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Vintage Bones: The Girl in the Gator: Booth and Dr. Wyatt


Good Monday to you!

Okay, here is a question for you. Why is it that Booth really starts to confide in Dr. Wyatt? What makes him trust him more than other people (that we can see). Is it because Dr. Wyatt is older? Because he just wants to get back to work? Thoughts?


In the meantime, here is the B&B of the day.

The “This guy said I couldn’t have a gun?” B&B

From Girl in the Gator: Season Two


45 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Girl in the Gator: Booth and Dr. Wyatt

  1. *pokes head in for the first time in way too long*

    The introduction to the awesomeness that is Sully!!!!!

    *runs back to work*

  2. Brennan may be infamous for her line “I hate psychology,” but when it comes to personal matters Booth almost always resents any poking. As an alpha male, he has a lot of pride. I think the main reason that he talked to Gordon more is that he can intimidate and manipulate Sweets, but not Dr. Wyatt. Sometimes I feel sorry for Sweets. Sometimes he doesn’t even get thanked for his contributions. Sweets may be young, but he is still a genius. But Booth only sees him like a kid brother and thinks he doesn’t have any real basis to tell him what to do because although Sweets life hasn’t always been easy, Booth has suffered more.

  3. Booth wanted to go back to work and after trying all the tricks he knew in the book, GGW was not budging instead, GGW gave him cause to reflect and think about the Epps situation. Building a bbq was not part of the therapy session but GGW asked him to do it as Booth is fidgety. He needs something to occupy him and it also proves what he says that anything he aims at, he gets. So does that mean he aimed at dropping Epps off the balcony?
    GGW never pushes or prods. He asks pertinent questions and based on the answers given, GGW sorts of redirects those answers back at Booth.
    Due to the subtle way GGW operates, Booth felt comfrtable with him. Sweets always pushes and prods which gets on Booth’s nerves but GGW does not but walks you through a process whereby you are able to work things out yourself or see some light at the end of tunnel.

  4. Well, Booth can read people, this we know. While he doesn’t exactly enjoy delving into his personal feelings and things, he knows GGW is a good guy, he knows his stuff, and that out of anyone, GGW understands. He listens to you, he’s not put off by you if you’re in a grumpy Booth mood, and the advice he gives is sound.

    Plus, and this is the most important part, it’s Stephen Fry! 🙂

  5. I think Booth was willing to talk to Gordon Wyatt because he didn’t think he had a choice. He wanted to go back to work with his Bones and he couldn’t do it until Gordon signed his release form.

    I think Gordon set up the whole BBQ thing because he knew from Booth’s files that Booth was a fixer. If Booth was preoccupied by building a BBQ he would be more open to fixing himself. Gordon’s style was more subtle than Sweets and the fact that Gordon was taller and bigger meant that Booth couldn’t intimidate him. Booth had to listen to Gordon and had to reflect upon his reasons why he had shot the clown instead of just making up something and sticking with it.

    This is one of my top five favorite stories.

  6. I’m not sure Booth deliberately opened up so much to GGW as much as he just sort of fell into opening up to GGW. GGW is very subtle in his attempts to reach Booth, especially compared to Sweets.

    • Yes! GGW is tricky that way.

      On a mostly unrelated note, ever since I saw the second Sherlock Holmes movie, I can’t help but picture Stephen Fry naked every time I see him. Eeep! It’s almost as bad as the persistent image of Sweets and Daisy role-playing B & B in the bedroom.

      • I refuse to admit those SH movies exist.

        Forgive them, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. They know not what they do.

      • Funny. I’ve never actually read any Sherlock Holmes, but my husband has read them all and still enjoys the movies. I just like Robert Downey, Jr. I know he’s a drug addict and whatever in real life, but, honestly, I try very hard to remain ignorant of the personal lives of famous people.

      • I actually really like Downey and I can stomach Jude Law in small doses but I’m boycotting those particular movies. Sherlock was not an action hero, dammit!

        (Can’t wait for The Avengers, though!)

      • Have you seen the BBC series Sherlock? We rented the first season and it was pretty good. But again, I haven’t actually read any of the books, so I’m somewhat ignorant as far as the faithfulness of the storytelling.

      • I haven’t, but the same coworker who finally convinced me to watch Downton Abbey is telling me the same thing about Sherlock Holmes.

        See, this is why you need Twitter – so we won’t hijack BT posts! 😀

      • Guilty! Usually my tangents are Angel related, though, so at least I’m broadening my horizons 😉

  7. I love David Boreanaz and Stephen Fry together, I really do. They are so chalk and cheese – as are Gordon Gordon and Booth.

    I love that Booth tries all his usual tricks for not opening up – making jokes, being self depreciating, changing the conversation, denial and flat out aggression, but GG just doesn’t budge. Ha, that must be so annoying for Booth who is very used to being able to subtly manipulate people.

    I think he opened up to GG because he didn’t realise he was – GG acted as if they were talking about different things – it wasn’t until right at the end of the episode when Booth mentioned that he’d used 180 bricks to build the BBQ that GG did any kind of actual pushing.

    Great scenes, all of them.

  8. I think it was a combination of GG’s style and Booth wanting to get back to work. Plus, I think Booth picked up on another rooster in his hen house, i.e., Sully was around and Brennan was….curious. Booth picked up on that. He wanted to get back to his barnyard, no doubt.

    Here’s a thought: If GG came back now, what would he want to explore with Booth?

  9. Stephen Fry + Britishness + America + Booth =

    WYATT: You know, in an effort, to understand your culture better I’ve been trying to embrace this very American practice of preparing meat in the garden.
    BOOTH: Barbecue.
    WYATT: Hmm… it’s a delightful word, isn’t it? Barbecue.


  10. HH said that they cast Stephen Fry because they needed someone both physically and metaphorically bigger than Booth in order to make him pay attention. GGW brings a level of personal and professional experience that callow young Sweets can’t command. And Fry raises the level of Boreanaz’s acting. Their scenes together are some of the best in the entire series. Plus Fry is simply a better, more nuanced actor than JFD, who reminds me of an annoying puppy unable to go play on his own.

  11. I have very mixed feelings about this episode; on the one hand, the Booth/GGW scenes are pure awesomeness. Can’t think of anyone who was more perfect for the role than Stephen Fry. He brings gravitas to the part, but he’s also funny and more importantly, compassionate. Unlike sometimes with Sweets, his interactions with Booth never come off as some sort of sophomoric experiment. He’s fairly low-key and gets in Booth’s mindspace without him really noticing, so it’s hard for Booth to shut him out. Booth was the proverbial kettle about to blow at this point-and he did blow, when he shot the clown truck. He really should have been talking to someone about his issues all along but found it hard to share with Brennan partly because i think he’s always believed she, and others, may think less of him if they see all the vulnerabilities. And DB in that end scene was the best; I don’t think anyone can play insecurities on the screen as subtly as he always does.

    On to the part I don’t like about this episode: Sully. Sorry Laffers, but thinking about how much it hurt Booth to see Brennan with him gets me every time. Although I’ll admit it was good from a storytelling point of view and I don’t objectively hate Sully (might have even grown on me had he been dating-say-Cam,) just knowing what’s to come for Booth makes watching it kind of like going to the dentist. Nothing made me happier (okay, except for the sleeping together, and the baby, and the mighty hut…) than seeing Booth get to wave bye-bye to the dude with his smart-ass grin. I’m waving right along with him.

    • Haha mariu100, I loved this: “Nothing made me happier…than seeing Booth get to wave bye-bye to the dude with his smart-ass grin. I’m waving right along with him.”

      I feel the same way about Sully…I felt badly for both him and Brennan…for about 2 seconds. Until she turned around and saw Booth there, waiting. Ah, sigh. B&B forevz 🙂

      **Also, I just rewatched Change in the Game (thanks DVR and reruns and a day off work today!) and its just a magical episode. Brennan’s extreme excitement in the diner about getting to play Booth’s girlfriend, upgrading herself to fiancee at the bowling alley, Max, the wigs, Buck Truck, “muffin”, Hodgela’s baby, oops almost forgot Booth translating Brennan’s squint-speak to the officer at the very beginning (I love that he can do that now!), THE CHEEK KISS, Adele, MSVH, and BBB! Bravo, again, Bones & crew 🙂

    • I like Sully, and do think that he fit in pretty well and helped the story. However, I loved how Booth was there to send him off:)! Ha! Plus, after viewing the 100th episode, the whole Sully era made me realize how much it must have stung for Booth to see Sully and Brennan together. I mean, Booth had to be thinking why Brennan moved along with Sully and not him. Right? Sully and Brennan worked on a case together, like each other, and then dated/hooked-up. Very similar to B&B first introduction only, well, we all know how that ended up. So, in a way, Booth had to be thinking, what the hell?

      • Since Booth had just drawn a line that excluded him from romance with Brennan, her yearning for him turned to his FBI friend Sully, or Booth-lite. So that arc doesn’t really bother me in retrospect because unlike other arcs I could mention, it was short, not serious and Brennan turned to Booth at the end. Within the context of the characters, however, Brennan would have debarked Sully’s boat at the first port of call. Sully was a perennial Peter Pan, without ties, commitments or personal responsibilities. He was everything that Brennan had contempt for and the exact opposite of Booth, who is all about commitment and responsibility. So playtime in the sandbox for Brennan, who had just been cut off from the man she actually wanted, was neither here nor there. She didn’t propose to him. She didn’t plan a life together. She didn’t run around proclaiming undying love. You can probably tell that just the mention of season 6 still makes me crazy.

      • “Sully was a perennial Peter Pan, without ties, commitments or personal responsibilities. He was everything that Brennan had contempt for and the exact opposite of Booth, who is all about commitment and responsibility.”

        Exactly. I think after the initial physical attraction, what made Brennan really fall in love with Booth was his sense of duty, commitment, and responsibility. She respects him, even if she does not always agree with him. He’s solid. He’s made of “good stuff”. And, hey, he’s very symmetrical which indicates a good breeder:).

      • Remember, too, he has a perfect chromium. Does anyone have any idea just what a chromium is? I’ve googled but all I get is the element. Maybe Booth should join the Periodic Table.

      • El, the acromion is the bone that’s sort of at the end of the shoulders (acromia, pl.), right above where the arm starts. I only know this because like you, I googled what I thought the word sounded like and never got a result until someone on this blog spelled out the correct word many moons ago. And his acromia, like the rest of him, are perfection indeed.

      • Thanks, mariu100, so much. That was driving me nuts trying to find it on google. It always sounded as if she said ‘chromium’. I’ll ask one other thing that I’ve never been able to figure out. In The End in the Beginning, near the end when Motley Crue comes into the nightclub, Booth yells out: “Nice update on the laid, Mick.” I’ve never been able to discover what a ‘laid’ is. They haven’t begun to play so it wasn’t a music cue. Hairdo? Clothing? Inquiring minds need to know.

      • El, I think Booth says “Nice update on the lid” lid = hat.

      • Is that it? Thanks, Barbara. I’ll have to re-listen but it’s bugged me for two years now.

      • Hopefully Brennan appreciates Booth’s prominent mental protuberance cause, apparently, their little girl has inheritted that from her daddy.

  12. I love the caption on the picture. Hilarious!

  13. I agree with others that GGW had a subtle way about him. He didn’t push, poke and prod Booth in such an open annoying way. He was respectful but demanded respect in return, and didn’t back down from Booth. Booth is used to being able to shut people down so that he doesn’t have to open up, but he couldn’t do that with GGW. I don’t hate Sweets at all, but professionally I find it very hard to respect him, because he’s crossed the line one to many times. Plus he’s much younger than Booth, so I really don’t blame Booth for not opening up to him. He’s too much like a little brother. I love GGW so much. He is an amazing character. DB and Stephan Fry work so well together!

    Sully. I have such mixed feelings on him. I don’t hate him, because he was basically a nice guy, and it was early enough in the show that it didn’t leave me crying like a baby seeing one of them with someone else*cough*She Who Shall Not Be Named*cough*. But at the same time I did not enjoy seeing him and Brennan together. Mostly because watching Booth hurt every time he saw them together was so sad. Had he just been jealous and rude it wouldn’t have affected me so much, but he was clearly hurting. When he sees them kissing in her office…ugh I hated that. The look on his face was heartbreaking. I thought Sullys send off was well done! The way she turns around, and there Booth is. And he knows just how to make her smile.

    “Nothing made me happier…than seeing Booth get to wave bye-bye to the dude with his smart-ass grin. I’m waving right along with him.” Well said mariu100!

  14. The best thing about Sully: he didn’t hang around too long. Hah!

    • At one point Brennan even says Sully and her had only been together a month when Sully asks her to sail away. At that time, she thought that was a short amount of time to feel like you knew someone well enough to ask someone to sail away. Ha! Brennan and Booth could not have been together much longer when they found out they were having a kid together!

      Which leads me to a thought…. at what point do you think Booth felt like he knew Brennan loved him or felt that she WOULD ask him to marry her someday? Booth told GGW in DITD that he would know if Brennan loved him, but felt that she did not at that point. Did he know before he made his declaration in the 100th episode, or did he know when she stood by him after DITM? When he knows, he knows, right? Did he know after HITH? Interesting. Somewhere between HITH and MITSG, when he told Brennan they needed their place, he definitely came to believe – enough to be “cocky”:) – that she would be asking him to marry her. Somewhere along the line too, somewhere in those five months between CITG and MITSG, they started referring to themselves as a family. Whoa. Even though they have known each other for 6 or 7 years, that’s still pretty fast in terms of their new relationship.

      • Camcat, that is a really great question. When did they first say “I love you” to each other? The night of Vincent’s death at Booth’s apartment? Not until after the Change in the Game? Somewhere, between HitH and Memories, they must have said it, and said it enough times that it was just so casual when they said it in Memories. And who said it first? And did they say it at the same time? haha I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about it that much before now! I was just so happy to hear it in Memories, I didn’t think too much about it 🙂

      • Calling each other ‘a family’ is I think so much more meaningful than the ILUs (though I did love that in MITSG!) and yes, that was fast!!! But was it?

      • I think Booth knew that Brennan loved him at least from the time of her confession in tDitP. At least that was the impression I got from his subsequent conversations with Sweets and Hannah. Also, in Blizzard, they word love was mentioned when they said they wanted to be together when they both felt ready. I don’t know when was the first time they said it to each other. I enjoy reading fanfic with theories of when, though. It’s funny because a lot of people thought it would take a long time for Brennan to say it, if she would say it at all. I don’t know if I see them saying it a lot to each other. I think their actions spell out more than their words. And the other words they use are underlined with their love for each other.

        They may not have planned for things to go the way they have gone, but I also think that there’s no one else they’d rather make a family with. There’s love there, but they have been best friends for years. Yes, it’s fast, but they are putting faith and trust in each other to pull through together and have the family they’ve both wanted for so long.

      • I think what’s interesting is that Booth thinks Brennan is going to ask him to marry her. I wouldn’t have picked that up, though I do think she is happy how they are. Would that be a little tidbit thrown out by the writers to say there will be one in the future? If so, I hope they have every intention of making it as unconventional as we know them to be. Some tradition for Booth’s sake is fine, but I think I would be disappointed if it wasn’t as unique as they are.

        I used to think I didn’t want to see Brennan change her mind on marriage. But it wouldn’t be so terrible if she did. A marriage is really what two people make it. And personally, I have nothing against marriage. My parents and grandparents have been happily married for decades and I don’t think any less of them for going through that “antiquated ritual.” Booth already knows nobody can force Brennan to do anything she doesn’t want to do – not even him. It’s a fact that makes him love her yet it frustrates him at times. What I’ve seen this season so far is them being very accepting of who they are. They aren’t trying to change each other.

      • It’s true that everyone thinks Booth said it first, but it really does go with the person he is. I can imagine him having a hard time holding those words in after they slept together, given how he almost blurted them out on Harbingers with little by way of encouragement. He’s an emotional, extremely affectionate person, so how could he not say ILY after finally getting to be with the person he’s been pining away for years now? As for her, I see it taking longer to say the words, but it doesn’t mean he didn’t already know how she felt before he heard them. I believe when she took his arm at the end of Hole in the Heart it was proof enough. She could have, probably should have run from their relationship given how much it had overwhelmed her in the past, but she chose to be brave and risk her heart by committing to him. That’s definitely proof of her love for him and her faith in their future right there and I imagine Booth knew, which is why he looked so happy at the end of the episode. And anything else will have to be explored in fanfic…

      • Neither Brennan nor Booth is conventionally “mushy”. I don’t see either of them throwing around ILY a lot and, I think, that is okay. I think they both know they love each other, but saying it a lot, I just don’t see that being their style either. However, they can be awfully cute:) The end of CITC in their mighty hut was beautiful and they were so cute with how excited they were. Brennan was so proud of Booth. Aww. I do tend to think Booth knew Brennan loved him after DITP too. She didn’t come right out and say the words, but he knew. It was surpising to hear him pretty much say to Sweets in BITB that Brennan said ILY…. she didn’t, but he knew it.

        As for the first ILY….hmmm… for some reason I envision B&B sharing really sweet moment right after Brennan tells Booth she’s pregnant. If you believe HH, if ED had not had a baby in real life, B&B may have slept together but then may have been in limbo for a while. I think the baby just sped up the inevitable. I like to say Brennan would have been in menopause by the time they got to the point they are at now, had it not been for the wee Brennan-Booth. I think she helped her parents get their acts together and find the happiness they’ve wanted for a long time. They are not together because of her, she just sped the process along.

      • Mariu100 – It’s true that everyone thinks Booth said it first, but it really does go with the person he is. I can imagine him having a hard time holding those words in after they slept together, given how he almost blurted them out on Harbingers with little by way of encouragement.

        True. Booth was….kind of giddy in the diner with Max & Brennan at the beginning of CITG. It’s like they were barely keeping it under the surface once they got on the roll with “you can be my girlfriend”, and “I will get you there!”, and Max totally saw it. As Caroline said upon their first meeting, it’s like watching two kids at prom. And I like to envision that maybe on the second sleep over they had, Booth made that famous omelette in the buff for them to enjoy. Nothing says ILY like cooking in your birthday suit which, apparently, Brennan enjoyed that enough that she took a photo:) I have no trouble envisioning some ILYs over an omelette.

      • And personally I think Brennan had to have said it first. Booth offered love (at least that was the writers’ interpretation); Brennan refused. What Brennan then offered was her desire not to have regrets. Nothing said about love. For someone as angry and as hurt as Booth was for sooooo long, it would have taken something like Brennan breaking the stalemate with actual words as well as deeds to finally get him onboard. He expects her to propose to him and given how last season went down, he would have waited for her to make a direct, unequivocal statement before he risked himself again.

      • I can’t reply where I want to so I hope this doesn’t show up too upthread. I can’t imagine Booth resisting the urge to somehow say that excited ‘I love you’ after she tells him she’s pregnant with his baby. As for Brennan, I think judging by what we saw in 7.01, it’s still not easy to verbally express her love for him so I assume he went there first, unless that first ILY happened during THE scene in HITH and it was a totally unguarded, vulnerable moment for her.

      • Mar, the way you described is how I imagined it went 🙂

    • I didn’t mind Sully, really. He was obviously a Booth-substitute and I figured he’d be gone soon enough.

      But I never thought he was good enough for Brennan, especially because he really wasn’t all that good looking. Booth isn’t Ken-doll cute but there’s an ooomph factor to him. With Sully it was more of a huh?

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