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IAYA: What’s Your Favorite Season Two Episode?


Good morning!

Bear with me, I’m still trying to find the time to do my ‘ode to glowing bones’ or whatever that is going to turn out to be, but I also know that it’s just dragging everything else behind. I am giving myself to the end of this weekend to get it done, and if I don’t, then I’m just going to accept it and move on.


So here’s a question for today, to at least discuss as we wrap up season two. What is your favorite season two episode and why?

PS…The Bones panel at Paley Fest is tonight ( I am pretty sure), and there is an online feed of it through streaming, if you are interested. If someone has a link to it, feel free to share it. However, I should warn that the panel will likely have spoilers, so be aware of that. And please, if you go and/or watch the streaming, please don’t spoil information here!


14 thoughts on “IAYA: What’s Your Favorite Season Two Episode?

  1. Ugh! That is a hard one!!! Got to think about that one….but I think Glowing Bones is top 2 for me for season 2. When Brennan made the plate of pasta up for Booth in Twist in the Twister I thought well, you gotta eat!:) Little moments like that mean A LOT.

    As for Paley fest tonight, I am staying AWAY. LOL. I will admitt I am already spoiled because there is a lot of stuff floating around out there. We’re so close now that I am going to try my best to be surprised.

  2. Either Judas on a Pole (Max!!!) or Woman in the Sand (Tony and Roxie!).

    I’m flexible.

    • Ok, Those are my two favorite also.

      My problem? I love almost every season two episode because each show gave us more background info and helped to fill in Brennan’s background and why she is who she is. We also learned more about what made Booth tick. Plus season two provided me the opportunitey to get my screen saver (Booth in just jeans)

  3. I have 2 favorite episodes, Aliens in a Spaceship & Judas on a Pole. If forced to chose between those 2, I pick Judas on a Pole. It had suspense, & surprises. The killing of the FBI agent, the message inside his throat , the burning of bodies on the bridge. Max disguised as a priest & the moment Brennan first realizes he is her father. It was this episode to me that showed that Booth had feelings for Brennan. I thought they were going to kiss when Booth had his hand on her chin and told her “There’s more than one kind of family.”
    Plus, Max being a shipper right from the beginning, telling Booth “You take care of her.”
    And of course, Booth taking Caroline’s car to rescue Brennan.

    • My sentiments exactly! Love love love those two episodes! And I’d choose Judas if pressed. Gator in the Girl runs a close third for me, because I just really love the Booth/GGW interactions, especially near the end when Booth is so vulnerable.

      • Good point about Boot being vulnerable. Aside from the obvious – ending of the 100th, end of DITM, and MITM – I think the end of Twist in the Twister was a nice show of vulnerability from Booth. Him admitting that he needs to believe/think he can always protect the ones he loves, even if he trusts them to be able to take care of themselves, was BIG. I just really liked that moment. I don’t think that comes easy for Booth. And we KNOW those moments of self-reflection do not come easily for Brennan either.

    • I completely agree, Judas on a pole, definitely a favorite and I also love Aliens on a Spaceship and Woman in the sand is just so much fun. It’s very hard to choose a favorite!

    • Exactly the same for me: Judas and Aliens, and Judas if forced to only choose one. 🙂

  4. I’ve tried and tried and tried, and I can’t do it. This season had so many good ones.
    Woman in the Sand: Tony, Roxy, bloody Booth in a wife-beater, Brennan and her skimpy outfit, the butt-slap; what’s there not to love?
    Aliens: emotional Brennan, angry Booth with Vega, the “running down that hill” scene and the one in church…
    Glowing Bones: Mac and cheese-gotta eat, right? And yes Booth, I’d love to be alone with you-er-it.
    Judas: such a great plot, incredible B/B moments. The hug, Booth picking Brennan over duty, “there’s more than one kind of family”.
    Man in the Cell: I love serial killer arcs-creepy, but true. And Booth freaking out over Parker and then feeling guilty over Epps? Angst all over the place-too awesome.
    Girl in the Gator: because I love GGW and finding out more about Booth. Sully-not so much.
    Boneless Bride: Bye-bye Sully; don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Enjoy your volleyball!

  5. Season 2 is a whole lot of fabulousness…but if I had to pick just one…I’d have to go with Aliens on a Spaceship. Booth and Brennan both not giving up, and yes, Booth running to pull her out of the ground. Yes, alot of season 2 eps have moments, great moments, but from beginning to end, “Aliens” had me. It opens with Brennan underground already, and she doesn’t know what’s happened. So from the gate, you know this episode is unique. It’s just so good. Booth has to really work with the squinterns, without Brennan mediating. She and Hodgins reveal alot as they are in the car. We get to see Fierce Booth. We get Booth stopping at nothing to find her, and Brennan stopping at nothing to escape. We get the church scene at the end. Definitely my fav ep of the season.

  6. Aliens in a Spaceship is my favorite! I agree with everything bb said. It is just all around such a great episode!

    As for Paley, I really don’t like being spoiled, but there is no way I could stop myself from watching! I love watching cast and crew interviews! If anyone wants the link to the live stream, here it is.
    It’s starts at 10pm EST.

  7. I’m going with Tony & Roxie.

    There are a lot of other eps that I love, but this one is just flat out fun. No angst! I like no angst.

    More later.

  8. When reviewing all the S2 episodes, there is something I love about each and every one…and that makes it hard to choose just one. However, if I only had an hour and I had to pick a season 2 episode, (and I have put that restriction on myself) I pick Girl in the Sand (almost) every time. I love B&B undercover and Tony and Roxie are just awesome. I love when Brennan smacks his hand when he reaches for Keno…cracks me up every time.

    I have been waiting for Paley since it was announced and I am SO excited to get to watch it live tonight!! It can’t be 10 pm soon enough!!

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