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Vintage Bones: The Woman in the Sand- IDKWTM: “That’s Hot”


Okay, good morning! So one thing I’ve always wanted to know is this: What does Booth find so hot when he’s zipping Brennan up? You know what I’m talking about…

Tattoo? Bare skin? Other ideas?

In other news (not that we can’t talk about that all day, but…), what do you think about Brennan’s beginner’s luck? I’m enjoying this Vintage Bones series, because I like looking at earlier episodes in connection with the most recent episodes. Obviously, I am certainly one who can be accused of over-analyzing, and I am nearly 100% certain this wasn’t the plan of the writers, but what do you think of the idea that Brennan having beginner’s luck when it comes to Booth in almost all ways? In love, in partnership, in family, etc, etc.

Either way, it’s hot. That’s my take on it.

Here is the B&B of the Day

The “We’re Sort of Not Acting” B&B

From The Woman in the Sand: Season Two


32 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Woman in the Sand- IDKWTM: “That’s Hot”

  1. I always thought that when Booth was zipping up her dress, he thought he was looking at her hips. He was getting the opportunity to check Brennan out without her seeing him do it. I thought it was pretty funny. It’s kind of like the up and down look he gives her in the bowling alley after they smooch in The Change in the Game.

    I think it’s interesting that Brennan doesn’t believe in luck and fate, etc.; but she told Booth that in this episode she bet on Tony because she had beginner’s luck.

  2. I sort of took “that’s hot” to refer to the whole situation. They are portaying a young, exciting couple with money, great clothes, they’re on the strip, he’s picking out a fabulous dress for her, she’s looking amazing, and he gets to do the intimate task of zipping up a woman’s dress. I think the whole situation is “hot” to Booth. Or, you know, its the temperature 🙂 I love, LOVE, his double take when she walks out in that dress. Dare I say, he’s dazzled there? “So, THAT’S what’s under her lab coat!” haha 🙂

  3. Gah, they are SO HOT in this undercover assignment! No wonder Brennan loves undercover! Ha:) I agree that Booth probably just found the whole scenario hot. He’s in Vegas – an environment he likes, even if he can’t fully participate – Brennan is looking sexy, and zipping her up, well, that IS hot. Plus, I think there is evidence that Booth is particularly fond of, um, er, watching a woman walk away, if you know what I mean. He’s totally getting that view here;)

  4. I always thought she had some sort of slinky strapless bustier top undergarment under that dress. Which is only because it’s totally functional, of course, and a woman needs support.

    I also think this first undercover assignment was the incentive for the ones that followed. It’s so much fun, why not do it again?

  5. The dress on Brennan. I think when he starts zipping her up, the dress molds to her body and the shape of her behind must have wowed him. He had seen the front so looking from the back was like ‘Oh my….’ He was so far gone he completely forgot they were speaking to the lab.

    Booth seems to have been the one to introduce Brennan to quite a lot of things she missed out on as a teenager – her prom, dining and dashing, looking at stars, gambling in Vegas, learning about love/partnership etc. Booth calls it luck but to Brennan, it’s more of what has been tested and proven. Booth did not win outright in the fight. Brennan used the man’s medical condition to help Booth. There was no beginner’s luck anywhere but she used the word because Booth had used it earlier and it saved her explaining her feelings.

    B/B have always been attracted to each other and Booth was the one who helped her break down the walls she had built around her emotions. She just gravitated towards him because she liked what she saw and had experienced. All the other guys she went out with were not Booth so she was never satisfied. It was like drinking Bulomo wine instead of Champagne from Versaille.

  6. Whatever the reason for his hot comment, it’s always the (surprisingly) aware Brennan who tries to backtrack and cover up his comment for Cam who he’s seeing on the side that draws my attention. Yes, Booth is appreciating the woman– who he rarely gets to see– and his comment is making an impact on Brennan who is all-too-aware of how it might be playing back home. There’s the Keno moment later with Hodgins, and it’s just a fun episode to watch the two Bs interact as Brennan learns more about her partner and Booth learns more about Brennan.

    Beginner’s luck? I think everyone who is part of the team lucks out because they get a home and a family that cares about them deeply. Brennan did build a new family for herself, even if she isn’t always aware of it.

    • Oh, yeah! The keno moment! I really liked that little moment. There have been a couple mentions of Booth’s gambling past this season….it makes me wonder if that will be revisited again. I liked how supportive Brennan was – in her Brennan way – toward Booth’s gambling addiction in this episode. She was concerned for him and that was nice to see.

  7. I always thought Booth was responding to the fist size of the Hispanic girl fighter and the force she struck the victim with. They’re talking about the blows to the body being made by such & such fist size and that’s what Booth thinks is hot–girls fighting. I never thought he was responding to zipping up Brennan’s dress. Just that he was being a guy and thinking that two girls going at it was hot.

    I have never seen my idea echoed by anybody else, but I still don’t think he would have made a suggestive comment like that about Brennan all the while knowing Cam was on the other end of the line with Angela.

    This still remains one of my all time favorite episodes. I just loved Tony & Roxie

    • Well, that’s just no fun at all. “That’s hot” Brennan is so much better than “That’s hot” girls boxing. 😀

    • I never thought about Booth responding to the description of the fighter, but that explanation actually makes sense to me. He wouldn’t have intentionally made a suggestive comment about Brennan knowing Cam was on the phone and could hear him. That’s not at all like Booth.

      I laughed at your suggestion of a tattoo, Sarah. Wouldn’t that be an absolute riot? 😛

      • But I think that’s the point. He wouldn’t make a comment like that intentionally, but what about unintentionally? Like maybe it just slipped out. I was rather surprised myself. I can see why it could just be about the two girls fighting, but it’s really Brennan’s response that makes me think otherwise.

      • I think C-bones has it there. I always felt it was in reference to Brennan, it slipped out, and Brennan was trying to cover it up for him, and also because she was feeling the same way. I mean, hello, she had DB…I mean Booth…zipping up her dress…and he’s THISCLOSE to her…yeah…:) I think they were both thinking “That’s hot” and Booth just accidentally verbalized it.

      • I know how we all like to say Booth doesn’t cheat. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t straddle the line sometimes, particularly when it comes to Brennan. He was casually seeing someone when he told Brennan she was hot for punching the judge. BTW, I don’t necessarily think it’s inappropriate if friends compliment each other’s appearance – it just depends on how it’s done. And he immediately jumped at the idea of sex. Then again, casual is kind of a vague term, and perhaps it didn’t mean that he was off the market.

      • That’s true that Booth told Brennan she was hot when she punched the judge. But that episode was written 3 years after this episode was and it was written by a different person. In this instance, “That’s hot” is purposely written as a double entendre. If you want to see it as referring to Brennan, it works. If you want to see it as Booth referring to description of the fighters, that also works.

        You know, I’ll just go rogue with thinking it’s a tattoo. (Yes, I’m joking).

      • Which leads to an entirely different line of thinking:

        If Brennan had a tattoo, what would it be?

    • Hmmm …(insert Zach-noise here). I have to disagree with the idea that Booth was referring to boxing. Probably because it took me a few viewings to even notice what the phone conversation was about! – so I assumed that Booth wasn’t paying attention either. I mean he was, uh, otherwise occupied at that moment…. 😉

    • I was with you until I watched that scene again late last night.

      Angela and Cam were on speaker phone at the lab, but Brennan was not. She was holding the phone to her ear in a normal two-person conversation way. That makes me think that Booth didn’t know/couldn’t hear what they were talking about to make any kind of response.

      Just a thought.

  8. I think Booth let the ‘that’s hot’ just slip out. I don’t think he said it intentionally, kind of one of those things that you don’t realize you vocalized. Brennan trying to cover it up was funny. She rarely gets rattled! I don’t think he was talking specifically about her though, more the whole situation. She was a big part of it though.

    I love this whole episode. It’s hot,no doubt, and they are incredibly flirty. Booth boxing…no words.

  9. I like Brennan’s reaction when Booth actually wins the fight against that big dude. I’ve always tried to figure out what was going through her mind. Was she surprised? Turned on? Just happy he was alive? I think her going to hug him was not acting. She gives a little smile at the end like she’s so proud of him.

  10. I think it was a mixture of the whole situation. Booth is a nostalgic guy, he loves vintage Americana and the whole ‘high rollers’ thing was probably a turn on for him. I think zipping up Brennan’s dress was the pinnacle of that, hence the ‘that’s hot’. (Which was a great early season moment for them)

    I’ve watched this episode so many times (it is a classic!) and these days when I watch it I actually feel a bit sorry for Cam. Her face momentarily flickers when she hears it. In hindsight, it’s really not cool for Booth to say that in front of someone he is sleeping with (however casually). Not as respectful as you’d expect.

    Incidentally, I think the only other time Booth has said ‘That was so hot’ to Brennan was in the 100th when she punched the judge, which I also didn’t like. It wasn’t hot, it was rash and unnecessary. However, I am totes double standard on the issue because when Booth smacked the abusive father in Signs in the Silence, that was hot. Maybe it’s just because I find Booth punching people much hotter than when Brennan does it, which is a terribly sexist admission that I’m quite ashamed of but hey, that’s primal instinct for you. You can’t argue with evolution ha 🙂

    • That reminds me of The killer in the concrete when Brennan lies to the FBI over the phone calling for backup to save Booth and Hodgins just goes “That is so hot”.

  11. I have not read all the replies, but, I thought he was thinking he would like to do that for the rest of his life and forgot about being on the phone with the lab. I always laugh at Cam’s response…like she had a long term

  12. Now, I’m hot. LOL

  13. One of my top 5 eps – no question.

    Totally hot.

  14. Oh, yeah, it was the whole situation but especially it was Brennan in That Dress.

    Just wanted to add that one of my favorite parts is when they arrive at the arena and Brennan is drifting out of character. Booth snaps his fingers and says something like, “Roxie, come back to me!”

    And immediately Brennan drapes herself over his shoulder and coos, “Ooooooh, look at all the SWEAT!”

  15. Love this episode! But I also love the moment before Brennan steps out in That Dress. The music is playing in the background, she steps out in the dress she bought, the music dies out and Booth is like “I have enough Bibles, thank you, but try next door.” Haha!

    BTW, the implications of Booth being able to pick out such a well-fitted dress for his partner are just too awesome I can’t even explain it.

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