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Vintage Bones: The Truth in the Lye: Missing Moments and The One You Love the Most


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This episode has a lot of action in it, not just Booth in bed 😀

I’ll always think it’s cruel if this series ends and we’ve seen Booth and Brennan in bed with other people more than we see them together in bed. That’s a different story, and one that hopefully won’t be answered for a year or so. But I found this episode interesting this time around for a couple of different moments. One of those moments was this look on Booth’s face as Rebecca is walking away from him for presumably the last time.

It’s unrealistic, in my opinion, to think that the writers had the season six “You can love a lot of people in your life, but there’s always one you love the most” conversation in mind when season two was happening. But this scene with Booth and Rebecca, and then later Booth and Cam does play in to that theme. I’ve seen people say that Booth loves the one he’s with, and I can see that in some ways. I also think that Rebecca’s earlier conversation with Brennan about the fact that she (Rebecca) and Booth missed their moment–the moment that sparks–stuck with Brennan as important in some way.

Some argue that the end of season five is B&B missing their moment–that  it could never be as good as it could have been. Sure, they are together now, but they missed their moment.

What do you think about that? It hasn’t been expressed on screen from either of them (that I recall), but do you think the writers set out to prove that these two COULD miss their moment and still get together?


Here is the B&B of the Day:

The “Who Needs One Moment When You’ve Had 1,000?”  B&B

From The Truth in the Lye: Season Two


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  1. No, I wouldn’t say that B&B missed their moment. To me, Blackout in the Blizzard showed that, especially with the writing of the dates they did. It’s more than just sitting around waiting for your moment to appear, B&B made their own moment. Love is not just a temporary feeling (at least lasting love), it involves being active in your relationship, doing things for the other person, and loving them through the hard times or if they aren’t being particularly loving for a while. From the immortal words of Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy, “I love you, but I don’t have to like you right now.”
    I think B&B made a conscious choice around Blizzard to try to make it work. They still didn’t jump into bed together immediately. They want it to be different then their previous failed relationships. Then when we got to HitH, that was their moment. Was it the moment they’d envisioned? Presumably not. But it was their time, and it happened.

  2. I think they’ve missed several moments over the course of their relationship. It wasn’t just the kiss outside the pool hall and the sex that didn’t happen, there were so many opportunities they could have taken that might have changed everything. (Heck, there’s one right there when she’s practically writing her number on his hand and telling him to call her the next time he wants a booty call.)

    Really, I think they took the longer, harder road. The end may be worth it, it may have afforded them extra time to get to know each other on a different level but it also made things more difficult, more painful. The path they took (damn you, Fox and/or writers!) gave them time to hurt each other in ways that could have been avoided. That path means they have more to ‘get over’ or get past than they would have otherwise.

    It made their relationship what it is now but what it is now isn’t the only thing it could have been. IMO, anyway.

  3. Well, I like to think that whatever Booth shared with Rebecca was no where near what he has with Brennan. It was important, it was love, but it wasn’t what B&B have. I don’t think the writers think far ahead storyline wise, certainly not at this point in the series. However, it meant something to me that they had Pops voice his doubts about Rebecca to Booth in FITF. Remember? Apparently Pops told Seeley that chasing after Rebecca wasn’t going to go anywhere. Now, we know Pops is a BIG Brennan fan. I like to imagine that Pops was kind of “eh” about Hannah too:) A girl can dream. This may seem naive or overly romantic but, hey, they are fictional people so I’m going with it!

    No, I do not think B&B missed their “moment”. As painful as season 6 was, and it was, I DO think they came out stronger for it. I really do. I think their “moment” really came in HITH and we, well, we missed it….for now. I think they came out of season 6 with their love fully in tact – in spite of everything- and that says a lot. I also think they shared a really, really special moment celebrating their mighty hut:) And that moment they shared at the end of CITG:) I believe that Brennan was not ready at the end of season 5. She just was not. And Booth? Well….maybe Booth would not have had the “we can have whatever life we want” attitude he seemingly has now at the end of season 5. I like to think that season 6 (post-Hannah) taught them that while they each can move on and have a life seperate from the other, it is not desireable. Not at all. They are the standard for each other. This life they are forming together has been wished and hoped for for a long time. That look on their faces in the elevator in BITB when they talked about “making love” showed, to me, that while the “moment’ may have been postponed, or burried, in their minds after the 100th episode, when the amber came close it sparked their imaginations awfully fast! They WANTED that moment, even after everything. Even if they make no rational sense.

  4. If you are really connected to a person, perhaps there is more than one moment in that relationship. I think that’s true of the Bs. Rather than just jump into a relationship because of some kind of sexual or hormonal surge, they chose to wait. Vincent’s death might not have been the ideal “moment” but it was one in which they could be there for each other.

    I think it is significant for both of them because it seems that they’ve always founded their previous relationships on sexual attraction. Now, they have the sexual attraction, but they also have the other components– friendship, a desire to make this work long-term, a commitment to one another that goes beyond friendship. They’ve been through various hellish moments (including H) and I think they understand what they risk losing if they give up on the other person. That connection they have with one another (which is love and more) will keep them together even when things are rough. Their relationship endured despite rejection, war zone romances, rejection and anger.

  5. Moment:
    1. A brief period of time
    2. An exact period of time

    Brennan and Booth have had a lot of these. Ones I feel should have ended in a kiss. Some I think should have ended with them in bed. But, of course there was always a needless interruption that seemed to always prevent these, with the exception of the two moments that Brennan thinks she doesn’t know how to love, and Booth having already committed himself to a relationship.

    Any who the point I am trying to make is that Booth and Brennan have shared many moments throughout the seasons, but not really a single defining moment that I believe was enough for either of them to catch fire or fall apart forever.

    I think what ultimately ended Booth and Rebecca’s relationship was that all her excuses for not wanting to marry him revolved around problems with Booth…his job, his lifestyle…etc. But, never once did Brennan ever say she couldn’t be with him because of who he was, it was because of her. She didn’t believe she had the ability to open up her heart.

    When they finally slept together I didn’t really see that as their true ‘moment’ either. She was sad and vulnerable from the death of VNM and Booth was vulnerable as the woman he loved was crawling into bed with him, and they gave in to their desires.

    Then there was Hannah… I always saw her as more of a rebound than Booth’s love. I think his proposal to her was really half-hearted and I believe even if she had said yes they would have broken up eventually. That didn’t really strike me as a set fire or fall moment, because I don’t think Booth’s heart was completely ever in it to start.

    I honestly think the true catch fire moment for B and B was in the mighty hut. They both had been arguing a lot over their living arrangements and couldn’t agree on a single place for them to raise their child. Then Booth found them a dilapidated hut to live in, and this moment could have gone one of two ways. Brennan could have been like WTH were you thinking this place is a dump, and really have hurt Booth’s pride. But it might as well have been a bells and whistles mansion to Brennan. She saw it as perfect. Then “eyes met across the room” they kissed and caught fire.

    • But, never once did Brennan ever say she couldn’t be with him because of who he was, it was because of her.

      I just wanted to second, Hear! Hear!, clap for, cheer, etc. that thought. That. Right there.

    • Hannah, Hannah. Was she really as clueless as they made her? Did she really believe that Booth and Brennan’s relationship was platonic and that’s all it ever was? Or did she just believe Booth because that’s what he was trying to convince her of? Then to top it all off, her calling Brennan after Booth dumped her might as well been her blessing for them getting together. Basically, she set in motion having her ex-lover being comforted by a woman who loves him (and they all know that at this point). Hannah got some of the anger, but sending Brennan after Booth caused her to get some of the anger, too. Hannah’s “I don’t think we’re over,” will haunt me forever until I know that she knows that they are.

      • Of course she was not clueless. But why ruffle feathers if you have no intention of staying permanently? Brennan was the only friend she knew that Booth has and she knows they are quite close so it made sense to call her. I’m sure what Brennan said to her about being sure she knew what she was doing when moving in with Booth will haunt her a bit.
        Hannah wasn’t in season 2. But I love dumping on her.

      • Hannah was….apathetic. That as nice as I can be. She was clueless if she really thought she and Booth were only “over for now” at that point. Either that or it was HER who was not listening. That line was whatever, like Hannah herself.

      • Ha ha I love how I only brought her up to show the broad spectrum of Booth’s relationships and then everyone see’s her name and it becomes an immediate “Lets hate on Hannah” convention. 🙂 I love us.

  6. I don’t think the writers purposely had them miss their moment to prove anything. I think they wrote each season in such a way that they could catch fire or fizzle out depending on the life and length of the show.

    • Barbara, you first posited this idea a while ago and I think it’s dead on. [I’m also a fan of your position that each of the interns represent facets of Brennan’s personality.]

      • I have never heard that theory before, but now I have to ask – please explain Daisy! *lol*

      • Daisy! Ha! Well…..she is eager to learn and explore and I can see that in Brennan. Daisy is also, I think, misunderstood. Right? Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of Daisy but, hey, Sweets loves her. Booth loves Brennan. Both women could be, um, challenging to love. Plus, Daisy sure does love her Lancelot. Brennan sure does love Booth. Both were with their guys at the shooting range to support. Daisy overly fawns all over Sweets. I don’t see Brennan in that way, but, she does seem to enjoy helping/making Booth happy. I think part of Brennan also enjoys knowing as much as she can about Booth. She stores little nuggets away and brings them out when they are needed. We saw that in the way she helped Booth at the end of Male in the Mail. She very much helped Booth in only the way she could. She stored up all that information Booth shared about his father and used those good memories to help Booth. Plus, she took a naked picture of her man making an omelette. I would have NEVER guessed Brennan to do something like that….. I WOULD imagine Daisy doing something like that. So…um….maybe Daisy represents Brennan in love/in a relationship.

      • Oh, well to me Daisy represents Early Brennan. Putting her intelligence and career over personal happiness. Leaving Sweets behind to go to Maluku, and sort of treating his feelings harshly. Then when she returned, she expected him to take up with her just as before. When Sweets told her he wasn’t ready for that, I think it was a bit of a “DitP” moment for her and she realized that her hyper focus on her career might be hurting her personal happiness. Of course, Daisy is much more out going than Brennan, but using her intelligence and putting her career first is very reminiscent of Early Brennan to me.

      • The intern theory is not mine!

      • Well crap, I thought sure you were the one I’d ‘adopted’ that from 🙂

        I would characterize Daisy as representing Brennan’s passion for anthropology and her “putting her career first” as bb noted. She represents the pure (?) science side of Brennan, the desire to make an impact through her work. The scene that sort of cements the concept for me is whichever episode had them both squealing about possible discoveries in Maluku.

  7. I think that with their connection they don’t just have one moment. But ultimately it was all about them making the same choice at the same time. Like someone else said, I don’t think Brennan was ready until the time she said she was, at least not to have a relationship beyond sexual. Early on they came to an understanding that they weren’t going to do the friends with benefits thing. I do think that B&B are a “despite the odds” couple. In fact, that describes them as individuals to, so it makes sense they are really awesome together.

  8. I’d like to think that, written intentionally or not, B/B’s relationship proves that true and life-lasting love doesn’t have a single moment on which you must act. If Booth and Rebecca took flight together with their moment, they may or may not have been happy together. Booth and Brennan went their separate ways; Booth opened himself to love to another in that time, and still, in the end, B/B came to each other. This didn’t happen with Booth and Rebecca. As several have said so far, B/B absolutely missed many moments. So many, in fact, that the second half of S6 left me uncertain.

    However, I’m thinking this season is the one where I see that these two as a sum of all their parts, not just one magical piece.

  9. No time to read the other comments, so forgive me if I repeat anything. I believe the “missed moment” theory holds true insofar as it’s very difficult to get two people to be on the same page to begin with, and. for that to happen twice? Very difficult-but not impossible. B&B clearly wanted to recapture that “moment”; not that they actually missed it because they were never on the same page until Hole in the Heart. But after Blizzard, they both put some effort into making it possible to be on that same page. They obviously didn’t want to rely just on luck; their efforts, together with their awareness of what they each wanted lead me to believe that they would have gotten together eventually, even if Vincent hadn’t died. And honestly, seeing all the wonderful gooey loviness at the end of Crack in the Code makes me think that nothing was missed at all.

    • I agree mariu! Nailed on the head what I was trying to articulate in my head.

      Rebecca’s ‘moment’ theory was, to me, about timing. Two people being in the same place emotionally at the same time and willing to give it a go. This never happened for Booth and Brennan until Blizzard. They were still edging closer to ‘the line’ at that point, they still weren’t ready to cross it, but they’d finally admitted to each other that they still wanted to.

      After Vincent died, they did the natural thing and reached out to the person they love, and they were finally on the same page emotionally at the same time and willing and able to go there. There were an awful lot of moments that transpired to get them to that point, but they got there in the end. The loss of Vincent removed their final hesitations – what were they waiting for, life is too short etc.

      With Rebecca, she didn’t marry Booth because she didn’t want to be ‘one of those women’ who get married because they fall pregnant. She wanted a bigger reason than that (which is fair enough IMO), it wasn’t Booth she was rejecting, it was the situation they were in at that time (timing again). By the time she realised she’d made a mistake letting him go, they couldn’t get back to where they were before because they were no longer both in the same place emotionally.

      • With Rebecca, she didn’t marry Booth because she didn’t want to be ‘one of those women’ who get married because they fall pregnant. – Very well said!

        It’s interesting, though, to compare Booth and Rebecca to Booth and Brennan now. We learned that Booth had proposed to Rebecca when they found out she was pregnant with Parker. Rebecca said no. And then…..what? I guess they broke up, rekindled their romance, broke-up, and then settled into co-parenting and hooking up occassionally. Now, with Brennan, it seems that B&B continued to build their relationship throughout Brennan’s pregnancy….but Booth has not proposed. We learned in Memories in the Shallow Grave that Booth believes a) Brennan will ask him to marry her (ha!) and b) Booth believes he and Brennan can have whatever life they want to have together. Together being the key here.

        After the failed proposal to Hannah, Booth quickly told her to get her stuff and leave. No flexibility there at all. Brennan states that she had to learn how to be strong enough to risk not being “impervious”. For Booth, did he have to learn or allow himself not to have full control? I agree that Booth is all-in when he is committed to someone. If Hannah or Rebecca had said yes, on his terms, he would have been committed. But with Brennan, it seems he is committed, but committed on finding terms that they both can accept. I think that is interesting. The only “hardline” he seemed to draw was at the end of Daredevil. He wasn’t able to give anymore than just “partners” to Brennan. He gave her a choice to reject him and she stayed. She stayed on his terms, but she did not have to. Now, it seems Booth and Brennan are striving to find common ground. I also like that Booth is hopeful. He HAS seen Brennan evolve and change over the years. From not wanting kids, to wanting them. To saying she couldn’t have an open heart, to being open to love and imperviousness. So, I guess, he now believes that she will come around to the idea of marriage someday and, when she does, Seeley Booth knows he is the man, so he ain’t going nowhere. He’s open to having “whatever life they want” until then. Booth is hopeful they’ll have more “moments” to share. Those moments aren’t all about luck/fate though, they take effort and patience too. And, I think, Brennan is getting there too. Remember, Brennan never really believe in long-lasting love. She may still not believe that is rational or likely, but I think she is willing to find ways that will help her achieve that with Booth.

    • I think seeing their happiness in their new home was a lot of evidence that people were looking for. Some people where happy by the end of tCitG, some people were happy by the this season’s premier, but others (and still not all) got more of what they really wanted to see in the winter finale.

      It had been discussed on this blog on whether Booth and Brennan had gone through too much pain to still find happiness with each other, and whether the innocence was gone. What I’ve seen so far suggests that it wasn’t too late for them. I think I mentioned before, whenever love is shared like that, there is innocence. In that moment, all I was thinking was how happy and excited they looked imagining their family in their home – the past didn’t matter at that point. Of course it never completely goes away, and it rears up like we’ve already seen this season. But like MJ said, they may have taken the long road, but they made it – technically, they are still “making it,” but I am seeing nothing less than a willingness to work issues out with each other. (Which reminds me, I’d really like to see a more current B&B vid set to Shania Twain’s “You’re Still the One.” I think it would be so PERFECT for them.) I think we all want them stay together. Most couples (especially on TV) are going to have major conflict to the point of separating or almost separating at some point in their relationship. Not that the road ahead is easy, and they will probably face more tests their commitment to each other, but they already have the knowledge of life without the other. The other option would have been getting together before and then going through that rough patch, and we’d have to watch them with other people after we had already seen them together. I know it felt that way anyway, the 100th was akin to a break-up, but it technically wasn’t. They hadn’t explored them being together at all at that point. Now that they have, they realize they have so much to lose if they don’t put in the hard work it will take.

      • Don’t you think that part of the reality of people getting together is that they know not just the lustiness or the fun but they also know the pain? They know each other so well that they really do see the truth of the person and they know what to expect. They both have difficult jobs, they both are very independent people with very different perspectives on things.

        They are mature enough to put aside the hurts and their child-like love of tree houses and that Mighty Hut show something of what the two of them want– a happy childhood that they can share through their child. They aren’t so far gone that they can’t appreciate the whimsical moments.

  10. I don’t think there is a single moment that if you miss it’s too late, because I don’t believe that’s the way love works. Real love is not a moment. It lasts and it takes work. I think they missed several moments, but that doesn’t mean that more don’t come along in the future. And they had a moment in Hole in the Heart, and they took it.

    I absolutely do not think that what they have now is any less special because of what they’ve gone through. If anything it’s the opposite. They are more willing to work to keep it, and don’t take it for granted. When people say they don’t see the love between them anymore, it makes me scratch my head. Because I see it all the time. What people fail to realize is that Brennan(and Emily) is very pregnant and they’ve been together for a while now. So obviously they’re not going to be jumping each other all the time and staring goo-goo eyed at each other 24/7. I’m sure we’ll see more romance return after the baby id born. Sorry I’m just very opinionated when it comes to this!

    I think Booth and Brennan love each other more than anyone else. Romantically speaking that is. I think with Booth’s other relationships he tried so hard to be in love that he never gave it a chance to really happen. I’m not saying he didn’t love them, but I don’t really think he was IN love with them. Brennan he never tried to be in love with, he tried not to be, but it wasn’t something he could stop.

    If end of Crack in the Code didn’t convince people that they are in love and very happy with each other, than let’s face it, nothing will!

  11. I think it was never going to be possible for Booth and Brennan to get together until their love for each other had turned into a mature love.

    Mature love is the love one has for someone because you want to be together and not because you need to be together.

    Rebecca would have been a “need to be together” marriage. She was pregnant and Booth, being the good soul that he is, wanted to marry Rebecca to make that right. I don’t think that marriage would have lasted because it wasn’t based upon “wanting to be together” love.

    Hannah was also a “need to be together” relationship. Booth was acting desperate when he found Hannah. He needed to be married. He needed to find someone to love him. He needed to be married and Hannah was the one he was going to try to use to get what he felt he needed.

    With Brennan, Booth has a friend and partner that he has known for years. They have helped each other and they have hurt each other; but, in the end “they want to be together”.

    Ok, I hope that made sense.

  12. They never missed their moment as such. Like most people have said already, they had loads of it. I think both of them are experiencing love in a way they have never experienced it before. Booth was able to get over his other love interests once they broke up and he found someone else. He did not pine for them. With Brennan, it was all different. He could not understand it however hard he tried.
    Brennan on the other hand was clueless about romantic love but knew she could not live without Booth in her life which scares her witless. Their moment was every single time they were together even when they were quarreling but neither one of them was going to cross that line Booth had drawn. After the 100th, they had loads of other moments that Brennan was not ready to take hence her need to go away and think and also to distance herself from Booth.
    In the 100th and in tCitG, Booth told Brennan things had to change and could not remain the same and Brennan accepted that both times. She was not ready for a commited relationship so wasn’t too bothered about it. In MitR, she realised that evolution had happened with Booth while she expected things to return to the status quo. They still were not ready then either. When in HitH, their defenses were down, they had another moment and took it. Their love for each other does not follow the norm. The more they tried to stay apart, the more they found themselves being drawn to each other. Even with Hannah in the room, they’ve had their B/B moments where everyone else does not seem to exist (when Hannah was shot and in hospital and Booth said ‘thanks Bones’ and also the red bow scene). It is constantly there but neither wants to cross the line that has been drawn.
    The first line was drawn by Booth after Cam got hurt, then Brennan drew hers at the 100th, then Booth drew another with Hannah.
    As much as Both is happy at where they are now, I think he may be a bit weary also. Does he deserve such happiness? Will something happen to take that all away from him? And remember, Brennan hasn’t changed all that much. She is still Brennan and some Brennan-y mannerisms still float to the surface just like the Boothy ones do. The good thing is that they are working it out as they go along.
    Also remember that ED is actually pregnant in real life so any lovey-dovey scenes will not really be possible even if they are acting. Instead they communicate most of those with words and humour. We can consider that everything they say is heavily loaded with meaning and that might help a bit.
    But IMO, each second/day they spend together is a moment for them because their love is not like any other.

  13. This episode is so hot too. It’s one of my faves. It’s interesting as well because it shows again that in those early days, it was Booth putting the brakes on the physical side of their relationship.

    I think it’s clear that Brennan was pretty excited at the thought of satisfying physical urges with Booth (who wouldn’t be) and made it pretty clear she’d be willing to go there. He distances himself from that option by getting involved with Cam again, with whom he has less to lose because they’ve done it before. He even says that with some people, there’s just too much to lose. He was definitely referring to Brennan in that moment. Booth wasn’t about to let what happened in the 100th happen again.

    I think we all know that had Booth and Brennan casually slept together at any point, they would not be together now. I suspect that even if Brennan had been willing to give it a go in the 100th, it still wouldn’t have worked because she was still holding onto her imperviousness, she wasn’t willing to risk her happiness yet. They both had to change some to be ready to be together, and they weren’t there before Blizzard.

    I think its an interesting point – the fact that we missed all their early relationship. Perhaps the reason some viewers didn’t feel their relationship had really changed is because we missed all their ‘firsts’ –

    The first time they hung out on a rainy Sunday afternoon snuggling on the couch, the first time they hurried home from work early to have sex, the first time they went out with their friends and were able to go home in a cab together, the first time they spent a day lounging in bed talking, the first time they felt their baby move. All these things probably happened, but we didn’t see them, so we don’t see how much they meant to the two of them. Simply put, they didn’t miss their moment, because their moment hadn’t arrived before the end of season 6.

    • I disagree that if Booth and Brennan had slept together earlier they wouldn’t be together now. There might have been a breakup and makeup storyline, but them together was always the endgame.

      If the show had ended in season 5, Brennan probably would have said yes in the 100th and it would have worked because…they’d have written in that way.

      I guess questions like this are hard for me to answer because I see it as a TV thing not a story thing. I think the only reason BB didn’t get together until the end of season six is because the show has lasted this long!

      And I think they still wouldn’t be together now if the network thought that would be better for the ratings.

      • I see possibilities for them beginning a relationship sooner, a strong relationship that would have lasted. I’ve read fics that made it plausible (and wrote one).

        Not the way the story we got unfolded, maybe, but if they’d become a couple earlier a lot of what we saw wouldn’t have happened. There would have been no Rebecca/Cam double dipping. No Sully (sorry Laffers). No “what’s ours is ours (until Booth decides that doesn’t matter anymore).” No Hannah. No tears on the steps of the Hoover. The whole story would have been different.

        I can see – and agree – that with the story we were given, the long road they took made sense and worked for that timeline. They Humpty Dumpty’d each other and then had to figure out how to put the pieces back together. But I don’t think it was the only way their love story could have been told. There were other options that (IMO) wouldn’t have taken anything away from their love story.

    • Booth is HOT in this episode. Totally. I never got the HOT vibe from the Hannah era. Ever. This one – even with it not involving Brennan – still hot. Just Boothy goodness:)

    • Sophia –

      I don’t get that Brennan wants to satisfy physical urges with Booth at the end of this episode. I get that she maybe is beginning to appreciate just how good it might be, but I don’t think she is excited to pursue at all. Remember that she points out that he has other outlets for that.

      • I thought she was kind of referring to herself as the other option.

      • Sophia, I definitely agree that she was offering herself as an option there – and right in the face of Booth giving his “there are some people you can’t have sex with speech.”

        He heard it, too. You can just see it register in the way he tilts his head and gives her *that look* – – – before ONCE AGAIN Angela crashes the party and screws everything up! *lol*

      • I first there was nothing more to that either, but there was something suspicious about Brennan kind of ducking her head and biting her lip at Angela’s interruption.

      • There are just so many times, like when Booth’s ended up either on top of her, or pinning her to a wall to “protect her from an explosion” (haha), that I’m just like man, if there weren’t any other people around… 🙂

        Anddd……then I kind of feel like a perv. haha 🙂

      • Oh, I think Brennan was definitely offering herself as an “outlet” here. She does, afterall, appreciate a good looking man. She must REALLY appreciate Booth’s structure if she took a naked omelette shot. Wow. Anyway… Booth is very “symmetrical” and “well-structured” and he was looking fine in this last scene:) After seeing the 100th episode, there is no doubt they were hot for one another. In BITB they both acknowledged that they had told Sweets that they had each thought about making love over the years. Oh, Angela! For someone so pro-B&B hook-up, she sure did interrupt a few times over the years. Last night I watched Man in the Mansion on TNT. I had forgotten about the girl-talk between Angela and Brennan in that one! You so know they had girl-talk in HITH!

      • Question: Did B&B get to act out page 187 from Brennan’s book yet?
        Next question: What pages will Brennan included in her future books now? *wink*


  14. I meant if they’d got together casually – slept together once after a few drinks or had a friends with benefits kind of thing as opposed to had they got in a relationship earlier. Brennan would most likely have been all, ‘this is just sex, it doesn’t mean anything you know’ because that was her view in the early seasons.

    • I agree. How long had it been since Brennan had any sort of sexual relationship with a man before the baby making event of HitH? Wasn’t she pretty much celibate all throughout seasons 5 & 6? That’s a very long time for someone who couldn’t comprehend women who limited their sexual partners to one man for the rest of their lives by getting married. She had already changed without probably even realizing it.

    • True, but only because that’s the way they wrote her in those seasons. If the show had not been renewed in season 2 or 3 or 4 or 5, I think they would have written her changing her view in *those* seasons, not season 6.

      I guess what I’m saying is, I don’t think the series has been one grand master plan by HH to take six years. I think there were a series of short-term plans, contingent upon the length of the show’s life. To that end, we had to have certain moments throughout the series that indicated the *potential* for change, otherwise, if the show got canceled, they’d have to have Brennan do a 180 or have the series end with them still apart.

      I think season 2 showed BB moving toward each other very quickly; had they ended up in bed at the end of the season 2 finale I wouldn’t have been surprised and I wouldn’t have thought it was just sex for Brennan b/c of moments like this “catch fire or fizzle out” and that whole Sully experience where she realizes that she’s missing a lot by keeping herself from a relationship.

  15. I’m of the school of thought that they didn’t have to drag it out so long and didn’t have have as much pain as they were given. I think it was a lack of courage and creativity on the part of TPTB. If you follow HH’s tweets (and believe them and his interviews), they had decided it was time to get them together, but they still weren’t sure how they would maintain the tension. That was always ridiculous to me because, as we’re seeing, every step as a couple is a major challenge for these two.

    HH has also said that they wanted to revisit Brennan’s desire to have a kid and that they intended to do so, but I am firmly convinced that if Emily had not gotten pregnant, they would not have gone there so soon. They were lucky that Emily’s pregnancy pushed them there, because, as they’ve all noted, it was exactly the thing to keep the tension up, the two of them trying to figure out, now just how to be a couple, but how to be a family. That’s an emotionally loaded situation for anybody.

    Some of what I’ve read, I interpret as their saying that, had she not been pregnant, they would still have been dancing around each other even after “getting together” after VNM died.

    What amazes me about this is that it has always seemed obvious (I’ve written about it in BT and elsewhere) that just because they exchanged I love you’s and hit the sheets, these two figuring out how to be a couple was going to have more than enough tension to keep things going. Why TPTB couldn’t see that, I’ll never know. And, that’s why I’ve always seen the 100th, et seq. as a failure of courage and creativity. Why couldn’t they have gone down this road sooner and with less prior pain and angst? Yeah, it’s their baby, but did everyone really have to go through hell to get here? I just don’t buy it and I never will. There was nothing organic about what happened in the 100th.

    And, something is lost. I love where they are now, but there is something lost. I actually don’t think we did miss all that much in missing so many of their “firsts.” I think that they probably didn’t have a lot of that giddy, hopelessly in love stuff. That’s what bothers me. All the pain meant they could not now be a couple crazy in love. Maybe it will be stronger and more satisfying, but I think they missed/lost the two kids goo goo (as Booth once put it) over each other. It’s all so serious and mature. They are so much more serious and mature now.

    I hope we get more of the playfulness and wonder back, but I’ll only believe it when I see it. Again, that’s not to say that I’m not happy with where they are — I am happy with it — deliriously so, but I think that everyone, B&B and their fans alike, have lost their innocence. It just wasn’t necessary.

    PS: Sarah, for “Truth in the Lye” I really expected to see something in a shirtless Booth. I’m trying to figure out how to add it myself, but haven’t figured that out yet.

    • I think I agree with HH about B&B skipping over some of the stuff couples do that ends up making them a failure. When I think about B&B sleeping together, then not knowing what it meant, then Brennan wanting a baby and them trying to figure that out, it makes my head hurt. I mean, really, B&B trying to have a baby would have been, to me, SOOOoooo tedious. I think the way it has played is the only way it could have really worked. I really do not think we would have ever gotten “goo-goo” for B&B. The little bits we did see – the kiss in the bowling alley in CITG, the barely contained giddyness of Booth in the diner in CITG, the kisses in Shallow Grave, etc., is more than enough for me. Plus, B&B in their hut was totally giddy/innoccent to me. They were SO HAPPY and hopeful about their new abode and the family they were going to creat in it. So, I’m good. That’s just me though and I totally see the other point of view as well.

      • I think we did see BB giddy/crazy in love/goo-goo – in the first half of that flashback. Caroline said it was like watching two kids at the prom.

        But otherwise…they really are serious people (Booth’s occasional goofiness is appealing to me b/c he is usually serious) and that’s just who they are.

        However, I will never believe “it had to happen this way.” Not just for Bones, for any story. There is always more than one way to tell a story.

      • Yeah I think everybody makes really valid points on both “sides”. I know that when I first heard the “I’m pregnant”, I was kind of shocked. And definitely nervous on how they would handle it. I don’t believe I’ve seen 2 main characters of a series (especially a crime procedural) in this situation. But the hiatus gave me time to sort through all the possibilties. And then I thought about the alternatives, like them trying to hide ED’s quite obvious pregnancy, explaining away why the main character of Bones is suddenly missing…and then hearing about TPTB’s original plan of doing B&B in limbo….taking all that into consideration…I think they truly went with the best option. And so far, I’m happy with how they’ve handled their new relationship.

        About “moments”, like many of us stated, long lasting relationships aren’t really based on one moment, but a series of them. And this “moment” we got from B&B (end of HitH? end of CitG? whichever you consider the start of everything) is not what TPTB planned, or maybe what we as fans planned, but life is unexpected and can change drastically in a second…so from that aspect, its very organic, true to life in a way. And I’m hoping that we get 1-2 seasons more at least, to explore this new dynamic. I think it’s energized the writers a bit, its a whole new spin on the basic crime procedural.

        As fans, we have “moments”. Like for many, the end of Santa in the Slush (grey sweater moment), and for me, the end of Mayhem was an important one. Every time Booth or Brennan saves the other’s life and end up staring into each other’s eyes is a moment for me. I’m so glad life is made up of more than just one “moment”. Bones has given us as fans a lot of great ones!

      • Nicely said, bb!

      • I agree with the ‘more than enough for me’ about the goo goo stuff. I’ve watched Season 7 in one go, over about a week – so no stalling for ad breaks or hiatuses. I actually found the season opener too fluffy (believe it or not). I didn’t need to hear the I love yous, or see the fluff. It was nice, but I appreciated the next eps more, with B&B in a happy place. I too loved the end of Crack in the Code. There is a real togetherness there that cements who they have become, and it is glorious to watch.
        I lurked a bit while the eps were screening and and read some of the original comments. When I watched the Hot Dog one, whilst I was surprised about Brennan not taking Booth to the ultrasound, I loved his approach – blunt, confident, in your face ‘you’re not including me;. He didn’t sulk. He didn’t get angry (it actually made me uncomfortable seeing him get so upset at her in SitG – there didn’t seem to be an equality in the relationship despite the goo goo stuff). He just said it, which said more to me about their closeness than goo goo.

    • Angelena, you hit the nail on the head.

    • I didn’t mean to imply that I necessarily wanted to see a lot of goo goo stuff, but I would like to know that they were like that at some point. They are serious people, but I think they used to be more playful — I’d like to see more of that lightness between them.

      Someone wrote about not having seen goofy Booth in a while — I think that’s it. And, goofy Brennan could be good too. Just lighten everything up a bit. Except for the end of Prince Charmington, we haven’t seen any of that in a long, long time. In s6 it was the Tommy guns at the end of the Valentine’s ep.

      I’d still like a shirtless Booth, BTW.

      • I get that…interesting though, because those are 2 episode enders that I really don’t like. It may be the gun thing…probably is…but they both just seem forced and infantile and not funny and inappropriate…. Maybe they can be goofy without guns… I’m sure they’ve been goofy without guns…but not that hysterical laughing in the car stuff either…so not funny…now i’ll have to watch again *sigh*

      • Linda –
        Never occurred to me about the guns, but you’re right. It would be nice to see playful without implied violence. 😉

  16. They could have written ED’s pregnancy as her being away on a dig while Booth stayed in DC and they kept in touch by phone or video link. 🙂
    All that does not matter now as they are together. Prefer them this way as I want to see them eork things out together.
    And like Booth said and somewhere in the corner of my clear brain, I believe Brennan will ask Booth to marry her. Why? Just feel it in my bones. hahahahaha.

    • It’s fun to think of Booth’s scenario as to how Brennan will ask him to marry her, lol. Like, he doesn’t know where or when, but he thinks it’s going to happen. Such a reversal of traditional “roles” and, to me, that is kind of fun. I hope we get more references to this – but in a fun B&B bickering way. It kind of almost has a certain competitive tone to it, which could be fun/hot.

      • Haha, camcat, I was thinking about your reversal of roles statement…wouldn’t it be funny if, after BBB is born, that Booth withholds from Brennan certain…things…unless she proposes or something 🙂 Because we’ve seen already, that after she started thinking from Booth’s perspective, that she found herself thinking about intercourse a lot 🙂 I think that could be hilarious.

      • bb, pregnancy seems to increase some women’s libido so it is not a given she will still be ‘horny’ once she’s given birth.

        camcat, Brennan said somewhere something to the tune of without a good reason, she does not see the point in getting married. She may have a good reson now.

      • BB, lol, nah, I just can’t imagine Booth would ever withold;) I actually think B&B are little horndogs – I think there’s been some evidence that supports that on both of their parts. But, I could see him maybe wanting a little romance. Someone mentioned before that Booth saying he thought Brennan coming around to the idea of moving in together would be more “romantic” but he’d take it. We’ve always seen the “traditional” version of women wanting romanced but B&B have never been that “traditional” in their roles. It’s just funny to think of what Booth’s ideal, romantic version of a Brennan proposal would be. Would it be a candle-light proposal at the shooting range?

      • in one of the episodes, I think it was Stargazer in the puddle, Booth tricked Bones into saying: “Will you marry me” and he said teasing her: “Bones let me think about it.” Was this a hint of what is coming?

  17. Just interrupting regular broadcasting to say that Twitter is very busy now that both ED & DB are on. ED seems to have gotten the hang of it – and know exactly what we want!

  18. If B/B have missed their moment then which one was that? It couldn’t have been the 100th episode because that was only Booth’s moment since Brennan wasn’t ready. It couldn’t have been DitP because that was only Brennan’s moment since Booth had made his choice. Could that missed moment have been the first time they kissed during the Gemma Arrington case? But then Brennan hailed a cab and left Booth in the rain. How about when Booth and Brennan first meet at the lecture hall (Booth after all said in the 100th that he knew right from the beginning). Probably not. That was way too early. 🙂

    So they probably haven’t missed it. But then again which one is that ONE moment? I read earlier posts and people have different ideas. Perhaps they had a series of moments, most of which are subtle and implied (as writers seem to always want to write B/B relationship). The blackout episode appears to be the most explicit to me. But I think it began with the jogging scene in Killer in the Crosshairs. Whenever I doubt if Booth still loves Brennan I remind myself of the look on Caroline’s face and how she said “Oh of course he was.” 🙂 (More than Angela I think Caroline sees right through B/B perfectly hehe).

    So there. I would think it was more of one moment that led to another because B/B are so complicated and unconventional and stubborn that one moment wouldn’t be enough. The greatest one so far being the scene at the mighty hut. It was so B/B and was more romantic than any marriage proposal. 🙂

    (On a side note: I do hope when B/B gets engaged — whoever proposes, it will surpass the mighty hut scene.:-))

    • “Whenever I doubt if Booth still loves Brennan I remind myself of the look on Caroline’s face and how she said “Oh of course he was.” – Exactly! LOL. Great, Great, moment.

    • “Booth is a big fan of the Peloponnesian war” – “Of course he is”

      Love that scene and love Caroline. I don’t think I subscribe to the idea that there is one single moment for any two people to catch fire or they are doomed. I agree with those who say the important thing is for the two people to be on the same page and want the same things at the same time in their lives. In B&B’s case that didn’t happen until the Blizzard episode when they were finally in sync about what they wanted for and with each other. A lot of things had to happen for them to finally take the leap, including her pregnancy which became the kick in the pants they needed to get their act together and stop beating around the bush with one another. Just to clarify, I don’t think they’re together just because of the baby but it was a strong motivation to work hard on their relationship and a way for them to realize ‘this is really happening, this is serious’. I don’t think I’m explaining myself too well but maybe you all get what I mean.

      • There’s a fabulous fanfic by some1tookmyname that looks at what happened just after Brennan told Booth she was pregnant.

        Brennan: “It’s so soon for us.”

        Booth: “Bones, you and me? We’ve been through more things in seven years than most people go through in a lifetime. By my count, for us, we’re right on time.”

        I love this, as it really does suggest that this baby has turned up at the right possible moment when these 2 are perfectly ready for it.

        Oh happy days 🙂

  19. On a completely unrelated note did anyone else notice the Superbowl ad today that took place at the Royal diner and Founding Fathers pub. I literally jumped up from my seat and was like ‘That’s from Bones’!!!!!

    • Yes! I did! I didn’t know if I was seeing things.

      • I know I felt that way too. It was nagging at me all day, but I finally looked it up later and DB had tweeted about it. My husband gave me the crazy eyes and said ‘I think your just a little bit too obsessed with bones to be able to notice something like that. >.<

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