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MAQ: What’s Food Got To Do With It?


Good morning and happy Friday around the world!

I am still plugging away at my Glowing Bones post, and it’s not too much of a stretch to say I love the end scene with the mac & cheese. That this meal has been referenced many many times in fic and non-fic does not ruin the moment in the actual episode for me, I must say. But it did get me thinking this morning–what is it about B&B and food that just…connects them. It’s not just me, right? I know I like food a lot, so maybe I’m attributing too much weight (get it?) on the subject, but let’s think about it…

What DOES food have to do with the story of B&B from the beginning till now. I think we can include drink in that too, so coffee, tequila, etc.

Chinese food, Thai food, mac & cheese, coffee, pie, etc. …why are they almost symbols in the canon of B&B? What do they represent? Do they bring B&B closer together or keep them clearly separated from one another?




33 thoughts on “MAQ: What’s Food Got To Do With It?

  1. I think food is just one of those great human connections. Brennan and Booth can be sooo different on many things, but hey, everybody’s gotta eat, right? 🙂

    It could also be said that preparing/eating food is a positive experience (I suppose if the food is good anyway!). GGW said about his becoming a chef, “I’m going to put good things into people instead of taking out things that are bad.” Brennan said about Chef Carly, “Yeah. I’ve always understood the basics of cooking, the physics of it, but… Carly said she was going to show me what it was really about. To her, she said that it was a way of… well, she said “loving,” but then, she was prone to hyperbole. ” AND THEN SHE COOKS FOR BOOTH YAYAYAYAY! (Oops, saving my squees for the GBitOSH recap!)

    There are also all kinds of statistics about kids who come from families who eat at a family dinner table together have much less risk of troubled behavior as they get older. Gathering to share a meal makes people to get together and talk. In Bones world, it’s also a way to destress and recap the events of the day, and give the team a more relaxing and fun environment than the lab. It just creates a common bond, and shared experiences between people.

    And of course, food helped B&B maintain their surrogate relationship for so long. They could talk, eat/drink, and sometimes flirt with each other and get that relationship-need fulfilled without having an actual relationship.

    We know that Bones has made Booth mac ‘n’ cheese and pasta for sure, and it appears that Booth is handy in the kitchen as well (ahem, naked omelette). And also GGW is their friend….BBB is going to be well fed (and loved) that is for sure!

  2. When Booth said in that episode that some of his best memories were eating dinner around the table, that was like an echo of what it was like for me growing up. Dinner was shared by all 10 of us (8 kids 2 parents) My parents expected all of us to be on time for dinner every night. That’s when we all shared about our day good or bad. It was relaxed and most nights-lovely.

    Food brings people together. If I bring homemade cookies into my office people swarm for them and then you end up chatting at least for a moment or two.

    Mealtime just gives people a break and lets them relax and think about something else for a little bit and connect with the person/people around them.

    • Food is love:) Food is family. From Brennan promising to wait for Booth to have dinner with at the end of Spaceman to “coffee” to ” I saved you some pasta”, it just speaks so much to how intertwined their lives are. It may have just been the shooting schedule and due to Emily’s pregnancy, but it felt like we saw B&B eatign together A LOT so far is S7! LOL. And there is just something so domestic about seeing them preparing meals and eating together at home this season. LOVE it.

      • camcat, you hit on the point I was going to make …. food is love/family. I also agree with your observation that we’ve seen a lot of that this season. One reason may be as simple as it was easier for Emily given the constraints of pregnancy to film scenes sitting down and what better way to do so than while eating; but I also think it *was* meant to show the domestic side of the B&B relationship that now exists.

        Lisa, I too grew up in a household where we had dinner together every night. As my parents aged, our home became the holiday gathering site and I know when I spent the whole day cooking, it was a way of showing love to my family. Angelina points to the dinner at the beginning of DiTP, which really exemplifies this point.

        Further down in the comments, mariu100 nails it with “I think that food gives Booth and Brennan a perfect excuse to be around each other without having to justify it.”

        OK, now I’m hungry! 😉

  3. I just have one question: why didn’t they make it a bigger deal that Brennan was eating Booth’s pie in 7×01? I mean, it seems pretty big to me: she’s spent six years saying that she can’t stand her fruit being cooked, and then she eats it, and nobody comments. I suppose what I mean by “big” is just a comment or something from one of the characters at least. Also, was it GGW that said that Booth trying to get her to eat pie was some sort of sexual foreplay of sorts? I think it was, or it was Sweets….

    Just an observation and question….

    • Hm…well I just took the pie thing as just a cute moment where Brennan’s “unusual pregnancy cravings” ended up being the pie and that it was just a moment for the fans to note but they didn’t want to devote too much air time to it. Also, I heard some people comment that its because she’s specifically pregnant with Booth’s child that she had that craving. I kind of liked that they did it subtley and not “HERES THE PIE!” because it just was a nice moment showing their ease as a couple, like their kitchen and office smoochin 🙂

      • Yeah, those are some good points and a different way of looking at it. Thanks.
        I do like when they keep things subtle rather than throwing stuff in your face, but then sometimes I wish there was a little acknowledgment of some things… (wow, that was eloquent and not vague haha).

    • I think he just let it go because she was pregnant. Often when women are pregnant your body craves things so you eat things you wouldn’t normally touch.

      It was Sweets who brought up the pie and foreplay thing.

      • To me it meant Brennan was eating Booth’s pie because well, she’s now eating Booth’s pie…if you know what I mean and you all do 😉

        I don’t have anything insightful to add, more than what’s already been said about food being a way for them to keep up their surrogate relationship going.

    • treadsofly88: Replying to your first comment, I felt the same way. I don’t recall in which episode Sweets made the comment about the pie at which point I think Booth stopped eating pie, and then didn’t eat pie again (I think) until episode 101 DotQB 5×17. I would have been happy if in 7×01 Booth hadn’t said anything and just looked at Brennan with a ‘Gotcha’ smile. One of those special smiles reserved just for her. Subtle and yet something.

  4. I always assumed that they were sublimating their sexual attraction into eating =)

  5. 2 big food moments:

    The meal at the beginning of Doctor in the Photo – how carefully Brennan prepares that meal. Something for Angela’s morning sickness. How delighted Booth is when she autopsies the chicken.

    In Dwarf: How GGW prepares this elaborate meal during which Booth can ask Brennan to help him with his shooting problem. And, how at the beginning GGW feeds Booth to keep him occupied until he (GGW) is available.

    Which reminded me of two other food moments — both with GGW.

    When GGW makes the cassoulet and they decide to make room for their baby duck.

    When Booth cooks the steaks on the new grill for GGW.

    GGW using food to bring them together, to help them work out their problems, to give them a way to deal with emotions that they want not to face?

    There are others.

    B&B with others and food shows a lot of different things.

    • Some great moments there! Also another GGW & food moment…when he’s eating with Angela and is trying to eat a gigantic burger and just gets all flustered at the idea of trying to eat it 🙂 Cracks me up everytime. Also, when he’s at the diner eating with Sweets and the potatoes are frozen…something about GGW and food!

      • I think I heard HH say that Stephen Fry improvised spitting out the potatoes. I love that – if you look closely at JFD he looks behind the camera and makes a funny ‘I can’t believe he did that’ face, like he’s genuinely grossed out 🙂

        I think food for B&B is an excuse to spend time together without obviously wanting to ‘spend time together’. When we saw them out jogging in season 6, it was unusual to see them just hanging out on their day off.

        I loved the scene where Booth was cooking his his kitchen for Pops in MitM. Booth looks like a good cook. Something I thought was funny was when Booth came home after the tornado and Brennan had made him pasta and he said ‘this looks good’. I thought it was funny because to me, it really didn’t look good at all ha. Looked like dry rubber. I don’t think they did that on purpose, but the prop did not look appetising. And I don’t actually think DB ate any of it, so maybe it really was bad haha.

  6. I think that food gives Booth and Brennan a perfect excuse to be around each other without having to justify it. If they were going to the movies or to some other activity then it would seem like more of a date, and that would’ve been awkward since they never wanted to acknowledge the possibility of being in a relationship. Food, on the other hand, is safe; like Booth said, “gotta eat.” With eating and drinking, the emphasis is what’s on the plate or the glass so that any exchange of private thoughts and feelings happens without the pressure of a conversation where all you’re doing is looking at the other person’s face. Eating gave them the ability to share, but also to hide if things got too deep. And Camcat, I’m also totally loving the vibe when they do the feeding thing now that they’re a couple. In anthropological terms, mealtimes are moments when you let your guard down (actually, many cultures don’t allow knives at the table.) You’re kind of vulnerable and not focused on protecting yourself and seeing B/B so loving and relaxed around each other, particularly at home(even when they’re mad,) is just the best-so sweet and intimate!

  7. Food is all about family and friends. It binds together and we see that the team as a whole celebrate important events over drinks or a meal. When two people spend so much time together fighting ugliness, a meal is a beautiful touch to unwind over just as friends and also as a wider family as in SantaitSlush.
    Booth appreciates home cooked meals as this reinforces the love/family ties. Anyone who will take the time out to cook a meal is doing it out of love and this is seen in their interaction now they are together.
    And the pie eating issue, watch Booth’s face when he says she’s already eating it. There is the hint of a smile on his face and I just assumed it had a double meaning after Sweets analysis.

  8. In the food scenes, I wonder how much of the food the actors actually eat. Sometimes it’s more of a prop. It seems like Emily usually eats. I just think it’s cute, and I’m impressed. I don’t know if she had to learn the art of eating gracefully while being filmed, or if she’s always been like that. For example, I would be afraid to eat a cookie because of the crumbs, but she did and looked cute doing so in tDitP.

    • I’m quite impressed too to ED actually eats when there’s food in front of her. It’s either she only eats on set or makes an effort to make it too authentic. Either way, it’s really good to see.
      Angela had crumbs all over her when she was eating crackers and it was cute too. It might have taken lots of practice to be able to eat gracefully on screen.

  9. c-bones, rosemary clooney addresses this on the white christmas dvd commenary. you are supposed to pretend but not really because of all the takes you do

    • Well, I think there’s definitely some eating going on on the Bones set. I don’t remember what DVD it was on, maybe it was a clip about the diner, but they were all talking about what they order and why.

      And the pizza in The Proof in the Pudding was half vegan for Emily.

      • Yeah, there was an article at some point about how the actors are literally eating the same thing all day long when they’re filming scenes at the diner. The diner on the set actually does serve food and apparently the actors tend to ask for the same thing every time. Easy on the stomach, easy on the teeth and not too greasy (oatmeal, eggs, fruit). It’s amazing that DB and ED still have waistlines considering how often they’re seen chowing down on the show. That scene between Sweets and DB where DB is eating Chinese food right before running off to help Brennan must have required several hours at the gym to work off.

      • mariu –

        DB’s been tweeting about needing a new trainer. Maybe that’s whey. ;-D

  10. I think food and drink played a great part in forging B/B’s relationship because eating is always a great bonding moment. It gave Booth and Brennan a reason to spend a lot of time together outside work. Couples usually eat together and that’s what Booth and Brennan did even if they weren’t a couple yet (but was in a surrogate relationship as Sweets said).

    My favorite food/eating/drinking/food reference moments (aside from Mac and Cheese) before they got together:
    – when Booth brought Chinese take-out in the middle of the night to comfort Brennan
    – in Sweet’s office when Brennan was all dressed up for a date that didn’t push through and Booth gives that speech about everyone having somebody special for them then they leave Sweets to go have dinner
    – Brennan always stealing Booth’s fries 🙂 I miss that
    – in Sweet’s office again when they said they’d have coffee if they weren’t working together
    – Booth and Brennan in Gordon Gordon’s restaurant – even if they were in the kitchen, the way Gordon Gordon set it up, it looked like they were on a date.

    Looking back at these moments i think food brought them closer together. 🙂

  11. I’ve been following the Paley Center/Bones info the last few days…and though I won’t divulge anything here, it seems as though that audience was VERY LUCKY to be there. I’m jealous. 🙂

    (I will say that DB…kind of…sang. For like 2 sec. It was adorbs)

    Anywho, its less than a month to go y’all! So excited! And I’ll be on Spring Break so I can prepare, mentally 🙂 haha

    Question: What do you guys think is the best way to make it through the hiatus. I must admit, I’m a fan of visiting Spoilerland, but is it better to avoid everything? Or just watch the Fox promos? Or just swim in spoilers til my fingers get pruny?

    • Watching Criminal Minds to take my mind off Bones. Spoilers would really spoil it for me so I keep away completely. I am a quilter so when my fingers get really itchy, I start on a new project – which is quite often and I search for quilt patterns instead of Bones spoilers.
      Go enjoy yourself and stick to BT. Love the fact there are no spoilers here.

    • Was it just me or was David Boreanaz slightly annoying during the panel? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love him so much, but I think I would have slapped him upside the head a few times!! haha Watching the other members and their faces, I think they would agree with me!

      • And also, sometimes spoilers do ruin it for me, but I watch/read them anyways because I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to Bones. I gave it up for Lent last year and I nearly had a nervous breakdown those six weeks!

      • It wasn’t just you, but at the same time I think a lot of people didn’t mind. He is a bit much for me, but that’s just how he is. I love the whole cast and crew, but the others are more mellow (still funny, though). So I think he made it a little more exciting. At ComicCon last year he was a bit more subdued at times, and it was a little offsetting to me. And I think by now the other members are used to his antics, so they would either probably be amused or be like whatever.

      • The guy can’t help himself-it’s just the way he is. Hart says it’s sort of like having a kid with ADD on the set. He plays jokes, is running all over the place and is generally very hyper yet apparently extremely attentive when it comes to his work, including directing. If you’ve seen interviews with him he’s like a whirlwind; nervous energy all over the place. My guess is that after all these years of working with him his fellow actors know and accept what thery’re getting and figure that “it’s just David;” I’ve never heard of any grousing about him or anyone else on the set, which is pretty good after seven years. Plus, I’m sure he feels the need to make the interviews interesting in order to keep the show on the air-and the producers most likely encourage that.

        Re spoilers-can’t help myself, even though I know it’s not good for me. I think watching the promos is fine, but I’d be careful about much else. I know for this season’s premiere I watched everything out there, including some foreign videos which actually did ruin much of the element of surprise for me. I’m trying to be more measured this time. It’s dangerous out there, particularly since a number of people already saw the episode. Loose lips sinks ships…

    • I’m not going to tell you not to look at spoilers. Sorry. I think that each person is different. You have to test it on your own. Some people can go as far as reading the sides and still enjoy the show. I feel like I can definitely take a lot of things that I see, read and hear with a grain of salt. Even if I feel like I know a lot, I reason with myself that I don’t know everything because they don’t tell us everything.

      • Re DB at Paley, and other publicity events, I think he kind of performs at them. I’ve often wondered how much media training he’s had, because any interview I’ve ever seen him do, he totally dominates the interviewer.

        He controls the conversation so he only has to talk about what he wants to talk about, he subtly avoids questions he doesn’t want to answer, he has funny stories prepared so they get good content and he does it all in an utterly charming manner. The interviewer gets good content, the audience enjoys it and he gets to control what he does and doesn’t want to say. It’s actually very impressive, lots of politicians are no way near as good at it! But he has had 15 years practice and he’s naturally charismatic, which helps a lot.

        I imagine for panels like Paley, he’s quite pumped for them, in a playful mood etc. I’ve seen other times when he’s more subdued, but he often puts on a good show for the audience. While it is a bit annoying for those watching from home because they’re not in the atmosphere, I haven’t heard a single person who was in the audience at Paley say anything other than how funny he was and how lively and exciting the panel was – compared to some others that were apparently a bit dry.

  12. For those trying to stay spoiler free – stay strong! There’s a certain tv magazine we should all stay away from coming out this week with photos so….yeah…stay strong! Keep calm and carry on:)

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