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  1. Hm, the post is not showing up for me, its just blank. Anyone else having problems today?

  2. She’s testing us!

    We have guess what the topic is today!! 😀

    • Or maybe we’re supposed to come up with the topic ourselves…..Any ideas???? 😛

      • This was one of those cases where I totally did not see the end coming. The killer being the woman vet was completely out of left field for me – and that she cut the baby out, too? Where did that come from?

        Sometimes you can see the killer like s/he’s got a bright red light blinking about their head but this one (for me, anyway) definitely wasn’t one of those cases.

      • I agree with you MJ I did not see the ending coming at all, but it was a good twist!

  3. Blank for me also!

  4. We could just post excerpts of our favorite parts of the episode, like:

    BRENNAN: Was it in the Journal of Forensic Anthropology?
    BOOTH: Oh, you know, I forgot to renew my subscription. You know what, Bones? You really need to take up some other interests.
    BRENNAN: Well, I’m reading Ted Gioia’s History of Jazz, was she mentioned in there? Or maybe in McGhee’s Science and Lore of the Kitchen? Or perhaps I should develop an interest in the mainstream media’s exploitation of crimes for their entertainment value.
    BOOTH: You know, it’s amazing Bones. You can really be snotty sometimes.

    • Or, comments that were no big deal before this season, but actually came true!

      BOOTH: That’s funny, you know? Okay, I am concerned about my son. I wanna know what kind of guy this new boyfriend is. And you know what? If she’s not gonna tell me, I’ll find out on my own.
      BRENNAN: You’re going to run a background check on him?
      BOOTH: You have kids and we’ll talk.

      She IS having a kid…WITH BOOTH!!!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

      • But my favorite part is her response:
        BRENNAN: That’s a lot to ask for a little conversation.

      • Or:

        CAM: Are you pregnant?
        BRENNAN: No. I’m not, no.
        BOOTH: Why are you looking at me?
        CAM: Well, as long as you aren’t leaving the lab every two minutes to pee.
        BRENNAN: No intention of it.

        Hehehehehehe 🙂 🙂 🙂 BBB!

      • Their looks at one another during that scene were priceless!! Haha!

  5. My favorite part is when sassy Brennan is all sarcastic interviews the guy’s wife and she’s all “Oh, love? Now it’s a beautiful story!” LOL I love season 2 Brennan!

  6. I loved the whole ‘race to the crime scene’ bit in this episode. Brennan was not having anyone look at those remains before her especially Cam. And then at the actual crime scene Brennan scolds Cam for her method of collecting evidence stating she’s going to compromise the bones and Booth asks “Is there going to be another murder here?” Funny stuff!

    Ooh and then there was the bit of banter between B&B in the car over Booth’s reaction to Rebecca’s new man and he says “When you have kids we’ll talk.” Just a funny tidbit to me considering how things end up working out.

    Did the ending bother anyone else besides me? I know it was left with the idea that the baby’s father would change his ways, but I guess it just didn’t feel right to me considering what a jerk he had been to the mother of his own child, and the way he verbally and physically abused women.

    What did you guys think about the ending diner scene? What do you think Brennan was thinking about when she was looking at Booth with Parker, Rebecca, and her new man? I couldn’t quite put my finger on it/

    • I think Brennan has admired Booth’s commitment as a father for a long time. I think we learned from S1 that there was a part of her that missed being part of a family. I think we also saw her wondering how her life would have been different if her family had stayed in her life. Even though she and Booth have different POVs on life, she respects him. She knows he’s a good man, and a good father and I think that means a lot to her. I think, for Brennan, seeing Booth’s commitment to his son kind of restored something in her regarding family. I see Brennan looking at Booth, Rebecca, Parker and Rebecca’s boyfriend and thinking about the complexitiy of family and what it means to belong to one. I also see her kind or measuring Booth as a man, kind of the way she does when she looks at him talking to the young father at the end of Salt in the Wounds. I liked how Brennan was able to get how much Booth struggled with not always being able to be with Parker in this episode. She may not have been able to relate to it, but she knew it was hard for him. Now, how that Brennan ever thought he could be just a sperm donor in CITC is a head-scratcher, but that is another conversation altogether.

      • Well said! I got that feeling from the scene, but I could just not figure out a way to transcribe it out into words. I think she was possibly also contemplating on what she had said earlier about “not wanting to bring a child into this kind of world” and was thinking that maybe it was worth it. I’m not saying she was ready by any means at this point…just that maybe her feelings were starting to sway in a different direction.
        Brennan at this point is very cut and dry about her opinions of specific things (like having children), but Booth always seems to be able to enlighten her on the complexity of issues and how even when you fall into a situation that isn’t ideal, things always have a way of working themselves out and that there may be regrets of how you got there, but never of the ending result.

  7. I enjoyed the fact that everyone but Brennan was ready to lynch the husband from the beginning. She was proven correct in the end. I, too, was shocked to find out who the real culprit was.

  8. I LOVE that we’ve all just dived in and started our own conversations around this episode, ha. I should have known not to worry that a technical issue (or cunning test 🙂 ) wouldn’t slow us BT’ers down ha.

    I liked this episode, and really didn’t see the killer coming. The cases in these early eps were really brilliant – it makes me sound like a dreadfully morbid soul but I like it when the murders are actual proper murders. Premeditated, evil sickos ha. (Not saying the culprit in this was, but you know what I mean). In recent seasons, I think they’ve tried to lighten the tone by making the deaths mostly accidental or spontaneous – which is why I welcome Pallant.

  9. In basketball terms, this is what is known as a coach just rolling the ball out on the floor and telling the players to pick it up and play!


  10. This was a great episode. A disturbing crime for sure. I also did not see the murderer coming at all. We also get nice hints/glimpses of the personal lives of the characters integrated into the story. We saw insight into the Booth/Rebecca dynamic and learned more about Booth as a father. We saw early insight into Brennan’s thoughts on motherhood. BTW… I’ve said this before, but does anyone notice the similarities between Brennan’s thoughts on motherhood in this episode and Hannah at the beginning of DITP? I believe Brennan’s pregnancy was solely dictated by ED’s real life preganancy. However, if you want to believe that the writers were really thinking about going that way before, well, the beginning of DITP is interesting. Hannah talks about how she doesn’t know how women “do it”, how they are mothers. Brennan is silent. However, that is essentially Brennan’s though in Mother and Child in the Bay. Also, interesting, Booth tells Hodgins and Angela about how much everything changed when Parker was born in the beginning of DITP. He didn’t go on about how “great” a new baby is the way he did to Brennan at the end of CITG. Right? Interesting. Again, I don’t believe that was planned at all but, in light of the current storyline, I think it’s interesting. Also, I think Mother And Child in the Bay shows us that no matter what, B&B are bonded for life with little b on the way. I would like to think that even if things fell apart for B&B romantically that they would still be able to work together well for their child. I can’t really ever imagine Brennan telling Booth that she doesn’t have to, technically, let him see his daughter since they are not married. Right? Maybe….we’ve seen with the ultrasound and the disagreement about moving in that she still struggles or is akward in relationship matters but….I would hope she would not say something like that. Rebecca was rebelling at how over-protective Booth can be. Brennan is already very, very aware of that side of Booth. She knew about it even before they became romantically involved. She has to know that that is part of the package with him, just like Booth has to know what he is getting with Brennan. I’m sure we’ll get a case similar to this nature after Brennan becomes a mother….then her and Booth can “talk”.

    • I don’t think that Brennan’s pregnancy was completely dictated by Emily’s. Way back, Brennan announced that she’d like to have a baby and use Booth’s….stuff…for it. When they wheeled Booth into surgery, he told her that she could use it to have a baby…and then she wrote her pregnancy into her book/ Booth dreamed about her being pregnant with his child, so I think the idea was there for awhile. They might have been saving that storyline till the end of the series, and Emily’s pregnancy just sped up the timeline, but I think it was always going to happen. The coma dream eps were definitely way before she actually became pregnant.

      • I agree bb. I was just saying that I don’t think the beginning scene of DITP was written with the end we got in CITG in mind.

      • Also, I never took Brennan’s saying she didn’t want children as the truth. I took it to mean like when she’d say things like “I’m always meant to be alone”. That she was saying it as part of her shield and defenses….so that in 20 years when she was still alone, it wouldn’t hurt so much. I think she was also afraid of bringing a child into the world and either being a bad mother, or abandoning it (either intentionally or unintentionally due to her dangerous job) and having a child of her own end up in foster care too.

        But as she grew and learned, I think that wall crumbled. We saw her diligent care of Baby Andy and her fierce protectiveness for him. She did not want to hand Andy over to his new parents! So I don’t think was truly anti-children, I think it was more of that she was scared. When she opened her heart to Booth at the end of the season, and clearly they struck up a relationship in between HitH and CitG, I think that was sort of the last of her defenses. Her last concern was would Booth be happy with it. So when he was, that last smile from both of them was awesome 🙂

      • Booth I think sees right through Brennan about it in this ep:
        BRENNAN: I understand killers. I just don’t know how mothers can do it. I mean, dogs can be trained in a couple of weeks. With kids, mothers have to give up their lives for years.
        BOOTH: No, when you’re looking at your kid, you don’t feel like you’re giving up anything.
        BRENNAN: So you would do it again?
        BOOTH: What?
        BRENNAN: You’d have Parker even with everything you’re going through?
        BOOTH: What kind of question is that?
        BRENNAN: Wouldn’t it be easier if Parker wasn’t caught in the middle of this drama f yours with Rebecca and the new boyfriend?
        BOOTH: God, no. No, Bones. He’s my son. Whatever we’re going through, it’s not about that. He knows that.
        BRENNAN: That’s what parents say when they want to justify themselves.

        BOOTH: You know, I haven’t walked out on Parker, all right? I would never have done what your parents did.

        Boom. Booth gets it. 🙂 And eventually we get Mama Bones! haha

    • I did see a lot of early Brennan in Hannah. It was crazy. Booth was looking for a different outcome, but in a lot of ways chose the same kind of woman in that she didn’t view commitment the same way. Except Brennan had changed so she was actually closer to his ideals than Hannah – too bad they had to go through all that pain and mess to figure that out.

      The timing of when it was put in the script probably has more to do with when Emily told Hart. They didn’t change much except the last scene, I think.

    • Bite your tongue-“even if things fell apart’-aghast! If that happens, I’ll be taking all of my Bones Dvds and aiming them one by one at the producers through a rocket launcher! But seriously, how glad am I that they scheduled Hannah before B/B got together, and not in between them going out, like happens in so many other shows. Couple dates, couple breaks up and ends up with someone else temporarily, couple gets back together-no! I’m fairly confident at this point that B/B will remain together, regardless of fights or disagreements, and that makes me a very, very happy girl.

      • Yep, that is my wish too! I cannot really see the show going on for too many more seasons so, I think, in the timeline we have left with B&B that the focus should be on them becoming stronger together and building their family. Yes, they will have ups and downs, but it should be about going through those storms together. Not too many shows show a couple together, happily, and working things out. I think with the focus being on the crime element, and after so many years of will they or won’t they, that there is a good chance that this is it. At least, I hope so!

      • HH said at some point somewhere that once B&B got together they would be together. He wasn’t interested in throwing spanners in the works, having them break up etc. He thought they deserved better than that. So, I’m holding him to it!

  11. This one bothered me, because of the Laci Peterson case. That was pretty close to me (like, we knew some of the same people, close) so this ep, case wise, was uncomfortable for me. That said, I loved some of the bickering here and the competition with Cam made me laugh…those things were much needed, for me, in this ep. Not one of my faves, but you know what? Anytime B&B grace my screen, it’s better than most crudola on tv and that’s good enough for me.

  12. Oh! This is also the episode where Brennan wears that gorgeous vintage ivory silk blouse. I want that blouse in the worst way.

    I also want her to dress the way she used to dress, too. Damn trenchcoats.

    • Ugh. Seriously what is with that trenchcoat look?? It’s great every now and then, but since the end of season five, she has not stopped wearing them.

      • I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the trench coats. It’s just trench-overkill, let the poor woman wear something else every now and again for goodness sake.

        In the same vein, I miss Booth’s more casual attire – the green jacket, the FBI T-shirts, the grey jumper, the polo shirt…hmm.

        Ahem, ok, sorry – got a bit off track there 🙂

      • Mmm…..casual Booth….

        Wait, what we were talking about?

      • I welcomed the return of the green jacket/FBI t-shirt in episode 5 this year, Twist in the Twister! And, notice, the black leather jacket, jeans, and FBI t-shirt made a return in Crack in the Code when Booth went to see Ezra Klein’s dead body hanging from the flag pole. Call me a fangirl, but there was something really sexy/comforting to me about Booth going out all casual/hot-guy FBI in that scene in Crack in the Code. I imagined that he was home chillin’ with Brennan, looking at houses online, when he got the call to go out to the crime scene. Then, when he returned home, telling Brennan about how gross that fleshy,dead dude looked without a face. Then they snugggled up for the night, dreaming of their perfect mighty-hut and their squinty little bundle of joy.

      • Imagine being the wardrobe person in charge of scouring the earth for every conceivable type and color of trenchcoat. “I’ll take everything you have, please.” I think I’d like to be the one shopping for Tamara instead, although trying her clothes on beforehand would not be possible for me; at least not if I had any hope of zippering anything up. I’ll just have to be content with admiring from afar, I guess.

      • Trenchcoats are great to hide a pregnancy.
        Great ep. Really stunned that her so called friend killed her for her baby.
        Sometimes men just are plain $****d. Leave your pregnant partner, she winds up dead and you hear your sn is alive and you hesitate. Both should have clocked him.

    • But, you know, it’s okay to put a Serious Journalist in a sheer lace cami even though Brennan must be buttoned and belted as much as possible.

      (Obligatory Hannah-hate post.)

      • haha, appears we do need the guidance from Sarah’s posts afterall. Without which, we (ok, hand up, I know I started it) pretty quickly descend into ‘where has Booth’s polo shirt gone?’ chat 🙂 haha

      • every post – even one that doesn’t exist – can bring us back to Hannah-hate.
        HH – we shall not forget.

        btw, I laughed at the commentary for DITP on the DVD when HH said that Hannah was one of the most popular characters ever on the show. 🙂

    • I wonder if it’s all the wardrobe department or if Emily prefers them. She seems likes she’s cold on the set a lot. When we don’t see her bundled up in a trenchcoat, I’ve always thought she has a great shape. She may not be a skinny girl in Hollywood, but I’m kinda envious, and that’s what I’ve always loved about Emily/Brennan. Anybody seen her post-pregnancy? She looks great!

      • Yeah, C-bones I saw pics of Emily with her sister at the Golden Globes I think it was. She looked great! But honestly, she looked so beautiful pregnant! She literally had that pregnancy glow 🙂 Look at her screen shots in Crack in the Code when they are in the mighty hut. She’s looking up at Booth and she looks GORGEOUS. And she’s about to pop any day!

  13. I agree with what most everyone here has said…it’s funny but awesome that all we need is a title from the ep and a blank space to write about it!

    • There are a lot of talented fanfic writers that comment on this site. I wouldn’t expect anything less than what I’ve read today.

  14. This was my favorite scene in the show:
    BOOTH: You want me to what?
    BRENNAN: Stab the body for me. We need to match force with the injuries recorded on the remains.
    BOOTH: Okay, I’m stabbing the body.
    BRENNAN: Well, it’s a replica. We’re all going to do it, you’re just the closest to Kyle Richardson.
    BOOTH: Okay, you know what, that’s great. I’ll be there in 20. But in the future you’re just going to have to ask me differently, Bones. Because you know what? Come over to your place to stab a body – that is just freaky.

    Then you see Hodgins, Angela, Booth, Brennan, Zach and Cam at the Lab on the platform where they stab the dummy. The looks on everyone’s face when their doing the stabbing, cracks me up every time. The look on Booth’s face is really funny and Angela’s squeal is a hoot.

  15. You know, I don’t think I could go anywhere else to an empty post and still have plenty to read in the comments section! Even if it is about Booth and his polo shirt!

    • I love that! So much that I had to RT it on Twitter.

      How awesome is Bones Theory? We will comment on empty space. 😀

      • Pretty sure ‘the inmates are running the asylum’ on this one and darn glad to be locked in here with all of you 😉

  16. This might be my most favorite BT post of all time.

  17. This is hilarious! – how we’re all just jabbering away, without an “official” post. A new trend in blogging, perhaps? Just give us the episode title and…Away We Go! LOL.

    But let’s not give Sarah any ideas… Where art thou, O fearless leader…

    Although, again, this is very funny. Love it.

  18. Seriously, now I have to go back and watch this episode again!

  19. Somewhere, Sarah is rubbing her hands together and laughing with evil glee.


  20. There once was a Bones Theory Post
    Unwritten by Sarah, our host.
    We commented away
    Just like any day
    ‘Cuz Bones fans are simply The Most

  21. Long time BT & Sarah fan, but only my second post. I’m not good at writing – so I don’t:) But I had to say “I love this place and you guys are the best”.

    • Hey Lindy,
      Me too! I come here every day and have maybe commented only a handful of times. 🙂

      I enjoy the fun uplifting atmosphere plus it’s always fun when the comments turn to how hot Booth looks. 🙂

  22. Maybe Sarah’ is testing our ability to blather on about nothing-if so, I think we passed with flying colors!

  23. I once clicked on a link on Bones Theory
    To not see a post made me dreary
    But before I could get too teary
    A conversation ensued and I became cheery

    There was no topic of the day
    But Bones Theory guests still wanted to play
    So we typed and typed away
    Everyone had a little something to say


  24. I did think that the 57 comments for a blank post was an error… silly me!
    Good work everybody – a truely fabulous post.
    Reminds me of the forums of old 🙂

  25. 2 random points (given this is a ‘free’ post):
    – Australia gets Season 7 eps from this Sunday 🙂
    – just saw the episode of Glee, when Sue says ‘Bad luck David Boreanaz…’ when checking out her Booty Call Book – cracked me up!

  26. Since we seem to be discussing things all over the place…I so wish Bobbie Read was still the costume designer on Bones. She is the one who came up with the idea of all of Brennan’s great necklaces and did wardrobe on the early seasons on Bones. Brennan looked so great then…and no trench coats ! Check out this link for the interview with her. Starts on 3:39 but the whole clip is fun to listen to.

    • Okay. I found the answer! I guess this lady is the costume designer now. Sounds like her job is very difficult – she didn’t seem to overjoyed with the challenge:

      • Okay, so two points:
        1. Apparently it is easy for trenchcoats to pass the strict vegan test.
        2. I believe that the top Cynthia is wearing is the same top Brennan wore in The Boy with the Answer. I think I only noticed because that was one pattern I really wasn’t feeling.

      • Hahahahaha! Her face said what she wouldn’t about her opinions of designing with vegan fabric. If she doesn’t like doing it, I am sure there are many others who would be thrilled to take on the challenge. Project Runway anyone?

      • wow – very interesting about ED’s clothes…I guess the stock standard trench coat pattern is easy to whip up. That explains a lot.

        Doesn’t look very impressed, does she?

        Great work C-bones.

  27. I guess ED got more vocal after a couple of seasons on how she felt and what she would wear. I have to give her a lot of credit that she stands by her convictions. On a side note, they actually make all her clothes from scratch and that’s how they look? Wow….

    • can’t really read your tone there Linda…I keep emphasising the “that’s” in ‘that’s how they look’…

  28. LOL..I really think they could do a better job, but that is just me. I remember in season 5, Brennan wore the same shirt in about 4 different colors. Now I know why thanks to C-bones great detective work. Same pattern, same material, different colors!

    • LOL…yep, so do I. That video C-bones found answers so many questions. I will never bag ED’s wardobe again…well, maybe I will, but at least now I know who to blame when I’m not impressed with her outfits. Gee I miss the ‘eco-warrior’ Brennan.

      • Exactly. I think she’s trying to blame it on her limitations, but the fact that she’s actually wearing that top suggests to me that I just differ with her on matters of style in general.

        I can only conclude one thing: the world needs more good fashion designers for vegans. There’s enough demand, not enough good supplies. I love ED, but I’m usually not a fan of her outfits in general. Still, she always looks beautiful/gorgeous. I love her even more for that because not everybody can pull that off.

    • This is what kind of ticks me off about that interview – that costume designer make it sound like she creates every piece of clothing ED wears by hand. She doesn’t. The shirt of many colors that she wore in season 5 was Max Azria, who is known for being a vegan friendly designer. A lot of the trenches she wears are Max Azria or Burberry. She also wears a lot of Stella McCartney on the show, so vegan clothing designers are out there. I think the costume designer is kind of throwing ED under the bus in that interview, especially considering ED spent 4.5 seasons not covered up in trenchcoats.

  29. Me too Linda. She looks so frumpy now, which is sad because she really is so gorgeous. I still think the wardrobe department could do more and still accommodate ED’s wishes. Just saying….

    • That’s so interesting about the costume designers – it makes so much more sense now, why their style changed half way through.

      That would be a great job indeed. ‘Good morning Mr Boreanaz, here’s another tight black t-shirt for you. And here’s another. And another. What do you mean you think we’re overdoing the tight black t-shirts? There’s surely no such thing!’

      • If I had that job, Booth would wear that black FBI t-shirt on numerous occasions. Come to think of it, I love to see Brennan wear it for Booth with a pair of his socks. Booth would also make an appearance again in the grey sweater again, Yes, a dream job! Oh, the mind wanders…..

      • If I had that job, there would basically just be a wardrobe of boxers and socks, Goop on the Girl style. 😉

      • Man, if ED had not been pregnant when HITH was filmed it would have been HOT if Brennan had worn one of Booth’s FBI t-shirts when she slept over in Booth’s bed…er…couch. Of course, had ED not been pregnant, we may not have gotten what occurred in HITH at all so it’s a catch 22. Imagining what occurred in HITH with Brennan wearing a t-shirt and nothing else is fun to think about….

    • Agreed; I’m sure Emily doesn’t go to events or interviews of just about her everyday life wearing trenchcoats, so I think this is a sad excuse by the set designer. Let her bring in her own clothes, then. Maybe now that she’s not pregnant anymore they’ll show her more but don’t hold your breath, because an upcoming photo shows yet another darn coat.

      • Someone who is more Twitter-savvy than I, tweet HH and co. about this trenchcoat situation! Maybe they are unaware of the growing fandom discontent about the wardrobe situation.

        Let them know the key clothing points:
        Booth-less is more (shirts, pants, these can be optional)
        Brennan-no more new taxe–I mean, no more trenchcoats! Please for the love of Bones!

      • They won’t listen. Do you know how many times I’ve tweeted about James Marsters? And do we have James Marsters on BONES? No. No, we do not.


      • Actually, I think the sweatshirt she work did have the FBI emblem on it and boy how obsessed with Bones am I to know that fact!

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