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Vintage Bones: The Blonde in the Game- When Did Brennan Start Needing Booth?



Dang, I always forget when he’s about to pop up. This episode is interesting, because I never remember how it ends. I know that in Bones-history, Jasper exists, but I don’t always remember this case. I always confuse it with Man in the Cell (also in season two), but it’s not.

Enough of that, I suppose. When I re-watched this one, I was struck by the Jasper scene–not so much because Booth is sweet (though he is) and Brennan likes Jasper (though she does), but because Brennan is vulnerable in a new way at the end of this episode.

It’s sort of a cycle. Brennan insisted Booth take her out in the field, but in this episode, she shoots someone who is trying to kill Booth. She is successful, but it haunts her a bit, and Booth is the one who assures her that she will be okay–that she did the right thing.

It struck me as a moment where she needed Booth to assure her of that. One of those ‘no one else will do’ moments they have with one another.

But what do you think? Does or did Brennan need Booth more than just to get her out of the lab? If so, was it around this time when she really needed him? Or not? I don’t know the right answer to this one…it’s just something I’m curious about.


Here is the B&B of the Day

The “They will both be fine” B&B


From The Blonde in the Game: Season Two


12 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Blonde in the Game- When Did Brennan Start Needing Booth?

  1. First of all, like in the B&B picture of the day, how do they not just start making out with each other when their faces are THISCLOSE and they are staring into each other’s eyes??? I mean, seriously! haha

    Oh wait, there was a topic for today…

    Oh as for being out in the lab, I think she did need Booth for more than just getting out of the lab. From Pride and Prejudice, “Let us hope, therefore, that her being there may teach her
    her own insignificance.” Brennan, though a wonderful person and a professional genius, was a bit….bratty and a bit…pompous. Realizing that being in the field is not something one cannot just automatically do was good for her. Learning that she has limitations in reading people was good for her. She admitted to Booth that there are different skills that each of them possess, and that he is better at some things than her. It was a great thing that she realized it and acknowledged it to others. She needed that.

    So yes, it was great and important that he got her out of the lab, but she learned more than she thought she would, I think. And it helped them both to grow and develop their strong partnership.

  2. I think this is one of the first moments Brennan herself realizes she needs Booth. She’s very self-sufficient, she thinks of herself as very solitary (except that, really, she’s not) and I think it surprises her how much Booth actually contributes to her life. Like here. She needed that moment, a voice of knowledge and experience from someone who’d killed before and learned to deal with it. And I think part of the reason it helped her was because she saw his pain when he talked about it and that gave her something else to focus on. I wrote a line once, “She could ignore her pain, but she wouldn’t be the cause of his” but I think it’s actually true for each of them. It’s much easier for both of them to handle their own pain than it is to see it or cause it for the other.

    I also noticed in my rewatch of this episode the mention that Booth had tried to get the crew to go in together and buy her a real pig. 😀 He’s smitten, people. Smitten.

    • Right! Booth wanted to get Brennan a pig! Aww. Again, miss seeing Booth in the lab. They could TOTALLY have a pig at their mighty hut. My cousin has a teacup pig, so, so cute!! I think it would be very sweet if little girl Booth had a stuffed pig. Michael can have the bunny, but she should have a piggy.

  3. Brennan lived in the world of academia, an ivory tower in which she can postulate various theories about life and whatnot, but ultimately she cannot truly know until she has actually lived those experiences. Booth gave her those experiences– the good, the bad and the truly repulsive. Epps is repulsive especially using them as he does in this episode, but Booth counters that by reassuring her that her actions were right. (Later in the Yanks episode when she recounts the shooting and Booth reminds her that it did bother her, perhaps Brennan’s ability to return to her ivory tower ideals is much like that of a boomerang returning to its thrower.) Jasper and Booth’s presence are what she needs at that time– Angela has never had the same experience and her father, Max, is no where near her emotionally or physically to offer that kind of comfort.

    It’s got to be Booth.

    Brennan is the one who pushes to be out in the field as if she knows that she cannot live a narrow life. Booth broadens it in some ways– exposing her to one part of the spectrum of human interactions, usually the hardened, cruel world around them, but there are moments of their own making in which they both get to glimpse past the curtains and see each other for who they really are. They get to see the humanity in themselves and in each other.

  4. I don’t want this to come off as sounding sadistic, but up until this episode Booth had been the only person who had ever killed someone and I always thought Brennan took the topic very lightly like so when she actually had to do it, it took her by surprise how it actually affected her. She felt bad. She didn’t want to, but she had those feelings and couldn’t deny them.
    This is the first time I believe her and Booth shared common ground. He knows that feeling all too well, but she is new to it and doesn’t know how to cope with it and only Booth had the knowledge and experience to show her the right kind of empathy she could respond to.
    I feel like if it had been her and Angela in the end, and Angela was trying to console her Brennan wouldn’t have felt more at ease because Angela would have been consoling her without any first hand knowledge of how she was feeling.
    To sum it up, i think having to kill someone made Brennan and Booth closer. Brennan needed reassurance that she was going to be okay and Booth needed to be that person to give it to her. The added touch of the pig made the moment all the more special.

  5. Maybe they can get a potbellied pig now? Back to your post, Brennan was always most comfortable living within the confines of her mind, even when she was globetrotting out in the world. She made herself into an observer, an outsider, and not really a participant. Notice how she left the giftgiving in The Man In the Fallout Shelter, or Zach’s impromptu memorial or how often she stood apart from a group and just watched. I’m sure she thought shooting someone when it was justified would be relatively easy and guilt-free, and she had probably gone over the scenario in her mind many times. She was always talking about the death penalty being acceptable and about how she wanted to carry her gun around for protection. Only that now that it happened, she’s not an observer any more, and the feeling is way more visceral and immediate than she had theorized it would be. Booth knows, and of all the people that she associates with he’s the only one who can really reassure her that she did the right thing and that she’ll be ok, because he’s the only one who’s been there.

    At the beginning of the series Brennan didn’t need Booth. It wasn’t until later that she began to see through being with him that there were things out there that she was missing that were important to living a full life. At first she thought she could get these things through observation, but after Doctor in the Photo she realized she needed to experience them in order to have them-and the only person she wanted to experience them with was Seeley Booth because he gets her-just as she gets him.

  6. I love the whole Epps arc. He’s awful – so creepy, so manipulative, so calculating. He’s someone I really believe got under their skin and one of the most memorable villains ever. (Someone else I thought was in the same league of creepiness was the guy in Two Bodies in the Lab who killed people with dogs and scraped their eyes out. I wish he’d had a longer arc, I loved how much Booth hated him).

    I digress, what I was going to say is that this episode contains one of my favourite Booth moments ever. When B&B visit Epps in prison and Booth cajoles Epps into leaning closer to him before yanking on the chain beneath the table, slamming Epps head on the table and saying something like ‘she’s hanging upside down with tape over her mouth!’. DB’s delivery is awesome, Booth totally loses his rag – which is rare. And you got to see how the race against time was really affecting them both. And I liked the violence against Epps, ‘just a little too much’ 🙂

    I digress again – when did Brennan start needing Booth? Hmm. Perhaps in Limbo where he reminded her he knew who she is and held her. But this is a pivotal moment between them. They have an ever deeper understanding of each other now. The steep cost doing the job they do carries.

    I can’t remember, has Brennan killed since?

    • Fat Pam, but there wasn’t much remorse there. Of course, the whole mess with the fake death that came after that still bugs me.

      • Mariu…so glad I’m not alone! I didn’t like how they handled it either. It was way too rushed. Fat Pam could have had an amazing evil character arc, trying to get to Booth. She was delightfully evil. And then the random bad guy who was so bad, Booth had to fake his death to capture him…we learn absolutely nothing at all? It was so odd.

        Though I did love the way Brennan took Fam Pam out. Boom, one shot, Booth style 🙂

      • I think we used to see more evidence of their jobs outside of their work together. I’m trying to see how I feel about that. It’s not like they solve murders together everyday, so sometimes I’m curious what happens on the other days. I guess it’s not a big deal, though. We kind of already know: she reconstructs and identifies bones from people long ago, and he works other cases. I guess that’s not that exciting.

  7. Great topic! I don’t think Brennan let anyone close enough to her prior to Booth. When did she start needing him?? I think she fell into his arms very easily in Judas…she even mentions how he’s always there to hug her! She let him comfort her in Woman in Limbo, she didn’t fight it at all, she needed that comfort and he was there. I don’t think Brennan herself realized how much she needed him, or how only his comfort will do, until DITP. That car scene was SO PAINFUL because there was no one else who could comfort Brennan the way Booth had been there for her and it was paiful for Booth because I think it took everything for him NOT to be the one who could be there for her in that moment. For me, how what happened in HITH didn’t happen in Boy witht the Answer is a great mystery! I mean, wow, that line could have EASILY been crossed there but, obviously, Brennan had not lost her imperviousness completely.

    Significant Moments of Comfort for B&B
    Two Bodies in the Lab
    Woman in Limbo
    Blonde in the Game
    Judas on the Pole
    Headless Witch -“guy hugs!”
    Pain in the Heart
    Mayhem on the Cross
    Boy with the Answer

  8. I think Brennan has always needed Booth right from the start. She needed Booth to get out from the lab and experience the world. She had been out with Angela but she realises the Angela type of outings – night clubs etc – were not what she craved. She actually forced herself onto Booth to get out into the field. Once there, she was in alien territory. It was different from what she was used to. She must have thought it would be like one of her anthropological digs but they are not dealing with old remains here but real everyday recent ones. This changes the dynamics of everything. All she has learnt don’t apply anymore and this is not something one can read up in a book. The only person she has is Booth who lives this life daily.
    As she has always been self-sufficient, she finds it difficult to be ‘needy’ but there is no way round it. As everyone in the lab defers to her because it is her territory, she needs to defer to Booth as the crime world is his territory.
    Until one has actually killed a person, the real import of it cannot be felt. Head knowledge is safe and secure. She knew she had no choice but to shoot the guy so she could save her partner but there is the consequence of that. Booth knows. They are partners. If it is her very first kill, he is aware that she will feel very bad and rotten hence the visit and Jasper. It just reminds me of the conversation Sweets had with Booth in KitC in season 6. Booth deals with the fact that he has to kill people by feeling remorse and knowing that though it is ‘wrong’, it is the only way to stop these evil people which is why he does not believe in ‘collateral damage’ and he has to be absolutely sure of who his target is before he takes a shot.
    Brennan has comforted Booth many times when he’s killed someone so she knows that he does not take it lightly. She knows he deals with it somehow and she needed Booth to be able to tap into whatever he does to deal with the situation. No one else could have done that so yes she needed Booth at that time.
    All in all, I believe Booth has always been on her speed dial from the pilot even though she fights herself to deny it. IMO.

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