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Vintage Bones: The Man in the Mansion


Good morning!

This episode is good. Sidenote: I like Sully, so his episodes never bothered me. Eddie McClintock is THE nicest celebrity I have ever interviewed, so I’m a little loyal to him as well. It’s not that I want Sully around for more than four episodes, but I think it’s a really good, solid arc that has a nice beginning, middle and end. What a novel approach! 😀 

There are many good things in this episode– so I suppose this is a little Top Five Tuesday, except for the part where it’s not actually Tuesday any longer! But here are some moments love. If you have more…make them known in the comments!


1. Brennan disses Booth’s ‘staid’ attire

One of my favorite things about the 100th episode was the notion that Booth started being a free spirit rogue rebel because of Brennan, so it makes me smile in hindsight when she thinks his plain black tie and plain black socks are a little ridiculous. When, at the end of the episode, he’s wearing garish socks–she says they are ‘amazing’. She’s being a little sarcastic, but I like to think she really does like his individuality.

2. A look into Hodgins’ past and personal life

Of all the characters, he is now the one we know the least about, in terms of his family life–outside of what he has with Angela and MVSH, so I like in this episode where we see part of his past and remember that he comes from money and probably still has some connections there.

3. “I’m not going to help you get MY partner into bed.”

One of the things I like about the Sully episodes is that he pushes Booth’s buttons from a friend and co-worker perspective, and Booth needs more of this. He has plenty of people who annoy him and push his buttons, don’t get me wrong, but pretty much none of those people are his equals, so it always has different outcomes. Sully is just a competetive friend, and I like that. It makes me laugh when Sully figures out that Booth wants Brennan himself–and he also doesn’t back down.

4. Hodgins makes a mistake on the case, but then he and Booth make up over some pie at the diner.

Doesn’t get much better than that.


5. Brennan & Angela and girl-talk

This happens throughout the episode, but it’s particularly fun at the end of this episode. My favorite is when they ask Booth what HIS cop nickname is, and he gets suspicious (but still cocky!). Hmmm…I suppose we will never know what it is!


Here is the B&B of the day.

The “Sex, Socks…Pretty Much The Same Word” B&B

From Man in the Mansion: Season Two



PS… I don’t know why these season two pics are so grainy lately–I think it must be from whatever cameras they used at that time. Also, I’ve just come to the realization that I could use some help here at BT. If you’re interested in taking on a couple of the episodes, drop me an email at, and I’ll explain how it all works. I can post them to the site and do all of that jazz. Let me know!


32 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Man in the Mansion

  1. “I’m not going to help you get MY partner into bed.”

    I just love when either Brennan or Booth is basically called out on their feelings for each other. You know that Sully totally knows Booth likes her, but hey, if Booth won’t make a move, he will! Or like when Brennan tells her “cousin” he is pleasing to look at…its just cute to hear them kind of say/show they like their partner but you cannot get them to actually say it! Aww…B&B you guys are adorable!

  2. I really love this scene (I think by this time Booth was having a lot of mixed feelings about Brennan and wasn’t sure what he felt about them):
    BOOTH: You just don’t get it.

    SULLY: What! I’m asking for guy advice, you are a guy – what’s not to get?

    BOOTH: First of all, guys, they don’t ask for advice. And secondly, I’m not going to help you get my partner into bed.

    SULLY: Why not? It’s not like you want her.)

    (Booth’s lips twitch, but he doesn’t say a word.

    SULLY: Unless … Do you want her?

    BOOTH: Nah. Come on, Bones is, you know, my partner.

    SULLY: That is why you need psychiatric treatment, because you have the hots for your partner!

    BOOTH: I’m not in psychiatric treatment, okay? It’s an evaluation. Big difference

  3. Booth: “Yeah, I gotta get a flashier tie.”

    That was this ep, right?

    • Yep, you are right!

      BRENNAN: I slept with Sully last night.
      BOOTH: Oh. I thought you already, uh …
      BRENNAN: No. Last night.
      BOOTH: Ah. It’s really none of my business.
      BRENNAN: Except we’re partners.
      BOOTH: Yeah, there’s that-
      BRENNAN: And you…told me about your socks.
      BOOTH: Mhm. Sex. Socks. Pretty much the same word.
      BRENNAN: Do we have a case, or are you just visiting?
      BOOTH: Yeah, I’ll fill you in on the way. It’s messy, better get some protection.
      BRENNAN: Let me get my gumboots.

      BOOTH: Yeah. I’m gonna need a flashier tie.

      (haha Booth! You get a flashier tie, you get the girl. Yup, I’m pretty sure that’s how it works 🙂 Socks are great, but she’s wilth Sully, so you better take it up a notch on the ol’ tie. That’ll get her attention!)

      • I always thought the flashier tie comment was more along the lines of a release valve for frustration, not trying to catch her eye. I didn’t think Booth was trying to attract Brennan, he was just trying to deal with the fact that Brennan was with someone else. Specifically that she was definitely sleeping with someone else.

      • Well I’m just joking there about Booth the flashy tie, but I did think that it was supposed to call back to their earlier discussion where he said that his flashy accessories were his way of rebelling:
        Brennan (motions to his tie): What is that?
        BOOTH: What’s what?
        BRENNAN: Your tie. It’s staid.
        BOOTH: Staid?
        BRENNAN: Yeah. Boring. It looks like J. Edgar Hoover picked it out.
        BOOTH: Look, it’s something’ I’m working on, okay?
        BRENNAN: In therapy?
        BOOTH: Gordon Gordon says that the … you know, the wild socks and the fancy ties are all just, ya know, quiet rebellions, helping me suppress other impulses.
        BRENNAN: Isn’t that good?
        BOOTH: You’d think so, right? But, you know, apparently all the other issues just have to rise to the top.

        So really, I took it to mean that he was going to go back to suppressing all his feelings and impulses regarding Brennan, going back to his tiny rebellions that help him to suppress the real issues. And so he needs the flashier tie, since now Brennan is with his friend/coworker Sully.

      • I always took the comment about better get some protection to have a double meaning. He was sort of refering to Sully as well as the crime scene. (Or maybe that’s just the way I think)

      • Good observation bb, I think you’re spot on.

      • By Boneless Bride, the “Cocky” belt buckle shows up too:) You know, the modern-day “cod piece”.

    • What does (email) mean? Seen it a lot and don’t know what it means.

      • You actually have to post something and click the “notify me of follow-up comments” to get new comments emailed to you.

        So when people don’t have anything to add or don’t have time to add anything, they can post “email” and sign up for the new posts.

      • Thanks MJ. Been bugging me for a while now 😀

  4. I really did not like the Sully arc plainly because Booth was not happy. Just like I did not like Hannah arc because Brennan was not happy.

    Loved that the boys could put things behind them over pie – only after Hodgins resigned – hahhahahah they sure are girls. Reminds me of Brennan and Angela over the pig 🙂

    • Maybe in some wacky, alternate universe, Sully and Hannah might find happiness together? I mean, hey, I don’t have a problem with either of them specificially (besides the fact they came between my B&B!) so since he’s Booth-lite and she’s Brennan-lite, it might work?

  5. I always liked Sully and I thought he was good with Brennan. Of course B&B belong together, but I always thought that Sully really understood Brennan (unlike Hannah with Booth).

    • Sully understood Brennan up to a point and she kinda liked him. That was why it was so scary. Sully is also a profiler so he knows what buttons to press.

      Hannah just wanted a good time. Everytime I see a reference to a fig tree, I burst out laughing.

    • Well, yeah, Sully kind of understood Brennan, and helped bring her out of her shell somewhat, but I don’t know that he REALLY deep down understood her issues. He was a great guy and all that but I don’t think she would have let him in as much as with Booth. Sully should have known that she would not sail with him. At that point in her life, she was not ready. Maybe someday she and Booth can retire into the sunset on a yacht she got for a book advance 🙂 but Booth showing up at the dock, just knowing, while Sully sails away, shows to me that Sully was not “the one” for her.

      • I think the fact that Sully expected her to sail away with him proves that he really didn’t know Brennan.

        He knew the surface Brennan, the side that everyone sees, and he got to know at least the sexual bit of the private Brennan. But if he’d known her – really known her – he would have known she wouldn’t leave with him.

        Booth knew. I think he was afraid he was wrong about her, and that’s why he was at the marina. But the smile he gave her when she turned around? He knew she wouldn’t go.

      • Oh, I guess I pretty much ended up repeating bb and MJ because I didn’t read their comments first. Sorry.

        Did Brennan really not leave because of Booth? And if he was a factor, how big of a factor? Even if she didn’t know Booth, she knows how important her work is. Brennan is really not one to sit around aimlessly when she can put her special skills to use.

      • Brennan gave her word to Booth that she would help him fight crime. She gives her word and does everything in her power to stick to it. And being partners, she would not have just dropped everything and left. Sully was leaving like the next day or something.
        It was more a professional decision than a romantic one that made her stay but at the back of her mind, she could have had doubts after seeing Booth at the pier and being happy about it.

    • Natbor, I do but I don’t agree with you about Sully. In some ways, yes, he showed a lot of understanding. But in the end, really thinking she would sail around the world for a year, living a life without purpose actually shows how much he didn’t know her at all. In some ways, he was good for her. He was a pretty fun guy, “living wide,” as Angela called it. But deep down, the Temperance Brennan who had missing roots for more than half her life except the roots she created for herself working at the Jeffersonian, that Temperance really needs stability. That’s all Booth.

      • I like the way you put that. Booth sort of is her roots, all by himself. I think if he wanted to sail away somewhere she’d probably go with him because for her, stability isn’t a place it’s a person. It’s Booth.

  6. What about the part where.Caroline berates them all for the ways they have all crossed lines–just incidentally showing how Hodgins isn’t so much more out of line than anyone else–except Brennan and don’t think she doesn’t know it. I love that scene.

  7. “This episode is good. Sidenote: I like Sully, so his episodes never bothered me.”
    ” It’s not that I want Sully around for more than four episodes, but I think it’s a really good, solid arc that has a nice beginning, middle and end. What a novel approach! 😀 ”

    I agree. The context was also clear. Booth had drawn the line so Brennan could be with whomever she chose. That’s why I was a bit disappointed with how they wrote the season 6 “Hannah plot”. (Sorry couldn’t help it :-))

    Back on topic…this is the episode where I added Hodgins as my other favorite character on Bones… the first one being Brennan of course. 🙂

  8. Oh and also, the “I’m going to need a flashier tie…” line was, I think, delightfully ambiguous, and I do think that there is a level on which, even at this point, Booth is competing for Brennan. Just my opinion but that line always has me hitting rewind and gives me a little thrill. Oooh.

  9. You only have to see the look on Booth’s face at the end of Body in the Book and in the middle of Boneless Bride to know that he already loved his Bones. I think those are 2 of David’s best, if underrated, moments. In the scene at the end of Body in the Book, first there is the wonderfully awkward exchange with Sully, then he manages to convey his hurt from the background just through his body language. The scene when they’re digging up the body in Boneless Bride where he tells Brennan to go with Sully. The look on his face v. the words he’s saying — amazing! You can just tell his heart is breaking.

    Sully probably understood Brennan better than any man ever had, other than Booth. Their lives were just at different places, partly due to who they are. I think that he knew that she was unlikely to go with him, but he had to go, so he asked. I don’t think he really expected a yes. That was just where he was in life.

    I’ve already said too much about the next 2 episodes, but they’re among my faves, even with Sully.

    I think that, even though the line had been drawn, no one had clearly turned anybody down or clearly stated that they need to move on. Booth said that people who work together in their type of jobs can’t have a romance, but he hasn’t said that he’s going to look elsewhere. And, as we know, he didn’t. By the time Hannah comes along, Brennan has specifically rejected Booth and Booth has made it clear that he is going to have to look elsewhere. So, she is a much greater threat to B&B than Sully ever was. It’s sort of that, in s2, their attraction had never been confronted, but by Hannah it had. If something is unsaid, the possibility remains. Once someone has said no and the other has said I have to move on, the possibility is gone.

  10. In regards to Booth’s cop name… Here’s something I thought about and came up with over in one of the topics on Bonesology.

    *waggles eye brows*

    Given the fact that Booth was military, was a sniper, is a FBI agent (who has used his gun against a defensless mechanical clown!!), calls himself the gun in the partnership with Brennan (“Gun first…”)… and that same nickname could be to refer his bedroom skills as well. lol Anyone heard Trey Songz, Neighbor Knows My Name?? He calls himself TRIGGER haha.

    I think it fits,


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