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Vintage Bones: The Boy In The Shroud


Haha! Okay, first of all, good morning, but second of all– yesterday! Ha! The crazy thing is that I actually did that post twice even! I wrote it up on Sunday night, set a reminder to make it live yesterday morning, when I went to make it live, it wouldn’t post–there was nothing there. So I wrote it up again, published it again, closed the site and went on my way. It wasn’t until much later that I figured out the body of the post was as good as posting a picture of a polar bear in a snowstorm.

Here is a recap about what I talked about in yesterday’s post, which was basically the following:

1. I’ve been MIA, but in my defense, I’ve been reading The Hunger Games trilogy (still am, so please no spoilers)

2. Yesterday’s ‘tomorrow’s’ post (aka, today) is going to be about when I fell officially in love with Booth.

3. Booth sure does act certain ways when he feels like he is not in control of a situations (aka–when Rebecca lets her boyfriend spend time with Parker).

Okay then, on to today!

As I mentioned before, this is the episode where I officially fell in love with Booth. I certainly liked him before this episode. I was probably falling before this episode. I’m sure I had a big crush on him and liked his smile, and all of that. But…you know that moment where it just hits you? For me, my stomach sort of gives out and drops, it gets serious up in the house for a minute as I try to frantically figure out what I’m thinking, and then I realize it? Yes, that is what happened to me the first time I watched the end of this episode.

For me, attractive people grow less attractive if they are cruel or rude. Less than (the generally accepted view of) attractive people get a lot more attractive to me the kinder and more compassionate they are. That’s how it works for me. So of course on that scale, Julie Andrews is just…the hottest. Haha! And Atticus Finch. That’s about the standard right there. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

And, of course, compassionate, good, sexy in a suit, Seeley Booth.

I really do love a LOT about this episode. The guest actors are very, very good, the case is interesting, it deals with a lot of Brennan’s past in foster care and the stigma she resents from it. It helps Booth and Brennan grow closer together. Brennan and Cam sort of work things out. And I LOVE the moment in the diner where the wife turns in the gun to Booth for killing her husband.

But there was just this moment…


Booth is doing his job, and he’s escorting Alex away, but he also just puts his hand on his shoulder in encouragement. Booth could have been a big jerk about it, but he just wasn’t. He’s a good person and he doesn’t abuse his power over people. I love that about him. I loved it then and now.

But what about you? Do you like this episode? Do you have a moment where you just fell in love with Booth (in any episode)?

Let’s discuss!

Here is the B&B of the Day

The “Very Pretty (and nice!) Crime Solvers” B&B


From The Boy in the Shroud: Season Two


43 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Boy In The Shroud

  1. “I’m with Bones, Cam. All the way. Don’t doubt it for a second.”

    A contender for my favorite moment of the entire series.

  2. I don’t really know what to add. “Compassionate, good, sexy in a suit, Seeley Booth” seems to say it all, doesn’t it? πŸ™‚

    This episode makes me fall in love with Bones as a whole. Hodgins gets great lines, we get more Brennan/Cam power struggle, and Booth and Brennan backstories.
    What we learn about Brennan:
    BOOTH: You okay, Bones?
    BRENNAN: I was a foster child.
    BOOTH: Yeah, I know.
    BRENNAN: Did people always assume the worst of me?
    BOOTH: (sighs) You know, I know that you hate psychology – but those people – they just lost their son. They need to blame someone.

    BRENNAN: I thought that before we arrest Kelly Morris for murder, based solely on the fact that she’s a foster kid, we might want to find the place where Dylan Crane actually died. Point of fact, the pipe, if that’s even what it was, was not the murder weapon. The evidence, if anybody cares, shows that Dylan Crane died from a fall.

    And then some of Booth’s:
    BRENNAN: Well, do you have a read on Dylan Crane?
    BOOTH: Oh, yeah. He had that whole adolescent savior complex thing going on big time.
    BRENNAN: Savior complex?
    BOOTH: Yeah, teenage boys love nothing more than the idea of saving the damsel in distress.
    BRENNAN: How do you know?
    BOOTH: Well, ’cause I was, ya know, I was a teenage boy.

    But of course, it’s this moment that I think made me fall in love with Seeley Booth. I love me some Fierce Booth:
    CAM: What if I fired her? What would you do?
    BOOTH: I’m with Bones, Cam. All the way. Don’t doubt it for a second.

    (That thump you heard was me swooning.) πŸ™‚

    • Angela and Booth practically said the same thing to Cam about her getting rid of Brennan. It was really wonderful to see that Brennan was actually the one ‘in charge’ and that irrespective of how she was to them, they knew her and loved her for who she was. Which eventually Cam did too and she realised that she was actually working for Brennan and not the other round.

  3. Oh, wait…that’s the blouse I was talking about yesterday when I thought it was in the other episode. D’oh. But, it’s still a gorgeous piece of clothing and I still covet it madly.

    I loved that moment at the end, too. I couldn’t help thinking, once we knew it was the brother, that I didn’t want him to go to jail. In my marshmallow-clouds-rain-M&Ms world, a sympathetic prosecutor plea bargained for house arrest and probation and I don’t want anyone to tell me anything different.

    I love that Brennan was so angry at times. Her passion is a nice change from I, Robot Brennan who wouldn’t know an emotion if it smacked her in the face.

    Still want that blouse.

  4. Gah. this is one of those moments where I’m out of sync with the rest of the Bones universe and I don’t like it. Truth be told, I’ve never really liked the ‘I’m with Bones, Cam. All the way. Don’t doubt it for a second’ line.

    I dunno, it made me feel a bit sorry for Cam. I think she was kind of bullied and disrespected by Brennan when she arrived, and it was sad to see her old friend Booth not support her either. It had to be hard on Cam to come into this group when they so clearly treated her as the outsider. I get that it’s hot that Booth showed his loyalty to Brennan, but I prefer when he does it in other ways.

    Other than that, yeah, this is a great episode. Sad, exciting with great character moments. I loved Booth when he hugged Alex in his office. He’s a great man. ‘Compassionate, good, sexy in a suit, Seeley Booth’ pretty much covers why I’m so in love with the dude πŸ™‚

    • She was going to FIRE the best forensic anthropologist in the world (or one of, if we don’t accept everything Brennan says as gospel) because she didn’t immediately ask “how high?” every time Cam said “Jump!”

      Feel sorry for her? Did she take the pulse of the lab first to determine how best to handle the myriad of personalities she was working with? Did she take a moment to gauge Brennan, the most valuable member of the team, to find the best way to integrate her managing style into an already established group? No. She barreled in without any semblance of professionalism other than “I’m the boss/respect my authori-tah” and demanded blind obedience.

      There should be a BONES drinking game where we take a shot every time Cam says some version of “I’m the boss” except that everyone would be passed out and drooling before the second commercial break.


      • haha, it’s ok MJ, I knew that wouldn’t be a popular view with you πŸ™‚

      • But by the time we saw Cam, she’d already been at the lab and had the pulse of the folks that were there. We’d seen, “Zackaroni, your turn to bring the doughnuts,” and “Hey, Hodge-Podge, all engines reverse. First we identify beyond a shadow of a doubt, then we get paranoid.” Cam had already had one run in with Brennan (from 100th) and then saw how she behaved at that train wreck. Had probably heard lots about her through the grape vine. And Cam was already dealing with her own fears and prejudices. To have done all the things she’d done as a woman would most likely make her want to show her tough side. We know she’s soft as butter on the inside (now). I actually think it was a great way to introduce Cam’s character and gave many opportunities to see the development of the relationship between Cam and Brennan. What they have now is more special, imo, because of the way they started out.

      • Cam was able to settle in with Hodgins, Zach, et al before Brennan returned but IMO, they’re different animals just by themselves in how they relate to an “office boss” and definitely different when it comes to how they relate to Brennan.

        Is this my dislike of Cam showing? It might could be, but I think Cam was thrown off a bit when Brennan returned and everyone immediately deferred to her. I think Cam was threatened and a little insulted and even more determined to prove her professional superiority – which she did by trying to force Brennan’s square peg into Cam’s round hole of an office hierarchy.

        And for me, it speaks volumes that it was Brennan who approached Cam in the “we have a problem” moment at the diner.

    • I’m with you on this one. That response from Booth pained me, too. I think he could have used that moment to more strongly support Cam, while still showing his loyalty to Brennan. I did not dislike Cam right away like some viewers… she sort of grated on me a little at first, much in the same way that new characters to a solid ensemble cast can, but I liked the new dynamic and that she had a history with Booth. Much like I liked Sully with Brennan later, I liked Cam with Booth.

      And while Booth shows later that he can do both loyalty to Brennan and support for Cam… that line felt harsh.

      • Ack. My use of “gah” wasn’t deliberate, Sophia. I didn’t notice I’d repeated your use until re-reading. Yikes.

    • Haha, Sophia, you know I love everything you say, and while I don’t 100% follow you on this one, you still make points that I like πŸ™‚

      Cam was treated a little harshly when she got there at first, like any newbie boss to a group, so I didn’t really consider it too cruel. Plus as Cam likes to tell us, she’s from Brooklyn so she doesn’t get intimidated πŸ™‚ And in this episode, Cam and Brennan do strike up a partnership at the end of the episode when Cam shares her fries. I think it took Booth saying that “He’s with Brennan” to Cam to bridge the gap between the women actually. Booth is the guy that knows them both, and he said things to both women that eventually helped them respect each other and work together.

      Booth calls Brennan out on her Cam behavior first:
      BOOTH: Oh. You know, they say with foster kids, they’re really hard on themselves. Experts, psychologists, like that. Apparently, foster kids feel so alone in this mean world, they lose that knack of trusting other people.
      BRENNAN: You mean at work?
      BOOTH: Uh, everywhere. You know, the weight of the world. It’s – It’s just profound. They say that they, uh, have a hard time letting themselves off the hook. They – they grow up with control issues.
      BRENNAN: Are you telling me something, Booth?
      BOOTH: No. I’m just saying something to keep in consideration when we catch up with Kelly Morris.
      BRENNAN: Okay…
      BOOTH: If you decide to take some other wisdom out of it, none of my business.
      BRENNAN: How Cam and I get along is none of your business.
      BOOTH: Yeah. Right. Which I just said. Said just then – none of my business.

      Then, Booth calls Cam on her Brennan behavior with “I’m with Bones, Cam. All the way. Don’t doubt it for a second.” He said things to each woman. At the end of the episode, they shared fries together. Booth, the peacemaker πŸ™‚ And Booth’s line to Cam sort of signifies the beginning of their “more than partners” relationship to me. He’s aligned himself with Brennan, protects and stands by her as his partner. So I dig it πŸ™‚ haha.

      • I think it doesn’t annoy me when Cam throws her weight around as ‘the boss’, because she IS the boss. She got that job off her own merit because she’s a super smart woman. She has achieved a lot to be where she is.

        As Booth said, Brennan could not do the job Cam does. They both deserve respect for getting extremely high up in male dominated professions.

    • Fire Brennan? Fire Brennan? She could not even identify a body later on, and that is after working with Brennan for years, and Caroline got the whole squad back to save her job.
      Totally unbelievable.

  5. Ah yes, compassionate, good, sexy in a suit, but the episode that made me fall in love with Booth was Soldier on the Grave. When big guys show their vulnerable side I’m a puddle of goo.

  6. I’m so, so glad they kept his character consistent when it comes to dealing with children, because it is one of his most attractive traits, whether it be him dealing with a dead child (yesterday’s episode), baby Andy, Woman in the car, or Parker. This could have been a throw-away moment, never to be brought up again, but they kept picking up on it and using it again. Thank heavens for that!

    As to when I fell in love with Booth, hmmmm. I actually resisted watching Bones and didn’t become a fan until a few seasons had gone by. I had such a crush on Angel, and I was such a huge Buffy/Angel shipper, it was just hard to ship DB with someone else. Irrational for sure, but still hard. And then I watched grey sweater Booth; that end scene where he looks at her through the snow, that was it for me. But it’s been like that all the episodes, really. I used to watch Star Trek, Next Generation and there was this episode where Moriarty, the Sherlock Holmes villain, accidentally comes to life in the holodeck (don’t laugh-it was pretty good!) He’s searching desperately for this woman who’s stuck in some other computer program, and goes to great lengths to rescue her. A member ot the crew asks him why he’s so determined to find her when he doesn’t know her yet and he says something to the effect of “I love her. She was written for me.” That’s how I feel about Booth’s character-it’s not just about an episode; it’s the whole package. The looks, the t-shirts, the no-shirts don’t hurt one bit, but it’s more than that. How he’s humble about his accomplishments, how protective he is even when Brennan isn’t noticing, how he cares about the people who can’t defend themselves, what a great family guy he is. How could I not love that? To his credit, DB has infused Booth’s character with such integrity, vulnerabilty and kickass determination that it’s survived even episodes which were not quite up to par. The same could be said of Emily too, but I’m sure that’s food for another post. So there you have it, my full-on crush on Booth displayed for the world to see. And my thanks to the wardrobe department, for all the times they’ve fed my little obssession-keep it coming!

  7. I’m fine with Cam’s abrasiveness in this episode because again, I think that was her purpose. In season 1, the squints were a unified team and Booth was the outsider. In season two, Booth is not an outsider (something he learns in the course of the season) so without a character around to antagonize people, the lab scenes would be kind of flat.

    What I really love about season 2 is that you can totally see the Cam arc unfolding. The scene with Booth declaring his (professional at least) loyalty to Brennan is what sets his fling with Cam in motion (IMO).

  8. One more thing…I’d already fallen in love with S4 Booth before I saw Early Seasons Booth. These kinds of episodes and this kind of Booth just cemented the fact. This episode was absolutely wonderful and had me in tears. Not just the one or two lone tears gliding down the cheak…I’m talking major boo’hooing tears. The whole episode just yanks on the heart strings. I cheered, I laughed, I cried, I got tough…it was like an emotional yo-yo episode. And I loved every minute of it. I have really got to point out that the child actors were amazing and truly enhanced the story. When the sister broke down as her brother was being lead away…agh…so painful to watch. This is still one of my fav eps.

  9. Yes. “I know who you are” + *guy* hug. πŸ˜€ That was my moment!!

    This episode killed me!!! The last scene, the story, and the soundtrack (“Fountain” still haunts me to this day).


  10. I love this episode. Such a great case and great actors.
    Booth really is such a good guy. And like others have said, he doesn’t abuse his power. Even though he did what he had to to that boy, he didn’t get nasty or judgemental. He’s always so good with kids. Parker and Baby Booth are so lucky!!! Did I mention how hot he looked in this episode? Wait, that’s every episode!!
    I loved his support of Brennan. She is his partner, and although she certainly wasn’t entirely in the right in the Cam situation, I love his loyalty. I don’t think he was saying Brennan was perfect or not overreacting;he was just stating where his professional loyalty lies. It wasn’t about his friendship with either Cam or Brennan at that moment, it was about his partnership.
    I can’t really pick where I fell in love with Booth(I was always a little in love with him lol) but this was certainly an episode that had a huge impact on me!

  11. Confession: I’m not really in love with Booth (ducks tomatoes and glares), but I do think he’s a good guy, a pretty great guy, even. He can be so understanding and I love how supportive he is of Brennan when she hasn’t had anyone to have her back for a long time. I think I defend him as much as I defend Brennan. But in a way, I think he’s high-maintenance – not in a money way, but in an emotional way. I don’t know that I feel the same levels of compassion and integrity from him as the earlier seasons – or it’s there but it just doesn’t feel as intense or meaningful, IMO. If I felt it was the same, I probably would be in love. I do think that most of it’s about whether the writers are writing scenes for which that level of compassion is called for. DB and ED are pretty solid deliverers, but they have to work off what they are given. Anyway, I share more of Brennan’s views on lying, and after he did so much of it last season (admittedly for self-preservation), it tainted him a little bit for me. I thought he was way above average before, now I think he’s above average. Not a bad place, so I’m not a Booth-basher.

    However, I am not so tainted as to not appreciate him in a black T-shirt (or none at all, for that matter).

    Another thing: I kind of miss the sillier side of Booth who tried to lighten up situations – he’s much more serious and sarcastic now. I know we have talked about Booth’s lack of superiors in the FBI, and between him and Sweets there in that world consistently, I guess it makes sense that he has to be the more mature/serious one. I’m sure we can all agree that we can never get enough Booth smiles, especially the charming ones, right?

    • Yes, I do miss silly Booth! But I think that over the years, the cases and his own emotional battles have done some damage. Plus he’s got a lot on his plate, training his own squintern, finding (and now rebuilding) a house, getting ready for baby, dealing with his dad’s death…especially for a “fixer” like Booth is, that is a lot! But we have seen him do Buck Truck, Mama Bones, Rubba da Belly, shooting nerf guns with “Scarred Face”, so fun Booth is still there…hopefully BBB can draw that out of him! πŸ™‚

    • I loved that scene where Booth told Cam he was with Bones all the way. Cam demanded immediate respect from Brennan without showing any in return. Brennan is smarter than Cam and perfectly capable of running the lab without her. She had procedures for gathering evidence already in place and still Cam felt it necessary to try to tell her what was needed. Granted, Brennan would not have fit into the administrative role, but I don’t think she ever had any desire to do that anyway. Cam is a coroner. Her profession isn’t anywhere near as rare as Brennan’s . I think the Jeffersonian Board of Directors would have sent Cam packing long before they would have let her fire Brennan.

      I hated silly Booth and I’m so glad they’ve gotten away from that. Season IV was one long arc of goofball Booth. I much prefer him from the earlier seasons and the way they seem to have gone back to that Booth last season and through this year. If I want to watch a comedian I can put the Comedy Channel on.

      • Well, I’m not saying I just want Booth to be around-the-clock silly, just lighten up sometimes. Sometimes I just want to say “Why so glum, chum?”. I’m not talking about a whole season of him being silly. I just feel like it’s on the other end of the spectrum and I wanted more balance. We seem to be very different in our preferences because I think 95% of the other shows I watch are pretty much comedy. BONES is actually one of the smarter shows I watch. Some may take it as a bad sign on me. But hey, I’m in graduate school, I think hard enough when I’m working, so when I watch TV I just want to relax and laugh.

  12. Cam just doesn’t have a clue about Brennan throughout the episode until Booth clearly tells her that Brennan is not simply playing some sort of game with her, she deeply feels the case and has a connection to it.

    This is one of those episodes that I can watch again and again and feel emotionally swept up in it. While Booth shows his compassion for the boy who was merely trying to keep what little family he had– something that Booth probably can relate to– Brennan also shows her own compassion for the girl and the wife and the foster mother. She’s a coiled spring in the lab, constantly trying to make sense of the clues but forced to deal with Cam’s agenda, and she fails miserably at getting any cooperation with the street kids, but she is so right about much in the case. I like that Brennan. I almost wish we had more Cam/Brennan conflict because in many ways they are both right and both wrong and I like that ambiguity.

    Booth’s the peacemaker here. He’s got to sort out the case and sort out the tension and somehow tell Brennan how she’s missing the beat with Cam and somehow make Cam see that Brennan is not just a prima donna.

  13. Along with being MIA in the lab, I too have noticed that Booth is not as playful as he was in earlier seasons. I think that changed in S5 after the brain tumor, right? And we all know Booth’s change in tone in S6. We saw playful Booth’s return in the kitchen scene of the first episode of S7 and, I think, in the nerf gun shoot-out. To pick-up on Sarah’s comments about yesterday’s topic, watching Booth react to situations where he has no control is always interesting. Even last year, when some of us wanted to throttle him, it was kind of interesting. He TOTALLY was not able to control all the pieces of the very messy puzzle that fell into place when he returned from Afghanistan. He IS a good guy, not a saint, but good a good guy. He’s really not a bully, even though he could easily be one.

  14. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but the conversation between Booth, Brennan, and Cam about having kids always make me smile. It also makes me smile that the entire conversation came true, from Cam having a kid sans the bodily fluids that can pick up after herself, and Brennan and Booth are having one.

    Actually, this is one of my favorite episodes. It’s just beautiful in so many ways.

  15. Wow, what a great question and an interesting way to put it. When did I fall in love with Booth? That scene with Alex that you show could be one of them, as is–in a similar vein–the one where he talks with the Baby Mac Daddy of G Dub H.S. at the diner. The time when he is a paladin? When he brings a bag of DIRT (of all things!) to Hodgins to analyze to get him out of the fancy event? When he tells Bones he knows who she is, or when he says, on the stand in a perfectly private public moment “that’s a lot of heart, Bones”. But the moment you bring up here is a really great one. And I do love in this episode how he tells Cam he’s with Bones. Sometimes I just watch that part.

    I like these questions where…well, everyone wins. Everyone’s answer is going to be interesting, because your question is interesting and expects a diversity of answers. I’m not worried, as I’m reading, that people will be mad at each other. This is a great community for that, but it’s hard to stifle that negative anticipation for me sometimes in comment sections. So thanks. Everyone.


  16. I think I’ve pinpointed the moment I fell in love with Booth – it’s the Christmas tree. I cried the first time I saw that, and remember saying at the time that it was the nicest, most thoughtful gesture ever. And yes, the grey sweater helps, but the hug for Parker and the way his eyes are literally shining and boom, that was me gone.

    • Okay, Sophia. I forgive you for the Cam comment. πŸ˜€

      Santa in the Slush is my bestest favoritest episode ever and mostly for that moment right there. That Christmas tree, that glance they shared even though they couldn’t really see each other…..ahhhhh.

      • Oh yay MJ, I am glad I’m forgiven πŸ™‚ I know, the Christmas tree moment steals my breath every time. It’s one of the rare moments that I can remember my reaction the very first time I watched it, I remember thinking ‘Oh my God, he hasn’t, has he?’ and then boom, there are the lights and I burst into tears.

        haha what has this series done to me.

    • Santa in the slush was just so sweet. Not only did Booth show up to surprise her, he took Parker as well. Booth does not really introduce his son to anyone as far as I’ve seen (except for ‘she’) so it was a pretty special and significant gesture to me. All of Brennan’s family were there and all of Booth’s family were there (at least the ones we knew then). Sweet! They both standing there were like orphans looking for a home and asking Brennan, will you take us in? I fell in love with Booth right there. It was the nicest, sweetest, caring thing anyone could ever have done for Brennan. They were the perfect picture – just like on a christmas card.
      Parker’s ‘Merry Christmas, Bones’ was just too touching. That he used Bones and not Dr. Brennan almost made me want to reach out and hug him.
      Their gaze burned holes in my heart – it was scorching. Bliss!

      • Wouldn’t Parker just make the most adorable ring bearer? πŸ˜‰

        And then he could say, “Welcome to the family, Bones!”

        Squeeeeeeeeeee πŸ™‚

      • Okay, so I’d like to amend my previous statement. I do fall in love in these special little moments. I stand by my statement that he is emotionally high-maintenance, but I’m aware that Brennan really is, too. It gives them more of an equal footing, IMO. That’s one way in which Booth and Hannah was “off” to me. We are well aware of his demons in the past that haunt him even today, and Hannah was made to look all sparkingly perfect. How was she supposed to help him during really tough times? Thank goodness he was with Brennan when his father died. Remember when Hannah admitted that she preferred physically dangerous situations to emotional ones? (Really, Booth’s solution to get over Brennan was to go for a blonde near-version of early Brennan?) Brennan told him she would always stand beside him and she did.

      • bb – I’m still holding out for that.
        Parker and Booth dressed in identical suits, big smile on Parker’s face as his father picks up the ring and slips it on Brennan’s finger – I love my dreaming.

  17. C-Bones, I agree that they’re both quite high maintenance emotionally (although Brennan would staunchly deny it no doubt ha).

    With Hannah, I felt he really didn’t even give her the chance to know him properly. He wasn’t exactly honest with her about who he really was, which was another glaring reason it was nevverrrr going to work.

    • What if Hannah had said yes? Booth must have been mad to propose. He would have ended up being miserable as things begin to unravel. Brennan got to a stage where she admitted her mistake and accepted it. She started to deal with the situation that she had lost Booth forever which is why she could stay friends with Hannah. Hannah might have asked her to be maid of honour. What then? These people give me a headache. Booth was ok going with Hannah, IMO, because Brennan was not seeing anyone else. If Brennan had someone serious in her life, I wonder how the Hannah arc would have played out.

      I know I’ve gone off course but it just bothers me that Booth took a BIG, HUGE gamble proposing to Hannah IMO.

      • “These people give me a headache.”
        Lol. I know what you mean. Someone should tweet that to Hart. Oh wait, how did we get on Hannah (or MTE as MJ “affectionately” calls her) again when we are discussing season 2? My bad, I think I started that on this post. Haha. I think it’s funny that many fans (including me) wanted Hannah gone as soon as possible, and then once she was (but not soon enough), we just keep talking about her. I don’t know if it was a message to the fans or just Booth speaking for himself out of anger when he said (yelled) “It’s over. Don’t ever mention Hannah again!”

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