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Vintage Bones: The Priest in the Churchyard- Catching Fire and Knowing Where to Stand


Good morning!

I’d forgotten just how antagonistic B&B were toward one another in this one– Booth is sensitive when Brennan makes comments about “magic water” and he suggests she should have just sailed away with her boyfriend. He also declares he doesn’t want to work the case with her and asks if she’ll come see Dr. Wyatt with him.

“I will speak my mind, Booth. I will speak my mind” she tells him, one of my all time favorite Brennan lines! 🙂

So Dr. Wyatt does analyze them, and what do you think of his ‘observations’? He tells them that they aren’t dealing with the Sully thing but that it’s just a matter of where each one fits–where they stand literally and metaphorically with one another and in the lab and FBI building.

What do you think? Do you agree with him, or was he just doing his job–getting them to work together at all costs?


Here is the B&B of the day:

The “Let’s just pretend he’s right so we don’t have to talk about it anymore” B&B

From The Priest in the Churchyard: Season Two


17 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Priest in the Churchyard- Catching Fire and Knowing Where to Stand

  1. Well, I believe, in psychological terminology, that GGW is “full of it”. And everyone knows it. B&B know he’s full of it, but it gives them an “out”, and they both take it. Angela, however, does not.

    ANGELA: Alright, listen up, Monty Python. You got it right with Hodgins and I, that’s fine. But we both know that you are full of it on the other thing.
    WYATT: I have no idea to what you refer.
    ANGELA: Brennan didn’t run off with Sully because she cannot live a life without focus. She stayed because of Booth.

    Understatment of the year? Yes. But true.

    • In a way, I think GGW was right.

      Brennan couldn’t acknowledge to herself that she was staying because of Booth so for her, she stayed because of the ‘life of purpose’ thing.

  2. I think GGW correctly observed that B&B were terrified of the possibility of being together. They wanted it, but they were scared of it, too. Sully’s departure made things even scarier because now there’s no obvious obstacle to their getting together and the whole thing – her not leaving, him being happy she didn’t leave – has sort of tipped their hand to each other.

    Had GGW not intervened, it’s very possible they would have continued picking fights until they refused to speak to each other at all. Which is exactly what we saw them do in the 100th flashback! Get close, get freaked out, argue until they couldn’t stand to be around each other.

    Obviously, the flashback hadn’t been written, probably not even thought of at this point in season 2, but it’s a nice bit of continuity. When BB can’t deal with their feelings for each other, they lash out.

  3. I think Angela’s observations are the more valid ones– GGW is simply putting one and one together so they can continue to solve crimes. He probably realized that neither one of them was ready for the truth in their relationship, but Angela sees the truth and calls GGW on it.

    I love how Brennan buys into GGW’s ideas. not because his are any more sound than, say, Sweets, but because he coats them in non-shrinky language. Just as Booth is intimidated by the mighty shrink, so is Brennan, but in a different way. I always find it interesting that she picks and chooses the people she’ll listen to, even when they are suggesting something from a soft science. She respects intelligence and should respect someone like Sweets, but there’s just something about the baby duck she cannot accept. She’ll confront him and antagonize him and dismiss him in ways she would never do to GGW.

    • Sweets does not know when to back off and he still does not know how to talk to Booth and Brennan in a subtle way. GGW has the ‘knack’.
      Of course he twisted the truth so they could work together. He just told them what they wanted to hear in relation to the jb they do and put forward the personal side as not being important.
      GGW knew Angela knew but at least Brennan and Booth were happy.

    • I believe that might still have something to do with Sweets betraying her when Booth got shot by not telling her it was fake. She has seen his ugliest side, and even if you forgive someone, it doesn’t mean you trust them again. Especially if they keep threatening to break up the most important partner relationship in your life, keep saying you are cold and prying into every emotion you feel. I would not respect him either.

      GGW was very supportive and gentle with her. Even eventually telling Booth to have patience shows an understanding of Brennan that Sweets will never get. (With telling Booth to take a gamble he gave Booth the exact opposite advice that GGW did.)

      I don;t hate Sweets, but I don’t feel bad for him when they toy with him either.

      • Very good point. That was a huge betrayal. I don’t think i could trust someone again if they did that to me. Sometimes I forget about that, but that is probably a large reason of why Brennan doesn’t respect Sweets, and a very valid one.

  4. I really enjoyed this episode! I love GGW and, of course, B&B were being, well, B&B. They don’t fight, they “bicker”!

    Viewing this episode, and comparing it to the 100th episode and the insight we saw of their first meeting, it’s also interesting to also compare it to B&B we saw in S6. B&B did not really “pick fights” or “bicker” after Brennan turned down Booth at the end of the 100th. Nor did they bicker when they reunited after Maluku and Afghanistan. They were kind of “off” and Booth was considered a little more “snarky” to Brennan by some but they did not seem to resort back to this pattern. Also, after H left, they did not really bicker between the end of DITM and BITB. In Priest in the Churchyard, Booth just comes right out and says they are not working well together, and suggests they go and see GGW. In early S6 all the way up to BITB, there WAS a giant mastadon in the room, and neither really brought it up at all. Sure, we got the heartwrenching confession by Brennan in DITP but, even then, we did not see B&B discuss that at all.

  5. I agree with Angela! GGW was full of it, but he was just doing his job! They were both scared of their feelings for each other at that point, so a little fib was needed to help them work together well. I liked that Booth was very upfront about them not getting along and wanted to fix it. They didn’t ignore it or let it get out of hand this time, because by now their partnership means enough to them to do everything they can to fix it. Great episode!

  6. GGW was right on. Brennan would have been bored out of her mind after two days alone on a boat with Sully. But that was predictive based on his knowledge of Brennan’s personality. She is a workaholic dedicated to what she does. She never at this point took time off. Her vacations involved mass graves and genocide. Part of her attraction to Booth is his parallel dedication to his job and sense of responsibility. Sailing around aimlessly in the Caribbean would have driven her nuts. However, that said, the obvious reason she didn’t leave with Sully (apart from the fact the writers would have been out of work) was because of her ties to Booth. Angela was right about GGW’s primary goal of getting the two of them back into the field and also about Brennan’s ultimate loyalty to her relationship with her partner, however it might be defined.

  7. I know its all based on actor’s schedule, but is it too much to ask Stephen Fry, if he would clear up some time in his schedule to make a post-BBB appearance on Bones?? I think GGW + BBB (and B&B) = super great fun times! (and a lot of initials 🙂 )

    • I think he has a sort of talk show here in the UK – called QI. He’s quite a busy chap.

    • I totally agree bb – would love to see Stephen Fry visit post BBB. His characterisation of GGW is one of the best continuous guest appearances throughout the series and I personally would like to see GGW much more. He ‘got’ B&B in a way that Sweets is incapable of doing and, importantly, Brennan seems to trusts him.
      I believe Stephen Fry is currently in New Zealand filming The Hobbitt so his schedule is probably full for now.

  8. Whether he knew at the time that he was full of hooey with his insight (we know he knew!) no good would have come out of GGW telling B/B the truth. He told them what they were ready to hear and also what would defuse the situation the most-both from an FBI standpoint so they could work together, but also from a personal perspective because any acknowledgment of their feelings at this time would have probably resulted in a massive fight. Even later, when they were more comfortable with each other we still had a major freak-out when Booth finally put what he was feeling into words; she left, he retreated and it took almost another year for them to get back together, like it did the first time they met. Still wrapping my head around how they could have gotten together without so much suffering (for me!). I do think the breakup after the 100th had a solid foundation in how they had acted before, much as I may not have liked it, so at least it didn’t completely come out of the blue.

  9. well then they need to do another “yanks” type episode. where b&b has to go to New Zealand to solve a case…and run into GGW cooking in a restaurant or something. Then stephen fry could film scenes more easily! boom, solution!

  10. Breaking news…. Bones is returning Monday, April 2nd @ 8 p.m. – it’s new timeslot for the remainder of the season. Thursdays 9 p.m. will belong to the new show Touch. So….yeah…. start spreading the word and mark your calendar!

  11. If you follow Stephen Fry on Twitter (the man tweets constantly), you can see that he’s crazy busy. He’s flying off somewhere every week or so it seems.

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