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Happy Valentine’s Day!


When I was growing up, it was customary to exchange little cards with classmates, etc. So instead of a Vintage Bones post, I thought I’d share some cards with you…


Okay, one more from me (and Booth), and then, feel free to write your own Valentines to characters or all of us, or whatever works!

Oh…PS…don’t hate me, but I’m pretty much seriously obsessed with The Hunger Games Trilogy. It so…spoke to me that…you guessed it, I’m working on starting another blog. I haven’t been this inspired since I watched Bones for the first time. The muse speaks! 🙂

It’s not official yet–still kind of rough– but I’m excited about it. If you want to talk Hunger Games with me, I’d love to have you over! 

Drop me a line, if you’re interested in that, and I’ll get in touch! The one big project I’m looking to do is to discuss the first book: The Hunger Games, in the 30 days leading up to the movie release.

Okay, okay…enough of that. And because I’ve gone on long enough, here’s another Boothy Valentine for ya!


22 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Happy St. Valentine’s Day Massacre to you on BT!


  2. Happy Valentines Day: From Booth to Brennan:

    I let it fall, my heart,
    And as it fell you rose to claim it
    It was dark and I was over
    Until you kissed my lips and you saved me
    (Set Fire to the Rain)

  3. I love Sweets’ card!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, BTpeeps!

  4. I love your cards. I just read all three Hunger Games books in one weekend. They were mesmerizing.

  5. Somehow I accidentally posted this on the wrong page. Crapola.
    Okay, here goes again.

    Totally random question: I was watching Dwarf in the Dirt today while exercising (I’d forgotten that Booth is in a vest for most of the episode–that really gets the blood pumping;-) ), and…Booth. In a vest…what was my point again?

    Oh yeah. So, I noticed that there are several people (I didn’t count but I’m thinking it was four or five) who just randomly walk into the scene to have Cam or Hodgins sign paperwork. I wasn’t in the fandom at the time, but was there a fan contest or something where the winners got to come on set and have a cameo in the show? It just seemed very random and…I don’t know…strange to me. Back when I was an SG-1 nerd, they had contests like that from time to time.

    Also, Happy Valentines Massacre, everyone;-)–er, I mean, Day.

    • I noticed this too. Did you note how Hodgins smiles at the pretty blond girl who I think is the first one?

      I always thought it was just to demonstrate that Cam is IN CHARGE and you better get her approval before you do ANYTHING!

    • Fox was running a tribute to the Simpsons. From IMDB:

      The original airing of this episode was 11 November 2009, during an event called Simpson’s Scavenger Hunt. All Simpson’s references are not coincidental.

      When Cam and Vincent first talk in the lab Cam walks past a posted x-ray. The x-ray is of cartoon character Homer Simpson. Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer Simpson, guest stars briefly as Officer Novarro in this episode. (Additionally, the dwarf wrestling match is won by Bumblebee Man, a recurring character in The Simpsons.) A few bars of the Simpson’s theme is played at end of the scene with Officer Novarro.

      During the original air date, Fox was having a “Tribute to The Simpsons” week during which their shows would somehow reference The Simpsons. In this episode, Dan Castellaneta (who voices Homer Simpson) makes a guest appearance. Also, in the first scene inside the lab at the Jeffersonian, an X-Ray of Homer Simpson’s head is clearly hanging in the background.

  6. Happy Valentine’s day Sarah and all BT peeps. You all rock!

  7. From Booth to Brennan: Hey Bones, wanna see me in my combat gear tonight? Love, your favorite FBI agent. (Please feel free to insert your own preferred article of Boothy clothing here-black t-shirt, red vest, gray sweater, flak jacket…)

    From Brennan to Booth: Dear Booth: When observing your perfect acromia and your well-defined inguinal ligaments, I find to my surprise that my cardiac muscle flutters erratically.

  8. Love all the B&B’s, but mariu, you forgot the best article of Boothy attire: NONE!

    PS What are the Hunger Games about? Anybody?

    • It’s about a dystopian society in which they have an annual competition where 24 kids (aged 12-18) fight to the death. Only one person survives. I haven’t read them yet, but I plan to soon. The movie trailer looks amazing.

      • Lord of the Flies covered this for me. I think I will pass.

      • Oh, I thought so too. Plus it is in first person and about teenagers, which I do not normally like in fiction. Took me years to start reading them and a week to finish. LotF was dark and somewhat hopeless to me. These are noble and good and have hope throughout. I highly recommend. 🙂

        Sent from my Verizon Wireless smartphone

    • Angelena, I can’t deny with a straight face that the “none” crossed my mind already-always does!

  9. Bones Valentine’s quotes (Bikini in the Soup):

    ‘Valentine’s Day was originally meant to commemorate a Christian martyr who died in a quite horrific way. Investigating this death is a more appropriate way to celebrate.” (Brennan)

    “A date on Valentine’s Day comes with the expectation of affectionate companionship and probably sex. I have no intention in engaging in either.” (Brennan)

    “People there is death in this world and there is romance. Today, death is the loser and romance wins.” (Cam)

    “I have to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. In case I forget one in the future.”

    “May I call you back later to tell you ‘No’?” (Brennan) <—side note, haha 🙂

    “It’s a ridiculous holiday. The banks don’t even close." (Brennan)

    Brennan: “I was very good!”
    Booth: “Damn good!"

    "Happy Valentine’s Day Massacre, Booth" (Brennan) <—side note, awwwww…. 🙂

    • Great quotes. I was also amused by Brennan’s request to call later. I wonder, are we going to get to see any holiday-themed episodes with them together? Maybe we can’t get everything, but I am curious about how much Brennan’s opinions have changed. She now participates in gift-giving and will host a holiday dinner, but how much does she actually celebrate a holiday?

      • I loved her “Can I call you back and tell you no?” line. I could just see the guy on the other end staring at the phone. *lololol*

    • How awesome were those? We need more holiday episodes-imagine the Flag Day jokes…

    • “May I call you back later to tell you ‘No’?” Love that line! – still waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it – it’s just too good not to.

      Happy Valentine’s Day Massacre, BT folks!

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