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Vintage Bones: The Girl with the Curl- Five Favorite Moments


Good morning!

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I apologize in advance that this one will be sort of bare bones, but I do want to just list five moments from this episode that make me (to the lovely Owl’s criteria) laugh, cry, or think. Well, there’s not much crying, but still…

1. Brennan teaches a few things, but also learns about cankles. ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Hodgins makes a move. I was looking at my 100Days post, and here is what I said about that.

I had forgotten this was the episode where Hodgins makes his move too, until Angela announces to everyone that childhood should be about swings. You know what comes of that, BONES fans.ย  Of course, like all of our happy childhood memories of swinging in the park, they all crash and burn as we get dumped at our favorite diner, which, in my opinion, was still pretty unfair to the diner. What did it ever do to deserve that? I digress.

Haha. I have issues.


3. Hodgins figures out about Booth and Cam.

I love the moment when Angela figures it out and Hodgins is like “Bingo, baby”


4. The Case

It’s a good one, and the team works together to solve it. It is a harsh reality with the pageants and I can’t help feeling that if it was a case today, it would be done differently–and not in a good way.


5. Thai Food

I have to admit that when B&B say those two words in unison, I cringe. There are other people who love it, and there are people who cringe at the moments I love sometimes. It’s only those two words –in unison– that make me want to back away slowly. Everything else about the scene is nice or at least interesting.

But particularly interesting is the way Cam sort of knowingly looks on as Booth is with Brennan. Do you think, at that point, she is aware of Booth’s feelings for Brennan? It’s not a critique on her character or anything, at least not for me. I think, up to about Blizzard, maybe, I would have slept with Booth if he’d asked me, you know? (Side question: When was Booth officially off the market, in your opinion?)

I think Cam knows it’s just temporary, and she’s okay with that. I wouldn’t have seen it that way when season two aired the first time, but now in hindsight, I can see it.


Thoughts from you?


Here is the B&B of the Day


The “Very Well Structured, Indeed” B&B

From The Girl with the Curl




59 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Girl with the Curl- Five Favorite Moments

  1. Did moments 2-5 post? Nothing comes up.

  2. Same here…maybe we are supposed to use #1 and fill in the rest ourselves? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Watching this episode the other night I had to stop and think if it was the first time I ended an episode screaming “KISS HER!” at the TV. Because They’re. That. Close. Just a little nudge, just a little ‘oops’ and they’re kissing.

    And yet . . . no.

    Which takes me back to feeling sad that all this potential in the first three seasons, this feeling that they’re growing closer and closer, was wasted.

    (Also, I didn’t care for the harmonized ‘Thai food’ either. )

    • For all of the people who think that we so totally missed out on seeing the “touchy, feely, flirty” B&B between seasons 6&7… IMO seasons 1-4 were exactly that (sans the kissing ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). They were completely flirting with each other right and left (and under Cam’s nose to boot!) I laughed out loud when Cam whispers in his hair and Booth jumps up and wraps his arm around Brennan and ushers her out of the room! haha

  4. I think Booth took himself off of the market after he broke up with Cam and put himself back on the market at the end of 100 (well sort of). He didn’t get really serious about it until Brennan went to Maluku. He took himself back off when Hannah said no and put himself back on the market after Blizzard. He’s had a lot more downs than ups.

    I think Brennan took herself off of the market after Man In the Outhouse and didn’t put herself back out there until after she came back from Maluku (for Booth – but it was too late) and had to wait until after Blizzard to let him know she was in the market with him.

    • lol Your whole post made me laugh just the way you worded it… in the market and then out and then back in and so on…. hahah

      but I totally agree!!

      • Yes, I think early season 6 gave us all a whole new appreciation for this scene in particular, contrasting this scene to the end of Babe in the Bar. Then DITP happened, and then we got SITSH. Think about that… the end of Girl with the Curl, Babe in the Bar, and Sins in the Sisterhood. Now, Sins was followed by Daredevil which opens up a whole new can of worms, right? Right.

    • Well, Brennan did date Hacker, though that hardly made it anywhere so maybe that’s why you didn’t mention it.

      And in Blizzard, they were really only putting themselves in a very tiny market, one that only consisted of the two of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yeah, I don’t count Hacker. There is no way she was really serious about Hacker. I consider him a diversion and nothing else.

        I also agree that after Blizzard the market consisted of two people and no one else need apply.

      • Poor Hacker. *lol*

        I wonder if we’d think differently about him if we didn’t see Jethro or Lawrence every time he was on-screeen. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. One of the things that I love about the final scene is that there’s one spot where Brennan literally bats her eyes at Booth as he’s leaning over her. That one blink makes the whole scene for me, because in that split second Brennan is like an open book to Booth. It reveals her vulnerability, her innocence, (her attraction to Booth). I don’t care so much about the rest of the eye sex going on in the scene. Brennan’s blink is where the magic really happens.

    The part where Cam is looking up at them – I have a different appreciation for that scene now too.

  6. 1. I LOVE Brennan with those girls. It’s fun but also very much Brennan. I also LOVE how booth comes and “abducts” her from that scene! LOL.

    2. The Swings, ah, yes. And I totallly agree about the diner. Poor diner. I also felt bad for the diner in episode 1 of Season 7 when B&B had their own akward moment there. Diner should be happy!

    3. Bingo, Baby! Ha!! I like to envision Angela and Hodgins sharing a Bingo, Baby when Angela told Hodgins that B&B hooked up which, you know she totally did.

    4. Totally agree.

    5. Yes, I think Cam knew from the very beginning that Booth was into Brennan. Was it in Stargazer or Glowing Bones when Booth and Cam talked about how neither ever believed it was serious between them? Something like Cam said she was satisfied with Booth but also happy she had her own place, and he was happy she had her own place as well?

    I think Booth took himself off the market after his brain surgery, right around Harbingers. I think even though Booth went on a date with Catherine, he really didn’t go back on the market until under that fig tree in Afghanistan. Bleh. And, even then, I like to imagine Booth trying to make one last call to Brennan in Maluku….like having a little guilt even though there was nothing to be guilty for. I don’t think Booth really, really believed he would have to “move on” from Brennan until he was in Afghanistan and all communication was off between them. Then I think it sunk in that, yeah, this isn’t going to happen. I think he was officially off the market, like for real off the market legitimately, at the end of BITB.

    Thai Food…eh. Not my favorite thing ever. I’ll take “gotta eat” over Thai Food. However, I would like to have a scene again where there is this type of flirting that ends with a kiss, and if it’s over papework from a case, that would be fine by me.

    • “I would like to have a scene again where there is this type of flirting that ends with a kiss, and if itโ€™s over papework from a case, that would be fine by me.”

      ^^^^ I vehemently conquer!!!!! That would be a wonderful way to end an episode this season.

  7. I didn’t care about the Thai food in unison, I was too busy staring at Booth’s biceps! *gah* He is leaning on the table in a tshirt, so I missed half of what was said! haha! Oh, and the smile he gives her was also a distraction!
    I agree with Lenora about when Booth & Brennan took themselves off the market and then back on. After Blizzard, B&B were back on, baby!

    • Those biceps can be quite a distraction.

    • Yeah anytime we get a glimpse of forearms, we all melt into a fangirl puddle of goo, don’t we? Plot points and characters aside for next season, can we just ask TPTB for more t-shirt wearing DB. T-shirts and Range Master vests. That is all. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Oh, and less trenchcoats for ED. More t-shirts for Booth, less trenchcoats for Brennan. That’s basically all I need. haha

  8. Another thought I find myself having while I’m watching these episodes is something that’s been mentioned here a lot.

    Angela and Hodgins get (and got) all the good stuff. Everything “they” (network/HH/writers/TPTB/whomever) wouldn’t let Booth and Brennan have, they gave to Angela and Hodgins. We got to see those beginning moments, just not with the ‘right’ couple.

    • One way I try to appease myself is by saying that we technically saw Booth and Brennan’s first kiss in the 100th. Also remembering Emily’s situation when Booth and Brennan got together. But I think what you said is true – there was a lot of hesitation in getting the leads together. Remember the hubbub when HH said they were discussing whether they would get together at the end of the last season and the writers were pretty divided about that? And some viewers didn’t want it to happen, either. I’m glad it did, because I don’t think I could handle any more of the limbo. I really like Booth and Brennan and I think it was keeping them from really being happy.

      • I’m of the opinion that the whole business about the debate in the writers room was to put the fans off the scent. And, generally continue to drive us crazy.

    • MJ I always thought that too. We got to see all the sweet relationship building moments between Hodgins and Angela and nothing like that between Booth & Brennan once they decided to “try” to be together. We just went from 0-60 with them skipping over all the good stuff in-between.

      I don’t care how or what the PTB’s try to use to explain the lack. The sulky 16 year old in me still feels gypped sometimes.

    • On the flip side of that, the moment that Booth says to Brennan something to the effect of: “Crappy date night, excellent crime solving,” I’m out. The nauseatingly sappy relationship moments can stay between Angela and Hodgins. I remain somehow hopeful that we’ll eventually some of that spark between B&B again.

      • Yikes. Tough crowd. I didn’t consider that statement all that sappy (his speech to her just before their son was born definitely was.) I don’t mind a little sap here and there. Booth and Brennan moments are often sweet/sappy, and I love them.

        I hope they bring back the spark, too. What I am feeling is a deep, mutual love connection, so I like that. I’m not doubting David and Emily’s ability – I definitely saw it in Blizzard when they were talking about making love. Any longer and I think somebody would have pounced. And Booth looked like he wanted more after that innocent kiss in the bowling alley. I think it’s just about when they are going to write more scenes like that, which could take some time since they will have a newborn. Honestly, I’m not even talking about seeing them have sex. Unless they want to show them make out and then fade out like in tCitC, or start making out, but the baby cries. Or looks that say “Later.”

      • It’s not meant as a harsh comment. The Booth & Brennan moments that we’ve had thus far have never been Hodgins/Angela-sweet, which is a good thing, IMO. Booth & Brennan have their own magic that is shown in their own way. (The last seen of this episode is like one of the quintessential examples of perfect B&B magic to me). If their relationship were turned into something like Hodgins/Angela, then it becomes exactly what SN & HH said they wanted to avoid.

        The problem is that they’ve gone so far to the extreme ends of avoiding having the same dynamic as Hodgins/Angela that it’s resulted in the whole thing being anticlimactic. For all I know, that’s been intentional on the part of the writers. But the answer to showing more of B&B’s relationship isn’t turning them into Hodgins/Angela, because they’ve never been that. That’s all I meant. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • And I meant ‘scene’, not seen. Dur.

      • I agree Firefly. B&B are different to A&H, and I like how this balances out the show. To see too much sap between B&B feels wrong.
        But this is coming from someone who cringed when she heard the ‘I love you’s’ in the Season opener… I appreciate subtlety a lot more it appears.

      • I thought they had done a good job with the ILU’s. It didn’t feel like “fluff” to me. Rather, I thought it was its own kind of subtle. The way they said it, there was so much other subcontext being encapsulated in those few words. I think they knew some fans wanted to hear it said out loud at some point, instead of it being another one of those implied things. Personally, it was nice to hear in that instance, but I don’t have to hear it frequently because I do feel like their actions have always spoken louder than their words.

        I think they chose one of the non-fluffiest ways to have them say ILU to each other – and some people even took issue with that. Booth was actually upset with her, and she was being pretty stubborn about the moving in issue. Booth could have said “You are being infuriatingly stubborn but I still want to be with you. I’m not going anywhere; I’m 100% committed to making this work.” And I think Brennan’s response was also a reinforcement of her commitment. But that’s a lot of words (not really their style), and I actually “heard” all of that when they simply said ILU. It was all very sincere and not overly emotional at all.

        Sidenote: I always laugh when Brennan walks up to that little outdoor cafe table sheepishly and says “Perhaps I didn’t express myself well,” Booth responds “No, you were clear. You were very clear. But you were wrong.” Also funny was the shooting her with an arrow comment.

        Another sidenote: I don’t think the show is doing anything wrong in their portrayal of Booth and Brennan’s relationship. Some people want to see more, some people want to see less, some people like it just the way it is. I think they know that, so there is no reason for them to change how they are doing things (the way they want to do it) because changing it would only make some other set of people unhappy. I do think we might see more in the future because before they were working within some limitations and venturing into new territory. When we look at what we want to see from Booth and Brennan, our opinions are going to be very colored by our own ideas of relationships and perhaps even what we would do in a relationship. But those things vary widely from person to person. We can always find fault with how things are done, but I think constantly focusing on all the negatives can kill all the enjoyment when there really are a lot of things left to appreciate and enjoy.

      • fair points c-bones.

        I think I was clouded by all the fanfic I read about how hard it would be for Brennan to say ‘I love you’, so i was a little surprised to hear it said so…bluntly.

        I actually love how the relationship is being portrayed. I’ve read elsewhere that people see them as ‘friends having a kid’ and that they ‘need more evidence that they are a committed couple’, and this staggers me. Are we watching the same show? For me, since Blizzard, these two have been ‘committed’, and this season we really do see the couple who have gotten past the ‘awkward politeness’ stage, which TPTB wanted so much to avoid. I actually hope that we see more eps like ‘Crack in the Code’ which is heavily case based, with the snippets of family/eye sex etc.

        I really need to rewatch these season 7 eps. I don’t feel like I ‘know’ them well enough yet!

      • I love your new term “family/eye sex”! haha Only in Bones fandom people, do these things get put together ๐Ÿ™‚ haha

        I heart this board!

      • I hope this ends up in the right place.
        C-bones: on pouncing in Blizzard — if you have the dvd’s for s6, listen to the ED & DB commentary. One of them (DB, no doubt) says that that’s what was in their heads – oh all right, let’s just do it already.

      • Booth sort of stepped back and left all the chasing to Brennan after Blizzard. Yes he wanted to be with her and she him, but he needed her to be absolutely sure. Brennan will always act on her beiliefs as long as she is 100% sure and Booth kind of like waited for that. He was done assuming or going by gut feeling with her. Since she did not make the move in Blizzard, nothing happened – that and the fact that it was what TPTB wanted.
        The conversation about ‘them’ took place only because Brennan asked if they should talk. He sort of started taking his cue from her.

        Please don’t give us H/A kind of soppy love. I love what B/B have going. What I can cook up in my head is far more exciting than what anyone can write down or portray on screen so please let all the inuendos continue. They spend their time together at home and at work and are so at ease with each other – that is soooooooooooooo hot considering what the last 6 seasons have been all about.

  9. So many thoughts, so little time.

    1) My fave moment is when Booth is picking Bones up and the little girl tells him he has big muscles.
    4 more faves:
    ** Brennan with the girls and her comment about theirs being a society with power based on beauty or some such.
    ** When they call Booth and ask him to feel up the mother to determine if her hips are even. His “ain’t gonna happen” (or however he put it), the look on his face, his appreciation of the woman’s lovely posterior AND when Brennan looks at the video of the woman’s rear with all the lines being overlaid to see if her hips are even. Thinking about it is making me giggle.
    ** In the final scene, I love when Booth is trying not to tell her she’s beautiful. Love the way he looks at her. He is so-o a goner.
    2) I like this case too.
    3) I’m going extreme: I think Booth was off the market, at least subconsciously, from the moment he met Brennan. I’d argue, that, even with Hannah, he was still in love with Bones, so in a sense he wasn’t really on the market then too. As for Brennan, never ever on the market. Yeah, she looked for satisfaction of biological urges and companionship, but I don’t think she ever considered a serious relationship until well into her partnership with Booth. And, arguably not really even then until she realized she’d missed the boat in DitP.

    Blizzard ended any ambiguity: they weren’t back on the market; they were committed, as many have argued, to try with each other,.

    This is semantics, but I am defining “on the market” as looking for someone for a serious relationship, not just satisfaction of biological urges and companionship. Many won’t buy that, but that’s where I’m going today. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Angelena: I totally agree with you. The only market for either of them from that first moment in the lecture hall was each other. Brennan tried a Booth substitute with Sully. Didn’t work. Booth tried to forget Brennan with the horrible other. Didn’t work. They were always trying to find a way to each other even if it wasn’t always clear to them or the viewers. One point that always bothers me about this season is the rather callous way Booth treats Cam. She tries to take his hand; he pulls his away. He stands her up. He lectures her about fantasizing about him naked. Even when she’s near death, he seems grudging in his interest. Granted I never saw their relationship as anything but friends with benefits but he hardly treats her in a friendly manner. If I really wanted to read something into it, I would say he felt in some obscure fashion as if he were betraying Brennan by being with Cam. But that’s on him not on her.

      • I’ve always thought it was kinda weird that Booth couldn’t be honest about his relationship with Cam. They are all grown folks there. Nobody would have judged him. This is even before Sully, which is when some people say that Booth realized he loved Brennan. So I don’t necessarily feel that he was guilty about being with Cam because he was in love with Brennan. Actually, at that point in time, I think Sully hit the nail on the head when he said that Booth had “the hots” for his partner, along with a dose of caring and affection and plenty of over-protectiveness. Brennan still saw Booth as her best friend so I don’t think it would have made her jealous in a romantic way. I felt her jealousy was more professional and friend-related. Maybe it was none of the other peoples’ business, but after they called him out I don’t see what was the point of denying everything. I know he’s discreet, but admitting a relationship people have noticed anyway isn’t particularly revealing. Nobody was pushing for bedroom details (except maybe Angela would have.)

      • You know in my humble opinion, each was always jealous of the other so far as relationships went. As far back as Tessa, Brennan brought her up continually. She picked at that relationship and the only reason she would have cared is that it bothered her. Booth has always been the same way — online dating for instance. He would tell the prospective date (David, Sully, Hacker) that he and Brennan were only partners but his behavior spoke of underlying possessiveness that had more going on than just a personal relationship.

      • C-bones, maybe a little bit of that was because Cam was the boss, and it might have been weird? Because Brennan is also kind of the boss and he’s partners with one but sleeping with the other? Kind of conflict of interest-y? Or maybe it was just plain awkward. Booth did try to stay private, especially in the beginning, to the point where no one knew he had a son. So maybe he just didn’t feel like sharing that part of his life with everyone? I could see how there would be definite awkwardness in the workplace ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • You know, I always thought he was a little embarrassed about it.

        Going back to Brennan calling him on the fact that he slept with Rebecca, giving him that anthropological humans-have-biological-urges-to-satisfy speech, etc. He looked and acted a bit embarrassed. I don’t think he liked being reduced to his urges, as if he couldn’t control himself. And I think he was trying to avoid the same kind of speech about sleeping with Cam.

      • Booth is highly private about his personal life particularly his sex life which is why it was so OOC when he ran burbling around to all and sundry about his feelings for the blank skank. It also annoys me that the writers have Sweets constantly nagging Booth for information on his personal life this season. Booth keeps shutting him down but it seems to never end. Memo to Bones writers: Enough already with the ‘Is there something I should know?’ No. There isn’t. It’s none of your business.

      • I always thought his relationship with Cam was more of a what’s mine is mine and no one else’s. Booth is a very private person and he hates people to know his business. He really doesn’t do public displays of affection. Most of the times we’ve seen Booth hug Brennan was when they were alone. Even now, all of their kissing has been done when they’re alone.

        I don’t think Booth was being callous towards Cam. We knew that they had apparently dated in the past and his and her interest in each other was more sexual. Neither wanted to be committed to each other. I think he did show that he cared about Cam when she was dying. He was worried sick over her and stayed by her side until he felt it would be better to do something to help her. The kiss on her forehead told me that he cared for her. Later he even pretended that he was still dating Cam so that Cam could have peace with her father. He cares for Cam as a friend and you can see that in the sparing they do over their names.

        I just don’t think Booth can publicly show his affection as easily as Hodgins or others can. It’s not his way and Cam and Brennan know that.

      • I know Booth is uber-private. I was just saying I think it was one of those “cat’s already out of the bag” situations, and he’s still saying “What cat?” That’s not being private, that’s denial. Unless, like others have mentioned, he was a little embarrassed by it. It could have been as simple as “Yeah, I’m with Cam, but it’s none of your business, so drop it or I’ll shoot you between the eyes.” (He used to say quite violent things to the squints back in the day – don’t miss that.)

        As far as Booth being OOC when speaking of how much he loved Hannah, I can only recall him being adamant like that when Sweets was doing his poking around. Sweets is their friend and he cares about them, but he’s a psychologist so he just gets a little too curious sometimes and a little too shrinky – basically irritating. Come to think of it, it was interesting that he was advising Brennan to stay out of the field in the last episode. He has intervened before, like the pig incident with Angela, but I wonder if Booth asked him to do that.

  10. About Booth and Cam, I think both of them were always aware it was temporary. They had their careers in a dangerous/sad line of work in common, and needed someone to satisfy those biological urges. But I don’t think they were ever more than friends with benefits. Even though Booth is a settle-down-with-a-wife-and-kids kind of guy, Cam wasn’t. Even though she’s dating now and has adopted Michelle, I think she’s still a little scared of that whole idea. At least how the show presented them, I never got a serious relationship vibe from them at all. And Cam’s a smart gal. It probably took her all of 2 seconds to realize that Booth and Brennan had a connection (even though not a physical one), that she herself had never had with Booth. And she was OK with that. She was more concerned with Brennan on a professional basis and how they’d work out the power structure. Besides Sully and Hannah, the other mini-relationships they’ve had didn’t worry me or really show up on my radar.

    I think Brennan was not truly “on the market” the whole time between Sully and Maluku. Sure, she had flings, but she was not open to a full on relationship after Sully. Booth was on the market in between his relationships. He’s full on committed while the relationship is on, but after, he is a free agent :). With the exception of Hannah. He’d thrown himself so far in, to forget Brennan this time, that it really affected him more than the others. He also had that DitP knowledge in his head that I think was kind of mind-blowing and scary to actually think about the possibility. So after Hannah, he wasn’t free till Blizzard.

    I think I need to rewatch Blizzard now. To watch that point where they are FINALLY at the same point at the same time…to actually hear them talk about it, out loud, was pretty cool. And Sweets had a captive audience for counseling. Especially seeing how its played out since, Blizzard is a really pivotal epsiode that kind of changed the game before CitG actually happened. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Almost forgot, favorite quote:

      BRENNAN: I donโ€™t understand. What — way do I look?
      BOOTH: Well, you know, youโ€™re — youโ€™re structured — very well.
      BRENNAN: As are you.

      Their adorableness makes me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Blizzard is one of my favorites from last season. I even downloaded it to my computer. I know some people thought that Brennan was being a doormat for accepting Booth’s ultimatum (if you want to call it that, and he was clearly angry and drunk) and continuing to wait for him. Or maybe she was in limbo, because she really didn’t know if she could get another chance. But considering the break-up happened in episode 13 and Blizzard was in episode 16, it’s nice that she didn’t have to wait too long to know that there was still a chance for them. Also, I know some people were upset about the burning dates and how it seems insignificant in retrospect. But I liked that part – I thought it was cute. But I really think it was more symbolic and it demonstrated how they really felt. They had gone through so much by that point, so if we hadn’t seen much enthusiasm on their part, it would have just looked like they were just going to try to be together because they might as well, nothing else had worked for them. Booth may not have said “I love you,” but when he said “You, me, love…”, Brennan understood and was not scared away. In fact, I got the feeling that even though neither of them said the words, they both understood that was the underlying emotion through everything that happened since that night in front of Hoover. And Brennan’s speech about imperviousness let Booth know what held her back last year, and why them going for it now should yield better results.

      You know, it’s interesting because I know some people struggled with whether Booth really wants to be with Brennan, does he still love her, is she really his first choice and not a consolation prize and all that. But I think if you are a guy who’s been with a woman for a month and you find out she’s pregnant with your child, and you are nothing but happy and you smile like it’s a dream come true (well, it literally was), then you love that woman, no doubt about it. I think Brennan is a little more ambiguous in where she stands. Let me be clear, I don’t doubt her love at all. Brennan has made a lot of changes, enough to want this relationship, and be excited about starting a family with Booth. But not all her positions have changed. For her to be at the point where she can actually verbalize her love to Booth was by no means an easy step from where she started. But Booth believes in fate, in eternal love, one person you spend the rest of your life with. Brennan may not ever get there – life poses too many variables to make those kinds of guarantees. But maybe she doesn’t have to. If she just lives her life with Booth, each day being committed to making themselves work, I think that’s enough. And perhaps as the months and years go by as she settles into family life, she’ll realize there’s nowhere else she’d rather be.

      • Ah C-Bones, that moment in Blizzard when Booth says, ‘you, me, love’ – I just love the way Booth’s voice sort of breaks/falters on the word ‘love’. Like, he’s been so screwed by it that it’s even hard to say, but he’s going to say it anyway. A lot of his anger and hurt is displayed in that one word alone.

      • Re: the burning of the dates. When she asked why do it? His explanation was that when he was a kid and he wanted something very bad, he would write it down and burn it so the wish would be release into the universe and it would come true. He’s telling her that he wants/wishes/dreams of being with her, very bad.

        I actually think both of them were very much OFF the market after Blizzard, they had no interest in anyone other than each other.

      • I know this is not a BITB thread but, I think the moment Booth heard Brennan admitt that she had thought about them making love, well….he was a goner. I think part of him still was not sure about her feelings after DITP. He knew she regretted not giving them a chance, that she regretted possibly missing a chance to have a different life than the one she was leading. Booth didn’t correct Sweets when Sweets asked him if Brennan said she loved him….that’s a whole other conversation, I guess. I look at the end of BITB as a kind redux of the end of the 100th episode. Booth’s, you and me and life and love is a more measured, if not still hopeful, 30, 40, 50 years. They both agree to try for a “different outcome” when the moment arrived.

      • For me, BitB is the ultimate episode. I can watch it on repeat and I still can’t believe how much is discussed in that one episode. From that moment on, in my mind, they are committed and dating. The Finder episode shows this the most (the end of case drinks with their outfits, Booth’s ‘you could have a shot’ quip to Walter). The getting together in HitH is inevitable.
        And yes, the ‘if I wanted something really really badly as a kid’ line from Booth.

  11. The scene at the end with Cam looking at them and then walking away never bothered me-it’s a tacit admission that what they have is purely a friends with benefits situation, which is why neither one of them wanted to bring it out into the open. Not that they’re ashamed, but who wants the world oohing and aahing over something that is so clearly not going to last? Booth already knows that Brennan wouldn’t exactly approve based on what happened with Rebecca-no need to give her more ammunition or push her further away. I think at this point Booth is subconsciously keeping his options open, particularly when it comes to his partner. And yes, I’m pretty certain Cam knew that Booth was falling for Brennan-in effect, Cam sort of borrowed him for a while. She wasn’t that invested in their relationship which is why his interest in another woman didn’t faze her much-nothing ventured, nothing lost, in effect. Booth and Cam’s attitude seems pretty realistic to me, and I like that they avoided all the jealousy drama; The whole thing was kind of handled in a refreshing way.

    As to Hodgins and Angela, don’t get me wrong-I like Angela, but I always felt that Hodgins worked twice as hard for that relationship as she did, and maybe is still doing it. That part has bothered me forever, even when I’m totally on board with them being together. I’m so glad that with B/B it really is 50/50 these days; it makes their relationship all that more meaningful in my eyes. Oh and those biceps, those looks-puddle time!

  12. Booth has always said he is a one woman man and he does not cheat but having eye-sex with Brennan, isn’t that cheating? Even if it was a friends with benefit situation, he was hooked up with someone. It could be equated to the relationship he had with Tessa. The only reason anyone knew about her was because Brennan showed up at Booth’s house. And remember, Brennan had to send Booth home to Tessa once after a case. Booth is private, yes, but if no one knows about his relationships, no one can call him out on anything he does that can be considered as cheating.
    In the ep where Booth initiated the ‘guy hug’, that was the same one where Brennan found out about him and Cam. She refused the hug initially because she knew he was with Cam but he talked her into believing there was something called ‘guy hugs’ and then he refused to let her go. That hug just went on for far too long.
    I think before Hannah, if Brennan had voiced any interest in having a relationship with him, he would have dumped all those other ‘gals’ like a hot potato.
    I still think he purposely shot himself in the foot with Hannah by proposing after Brennan’s admission in DitP. It was the only way he saw to get rid of her and not feel too bad but I still can’t explain why he felt bad afterwards. I’m sure by the time I’ve re-watched a million times, something will filter through.
    Brennan was off the market after Sully and the 2 guys fiasco and she never really got back on it as she was trying to figure out Booth.
    Booth seriously got on the market in Afghanistan.

    • I always thought that, too. The only reason that he purposed to Hannah was because deep down he knew that she would balk. He could not, in good conscience, tell her “hey, Bones says she is in so, You’re Out! Peace.” Booth is a self proclaimed Gut Guy, he had to of known she would have ran and he did what he had to do to put him back on the path towards B&B. (and I’m so glad that he did!)

      • ok…but how do you explain the gutted, devastated Booth after the proposal. Shouldn’t he have felt relief?
        I tend to think that he was prepared to let go of the Brennan ideal, once and for all. And it was the failure to achieve that which left him so gutted.
        Just a thought.

    • This has been my view about the proposal.
      As to being hurt, rejection hurts even if you are ambivalent about the relationship. It also hurt because what he offered her included him giving Brennan up forever and to reject that was a failure to appreciate just what was at stake for him. But, she (H) had never understood that.
      I had actually hoped that H would walk away because she came to realize that she wasn’t the one Booth loved the most and her telling him that would be the kick in the pants that he needed.
      But this is a conversation for another day — or has been fully hashed and rehashed on earlier days.

    • “I still canโ€™t explain why he felt bad afterwards. Iโ€™m sure by the time Iโ€™ve re-watched a million times, something will filter through.”

      First off, sorry for this really long post. I just need a place to get this off my chest. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      It also took me quite a while to figure out why he felt that bad… but watching it over and over again, I thought it wasn’t just about Hannah breaking his heart but the women who have rejected him in general. It was a really more a deep feeling of rejection (and perhaps some ego guy-thing issues) more than his heart breaking for one person. He got a little “historical” in his dialogue — Rebecca, Brennan, Hannah.So it was like he was doubting himself in a major way and his capability to keep a relationship.

      I also think it was bitterness that had him give the ultimatum to Brennan after knowing about her feelings for him. I think among the three women, he was the “angriest” toward Brennan. I agree with those who say he tried really hard to move on after Brennan rejected him.For me, he did feel a semblance of moving on when he met Hannah. But became conflicted when he came back to DC to work with Brennan again.

      And the context in which he proposed to Hannah (after a conversation with Sweets about growing old and alone). It was done in haste and had a “panic mode” feel into it. And it was done right after DitP. I think the proposal was his final attempt to move on from Bones but it blew right on his face. So I feel he was really angry and bitter more than heartbroken over Hannah (as if everything that happened all pointed back to Brennan’s rejection. And that is why he gave her the ultimatum.

      And that is how I explained things that happened in that episode to myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes I know this is way off topic. Just can’t help replying to the point made. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Personally I felt Booth’s devastation was based on how he felt about himself just like Brennan’s reactions in DitP were more about her than about Booth. In each episode, as Gwen says, each character faced a future alone and unloved and each panicked leading to Brennan’s meandering speech about signals from the universe and Booth’s ‘There’s something wrong here.’ Booth was more or less a side issue in DitP, Brennan’s best and possibly last chance to get off the road she had chosen to a lonely old age. Booth saw the skank in the same way because he couldn’t trust that Brennan actually meant what she said about a change in feelings. The skank was a symbol of love, family, trust etc and when she rejected Booth’s proposal she reopened all the wounds he thought he had cauterized after Brennan rejected him.

      • I’ve always thought it was a tad unfair that Booth made that ultimatum with Hannah: marriage or no deal. He felt like he loved her, she felt like she loved him. Even though she said she couldn’t imagine being pregnant, she would consider adopting, so she wasn’t anti-children and suggested she could maybe settle down one day. I didn’t think she wasn’t committed to the relationship. She obviously felt like she had made her opinion on marriage known, so why get upset at her that she said no when asked?

        If Booth proposed knowing she would say no, even that makes me uneasy. Because I think it’s just choosing an easy way out of being the “bad guy.” I put that in quotes because I think that’s how he would see himself, but I don’t think he’s necessarily bad because of the circumstances his and others’ choices have landed him in. So he makes Hannah choose and now she looks like the bad girl. Don’t get me wrong, I have my issues with Hannah and I always felt like that wasn’t really going anywhere. But it just made me feel like once again Booth and the object of affection had been pretty much on the same page, and he suddenly wants to change the script and starts issuing ultimatums when she isn’t ready to change with him. They hardly have time to process and really say their side (and him really LISTEN) before he shuts down and wants to move on. At least with Brennan, he felt anger AND hurt. It seemed like he was only angry with Hannah, and I immediately doubted his “love” when he turned such a cold shoulder. I think Hannah has left more “marks” on the viewers than on Booth.

        I sort of feel sorry for Booth. Brennan is almost better off in some ways. They have given her a lot more closure for things. Booth has a lot more messy ends (his father, Hannah, Rebecca at one time.)

      • Hannah definitely let more marks on the viewers than on Booth. I think if Sweets said her name now to Booth (which I so hope doesn’t happen), he would say, ‘Who?’

  13. Thanks Gwen. That makes more sense the way you explained it. I’m sure he was not expecting Brennan to show up but when she did, he just had to vent. Will still watch the episodes before and after many times more to see if I missed a dialogue or something.

    One thing that just occured to me is that maybe he thought Hannah deceived him because he put everything in that relationship when she showed up in DC and he truely believed she loved him and wanted to make a go at it. Who wouldn’t think that if a girl travels across the world just to be with them? Actions speak louder than words and Booth is an action man.

    We might need a post to thrash this out – or maybe not since B/B are together now.

    • You’re welcome Tonia ๐Ÿ™‚ It took me some time to process the proposal. That’s why I”m glad there’s a place like BT to discuss things.

  14. Most of you agree that they put themselves back in that tiny market for two after Blizzard but did anyone notice that Booth was already coming around in Killer in the Crosshairs?

  15. honestly with that man standing so close to me and looking that good Thai food would be the last thing on my mind……

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