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Morning After Q: How Important is the “Mighty Hut”?



Sometimes it is hard for me to come up with MAQs–usually that stems from either strong dislike or like for an episode. I found myself thinking, “If I squee and put a question mark at the end of it, does that count as a question?”  Haha!

But when I went back and thought about the episode, a few questions did come to mind. (Quick sidenote: I’ve noticed several people lately commenting with “First time commenter”, etc and WELCOME! The more, the merrier!) We’re currently working through all episodes of BONES together, and it looks like we have about 2.5 months left until another new episode, so I know we certainly have time! All that to say, Vintage Bones will continue as scheduled, but there may be an occasional post not related to that, since last night was sort of re-energizing to my inspiration, so to speak.


One thing I loved about the episode was how Booth described their possible house to Brennan, and when he downplayed it, she anthropologically explained how it would be good. Booth quickly ascribed to her theory and they declared themselves mighty vanquishers of their possible mighty hut. And I loved how they kept referring to their place as “the mighty hut”–even when they were inside it.

The season premiere had Booth declaring that they needed a place, “our place!”, that would be theirs. I agreed at the time, but until the end of last night’s episode, I don’t think I was as convinced as he was.

But what do you think? Is an actual physical location important in the scheme of B&B? They’ve always been ‘them’, but do they need a place to really be them? The premiere also had Brennan stating that though it wasn’t rational, she saw the benefit to having Booth around all the time for emotional, practical and sexual purposes. I didn’t see a lot of that “rationalization” last night. I saw two people who glowed with anticipation at sharing a wonderful life together. It isn’t convenient (and the house WILL be work–congrats, Wendell?) but not too complicated either.

But B&B have had shades of that glow before. I’m wondering if the physical house allowed them to better express to one another that they were happy, or if it’s just a reflection of their happiness.


Peace, Love & Bones,


PS: One last note: My New Year’s Resolution was to not talk about people. I don’t usually talk about people, but I want to just purposefully eliminate it from my life, right? I feel like a modern day Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography 🙂  That’s another story, of course…but the point is this: I didn’t think about this resolution translating to Bones until last night/this morning after I read some comments from other people. At the risk of breaking my resolution to describe it, I saw people talking about the show/episode and I saw people who appeared to be more concerned with analyzing others’ reactions to the show/episode.  People can do what they want, but as for me, I want to talk about the show, and I don’t want to talk about people. My opinions should be based on my reactions to what happens on the screen, not as part of some hierarchy in terms of stacking my opinion up against other people’s opinions. So this is an accountability measure– if you see or hear me talking about Bones fans, specifically or in generalities, call me on it.


36 thoughts on “Morning After Q: How Important is the “Mighty Hut”?

  1. A is a house until it’s a home. Both Booth and Brennan had terrible childhoods that left them without a family home. They’re were separated from their parents when they were young and both lost their home.

    I think having a home of their own is important to them. If gives them an anchor. It allows them to create a home that they consider theirs. You could see the excitement in both of their faces last night when they started talking about planting trees, knocking out walls and building a tree house. These are obviously things that they have thought of as part of home ownership. Things that they could never have in an apartment.

    I just loved that Brennan could see the strong bones of the house. I loved that she could look past the mess the house is in right now and what it could be for her and Booth down the road.

  2. I thought the whole “mighty hut” thing was wonderful. This time we see Brennan’s anthropological comparisons as helpful and encouraging, rather than intentionally or unintentionally putting Booth (or anyone else down). She was seeing the positives “having that life” as Angela calls it, but still being herself and still thinking in those anthropological terms. It was sort of everything we knew she could be, as fans. She can be loving, warm, caring, but still scientific Brennan. I absolutely adored the mighty hut idea. It’s so B&B!

    From an anthropological standpoint, I think it reassures Brennan that Booth does want to be a part of providing and protecting her family, alpha male style. Obviously she is capable on her own of great things, but its nice to be able to sometimes relax and rely on others, that someone else has your back. The mighty hut was a great part of both of them. Booth heard about, and got, the house (and a good price) through his line of work, and Brennan loved and accepted the house because she could see the “bones” of the house…which was a great line BTW…and she could see the potential in it. Sort of liike their relationship sometimes? If the foundation is good, then you can work on it!

    I thought it was just right 🙂 And now we have a new classic Bones term, “the mighty hut”!

  3. Even in the premiere when Brennan stated that she thought they should live together for practical purposes, I knew it was more than that. The happiness we saw last night was great. It’s one thing to talk about getting a house together, and then the process was difficult for them. But when they looking at the place together, it became very real for them. Even before when they talked about a home they could have been afraid not to hope too much. But now, they were so euphoric it’s like the sky really is the limit on the kind of life they can make for themselves. I loved that in the final scene, even in a dilapidated house, you could just feel the love they have for one another. I did not see a couple together and buying a home just because of the baby.

    I really like Lenora’s response. Booth and Brennan is my favorite couple to watch because of their complex and difficult pasts (at different points for each of them). It’s like I automatically root for them to finally have a family to call their own, a home of their own that nobody else can take away. And every time I see the love and affection between the two, I think about how it will extend to their daughter, and she will certainly be one lucky child. She may have been unplanned, but she is most definitely wanted.

  4. Just wanted to say that for me, the best thing about the new house/mighty hut was that Booth found it, put the security deposit on it, and then was terrified to see Brennan’s reaction…when she loved it, you could see Booth swell with pride – it seemed to me to be a much-needed boost for him. He wants so much to be the provider, the traditional dad, and I just felt happy for him that he got to have that moment!

  5. I think the house was really really important to Booth, and that Brennan didn’t realize how important it was to her until she stepped inside and saw the “bones” of the house he’d found.

    And this is probably just me, but in my world of cotton candy clouds raining M&Ms, the final bit about Baby Girl Booth liking her room wasn’t scripted. They went in for that kiss, the baby kicked and they both played along perfectly. Don’t disillusion me – it’s my warm and mushy thought for the day.

  6. The mighty hut. LOVE it. B&B are B&B anywhere but now they have their own place that is theirs. A place they can come home to together at the end of a long day, a place that they are building and creating together. Their future. It is not just about their work partnership anymore, they share a home, family, and hopes and dreams for the future and that is the real anchor for them now.

    I loved them both last night. They were so true to themselves and yet demonstrated an ability to understand each other. They were SO HAPPY with their hut and all the things they could, they can do “anything we want”. There is no way those two are together just because they have a child on the way. Nope. That kid is icing on their cake. Maybe her existence helped to move her parents along a little faster but that is all. I loved the kick baby Booth gave to her parents at the end! It was so sweet and kind a of little reminder to them that, “hey guys, I’m here too”:) Aw.

    I’m bummed that we have another hiatus, but this was a good way to end for now. I hate that it got juggled around to pimp the finder, especially since it was such a good episode. I hope people get to see it and jazzes everyone up to return in the spring. They deserve it!

  7. a) Anne of Green Gables allusion with the tree by the window! ❤

    b) Of course it would be a bare "bones" house — they have to work at being in a relationship. It would be easy if the house was perfectly made for them in the literal sense. It would be right if the house will take some work, but is perfect for them in the metaphorical sense. Thus the continuation of the theme!

    c) Brennan talking about seeing the bones of the house felt like she was saying that she knew who Booth was in her own way, which was incredibly sweet.

    d) The Jeffersonian has always been Brennan's, just as the FBI building has always been Booths (and even moreso now), so I think that this together-place, their "mighty hut", is needed, just like the little messages of hope at the end of every Bones episode. Needed, and not always physically there, but present all the same.

  8. I think the house was important in a symbolic way. It’s neutral territory, unSullied (ha!) and Hannah-free, with no memories but the ones they’re going to build together. Everything here’s going to require cooperation and compromise, from the doorknobs and light switches to the color of the walls, and the fact that so much work has to be done will end up making it truly something they’ve built together and they’re both equally invested in. I love how DB played that last scene; Booth has always been so tentative around Brennan, looking up to her for approval as if there’s a good chance he won’t pass muster, and that just-below-the-surface insecurity immediately showed itself when he thought she didn’t like the house. ED’s reaction was wonderful, not only because of how easily Brennan can make Booth the happiest guy on earth, but because it was so earnest and sincere. It’s one of the things Booth loves about Brennan-her utter sincerity and her refusal to “play along” just to spare someone’s feelings. She wasn’t just pretending she liked the house for Booth’s sake-she actually loved it, along with the fact that he found it for them- and Booth will never have to worry about whether she was just being polite. They were like little kids in that house and its nice to see that joyful quality bubbling up when they’re together.

    I also liked the fact that the house was important enough to him that he took the time and effort in the middle of a massive investigation to look for it. It was funny that with all the resources and time available to her, it was “the simple guy” who found it, and she was proud of her man for that.

    To the ending: this scene was played perfectly. It was intimate and showed them being as affectionate and loving to each other as I’ve ever seen; I was quite pleased (massive understatement!). Like Sarah said, the “convenience” factor of them living together was nowhere in sight. Although them being alone in that big, dilapidated house made me feel very vulnerable for them, especially given what we saw in the villain’s house. The juxtaposition of a completely clueless, happy, in love B/B kissing carelessly and those names circled in red was truly disturbing and full of foreboding.

  9. Their mighty hut is very important to them. To have a place that they can make their own, together. I loved that Booth got to find the house. He is a very traditional guy, and he likes to feel like he’s providing for his family, and you could see how proud and excited he was. Brennan didn’t realize how important having their own place was i think, until she got in that house. Then she was so happy and making plans for the future, and it doesn’t scare her at all any more. She wasn’t being rational, she was being a mother and a girlfriend, but without being un-Brennan like. She wants them to be a family and to last forever and I think she’s really starting to believe that some things do last.

    When Booth thought he messed up, and that she didn’t like the house, he broke my heart! He was so upset and embarrassed. Then she said it was perfect and he just lit up! The writing was superb and this is one of my favorite episodes ever.

    Major props to DB and ED, they were phenomenal! ED was only a few days away from giving birth, and she still gave it her all, when I’m sure she had to be exhausted. She is a dedicated actress!

  10. Stealing this from JMG:

    Someone on Tumblr noticed the number 447(4:47) in this episode:

    Man I wish I had eagle eyes like that!

    • I didn’t notice that one either. But — did you see one of the newspaper headlines in Pellant’s sinister collection? “Hero of Highway 447” Ha!

  11. Echoing what has already been said.

    I also like that Booth will be doing some of the work himself. That way he is providing the home for his family even if he can’t do that alone financially. That and finding the house let him fulfill his alpha thing even though his alpha female could do it all on her own.

    “Mighty hut” is a great term, esp for describing a first home. Most of them are mighty huts: not much, but full of the promise of the future, whether for an individual, a couple or a family. And, everyone has dreams about how they’ll make that hut mighty and their own.

    • “Mighty hut” would also be great used ironically for later homes that are big and have been fixed up with all the latest decorating and electronic stuff with dual baths and dual walk-in closets and media rooms and caves for everyone, multi-car garages, etc. 😉

      I could see asking someone if they want a tour of your fantastic new home by saying something like “I’ll give you the grand tour of the mighty hut.”

  12. Their mighty hut of the future is almost a hovel of today, but it’s reflective of how far they’ve come. They both came from pretty horrible conditions– hinted or otherwise– and they know how to turn the ugly into hope. They do that in their lives, they do that in their relationship, they do that in their jobs. It’s a great metaphor for them.

    It’s not really what it looks like now; it’s what they make of it.

  13. I can’t wait to see how they fix it up after the break! The outside of the house looks very nice. Will they have a barn for horses??

  14. I love the mighty hut! That a criminal’s property is taken over by a crime-fighting duo is just so…cool. To change the legacy of that house from it’s storied past to a wonderful and bright and happy future resonates with me. The similarities to their past and transforming their future into something to look forward to, together, ahh, I just love it.

    I love that Booth was so excited about the swing and tree house. Not only do they get to build one outside, but they finally get their tree house too – and they get to build it the way they want it to be. (Maybe now, they can even put in that pool.)

    I also like the way Booth tried to break the ice about the condition of the house to Brennan…and she got that he wasn’t talking just about the case.

    Every time I watch that last scene, which is a lot already, I tear up when Brennan tells him that he found their house and he replies of “We have a home.”

    • Just thought of something – after all the teasing about “you won’t believe what kind of house Booth and Brennan end up with!” from the interviews, it’s basically just a house. Confiscated property and trashed into a rehab state, but it is just a house.

      Honestly, I was afraid they’d end up in something like an old movie theatre or, you know, a hotel. 😀

  15. Ok, this tidbit won’t really matter to those of you who live outside of Louisiana; but, Caroline pronounced Cher’, like we do in Louisiana, last night. This was the first time I’ve heard her do it and my Mom and I were really happy to hear it.

    If this gets back to them some how, I want to say, thanks HH and Patricia.

  16. I’m dying to watch the episode again but I can’t find it on iTunes yet, even though The Finder is there, as a Free download.

    There are so many things I want to rewatch, I’d like to pay attention to things I may have missed and of course, rewatching the lovely Mighty Hut final scene…so sweet.

    • If you buy the episode of Crack in the Code on Amazon, they automatically tacked the Finder’s episode from last night into your purchase.

      • Thanks, I just realized they did the same thing on iTunes. We have to download The Finder, tagged with this episode. Very sneaky…but while I tried to like The Finder, it just didn’t do much for me.

  17. ” I mean, seriously, can’t you just see him sliding down the fire pole in his dress shirt, holster, boxers, socks and slippers?” Ahhhhhh! *head explodes*

  18. Fairly new here. Have been reading for a couple of weeks.
    Loved the episode. The theme of the mighty hut being made into something beautiful to me symbolizes their journey to find each other and build their lives together. The foundations (bones) are stable and able to handle whatever it takes!

  19. Loved the episode. And yes… I do agree that a mighty hut is important to B/B’s relationship. There is something sentimental and romantic about building a home together versus buying one that’s already set-up and ready to move into. Booth and Brennan were just too adorable in that last scene.

    And pardon me if I read too much into the last scene but I would like to believe that the mighty hut is also symbolic of B/B’s relationship. (Maybe somebody had already mentioned this in earlier comments so I agree with whoever said it :-)) Brennan said that the house had a strong foundation even if it is a mess on the outside. Booth and Brennan had a lot to go through the past season or two and it was kinda “messy” and “complicated”. But their foundation is strong and that’s what matters the most. Just like the mighty hut, we have a mighty B and B. The center holds mightily despite things that have happened. 🙂

    • Phoenix and gwen, lovely comments, and so true!

    • Exactly. Past. Present. Future. I like to believe the foundation is solid enough for B&B that the can withstand all the challenges they will face. They’ve faced challenges in the past and, despite it all, came out stronger for it. Yes, they are ficitional couple but I think the same can be said for real life couples to. Life is tough. Finding a parnter to walk through life with, and building a home together to come home to and weather those storms together in is means a lot.

  20. In Male in the Mail when Brennan was talking about moving to Costa Rica, Booth suggested Maryland. He said that the bureau had just confiscated a property there and that Maryland is a great place…then Pops walked in and that conversation ended. We know Booth got the idea to check out the U.S. Marshall’s auction from Sweets so the mighty hut was captured at that auction. I wonder if their house is the house Booth mentioned in MITM…. I remember thinking when he said that in MITM and DB’s comments about their house being funny made me think that they would end up with house that had been captured by the feds which, to me, is funny/ironic.

    • I really like this reasoning. I know they scatter clues across the story arcs and this just feels like a perfect possibility. Spot on, camcat!

  21. VERY! Love your reviews Seels.
    As an aside, Wendell appeared in Castle (Dial M for Murder). Strange seeing him there.
    The mighty hut is their haven, their own place where they can put there own stamp and make it into whatever they want. They can either make it a great place or distroy it. It’s all up to them. That makes it very special as they sort of have a clean slate to start from. No past relationships to jinx the place. It will just be their personal experiences as a family.

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