last night I was looking in all directions all the way from my car to the building, I was indeed a little scared.

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