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Vintage Bones: Spaceman in a Crater–Hodgins and Angela


Good morning and happy Monday!

I had forgotten that this is the episode where Hodgins does the proposal thing the ‘right’ way–fancy dinner, all dressed up, etc. Of course, as we know, Angela refuses him. I think even when I watched this the first time through, I thought “This girl is crazy”. I’m a little wiser in my older age, so I sort of see where she is coming from. BUT Hodgins has also just gotten all the more awesomely incredible since season two as well, and so…she seems even more crazy if possible.

But maybe that’s just me. As you know, Angela is not my favorite. I’ll still ask this here, though…Is Hodgins too good for her? If he wants her, and she makes him happy, should I want them to be together for his sake?  Thoughts?


Here is your B&B of the Day:

The “Speaking of marraige…they make a great pair” B&B

From Spaceman in a Crater: Season Two


29 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: Spaceman in a Crater–Hodgins and Angela

  1. I know I’ve said this before, but “early seasons Angela” was not a favorite of mine. She was written as this somewhat mystical, spirit guided person who had all the answers, and I just didn’t see it. She really liked having her own way, and she (and her father!) played Hodgins like a fiddle. Even Hodgins and Wendell had a conversation how she made them both better for being with her, and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why! Also her constant talk about being so sexual, and then her constant whining about being celibate, really grated on me. And lastly, her vast, inexplicable knowledge of all electronic gadgets really was confusing. She was a street artist when Brennan first knew her!

    All that to say, I like her character now. She’s now all the good things her character could be, like a good sounding board for Brennan, and the “bad” has sort of refined into a person I like. They even gave her a background in computer science during testimony in the Gravedigger case to help her seem legitimate :). She is now more considerate of Hodgins’ feelings and they are more of a team, instead of having her just making all the demands. She is content and happy, and I really like “current Angela” way better than “early Angela”!

  2. Hodgins is too good to be true, so in that sense, he’s too good for anyone. As much as Booth is considered ideal, at least he has a certain amount of baggage and some obvious flaws. Hodgins is pretty much perfect. And he’s rich. As I tell my daughters, “It’s as easy to love a rich man as a poor one 😉 ) I would take Hodgins over Booth any day. Or night. Any time, really.

    All the same themes that are displayed in the B/B relationship are equally applicable to H/A. The heart wants what it wants, seeing the truth of another person and being dazzled by it, etc. Those aren’t just ideas HH thinks apply to B/B and nobody else.

    Presumably, Hodgins sees the truth of Angela and is dazzled by it and she is what his heart wants, so yes, Sarah, you just have to get over it!

  3. I can see where you might think Angela is not good enough for Hodgins – as Barbara said above: he’s pretty much perfect! He’s got the looks, the body, the stability, the heart, the humor, the wealth – everything! And I also agree with Barbara when she says, the heart wants what the heart wants. Ipso facto colombo oreo.

    However, in defense of Angela: I love her. I really do. She’s nothing like me, and she’s a lot freer in her sexuality than I would ever be, but I just love her openness, her zest for life, her humor, her matter of factness, her ‘funness’ – not that that is a word! – and I also love her clothing, her hair, and her style. Just love it. I liked her right from the start of the show. And she’s got a lot going for her too. She’s got stability, mental and monetarily; she’s beautiful, smart, put together. She’s fun and spontaneous, and you know what? I like that she demands more from her lovers – she demands respect and dignity, which is good and something that too often doesn’t happen in today’s society: guys get whatever they want from girls and then move on, no seconds thoughts!

    In terms of her and Hodgins, he was a lot angrier and paranoid – and not in the good way that he is now, and Angela smoothed out those rougher edges, while he kind of reined in her looser ways. They balanced each other out and as a team, they make a great pair. Also, something I think we as viewers forget that as actors, is that Michaela and TJ have great chemistry together. Emily and David might get a lot of the spot light, but H/A can hold their own any day.

    Besides, they were going to name their baby either Catherine or Michael – either my name or my brother’s. Automatically, I’m a little biased! haha

  4. No, Hodgina isn’t too good for Angela. Hodgins knew that she was a free spirit woman.

    My opinion is he wasn’t reading her correctly. If she was moving clothes out of his closet because she wasn’t ready to live together…. Why would she be ready to marry you not too long after that?

    Just because Hodgins was ready doesn’t mean she was. All this happened before Wendell incident so it shouldn’t be a factor.

  5. If Hodgins were about 6 inches taller he’d be damn near perfect. As it is, he’s still damn near perfect, just short. It grates on me sometimes that he’s so whipped (and in turn, that Angela is so spoiled) but that might be jealousy talking. She is what he wants so she is what he got.

  6. It seems like Hodgins liked Angela from the get go. In the 100th he said had he told her how wonderful it was to be working with her and she sort of eyed him like he was a pest.
    Hodgins did not strike me as an easy person to live with and as much as I like him, I believe he had his own baggage too.
    Like everyone said, his heart wanted Angela and that is who he went for. There really isn’t much one can do about it. Even when his old fiancee became available, he did not look towards her at all and that says a lot for the person he is – he is as constant as the northern star. Not like someone else we all know too well. I love Booth but he sure wavers like a reed in the wind. 😀 even if I know and agree to why he does.

    • People forget that after Angela and Hodgins broke up, he joined a dating service. He wasn’t interested in flings he was looking for a serious relationship. It was just luck he didn’t find what he was looking for before they reconciled.

      I always liked Angela. She was who she was with no apologies. She picked and chose who she wanted to be with without any regrests. Much like Brennan who people seem to admire for those very same qualities.

      Their stupid break-up was the fault of both of them. They were both idiots. I couldn’t believe HH wrote that for them. It was the lamest break-up I ever saw. I didn’t care about Roxie one way or the other, but many people hated her and let HH know they were offended by the lesbian storyline, although her past had been mentioned. I always thought that was why Angela latched onto Roxie. She knew her-she was a safe person to fall back on while she was hurting. Maybe she no longer trusted her instincts after her and Hodgins broke up.

      As far as her computer skills go I always just assumed once she had every kind of software/hardware at her disposal plus her artistic talent to create some of her own (Angelator) it wasn’t any stretch for me to believe she developed that side of her talents as well.

      • “Their stupid break-up was the fault of both of them. They were both idiots. I couldn’t believe HH wrote that for them. It was the lamest break-up I ever saw. ”


        Thank you! My thoughts exactly! I mean, seriously, what was that about? You have them fighting obstacles like her father, her husband (which she’d neglected to tell Hodgins about in the first place!) and kept talking about how its meant to be…and they just sort of half-heartedly break up…it was so strange. I remember staring at the TV, completely confused. They didn’t seem to have a legitimate reason to break up at all. So glad they didn’t write B&B like that for Season 7!

      • Oh yeah, the break-up. The guy was still willing to marry her after all that searching for her “husband.” Honestly, when I rewatch old episodes, sometimes I fast-forward through those bits.

      • Trust was why they broke up. The way it was doen was quite silly but Hodgins was not sure about Angela after hearing she kissed her ‘husband’ and seeing what a ‘wow’ he was. Even Cam could not resist. I’m sure Brennan would have eyed him to if she was around and not in the UK.
        The trust issue was fleeting but it pushed a wedge between them and that was when they split up. IMO, I feel Angela should have explained things better than to walk out. She is a free spirit etc but this is the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with – he deserves to be reassured that you are not having second thoughts.

  7. The whole marriage thing drove me nuts. Not because she said no several times-people are entitled to their opinion-but because her whole acceptance at the end of the arc seemed so arbitrary. If a guy asks nicely and you say no-ok. But if it’s due to the fact that he just didn’t do in the “right” way, it makes you look like you’re just playing with him. And when she did say yes and then proceeded to tell Hodgins that the wedding had to take place immediately regardless of how unreasonable that might be, it just makes me want to tell Hodgins to grow a pair already and run to the nearest exit before it’s too late. He was one whipped puppy at the time and I think he’s still a little whipped.

    I get the impression with Angela that she would be willing to call it quits and do something weird at a moment’s notice. This flighty quality makes me nervous for poor Hodgins; I could never imagine him bailing out on her. Not that the show would do that at this point, just that as far as I’m concerned it’s always a possibility with her character. But he loves her and her free-spirited ways, so best of luck to them. I don’t dislike Angela; just that I wish for Hodgins’ sake that the relationship was more balanced. And I agree with bb, the later seasons Angela has mellowed very nicely, and I did enjoy the whole baby/possible handicap storyline where we got to see them relying so strongly on each other.

    Re the balancing act, I love B/B for that-they are two very strong people who fight tooth and nail for respect and equality in and out of their partnership. But having several couples on the show who approach relationships so differently and manage to succeed at them regardless makes for interesting contrasts and good viewing.

    • Yeah, I have to say the whole arbitrary right proposal thing seemed ridiculous. If you want to marry the guy, just say yes. If you’re not the marriage type, just say so.

      On the other hand, I do feel like when Angela is with someone, she is 100% committed to them. And I do appreciate how she demanded respect for herself – not wanting to be fought over, knowing that no one has rights over her, but that she voluntarily offers herself in a relationship. It’s not a complete mystery why Hodgins was initially drawn to Angela. As others have said, her free spirit was probably the biggest factor. She knows what she wants (usually.) He really admires the way she lives her life. When she was worried about Brennan chasing after bad guys, Hodgins credited her for inspiring Brennan to get out there and experience things outside of the lab. I do prefer the “settled-down” Angela, though. Maybe I’m too influenced by a traditionalist culture, but flightiness and just random dating around doesn’t look cute after a certain age. I kind of like that everyone in the cast (except Sweets) is looking for stability now.

      H&A and B&B do make for some interesting parallels and contrasts. However, for me H&A has never held the same gravitas as B&B. On the surface, Hodgins and Angela seem pretty carefree. They have issues, but probably not more than the average person. On the other hand, Booth and Brennan have issues written all over them – major ones at that. Hodgela breaks up, there are some awkward moments in the lab. B&B part ways, the team disintegrates.

  8. I know when I see people together that I don’t think should be, I always tell myself, it’s not my call or decision. Not saying I don’t like Hodgela, but since I am not privy to all the nuances in that relationship…

    I always liked the flirting they did early, so I bought the whole relationship. Now Angela and Wendell…not so much.

    • I like what you said about other people’s relationships not being another person’s call or decision. I know couples that I wouldn’t have put together, but they seem quite happy.

  9. Sigh, early Angela and Hodgins. I’m onboard with the heart wants what it wants. Note that it IS intereseting that Hodgins and Angela did not break-up when she said no to marriage the first time. Hodgins had come to terms with what he wanted more than anything was to just be with her.

    I love the conversation Booth and Hodgins have in this episode about proposing. We really do need more Booth and Hodgins, especially now. And I absolutely LOVE the end of this episode when Booth comes to collect Brennan so they can share dinner. You know, because she said she would wait:) If that’s not a couple just not having sex, I don’t know what is;)

  10. I will always think Hodgins is too good for Angela! But… if the guy is in love with her… and he doesn’t love me then I guess he should get her. But I still don’t know if they should have gotten together after the first wedding debacle. Okay, that’s all I wanted to say.

  11. Hodgins now is a little too whipped, a little too perfect and a little too sugary which makes him seem a little too unreal. I like Angela, always have but I have a hard time with the way she treats him, especially back during those early days.

  12. I love the moment in this ep where Angela appears in the doorway all dressed up and we see her silhouette. She looks amazing. I love that Booth is like, ‘wow’. I like that he was just really charming and complimentary to her.

    I like Angela a lot more now than I used to – and Hodgins too. I was never a big fan of angry, paranoid Hodgins. I liked how he pursued her, like leaving the rose on her desk in The Boy in the Shroud for instance. I wasn’t a fan of her throwing her weight around with the proposals and then demanding a big wedding in a week’s time when there was a good chance she was already married ha. But it made a lovely scene – the prawny declaration 🙂

    Mostly, I find her patronising way of speaking to Brennan annoying. Not because I don’t think Brennan needs a plain speaking friend – she does, but Angela never really went far enough.She always stopped short of actually saying what needed to be said. Not to mention that I’ve never really been convinced that Angela is best placed to offer advice anyway.

    Also – I find the whole ‘Angela’s a free spirit’ thing annoying. Angela’s ‘free-spirited-ness’ often looks an awful lot like selfish self-indulgence to me.

    • “Also – I find the whole ‘Angela’s a free spirit’ thing annoying. Angela’s ‘free-spirited-ness’ often looks an awful lot like selfish self-indulgence to me.”

      Yes. This. That is what I pretty much got from “early seasons Angela”. And that’s not to Angela was all bad. She did try to be a good friend, she did have artistic talent, she was kind, etc. But she did still have a very self-focused mentality. She, like all the other characters has grown and changed. Now, how much of that was deliberately planned by the writers, or what was changed from viewer input, I can’t say. But paranoid Hodgins is much less so, Angela is more grounded and concerned with others, Booth and Brennan’s growth we’ve well documented, Cam is learning to let others in (Michelle and Paul), and Sweets has done some maturing as well (though he’ll always be Baby Duck, to us).

      So I don’t mean my comments to be “dump on Angela day”, because they all have changed, but man, early Angela rubbed me the wrong way. Pretty much up until she and Hodgins became Hodgela 2.0 🙂 Now her and I are OK.

      (And thinking about it, you could argue Angela got her ways from her dad. Who does enjoy inimidating people, and kidnapping/tatoo-ing people at will. Doesn’t seem like she got too much parental guidance either….they truly are the Island of Misfit Toys, aren’t they?) 😉

      • bb, that’s a pretty good point about her dad. Like father, like daughter, I guess. I’m inclined to be a little bit more forgiving when I look at it that way. Anyway, in the last episode, she and Hodgins were a united front with her father about watching the baby, so that was nice to see.

      • All was forgiven between myself and Hodgela when Angela showed the home video of them with MSVH to Brennan. I squee-fainted into a puddle of goo. We are BFFs now 🙂

  13. Hey, is it Booth week yet? Don’t we get at least one shirtless Booth per season? I hope one is coming up soon. Since TPTB are limiting what kinds of interactions between Booth and Brennan we see, maybe we can offer up different ideas for Booth to go shirtless that don’t have anything to do with sex – sort of like an open letter to Hart idea.

    • C-bones, one person on the board for Bones suggested that we get some shots of Booth fixing the mighty hut in either a white sleeveless T-shirt, or (you guessed it), no shirt at all.
      Also, honorable mention, shirtless Wendell or Hodgins helping to fix the hut 🙂

      • Oh, and they did tweet their ideas to HH 🙂 So cross your fingers!

      • I tweet ideas to HH&Co all the time and it doesn’t do any good!

        Okay, it’s really just one idea but I do mention it all the time. Just ask Barb – I can hear her scream all the way from Texas whenever I mention James Marsters! 😀

    • I vote for shirtless Booth getting up in the middle of the night to take care of BBB

      • Yes! I saw some clip (don’t know where it came from) where DB’s character was shirtless holding a baby. That was actually what inspired me to write my comment.

        The house stuff would be nice, but I’m worried that everything will magically be fixed by the time we see it next. Then again, a house always needs fixin’.

        I’m so happy B&B finally have a home (together!) and are happy about it. Even more happy that they are having a baby (together!) and they are excited about that, too.

      • You know, when we’ve seen Booth in bed with Brennan (Hole in the Heart and Memories) he’s been wearing entirely too many clothes for my liking.

        T-shirts in the field = good job wardrobe department!
        T-shirts in bed? = could do better. tut tut.

        Also, not to scrabble around indelicately for recognition, but I think I was the one who suggested the topless handyman scenes on imdb. I only mention it because it’s something I’ve spent quite a lot of time ruminating on and want more than anything else from the new season ha 🙂

        OT: DB mentioned on Twitter that he’s getting a new personal trainer. I think HH should let him show off his hard work in some kind of gratuitous flesh-baring scene soon haha.

  14. My favorite bit from this episode has nothing to do with any of the regular characters. It’s the end, when she astronaut (James it his name? I think?) confesses to Brennan what happened and then he says, bittersweetly, that he is so blessed, because he had a friend who was telling him good news and because he has a wife who loves him so much. I just really really love that. As someone who strives to be an optimist, I love this sentiment. His life is going down the drain, but he’s found one good thing to hang on to.

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