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Vintage Bones: The Titan on the Tracks


Hey everyone!

Yay for season two! I am looking forward to discussing a lot of these episodes.

This season two premiere is an episode that has moments I love and moments I do not love. I like the case (and Brennan talking about the NCAA championship ring as the “N C Lots of As” ring always cracks me up), and there are some classic B&B moments– this stakeout–



But this episode also introduces Cam. I like Cam…now. Haha, but when I first watched this episode, I certainly felt her as a threat at the time–both to Brennan’s Queen-ship of the Lab and that Cam already knew that Booth looked good out of his suit.

But I also love the way Booth tells Cam how it is (to be continued in season two, of course), and I like the B-plot involving Brennan and Booth working together to figure out why Max is trying to keep her away from any information about him and her mother’s death.

The end of this episode is also great, where Brennan goes to her mother’s grave and finds a dolphin left there. I like when Brennan tries to call it evidence, and Booth tells her it’s a different kind of evidence.

What do you think about this episode?

Here is your B&B of the Day:

The “She’s always gonna take your fries, Booth. Always.” B&B

From The Titan on the Tracks: Season Two


58 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Titan on the Tracks

  1. About this episode….well I think the sideways look Booth is giving Brennan at the grave says it all. (Whew, it takes a good screen shot for me to appreciate how good the actors are on this show, by the way. They don’t even have to speak to get their emotions across.)

    I just adore that ending. It is a nice “teaching Brennan” moment without hitting her over the head with a 2 by 4. She just goes into squint mode (yet already Booth the agent has trained her into seeing things as clues and evidence! 🙂 ) and his gentle comment is all it takes for her to get the point. Sure, its evidence. Evidence that no matter her parents mistakes, they loved her. And her dad still does, because he’s leaving behind these clues that might risk his capture, to show his daughter that.

    The whole Brennan-family angle was part of the reason I got hooked on Bones. It was so interesting to have had her family disappear on her, but then have Max (and Russ) come in and add so many layers to her character. Max was such a mysterious figure for a while…although now he’s more of comic relief, which is also great on a show that can be so somber…but her whole backstory really intrigued me (and Booth, clearly).

    I agree with you about Cam. I did not like her at first. I think it was just because I didn’t really know where they were going with her at that point. I mean, I know B&B has and always will be the endgame, so I wasn’t necessarily threatened by her and Booth because I know it was temporary, same as I felt about Hannah. Its funny, I remember an interview where she talked about the fan anger she got for coming into the show and being with Booth. She totally got the “Hannah treatment” when she was first on the show too! Poor Tamara!

    And I liked Cam in that she shook up Brennan’s lab world a bit. She was comfortable there, and Goodman didn’t seem to bother her too much. Cam was much more involved, checking Brennan’s work out, and I think sort of forcing Brennan to step up her game. Of course, it didn’t really click until Booth set her straight when he said he was with Bones all the way. They had to figure out how to work together with their personalities which was interesting to me. I rather liked Brennan’s lab being “invaded” and having her learn to adapt.

  2. Ditto on what both of you have said.
    As for Cam, I also disliked her at first because I thought she was going to be that stereotypical female character that comes in and one-ups ever other character – but she didn’t: she is totally human, accessable, and awesome, without being two dimensional and perfect.

    But I think my favorite scene in this episode is definitely the stake out: after rewatching season one and going right through to season two, you can see the big shift in their behavior towards eachother, in that they are much more than friends or just partners – there’s somethine else going on there between them. Also, Brennan is hilarious when she leans over and rubs him on the shoulder with one finger – I forget what she says, but I remember Booth’s response: something about his words reaching the princess within the castle. haha!

  3. The stake out is definitely my favorite:
    TB: Excuse me, I’m curious…umm you talk to the headstone? I mean what do you say?
    SB: it looks like I’m talking to the headstone but what I’m really saying is, forget about where the words are aimed, what I say is that I remember them.
    TB: they can’t hear you…because they’re dead.
    SB: My mouth moves, words come out but non seem to get across the drop bridge to the princess…
    LOL I really love this scene.
    I wasn’t a fan of Cam back them but she grew on me. She just needs a good story line (or two) these days.

  4. So is this where I can complain about Cam? Because I have complaints . . . .

    I find it interesting that for all of her “I intimidate people” remark to Booth, she is the one who is actually intimidated by Brennan. In this episode, she’s like one of those puffer fish blowing up to prove how big and bad she is, from the unprofessional way she couldn’t be bothered to introduce herself at the crime scene to the “I’m at the top of the organizational chart,” etc. I loved – loved loved loved – the betraying flicker of her eyes when Booth deflated her with his remark about Brennan studying her like human remains. If only . . .

    My favorite scene (after Booth’s expression when she asks him what they do on a stakeout!) is when she says the dolphin is beautiful and he looks AT HER and agrees. He’s not talking about the dolphin, betcha.

    • I totally agree with you about Cam, but we have to remember that in terms of her introducing herself: Cam and Brennan had already met several times, like Cam said, and remember Cam was the one who told Booth about Brennan in the 100th episode.

      • According to the 100th, they met once – and Brennan didn’t remember it. And in this episode, Booth specifically says, “You two know each other, right?” and Brennan is the one who responds, “No . . .”

        Cam knows that Brennan has no idea she’s been “parachuted in” in Goodman’s place. Her “you’ve got that half-right,” is rude and condescending and her comment to Booth about looking good out of his suit is a way to deliberately inject their prior intimacy in the middle of Booth and Brennan. She knew what she was doing.

        My dislike is probably showing – sorry. 😀

  5. I don’t think we were supposed to like Cam in season 2. Wasn’t she supposed to die at one point? Anyway, all those things you talked about Sarah – shaking up the lab, knowing Booth without a suit – I think those were supposed to piss us off, not charm us!

    I love season 2 and I love the arc with Cam. She turns up over the summer, gets Hodgins and Zack on her side, only to lose them the instant Brennan appears. Sure, they’ll be nice to the pretender, in the Queen’s absence, but there’s never any question as to where their loyalty lies.

    She’s all set to compete with Brennan but Brennan is so above it all that she can’t even be bothered. I love the way Hodgins fires up the flamethrower the instant Cam leaves the room after chewing them out over the spam.

    It’s an interesting case too, and Ray Wise (the PI, Turco) is such a master of the slimy and the smarmy.

    ED is absolutely gorgeous in season 2 also. The hair, the clothes….it’s just my favorite season, period.

    • And now we have Cam standing next to Hodgins and Wendell as they do an experiment with spam, although she did say it was for fondness of Lincoln.

    • I have a quibble with the show that your comment reminded me of (of which your comment reminded me? Is it okay yo end a sentence with a preposition?). In this episode Cam freaks out because Zack and Hodgins use Spam in an experiment, and she’s afraid that a defense lawyer will jump on that and use it to discredit the Jeffersonian and their evidence. But later, (I think it’s from Stargazer in a Puddle) they are using Spam and Sea Chimps and when they ask her permission to do the experiment, she says something like, “Hey, if you can get something from Spam and Sea Chimps, I’ll buy you each a car.” Hello! Writers! These two positions are mutually exclusive! (It’s not a huge thing, but it really really *really* bugs me.)

      And I would agree–we *weren’t* supposed to like Cam in the beginning. (Job well, done, writers.) But as she softened a bit and they all learned to work together, her character evolved into the Cam we know and (some of us–sorry, MJ!) love today. I think I started to warm up to her in season four.

      • I met Cam when she was a non-threatening member of the cast – like when Booth had that talk with her and she told him he was in love Dr. Brennan.

        About the spam, I just thought she had just loosened up some. Offering to buy them each a car really emphasizes that they she didn’t think they could come up with anything IMO, so she was probably like “Why not?”.

  6. I loved how Booth set Cam straight about her “intimidation” of Bones! The laugh he gives at first(so reminds me of how Angel laughed during the bed scene with Buffy), then he moves forward and says that Bones doesn’t intimidate. Then goes into the human remains speech. Loved it!!

    I, too, think Cam was intimidated by Bones and was trying to act all tough.

  7. I haven’t watched this episode in a long while. I think it was because of the introduction of Cam who I initially did did not like, but don’t feel the same way about now. So it was a real treat to watch last night on TNT after watching other episodes countless times. The great banter and witty dialogue between B&B (where are those writers today?), a gorgeous and not so clueless Brennan (how has her character changed so very much?), Booth being Boothy (I know that needs no explanation), and a real interesting case. Just the whole build up from season one continuing on in such a great way. It reminded me of all the things that attracted me to Bones in the first place. This definitely calls for a season 2 rewind for me!

  8. The relationship with Cam and Booth never bothered me. I always knew those two were friends with benefits. When they picked up where they left off I never worried about it. I just never got that vibe from them that either one of them wanted more than what they had from the other.

    I’m with MJ. It was totally unprofessional the way she treated Brennan at the train crash. I also disliked was her “I’m the boss” attitude and I can fire you. I really doubt the Jeffersonian would let their glorified coroner run off the best scientific brains in the country (in the world in Brennan’s case) just because she was insecure about being in charge.

    I hated her until Blonde in the Game. I wanted to smack her in Mother & Child in the Bay and Boy in the Shroud for her ‘I know everything and you’ll do it my way’ attitude.

    After she became a real person who gave the people she worked with some credit for their intelligence and their specialized fields, she was much better.

    I like Cam now and it was really only those first few episodes where they couldn’t have written her much more unlikeable if they had tried. I still have a hard time re-watching them because she pissed me off so much.

  9. I love it when she takes his fries.

  10. It’s just interesting how Tamara got the “Hannah treatment” (as I am now calling it) by the fans at first, and then as they (no pun intended) fleshed out her character, she became part of the team. Sure, sometimes they give her something ludicrious to say or do (and she’s always wearing a ridiculously tight dress in a lab *hand wave*), but that happens with all the characters from time to time. The only thing that truly bothers me about Cam now is her hair for this season! Sometimes it looks OK, sometimes it looks like a 5 year old with a weed trimmer chopped her bangs. Is it just me?

    • Yes, what is with the insanely tight “bondage” dresses?

      I am sure that there is some sort of relationship between her clothing and her character…but I will leave that to someone who can shed much better insight into it than I can.

      I liked her hair the second half of season 6 – it was a nice length…and even! Now, I think a blind-folded five year old *did* get a hold of a pair of blunt kid scissors and went to town.

  11. I think this is one of those times that how I view something is influenced by the fact that I watched the end of season 4 before going back and seeing the previous episodes.

    So, because I knew that B&B weren’t together yet (at the end of S4) I quite enjoyed seeing Booth’s interactions with other women, like Cam. I never disliked her because she got with Booth – I can perfectly understand why a single woman who happened to meet Booth would be very interested to see if they can’t rustle up some ‘magic’ with him. It’s the inevitability of the Boothyness 🙂

    I also quite liked the way she disrupted things for Brennan and brought her down a peg or two, Brennan can be unquestionably rude and high-handed and it’s good for her to be challenged. Good for Cam for taking her on – also, Brennan definitely was threatened by her (if not intimidated) and a wee bit jealous as well I think.All in all, I thought she was a great addition to the cast and I’ve always pretty much loved her character…*ducks* 🙂

    • As usual, I agree with you 100% Sophia. I thought it was kind of fun to have Cam and Brennan butt heads a bit and power struggle it out. I also can’t blame Cam for “buying a ticket on that ride”–hey even Angela wanted to :). And you know we all do too haha…so, can’t fault Cam for that!
      Brennan vs. Cam was interesting because Cam pushed her, but also, forced Brennan to accept her position and her expertise. Brennan was very dismissive of studying flesh, but Cam showed her the clues and evidence you can find that would be missed if you looked at the bones only. She had to give her respect, albeit grudgingly, to what Cam brought to the team. Similar to Sweets and his expertise. These characters help draw Brennan out of her narrow lab/bones focus. She also had to accept that Booth was, and will always be, easier at reading people than she is. And Angela has her own expertise that Brennan cannot do. Booth expressed that when the team found Brennan/Hodgins when they were buried. It took all of them and their respective talents. Goodman was more of an overall boss…but Cam has become an intregal team member, while still being the leader, she gets her hands dirty and looks over remains herself.

      • I can’t remember what episode it was, but one time Brennan had to admit Cam was right about something and in my opinion she looked like she was sucking a lemon when she had to admit it. 🙂

      • It was The Salt in the Wounds. Brennan wanted to clean the bones, but Cam insisted they rehydrate the tissue and they discovered bruising that explained the fractured stapes in the girl’s ear. Brennan had to admit they wouldn’t have found cause of death (or identified the murder weapon) if she’d had her way. (I just watched this ep yesterday on DVD;-)

  12. Cam came off almost as abrasive as Brennan did at times which I actually liked. Brennan’s abrasiveness was always about having too much focus to worry about the niceties of social interaction whereas Cam’s was more about staking her claim to being the boss. This episode left a lot of threads dangling which made it one of the better premieres for me– what kind of relationship did Booth and Cam have? was Brennan going to be displaced in the hearts and minds of the squints? would Brennan ever get to understand her parents and why they abandoned her? would Brennan really accept Cam as the boss?

    I liked Cam, didn’t think she was as big a threat to Brennan and Booth as she was to Brennan in the lab. She’s since become a herder of cats and her reactions to the people around her are sometimes priceless moments.

  13. That stakeout scene is one of my favorites-you could have powered a whole city with the sparks that were flying in the silence between “what do we do” and “we converse.” Talk about moments that should have ended with clothes being ripped off…

    I’ve actually had more of a problem with Cam this season than ever before; her character seems a little harsher, particularly in the premiere where she rebukes Angela and Hodgins rather severely for bringing little Michael into the lab. Don’t get me wrong-I totally get why she did that and I’m good with the premise; it’s just that she really spoke down to them in a way that was uncalled for. I realize that regardless of friendship she’s still the boss, but this year they haven’t softened her any other than the one with with Finn the intern. No talks with Booth or Brennan outside of work stuff, or with anyone else for that matter. While the writers have kept Angela and Hodgins rather consistent the last couple of years (in a good way), Cam’s character has begun to feel like an afterthought. I hope they thaw her out a little the next half of the season, because I actually like her.

    • Yes. It is so unfortunate that the writers have chosen not to mind that gold of Cam and Booth being friends with such a long history between the two of them.

      Much of that restraint/deliberate loss of opportunity stems from the decision to have Brennan be nearly exclusively the only person to whom Booth will open himself up, with Pops and Sweets sometimes getting pitched a “what’s your take on this?” overture (think of Booth going to talk to/at Sweets regarding Jacob Broadsky…”I don’t get what happened to Broadsky, the man I knew was a good man, how can he be making these kinds of calls?” and “What about me?”)

      If the writers WERE to pursue the Cam/Booth friendship more often, it would be at the expense of the Brennan/Booth emotional intimacy, which is unacceptable. Therefore we only see Booth consulting Cam following his brain-surgery to get her take on whether or not he’s really “himself” again and what does she advise regarding his wish to let Brennan know that his feelings for her have blossomed into love?

      But the writers DID at least pay an homage to Cam’s deep caring and concern for Booth by having her be working with Brennan in the Male in the Mail when the “His Dad died” comment occurred. Cam’s “Oh my God” clearly conveyed her knowledge and appreciation of the depth of Booth’s psychological trauma, but the writers had her refrain from doing/saying anything further regarding the issue, in acknowledgement of the fact that Brennan, as Booth’s partner and mate, has precidence over even a long, long time friend like Cam, when it comes to the prerogative be Booth’s emotional support system.

  14. With regard to how she spoke to Angela and Hodgins about Michael, I can understand it. She probably felt they were taking advantage of the fact that they were friends as well as colleagues and thought they could get away with NOT following the rules. If something was to go wrong, the final blame would fall on Cam. She follows the rules; Angela and Hodgins have always pushed the boundaries a little.

    So, I give her a pass on that situation.

  15. This ep was on TNT last night and I didn’t stick with it.

    Cam and Booth never bothered me because it was, like with Rebecca, about someone from the past, not the future. Someone who is known and comfortable, but that’s all.

    I didn’t mind the intro of Cam. Clearly we weren’t meant to like her at the outset. (Which was not their intention with Hannah, BTW.) Didn’t have any big issues with her at the crash. The crime scene was a place where niceties might well be ignored. Brennan was off kilter because she had been out of contact. I think that spoke to her assumption that nothing important could possibly happen while she was away. Apparently she didn’t learn that lesson then, though, given what happens while she is incommunicado in Maluku. I think that Brennan is still very arrogant at the beginning of s2.

    It’s also an ep where the case got kind of convoluted for me.

    Not to be all negative, B&B have some nice moments. That last one in particular. I don’t find the car scene all that great. It has that great line about the princess, but they seem more snarky to me than sparky.

    In short, not an ep I much care for, in part, because it’s one which doesn’t make Brennan look all that good either. Character-wise that is, not appearance-wise.

  16. I remember the first time watching this I was so conflicted about Cam. On one hand, I thought she made a great rival. On the other hand, I hated her because she was so bitchy and condescending to Brennan through the episode, but she won points with me when she told off the U.S. Attorney at the end. That’s a great scene.

    Booth is kind of condescending to Brennan during most of the episode too, aside from the scenes having to do with Brennan’s personal life with Vince McVicar and the scene at the end. And I may be in the minority here with Angelena, but I’m not a fan of the stakeout scene. Brennan is made out to look like an clueless idiot and Booth is visibly irritated with her. The princess line is meant to be an insult, so I don’t see anything hot about that. However, I do give props to HH for using the last part of that scene to work in the “Where’d you find her?” “Museum.” gag line.

    Also in regards to continuity, I didn’t know until about 6 months ago that the questions Brennan asks at Christine’s grave are answered in the tape she watches in Stargazer in the Puddle. I don’t know if I found out about that here (I think it was here!) or somewhere else, but it’s cool when people point out little things like that.

  17. Someone asked this *up there* and now I can’t find it…
    anyway, Cam was supposed to be temporary. She was brought in to shake things up between B&B and was meant to die when she was poisoned- thus highlighting why B&B couldn’t hook up as it would be too risky.

    For some reason (audience response? team dynamic? Booth too traumatised?) they decided to keep her. I think it was because the audience liked Brennan having someone to ‘battle’ with, both for Booth and at the Lab.

    Funny how 3 seasons down the track we are ready to stab the same ‘type’ with Hannah. Was it because the game had gone on long enough by then?

    • Yes Linda I think that is exactly why, the game had gone on long enough. People often remember Sully with fondness, and super hate Hannah. I think part of the reason is that Sully appeared really early on, and we had a few B&B moments…but as the seasons go on, B&B have been through A LOT together. Saved each other’s lives, shared secrets, been through intense situations, the coma dream, etc. And then you throw Hannah into the mix at that point (I don’t think Booth had anyone serious in his life since Tessa, right?) so it felt very jarring.

      And I think they probably did not keep Cam because of audience response, because from what I’ve read, the Bones fandom disliked her “Hannah” style for being with Booth. I think they like how her character pushed Brennan, in ways that Goodman never could.

      • For me, even though I knew Hannah was on the way, her appearance and role in Booth’s life made me feel manipulated. I mean, really? I give you five years (not really, because I didn’t start watching at the beginning) of my life because I expect the payoff of having this relationship we all KNOW is going to happen finally happen and instead I get the Mary Poppins version of Reporter Barbie – practically perfect in every way? No. Just no.

        I understood the reason for her. I understood and even accepted that Booth had the right to move on (Brennan told him NO. Not ‘maybe,’ but NO.) but that didn’t stop me from being pissed off. It didn’t stop me from being angry every time I had to watch MTE breeze in and out like a seagull, crapping all over everything. (Yes, I’m still bitter – holding it in is bad, okay?) It didn’t stop me hurting for Brennan’s very obvious pain.

        I could care less about Cam and Booth hitting the sheets. I didn’t appreciate her attitude toward Brennan (and still don’t. The ‘potted plant’ remark was typical Cam). Rewatching these first episodes just reminds me of how much I don’t like her.

      • I read somewhere that initially the character of Cam was meant to die after 6 episodes, but they kept extending her stay. TPTB liked the idea that her presence enabled the writers to focus on the body more, and not just the bones. As a side note, in The Man In The Cell where foam is coming out of Cam’s mouth after being poisoned, is a tablet of Alka Seltzer…Tamara Taylor’s idea. O.K… I am not too obsessed with this show!

      • I can’t speak for how bad the audience hated Cam vs. how much they hated Hannah because I wasn’t part of the fandom back then, or even when I first watched Bones. But I disliked Cam because of the way she treated Brennan, not because of her past with Booth. The deep emotional bonds between B&B were still just beginning at that point. There was nothing stated and nothing lost, unlike when Hannah came around, and it was made clear from the opening scene of Titan that whatever Cam & Booth had was a friends w/benefits sort of thing. My Cam hate was more of hating on the bitchy threatening new girl in town, whereas Hannah seemed like an emotional betrayal.

      • I think most people were not so upset with Cam and Booth, because first it was early in the season and the relationship was not wrapped in our face, like it was with Hannah. With Cam there was just a hint, but Hannah was full blown.

    • I see Cam and Hannah as two totally different situations.

      As has been said before, Cam and Booth were clearly not in a serious relationship. Hannah and Booth clearly were meant to be in a serious relationship. Also, Cam did have another reason to be there. She wasn’t there just to come between B&B. Hannah had no purpose other than to come between B&B.

      I should note that I started watching Bones on TNT. My first season watching “live” was s4, so I knew Cam and Booth was no big deal. Ditto, BTW, Sully. I actually like Body in the Book and Boneless Bride.

      Hannah also had two other things against her: she was poorly written and the actress didn’t help. That made the whole ordeal even more annoying. If you’re going to introduce this obstacle, at least do it well.

      BTW, HH did tweet about watching a show in a condensed time frame in the last week or so.

      • Question to the board:

        I know people complain about the actress who played Hannah, and that they should have cast someone with perhaps better chemistry (some have suggested Charisma Carpenter, who I don’t know)…anyway, would that have made it better or worse to have someone who had better chemistry with DB? I don’t think I would have liked that very much at all! Thoughts?

      • bb – in answer to your question about chemistry, I’ve actually always put their ‘lack of chemistry’ was down to good acting, particularly on DB’s part.

        This might be attributing too much praise, but considering DB’s rustled up chemistry with pretty much every woman I’ve ever seen him on screen with, I’m sure he could have done it with KW if he wanted. I think he chose to play it that way, because we know DB is a massive shipper and he would want to play Booth with some subtle hesitancy or unnaturalness deep down. This is what I see when I watch those episodes now, Booth playing the role of being in love and deep down knowing he’s doing it.

      • Goodness Sophia, I think you go into my brain and pull out my thoughts. That’s how I always thought DB was playing it, purposefully a little awkward with Hannah, and always telling Brennan things like there’s always one you love the most, and looking longingly at her…but it seemed that many commenters were either putting “blame” on KW for being a bad actress or lacking chemistry with DB…but personally, I’m glad they played it off the way they did. As such, I never felt upset or threatened by Hannah. I knew she was short lived. Had they either chosen a “better” actress/DB made it more convincing (whatever side you fall on) then I’d have been mad at Hannah for sure! 🙂

      • I think it was a little of both – DB did an excellent job portraying a guy who was working really (really! really!) hard to be in love with a woman other than the one he loved in spite of himself, and the character itself was written so superficially it was obvious we weren’t meant to get attached. I haven’t seen KW in anything other than “Failure to Launch” (and she was only there for about 2 seconds) so I can’t say it was her fault. She probably did the best she could with the material she was given (although a voice coach might be a good idea).

      • I’ve seen KW on a Law & Order: Criminal Intent, in which the odd way she talks proves that she’s not the murderer. She also played a crazy killer on Criminal Minds.

        What made the whole Hannah thing bad was that it was so obviously not going to work out. I say that fully acknowledging that I was one person who was really upset by it all and didn’t see how they were going to get B&B back together after everything that had happened. (Also, I no longer trust anything coming out of the mouths of TPTB on the subject inc. DB and ED. And, I still think that if ED hadn’t gotten pregnant, they’d still be dancing around each other.) But, objectively I can see that it was never meant to be between Booth and Hannah. It was always clear that Booth still loved Brennan. That said, then why bother? Some say it was the only way to get Brennan to realize what a mistake she’d made. But, to me the key event was Doc in the Photo. If she hadn’t had that experience would she ever have fully realized her mistake? She had already figured out in Maluku that she wanted to give it a go with Booth. But, if Lauren Eames hadn’t happened, would she have really faced what she’d lost and then told Booth?

        Was the actual Hannah even necessary? What if Hannah never came to DC, but her existence kept Booth distant from Brennan, who then goes through the Lauren Eames thing. The point is that I don’t buy that it was the only way to bring them together. There is never only one way, esp when you’re creating it. So, if they decided to go this way, why didn’t they commit to it more strongly. KW aside, the character was never well-developed.

        In any case, I will never watch early s6 again. And, I’ll never trust TPTB either. 😉

      • Brennan was willing to give the relationship a try after Maluku but she still needed evidence. Booth with Hannah was the only evidence I think we see on the show as to how Booth treats the one he loves. Brennan saw them together and wanted what they had but she had already said no. She had no reason to doubt that Booth loved Hannah at all as all she heard and saw was how wonderful and great Hannah was with everyone. We know better because we have other interactions with the cast that do not include Brennan and we know Booth is gaga about her. The mere fact Booth kept on declaring undying love to Hannah was proof to me that he did not love her that much. It was his defence mechanism against Brennan because he knew Brennan believes whatever he says.
        Cam was not a threat but I did not really like her because of all the ‘I’m the boss’ stuff. If Booth stayed with Brennan to write up notes and eat Thai over going off with Cam, then Cam is not a threat. The ep where Cam gets poisoned by Epps, Booth asking for extra security at the lab was because of Brennan’s people and concern for Cam was like an after-thought IMO. When he walked away, he paused at the door and looked back – was that guilt or what?
        With Hannah, Booth made Hannah first whenever she was in town. This is all Hannah’s fault anyway. A girl travels half across the world just to be with you, you – well Booth – will do all in your power to stick to her like glue and that is what Booth did. If Hannah had never shown up in DC, I’m sure they would still have gotten together but would Booth have wanted to revisit it? In Blizzard, when they were stuck in the lift, Brennan was still saying she did not think them as a couple was possible. At the end, she used the word ‘be together’. If Brennan was in just for the physical side of things, Booth would be pretty miserable as he is after the whole deal – spirit, soul and body.
        If Booth had not added the ‘atta girl kind of way’ to his declaration in HiaF, Brennan would have processed it and dealt with it eventually maybe even a lot faster than 2 whole seasons.
        Apart from the fear of losing Booth in the line of duty which she knows she really has no control over, Booth walking out on her like her family did was the one thing she was not sure about. If her family who love her dearly could walk away, what stops Booth from doing the same? He’s stayed all this while but anything could happen and what then. We know that Brennan does not do things in half measures – she accepted her father into her life and did everything she could to help him beat the murder charge. She needed to be ‘150%’ sure of Booth. It’s a catch-22 situation – she had to cross the line to find out but she was scared of crossing the line.
        IMO, she wanted a scientific explanation to something that cannot be quantified or explained in a test tube.

      • I think it’s funny that we can turn any topic into a conversation about Hannah. Even at this point in the series when she’s off earning her Peabody (pardon me while I vomit), we can make this about her.

        We are like the elephants of fandom – We Never Forget!


      • LOL! We will never forget early S6. EVER! LOL. But, hey, I like to think that pre-Maluku, Maluku, Afghanistan, Hannah, DITP, all of it, made them stronger. Early S7 has been pretty darn good but I think we know there will be ups and downs. I just hope that, since we don’t ever forget, that they keep building on the strenght of these two to face things together.

      • MJ, you’re right. She keeps popping up.

        Sometimes I think Hannah’s presence was for Brennan AND Booth, maybe moreso for Booth. Brennan found out that she didn’t really want to share Booth, that she did perhaps desire more than friendship with him. Booth, I think, needed a buffer. Before they left for Maluku, nothing much had changed. It was clear he was trying to go for distance during the dance at her high school reunion, but got sucked into a closer embrace. Brennan didn’t really want things to change, but Booth said things have to change. If Hannah wasn’t there, could he have held on to that resolution? A lot of people (esp. the creators) didn’t want to see Booth pine away in hopelessness until Brennan maybe changed her mind – some would just see that as pathetic. And the shift in their surrogate relationship meant some emotional distance. It would be harder to watch that distance if no one else was in the picture. At least we could say that Booth couldn’t focus too much on Brennan because he wanted to make sure he was keeping his girlfriend first (even though I thought she kept her job first and him second). Side note: Before Parker met Hannah, where would Hannah be when Booth had Parker? Was she conveniently travelling for work in those instances?

        How it all actually played out on screen is where it gets a little fuzzy for some of us. Many times I didn’t even always understand what I was supposed to be getting. Booth was very confusing to me during that time, but maybe that was just because he was confused. Hannah wasn’t going to be there for long, they didn’t have the time (or maybe take the time) to really flesh out her character, but would we have really wanted more time spent on Hannah? So they had to kind of bullet-point how great she was so we would at least be assured that Booth wasn’t with some airhead. Interestingly enough, there were people who thought that Booth was better off with Hannah. Blasphemy to us shippers, I know. But I didn’t feel the connection, so I’m glad I didn’t feel that way. I couldn’t wait for her to leave, although I would have never anticipated the circumstances under which she did. Everything was so mature and polite, then suddenly they have a not-so-mutual parting.

      • Hahhahahahahah – I guess I am angry that Booth said Hannah was not a consolation prize because she sure was. After Cam, Hannah was the next serious relationship we saw Booth in hence all the anger and every problem they’ve ever had from the day they met was all due to Hannah – I joke of course but I would gladly lay it on her head 😀

  18. I LOVE season 2! yay! Cam’s introduction was bumpy but, hey, in retrospect and in comparison of what Booth dragged in later on, well, all is forgive:) And, hey, tell me Agent Booth isn’t completely twittipated in that last picture! I mean, come on! He knew. He knew from the beginning but was just trying to figure out how in he hell that could ever work.

  19. I believe it was HH who recently posted a link to an article about how the ability to watch entire seasons in a much abbreviated time frame has changed the audience reaction to the show. That article is spot on in my opinion. I caught my first Bones episode in S4, loved it, bought the previous seasons and burned through them in no time. It only took me days. Not a week, not weeks, not months like a normal season would. My first episode was Hero in the Hold. We all know how that one ended. As a consequence, when I was blasting through previous seasons and ran across Cam, I fell in love with her immediately. I already knew she wasn’t a threat and was a huge supporter of the team. Because of that, I never really understood why everyone had such a negative reaction to her. (I ran across a few articles about the issue.) THEN…when Hannah came along, I understood how incredibly involved the fans could become. But…I never really saw Hannah as a threat either, so I didn’t mind her presence. Anyway…my point was that watching seasons in a rush can totally change your perceptions.

  20. BTW…love the BT tagline: Happiness is a dilapidated mighty hut 🙂

    • Me too!! I think it is fair to say that the mighty hut is beloved by Bones fandom already:) I am so excited to see what it looks like when they return!

      • It’s fun when we get to see Brennan’s knowledge used to help and not to make a point/prove she’s right. I feel so ambivalent about Crack in the Code, because on the one hand, Pelant creeps me out so much, and I know he’s going to cause serious trouble in the future too…but on the other hand, the B&B house ending was just so awesome!

        Also, random thought…but I was thinking of Daisy and her murdery double date idea…what if MSVH and BBB get to have murdery play dates? I can see Brennan wanting to take her child to the body farm and learn about decomposition! And Hodgins explaining to MSVH how the insect activity can pinpoint time of death. 🙂

    • I could see Hodgins saying something about MSVH and BBB ( I have to be careful because I have been spoiled, so I have seen BBB’s name! I’m weak!) having play dates and how it may be cool if the Hodgins and BB Clan became family some day. I could TOTALLY see Booth NOT wanting ANY talk about his little girl dating or marrying off anytime soon so, yeah, I could see him being a party pooper on that;)

  21. OMG, bb, that’s fabulous: “…what if MSVH and BBB get to have murdery play dates? I can see Brennan wanting to take her child to the body farm and learn about decomposition! And Hodgins explaining to MSVH how the insect activity can pinpoint time of death.”

    • Haha, yeah, quarterbreed, I think I’m the biggest MSVH/BBB shipper out there! I’m definitely excited for Angela and Brennan to be walking strollers side by side…holiday gatherings between the families…and of course, Season 22, when they are old enough to go to prom together 🙂

      Its totally normal to ship nonexistant, imaginary people that were just born/aren’t yet born….right? Right???

  22. A couple of times I’ve seen mentioned that people think Brennan returned from Maluku ready for a relationship with booth. I have to say I didn’t see any evidence of that at all. She was a bit shocked about Hannah, but probably because she didn’t really think things would ever change between her and booth.

    Can anyone give me examples of where Brennan indicated she had changed her mind about starting a relationship with booth?

    • I think it’s not about what she’s said, but more about moments that are left up to viewer interpretation. One example would be in that first conversation they had back in D.C. when she told him that she didn’t get involved with anyone (sexually or romantically) when she was in Maluku. Now of course, she could have just been being candid Brennan, but her obvious disappointment when Booth showed her a picture of Hannah was enough for some to put two-and-two together. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was jealous – she chewed out Clark at some point. When her Dad asked her about Booth she looked sad and said she didn’t want to talk about it – if she was still so sure about her decision to say no I don’t think she would have had that reaction. I also saw what appeared to be regret written all over her face at certain times even before the Eames case. Those little niggles of doubts snowballed until that infamous moment of confession. I think she moved through different stages: “I did the right thing even though it feels painful” – “Did I really make the right decision? Why is being happy for my friend’s sake so hard to do?” – “I wish I had taken the chance when it was presented to me. I may not get another one.”

      I’m somewhere in between. There’s a big step between just wishing she had taken a chance and being ready for a serious relationship. I definitely think she was re-thinking her decision, but I don’t know if she came back willing to say “Let’s be together.” She may have faced her feelings, but she was facing the same doubts and fears. It took losing a lot of their previous closeness and seeing him have it with someone else to say she wanted to give it a try, fears and doubts notwithstanding.

      BTW, I always thought it kind of sucked that by the time she realized she was in love with someone, that someone had already moved on. It was just sad. I did not have fun “exploring that dynamic,” as some of the producers and actors like to put it. I watch for B&B. No matter how much fun and happiness is going on in the outside world, their connection holds it all together for me, and to me it’s just better when they are solid and secure.

      • Thanks C-Bones for your response! I agree that there were moments that were open to interpretation and that some people interpret them to mean she had changed her mind. I think I saw confusion there rather than regret, in those early episodes anyway.

        I probably need to re-watch the episodes because I haven’t seen them since they aired. I remember thinking not much had changed because she didn’t try and contact him in the time spent apart. I definitely relate a lot more to Booth in general, and like him, I’d see the lack of contact as further proof of her rejection / lack of missing him. That’s obviously not what it represented, but it probably felt a bit like that to Booth when he was in Afghanistan.

        Personally, I think she was probably content with the decision she had made in the 100th right up until she heard about / saw him with Hannah. I think she thought things between them would carry on as they had before, I honestly don’t think she’d considered what it would mean / feel like to no longer be the number 1 woman in Booth’s life. I think that was the shock when Hannah arrived and that’s what made her realise, ‘hang on, I don’t like this. I want what she’s got with him’ I think in the 100th she said no because she was scared of losing him, but she realised in the end that because she’d said no, she’d kind of lost him anyway. This, I think, gave her the courage to be honest about what she wanted in Dr.

        It was very sad that she went through the worry of having missed her moment. It was sad they weren’t ready for each other at the same time, but sometimes that happens in real life too. Thankfully, in a TV show you can be sure they’ll make their way back to each other eventually. I’m a firm believer that had Booth not moved on, she wouldn’t have felt that loss and so wouldn’t have had the impetus to make the leap towards a relationship with him.

  23. Great response C-bones..I so agree with all you have said. I do feel that Hannah had to be there to make Brennan realize all she had lost, but the arc went on way too long. Then what the writers were trying to convey just got lost. One episode Booth was telling Brennan you only love one person the most (Brennan), and then the next episode he was proposing to Hannah. I believe I read some where that the original intent was for Hannah to be around for only a few episodes (like Sully), and after Brennan’s realizations in The Doctor in The Photo, Hannah would have been gone. For some reason, they kept on extending Hannah’s stay, then the rushed proposal and exit of Hannah…Thankfully!

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