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Vintage Bones: The Graft in the Girl


Hello and Happy Friday around the world! I just have to say I think it is so cool the many different countries that are represented by BONES fans, including those that hang out here at Bones Theory.

Back when I started as a fan (winter of 2007 was when I watched my first episode, but March of 2008 is when I created a login and joined the Fox website community called The BoneYard. That site doesn’t exist in the same way, so sometimes it’s affectionately called the Old BoneYard or OBY), I was like a sponge—I was just trying to absorb as much BONES information as possible. There were people who had been members for months/years longer than me, and that was sort of intimidating. In the meantime, I was struggling with my career as a teacher; I know I’ve mentioned that before, so I won’t go into it again and again…except to say this: Graft in the Girl is probably THE episode in the entire series that absolutely inspired me and changed my life.

It sounds melodramatic, but the episode DID inspire me greatly. I suppose it was a tipping point (if you’ve read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, that is what I mean)…the one thing in a culmination of things that made me really stop and think “what am I doing with my life?”

I loved Amy Cullen’s passion and her optimism toward life—the episode always makes me cry at the passion and the loss of potential (and her parents’ sadness), combined with her being able to experience something amazing because Angela uses her talents for good. I wasn’t bad at teaching, and I used my talents for good, but I wasn’t passionate about it. Over the next few months, I realized I didn’t need to be passionate about my job, but (for me), having a passionate life, and the ability to be creative for fun (vs. trying to plan lessons that were almost always met with ‘this sucks’) was the answer. And it has worked. But I really do credit this episode as being instrumental in giving me the confidence to make that change.

So there’s that!


Here is your B&B of the Day.

The “It’s so cute the way they argue bicker” B&B

From The Graft in the Girl: Season One


10 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Graft in the Girl

  1. I really liked this episode too. It was so sad and I liked the way we saw the human/personal side of Cullen’s life. Amy’s end was going to be tragic; but, with the help of Angela, Amy got to see the one thing she wanted to see the most before she died. Because of Booth and Brennan, Amy also got justice. That was important to me. I wanted her to get justice before she died.

  2. First of all, your B&B’s of the day are so great!

    Also, I don’ t think its melodramatic at all to have a Bones episode be your “tipping point”. That is different and unique to everybody so who’s to say yours is no good? I know I connect with Bones when they are doing their “dysfunctional family and B&B themselves” storylines…like Mayhem, or the end of Daredevil, or the recent one about Booth’s dad….they remind me of my own dysfunctional family, who is very Booth-y (but in a bad way!). I’ve written about it on this board as well. I “get” Booth and Brennan and why they are the way they are because of their families. When Booth says that he does not want to be like his dad (Signs in the Silence), it hits me in the gut because my father has literally said that verbatim to me. So its OK. If you connect with this episode, great! Yay, for what Bones can bring out in us 🙂

  3. I think these kind of real-life moments are what draws in to this show. We can relate to these people on a lot of different levels, we learn from their mistakes or are challenged by their actions to make changes in our own lives.

    That’s what keeps me coming back, even when I don’t like something in particular. The show itself, the characters, they speak to me.

  4. This was one of those episodes that offered lots of passions– Brennan’s for the truth, Angela’s for Amy’s dream, Cullen’s for his daughter and what was right even in the face of his loss.And, of course, Amy’spassion for her art. It is always a reminder to me of what is so easily lost– we need our passions to escape the daily grind or to find our own bliss.

    Everyone has a need to express herself and sometimes we find it in characters, and sometimes we find it in a community.

  5. This is one of my favorite s1 episodes.

    One of my favorite moments is at the beginning when B&B are bickering and Cullen comes out and says how appropriate it is that they’re in an adolescent ward. I also like the scene with Booth and Cullen where Cullen thanks Booth for using his sick days for the case. It’s also lovely to see how Cullen’s attitude toward Brennan and squints changes. It would be great to have Cullen back instead of that twit Hacker. 😉

    On the Bones inspiring us, it inspired me to go back to school to study something that interests me rather than something that has a professional objective at the end. Longer run, I want to be like Brennan and Hodgins and have a second doctorate. That would never, ever have occurred to me before Bones.

  6. I think my favorite scene is one that didn’t register the first time I saw it. It’s near the end, when Angela is upset and Hodgins brushes off Brennan’s move to go to her by going himself. Angela is in tears, heartbroken because they can solve 100-yr old murders but they can’t save this one young girl. Hodgins gives her just what she needs – a way to help Amy, something only Angela can do.

    It’s very early in season one, but you can really see them begin to fall in love. It’s very beautiful.

    Oh, and . . . *ahem* In case anyone missed it, I got a BONES writer to mention James Marsters on Twitter.

    Step one . . . complete.


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