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MAQ: Did Booth Take a Risk or a Gamble–and Is There a Difference?


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I am sure you have heard the news, but in case you haven’t, mark those calendars, because Bones is moving to Mondays when it comes back in April. Instead of April 5th for a spring premiere, we’re looking at April 2nd. I’m not sure how it will work out, but I was thinking of moving the MAQ to Tuesdays and making TFT on Thursdays…Top Five Thursday maybe? We’ll see what happens 😀 . But I like doing MAQs after episodes, so I am leaning toward that.

Speaking of MAQs, though…here is one I’ve been thinking about lately. In the 100th episode, did Booth take a risk or a gamble? Yes, I did think about this as I was looking at some 401k options and measuring some risk with my personal money. I heard the word risk and gamble from different people, and it brought Bones to mind. Don’t act like that hasn’t happened to you, haha! 😀

Perhaps I’m just being generous in my semantics–but I still think it’s worth asking. In my mind, a risk means examining all of the evidence and taking a chance based on the odds. If I invest my 401k into stocks that have a history of growth and dividends (I have no idea what I’m talking about), that is a risk. If I withdraw my savings and toss it on a roulette wheel without knowing the odds…that seems like a gamble. Because the stakes were so high–love, partnership, friendship, family…it seems like Booth gambled, but maybe he just took a risk.

I think one way of looking at it is asking, “What did he lose?”. I don’t mean to look back now and see that it worked out eventually, but in that exact moment, and immediately after, when they walked away, arm in arm…what had he lost with his attempt? Thoughts?

I think we can also take Sweets out of it. He happened to use the word ‘gamble’ so I think it sort of sways the viewer toward thinking that is what Booth did. I’m not declaring open season on Sweets in the comments, I am just saying that maybe Booth took a risk (which to me implies maturity) vs. a gamble (which implies impulsiveness).

Thoughts from you?



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  1. Ooh interesting question. I actually spend a silly amount of time getting disgruntled with people online who relentlessly bash Booth for what happened in the 100th.

    Not to get into it here, but suffice to say it winds me up when people think what Booth did was stupid and unfair to Brennan. Call me a strange mixture of cynical and romantic, but I happen to think that he took a leap of faith, after being patient and reticent for several years previously and it back fired in a way that devastated him. I also think she said no because she wasn’t ready, and nothing he could have said would convince her otherwise. The writers decided they weren’t going to get together at that point and that’s that.

    Now, in terms of ‘gamble’ vs ‘risk’ I definitely don’t think it was a gamble in the way you define above. She gave him many signs that she would be open to a relationship at that point, I don’t blame him for thinking there was a good chance she’d say yes.

    I prefer to think that he took a chance rather than a gamble. He gathered his courage and broached the subject they’d been avoiding for years because he couldn’t wait any more.

    In answer to the question ‘what did he lose?’, the answer is simply Everything. Everything he’d ever hoped for. The future. The dream. He lost everything. Everything except their partnership. Which he lost a few months later anyway. Still makes me sad to think about it.

    • *applause*

      I agree with you (as always haha) 110% Sophia.

      And yes, I know there is nothing above 100% 🙂

    • ” She gave him many signs that she would be open to a relationship at that point,”

      See, I would debate that. Her believing that love exists doesn’t immediately translate into she loves Booth. For anyone, it’s kind of hard to see where love, caring and affection for someone has moved from deep friendship into something more. It would be even more difficult for Brennan. How was she supposed to know that she loved Booth as more than a friend, even while she was physically/sexually attracted to him? In fact, right before Booth took the big risk/gamble, she specifically said “Booth and I aren’t in love with each other.” Either she just outright lied, or she just wasn’t aware of the depth of her feelings. I’ve always thought it was the latter. I think she gave signs (unknowingly) of her feelings for Booth, but I don’t think she gave signs of being open to a relationship with him until season 6.

  2. I agree with Sophia. Booth didn’t gamble when he asked Brennan to give them a chance. He had seen her change over the years and he thought she was more open to a relationship. They were best friends and he knew her better than most. Unfortunately, he didn’t know her as well as he thought he did.

    I felt sorry for Booth. He risked his friendship and actually lost it for a long time.

    Now that I think about it, Booth took the risk and Brennan took the gamble.

    Brennan said no because she didn’t want to gamble that she might lose her partnership/friendship with Booth and up to middle of season 6, her gamble didn’t pay off.

    • Brennan gambled. Interesting point. I felt sorry for Booth, of course, but I felt sorry for Brennan, too. She knows her track record of relationships. She knows how difficult she is. She knows her ideas about relationships and by this point she knows Booth’s ideas. At that point she really couldn’t accept that someone could love her as she is. She truly and honestly felt that she would cause him nothing but pain, and she couldn’t bear to do that. But it happened anyway. I don’t think she was thinking, “How dare you find someone else to love?”

      You know, even at this point Brennan may not understand why Booth loves her. But she’s willing to accept it.

      • C-bones –
        Love your last point. I do think Brennan still isn’t sure that she is lovable, and she clearly is not yet confident in her ability to love.

        It is one of the great ironies of ep 100 that she says no because she is afraid she will hurt him – and that she doesn’t see that that is exactly what she ends up doing, and makes even worse by running off to Maluku.

      • That’s an interesting point about Brennan even now not being sure why exactly Booth loves her.

      • Personally, I don’t believe Brennan gives any thought at all to why Booth loves her.

        She’s not one for self-analyzing meta thoughts. Why wouldn’t he love her? She’s beautiful. She’s brilliant. They have great chemistry. They’re obviously (I’d betcha) good together sexually. What’s not to love?

      • I don’t know, MJ, I kind of feel like that was all talk. When Avalon says Brennan wonders how someone could love her and Brennan says, “I’m intelligent and beautiful,” and then Avalon tells Brennan that “He knows the truth of you and he is dazzled by that truth,” she looks so vulnerable. I think that she knows that objectively she is beautiful and intelligent and worth admiration and respect. I’m not sure that, deep down, Brennan believes that she is truly *lovable*. Because she is just as aware of her faults as she is of her strengths, I think she doubts that someone could love all of her, metaphorical warts and all. Which is why her knee-jerk response to Booth was “I can’t change.” Because she felt like there were things about her that she would *have* to change to be part of a successful relationship.

      • MJ, I made that comment for a couple of reasons. It seemed to be a big issue in her talk with Avalon. She acknowledged even then that someone could love her because she was intelligent and beautiful, but seemed to not readily accept that someone could be dazzled knowing who she really is. I wasn’t suggesting that Brennan needs to know why. You’re right in that she seems quite content just knowing that they do love each other. And I don’t see any evidence that she thinks it’s just because of the baby.

        I wasn’t saying that was a problem. It was just an acknowledgement of how that’s not that important to her at this point, as you said. One of the things I love about Brennan is that she doesn’t deal a lot in “what-ifs.” She didn’t seem to go the “what if Hannah said yes?” route. The fact is, Hannah said no, and Brennan ended up getting her second chance with Booth. I don’t even think she needed to know that Booth still loved her when he was with Hannah. What is relevant is that he loves her now.

      • I don’t quite get that vibe from her talk with Avalon. When that conversation occurred, neither of them had told the other “I love you.” Booth gave that whole 30/40/50 years and “I knew” etc. speech but he didn’t say he loved her. And then they went their separate ways and she came back feeling whatever it was she was feeling and he came back attached to Hannah.

        They’ve said the words now and I believe that matters to her because (IMO) Temperance Brennan absolutely trusts Seeley Booth in a way she doesn’t trust anyone else.

        And, he said he loves her. Ergo, ipso facto Columbo Oreo, he loves her.

      • It’s always hard for me to know what Brennan knows. Was her response in the 100th planned in case he ever pushed for more, or was it on the spot? Did she feel like at some point Booth was going to ask for more? Or was she surprised at him wanting to change the status quo?

        So whether Brennan knew about Booth’s deeper feelings for her would make me view certain things differently. If she already knew, Booth saying ILU would only confirm her suspicion, not enlighten her. And maybe even she knew that the amount of pain she saw when she told him no was not due to him just having a crush on her or liking her a lot. There’s always been so much between them. Booth did used the word love in his speech when he talked about “couples who love each other.” Brennan didn’t even say anything about love in her confession, but that’s what Booth picked up. Even in Blizzard, neither of them had said ILU yet, but were on the same page with the “you, me, love, happiness” statement (I left out fate, of course.) So one could say they knew they loved each other before they explicitly said it.

        Yeah, her conversation with Avalon was before her fateful one with Booth, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the point I was making. I thought it spoke to an issue we had seen throughout the series. As CJsMom put it, seeing herself as “lovable.” She felt like she got along better with the dead. She was a person who didn’t like people to get too close, and one reason was because she was afraid a person might not like what they saw and then leave. Angela even brought it up in a conversation with her in the Sully era. Her issues with love affected her relationship with Booth, and played directly into her decision to reject his offer.

        Right now, she knows Booth knows her more than anyone else. He sees her faults, her weaknesses, but he loves her anyway and he’s not planning on going anywhere. She accepts that, or at the very least she is still learning to accept that.

      • MJ, my response was in reference to the way Brennan felt in late season five, specifically in the 100th episode. I don’t think she has any doubts about Booth loving her in season seven. I was just not paying attention and thought you guys were still talking about the whole risk/gamble, Booth putting himself out there and getting shot down scenario.

  3. What did he lose?

    He lost hope.

    As long as he didn’t ask, he could pretend that he knew she’d say yes if he did ask. But once he asked and he was wrong, and she did say no, he was just deflated. It was awful.

    I understand why he asked. I understand why she said no. But God, it hurt to see.

    • Yes. And yes again. My thoughts exactly, expressed more succinctly than I would have managed.

    • MJ – You are so right here. We all do it. If we don’t know something for sure, we can still believe that what we want can happen. But once we ask, we know, so hope is gone. Booth lost hope.

      Then when he was at his lowest, he lost all that he had left: his best friend and his partner. His world really did com crashing down at the end of s5. It still makes me cry to think about it, even knowing what happened “eventually.”

      • You just made my eyes fill with tears now. I have to get it together…I have a meeting in a few minutes. Dang, how can a fictional show be so real to cause such emotions. Crazy.

    • I understand why he asked. I understand why she said no.”

      Well said, MJ! 🙂

    • MJ really off topic. FF is acting up and not sending out email. I sent you 6 more ideas in a private message. You can use them or not. I probaby got carried away so I’ll stop now.

    • AMEN. To everything you just said so simply.

  4. Sophia –

    I agree with you completely that Booth was not stupid and unfair. They had grown much closer and there had been some small indications that Brennan was open to more. While I concur that Brennan wouldn’t have changed her answer that night, I do think that Booth could have gotten her thinking about their relationship and her life (what she didn’t really do until Maluku), if he had pointed out to her that 1) she had changed, 2) she had gambled — on Max and on Booth himself and 3) she does have an open heart and cited things like baby Andy, the various interactions with foster kids, giving the funeral in Woman in the Garden, attending the funeral in Goop. I will always feel that they had Booth cave too fast. But, they weren’t about to get them together then. (Might have saved everybody a lot of pain. 😉 But, I guess they were determined to give everyone all that pain. I’ll never agree that that was the only way to get them where they needed to go.)

    I agree with you on risk v. gamble, but I need a while to pull my thoughts together on that. So, this is it for now.

    • I’m with you – I’ll never agree that all this pain was necessary, for the characters or the audience. I don’t feel that I appreciate their relationship now because of all it took to get there. On the contrary, it makes me sad that we could have had that kind of show a year earlier, and created a valley of depressing episodes that I just can’t even watch again.

      Everything from the Queen Bee to Daredevil in the Mold depressed the heck out of me. It’s not even a question of being mad at the showrunners or not liking the character arcs or anything like that. It was simply: I like these characters, they are miserable, I don’t enjoy watching them be miserable.

      • First of all, let me preface this with: I love angst. Many of you already know that. So while it was very difficult for me to watch season six as it unfolded, now that we’ve reached the light at the end of the tunnel, I’m good with it. It was sad and it was heart-wrenching, but I can watch it now and enjoy it because I know what’s coming. I like to feel strong emotions– happiness, sadness, anger, all of it–in response to my entertainment.

        But from a more practical point of view, it seems to me that there was more activity in the fandom when all of this turmoil was playing out on screen than there is now. Possibly that is more due to the small new episode breaks in the midst of many interminable hiatuses (hiatusi?), rather than the fact that controversy excites people and makes them want to speak up. There was certainly more fanfic being written then, because so many people were desperate to “fix” the problems we were seeing on screen.

      • Well, you make a good point. People do like drama. And because of the shorter season and multiple hiatuses, we will really never know if the slowdown in the fandom is a result of less show or less dramatic show.

        I think it may just be individual abilities to deal with angst. There are books I’ve read that broke my heart and I can’t possibly read them again, there are movies that haunt me and I can’t watch them again – so I know I’m probably less tolerant to the prolonged emotional suffering of fictiona characters I am fond of!

      • I re-read books that make me cry all the time. (I actually do read happy stuff, too, I’m not a masochist.) The only book that has ever left me so despondent that I cursed the time I spent reading (all 900 pages of) it, and refused ever to even consider reading again, and will forever warn others against is A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry. It was very well written, and I was coaxed into genuinely caring about the characters which is why the unmitigated despair in the end gutted me. I mean, really, if I’d been emotionally unstable it might have pushed me over the edge. Balance? Nope. Just bleakness and despair and misery.


        Rant over. I promise.

      • Barbara –

        I am with you all the way on 100th to, in my case, DitP, more or less. From DitP to Daredevil it varies a bit. There are some eps in there that I can watch and some I can’ or won’t. For example, I do like Bullet in the Brain, ironically because of the excruciating look on Booth’s face at the end. (All right. And, Booth with the rifle on the table and “This land belongs to Seeley Booth.” Ha, ha.) When they rerun those eps from late s5 and early s6 on TNT, I don’t watch. It’s just too upsetting.

        I’ve/we’ve come to see these characters as close friends, almost family. Watching their misery was just gut wrenching. I think I was nauseous for the better part of a year.

  5. Oh thank God everyone here seems to mostly be on the same page as me! I talk with too many people that think it’s all Booths fault and if he had said something different she would have changed her mind. It’s drives me INSANE. The fact is,she wasn’t ready. She was still too scared to let go and be loved. I think this was needed to show her what she lost. As heartbreaking as it was, Brennan had to see what she was losing before she could realize it was worth the risk. Although I think Sweets was unprofessional here, in a way he was right. Something had to happen or they would have kept dancing around each other for who knows how long.

    And I agree that Booth took a risk, not a gamble. He thought he could convince Brennan because he knows her better than anyone.

    This episode makes me cry, but the Boy with the Answer and the Beginning in the End are what really kill me. Seeing Booth already crushed, and then losing Brennan entirely(or so he thought at least)-I can’t even imagine how much that had to hurt. It’s no wonder he turned to someone else and then was scared to let Brennan back in. When it comes down to it, they both made mistakes based out of fear. But it all worked out in the end, right?:)

    • Agree with you Kira about the sad, sad nature of those two last episodes. And it must have triple hurt Booth given the fact that she asked him to continue working with her on the 100th despite the bruising his heart and his pride took and he did, and now she was the one doing the leaving. No criticism towards Brennan though. She was in full self-preservation mode when she left and not thinking rationally herself. Much more stress and there would have been a nervous breakdown, maybe much worse than we saw in Doctor. And as we know, distance really did make the heart grow fonder.

    • I’m with you Kira, of all the episodes from seaon 1 through season 7, I cannot watch the last two episodes of season 5. I can’t watch Booth’s pain and Brennan so upset.

      I really belive nothing Booth said would have made a difference. Brennan did have to lose it all to find out what she wanted. Unfortunately we had to go through the wringer to get there, Booth, Brennan and the fans.

      I would have preferred that they had gone another path; but, like CJsMom said, a lot of people like drama and may not have stuck with the show if there had been less drama. Something we’ll never know.

      • Kira – you said everything I’ve been thinking! I’m so glad there is someone else out there who finds the Booth-Blame culture infuriating. I see it so much it actually makes me be less involved with the fandom because I can’t bear refuting it all the time.

        For me (and I suspect for Booth) the most painful time was not when she rejected him romantically, it’s when she also backed away from their partnership and friendship without explanation. My heart broke and I think his did too. If only she had told him the reason she needed to leave.

        I don’t think she changed her mind in Maluku, I think she came home still content in the belief that she’d made the right decision. It wasn’t until she saw him with Hannah and learned what it meant to not be the No.1 woman in his life that she realised what she’d lost. She did need that. because it forced her to tell the truth to herself, and eventually to him.

      • I actually sometimes feel a little mad at Brennan instead of Booth. And truly I do understand the motivations and reasonings of her character, but just sometimes I get…well, not mad, but maybe upset?…that she ended up causing Booth so much pain there. She was sending mixed signals, but always backing away. Then she leaves, with no word, and Booth feels like he really does have to settle for 2nd best like he told Harmonia. But back then when he said it, he had a little hope in his smile that it wouldn’t be that way forever. When Hannah came into the picture, I think that little bit of hope had been snuffed out. And then after Brennan rejects the relationship idea, she asks if they can still work together, and asks him to dance at Queen Bee, knowing all the while what he felt. It does rub me the wrong way sometimes.

        But truly, when you step back. She messed up on somethings. Booth messed up on some things. Neither are perfect or always do the right thing. But it all worked out in the end, so it does make me feel that the angsty bits were worth it. Now they’ve been through the rough stuff, they can be more secure that they now have the real thing. No doubts. And that’s ultimately why I think it made them stronger for it.

        (I have a hard time watching them dance in Queen Bee. I really do!)

      • I know there have been a lot of people mad at Brennan, especially in the second half of season 5. We could debate about her sending mixed signals. She’s always been attracted to Booth – there have been many times I’m sure she wouldn’t have minded kissing him. Her feelings were evolving faster than she could understand them, and that’s what I think we saw. I saw that Queen Bee scene a little bit differently. Brennan didn’t force him to dance. She may have been oblivious to why it would make him uncomfortable, but once he stated his reservations, she understood and stood back and let him make the call. He was the one who caved and said “Let’s dance.” I also think that Brennan’s break to Maluku was for Booth as much as it was for herself. Daisy made some comment about them holding each other back, and that seemed to resonate with her.

        Looking back, you could say that she had been unfair to Booth in several instances. But I think Brennan eventually realized that. After Hannah, people wanted Booth to apologize to Brennan for basically moving on, but the regrets ran both ways. If she could take him to task about Hannah, he could take her to task about a lot of stuff before Hannah – even throwing in the timing of her confession. Without a lot of fanfare, I think they just decided to not hold things against the other person. They knew that even though there was a lot of pain that was caused in that long time period, none of it was intentional. Booth may be the person who always says “The past is the past,” but I think that’s always been Brennan’s motto, too.

  6. I think Booth did do a little bit of gambling in the 100th but only because he had some semi-rational hope about the outcome. Everyone knows that that there are better odds at some games, the ones that depend somewhat on skill (black jack), than others that are based purely on luck (roulette). Given what he’d seen of Brennan’s behavior, he had to have thought she was more like black jack at this point and he at least had a chance with her. On the one hand, he’s seen nothing concrete from her and tells GGW “She doesn’t love me. I would know if she loved me.” On the other, she’s all over him at the museum’s gala event (Hacker-dating notwithstanding), sparks fly during the plumbing incident, she goes out of her way for him in Pudding and says things like “before I met Booth I didn’t believe in love.” What’s a guy who’s judgment is severely impaired by his feelings supposed to do with those mixed signals? As to Sweets, it’s easy to blame Mr. “I’m slightly sophomoric and you’re stiil kind of an experiment to me” for pushing Booth’s buttons and daring him to act, but I think this was inevitable. All through season 5 Booth’s anxiety over Brennan and their status kept building, and it was just a matter of time before he was going to feel the need to say or do something.

    Things lost? Well, he ended up losing her for one. Maybe not immediately, but the seeds for her departure were planted on the 100th when she saw how much power she was capable of having over his life. They also lost the easygoing nature of their relationship, although I think that was gone for Booth a while back. But I think Booth still had hope, right up to the point she took that cab at the end of Boy with the Answer. That’s when he began to realize that things were about to change-and they did, on that bench in the finale, much to my gastric unhappiness.

  7. Hm, that is a great question Sarah! I think I tend to be on the “risk” side. I agree that it was a word Sweets used but not necessarily the true idea of it. Maybe if Booth had tried it earlier on, like right after she’d broken up with Sully, it would have been a gamble then. But after all the things they’d been through over the years, I’d say he had enough evidence to make it more of a real possibilty. So I’d say that’s in the risk category.

  8. I basically agree with you all. It was just not meant to be then but it had to be done. That they could walk away hand in hand is a testament to what they have and feel for each another. Booth knew she was not saying no because she did not love him and Brennan knew that too but she could not rationally see how things would work even if to try for a different outcome.
    It was painful for them and for us but he took a chance which did not work out. Like Kira said, it wasn’t until BwtA and BitE that his world fell completely apart.

  9. I know this is kind of off-the-wall but I always thought the end of that scene – the little arm shove and her head on his shoulder – I always thought that was as much a David and Emily moment as it was a Booth and Brennan moment.

    You know, that scene was hard. It was emotional and raw and they both cried (and I still get a little blinky when I watch it) and it was just hard. So me personally, I can just see them walking away talking to each other. “Oh, that was good.” “You so nailed that.” Etc. And then we see that little moment.

    And it works for Booth and Brennan, too, because the affection D&E share is part of what makes B&B work so well.

    Or maybe that’s me.

    • MJ it could just have been a D/E momemt but it did work well for B/B also. The fact that they still were relatively fine up until the end of BwtA makes me think it was all part of B/B. It was like they were harnessing their friendship/partnership as opposed to the emotional elements. Brennan was the one who actually reached out to him and put her head on his shoulder which says to me ‘I like you for who you are and appreciate your friendship and I am not rejecting you because of anything you have done or said’

      • I have mixed feelings about the walk away scene at the end of the 100th.

        I think they did it that way (btw – would that be a DB decision as director, or written in the script?) because to have them end the episode with them going their separate ways would just have been way too depressing – like the series was ending and that heart crushing moment was it for them. The two of them walking off together gives hope to the audience that they’re still B&B.

        So I understand why they did it. On the other hand, to me, it’s completely unrealistic. I mean, you tell your best friend that you’ve loved them from the moment you met and want to be with them for the rest of your life and they completely shoot you down? I think you’d want some immediate distance, for your pride and self-preservation as much as anything. Time to gather your composure before seeing them again. B&B are close, but I still think that would be realistic. I can’t help but wonder what they did/said when they parted ways that night – probably, ‘see you tomorrow?’ ‘see you tomorrow’. Sigh. it’s so sad.

      • I think having them walk away with linked arms is a show of just how far gone Booth is at that point. Now, MJ, don’t get mad, I’m not attacking Brennan, I promise! 😉 but she shot him down, asked him to still work with her, and then just expected them to go have a cup of coffee together as if nothing happened–and he plays along. At that point he is willing to do anything to be with her, even if he can’t *be* with her the way he wants to. I think it was Barbara who has said before that Booth’s love for Brennan in season five was not healthy, and I think this supports that argument. Poor guy gets shredded and he can’t even go off by himself to lick his wounds and recover. I don’t think Brennan was being mean or selfish, just that she wasn’t really aware of what she was asking of him to revert to the status quo and pretend that little conversation hadn’t happened.

      • You’d think I was unreasonably protective of Brennan or something . . .

        Which, okay, is totally true. But I don’t disagree with you here. He was pretty gone over her (and who can blame him) and it wasn’t particularly healthy for him (or for her, IMO).

        But the pain she caused him (and she did hurt him) wasn’t malicious or deliberate. Until Maluku, until Hannah, she didn’t know what she was asking. She didn’t understand. Until she did. Until it was almost too late.

        But then it wasn’t too late and now we’re having a baby and they have a Mighty Hut and all is right with the world. 🙂

      • I understand why it may seem unrealistic, but for some reason I do like that they walk away arm-in-arm. I think that although Booth was hurt, he saw that Brennan was hurting too, and wanted to comfort her despite his pain. The distance thing, Sophia, does play out in the S5 finale at the airport. When Michael Ausiello inteviewed DB and ED about that, specifically why no hug, they talked about relearning boundaries and how sometimes it’s too painful to hug and people needing to protect themselves when they are hurt.

      • Oh, I felt like the hand-holding at the airport, and Booth stepping forward like maybe he was going to kiss her and Brennan’s little gasp of surprise and then Booth *not* actually trying to kiss her and then Booth being the one to pull away…oh, that whole scene was just amazing well-played by ED and DB. I felt like the meat of that scene is the non-verbal stuff. It was…beyond words. I think it was so much better than if they’d hugged. It was almost like you could see a little thought bubble over Booth’s head, “If I get my arms around her, I *will NOT* be able to make myself let go.” Amazing amazing. And that song! (My daughter loves it. She calls it “Call Me Baby.” She’s so darn cute 😉 )

      • Sorry, the above comment belonged further along in the post. Oops.

  10. Hi C-Bones, that makes sense about the no hug at the end of season 5 finale. I can see what they were going for, it’s just that personally I’d rather have seen the distance immediately at the end of the 100th.

    I’d have liked it if they’d hugged at the airport because it was such a momentous occasion. I really wanted them to almost have to hug because they couldn’t bear not to. At that point, with the separation they knew was coming, that would have seemed realistic to me.

    • ” I really wanted them to almost have to hug because they couldn’t bear not to.”
      I know. But alas, Booth and Brennan are so incredibly reserved. Their powers of restraint are unbelievably strong.

      • “I know. But alas, Booth and Brennan are so incredibly reserved. Their powers of restraint are unbelievably strong.” – strongly concur.

  11. I would like to ask everyone to look at this from a slightly different perspective.

    I agree that Booth took a risk because he wanted more from Brennan. I also agree that some fans went crazy and threw too much venom towards Booth and that wasn’t appropriate. However, let me say that starting with the pilot Booth was portrayed as an exceptional FBI agent who partnered with an exceptional forensic scientist. Booth had a unique skill/ability to read people better than others even those in his profession. I concede that we are often blinded when evaluating a personal relationship and I can see that happened in Booth’s case. Nevertheless, Booth had the perspective of a soldier and law enforcement officer. Booth knew how PTSD affected people he knew personally—they wanted to run.

    Brennan was struggling with her encounter with Taffet. Brennan couldn’t face what she perceived as failing the ones who counted on her in the past but more importantly in the future. Therefore, she did what most people do in these situations. Brennan pushed the people who loved her the most away. She had to run.

    Statistically it is shown that people involved in a violent crime and/or suffer from PTSD break-up relationships. Brennan couldn’t gamble her friendship with Booth and she couldn’t risk a change in her professional career at this point in her life. To keep her sanity she needed these areas to remain solid and consistent and she needed time to heal emotionally. Unless you have experienced the effects of a violent crime it is hard to put yourself in the victim’s shoes. The nightmares, fears, and terror sweats that the victim suffers are unimaginable.

    The Booth that we knew from the pilot had to know that. I felt sorry for Booth and cried with the characters on several occasions. When Booth was in Afghanistan he had to reflect on Brennan’s reaction and equate her struggles with a form of PTSD. He had that experience and knowledge. There really wasn’t any reason for him to hook up with a “serious as a heart attack” journalist to hurt Brennan and Booth himself even more for the story to take them to the next step. The same story would have evolved with a “serious as a broken toe” relationship.

    Both Booth and Brennan were faced with a decision Booth took the risk but Brennan couldn’t gamble with her life at that point. In my opinion, I think the Booth that I have come to know and love knew that or he should have.

    • Hmmm. Very insightful comment. Did Booth really understand why Brennan said no? He told her she was right, but he had to move on. But even saying that those issues were really at the crux of it all, Booth couldn’t be the one to fix it. She had to do that on her own. She has to be able to carry her own in a relationship. I never felt like she could do that before season 6.

      Booth wasn’t totally in the dark about why Brennan was leaving. In fact, it was probably his fault he didn’t hear the whole explanation. When she kept telling him her anxieties and doubts, he would cut her off, telling her that things would turn out fine, and even told her that she wasn’t going to Maluku. He feared that she was going to leave, so he didn’t really give her a chance to say everything. So in a way, he didn’t know because he didn’t want to know.

    • Pretty interesting point of view. GGW might have been quite useful at this point as she might have opened up to him. And she just does not trust Sweets. Might have saved us the Maluku/Afghanistan/Hannah arc.

      • I thought they were going to bring Gordon Gordon back to help them when Season 6 returned but they decided to go a different route. I’m happy where they ended though

  12. Well, it’s interesting how this thread turned into a beat up on Brennan mostly.

    But personally I think, Booth was not ready as much as Brennan wasn’t. Both gave confusing signals to each other. There was this famous line comment from Booth. Then his sentences like: she doesn’t love me, or You are scared of love etc. She told she’s not in love with him, yet he still acted. Not to mention. that when Sully is around he tells him not let Brennan to bully him away, yet he backs up from his offer so quick?
    What Brennan should understand from Booth one moment talking about knowing they’re belong together, and in the other saying he has to move on? I don’t think he would be able to handle the challenge being with a complicated person like Brennan at this stage. It seems, that while he was perhaps in love with Brennan, he was more in love with the idea of finding a person for the long run.

    Brennan was not ready, it is clear. Based on the story you have a brilliant scientist who has problems, described as Aspagerish, or any kind of slight personality disorder. You cannot expect her react like a more-or-less normal person does. She processes everything differently. yet, during the Taffet trial she understand that things are changing in their relationship, and she is worried about it, and it makes her run. She told specifically to Booth how worried she was for his safety etc. And told to Angela she needs distance to reflect. Simple with all the hectic life they had, and Booth being there she had no time and space to process her feelings the way she needed. She was overwhelmed with all of it. Maluku gave her the opportunity to look inside and understand herself more. When she came back she already said, she fantasized them being together, then came Hannah, which made her understand what she could have, and then the DITP, which made her understand what it means that she did not acted on her feelings, etc.

    As painful the those episodes were, both characters needed to mauture and grow to being able to be successfully together. Which by the way was also reflected in their physical apparences in season 6 and 7.

    • And here I thought we were being too easy on Brennan. But really, I felt like most people were saying that they understood why she said no and that she wasn’t ready.

      But you bring up an interesting point about Booth sending out his own mixed signals. I’ve always felt that, but hardly anybody mentions that. Starting from the beginning. At first when he working that case with her, he said he couldn’t ask her out even though he wanted to because she was a consultant. He fired her, and took her up on her offer to have sex, although she later reneged. He had already said that he felt like they were going somewhere, but when he re-hired her, by his rules they couldn’t go anywhere. Brennan knew that Booth was attracted to her, but he never did anything to act on that attraction.

      Maybe mixed signals isn’t a good phrase to use. If a person is kinda confused on what’s going on in their head, it’s going to show in their actions.

    • Brennan does not have a mental disorder. She was abandoned and withdrawn from society when younger.

      • not mental disorder, but when someone so withdrawn from society as Brennan was as a child – like admittedly saying polo the whole day, and so much closed into her own world (or head), that is not normal behavior.

        The assumption she may have Aspreger syndrome was talked by Hanson, then said, she had not, but Zack did. Anyhow she does process emotions differently, and had her very awkward moments, which were overemphasized in the early episodes of season 6, when she had to cope with loosing her intimate friendship with Booth and Hannah’s presence.

        Brennan is a kind of anti-hero hero (quite opposite from Booth), not easy to make a person like that amiable on a show, and Emily Deschanel pulls it off amazingly.

      • Actually, my prescribing psychiatrist, who is also a Bones fan, rates Brennan at the mild end of the Asperger’s scale. She thinks that Zach is also on the Asperger’s scale – more so than Brennan.

  13. C-bones, I can’t reply to you immediately after your post (sort it out wordpress, there’s no limit to how much we want to chat about Bones 🙂 ) but I was interested by your question about how much Brennan knew at that point in the 100th.

    To me, the whole 100th episode was showing us that B&B weren’t oblivious to the attraction or chemistry between them (however much they pretended to be), it had been there from the start, bubbling under the surface unacknowledged. When Booth said he believed in giving them a shot, Brennan didn’t duck the conversation with her usual ‘I don’t know what you mean’ deflection, she immediately knew what he was talking about.

    I think she knew he would bring it up eventually, and she knew what she’d say. I think she hoped they could keep the status quo she was comfortable with longer, but Booth had got to the end of his rope in how long he could pretend it was enough. That’s why I don’t feel him saying he had to move on was an abrupt decision – he didn’t do an about-turn, he reached as far as he could go waiting for her and her finally saying no was the end of his hope.

    I don’t think she said no because she was worried she would hurt him, I think she said no because she was scared. I think she thought things would carry on as normal after the conversation, with their surrogate, safe, relationship intact. And it did until the end of the season – Booth did whatever he could to please her, even when it caused him pain, like the dance in Queen Bee. When he came back in season 6, I don’t see a Booth who is cruel to Brennan, but I see someone who tries really hard not to fall back into a pattern that was damaging to them before. And in turn, she faced what she’d been afraid of – losing him. She realised that her fear had lost him anyway and so she was able to shoot for what she really wanted, without fear.

    In terms of who gambled more – it was Brennan in DitP. Telling a man who’s in love with another woman that she made a mistake in turning him down has to be the biggest gamble of her life. It was really really brave.

    • “I don’t think she said no because she was worried she would hurt him, I think she said no because she was scared.”

      For me, that’s not an either/or. I always thought both of those were factors, and I don’t which one is bigger. One of the first things she told him was that he was the one who needs protecting from herself. I don’t think she would have made that statement if she wasn’t afraid of hurting him.

      • C-bones that comment about protecting him from her is exactly why I think that she was saying no because she didn’t want to hurt and then lose him.

      • I think Brennan was scared to take a risk. Booth asked her to “give it a chance” in the 100th. He wanted her to jump in with him and see where it lead. There was so much unknown, and Brennan truly did believe, I think, that she would not be able to give what Booth what she felt he needed. She feared she would hurt him. She feared a personal relationship would not work and she would loose him. Brennan felt she could keep him in her life, keep their “partnership”, if they did not take the risk. I agree with those that say, in the end, that turned out to be her taking a gamble, and she almost lost. I think between the 100th and BITE, Brennan knew something had shifted….that they were not just “partners”, that’s why she needed some space to get “perspective”. I also think on some level, she did know she might be holding Booth back by being there. I don’t think she blamed him for moving on, even though it was hard for her to see Booth with H and to feel the shift in their relationship.

    • Brennan gambled which was something she said she wasn’t in the 100th ep – a gambler. But did she really lose? I think not because she got her man. The mere fact that she made it clear to Booth that she had made a mistake set in motion a whole suite of events which has led us to where we are now.
      Of course he would not dump Hannah but he needed time to process the information he had heard. Booth had started to listen more and Brennan had started to feel more. These new skills needed time to be integrated into each person and all the hesitation was them trying to work out how to deal with the new them.
      BulletitBrain is a case that ties them together emotionally as wells as professionally but Booth could only relate professionally to Brennan because of Hannah hence the longing looks in the diner and through the windown ( although Brennan was just so HOT). He misses what they had so all that coupled with Brennan’s declaration and Hannah must have been a great burden for him to have to deal with.
      Booth took a gamble with Hannah and lost again which I think led him to saying in SignsitSilence that he did not want it to be about luck when he was talking about loving Parker although I believe that conversation had a double meaning.and also included falling in love altogether.

      • I bet when Brennan and Booth did finally “give it a try”, or took a risk/gamble, they knew it was good almost immediately. Really, their life took off together fast and they were fine by it. They were delirously happy about it.

  14. GREAT post! I think Booth took a risk in the 100th episode. Did Booth think Brennan loved him in the 100th episode? In DITD, Booth did not deny loving Brennan. Actually, Booth never outright denied feelings more than friendship toward Brennan at anytime during the series. He WOULD point out how different they were…or how they could drive each other crazy….but he never denied feelings. In DITD, he told GGW that he didn’t feel Brennan loved him. Did that change between DITD and the 100th? Brennan said in the 100th that her and Booth weren’t in love but…well… Booth still put his feelings out there. I have to believe that Booth HOPED she loved him and he took a risk and put it all out there. I agree that he lost SOME hope. Yes, the wind was knocked out of his sails in the 100th but I think he was REALLY gutted at the end of BWTA when he knew she was pulling away. And when she said she was going to Maluku, well, THAT is when, I think, ALL the hope he had was sucked away. And I don’t blame Brennan. I don’t blame Booth. My heart hurt for both of them.

  15. I tend to think of what Booth did in the 100th as a gamble. He didn’t really look at all the risks or try to see what it would be/seem like from Brennan’s POV. He just kinda said “To hell with it” and tried. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
    In the episodes where he and Brennan discussed matching and stamina and love and fate- all in all taking small steps with and toward each other- it was a risk. He was taking a chance based more on evidence and spoken words… and at last Brennan was on the same page with him, willing to take that chance, that risk, too.

  16. I just had an interesting thought. I just watched an episode of Modern Family where Claire asked her daughter to teach her how to use a new remote for the entertainment system. When her daughter asked her why couldn’t she just ask dad, she responded that it was because they were married. From a few personal observations, it does seem difficult for one spouse to teach another. Although, in those same cases it’s been the husband trying to teach the wife, so I don’t know if this applies the other way around.

    So, of course, I thought about Bones. Since they’ve met each other, Booth and Brennan have been teaching each other things and correcting each other. If they get married, or even if they don’t, will that change eventually? Or is it already changing?

    • Great question C-bones but I don’t think it will change as they still have a lot to learn from each other and it is one of the fundamental cornerstones of their relationship. Brennan sounds Booth out on almost everything and Booth only opens up to Brennan. Like Booth said, they have a symbiotic relationship.

  17. i think booth took the risk in the 100th ep. i really believe that booth has been in love with brennan for quite some time already and i am sure that the thought of telling brennan what he feels has crossed his mind a countless of times already before the 100th ep. he just needed a little push to really take action on his thoughts – which sweets gave. booth knew the risks hence it took him 3 years (from s2 to s4) to gather his confidence.

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