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Vintage Bones: The Boneless Bride in the River


  Hey, all!

 Slight confession here: season 2 is the season that I struggle with the most – it’s not that I don’t enjoy the episodes or the cases, but none of them are memorable to me mentally, aside from a small handful. One of those that have moments that really stick out to me is The Boneless Bride in the River. The boys (Zack and Hodgins) fill a human head (sans skull and brain) with air and Sully asks Brennan to take a year off to go to warm tropical places on a sailboat. Of course it’s going to be memorable.

                OK, it has a bit more of a plot than that. Quick (but kinda snarky) recap: a young woman from China comes to the US to marry a man that’s obsessed with China (that eventually throws her to the curb for being “too slow”, ugh). Everything but her bones is found in a chest in a river. Brennan is supposed to be on vacation with Pete Lattimer, I mean, Sully, but that doesn’t work out so well, because she’s either interrupted by Booth or the case. Throw in another anthropologist (cultural, not physical like Brennan) and add an old Chinese tradition of giving weddings for the dead (complete with a hand-drawn wedding picture from Angela). Oh, and matchmakers who end up being in it for the money who kill off female clients to sell their bones. Fun stuff. 

And then there’s this in the final scene:

 Booth: Give it time Bones, okay? Give it time. Everything happens eventually. 

Brennan: Everything? 

Booth: All the good stuff. And when you think it never happens, it happens. Just got to be ready for it.

                I was listening to the Paper Wings podcast the other day while doing dishes, and Chris Oatley, one of the hosts, said something that intrigued me. To sum it up, he said that what draws us to shows like Bones and keeps us there is the dichotomy between fear and hope – the fear that the characters will never get together (“And when you think it never happens…”) and the hope that they will (“… it happens.”). Season 2 does a lot of exploration of fear and hope, especially in this episode. I always thought that Brennan held back from going off with Sully because of fear. Not exactly fear in relation to Booth, per se, but fear of the unknown and permanence. Booth, at the end, offers hope with “Everything happens eventually.” I wonder if by saying “[you] just got to be ready for it” he was comforting Brennan, and maybe it wasn’t just a message to the audience of hope, but that the true meaning behind Brennan staying behind – her “eventually” hadn’t come yet. The characters and series as a whole had to reach a point where it seemed hopeless (“And when you think it never happens…” Hannah, strength vs imperviousness, anger, interns being killed in the lab), in order to bring hope in Booth and Brennan’s new relationship (“… it happens” burning pieces of paper and 4:47am). It’s all about the journey that leads to everything happening (eventually). Eventually is an adverb, implying movement to “everything”. It’s not saying “boom, you get everything,” it’s saying, “you have to work to get everything.”

                A question came up the third time that I watched the episode, which was during a massive series rewatch a year ago: What did we (as fans) want/need/expect more from Booth’s “Everything happens eventually” statement: everything, or eventually? It’s interesting, because Brennan and Booth put the emphasis on “everything,” while I feel like we fans wanted that eventually. I even wrote a song about “eventually”, but now a year later, I realize that it’s more about… well, the journey to reach the everything in the eventually – family and friends found because of loneliness, home found because of wandering, and most important, hope found because it neutralizes fear. In essence, it’s all about how you get there, but you have to be ready for it.

Which do you think was more important in the last scene: “Everything happens eventually”, or “And when you think it never happens, it happens. Just have to be ready for it”? Can you think of examples of fear vs hope in the series? Discuss! The comments are open!

Here’s the B&B of the Day:

The “Not Quite Ready For It” B&B

End scene Boneless Bride - Booth's arm around Brennan

From The Boneless Bride in the River: Season Two


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52 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Boneless Bride in the River

  1. This is going to send the lynch mob running after me, but I always find it interesting how the fandom latched on to Booth saying “Everything happens Eventually” and kind of adopted it for its mantra, yet completely ignoring the entire quote and the context in which it is said.

    BOOTH: Oh, come on. What are ya gonna vomit when we come across one of those horrific cases?
    BRENNAN: I don’t vomit.
    BOOTH: Give it time, Bones, okay? Give it time. Everything happens eventually.

    And that look? He’s teasing her.

    Now I’m not saying Gary Glasberg-(btw – holy crap that Gary fricking Glasberg was working under HH at this point) didn’t intend that line to have some sort of double meaning. But I think it’s something that the fans gave entirely more meaning to rather than the writer intended.

    • I’m not the lynch mob, but even though I do think he was teasing about the vomit, when he says “Everything” I still think he’s talking about more than vomit. I think the bigger context is that another relationship ended for Brennan and he was reassuring her that even if she was sad about it, things will work themselves out. I don’t think he was saying “Hey, eventually we’ll be together and have a baby and house together.” Even as a friend Booth hoped Brennan could find happiness with someone. Sully didn’t work out, but it’s not the end of the world and she’ll get other chances. But it’s sort of Booth’s style to be reassuring by speaking pretty grand promises, even if all those promises can’t actually be guaranteed.

      • Yes, I agree with what you said there. I don’t think I’ve ever read a discussion about this scene where someone’s even acknowledged the fact that Booth is talking about Brennan vomiting at the scene. It’s like that like that line doesn’t exist. I find that interesting.

        Now, I don’t think Booth’s talking JUST about vomit. But I also don’t think he’s saying, “Sully’s gone so eventually we’ll get together and you can have my babies.” But that’s what a lot of people read into that line. We all see things differently, though. That’s the beauty of art. I’m just saying context is important too.

      • Yes, he’s teasing her about vomit but he also specifically says “All the stuff that you think never happens. It happens. You’ve just got to be ready for it.”

        So sure, he used the joke about vomiting as a launching pad but he’s not JUST talking about vomit. Yes, that line of dialogue exists, but I don’t think it’s important. I don’t think it’s the point he’s trying to make.

        I agree that fans don’t always take things at face value, and tend to attach deeper meaning to things the writers might never have intended to be significant. But the staging of this scene, the two of them walking toward the camera together, Booth’s arm around her, smiling at each other – they didn’t do all that for a joke about vomit.

        Did the writers intend “Eventually” to be the official fan mantra? I don’t know. Maybe not. But in terms of the narrative of season 2 – their growing closeness, Cam as a rival, The Line, jealousy over Sully, then the tension that sends them to therapy with Gordon Gordon, the cooking = love, the “you’re not a bad anything”, the being left at the altar at Hodgela’s wedding – I definitely think “everything happens eventually” is about them, not vomit.

      • And all that promise of Season 2 (and Season 3)? Stolen away in 4 and 5, leaving us with characters we sometimes don’t recognize who do and say things they wouldn’t have done and said back then.


      • Well said Barbara

      • MJ, I never knew you had this cynical side to you!

        You know I don’t disagree, but I have to wonder how much of it we can really blame on HH and how much blame we can throw at Fox or the industry itself. Making TV shows is expensive and the people investing the money are risk-averse. Keeping the leads apart is a tried and true method of sustaining audience interest – keeping us coming back for more. I am staring to question how much control an individual writer or showrunner really has over his creation.

      • I know what you mean MJ about all that promise being snatched away and how the characters have changed.

        I wonder if it had finished after 3 or 4 seasons people would actually be happier with the flow of storyline? That’s a weird thought. I’m grateful we have seven seasons to enjoy, regardless of the twists and turns and weird out-of-character actions it took to get here 🙂

      • I agree that the network probably had something to do with keeping them apart for an extra couple of years. But it wasn’t the network gutting Brennan to the point where she was sometimes a caricature of her S1-3 self (which gutting is still happening, IMO).

        I’m glad we made it to this point but that doesn’t make me not wistful for what might have been.

      • Maybe it’s because I started watching later, but I love Bones even now. I guess I’m in the minority because I’m not lamenting stuff all the time. Not to say things are perfect, but I still think a LOT of great things happen in the show, even when it comes to character development. Not all the best episodes are in the past, IMO. I don’t think going backwards would actually fix perceived problems – they had problems back then, too. Call me an indiscriminate TV watcher if you may, but while I recognize the awesomeness of seasons 1-3, I also love seasons 4, 5, different pieces of 6, and 7 so far, and I can’t wait for more.

        I respect everyone’s opinion, but just wanted to put in my two cents that not everyone is thinking that Bones is just a shadow of its former glory. Some, like me, genuinely enjoy the show as it is now.

      • C-bones, like you I didn’t start watching until later – season 5 with some season 4 reruns on TNT peppered in. Half way through season 5 I bought the DVDs and watched the first four seasons. I liked Brennan in season 5 thru 7 so am not nostalgic for early Brennan. The way I saw the shows I put the change to Brennan as just as a defense mechanism to protect her self from outside hurt. She was fiesty in the early shows and shes fiesty now. She’s smart, intellegent, beautiful and had to decide if love was worth change. Some say she is wooden now; but, I see someone more on guard and determined to maintain control of her enviornment. What I am trying to say is that I love the show just as much now as when I first starting watching it. I really hope for a season 8 and if they want to squeak in a season 9 I would be most grateful.

    • Great point and I’m one who has to plead guilty. In fact, I’m not sure the first part of that quote ever really made an impact on me at all.

      But given the place we are in NOW with the series I have to wonder, did that particular ‘eventually’ happen while Brennan was pregnant? Now that you’ve got me thinking about it, I want to know! 🙂

      • This may sound weird, but I hope that they are not at ‘eventually’ yet. That signals the end of the journey, and I think we have more to go. So I don’t want to feel the ‘eventually’ until the very last episode. Booth and Brennan are still trying to gel as a family unit, and they really do have a lot of things to work through. I just think that the ‘eventually’ is a very real possibility now, and they have the opportunity ability to make it happen. So I’m still in the ‘hope for eventually’ mode.

      • Well…maybe Brennan did have a some morning sickness early on, maybe even during a discovery of a body, and that’s what lead her to believe early on that she was pregnant. If she never gets nauseous over a body then I would think that would trigger her mind to start turning, especially if she was doing a lot of what makes babies with Booth:)

        I love the screen cap! More than anything -more than seeing the mighty hut, more than seeing baby girl BB – I want to see the look Brennan and Booth give one another when they first meet their daughter. Gah. Their looks are epic and, well, that bettter be a LOOK!

      • camcat…I do wonder when exactly did Brennan figure out she was pregnant. It’s clear that she obviously knew already by the time they were in the hospital, but when exactly did she confirm it?

    • Writer’s intent is a tricky thing. It’s true that sometimes we latch on to things and that’s why we discuss what they mean if they mean anything at all (pretty much the basis of BT – thanks Sarah!) One interesting factoid that I learned last year is that the motto for Maluku is “Belongs together.” A very deliberate choice made by Hart. Granted, when this scene happened he probably didn’t have Maluku planned, but I do think Hart’s endgame was to have these two together.

  2. Great post. Can’t wait to see everyone’s comments. I’ll just make a quick one. I think what you have to say is very valid. And I mean valid from a “running the show/acting the show” perspective. In a lot of old interviews I would hear a lot of talk about how “it’s all about the journey” and the dynamics between those two characters, and how “they’re already together” or “what if they never get together” (DB’s doublespeak). I think in Hart’s mind the eventually would come, well, eventually, but it would be at the end. He was just writing his way toward it, but there were many factors involved so it’s hard for it to be a straightforward process (waiting for season renewals, network demands, etc.)

    That dynamic of hope vs. fear makes sense. Or even hope vs. despair.

  3. Ok, well I was going to wax eloquently on your post, but that picture of DB grinning like that has thrown that out the window. Sigh. 🙂 If DB looked at me like that one time, my imperviousness would be gone in a flash!…oops, I’m getting off topic…

    I think that “Everything happens eventually” is sort of a central theme of the show. I think you explained it well, “I realize that it’s more about… well, the journey to reach the everything in the eventually – family and friends found because of loneliness, home found because of wandering, and most important, hope found because it neutralizes fear. In essence, it’s all about how you get there, but you have to be ready for it.”

    I think Booth was coaching Brennan on how to be a bit patient and open. As a scientist, she wants to learn something and apply it instantly. She wanted to learn how to interrogate like Booth, and was frustrated when it wasn’t something she could instantly learn. She had also made up her mind early that she was meant to be alone, not meant to have a family. Brennan needed to not necessarily live life “wide”, but live life “open”. Be open to possibilities. Booth helped teach her (while learning this himself as well!) that you need to be patient, let things happen over time, and don’t shut yourself off to possibilities.
    I mean, even Booth himself had given up on his dream of Brennan and tried to settle for second best. He had lost his own advice because of his pain. So its something they truly both had to learn. I think we can take it as kind of a tip of the hat to the fans, that B&B was going to happen “eventually”, but I think it applies most to Brennan specifically (and Booth) as they go through life together as partners, friends, and now a family. I take “everything happens eventually” along with “new memories, new life”. I think that’s what they mean by everything. It’s not going to be a perfect life, but B&B have the chance to finally overcome their upbringings and differences to have “everything” aka “new life”. And I literally cannot wait! 🙂

    • I agree with you bb. It is a running theme throughout the show. Angela did not want to settle down, Cam did not want a child, Brennan believed she was doomed to be alone. Only Booth seems to have what he set out to have – a family.
      I think it is a lesson that that needed to be learnt by more than one person on the show.

      Also Firefly, although Booth was teasing Brennan, it seemed to have a double meaning. And Brennan did cry at a crime scene – 7×01 so everything does happen eventually.

      • In Boneless Bride, Booth was talking about vomiting at a crime scene, not crying.

      • Eh, firefly, either crying or vomiting at a crimeside are both un-Brennan like. So typically she doesn’t do either. 🙂 Though…she has laughed at a crime scene when Booth thought the body was rolled up in a carpet.

      • *crime scene

        Sheesh. 🙂

      • I felt the double meaning too, even before they got together. And judging by the look on her face when she talks about the smell in the bowling alley in CitG, I get the feeling that she was feeling just a bit nauseated.

  4. I’ve always thought season 2 was Booth’s best looking season. The pic above reminds me why.

    Also, I’ve always thought the quotation is actually:
    ‘All the good stuff. All the stuff you think never happens, it happens. Just got to be ready for it.’

    As opposed to:
    ‘All the good stuff. And when you think it never happens, it happens. Just got to be ready for it.’

    In the context of how I heard it, I’ve always thought it was Booth’s way of telling Brennan not to worry about the line, it’ll happen between them eventually. I think Brennan was aware that she hadn’t gone away with Sully because of Booth, triggering questions in her mind about them. It is ‘them’ I think she was asking about when she said ‘everything?’. Booth was kind of saying ‘Don’t worry, it’ll happen between us, but only when we’re both ready.’

    • As always, Sophia, I love your comments!

      “Booth was kind of saying ‘Don’t worry, it’ll happen between us, but only when we’re both ready.’”

      I think that is exactly the point. I don’t know that they set out to make the phrase as oft-quoted as it is, such as the “mighty hut” has become, but I do think they did mean for it to be taken how you phrased it.

    • That moment when she turns around on the dock and he comes into focus? Leaves me breathless every time I watch. And every time I watch, I wonder how Brennan resisted jumping him right there

      • Mine too because it never crossed my mind that Booth would standing there waiting for Brennan.

      • Huronia, I have asked myself that question time and time again. Brennan has great self control and I do admire her for that amongst other things.

      • Sure, Brennan has great self-control, but what about Booth? Brennan would have had sex with him a long time ago. After their first kiss, Booth never tried to go for another opportunity. There are moments when it seems like she’s waiting for him to do something (or maybe I’m waiting,) but he never does.

      • Oh C-bones, don’t get me started on Booth. At least he still goes for ‘guy hugs’ and we all know where his mind is most of the time. Even strangers pick up on their tension.

        I guess like we all have said over and over again, it just could never be ‘just sex’ between these 2 and most of all, they wanted to remain friends no matter what.

  5. It’s seemed to me for a while that the real underlying theme has been “you just gotta be ready for it.”
    Everything that is going to happen to us (and them) DOES happen eventually…it’s the being ready that allows us to grab the opportunities and ‘all the good stuff’. Just my opinion. Brennan wasn’t ready at the 100th…then Booth wasn’t ready in TDitP…as examples. (yes, I have my own theories about what was going on in Booth’s head at that time) It’s my opinion that if you’re not ready when your chance comes, you need to GET ready…and HOPE you get another chance. Lucky for them (and us!) they got another chance and worked to be ready for it.
    I also wanted to say quickly that I have found the scene on the dock where Booth walks up to Brennan and ends up with his arm around her really sensuous… It’s so smooth as she’s walking forward and he manages to do a complete circle around her…I could (and do) watch that little bit of the scene a few times every time that episode is queued up. Maybe it’s just me…

  6. One reason why I think “eventually” will give us some kind of B&B wedding:

    ANGELA: Will you be my maid of honor? At the wedding?
    (Brennan hugs her)
    ANGELA: Is that yes?
    BRENNAN: I’m completely, totally honored.
    ANGELA: Really? I thought I’d have to tell you what a maid of honor-
    BRENNAN: I don’t even care how awful the bridesmaids’ dresses are (hugs her again) I’m so glad you asked me

    Come on, an anti-marriage gal wouldn’t let her BFF do something she truly detested, nor would she stand up with her! Makes me think all her marriage put-downs were to protect herself from hurt if she didn’t ever get married. Now that she’s got Booth and BBB…will she actually ask Booth!?!? I’m still hoping its part of “everything” and “eventually”! Just sayin’ 🙂

    • Yes, a lot of Brennan’s cynicism were for personal reasons. There was one case where the husband murdered the wife, but said he loved her. And she sarcastically said “Oh, love? Now it’s a beautiful story.” And then told Booth that’s why she’s against or hates marriage. I can’t remember her exact words, so I was paraphrasing. My point is, Brennan would often use failed examples of relationships to justify herself avoiding them. But digging deeper down, that was just a wall she built to protect herself. So she wouldn’t yearn for things she didn’t think she could have or even deserve. Hopefully seeing Hodgela will make her realize that instead of it being an antiquated ritual, it’s really whatever she and Booth want it to be. Brennan also said she would never get married, to which Booth replied “Never say never.” So of course they’re going to get married.

      • Plus, remember in MITSG Brennan seemed to expect that Booth would ask her to marry him. She seemed surprise and little flustered when she thought for a second that he would not – then we learned Booth expects her to do the asking! Ha! I think before that conversation Brennan had been thinking about what her answer to that question would be. Now, personally, I think she would have said yes, but she was probably thinking of the logical, rational reasoning behind that answer:) Some people point to Brennan saying “Buck and Wanda” were engaged in CITG as indicating her change in thought, but I saw that as her being “undercover” because B&B were boyfriend and girlfriend so that’s not really pretend, whereas engaged is pretend. I think they will get married someday, but in their own way. I don’t think it would be too out-of-character for Brennan and I do think she would still say that she does not need to be married or have a piece of paper to prove her love/commitment.

      • Mother and Child In the Bay

        Brennan: When you were sleeping with Kyle, didn’t it matter to you that you’re destroying a family?
        Karen Tyler: We were in love.
        Brennan: Oh! Love. Sorry, now it’s a beautiful story.

        I think just was going for sarcasm. I think Brennan is very much pro family even if she didn’t have the family she wanted.

    • I don’t think she is anti-marriage as such. She just has not found a good reason to get married – like she told Maggie in SantaitSlush.

      • Oh I agree with you, Tonia. I just hear a lot of people saying they’ll be upset if they marry because it means that Brennan is changing too much for Booth, or going against who she is…and things like that. I’ve never felt that. She’s happy for other people to be married like Hodgela or Jared/Padme, but I’ve never taken her stance on marriage to be more than one of her walls and defenses to protect herself from hurt.

  7. I think Hart intended eventually to mean what we all came to hope it meant. He has said repeatedly that that was the end game.

    But, of more interest to me is the whole bit about how they changed in s3 and s4. First, I ignore s3 because it was screwed up because of the writers’ strike. As to 4, I don’t see what the problem is. I don’t see that they aren’t the same people. Like real people they are evolving because of their experiences. For Brennan that evolution has meant learning that perhaps she doesn’t know everything that matters. Perhaps there are things she doesn’t understand that are valid.

    All the talk of Brennan becoming a robot and all, I totally disagree with. I think we’ve seen a significant evolution. I think that scientist Brennan is who she always has been. She’s still the same confident, brash scientist. She still prefers to rely on science and facts and truth. However, she has learned that that approach is not always best outside the lab — and maybe sometimes within the lab.

    I get this. When someone who is smart like this tries to figure out the people side, their first reaction is to try to use an intellectual approach. When you do this, you become very awkward. You’re standing there trying to reason your way through the situation, which leaves you standing there thinking, which makes you look kind of dumb. If you try to explain, you sound very weird. Some might see it as robotic. Eventually, with practice, you learn more automatic responses through that reasoning process that people like Angela and Booth understand innately.

    Especially when you go back and look at the very early episodes, Brennan is very arrogant and dismissive of anything that does not fit her very narrow idea of what is the appropriate way to approach — well, any situation, not just crime or lab situations or science. She dismisses every other perspective. When she begins to recognize that perhaps Booth does know something that she doesn’t about people, she has to scientize it. She has to talk about subtle cues and all that. And, more importantly, she thinks she can use her big(ger) brain to master this. She can’t let Booth have anything on her. Think about her reaction when Angela talks to her about this. Suggesting that perhaps she should let Booth have this.

    I like the s7 Brennan a whole lot more. Even s6 Brennan. This is a Brennan who has FINALLY learned that there may be more to life than the scientific method, that truth may not be quite so simple, etc., etc.

    What I really see is a Brennan who has matured, grown up. Who has realized that what got her through the difficulties of her early life may not be what will get her a full — wide — life. She learned that she had to be open on many levels. Not just to new experiences, but to new perspectives — even ones that she has difficulty accepting.

    That’s who we have now. A well-tempered Temperance, if you will. She is letting her heart show. BUT, she is still herself. I love how she brought the latest in scientific theories to bear when she tried to help Booth deal with his father’s death. I loved that she acknowledged that she was probably going to say the wrong thing. Early season Brennan would never even realize, let alone admit, that she might say the wrong thing. She didn’t think there was a wrong thing to say even if it was the truth.

    This is a more mature Brennan, but it’s still the same Brennan at her core.

    Sorry for going on so long, but this has been bugging me lately.

    • Lovely comment

      • I too see positive changes in Brennan – she’s changed a lot in order to be open to a committed, loving relationship.

        There are other changes in her character I find less appealing – like, when they decided along the way to make her explain excruciatingly unfunny jokes back to the teller. Eugh.That is a horrendous development. Season 1, 3 or 3 Brennan would never have done that, she was genuinely and self-aware-ly funny. They just made her ‘bigger’ in her character traits, more blindingly oblivious, literal and un-self aware. It’s the exaggeration of those traits, which they’ve done for laughs mostly, that I find annoying because it’s done her a disservice.

      • Sophia –
        Can’t answer directly.
        I take your point, but I just don’t agree. She was massively unaware of how people saw her from the very beginning. And, I think they always mined it for laughs.
        Actually I think the worst thing they did to her, which happened more recently, was the change in her wardrobe. I agree with those who think they’ve overdone the trench coats.
        It will be interesting to see how they dress Mama Bones.

    • Angelena, you couldn’t hear me, but I just breathed the biggest sigh of relief. It’s been bugging me a lot, too, but I didn’t know how to put it into words. Sometimes when I do go back, it’s hard for me to start at the beginning of S1 because of how brash she was. I get that that’s what drew some people to her in the first place, but I think they made some changes so she wouldn’t seem as mean.

      What also bugs me is the complaint that Brennan isn’t aware anymore, as to suggest she was always aware in the past and now she’s not anymore. (Even using the word leaves me confused? Aware of what, exactly?) As you have pointed out, there are sooo many things she has realized now, and is still realizing. She is no less a scientist than she was before, but she actually has a personal life so work isn’t everything to her now as it was before. It’s difficult because she’s in a new situation. Somehow their independent lives that they’ve been living for so long have to mesh to create a family. That’s not something that happens automatically, especially for someone like her, and it’s not like she really knows all the “rules,” like Booth seems to.

    • I do agree. People mature but at the core they remain true to themselves. I don’t think Bones has become a robot; she has just evolved.

    • A wonderful description.

    • This is beautifully stated. I completely agree with everything you’ve brought up, and I’ve expressed similar sentiments myself in other discussions. Even when she was supposedly a “robot,” there was so much more going on under the surface that there was a clear purpose to what was happening, and that wasn’t really what was going on. I too am loving how it’s led to how she is in season 7.

      Another sigh of relief here, too.

    • Thank you for this. Agreed.

  8. One thing I wanted to point out in this episode- When Booth tells Brennan she should go off with Sully, she seems really surprised, and maybe even a little disappointed. I got the impression that she wanted him to tell her she shouldn’t go. Because even though she thought that rationally it would be a good thing, she was searching for reasons to stay. And she thought that Booth of all people wouldn’t want her to go. And he didn’t, but he wants her to be happy, even if it hurts him.

    • That scene is the best part of the entire episode for me. Booth clearly didn’t want her to go and Brennan clearly didn’t want to go. They couldn’t say this out loud because they both would have to explain why and what so important that Brennan couldn’t leave.

      Booth’s struggle could be seen when he said “You should go” and quoting Angela’s comments from earlier. Brennan struggle could be seen when she looked through the interrogation window and the non-hug she gave Sully (she was not feeling sailing off with Sully).

      Booth and Brennan wanted each other but wouldn’t/couldn’t express to anybody outside of themselves.

    • I think that this scene is one of the most underrated, under-noticed (for lack of a better word) moments of DB in the series. His face and his voice are clearly saying that he’s dying inside, while he’s telling her to go. That moment always brings a tear to my eye.

      • “His face and his voice are clearly saying that he’s dying inside, while he’s telling her to go. ”

        I also like that scene when he was telling her to go. I think Booth was encouraging her because he knew Sully truly cared for Brennan despite his wanderlust. And Booth himself said that Sully is a good man ( a lot better than her previous relationships). Since he (Booth) has drawn the line and couldn’t be with Brennan, he wanted her to find love and happiness and to be taken care of by a good man. But then yes… I feel the struggle — his mouth was saying “yes” but his heart was saying “no please don’t go…”

        And then at the marina he just looked relieved that she didn’t go. His grin was almost cocky. But I’m sure he just wanted to cheer Brennan up thus the light banter about everything happening eventually 🙂

  9. On hindsight, it was after Sully that Booth and Brennan essentially began what Sweets called their “surrogate relationship”, right? Just thinking out loud 🙂

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