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Vintage Bones: The Skull in the Desert- IAYA- Brennan and Angela


Hello and Happy Monday!

So, I’m not exactly an Angela fan, as you may or may not know, but for some reason, Brennan is. (Sidenote: I also think everything involving Angela’s character on the show is so over-done and so over-acted. But that is another story.)

We know after the 100th episode that Brennan and Angela started working together at the same time Brennan worked with Booth on the Gemma Arrington case, so it’s not as if they’ve been friends for a really long time (or at least, they hadn’t been by this point in the series when they were declaring one another best friends).

Do you think Angela announced herself as Brennan’s best friend, and Brennan didn’t feel like fighting it, so it stuck? Or did Brennan want a friend like Angela, and so when it worked out as more than just a professional friendship, she was pleased?

Have they both benefitted from this friendship over the years, or is it an unhealthy friendship?



Here is your B&B of the Day:

The “Let’s Get Federal is the new Let’s Get Physical” B&B

From The Skull in the Desert: Season One


21 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Skull in the Desert- IAYA- Brennan and Angela

  1. I think there’s very real affection between them, even at this earlier stage of their friendship.

    I don’t know if Brennan saw something in Angela she envied – the free spirit, the joie de vivre, the openness – but Brennan being Brennan, something drove her to allow Angela in to what I’m guessing was at the time a circle of one.

    The last scene in this episode, when Angela is talking about not having a generous heart and worrying about not getting a second chance, that’s not a conversation you have with a casual friend. And the expression of pain on Brennan’s face, for Angela, is meaningful.

    I think the friendship has been good for Brennan. It gives her access to another viewpoint, Angela can draw her out in a way no one else but Booth can, etc. It’s good.

  2. Yeah, I think in the 100th episode Angela said that she and Brennan had only met like a month before at an art show…. I think Angela kind of fascinated Brennan. She’s warm and she lived um, er, “wide”. Angela also enjoyed the company of men without attachment and I think we can say that Brennan also did, but in a different way. Brennan kind of strikes me as someone who, if she met a man who was “pleasing to look at” and if he stirred her biological urges, she would go for it. I think Brennan did admire Angela’s talent but also wanted to kind of experience things through her. I feel that Angela benefits more from knowing Brennan than the other way around but, hey, that’s just my interpretation. But if I had to have Brennan/Angela or Brenna/Hannah, I’m going with Angela. I never liked Angela more than in Season 6.

    • Did you see the deleted scene of Brennan & Angela in the car? I don’t remember the episode name but Ange basically tells Brennan that she Hates Hannah and that she is in the way. Great stuff. Makes Angela look a bit like a B (which is likely the reason that it was cut) but I loved the scene. I know my BF would take up for me like that!!!

  3. Yeah… I’m not an Angela fan. But you know whatever. I think Brennan probably just wanted to add someone new to add to the team. Honestly it sems to me more of a proffesional friendship but idk. My question is what does angela see in Brennan. Let it be known I am a brennanite. I’m not trying to insult Brennan but they are just such opposite people and it seems whenever Angela want to talk about Hodgins or her celibacy, or her preganacy Brennans kind of “Okay…. moveing on then…”

  4. I think Brennan probably fascinated Angela. Much like Booth in the 100th episode when he was like, is she kidding? is she for real?..he was hooked. Angela probably never encountered anyone like Brennan before. And, although she is different and hard to get to know, Brennan does have a kindness about her. It peeps through every once and a while. She is very honest so when she gives a compliment, she means it. If she told Angela she like her work then she liked her work. I think the more Angela got to know Brennan, the more she liked her even if they were very, very different.

  5. I have to say that I like Angela. You see, I am square. I can swear like a sailor and that’s about as “bad” as I get. I don’t drink, smoke, party….never have. In college I was the girl who took everyone’s keys at the door of the parties….and I never really wanted to be there in the first place. It has never interested me. At all.

    But I have this friend. Her name is Jill. She’s nuts. A mom like me, but that is where our similarities end. She loves a raucous party, throws several a year (which I avoid and that makes her laugh.) She is wild, raunchy, over the top and slightly crazy (and perhaps not coincidentally, an artist.)

    Why are we friends? Because she makes me laugh. I ground her. If a coin needs two sides to be a whole coin, then Jill and I are that coin. And if I need her, she’s there. And vice versa. She does fascinate me, and I, her. We’ve said as much. And that makes us both laugh, too.

    I think Brennan saw in Angela a freedom that she admired. I think that Angela saw in Brennan a structure she may not even really know she envied a bit (in my mind, she had a fairly unstructured life) They complement each other. They have each other’s backs.

    And in the end, they are confident in one another as friends. And when you can trust a friend, when you find that trust in someone, it’s worth a lot.

    • My ‘opposite’ friend’s name was Jill too! In high school, she and I are complete foils for each other. We had a lot of things in common in terms of outside interests to the point of being competitive with each other, but personality-wise we are the complete opposite. I am quiet and very even-tempered. She is loud, and boisterous, and blunt. I think our similar interests are why we were drawn to each other, but I think our complete opposite personalities are why we clicked. We kind of complete each other. I softened her up, and she helped me to be more ballsy in life (or live wide :P). I see Brennan and Angela the same way.

      Now, that said, S5 – particularly Tough Man in the Tender Chicken, took the shine completely off of the Angela/Brennan friendship for me. The season finale of S6 and S7 thus far has bumped Angela back up a couple of notches to “not so hateful”, but I’m still giving the Angela/Brennan friendship the suspicious Caroline side-eye.

      • My best friend is also my opposite in many ways. The funny thing is that I married someone very much like her and she married someone very much like me–and they are also close friends. In fact I met my husband through hers.

  6. Not a fan of early seasons Angela…but settled,happy with Hodgins Angela I like. I think Brennan began by studying her like an anthropological experiment…but then grew to like her. She does pull Brennan out of her comfort zone sometimes…but also…she is content to let people stay on their own paths…and never pushed too hard. Thats where Booth comes in. He would go where Angela did not go.

  7. Not an Angela fan either. Sometimes i don’t mind her, but overall I find her very self-centered.

    But to the point, I think they became friends because of how different they are. They found each other very interesting. I do think they have both benefited from their friendship to some extent. Angela has helped Brennan be somewhat more social and a bit more open minded. And Brennan has helped Angela become more stable and responsible.

    I understand why such opposites could be friends. Like some1tookmyname, I have a friend that is very crazy and a partier. I have so much fun with her and she makes me laugh! But I’m nothing like her! I’m no prude, but I’m responsible, I don’t party and I like to know what I’m doing and when I’m doing it.

    At times though times, Angela is really quite rude to Brennan. I know Brennan can be a difficult friend to have, but after all this time, I just feel like Angela should be more understanding. I would like to see Brennan have another friend, one that has a few more interests in common with her. But I’m not holding my breath!

    • Wanted to add that since her and Hodgins settled down, I like her far more than before. Before she was just so irresponsible and treated the people she had relationships with badly. And the way she went on about being celibate annoyed me so much. Now she has more depth as a person, and while she’ll never be my favorite, I don’t mind her so much now.

  8. See, I absolutely love Angela. If I had to pick just one character from Bones with whom I’d be friends, I’d say her (if I had to choose only one). I love how blunt, free, open, and hilarious she is. She’s totally feminine without being weak and I think it’s great that she doesn’t settle for anything less than the best – she demands respect and love from her lovers. And even though she says she so open and “wide living”, she really is simple at heart which is why Hodgins loves her so much (and I guess I’m not of the faction that thinks he’s too good for her).

    And I don’t think she’s too hard on Brennan either: Brennan is pretty harsh and blunt so Angela has learned that this is the best way to communicate.

    As for the pig incident from Tough Man, I think that she was overreacting and totally out of line, but that was the point: she was supposed to be that way because of her celibacy kick, it was making her irritable and self-centered (remember, this was still her horny and irritable stage).

    Anyway, that’s just my take. Like I said, I absolutely love Angela – but I kind of absolutely love everybody else in this show too….even Daisy!! (barring that god-awful blonde from last season).

    • I don’t hate Angela. She may be self-centered, but I don’t think she is selfish. I think what they share is a sort of open-mindedness, a freeness, but in different ways. Neither of them like to be labeled.

      I think putting the pig incident in context is helpful. Furthermore, I think one could even say it was plot-driven. I think the idea was that sometimes we support our friends (let them have it, so to speak) even when they want to do something irrational.

      • It seems to me that in their relationship, more often than not Angela is the one who makes allowances for Brennan, excuses inappropriate behavior, has to behave understandingly because to some extent Brennan is clueless and is unapologetic for who she is. Speaking from experience, it is exhausting to play that role all the time. Every once in a while you just need to throw a metaphorical tantrum. I think that’s what the pig was for Angela. She needed for Brennan to show that Brennan could bend a little to accommodate Angela, however irrational Angela was behaving (sorry for all the names, but when I tried to use pronouns it was too confusing). And I don’t really have a problem with it. If two people never fight, it’s because one of them is a doormat. And neither Brennan or Angela fit that description.

      • Exactly. The pig was more of a “tipping point”. Their friendship can handle their bluntfulness and occasional temper tantrums. Even if Angela overreacted, I’ve always felt that Brennan could afford to help that one pig and was just being stubborn because she was only concerned about being right.

    • I love Angela too, and while she did behave badly in the “pig incident”, Brennan wasn’t exactly a paragon of virtue. She was completely dismissive of Angela’s feelings and point of view (and yes, that’s typical of Brennan but that doesn’t mean it’s okay).

      They both behaved badly. What pair of best friends hasn’t had a fight or two?

      • “They both behaved badly. What pair of best friends hasn’t had a fight or two?”
        I agree. We are often a little bit “freer” with our thoughts and feelings when we speak to those closest to us, too. I don’t think Angela was actually going to give up the friendship over the pig. I think it’s just that when you’re upset at a friend, the differences between you two seem so much clearer and potentially carry more meaning.

        Why are they friends? Not everyone “gets” Brennan. Not everyone sees down to the heart of who she is past her intimidating persona. Angela accepts Brennan for who she is, and she doesn’t hold much against her. As a person who is easily misunderstood (as Brennan often is), I feel like that kind of friend is worth more than gold, certainly worth more than some personality differences.

        And what has Brennan done for Angela? Brennan is the one who got Angela a job at the Jeffersonian, a job with good money where she found her husband. Brennan may not be able to offer relationship advice, but I think she always listens (I don’t get the “moving on” vibe, just an “out-of-my-area-of-expertise-unless-I-can-state-anthropological-facts” one.) She was certainly happy to be Angela’s maid-of-honor, and was very happy for her friend when she found out she had finally married Hodgins and then when she was pregnant.

        I think they always have each other’s backs. The dynamic has changed over the years, but I don’t think in all bad ways. First, they were two single friends hanging out. I think we actually see that Brennan started drifting towards Booth before Angela began drifting towards Hodgins. There was one time in S5 when Brennan was asking Angela for advice but Angela said she couldn’t give any because she had the same questions. I liked her honesty there. And I know people have issues with her in S6, but I didn’t. She was forming her own family unit. Their dynamic had shifted. Not that singles and non-singles can’t be friends, but everybody knows there’s a difference (likewise with parents vs. non-parents). Angela’s focus was on her new family unit she was forming. I may have felt a little sting when my oldest sister was doing the same thing, but I completely understood. This is one of the benefits of having Brennan get pregnant last season, and even being in a headed-to-lifelong-commitment relationship. Now they can be more on the same page and they have a lot more things in common to talk about.

      • If you watch that last scene in this episode, Angela is reaching out to Brennan for help and comfort and Brennan is there with it, both from the head and from the heart – with a hug. She reaches out to Angela first, which is big for someone who doesn’t like to be touched, except by Booth.

        There’s real affection in that friendship.

      • In season 6 Angela DID have a reason to maybe not spend as much time with Brennan but I do wish that the writers would have let Angela and Brennan have some time together when Angela and Hodgins thought their child might be born blind. I think Brennan would have offered support to her friend. I wish we could have seen that. I also wish they had not cut the scene in Daredevil when Angela and Brennan were talking about their lack of time together and when Angela spoke for a lot of us when she said she wished Hannah would disappear. Word. I mean I’m glad they didn’t go too soap opera with the whole Hannah thing and that Brennan wasn’t made to look like a jealous wench – (I would argue that Brennan handled the Hannah time better than when Booth had to endure Sully. I mean we all remember how Booth showed up while Brennan was on “vacation” with Sully, but I digress). Angela even gave us the gem that Booth and Brennan were a couple, just not having sex, in Season 6. Anyway, I blame the writers for the lack of time Angela/Brennan were given in S6. Even though they were in different places in their lives, we could have gotten more than we did of them as oppossed to Brennan/Hannah.

  9. I agree with the idea of Angela having been self centered. At different times shes treated SOs in her life poorly. Hodgins, Wendell, her ex, Roxie…I did not like her intense over-sexualization and her whining abour celibacy like her life was over….all that to say…i like her better now. Maybe she learned that from Brennan, how to use her head as well as her heart. i do like angela so much more now i would agree that angela and brennan have helped each other

  10. You know what I miss? Right now it seems like the Jeffersonian is just a place for crime-solving. I like seeing or getting hints of what other things the J-crew does for their actual jobs, and even other departments in the museum.

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