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Good morning!

Okay, true or false: Booth realizes he’s in love with Brennan at this moment.

I’ve always kind of thought he did. Now maybe he’s already thought that before, and he’s thinking it again; that is possible. There is something interesting about the end scene of this episode, to me. When I watched it this time around, I almost got the impression that Booth had come to Brennan’s office to help her ‘deal’ with the loss of Sully– as if what had happened in the past with other relationships is what had happened again. We talked about that in Headless Witch in the Woods–he checks up on her. Of course, Sully has not murdered his own brother, etc…but when Sully comes in to Brennan’s office and Booth is there, it’s almost as if Booth can’t quite believe that Sully and Brennan are going to make up from whatever fight they had. Not that he sees Brennan as unforgiving, but I think maybe he thought that once she and Sully had a fight, it would be over and all would be good in his world. That Brennan does make up with Sully (and sort of make out with him in her office) makes him realize that she is serious about Sully and trying to make it work with him.

Not to get ahead of us, but it’s like Booth wanted the (eventual-get it?) moment on the pier with her. He was ready to be the guy who stands by her when her relationships with other guys don’t work out. Except this time, it is working out.

That doesn’t equal ‘love’, of course, so I guess I think there is something more there in his expression. But what do you think?

In the meantime,

Here is the B&B of the Day

The “They’re just doing their jobs. You know, locking up killer conspiracy rings and looking gorgeous” B&B

From Bodies in the Book: Season Two



42 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: Bodies in the Book

  1. I think he felt something here. I’m not sure if it was love, but I think he definitely was thinking of the line, Rebecca’s catching fire remark and probably wanting to facepalm himself for not speaking up earlier. At the same time though, I think he wanted her to be happy and she was with Sully, who was a good guy, but ultimately didn’t understand her enough to realize she could never leave after so short a relationship.

    I also think of this scene and sex/socks scene from Man in the Mansion when I heard sections of the fandom complain that Booth flaunted Hannah in front of Brennan. I doubt the two knew Booth was there, but she has never hidden behind a sense of modesty in her relationships, and I don’t think she held Booth to that standard either.

  2. Favorite moments-

    BOOTH: Okay, Bones. We gotta go. They found a floater in the marina.
    BRENNAN: Uh, my partner, Seeley Booth. This is the publicist for my book, Ellen Laskow and her assistant Hank –
    ELLEN: Hello. Now I see why Temperance writes those dirty little scenes in her books.

    BOOTH: Yeah, I got it covered here, Sully.
    SULLY: Well, two hands are better than one, Booth.
    BOOTH: Well, last time I looked, I have 2 hands, see? (he holds up his hands) Thanks.
    ANGELA: Testosterone spill on aisle 4.

    BOOTH: Tell ya something, alright? Sales of your book are gonna sky rocket after this.
    BRENNAN: The only problem is our ending is a lot better than the one I wrote in the book.
    BOOTH: What, are you kidding me? Huh? Kathy Reichs and the FBI guy in the back of the AMG? BRENNAN: The arrest.
    BOOTH: Oh, yeah. There’s that.

    Also, I just realized that Sullly calls Bones “Tempe”. Just doesn’t sound right. Call her Bones. Mama Bones. 🙂

    But also, this episode is really Booth’s “reverse Hannah” moment. He realizes he’s drawn that line between them, and so she’s found someone else. I think what we see in that screen grab is his regret. Regret for drawing the line, realizing he wishes he could take it back, feeling jealousy toward what she is sharing with Sully. Booth is the one teaching her how to have relationships, how to love and be loved, how to share a partnership/relationship with another….and now Sully reaps the benefits? There is a lot that I think Booth is feeling in that moment.

    I am one of the people who believe in “love at first sight” for B&B at their first meeting. I’ve mentioned before about the different kinds of love (agape, eros, philia) and it wasn’t quite the 30, 40, 50 years type right at the first meeting, but I think that they realized right there in that moment that their lives would be fundamentally changed by this person they’ve met. And every single experience together after that only deepened the initial feeling. This “Booth moment” is another brick in the B&B foundation 🙂

  3. I don’t know if that was the moment he knew or not, but I’ve always thought that it was during Sully’s time that it was obvious to me that he’s in love with her. I’m not sure he realized it yet, or admitted it to himself, but when he sees them kissing, that’s a man in love. He looked so dejected as he walked away.

  4. I always read his body language in that scene as sadnesss and regret. Sadness and Regret that he had been working so hard to be her friend and partner and in a fit of depression over Cam’s near death, he drew a line in the sand between Brennan and himself and he didn’t know how to erase the line.

  5. That moment has always broken my heart a little bit. I think we’ve all been there, had feelings for someone (whether we’ve admitted it to ourselves or not) and those feelings not been reciprocated.

    I think Booth went through several seasons feeling classic unrequited love – that yearning for someone who doesn’t feel the same way and you don’t think they ever will.

    Brennan may well have had feelings for him at that point, but he didn’t know that, so it would have hurt to see her with Sully. I think there was probably a sense of, ‘why has it been so simple for them to get together, when we’ve never been able to pull it off?’ and even ‘why is this bothering me so much?’

    I don’t think it suddenly brought the realisation that he’s ‘in love’ with her. I think it stung, and he knew it stung. His dejection when he flopped those files down was clear 😦

    As an aside, I think Brennan was the most passionate and sensual we’ve ever seen her when she was with Sully. It saddens me that we haven’t seen even a spark of that between her and Booth. I mean, I know she’s pregnant and their relationship is much further along than her and Sully ever got, so in the first half of this season it makes sense. I definitely want to see some of that old sparky passionate Brennan directed towards Booth before the season is out though please.

  6. Booth is definitely jealous here. He realizes that he has feelings for Brennan beyond just being partners.
    Sophia 7470 said it very well! I would also like to see some passionate Brennan & Booth before this season ends.

  7. Relationships on Bones are just plain complicated I think in part because people don’t ever seem to be on the same page as their significant other. When one of them is longing, the other has no clue or is moving on in some other direction. I think it goes back to our discussion about “the moment.” It’s true of B/B, but also of Angela and Hodgins; there was willingness to go forward at different times, just not at the same time, and it makes it kind of interesting but painful to watch.

    This scene with Booth looking in always makes terribly sad for Booth-he looks like he’s just become aware of a deep loss, even if he’s not sure why that should be. It mirrors the red-bow moment with Brennan when she leaves his apartment after Hannah moves in; kind of like seeing a world of possibilities you never had to worry about not being available to you suddenly fly out the window. Not that either of them was particularly ready to make a move, just that this one option was now off the table for good. But in the context of the 100th, the Sully kiss is even more heart-crushing. There’s no doubt Booth would have gone home with Brennan that night-she’s the one who put the kabosh on that. To see her go forward with Sully has got to make that rejection even worse. You could really feel Booth’s despair in Girl in the Gator when he was trying to get reinstated before Sully could get a foothold-witnessing that kiss is kind of the nail in the coffin for his hopes.

    • Great, great point about his reinstatement, mariu! Would he have gone through the therapy sessions with GGW if not for his desire to get back to work with Brennan? Hmm….???

  8. I’m not sure it was a realization that he was in love with her, but more a look of regret at what he had decided he couldn’t have. He definitely wanted her, but I don’t think it was love yet. Even though he was the one who drew the line and let her know nothing could happen between them, he looks sad and a little heartcrushed.

    I liked Sully-he was a good guy and I think good for Brennan. He made things fun and for a little while, but in the end Brennan knew that wouldn’t be enough for her.

  9. To me this is one of DB’s most overlooked moments.

    He’s so far in the background that it’s his body language that conveys most of what Booth’s feeling. And, Booth is not feeling good. He’s sad, he has regrets, his heart is crushed — even if he hasn’t yet fully acknowledged his feelings for Brennan.

    I think that the whole Sully arc is about Booth realizing that he does love Bones, even if he can’t do anything about it. As has been noted: he has no more (serious) relationships until we all know who after Bones explicitly rejects him.

    • Booth is so telling when he does everything he can to get Brennan away from her vacation with Sully. Then when she makes her “No bones, no Bones,” joke, the look Booth gives when she quickly leaves is such a lost puppy look, I feel so sorry for him.

  10. I think Booth really didn’t admitt his feelings for Brennan to himself until the Sully era. When he said “he knew” in the 100th episode, he did. He knew. He just may not have admitted it to himself because, well, they were so different and he didn’t know how they’d ever work. Then it became Booth knew he loved Brennan, but he didn’t feel that she loved him. Booth obviously liked being the one to be there and comfort Brennan when things went bad. He realized that, I think, in Woman in Limbo. Brennan being that vulnerable with someone does not happen easily so when she did open herself like that to Booth, well, I think he liked being the one. He probably did go to her office at the end of this episode to offer a “guy hug”. Those guy hugs had some promise to them….that’s why the hug in Boy with the Answer is so hard, cause you know Booth knows he wants to do that for the rest of his life and the hope of it leading to more is not there. And in DITP he knows he can’t offer that to Brennan. And, finally, in HITH, all was right in the world in that moment, for the first time in a long, long, long time. The promise was there and was very, very likely to happen and did.

    I think in this scene he probably did think that Brennan and Sully would not make it through this fight and that, maybe, they could start fudging that “line” he drew. Maybe something would spark cause they came awfully close to catching fire in that first meeting. I really do believe Booth just could not forget Brennan after their first case – and not just professionally. So for him to see Brennan and Sully here…yeah, it hurt. I do believe Booth wants Brennan to be happy. Just like Brennan wanted Booth to find the happiness in a relationship she knew he craved. That’s love. I’m sure Booth is thinking in this moment, “damn line!”. This moment stings. It’s kind of the same moment Brennan had when she witnessed H moving in with Booth. Your heart just hurts for them. Don’t worry Booth, you’ll get your mighty hut with her some day:)

  11. If Booth hadn’t realized early on that he had feelings for Brennan and that she had feelings for him then why draw a line at all? The reality of that little speech in front of the merry-go-round was an implicit acknowledgement of both of their feelings and an explicit statement that they wouldn’t be able to act on them. Brennan, in full desire for Booth, then turned to quasi-Booth, who really turned out to be very unlike the original. Hence the scene on the dock.

  12. You know, calling it love at this point would just be too sad for me. So I’m going to agree with Rankor (and some others) and just say he felt something. Besides, wasn’t the big deal about him loving Brennan come at the beginning of season 5? He couldn’t quite classify it yet, and it may not have even made sense to him why he felt that way. Whatever he felt for her, he was pretty certain it wasn’t being returned in the same way. And as much as they had such a “sparkly” start, I don’t think she saw him as more than a really good friend at that point to whom she very much was attracted. And they worked together, so there was that to consider.

    Did Booth have a deliberate plan to win over Brennan? What was he looking to see? How long was he going to wait? Sometimes I felt like there were certain moments he could have taken advantage of, but he never really pushed or hinted for more. When he would make all his speeches about love and what makes life fulfilling, was he just saying that because he just wanted her happiness as a friend, or in hopes of her coming to love him? I think his subtle was too subtle, and his big move was too big.

    It kind of annoys me when people say that Brennan would date anybody but Booth. I don’t think that’s true at all. Booth was looking for a significant relationship (and with her he thought it was going somewhere); Brennan didn’t do serious relationships. She did, however, do casual, but I think it was really Booth who was the most opposed to them being casual. I think his position boiled down to “I’m not going to have sex with you unless it comes with all strings attached.” She may have said no after their first kiss, but by the time they became friends again I think she wouldn’t have minded sleeping with him. When Angela told Brennan she should get pregnant the old-fashioned way Brennan explained that Booth thought it would create emotional ties (or something like that). That’s not Brennan’s fault; that’s not Booth’s fault. They were just in different places. I give her a lot of props for knowing that and respecting him by not stringing him along for good times hoping that he wouldn’t get too serious on her – need I name any names?

    Simply put, Brennan didn’t date Booth because he mattered the most to her, more was at stake. Besides the fact that Brennan’s inability to read people well led her to date some real losers, there was the huge issue of how she felt about herself. She didn’t value much about herself outside of her independence and IQ. Even in season 4, she was surprised that Booth thought she was special. And I think she knew Avalon was right when she said that the only riddle she couldn’t solve is how someone could love her. Brennan was not in a place to accept that kind of love, and even believe she was capable of giving it, until much later, like we saw.

    • I agree! They both knew that once they slept together, that was it. It could never be just sex or even casual dating. It was all or nothing. That’s part of why after HitH I have no doubt they were in a relationship and sleeping together. They would not have crossed that line if they weren’t planning on being together. They had plenty of chances to cross that line before, but they weren’t ready to make that commitment.

      • We need to be grateful Emily D got pregnant – otherwise Hart Hanson has said that although season 6 was always going to end with them sleeping together after a squinterns death, season 7 would have continued with them sleeping together but not being sure what it meant / if anything.

        I would not have enjoyed that. Thank goodness his hand was forced into presenting a committed relationship because of the pregnancy!

      • I cringe when I think of a S7 where B&B are…what? …friends with benefits? Or “not knowing” if having slept together meant anything. No. Just, no. Especially after S6 and Hannah. That would have sucked big time. No way they would have been confused that point. No way. After waiting as long as they did, they knew what it meant. BITB proved, to me, that they knew what sleeping together would mean. I think of B&B as adults and that scenario just would have made them look stupid. I know some feel really, really cheated about missing out on the early parts of their relationship but I’ll take what we have now any day over the alternate S7 nightmare.

  13. I think that is a moment of uncertainty of for Booth. He’s been conflicted throughout the whole episode (really, the whole Sully arc). He tells Brennan that Sully’s a good guy, and he tells Sully not to let her bully him into leaving…but he also seems a little too gleeful when Brennan and Sully are fighting because Sully doesn’t want her to go to the book reading unescorted. It seems like this is also the episode in which Booth tells Sully that Brennan was never this emotional before he was in the picture. Then there’s the look on his face when he tells her she should go with Sully. I think Sully’s presence has certainly stirred up some carefully buried feelings/desires in Booth that battle with his sincere wish that she be happy (which she seems to be with Sully).

    The look on his face at the end there is a little heartbreaking, but is it the look of a man who is watching the woman he loves make out with his buddy? Or is it just a man who is feeling lonely because his partner is too busy for him anymore? (As far as we know, Booth doesn’t have any other close friends at this point, so who is he spending his time with if Brennan is busy with Sully?) Or some combination of the two? I think the waters are very muddy for Booth, emotionally speaking, at this point, but he certainly looks sad and lonely.

    • I am waiting on that episode discussion about Booth telling Brennan to go with Sully. My goodness, it hurt his throat to let that come out his mouth “You should go.”

      Another terrific acting moment from David Boreanaz…for me at least.

      • The notion I find particularly ironic in this episode is the idea that Brennan wants to live large and Sully says he can give that to her while Booth seems to doubt that he can. Booth’s exploration of the world has mostly consisted of going place to kill people while Brennan’s has mostly consisted of going places to examine people who have been killed. Neither one a very cheery prospect. So for this episode — and it changes from season to season — running a charter service in the Caribbean defines the concept of ‘living large’. And Brennan turns it down. In season 4 The Beaver in the Otter, Booth is offered a bike ride across India and his own personal invitation to live large, and he turns that down. OK, it’s a tv show and neither is going anywhere if the show wants to continue, but the whole idea of what constitutes a fulfilling and broad-based life in the context of B&B, who seem to spend 24/7 with dead people, is something that would make an interesting discussion.

      • “Ever just, you know, sit on the beach? Pretend there’s no such thing as skeletons?”
        “Is that in any way fun?”

        Although I think it’s easier for Booth to take time away from work than it is for Brennan, I think they both use their jobs as a way to avoid “living large.” They may say they want that kind of thing but IMO it’s obvious they find purpose and satisfaction in the life they’ve created around their work.

      • Booth went away in season one – the one where he was meant to go with Tessa – and he was planning the Hawaii one for his birthday before Jared flushed it down the toilet.
        Brennan went to spend time with Russ end of season 1/start of season 2, so I guess they have their moments.

    • Agree with you, CJsMom. He did encourage Sully so maybe not jealousy per se but just feeling alone.

      Brennan really does not seem to be so into Booth as she has been with her previous partners. There’s something I just can’t place my finger on. Like someone already said, hope all that changes.

      • haha El, you make a great point. Neither of these two seem to know how to live it up 🙂

        Even when they took their ‘time out’, Booth went to a warzone and Brennan went on a remote dig with Daisy (!)

        I know we’ll never see it, but I wonder if somewhere in their future, B&B will ever just take normal vacations with each other. You know, go somewhere hot, lie on a beach, have a cocktail and watch the sunsets. Even though we can’t see it because it doesn’t fit with the basic premise of the show, I still don’t really think it’s part of their make up. B&B rarely stop to chill out, they’re always active.

        Incidentally, I think it’s a shame Booth didn’t go with Jared to India. It would have a fun, eye opening experience for him and it might have brought him closer to his brother.

      • Tonia. Well, it *could* be jealousy, but but if that’s the case, then he feels guilty for it. I think Sully’s presence raised questions for Booth that he couldn’t/didn’t want to/wasn’t ready to answer yet. I mean, if he cares about Brennan as a friend, then he should want her to be happy, right? But if seeing her happy makes him feel jealous or conflicted, then what does that mean? I think the whole affair with Sully really messed with his head.

      • It could be a case of ‘what does Sully have that I don’t?’. Brennan’s choices have always surprised me. But like as been said, sleeping with booth would entail the totality of a commited relationship and while they want to sleep together, they don’t want anything to destroy the friendship they have. Seen in the light of the 100th ep, where they did not speak for close to 13 months, I don’t think either one of them wanted to go through that again.

        They are just complicated people. Communication factored greatly in the quagmire they were in.

      • Sleeping with Sully, and it goes bad–she gets to keep her work relationship with Booth. Sleeping with Booth, and it goes bad–potential to lose all relationships with Booth.

        Sully was the easy route. No big risk.

  14. For the people that have mentioned Brennan not being so into Booth as she has been with other boyfriends. Personally I see her as very into him. It’s not so sexual at the moment because of her being very pregnant,but it’s definitely there. Also, we’re seeing her at a different point in a relationship than we’ve ever seen(or that she’s ever been in). We’ve always seen her in a very new relationship(as in less than a month) so there are going to be differences. Her and Booth have been together for 8 months, and she’s pregnant,so for now they’re past the jump-your-bones stage. I’m sure they’ll get back to that!

    • I also think she’s very into him. If she wasn’t, no way would they be were they are right now. Even though she had her rational reasons, ultimately she wouldn’t be living together with Booth unless it was something she wanted. She depends on Booth because he helps her in so many ways. She feels a connection with him and is very sure about that. I’m sure there have been times when she’s been pretty assertive. But I think we’ve seen Brennan allow herself to be more vulnerable with Booth than with the others. Even with Sully she was worried about him getting too close, giving too much of herself away. Some of that may still make her a little anxious, but she’s not running away from it. There’s an underlying tenderness and sweetness that’s there because Booth is really her first love when you think about it. They aren’t just teasing and flirting; they’re actually happy together. Booth is probably the only one who gets to see her mega-watt grin.

      I saw a little bit of sassy/forward Brennan in episodes 14 and 16 of last year. ED and DB are excellent actors so I have no doubt of their ability. Let’s hope the writers give them the opportunity. However, I don’t need that much. A few hints here and there are fine for me. I know others want to see a lot more.

      • I adore her smile and tone of voice the second time she said “Booth, you found our house.”

        There was love all over the place in that one simple statement.

      • Me too! I agree! There’s something about the way Brennan praises him that he needs and you can see makes him feel really good. Or maybe it’s just the fact that it comes from her.

        Now I feel like watching that scene again. So wonderful and sweet are my B&B.

      • What I love is the little preening dance Booth does when Brennan praises him. He gets this smug little smile and then either moves his hips or his shoulders as if she’s stroking him and he’s loving it. That last scene was wonderful. ‘Booth, you found our house,’ and then Booth changes it to ‘We have a home’ which is just so B&B.

      • Of course she’s into him, come on, she has a picture of the man cooking an omelette naked.

  15. General comment, I think people are overlooking the fact that just like Booth, Brennan didn’t have any serious relationship with anyone after Sully. Sure she had casual encounters with someone in season 4 and there was Hacker who never got anywhere with her but she was pretty much celibate from season 5 to HitH.

    • True. But Booth wanted one and but blamed not having one on work taking so much of his time. Brennan just wasn’t looking for one. Even when Booth was talking to Catherine she acknowledged to Cam that she felt the odds of her life involving a commitment to another person were remote. I don’t think Booth was the only one who was sexually frustrated. I think that Booth’s ideas about love and how it enhances sex “messed” with Brennan’s psyche. Her growing feelings for Booth also affected her, but she couldn’t “go there” with him. She was becoming less satisfied with the no strings attached approach, yet wasn’t ready to attach her strings to anybody. She had the potential for sex with Hacker, but I really don’t think she felt the desire. I think she was moreso flattered by his attention and needed a distraction from her feelings for Booth.

      • It’s interesting to examine Brennan’s responses to Hacker before Booth declared his feelings and after. In The Dwarf in the Dirt, Brennan’s skipping about chortling how Hacker wants to have sex with her and in ‘The Proof in the Pudding’ she still seems perfectly willing to go there. But after the 100th when Hacker asks her out, it’s obvious that although she enjoys his company, she’s no longer interested in a physical relationship with him. And it seems to me as though this about face on the purely physical and her now-negative reaction to it takes her by surprise and makes her uncomfortable because it’s the beginning of her recognition of regret at rejecting Booth.

      • Absolutely, but it’s Brennan. The thought of a serious, committed all strings attached relationship were terrifying for her, especially if it was Booth; precisely because she loved him too much, even if she failed to realize that.

  16. Firstly I must say how much I enjoy reading the opinions and comments from such a wonderful group – everyone accepts and acknowledges the different points of view without responding with negatives – just lovely!

    I always recall Dr Wyatt’s pronoucement about B&B (in series 4?) when he said one of the two has always known and fought against the feelings towards the other every day. It made sense to me that he was referring to Brennan not Booth. Brennan left him standing in the street as we saw in the 100 ep flashback because Booth could be “that guy” and the notion of a committed relationship was terrifying. I’m not suggesting Brennan rationalized it that way but as we know her feelings weren’t quite as impervious as she liked to believe.
    Its always seemed to me that although Booth was attracted to Brennan from the beginning and was “dazzled” by her his emotional attachment didn’t deepen into love until later. I agree with the comments that Booth was conflicted because essentially he had drawn the line in the sand and Brennan acted on this by moving on to Booth-lite. Booth didn’t want to explore his own feelings towards her at this time but he sure didn’t want her to find someone else. Sully was a good guy so that made it more difficult for Booth too but he had a much better understanding of Brennan than Sully demonstrated by ‘just being there’ at the dock when Sully left. Another example of Booth just ‘being there’. Probably sounds familiar to some of us who have been in a similar situation.

    Of course we have to remember the writers were keeping options open at this point. Sigh.

    • Absolutely maryt72. Remember GGW and Sweets conversation where Sweets said that Booth would feel it was an assault to act on his feelings for Brennan. I think this was in Dwarf in the Dirt. It’s almost like a doctor/patient relationship where a doctor can’t date his patient for ethical reasons amongst others.

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