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Vintage Bones: Aliens in a Spaceship- Faith, Baby- The Hodgins and Brennan Friendship


Good morning!

I think this is one of those episodes I didn’t really fully appreciate when I saw it for the first time. I know this has happened for me for a lot of BONES episodes–I was always anxiously wondering if each episode could be THE episode. You know, when B&B get together and all.

We talked the other day about that idea of ‘moments’ and when I look back at this episode now, I see a lot of value in it, especially in the end scene (which I would have previously been like “that’s it?”).

But I’m wondering this time around what you think about the Brennan and Hodgins scenes in this episode–and in the series in general. Like a lot of you, I’d like to know what Brennan wrote on her letter, but I don’t think it will ever be revealed. But beyond that, what sticks out to me, especially was the “Dr. Brennan, it’s been a privilege” scene

What draws Hodgins to working at the Jeffersonian? What do he and Brennan have in common, and in which ways are they different? Are there ways the show could do better at highlighting their similarities?

Thoughts? There is a lot to discuss here, and of course, you’re also allowed to discuss anything you like from this episode (ahem, Booth, fierce, flying down the hill).

Here is the B&B of the Day

The “I knew you wouldn’t give up” B&B


From Aliens in a Spaceship: Season Two


38 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: Aliens in a Spaceship- Faith, Baby- The Hodgins and Brennan Friendship

  1. I think Brennan and Hodgins were both isolated characters. Both are geniuses who are the tops in their field and yet both have little or no family. Brennan isolated herself from the outside world by disinterest and Hodgins isolated himself with fear. Both find it difficult to form friendships. Hodgins was the first to let his love of someone change him. He fell in love with Angela and was willing to change for her. Brennan fell in love with Booth and had to lose him for a time before she would consider change.

    I loved Booth threatening to kill Vega if he didn’t help him and I really love Booth praying in church with Brennan by his side. I know two sides to a coin. I like what I like.

  2. Hodgins and Angela are like a Booth and Brennan type, but with genders reversed. Angela is more “normal” or Boothy, and Hodgins is more super scientific, initially a “loner”. And we’ve said before that we get from Hodgela, things we don’t get with B&B, like the mushy stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ So Hodgins’ development past the walls of the lab was sort of the example for Brennan, that it is possible to form a relationship with someone so different than you. It was kind of nice to see these two character bonding and working together in this epsiode. And yes, Fierce Booth is front and center here. He has to really work with the squints and work as a team with them. And he doesn’t give up :).

    And yes, I must mention the running down the hill and running in slow mo…one of my favorite Bones scenes. It’s just one of those times that strips away his defenses and hers, and they are just two people who care about each other. And then Brennan gets to return the favor of HitH, and she searches for him as frantically as he did to her. And then the final scene in the church is really lovely. Its just a great episode all around. Super interesting case with buried people and time running out…character development, B&B development…one of my top favs of all time ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hodgins really understands Brennan better than others might think. There are several telling moments in the series where he clarifies something for her– “you can’t replace Zack, just find someone to help out” springs to mind. Brennan gave him a purpose beyond bugs, dirt and plants. Like Angela, he gets to use his whole brain and he gets to do so to solve murders and make a difference in the world. That’s something they share. They both get to expand beyond the lab and be more than just the top scientists in their fields and they don’t have to compromise their standards.

    Of course, that goes beyond their professions as bb points out. The angry Hodgins of before warms up and becomes the most romantic man in (and out) of the lab. Brennan, who may never quite be the romantic that Hodgins is, has opened up her life to more than just skeletons and has opened her heart to possibilities.

    One of my favorite scenes is the last one where they both know each other so well that they say, “I knew you wouldn’t give up” in exactly the same way. It’s a masterful episode in so many ways.

    • I have to say I completely agree with you with the whole “Hodgins being the most romantic man in and out of the lab” Even with how cute Booth can be with his gift giving, and how hot he can be with his deep eye-concentrated sex stares, Hodgins still takes the cake with romance. Could the man be any sweeter???

  4. As hasbeen said, Brennan and Hodgins are very similar in a lot of ways and we see this in the way they were both willing to keep on trying to save themselves. Hodgins also has learnt a lot from working with Brennan and actually really appreciates her for who she is and would do anything for her.
    Brennan and Hodgins relationship has not really been explored but I believe their bond is implied in all their interactions.
    As Hodgins is also linked with Brennan’s best friend, I believe it solidifies their relationship outside of the lab.

    Loved the rescue and that Booth was the first to see the puff of dirt but I wonder what happened to all the people at the top of the crater while he was running – they all seemed to disappear.
    The church ending was great. they actually finished up in Booth’s territory. I believe this was after Booth refused to take Brennan to Church because he did not want her disrespecting God. I like that she respected him enough to go with him.

    Scary ep but showed the force of the commitment Booth had towards Brennan. Not sure what Cam was thinking when she looked across at them after Hodgins had been pulled out. Booth and Brennan were oblivious to everyone around them and their joy and relief was was just too wonderful.

  5. Hodgins and Brennan are similar in many ways. For starters both of them could easily retire and never have to work another day in their life, but yet they have an undying love for science, and neither of them wants to be pushed up onto a pedestal because of their socioeconomic status. They want to be recognized by their efforts at the Jeffersonian and despite how Brennan can act sometimes regarding her “I’m the best in the world attitude” to me she’s flaunting her brains not her status.
    Both of them too were known to come across to others as cold and callous. But, then through “fate” (as Booth would call it) they both met people that slowly changed the way they saw things. They became more playful and light-hearted.

    If they lived in a world without Booth or Angela, I might even argue that they would have made a good couple. I’m not sure how they would have progressed to that point considering how much Booth and Angela have done for them, but I actually think in some crazy way it could have worked.

  6. I just remember thinking “Poor Cam-you don’t stand a chance.” all through the episode witnessing Booth’s steely determination to save Brennan no matter what. I was glad she and Booth were bed buddies and friends because I thought even then, that Booth belonged to Brennan in all the ways that mattered.

    Hodgins and Brennan had their love of all things science to bring them together, but after bringing Booth and Angela into the mix that…’humanized’ them and made them look up and around at more than just the lab. I always thought they had a tremendous respect for each other to begin with and their friendship just grew out of that.

  7. Rewatching this episode I was struck by Booth’s comment that he was glad for all of them, that if only one part had been missing, Brennan and Hodgins would never have been found. It really spoke to me about how interconnected the whole group was already.

    • MJ I always remembered that in Judas on a Pole when Cam is ready to get rid of Zack because she thinks she can’t put him in front of a jury. Judas is only like 2 episodes after Aliens and she was going to kick him to the curb no matter how brilliant he was. Zack is the one who deciphered Hodgins coded message that identified their location. I like Cam, but not in that moment.

      • Don’t get me started. I’ve been very good about keeping my Cam-hate to a minimum on these last few posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I have to say there are moments I also don’t like Cam, but I can understand her belief about Zack in front of a jury. I watch a lot of crime shows (the real ones, not CSI) and juries can be swayed by the dumbest things. They might not like how someone looks, and that might determine whether they believe the expert or not! It’s insane! So if you are thinking from a winning the case perspective, Zack is not the best choice. Neither was Brennan, initially. She had to be coached into presenting the info to a jury. So I get what Cam means. Obviously Zack is smart, but not good at the people skills ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. One of my favorite moments of this ep (among the ones already brought up):
    “I’ve tried all the dumb guy normal stuff; that’s why I’m here talking to the brain trust.”… and Booth’s confidence (faith) that Brennan and Hodgins have figured out a way to stay alive that much longer… and he says to the literal Zack: “And you want to give up because of math?”

    It’s a fantastic juxtaposition which contributes to that key end scene.

    • Agreed. One of my favorite moments (although I do have several) in this episode. I like how this scene is rounded out with the one at the end, “I knew you wouldn’t give up.”

  9. My favourite moments of this scene are the one where Booth shoves Vega onto the table and threatens to ‘end’ him. He is a badass.

    My favourite ever Hodgins/Brennan moment were in the airport before she flew to Maluku and he gives her that leaflet of all the dangerous insects and she says, ‘I love you too, Hodgins’. Was lovely. And he looked so shocked ha.

    • That airport moment was so sweet! She totally had learned what that social interaction meant and got it right! I love when she does that :). And by this point, I’m sure she’s learned that “platonic partner guy hugs” are nothing of the sort ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Loved the episode; one of my favorites, especially the Hodgins/Brennan interaction in the car. It’s amazing to me that they never really did much with it afterwards, but so it goes on Bones. Significant things are brought up, we the audience remember, but the writer’s room rarely picks up on those threads again. It’s not a criticism-I realize that when you have so many different writers and specific things you need to get across in 42 minutes the little details may get lost in the process. But I still think it’s a shame, because a treasure trove of material often gets left behind.

    As for how Brennan and Hodgins are similar, I think that aside from their amazing intelligence and their slightly offputting superior attitudes, they also shared a lot of anger. For Hodgins the anger was more obvious and took the form of paranoia, although given the fact that he’s part of the elite and enjoyed the fruits of that family history (the giant house, the car collection, expensive perfumes) it begs the question of just what was he angry about. Maybe a little bit of guilt about all that money, and like some have said, the sense of being different that came with it. Brennan’s anger stemmed from a more obvious source and took the form of extreme control over her environment and a refusal to let people get close to her. To their credit, they both allowed themselves to be vulnerable to others (Brennan with Booth, Hodgins with Angela) and in the process became gentler, more aware versions of their earlier selves.

  11. I could probably talk about this episode forever, but I’ll spare you! This is in my top 5 episodes. I love the case and the character development and everything in between.

    Booth’s determination to find Brennan is amazing. When he threatens Vega, I find that so hot. I know some people don’t like it, but that guy was a jerk, and taunting Booth about his partner dying?? Not cool. He deserved it! Also when Booth was freaking out in the lab and he smacked the computer screen it just really shows how much he cares for Brennan.

    I do feel a little sorry for Cam in this episode, because it’s like she doesn’t exist. It’s all about Brennan for Booth. After they pull Brennan and Hodgins out of the ground, Cam looks over at Booth and Brennan, and I know she knows that Booth has feelings for Brennan that go beyond friendship. It’s another of those moments where despite all the people around, it’s just B&B.

    I love the church scene. Booth thanking God for all of them and Brennan being respectful of his beliefs. Sure, she doesn’t understand it, but she knows it’s important to him. When they both say ‘I knew you wouldn’t give up’, that is such a charged moment. Great ending scene.

  12. I have to say, this is one of my all time favorite Bones episodes. Great story, great writing, great character interaction and teamwork. How wonderful is TJ Thyne? He is such a great actor and is is sorely underused on Bones. I agree with marlu that the “connection” that played out between Hodgins and Brennan in Aliens is not fully explored in later seasons. They are truly “two peas in a pod” in many ways. And as much as I so love this episode, every time I watch it, I always wish for a bit more interaction between B&B after he pulls her up from her underground “hell”. We get to see how very traumatized Hodgins is with a tender scene with Angela, and I have to think it wasn’t a walk in the park for Brennan either. But I guess I have fan-fiction to satisfy that need! Sarah, thanks for these vintage Bones talks. It’s really helping me get through this horrible hiatus. I just saw on twitter that Bones will be back EARLY April. I was hoping for earlier, but beggars can’t be choosy!

    masked scheduler @maskedscheduler
    For those of you asking, #BONES will return in very early April with seven originals in a row. But don’t tell anyone. Just between us.

    • I saw that tweet too. So that means 13 episodes for the season. Wonder what is going to the extra 4 they were kind/sorta planning on.

      • I would think they are not going to happen in season 7. They have the finale planned and i doubt with the cliffhangers TPTB usually have, that they could just add a couple of filler episodes after that. Perhaps they will add them to hopefully a season 8. If The Finder had been yanked early, then maybe it would have been a possibility. Just my opinion.

  13. I love this episode! It was the first one I saw and will always be one of my favorites. I adore Hodgins and Brennan working together as colleagues and friends. I must say I love it when Hodgins compliments Brennan, respects her, and sees her for the person she is. Like in this episode. He really thinks she’s awesome and she thinks he’s brilliant and I love that part of them. And Booth running to dig her out… oh yes.

  14. Love. Love. Love this episode!! I do wish we got to see Hodgins and Brennan interact a little bit more. In a way, I think Hodgins could help Brennan break down some of her walls a little bit more than even Angela can. They are similar and do respect each other. Even later when Hodgins takes the evidence from the Gravedigger case and Booth is being held captive, Brennan can be honest with Hodgins about her distrust of his actions in that moment. However, she still respects him.

    Booth is SO HOT in this episode. The team is on fire and running on all cylinders. Great, great stuff. And the end scene is perfection. It also demonstrates that while Brennan and Booth have different beliefs, they still respect one another. I do think it will be interesting to see how religion is handled in terms of the baby. I think that could be a very difficult conversation. No doubt Booth will want his daughter exposed to his faith and Brennan….well…. we know how she feels. Can there be a happy medium there? Can she be exposed to both belief systems and left to make up her own mind? I would think so, and believe that is what will happen, but boy it’s gonna be a challenge getting there. I would imagine that conversation will come up over baptism.

    • Really looking forward to the faith stuff with the baby if we ever get that far. Brennan might actually compromise on it as she went to church for Angela’s wedding in season 2 and also in tHitS. But it will sure be interesting to see how they resolve it. Max may weigh in on her and if everyone else is of the same opinion, she may just let Booth have it. But I guess she will ‘retaliate’ some other way if her arm is twisted.

  15. This ep is one of my all time favorites and really solidified my love of the show. TJ and Emily worked so well together here – you could really see the fear, pain, sadness and respect. I do wish they would have more scenes together – maybe a parenting thing would work now. Hodgins and Brennan are both rich from other sources, have a great drive to learn and succeed and change the world in their own way. Love when he says “That’s faith baby!” Love Booth’s determination and Zach’s genius. I think Cam and Zach both are more standoffish than Brennan or Hodgins ever are. They approach most things from a scientific perspective and leave out the people part. Brennan just thinks she does that too but her heart shows through clearly in this episode.

  16. Anyone notice Booth’s attitude toward the journalists in this episode and his attitude toward Ezra Klein, the journalist in Crack in the Code? Yeah. Not so fond of them. Not at all.

  17. Hodgins explaining to Brennan that her believing Booth will save them is faith ties nicely with the end scene in church. She may not believe but from an anthropological POV, she has to give it some sort of merit.

  18. Random BT thing of the day: So I was looking for a picture of the “overdue book” scene between B&B in PitO to post on the IMDb board, and hit the ol’ google search…this picture I end up using–turned out to be from Bones Theory! So I scrolled back through the post and comments and it was really fun!

    It all comes back to BT people ๐Ÿ™‚

    • bb, I just have to say thank you and amen, sister, for prompting me to click on the Passenger in the Oven link to um, reread that very thoughtful post!

    • It’s just so fun to see Booth drop all the stuff betweent them and just show flat out interest ๐Ÿ™‚ How can Brennan totally miss the look and the tone coming from that very attractive man in front of her?!?

      Side note: MJ, I would assume that at some point after HitH, they replayed that scene…with a different ending ๐Ÿ™‚

      • That someone who claims to have watched a lot of old movies with her dad doesn’t recognize what’s happening in that scene is another thing that strains credulity as to just how much pop culture she does or doesn’t know.

        And, he looks especially attractive in that beautifully tailored dress shirt. Sigh.

  19. This is an episode without end? i mean, i cant keep watching more episodes with this one left, there is a “to be continued”? or thats all, no more talk about the burrier ? i was enjoying it but suddenly it ends :S this is sad

    • The Gravedigger storyline is continued, but not in season two. The episode The Hero in the Hold (season four), The Boy with the Answer (season five), and The Bullet in the Brain (season six) are part of the Gravedigger Arc. This is just off the top of my head, but I think that’s all of them.

  20. This might be my all time favorite ep. Love the Hodgins and Brennan dynamic, love Booth’s steely determination to find both of them (but mostly Brennan), love the drama and the overall scariness.
    Fantastic delivery from Eric Millegan on the “we are out of time” line…still gives me chills every time I rewatch the ep.
    And btw Heather Taffet, if you put two genius scientists underground with something even remotely explosive, they will find a way to get out. Just saying.
    Speaking of Taffet, doesn’t the “this isn’t over” at the end of BwtA make you shudder? Also, when Brennan cracks her across the face with that briefcase in HitH? Yes! Kind of off topic, sorry.

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