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Vintage Bones: The Girl in Suite 2103- The Gray Area


Good morning!

This is an episode that makes me laugh a lot, but when I went through it again, I was caught by the side plot of Cam wanting to falsify evidence to get a confession and Brennan demanding that they don’t do that. Booth called it “The Gray Area”, and said everyone does it. Brennan insisted that Booth doesn’t, and in the end, he didn’t falsify evidence. His argument was to protect diplomatic immunity, not necessarily because he doesn’t agree with “The Gray Area”. Do you agree?

Does Brennan insist that he doesn’t work that way, because she couldn’t compartmentalize it? Does Booth let her win this one against Cam because he thinks Brennan is right, or is he trying to still show Cam that when it comes to work, he’s on Brennan’s side?


Here is the B&B of the Day:

The “Brennan tells Booth about Buddhist truths while he happily hums to elevator music because he got laid.” B&B

From The Girl in Suite 2103: Season Two


17 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Girl in Suite 2103- The Gray Area

  1. Great question Sarah.
    Booth does believe in grey areas and subconciously, so does Brennan. Brennan worked too set her father free because of ‘grey areas’
    In the case above, Brennan did not see any reason why the truth should not prevail. They had not explored all the possibilites so why resort to a lie. It goes back to what she said in Season 1 that if she could not respect the law, she could at least respect Booth.
    She is still breaking Cam in and if she lets this slide and knowing Booth and Cam have history, she may be just opening the door to shoddy case solving.

    Booth dancing in the elevator is just laugh-worthy. Dreamy smile on his face – hahahhhaha.

  2. This might make me sound amoral, but I’ve never really seen what Cam suggested as that bad.

    Stay with me 🙂 I didn’t think she suggested actually falsifying evidence. She just suggested they present the existing evidence to the Mum (the guilty party) in such a way as to show how the evidence could possibly be interpreted as implicating her son. They weren’t going to arrest the son and put that evidence in front of a judge, it was just a nudge to get the mum to tell the truth.

    Both Booth and Brennan have done this loads of times – how many times have they lied to a suspect in the interrogation room to prompt a confession? Loads.

    In fact, Brennan did exactly the same thing Cam suggested when she got her father off murder. She took existing evidence and found an alternate interpretation of that evidence to show that she could have been the killer. In a court room, under oath. If either situation is in the ‘grey area’, it’s that one.

    • I may be a little amoral myself, but I don’t think what Cam was doing was illegal either (unless that’s how she wanted to present it in court), and I agree that Cam isn’t the only person who goes into gray areas. However, Brennan and Cam are still different. It was Cam’s idea to falsify evidence to the mother and saw no problem with it; Brennan really was conflicted about still loving her father but having a job that puts criminals away. If she didn’t have those talks with Booth where he urged her to put her brain in neutral and heart in overdrive, I’m not so sure she would have been so insistent on wanting her father to go free. In fact later on in season 5 she says because she believed him when he said that her father’s criminal past didn’t matter she rebuilt a relationship with her father.

      Booth is a cop. He totally understand where Cam was coming from. He seemed to have more of a problem with the repercussions on doing what she suggested than the suggestion itself. I felt like he was really trying to tell Brennan that she was giving him more credit than he deserved for doing the right thing. I’m not trying to say he isn’t a stand-up guy, but Brennan definitely views things in more of a black-and-white manner.

      Brennan does slip into gray areas sometimes even if she doesn’t like to admit it. We have seen her lie to protect herself or someone else. But overall, I think she likes to tell the truth and be honest and upfront. I don’t think she would ever take the position that white lies are necessary in human interactions and lying is what makes the world go ’round.

      • It’s true that Brennan struggled with what she did in Verdict – as well she might, considering she went against everything she believes in and ensured a man guilty of murder got away with it. There wasn’t really anything wrong with what Cam suggested, which is probably why she wasn’t conflicted. Booth only said no because of the diplomatic immunity consideration, not the tactic itself.

        Brennan had her reasons in Verdict and she’s a very good person – I don’t blame her for doing her best to keep her father out of prison, but strictly speaking, It was morally questionable.

        I think what she’s learned over the seasons is that very little is black and white – and that people make difficult, dubious choices.

    • Totally agree with this. To me this is no different than Booth & Brennan lying to any of the suspects in the interrogation room. Booth even tells Brennan it’s okay to lie in that situation. Brennan had no problem going to the gray area to save Max. I think she only ran it by Booth to make sure it wasn’t illegal-that it wasn’t actually lying. Just a different interpretation of the facts which is exacty what Cam and the squints had prepared. They had not lied on any of the evidence-they just wanted the Judge to save her son by admitting she killed Lisa *there are lot of victims with my name BTW*
      I think if it hadn’t had potential as a diplomatic issue, Booth would have taken the evidence and presented it in the way Cam posited. I don’t think we can say Brennan didn’t do anything of the kind until a year later. The issue is when it came down to something that mattered enough to her she did whatever needed to be done-the same as Cam.

  3. I have never been able to figure out what song was playing in the elevator at that moment. Anyone?

  4. In an episode about a diplomat, Booth shows his own skill at diplomacy. He puts Cam’s behavior in a “gray area” rather than call it unethical, then he aligns himself with Brennan by reminding Cam of the implications of her suggestion.

    True, Brennan did wallow in the gray area for Max, but that’s a year away from happpening. I don’t think its fair to judge Brennan’s behavior in this episode based on behavior from a later season. She clearly struggled with her decision in Verdict, fwiw.

    My favorite moment of this episode is Booth asking Hodgind to stop the plane, and Hodgins subsequently being scooped up by the men in black.

    • Speaking of Hodgins and the Men in Black – I sort of got a vibe that Booth set up that arrest, as a kind of ‘thank you’ for Hodgins. It was that line about “that’s a dream come true” and Booth’s smile, followed by that exchange of looks between the two of them (Hodgins/Booth) as Hodgins is being led away.

  5. Yeah, I think Brennan has learned more about “gray areas” as the series has gone on. Booth in the elevator – HA! A little like Booth in the beginning of CITG. Go ahead, take a look and compare. Can’t you imagine Sweets thinking, wow, he’s REALLY happy he stopped Broadsky; good to see him so happy and relaxed;)

  6. IMO I always saw Booth as a man who appreciated the gray areas of a case when there was a lack of evidence. But, then he met Brennan who showed him that conjecture could convict the wrong man and real solid evidence was equally important as the story that went behind it. Don’t get me wrong Booth has a great gut feeling and it has almost always helped him decipher the good guy from the bad, but there have been moments where him and Brennan have disagreed and the evidence was what brought the case to light.

    Ex. In mother and child in the bay, everybody is ready to just pounce on the husband and incriminate him solely based on his personality and not due to evidence. It is Brennan who proved in the end that if they had followed that gray area throughout the case, the wrong person would have been sent to prison.

    Another moment that speaks out to me was the Gemma Errington case. Although Booth ended up being right about the judge in the end. You could see his new found appreciation in the way Brennan handled the case. She would not falsify evidence to incriminate the judge it had to be real, there just was no other way. At the time I think Booth was frustrated because he knew in his heart the judge did it and wanted him to pay for it. But, I think he also admired the way Brennan sought absolute truth without letting feelings get in the way. It’s a hard trait to possess.

  7. I personally don’t think that Booth chooses Brennan over Cam. I don’t think he’s trying to show Cam anything. I don’t think he’s showing Brennan anything. Booth was (and will always be) a soldier. I think he was protecting his ‘brothers in arms” and truly believes what he said, “We cheat diplomatic immunity here in DC, we catch a murderer. That’s great. They do it in “Upper Kamikazestan” and our boys end up on a red-hot spit over a slow fire…Ok, bottom line is, we ignore diplomatic immunity and the rest of the world finds out, it’s open season on Americans.” And I say, “Way to go, Booth.”

  8. Yeah I think there is some Brennan-compartmentalization-syndrome here. Like her brain is going, “Bad guys = bad. Booth = good”, and its through what she learns from Booth and the team, that she is able to approach those herself later, when it comes to her dad and Russ. Before Booth and co., she had shut Russ out of her life, and would have gone on without forgiving him/her dad forever, never speaking to them again. Through what she learned, she was able to give them a chance and see those gray areas and appreciate them.

  9. I think by this time in their relationship, Brennan had studied Booth to the point that she had him pegged in his hole. She saw him as a very honest person who believed in justice and right. She couldn’t picture him as being able to move in the gray area of the world. She saw the world in black and white and because Booth was her friend and partner then she felt Booth did too. They were both capable of telling white lies; but, not so much that injustice would be done because of it.

    Just for the record, I didn’t see anything wrong with what Cam wanted to do as long as it didn’t end up in official records and court proceedings. I also saw Booth’s point of view. Start screwing around with diplomatic immunity and that could put American lives at risk abroad. He was right too.

    • I agree, Lenora. To some extent Brennan idealizes Booth (don’t we all) and gets upset on the rare occasion when he deviates from the stuff he says he believes in, like she did when he didn’t approve of Jared’s relationship with Padme. Her faith in him and his character is pretty darn solid-as it should be. Booth really is a very moral man and while there may be gray areas for him, he typically always follows the spirit of the law (though not necessarily the letter.)

  10. ceeray – Totally agree with you about what Booth was doing when he rejected Cam’s idea.

    Brennan has learned about gray areas, but I have to point out: she didn’t actually do anything in Verdict. She didn’t testify. All she did was give the ex-Mr. Caroline (didn’t you love that?) an alternative scenario and then did nothing to deny it. In fact, establishing the alternative scenario fell solely on Booth. Which tells us something, but I’m not exactly sure what. We know that Booth didn’t have a problem with Max on this one.

    This now occurs to me: There is no way Caroline could have been the prosecutor on the Verdict case. She (and Booth) were legit suspects.

    Back to more on point: Wouldn’t you have loved to have Caroline in on that conversation in the diner? She’d have been all set to got with Cam, I bet.

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