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Vintage Bones: Judas on a Pole- Might As Well Let Him Listen


Good morning!

So I was actually sort of hard up when trying to think about what to talk about for this episode. Not that there isn’t a lot to talk about– it’s just that I feel like we HAVE talked about it a lot. A couple of scene studies, a few TFTs, etc. I was chatting with pal BBMagic, and she pointed out that one of her favorite lines is when “Father” Max is at the Jeffersonian and he has some news for Brennan. They go to her office and Max means to shut Booth out, but Russ says. “She’s just going to tell Agent Booth anyway; might as well let him listen.”

And it got me to thinking–what is it about Booth that makes Russ (and later Max, when he declares “You take care of her”) so sure of the partnership between him and Brennan? Is it that they know she isn’t likely to form serious bonds with just anyone? I feel Brennan would be quick to bristle at any sort of familial pressure for her to be with Booth (at this point in the series), and it seems to me that she would be sort of annoyed that everyone just assumes Booth should be in on her personal discussions.

Angela also sort of just assumes, and so do strangers, which leads to the “We’re just partners” stuff of later episodes.

What do you think? Is the connection between B&B so strong that people just see it as inevitable? Thoughts?

Meanwhile, here is the B&B of the Day:

The “Happy to be partners again, officially” B&B

From Judas on a Pole: Season Two


18 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: Judas on a Pole- Might As Well Let Him Listen

  1. That’s a good question, Sarah. Russ’ line, ‘Might as well let him listen,” is very telling. I think what Russ and Max see is what everyone sees–the connection. It’s not something that is so much a tangible thing, but its something I believe B&B felt themselves upon that first meeting after Brennan’s speech. They are looking at each other like, “Whoa, this person is super interesting and I think my life just changed forevs.” haha 🙂

    But its like that quality that we call the “it-factor” or “x-factor” that people have that become famous. There is just that thing about them that you can’t really pinpoint, but it makes them stand out in a crowd. On paper, B&B don’t work. They are opposites, they have very different opinions on things. But even in that first meeting, it was apparent there was something there between them. And as they work together, go through intense near death experiences together, learn more about each other, that intangible bond becomes more tangible. There are experiences and history now that make that bond stronger. Like Booth said, “I knew.” It just was always there 🙂

  2. bb, agree with you on that. Also, Booth has been helping out on the case to figure out what happened to their family so keeping him out made no sense really because Russ knew that it was because of Booth he got a leg into the door to regain the relationship he had with his sister.

    Brennan will not shut Booth out now because ‘a priest’ has a message for them. Booth also does the body language thing so might be able to pick some things up during the priest’s conversation.

  3. The chemistry between the two of them comes through on-screen so well, I can only imagine what it would be like to actually be with them. It’s like the conversations they have that shut everyone else out – for those moments, no one else exists.

    It doesn’t surprise me that anyone who’s around them for any length of time picks up those vibes. B&B may be ignoring that connection (or ignoring what it really means) but the people around them can see exactly what’s happening.

  4. I think Russ and Max both know that bonds do not form easily Temperance. She shut Russ out and Max observed her from afar. Booth, being Booth, tends to hover. He’s a big guy and, well, he hovers. I’m sure his prescence is commanding. The fact that he hovers around Brennan and she, for the most part, doesn’t shoe him away says a lot. Yes, she tell him to ease up at times and assures him she can take care of herself but she never totally pushes him away. She didn’t tell Booth, hey, I’m going to talk to my brother and the father now, I’ll call you later. Nope. She just let Booth come right along. She allowed him to be protective, I think, because it’s what Booth does. She respects him and he values what she brings to their parternship professionally. Brennan seems to have always understood that Booth’s protectiveness is more about him needing to make things right. Plus, as Caroline pointed out in the 100th episode when B&B first met, being around them was like seeing two kids at high school prom:) Although they are not Angel and Hodgins or Daisy and Sweets (sticky sweet), they do communicate with their eyes, right? Right. They stand a little too close, they “bicker”, they have coffee. Hey, they do “guy hugs”. Enough said. I like to think the chemistry was just oozing and everyone was just wondering WHEN it was going to happen, not if.

  5. Judas on a Pole is one of my favorite episodes! When Brennan hugs Booth after finding blood in her apartment, when she realizes Father Coulter is her dad, Booth racing to save her in Carolines car, and the ending “There’s more than one kind of family”. I thought Booth was going to lean in and kiss her.
    Plus I loved Ryan O’Neal’s performance in this episode.

  6. Camcat and bb are right on point; the connection is blaringly obvious to everyone, even if at this point they themselves won’t acknowledge it. I think what Max sees in Booth at the beginning of the episode is an upstanding, loyal guy who is honestly concerned about his daughter as his partner and friend with no ulterior motives. But later, things change. By the time the end rolls along and Max looks at Booth straight in the eye, pointing and telling him “you take care of her,” he’s starting to see Booth in a different light. Just what kind of person is he and how far would he be willing to go when it comes to his daughter? Will Booth give up his moral and civic duty to go after him, or will he put his little girl first? With the outcome of that test Max has all the answers he needs; when he smiles at the end, he is officially annointing Booth as his successor in the protection department, but I also see it as a sign that he believes that Booth is the kind of man who is worthy enough to be trusted with his daughter’s heart. And he wants that for her.

    • I like your point about Max, mariu. I wonder if Max is also thinking that Booth is the kind of guy that can give her what he himself could not. Steadfastness, stability, honesty, law abiding, yet Booth still has a kind of fun way about him that Max does. Booth can also appreciate the simple things in life, like a great bowl of mac & cheese. 🙂 And then when Max came more into the picture and got to meet Parker, he knew that Booth is a good dad and has those qualities. Though he recognizes he hasn’t made the best life decisions and was not the best dad in the world, he still wants the best for his children, and in Brennan’s case, he saw Booth was exactly what she needed, to renew her faith in people, relationships, love and families.

      • I can’t wait to see the interactions when Ryan O’Neal comes back. All these years pushing Booth and Brennan together, and now he’s got a grandkid to show for it without much by way of warning! Although knowing the writers, they’ll probably just gloss over the whole weirdness thing since they did the time jump. Ho-hum….

      • Yes! I can’t wait to see how Grandpa Max will be with the B&B family. For some reason I want to see Max and Hank interact, I just do! Great Pop Hank and Grandpa Max. They probably will gloss over a lot but I just have to believe Max was still a little shocked when he learned he was going to be a grandpa – and I wonder what his thoughts are on the whole marriage thing. We kind of know where B&B are on that whole thing but part of me kind of likes the idea of Max bugging Booth about it a little…or maybe bugging his daughter to propose;) Booth and Hodgins should TOTALLY have a scene about father-in-laws. Hodgins could be jealous that Booth had the chance to actually arrest his lady’s old man:)

        Max HAS been a big proponent of B&B. I liked when he was stunend to learn Booth had fallen in love with another woman in S6. Even more, I liked the way he looked at Booth at the end of BITB and how he knew B&B’s relationship had changed in CITG.

  7. I think she didn’t bristle because it wasn’t like Russ was implying they were more than friends. And it was true. As someone else already pointed out, Booth was helping her find her parents, so of course he was already involved in that way. She wanted his insight and expertise. By that time, Brennan believed that she and Booth can tell each other any and everything. Booth preached that, but I think Brennan practiced that more. Booth is more likely to withold information or lie if he thinks it’s in Brennan’s best interests, or to protect himself.

    • Oh, and I meant to say this is one of my favorite episodes, too. In a later episode when Max is on trial and Booth is giving his testimony, I love that when he thinks back, he focuses on how Brennan turned to him for support.

  8. Max was a shipper of B&B from the very beginning! When he told Booth “You take care of her”, he didn’t know him that well, but knew he was a good man. He said that in a later episode, “You’re a good man, and I want that for her”. Awwww…

    • And don’t you just love the:
      ‘Are you sleeping with my daughter?’
      ‘Are you gay?’


      • “Is she not attractive to you?”
        “Bones is beautiful!”

        Gotta love Max

      • I really wish Max would’ve started asking these questions to Booth in CitG…wouldn’t’ve gotten past the first one, me thinks!

        as an aside: why can we contract ‘would not have’ when we speak, yet it just seems so wrong in writing…where do you put the apostrophes?

      • Love the exchange soooooo much. I crack up every time. I have a feeling it was the reason Parker was at the lab at the end. Pops asked the same question of Booth and I just laugh every single time – if only they knew……

        Their faces gave the game away anyway and he spent the day with them so he would have noticed tell-tale signs.

  9. Linda –

    wouldn’t have

  10. Because I have *loads* (not!) of free time on my hands, I sometimes think about what happens in Bones World that we don’t see on the screen. Russ has already been around to see how B&B act around each other. He witnessed first hand what Booth would do for her when he went to such lengths to get Russ back in her life. They’ve been in at least one social situation when they hung out to have beers at Brennan’s place. We also found out in this episode that Russ has been staying with Max. They aren’t sitting around in silence…they’re talking. And Max isn’t stupid. He’s had to read people on the fly for decades. It wasn’t going to take too long for him to figure out what kind of man Booth is. He could tell how dedicated Booth was to Brennan. Whether or not he wanted him as a significant other for Brennan, he recognized at least the bond of their partnership and knew Booth would take care of her because he could tell that’s the kind of guy Booth is. But as a father…he had to voice it…he had to tell Booth out loud and with focus…to make sure it was out in the open and in black and white, no questions asked. You know…’subtle’ threats? Because that’s what parents do! 🙂

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