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Scene Study: The Crack in the Code- It’s Going To Be Wonderful



Once this episode’s credits started rolling, I knew I wanted to do a scene study of the final scene. One reason was because I was smiling; another reason was because I had tears welling up in my eyes.

You know how an episode like Fire in the Ice might mean you smiled for the entire weekend? That is how this episode made me feel. I found myself smiling, feeling generally good, and when I analyzed it, I realized it was because Bones was good.

Enough from me on that; let’s get to the scene!

It opens up with a front view of what I assume is the house B&B will renovate and live in. If so, it is very, very lovely! I hope that if they do show exteriors again that it is the same house (remember the shot of Booth’s place in Pain in the Heart–but then it was never that house again?)

“We will get him, Booth,” Brennan declares as Booth opens the door for them. “It might take time, but he is not smarter than I am,” she asserts.

“Just be careful in here, alright?” he says. “I don’t want you tripping …” he says, just before he proceeds to trip over some loose boards.

“Whoa!” Brennan says, and Booth insists there is a light switch around there somewhere.

“Booth?” Brennan says.

“Yeah?” he answers.

“The mighty hut appears to be leaking.”

First of all, I’m so happy that “The Mighty Hut” is a THING! I don’t mean that it exists on the show (I do love this), but that fans have immediately adopted it into the “mac and cheese, jasper, eventually, etc.” type of Bones lingo!

“Oh, I’ll be able to patch that,” Booth insists with a wave of his hand, and in his work shirt, unbuttoned a little extra, we believe him. The show often will dress him when they want him to be particularly poorer than Brennan (or if it’s not dress, than he’ll be eating cup-of-soup, for example–in season five, I remember it for sure), and this is no exception. Obviously this is a very blatant “blue-collar Booth”, when there are other times when he’s a little more fancy. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying…you’re not fooling anyone, costume department.

“Listen, I told you this place needs a lot of work, so you need to use your imagination,” Booth tells Brennan.

‘Imagination is for normal people’, she thinks. Haha, kidding. She’s probably not thinking that. Probably.

Booth leads her into another space of the house and turns on the brightest lightbulb known to man.

“Huh? Right?” he asks, clearly pleased with his find.

Excellent job, BONES set crew! I kind of think this is the shell to Booth’s apartment-set. They were tearing it down at some point, and the doorways seem to be about the same from the interior. I don’t know that for sure, but it just seems like that.

“Oh my God, Booth,” Brennan says. And Booth automatically gets this, “I’ve made a huge mistake” face.

“Right.” he says, immediately agreeing with her. I thought that was interesting, and fairly Boothy. I think he acts from his gut, what feels right, and the house felt right (he knew!), but he knows Brennan is the brain (or at least, they have allowed him to think less when it comes to the two of them), so if she is having intellectual doubts, he is going to assume he made a mistake. “Look, it’s no big deal. I can get my security deposit back,” he says.

“It was only one month’s salary. It’s not gonna kill me.”

Brennan sort of walks away from him, and he verbally stops her. “You don’t want to go over there. That part kind of blew up.”

Haha, Brennan makes the best faces.

“It’s where the Marshalls breached. I’m sorry,” he says and then he just…gushes, “It was a bad idea, I messed up.” and I’ll be honest, it was a little uncomfortable to watch.

He just immediately discredited himself, and when I watched it the first time, I thought, “Hmmm…emotional manipulation from the writers here,” and we can now see from the screencaps that Brennan’s facial expressions were considering at best and clearly skeptical and concerned at the worst. Perhaps she was just weighing all of the details around her, but still…they set it up that she would seem unimpressed, and he would immediately apologize and feel like a failure, etc, etc. I wasn’t a fan of that. I’m not saying that Booth WOULDN’T sort of take a gamble on a place like that and then feel a cold reality if he thought he messed up, but he was VERY quick to be VERY negative toward himself. I don’t know…thoughts from you? It just seemed a little contrived to me–the deliberate way the writers had them misinterpret one another, I guess (especially because then it was all a writerly-set up for what happened next. Manipulation!).


“It’s perfect,” Brennan declares.  

“What?” Booth can’t quite believe his ears.

“I can see the bones, Booth. The bones of the house. It’s going to be wonderful,” Brennan explains. And…an awesome line!  Despite my dislike for how vulnerable Booth was before (not that he was–just how deeply), I do love the way the realization comes across his features.

I think that is one of my favorite Brennan pictures of this season.

“You mean that.” Booth confirms.

“The beams and the doorways appear to be structurally sound, and…the proportions are very pleasing,” Brennan answers, in the way she might describe that Booth is very pleasant to look at, haha, so we know it’s love!

Also, most beautiful pregnant woman on TV…EVER. Ever.

“I can imagine it whole,” she says, which is also a very beautiful statement. I loved so many of the responses here (from the MAQ, etc) and on other sites, as people described it as a symbol of B&B– how on the outside it takes work, but they both can see the goodness and they both feel it’s worth it.

“So can I!” Booth basically bursts with excitement and validation, I daresay. “There’s a backyard. There’s room for a swing,” he tells her. “A treehouse!”

We’ve talked about it before how Bones is a story of redemption, and what I think we’re seeing here is not just two people who have professional lives that cause some doubt, but also their childhoods. So Booth is very intent on doing this right (as he is on a lot of things– what does Brennan say, “That’s you all over–making things right.”? in an earlier season), and that very seriously includes items from their required list.

“Where’s the baby’s room?” Brennan asks.

“Oh, you’re gonna love it,” Booth is pumped and he leads her toward the space. “It’s this way, okay? Careful walking around!” he tells her.

And come on, tell me that’s not Booth’s bedroom doorway!

“Look, it’s right here,” he tells her. “It’s right next to our room, okay, so we can be close to her.”


“We’re going to rip that wall out,” he continues. “It’s going to be huge.”

“We could plant a cherry blossom tree outside the window,” Brennan says, and seriously, she is lovely.

“Anything. Yes we can,” Booth says, and I loved that. He was already saying ‘anything’ automatically–he was so pumped up, he would have agreed to anything. But THEN he actually heard what she said and it IS/WAS totally possible, so he was all, “Yes, we can!”

“I talked to Wendell, and you know, he needs the work, so…we’ll get this place in decent shape before this baby arrives.”

“We have a house, Booth,” Brennan smiles so happily.

“You found our house,” she says, and…no words. No words!

Okay, okay…yes, some words. The tone of her voice is the sweetest thing in the world. What is awesome about it is that it’s not out of character either, right? She’s complimenting him. It’s sort of a little flirty, maybe? She’s impressed and thankful and I don’t know the right word. She’s praising his actions; she’s gushing about it, a little? Maybe that is what I mean. She’s just overflowing with how she is feeling, and she is stunningly pretty. It’s completely her, completely happy, completely in love with Booth, completely thankful for what he did, completely not-threatened by it, completely looking forward to this house with their coming baby. It’s just wonderful. Completely wonderful. Who is NOT in love with Brennan in this moment? I remember after Bullet in the Brain (I think), when Brennan is holding that seashell, Rankor (I also think–correct me if I’m wrong!) mentioned that seeing Brennan that happy was the same as I might feel at seeing Booth shirtless. Incredibly attractive, basically. And in this moment, Brennan is just beautiful. She takes my breath away. Her eyes!!

THIS is what I’ve wanted to see from Brennan this entire season (and Booth too for that matter). There’s the tendency to say things like “Oh, I’ve been with my (spouse, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc) for years, and we hardly ever kiss anymore–B&B are normal, boring, in a relationship. It happens,” and I just want to rebel against that thought. I’m not saying that their relationship can’t have some normalcy in it, or that every moment has to be gushingly romantic, but theirs is a love that transcends normalcy, which is one reason why people write about it, blog about it, fic about it, obsess about it, etc. It’s not because it’s such a realistic expression of our own lives–it’s because it’s a reflection of what some of us really want. Again, not to single out people in relationships or people NOT in relationships–I do NOT mean to do that. I’m just saying that for me, I want B&B to be more than special, especially within the first year of being ‘together’. They shared looks (or shades of looks) like these over the years, then there was the time when they both at different levels had to hold back–but dang it, once they were together-together and free to express their feelings–I WANTED TO SEE THEM! I did not want to have to dig for them or their meaning like foolish gold-miners who pan for the smallest inklings of gold and mistake fool’s gold for the real thing. I want the real thing. And for the first time since they’ve had the permission –or given themselves the permission to be together, after having verbally discussed not going there (meaning I suppose from episode 99 through the end of Hole in the Heart), this felt like all of those things– the eventually, the someday, the losing yourself in another person, the ‘you’re in love with Dr. Brennan’,– all of that which has been built up for all of these years. I finally felt it. No more fool’s gold, IMO.

Others of you may have felt it before now or could care less about it, and that is fine. I’m just saying this was my moment. The ‘they can’t take their eyes off of one another’ moment.

Booth is in love with her, for sure.

“We have a home,” he says, and I think we can hear it in his voice too. Happiness. Perfect happiness, to coin an ANGEL phrase.

Pal Smurfs and I were talking the other day, and she mentioned how, in Maggots in the Meathead, when Hannah moves in with Booth, he says “Welcome Home,”  there’s this feeling that he’s just been waiting for a long, long time to be able to say that to someone. I totally agreed. He was very happy to have that, and it was genuine then. It was almost like he’s been planning it for decades, “Welcome Home”. And I think that it’s significant here that it’s not him saying “Welcome Home” to Brennan–it’s not his home that he’s welcoming her to. It’s “We have a house, Booth. You found our house,” and his response is, “We have a home.”

There’s an ease in the way he says it that is just perfectly acted by David Boreanaz. It almost sounds like he’s tearing up–not sure that he is, but it’s possible. It’s emotional, which is sweet. There’s just no more striving about it. And, like so many have said already, the physical house represents their single life shared–it’s their place. Not only that, but it’s the place they will raise their family, and they both are just overflowing with happiness. I feel like I keep using that word, but it feels like it fits. It fits them, this happiness, also–not like their jobs that are important, but also pressure. Not like their previous “we’re just partners” partnership that had several lines drawn. It’s just easy between them, when it comes down to it. I love that. No one makes Brennan happy like Booth. No one validates and makes Booth happy like Brennan. When it’s right, it clicks. It’s ‘them’.

Yay! Except…where’s that ridiculously effective light bulb?!?! I feel like we need it every time B&B kiss this season! The lighting in this scene (and entire episode really) was fanTAStic, and it’s very lovely here too, that is for sure. But come on…a little light wouldn’t kill them! 🙂

Hahahaha, those pictures make me laugh for reasons they shouldn’t.

“Oh!” Booth exclaims. “Whoa, did you feel that? She kicked!”

“I think she’s trying to tell you that she likes her room,” Brennan sort of…jokes? I don’t know if that is the right word, but she is laughing happily, unable to contain her happiness. She is just beyond gorgeous—seriously.

Also, it almost sounds like she’s crying a bit. I’m not sure if that is an ED thing, if she was just emotionally caught up in the moment or if she was just so freaking happy to be done with an episode (assuming this was her last scene to film, haha) so she could go have that baby of her own! or what. But remember earlier in the season, that big to-do scene where Brennan cries at the crime scene and declares she is experiencing hormones? I remember thinking that was so stupid. Brennan and her pregnancy were played for so many stupid jokes this season, when this little scene, and the (maybe) tears in her voice of happiness were actually a realistic and nice way to show that she might be experiencing more emotions than normal.

Ah, I loved this!!! I love it because once again, Brennan is being herself, she is communicating with Booth, she IS sort of joking (in any other episode, if Booth were to joke that the baby was trying to tell him she liked her room, Brennan might scoff and say “human fetuses can’t talk Booth…” etc, etc). There is none of that contrived garbage and it’s a super-nice moment.

Some might judge my interpretation as just giving credence to the moments I liked vs what I didn’t. But I respectfully pre-disagree and say that this moment worked because it was done properly, and that is why I liked it. It’s not just that this scene made me happy by its outcome, therefore I feel it was acted and written well. It was acted and written well, and that made me happy. That it also involves Booth and Brennan completely adoring one another is just icing. 🙂   Doctor in the Photo ripped my heart to shreds, but it was perfectly done, and that makes me happy, even as I was crushed, if that makes sense. Scenes that are contrived, even if the ‘outcome’ is B&B togetherness (think the ultrasound hoohah at the end of that episode) are not good. The same thing with parts of the very end of the season premiere. They were at least in bed talking to one another, but they weren’t ‘hearing’ what the other was saying entirely–sort of like that argument from Science in the Physicist where they tell one another that they hear words coming out of their mouths but have no idea what they mean.

Here, in his scene, they are so connected–so on point in their communication, verbally, physically, all of it. Remember last season when we joked about ‘illumination’–that K. Winnick being blonde was a bonus in Hart Hanson’s eyes because it contrasted with Brennan, and yes…it was agreed there was contrast?  The only bad thing about this scene (okay, except for the whole Booth got REALLY full of self-degradation REALLY fast thing) is that its near-perfection illuminates the flaws of other scenes and writing and episodes. If it can be this good, why isn’t it more often than not? Again, I’m not saying that it needs to make people happy all of the time, but there should be a standard of quality for the characters, in my opinion.

But enough from me on that…back to the adoring icing.

“You think?” Booth asks, also sort of teasing and flirting with Brennan. And she says “yeah!”, which is very sweet. And all he can do to that is kiss her again!

There. Right there. Eyes closed. Foreheads pressed together. Arms wrapped around one another. Soft smiles…kissing lips. Yay!


As the episode ended and I was staring at my computer, I realized that, except for this whole case thing, if the series had ended at that moment, I would be fine with it.  Of course I want to see this baby born, and I want to see both Brennan and Booth with a baby, but honestly, I was happy with this ending–there was so much togetherness between Booth and Brennan. There was an end to one chapter–their lives not living in the same house officially, and the promise of so much possibility. So yes, if that had been the last episode ever, I would have been happy.

I’m also happy that it’s not!

Enough from me…what are your thoughts (if you’ve even made it this far down!)?

See you tomorrow as we get back to Vintage Bones!

Peace, Love & Bones



63 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Crack in the Code- It’s Going To Be Wonderful

  1. I can only hope that the writers read your blog, Sarah. I agree wholeheartedly about this scene illuminating others in the season negatively. If they can do THIS, why can’t they do more of this? There have been bits, but just bits. One last comment about this scene, when I watched it over (and over and over), I kept focusing (as I did just now with your stills) at the very end, when he kisses her after the baby’s kick, on the lit triangle of skin of Booth’s neck. Don’t know why but it is just so sexy and vulnerable and strong and male and…Booth. Yay!

  2. So full of love – – I hope scenes like this continue.

    Squeeing commencing!

  3. “I’m just saying that for me, I want B&B to be more than special, especially within the first year of being ‘together’. They shared looks (or shades of looks) like these over the years, then there was the time when they both at different levels had to hold back–but dang it, once they were together-together and free to express their feelings–I WANTED TO SEE THEM!”

    Exactly! That’s one of the the problems I had with this season (besides the contrived plots regarding their relationship and the boring cases). I mean, they both wanted to be together – even if unconsciously – for what? 6 years? And they were so affectionate to each other! You could feel the love they felt for one another, it was beautiful! The moment they got together, when they could finally act on that feeling, they didn’t. It was like they had lost that loving feeling… LOL j/k. But the fact was that it didn’t feel like they were a couple, it felt like they were friends having a kid together. I think that the writers were so worried about overdoing B&B’s relationship that they underdid it (not sure if this is a word, but you get my point). And that’s why that last scene, while incredibly adorable and beautiful, didn’t move me as much – I still have problems seeing them as a real couple. I think they lack passion, maybe after Brennan gives birth we’ll see more passion between them, at least that’s what I hope. Anyway, that last scene was the first time I kinda saw it and it felt sort of rushed, even if it’s anything but. I do realize that it’s probably more of a problem with me than with the show per se, since I’m the only one who feel like that.

    It didn’t bother me the fact that Booth put himself down when he thought Brennan didn’t like the house, I thought it was very in character.

    I loved the line after the baby kicked “I think she’s trying to tell you she liked her room”. Like you said, it was so not Brennan! It’s not rational, but she’s so happy with everything that’s going on in her life that she could not care less about rationality. She’s experiencing feelings she’s never had before and it’s so overwhelming! I think she lost the last of her imperviousness in this scene. She’s ready for everything and anything now.

    The one thing I didn’t like about this scene was the camera angle during the kiss! LOL I don’t really think the light was the problem, it was the camera angle!

    I’m really looking forward to seeing them in this new house. How they interact with each other and how their relationship will change when the baby arrives.

  4. I loved his closed-mouth smile when Booth realizes she sees what he sees. There’s a hint of smug “I did it/I knew she’d love it” and a whole lotta “god, I love this woman.” It’s gorgeous.

    • My phone apparently thinks I’m too long-winded. It cut my comment off.

      Another thing that really works for me here is that it’s so natural, so organic that I can’t see the acting. “Soldier on a Grave” is not a favorite episode of mine because I can see DB’s acting in the melodrama at the end. Here, I don’t see two actors playing roles. I see two people I’ve come to know and love, Booth and Brennan, having a moment that is beautiful in its emotion and simplicity.

      • I feel exactly the same way about that scene at the end of Soldier on a Grave.” And I felt that way about most scenes that included Hannah in them last season. But this scene really felt like them. Yes. Awwwwww.

  5. I had a lot of similar responses to it, though for different reasons at times.

    Booth’s quick discrediting of himself made me uncomfortable, too, mostly because I think they could have gotten the same idea across with a toned down mea-culpa. The fact is, he might really have screwed up. He put a healthy chunk of money down on a house that needs a lot of work without taking her to see it first. Let’s face it – in a lot of relationships, at least, that would be a risk.

    He knows her from his gut, meaning he can make decisions like that and strongly feel she’ll see the same thing in it that he does, and very, very often be right. But because it’s gut, there’s no way of reasoning it through, really, and saying, ‘she’ll see what I see because…’ whereas Brennan knows him because she studies him. Studies how he does things and why. So I think they both know the other – perhaps better than they know themselves – but they get that understanding by different means. (That’s my theory, at least.)

    Anyway, he could have said, ‘oh, this might have been an oops’ in a less intense way, for example, something along the lines of, “It might really need more work than we can do in time. I’m sorry, Bones. I saw the potential and got carried away.”

    But he didn’t, and I wonder if it’s because they felt the need to make it at least look like he’d made a mistake. I don’t know how much feedback the writers get – they obviously get some, because they make comments every once in a while reflecting it. But I know on our board and another comm I frequent, there’s been a lot of complaining about Brennan being the only one to be making mistakes in the relationship. (I.e., initially refusing to buy a house, the ultrasound, the tornado.) And ironically, the complaints come from both the Brennan-fans (who watch the show primarily for her) saying, “why is she the only one making mistakes? He can’t be *that* perfect” and the Booth-fans (many of whom are openly hostile to Brennan) saying, “Oh, she screwed up again – why is he even with her?”

    (Then there are those who watch for and love both of them who’ve been pretty balanced about the whole thing.)

    But I wonder if having him make a decision like that without her full input was an attempt to address that criticism that she’s the only one making mistakes, or at least potential ones.

    I had a similar response to you about his comment about home – that he’s been waiting a long time for that feeling of ‘I’m going to have a family and life with someone I love, who loves me – I’m going to have a home.’ And I think Brennan was feeling the same thing, even though she didn’t use the word ‘home.’ The wonder and joy in her voice and expression when she says, ‘you found our house, Booth’ – which makes me tear up, every time – is just…it’s not about the physical building. Or not solely so.

    And finally? I loved beyond all things his casual reference to Wendell. The writers can’t show everything, and can’t please everyone equally, but for me, the thing I miss the most are the team-as-a-family moments, particularly where Booth is concerned. I love Sweets, and I love Sweets and Booth together, but I miss moments between him and the other guys. So that casual nod to off-screen contact between Booth and Wendell (his hockey buddy) thrilled me.

    • Very well said. I just watched Killer in the Crosshairs (it always takes me forever to decode the acronyms 🙂 again and Booth is finding out from Hodgins that the money had been laundered and Hodgins wants Booth to guess and Booth says “does this look like a guessing face to you” but not angry and Hodgins keeps going and then Booth figures it out but then Hodgins keeps lecturing and Booth grabs these lamps and shines them on Hodgins like spotlights and reminds him that he IS and FBI agent and knows what laundering is and Hodgins pauses and then gives the whole last part of his lecture very quick in a low voice. So funny. This is to say, I agree. I have been noticing, as I watched the new episodes over how isolated everyone on the team is sometimes, rarely more than two of them together at a given time (not that my example above doesn’t fit that category). Maybe it will just take time as they work out the new dynamic, but I too hope that the “team as a family” has a role in that.

      I’d also like to agree with your comments about perhaps Booth’s reaction/overreaction at the end to his possible mistake might have been someone’s way to balance things out because Brennan has been the one “making mistakes in the relationship”. Anyway, as I watched this episode for the first time Friday, I too thought it might be an effort to compensate. This is the only blog I read about Bones–my own thoughts and those of this community are my own way to keep myself positive and less likely to move from talking about the show to talking about people talking about the show–so I’m not sure how most people feel overall about the 7th season, but these writers have done amazing things (I’m assuming we don’t have an entirely new team of writers) and I hope they find their way to more scenes and episodes like this.

      • Just saw this. I think the response to S7 has overall been positive, though some have still felt they weren’t quite seeing what they needed/wanted to see, which goes back, I think, to what you look for in the show, and why you watch.

        I’ve loved it (well, apart from Twister) but I’m aware that I watch for different reasons than many fans do.

        And yeah, same writers. This ep was written by Carla Kettner, who wrote The Doctor in the Photo and The Hole in the Heart, among others.

    • Nice continuity with the “Wendell needs money” thing. Just makes more “real” and not just a plot point. Brings in help to work on the house, and ties in what we know of Wendell from the past as to why he would help. Nicely done.

      • Yeah. I just really loved that bit of continuity and demonstration of relationships not all of which we see on screen.

  6. I said in a post elsewhere that for the first time since before the 100th episode that Booth and Brennan are back in sync. They are ‘them’ again. That feeling came through so strongly that I had a lump in my throat as I watched the ending. Some of the episodes from the beginning of the season were good, but none of them felt like this. I couldn’t believe how happy I was for them together in their Mighty Hut planning on planting a cherry blossom tree and building a tree house. I know Booth & Brennan are fictional, but I couldn’t be more happy for them than if they were a real couple who actually knew.

    Carla Kettner did a wonderful job writing this episode. It had everything. Evil, creepy villain, Caroline and her Gremlin, Cam had more to do than just say “I’ll call Booth.” Everybody brought their A game and showed why we’ve all be led to believe they are the best at what they do. I hope we get many episodes of this quality.

  7. I agree with almost everything you said. I loved this scene. It made me feel good in so many ways; for Booth & Brennan first but it reminded me of our 1st home –a fixer upper that turned out to be beautiful, that the show will continue, etc. I would like to express a different take on your comment “He just immediately discredited himself, and when I watched it the first time, I thought, “Hmmm…emotional manipulation from the writers here,” and we can now see from the screencaps that Brennan’s facial expressions were considering at best and clearly skeptical and concerned at the worst.” Most couples discuss major purchases but sometimes we make decisions on our own and then second guess the purchase. When I was pregnant with my first child we were having car problems and my husband was frustrated that the car wouldn’t start when we needed it. (We only had one in those days.) On the way home from work he stopped in the car dealer to look at cars and drove one off the lot. His reaction was close to Booth’s when he showed me the car. I didn’t jump up and down with excitement because my first thought was “Thank God! We will get to the hospital when the baby is ready.” My husband thought I was upset and offered to take the car back and look for another. I loved the car but had a delayed reaction. It is possible that the writer had a similar moment in her past that she remembered fondly and put it in the script. I started to tear up right then because I knew and it brought back wonderful memories.

    I love this show and I love the entire season. I’m not as critical as many viewers because I’m just happy they are together as a couple. Also, I think the writers were limited due to how far along Emily was in her pregnancy. It is quite possible that the episodes would have played out differently if they could had started shooting earlier instead of her final trimester.

    Can’t wait for Bones to return in March (or sooner if Fox is smart) and get this villain. I also can’t wait for the Booth & Brennan car scenes and what I’m sure will be special home scenes.

  8. I could go on for ages about how much I adored this episode…but I won’t because I’m typing on my phone… Suffice to say that having been rather cynical for most of this season, I am finally HAPPY. This episode was a perfect example of why I fell in love with the show. I believed it, I swooned, I teared up, I grinned like a fool. I am now actually looking forward to the rest of the season, whereas before, I was all “meh”… The moments between B&B were real. It was the payoff that I had been waiting for. No contrived angst, no using Brennan as fodder for jokes, just real intimacy and joy between two people that I have waited years to see together. Finally.

  9. I do wish Booth had made an offhand reference to Parker. That there was a bedroom for him, etc.

    I don’t think that Booth has abandoned his son or has forgotten him or anything like that. It would just be nice if the writers tossed in a line once in awhile.

  10. First of all, Sarah, thank you for this wonderful scene study!!! It just made my day. This episode finally helped me remember what made me love Bones since the pilot. A great case, a creepy villain, our genius (and not clueless) Brennan back, the Jeffersonian Family working together as a team…and even Caroline! No silly dialogue or teaching Brennan a lesson plots. I finally felt some sort of a connection and intimacy between B&B. Not just two people together having a baby. I can only hope episodes of this quality will be the standard when Bones returns in March. On a side note…What would have made this episode even better would have been Booth stepping foot in the lab. I don’t get why this isn’t happening anymore, but it feels like a huge “disconnect” to me.

    • P.S. I forgot to mention my other little pet peeve…Why no mention of Parker? He is a part of the B&B family. It’s really starting to bother me…….

      • I’ve just started watching season 7 (long story), but what struck me in the first episode was when Booth says to Brennan something like ‘I want the baby to know that I’m not my dad, that I’m here for him and I can provide for him’. It really highlighted to me how little time he must spend with Parker and how little say he has had in how much time he has spent with him over the years. We’ve seen Rebecca make life hard for Booth too, so maybe the ‘arrangement’ is still not very Booth friendly.
        I get the feeling that this is Booth’s ‘chance’. He gets to make the life he always wanted – the house, the backyard, the family. And whilst Parker is his son, he is not central to this development. The writer’s seem to be focusing on the dream of what Booth always wanted, and making it a reality.

        Please don’t think that I’m saying it’s ok to ignore his kid. The other thing that stood out to me (albeit painfully) from the premiere was the constant references to the past (gambling, foster care etc). It annoys the part of me that thinks that everybody should know Bones as well as I do!). I thnik they do it to get new viewers up to speed. So by not mentioning Parker (I think), it could be perceived that he is not as integral to Booth’s day to day life as we think he is. I’m not saying this is ok…it’s just trying to make sense of it all.

  11. I guess I didn’t have the same issues with the earlier part of the season that some people did(minus Hotdog), but I do agree that this episode was beyond all the others. It felt more old school Bones,except B&B are together. Although I mostly watch for Booth and Brennan, I have missed the cases being complex and really interesting.

    The ease of the last scene was perfect. It really felt like we were invading a private couples moment(in a good way and enjoying invading their privacy haha!). They are so in love and couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. ED has mentioned multiple times that she finds it awkward to kiss DB, but she seems to be much more comfortable kissing him now, and there was nothing awkward about the kisses. Practice makes perfect lol.It was just Booth and Brennan.

    I’m so far beyond pumped for the rest of the season! I think this killer is going to be awesome for the show!

  12. “If it can be this good, why isn’t it more often than not?”

    You can ask Twitter. I say this Every. Single. Week. Good or bad episode, it always comes out of my mouth. lol.

  13. “Also, it almost sounds like she’s crying a bit. I’m not sure if that is an ED thing, if she was just emotionally caught up in the moment or if she was just so freaking happy to be done with an episode (assuming this was her last scene to film, haha) so she could go have that baby of her own! or what.”
    I felt compelled to let you know I burst out laughing (and went on for a whole minute or something!) at this. 😀
    I don’t think Booth overreacted in assuming he made a mistake, after all they’d said they’d agree on a house they’d BOTH like and my feeling from his reaction was that maybe he was thinking that he had overstepped some kind of boundary by going and getting the house (or at least giving a deposit for it) without letting Brennan see it first too so they could decide together. I thought he was just mentally “banging his head on a wall” for letting himself get carried away by his enthusiasm for the house; an enthusiasm he cleary showed after he realised Brennan was happy with his choice.
    I too thought that (especially after that dazzling bright lightbulb that Booth had turned on) it was too dark for the very last moments… *ahem* Where’s Mr Edison when you need him? :p
    Also, I agree that the house’s interior looks a lot like it could be the same set as Booth’s apartment, although I hadn’t thought of it before you pointed it out. *hi5*
    The happiness on both their faces was heart-warming and I will agree with everybody above who said they expected B&B to show their feelings for each other more openly, at the very least because they now CAN do it without having to find an “excuse” for it (like guy hugs – one of my fav kinds of excuses btw 😉 ). I too imagined they would be different together. Obviously the pregnancy has changed things: I have a feeling it would be more believable to see them, for example, unable to keep their hands off each other, if there wasn’t a baby involved (assuming the writers felt inclined to go there, which I have a feeling they wouldn’t even in that case, but anyways, that’s a whole other story). Still, these two have supposedly been waiting for each other for a loooong time; seeing them almost reversing to “buddies having a baby together” wasn’t what I expected at all.
    Anyways, I have to say I quite liked the case in this epi and how they set up the game for the new serial bad guy and, now I saw somebody above saying this ep was written by C.Kettner I have to say, well, that explains a lot. 🙂
    Let’s hope what’s next to come is at least equal to this.
    P.S.: Brennan/ED is really beautiful with that happy smile on her face. We should see that on the show more often. 🙂

  14. Booth’s mini-freak out points to the insecurities about himself that he still has. That’s he’s had since he was a child. Even though he is happy and in a relationship with Brennan, in the back of his mind, he’s still waiting for the other shoe to drop…Brennan too. Which makes the ending truly lovely when they are in unison with their thoughts, feelings, and happiness!

    Anyone watch “The Office”? Jim does a similar thing for Pam. He’s always loved Pam from afar in a sort of Season 5 Boothy way, and she had been previously engaged. He buys his parents’ house without her knowing. He freaks out too, when he realizes what he’s done…until she says “You bought me a house!” with tears in her eyes. Her previous fiance was not at all caring and compassionate. Some people might have been upset, but she recognized the caring behind the the gesture and was moved.

    Brennan could have easily been upset at Booth’s “going behind her back” and getting the house, but she recognized the meaning behind it. In her life, people abandoned her. She’s still expecting that. But Booth, taking all their house ideas about treehouse room, acreage, man cave, anthropologist cave….and when he takes that leap, she is moved by the caring and the committment in his actions. And that means more to her than whatever house they live in.

    And hello, ED is the most gorgeous pregnant person in the history of ever. She is literally ready to pop in this episode, and she is just flawless. Both her and DB have the best facial expressions ever. You could watch it on mute and still be blown away. Have I mentioned how I adore they have a shared treehouse childhood dream? And now they can have one with BBB!

    Like you mentioned Sarah, even emotional eps like DitP or Mayhem on a Cross are so well done, even though they are painful, they are amazing. When Bones is on, they are ON! And so in this episode as well, but in a positive way. I just absolutely adore everything about this ending, especially the new terms and phrases in the Bones lexicon “the mighty hut” and “I can see the bones, Booth…I can imagine it whole”. Sighhhhh 🙂

  15. Finally an episode that made me feel like it was the show I’ve been loving all this time!
    I don’t have much to add but I did want to say that Brennan’s comment “You found our house, Booth” was more than just talk of a house or THE house…it seemed to me to be her giving him something huge in that he really needed to be a big part of this (after being sort of sidelined on the ultrasound and the financial planner things) and he was doing a great job taking care of his family…yet she said it softly and sweetly enough that you can see her heart-strings get a little extra tug for this man who she loves and who loves her enough to do this for her and their family.
    Oh! And I also wanted to mention that his immediate discrediting of his selection of the house seemed not so over the top to me. It was important to him! I have often done things in hopes that others would see what I see and be as excited as I am about things and often been disappointed in their reactions…we can’t forget that he’s building a relationship here after trying several times to get it right. I think it’s important for him to know that she wants the house for what it is and not because he picked it and she wants him to be happy. He wants it to be RIGHT for both of them and backs out of it so that she can make a clean decision, knowing that he’s willing to start over if she’s not happy with it. She’s not the type to reassure someone who’s acting as he is in that scene, but I’m sure we all wanted to say all the nice things “hey, no, you did a great job, it’s …great…really..” in that insincere way that people have. But she did make sure that, once she made her decision, he knew that he did a great job and that she was happy and they were going to be happy in it. And the way she does it …he gets to be happy, not just relieved that she doesn’t hate it. It’s really very sweet 🙂

  16. To say that I loved this episode would be an understatement. It was so jam-packed full of awesome throughout that this ending was just the icing on the awesome cake. I knew the writers were being manipulative with Brennan’s discerning looks & Booth’s flash of self-doubt, but I didn’t care If Brennan had told Booth at the outset merely that she loved the house, it wouldn’t have had as much impact on Booth. But to have her tell Booth that she could see the bones of the house – that was the single most perfect, most meaningful thing she could have said to him, and you could see it in his face. It was so naturally played by DB that I was smiling like a fool as much as he was.

    Also, any scene study that contains both an Angel reference and an Arrested Development reference automatically makes it my favorite. 🙂

  17. Newby here!
    I really enjoy your take on of the different episodes, because Bones are fascinating not only because of its storyline, character development, great acting,but writing and directing to
    Another great scene study! To which I would like to add some points.

    Actually, I would like to start with the creepy scene before, because directing wise it is very well done how the two so different but equally meaningful scenes were blended into each other.
    Once again excellent directing by Ian Toyton.

    So the earlier scene ends very dark with Brennan’s and Booth’s name circled in red and connected with an arrow which shows the villains intention of “separating” them or causing a drift between them. A very ominous moment.
    Therefore the last scene is starting with a kind of continuation of the subject but easing on the tension by Brennan saying, that they will eventually catching the villain. The scene still continues with easing more the tension with Booth almost falling.
    Then comes the change (disconnection from the earlier scene) with lighting up a room. From that moment of starts to building up toward the absolute peak of the episode, and the actually the first 6 episodes, where the sub-plot in the background is them deciding and looking for a new home.
    Maybe that’s why Booth’s reaction was accentuated more, to reflect of that pressure of finding their perfect home with all the circumstances and the pressure of the birth getting really close.
    And the rest was on the actors, they were amazing! I especially adore Deschanel’s acting, I don’t think she gets the acknowledgement she so deserves.

  18. LOVED this episode. I too hope they keep this exterior shot of the mighty hut! It is beautiful and very traditional which I really like. It just seems like the ideal version of a home, the kind you see in a dream. And seeing the beaming faces of Booth and Brennan, I think it’s the kind of home they want to give to their family. They were so happy, so insync, so in love, and so beautiful here that I just want to bubble wrap them and protect them! I think this last shot probably did mean a lot to DB and ED. It was a great payoff for the characters, ED was about to go off and start her own family, and, well, Bones is, I think, entering its final chapters so this was kind of the official end of the past because the future is right around the corner. It was magical.

  19. I lo-o-o-o-o-o-oved it all! But then I’ve been loving pretty much all of s7.

    Since Sarah and everyone else have pretty much said what i’ve been thinking, I just thought I would throw in these slightly off point comments.

    1) Blue collar Booth: no matter how they dress that guy, he’s always smokin’ hot. Now I’ve got to let in some of that frigid air outside.

    2) Angel reference to bliss — just hoping bliss doesn’t turn Booth into Angelus. 😉

  20. I have loved every episode so far and this one is icing on the cake. I think the episodes show a progression in their love and comfortableness with each other. Each episode has shown more growth and understanding of each other and this one is the climax of their journey to each other.

    Thanks for the pictures. Love seeing the love in their eyes for each other!

  21. Nothing else to add other than I’ve watched this scene more times than I care to admit…so incredibly sweet, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy to see so much joy in their faces, particularly from Brennan. It’s not often we see her smile and as happy as she was in this scene.

  22. I just went on Youtube to find this scene – and now I’m all teary and gushy and mushy.

    Just adorable 🙂 🙂

  23. It was beautiful to see Brennan glow with happiness, love, and hope in this scene. She was proud of Booth. She knew how important this was for him and, for her, well, it’s something she just never dared think she would have in her life again, a home. It is a house, but the love they will fill it with will make it a home. Brennan has come a long, long, long, way to find herself in that moment. And for Booth, well, this is better than his dream, right? Booth knew. What he knew got derailed there for a while but, now, it’s probably even better than he had ever let himself hope or dream. It was great.

  24. I seriously LOVE your scene studies!! 🙂 I don’t really have much to add. I agree wholeheartedly with everything that you said. It is scenes like this that remind me of how special B&B and Bones are. I may not have been overly pleased with all of the episodes this season, but when you get down to it: Booth and Brennan are together, having a baby (a baby GIRL!! :)), and have a home TOGETHER. This is one point I have always wanted to see them get to and for me this scene finally showed them together like I have been waiting to see all season. I have liked other scenes with B&B this season like the breakfast and Booth racing to help Brennan when she had fallen scenes from the premiere, but they weren’t quite like this. I really hope they give us more scenes like this in the last half of the season because it was just so wonderful! I too was smiling all weekend after watching this episode 🙂

  25. I’d like to interrupt regularly scheduled programming to say – and I don’t think this is a spoiler – Emily Deschanel looking AMAZING at the Golden Globes! Wow. I didn’t love her dress but she looked BEAUTIFUL. Good for her!

  26. Thanks for all the great screen caps! The look on Booth’s face when she tells him “I can see the bones”, it did look to me like he wanted to cry. And when he says to her “we have a home”, it sounds like his voice falters, he is tearing up, before he smiles. To see them both so happy….it is a dream come true!, Now the long wait till spring begins, but what a beautiful episode for the send off!

  27. I loved this episode so much, because I think that Ian Toynton directed episodes are the best! Love DB’s as well, but Ian Toynton seems to get the best performances out of his actors!!!

  28. Oh my god, I like to have fun with tv shows as much as the next person, but this blog might might be the most embarrassing thing ever. Can I ask people, do you actually admit to this level of obsession over Bones to people in your real life? Do you have wall papers and facebook messages about it?

    • Huh. Usually this level of sanctimonious juvenile scorn doesn’t come until people find out about my Harry Potter and James Marsters obsessions.

      Thank goodness for Bones, Bones Theory and the wonderful people that post here. Obviously, we’re doing something right.

      • *gum smacking*

        Yeah, you know, like, we like love Bones like. It’s totally awesome. I’m David Boreanaz’s #1 fan and like we’re totally gonna get married someday like. And like, it will be magical and perfect and stuff. Now, like, I better go like home and kiss his poster like 10 times before bed, like. 🙂

      • I just really really love you guys.

      • @bb – Hey, can I have some gum too? Like, totally. Fer sure.

    • You mean people who spend their time discussing a show they enjoy with other people who also enjoy it, as opposed to someone who apparently spends their time trolling the internet looking for fans and discussions to make fun of?

      Yes, people in my real life know I’m a Bones fan, and I’m proud of that. I’m also very glad I’m not you, as mean people suck.

    • I love this show. I love books and their fictional characters. I love my kids and their imaginary worlds. I love imagination, period. I also love news and real life happenings. I love the people I can interact with honestly and openly online. Wherever I am online, too, you can find my full and real name, because I do not hide behind a moniker to leave belittling messages to others.

    • Why on earth would you come to a blog dedicated to all things Bones if you’re going to be so offensive and sneering of the people who do enjoy the show and this site in particular. I’m all grown up and my family is well aware of my enthusiasm for the show. I have a real life and friends and a job and own my own home and everything. Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my obsession with Bones.

      Obvioiusly you need to be somewhere else.

    • I want to echo CJ, you guys are the best!

      Also, you were very Boothy — protecting your own and all. 🙂

      • This has actually served to remind me why I love this site so much – the people who post and comment here are friendly, non-judgemental and very funny. It’s by far the nicest place to chat about Bones online, and I find the posts and the effort that goes into them interesting, intelligent and thought-provoking.

        I’m old enough not to feel insecure or embarrassed by what I like.

        Anyway, a lot of the obsession is with good humoured self awareness and I bloody love it 🙂

    • Obvious Troll is Obvious.

      • Yeah I wouldn’t have posted to respond to the troll otherwise, but there is no new BT post today and my brain needs something to do…besides being productive. Because really, what fun is that? I’m still squeeing over “We have a house!” So I need some kind of Bones Theory contact today!

    • ” I like to have fun with tv shows as much as the next person…”
      Okay, sure, just be sure to subtract all the people obsessed with or who just outright love Star Wars, Star Trek, X-Files, Alias, 24, The Wire, Harry Potter, Sex and the City, Castle, Buffy, Angel, Glee, Jersey Shore, Lost, those anime shows, etc.
      Yes, some people in my RL know I really love Bones. When you think about it, it’s not really that weird. It’s the TV version of a book club. There are characters that we have fallen in love with, and we like to discuss what goes on and our reactions and discuss what things mean. It’s as simple as that. And this blog is a forum for us to do exactly that, to talk to others who “get it.” It doesn’t have to be your cup of tea, fine. I even watch the show with friends who have more of a casual interest. But no reason to be a jerk about it.

      • I don’t see how it’s any less obsessive than Fantasy Football or the like, and nobody thinks that’s is abnormal or strange. And Bones (at least now that we’ve made it through season six) is considerably less stressful than worrying whether your team will win or lose.

      • C-bones you managed to list seven of my other favorite obsessions besides Bones.

        I love shows and movies that are imaginative and witty. I also love the fact that we have a place to go to where we can share our joy of quality televsion, like Bones. Bones theory attracts very intelligent people who like to share their enthusiasm and wonderful views on one of the best shows on TV rght now. I’m proud to visit this site and it doesn’t bother me if some people don’t get us. There are different levels of friendsip and I consider you all to be my Bones friends. Thanks for being so nice, even to trolls.

  29. Bones-obsessed and proud of it! – I shout it to the (real-life) rooftops, baby!

    And BT is the icing on the cake – don’t know what I’d do without it. Thoughtful, witty, intriguing.
    And squeeing. Of course.

    Enjoying it as BT-ers unite against the rude and clueless.

  30. I was just re-watching the episode and I was curious to find out what the articles were about that Booth and Brennan’s names were circled in. I don’t really know Booth’s: it has something to do with a Nesbitt trial, and that name doesn’t ring any bells for me. However, for Brennan, that headline read “Opera Scholarship Founded to Honor Slain Singer” for which she donated money (must have been a large amount to be recognized.) I wonder if the “slain singer” was the girl from their first case, Cleo Eller, even though she wasn’t an opera singer. In any case, nice to know Brennan doles out the big bucks for good causes.

    p.s. – Pellant is still creepy to me. Excellent casting, excellent acting.

    • haha I watched this episode for a second time with my bestfriend and half way through she’s like ‘he’s cute’ about Pellant. I didn’t say anything as I didn’t want to spoil it but in my head I was thinking, ‘ha! you wait!’ *shudder*. Lo and behold, by the end she’s loudly proclaiming, ‘he’s so creepy, eek!’

  31. After a very rough week where my mom died and I had to go to her out of town memorial under very stressful conditions, I come back to BT to find this post. Thank you, Sarah; the whole thing, from your writing to the absolutely beautiful pictures you picked made me smile-a lot.

    On to the post. I understand what you said about the manipulation, because I can’t stand entertainment where a situation is scripted with the specific intent of forcing an emotion out of me. I always find this sort of thing to be dishonest; a situation should be crafted in such a way to evoke feelings naturally, without the viewer’s ability to see the “puppet strings” that control the whole thing. That being said, Booth’s quick self-efacing comment didn’t even make me bat an eye; for me, it fell right in with all the other times he’s been unsure around her. Certainly there are many times when he holds his ground, particularly with things he feels very comfortable with: spirituality, fate, the importance of love. But there have also been lots of times when he has questioned his decisions, like with Parker’s schooling and his ability to keep women around. To me there is nothing unusual about his reaction. Buying a house is a big deal, and doing it without consulting the very strong and opinionated woman who will be sharing it with you is huge. It’s sort of like a cat bringing you a dead bird as a gift-will your human be happy, or horrified by your get-up-and-go? Booth’s been left behind by so many people, he can’t help but tread lightly around the one person that really matters to him-it goes back to his “something is wrong here” comment. They’re not married; she could theoretically decide he’s just too much and walk away (we know she won’t-but does he?) So I think in this one area he was very insecure and willing to back off immediately, even when he stood his ground pretty firmly in others, like with his over-protectiveness.

    About the rest of the post-couldn’t agree with you more! *That* is what I wanted to see as well; not sex (although…), not convenience and friendship, but LOVE, unqualified affection, sweetness. I sure hope they don’t just save those moments for the last pre-hiatus episodes. I understand that seeing them too often might dilute them, but I personally needed to see something like this a bit earlier, much as I have enjoyed most of this season so far. I’ve seen it with Booth, but Brennan has primarily been about practicalitiy so far-until now. And like you, enough with the pregnancy/post-pregnancy throwaway jokes; if it’s a legitimate issue, ok; otherwise lets leave the humor to the interns and Sweets/Daisy, where it belongs. Hodgela’s issues were never milked for laughs in the same way-that’s what guest stars and sidekicks are for.

    • Interesting how we all perceive being manipulated. I loved the final scene here and didn’t have any problems with it. I actually felt more emotional manipulation at the end of The Mail in the Male. I thought the parts with Pops were great, though.

  32. Kudos to Carla Kettner. Her writing is up there with episodes written by HH. This creepy villain is reminiscent of Epps and how he was so smug with his brilliance, secure in his belief he could outsmart a team of geniuses (great job by the actor playing Pellant!). Everything about this episode worked well. Great case, costuming, Wendell is the best intern, the Hodgins/Angela scenes were great, we got Caroline and her Gremlin, Sweets, the ‘mighty hut’ discussion and the sweet ending.
    I liked the way the home selection was handled. Booth knew their criteria and saw the potential. He had to put earnest money (refundable) down since it was an auction. That didn’t bother Brennan at all; she was open to the idea which shows her trust in Booth and her trust in them as a family. It would have been nice for them to mention Parker but I think the fact that their ideal mighty hut includes extra rooms includes room for Parker.

  33. How is it I just found this blog?! You recap was absolutely spot on. I was a grinning fool reading it and looking at those screencaps….almost as much as I was when I watched this episode a couple of weeks ago. That last scene was beyond wonderful and it makes the wait for episode 7 that much more agonizing!!!

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