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Vintage Bones: The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House


Good morning!

I’m so excited to discuss this episode! Those of you who don’t even like this episode have probably been wishing I would get over it and move on, so I appreciate your patience.

It is my all time favorite episode of Bones, so instead of just a scene study, I want to examine the entire episode. With over 300 pics, I hope this post doesn’t break the internet. I think we’ll be okay. 😀

Sidenote: There is a lot of gorgeousness in this chapter–that is a warning and a promise.

The episode starts with B&B headed to a crime scene.

They are bickering about the body a little bit, but they also discuss the Hodgins/Angela marraige proposal situation…

“People fall in love and they get married. That’s what people do.” Booth says.

“I thought you didn’t want to talk about it,” Brennan argues.

“Look, I’m just saying! You know, you believe in love, don’t you?”

“I believe that dopamine and norepinephrine simulate euphoria because of certain biological triggers like scent, symmetrical features…”

“Symmetrical features,” Booth repeats.

“Yes,” Brennan answers. “it’s an indication of a good breeder. You appear to be a very good breeder.”

Yes he does…

“How long have you two been going out?” their guide asks.

I ADORE when they look at one another and bump helmets accidentally. So classic.

“We’re partners” they answer, basically in unison.

“Huh,” the guide states. “Me and my partner talk baseball.”

They really are just teh cutest in the world. In other news, glowing bones is kind of rad…

Booth wants to know WHY the skeleton is glowing, and Brennan says something we almost never hear her say, “I have no idea…no idea at all.”

And she looks luminous in her suit. So gorgeous!

The team examines the body, using words I can’t understand. And Booth shows up, “Okay, squint squad…why does she look like a glowstick.”

“Why does everyone think my job is so easy?” Hodgins grouses. 😀

“Wow, you weren’t kidding. ” Cam says as she enters. “If we twirl her around, we can pretend we’re at a rave. What’s the good word, Hodgins?”

Hodgins gets annoyed again, declaring that he is not a party trick! When Cam asks if he’s okay, Zack posits the scenario that the glowing bones reminds Hodgins of Waitomo Cave. Brennan enthusiastically declares that she has been there and that it’s very romantic.

” Yes, that’s where he was going to take Angela for their honeymoon. If she’d said yes. Which she didn’t,” Zack announces.

Hodgins replies, “Okay, look, people, Angela and I are cool. Okay? But she’s… complicated. I will figure her out though. Just like these electric bones. Let’s just go back to work. Okay?”

CAM All right.

Then we have a scene where Cam is working the case and Booth wonders if what they had could have been the real thing–all the way to marraige.

She tells him that she was felt satisfied… and no duh. But she also says she was happy with her own place and he was happy with his own place as well. I remember this conversation as being the one that made me the most nervous in terms of Booth and Cam in season two…even when they WERE together. Because seriously…breaking up with Booth is one thing. When he gives you a chance to make a move and you don’t?

I don’t even know what to say. Let’s move on.

Fun fact that you probably knew…this episode was directed by Emily Deschanel’s dad. If you didn’t know he was a director…well, he is sometimes, when he’s not doing cinematography. His other credits include National Treasure, The Patriot, and The Passion of the Christ, so…yeah, he’s kind of a big deal.

But in the commentary, someone mentions that because Emily Deschanel knew that her dad would be directing this episode, she specifically requested no kissing or sexy scenes. I think they took that request all the way through about five more seasons, haha, hahaha, kidding, but I actually kind of like it in this episode because while the tone between B&B is mostly friendshippy, it actually lends itself to being quite lovely and romantic in that way. Much more on this later.

Angela and Brennan are checking out the MySpace page of their victim, Carly, and Brennan is surprised, as she recently met Carly. Angela and Booth grouse that it’s impossible to get in at Carly’s restaurant. Booth declares it the place with the famous mac and cheese.

Brennan says that it is in fact delicious.

“How’d you get in?’ Booth asks.

“I’m a best selling author Booth. I get in anywhere. I took Sully.”

“Did he have…”

“Said it was the best he ever ate.”

Aw, burn!

Brennan feels something toward Carly and is saddened by her death. She and Booth go to the restaurant to get more information.

Hahahahaha! There is not much to say here, because I know you all know what happens. I love Booth’s face and I love Brennan’s “really?” face back. Classic.

Cam interrupts Hodgins and Angela with a classic line. “Doesn’t marraige destroy sex? Please, Angela, say yes.”


“We were working,” Angela argues.

“You were working it.” Cam rebuts.

B&B investigate more, interviewing a suspect, Ben, and also going to a restaurant found on Carly’s MySpace page.  Brennan is annoyed that Booth keeps eating. I think this is one of those times where he was eating banana slices because he had to do take after take. But I am not sure.

The team determines that the sushi chef’s knife is not the murder weapon. Angela and Brennan head back to Brennan’s office to discuss Hodgins.

“Are you still torturing Hodgins?” Brennan asks.

“He loves it,” she replies.

“Just tell him no. Put him out of his misery,” Brennan says.

“What if I want to say yes?”

Brennan isn’t convinced and they discuss more, at which point Angela tells her that she’s a very difficult best friend to have. Hmmm…

B&B go to the restaurant to question Dan and Ben. Oh, and this happens…

“You know, I’d back down if I were you. He shot a clown once.” Brennan offers.

Angela and Brennan talk again about the idea of marraige and what it does to people.

“I don’t think I’m the person to ask about psychology of relationships,” Brennan said.

“You know, when I said before that you were the difficult friend inside my head…it’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

I love this conversation where Brennan states that if a relationship is more than just casual, she can’t help but posit possible problems, but that she knows she is missing so much. And I like Angela’s response. “I want to say no, but yeah. You do. And so does whoever you’re keeping yourself from.”

Good stuff.

This is also a classic Hodgins/Booth scene, where Hodgins talks through his thoughts about Angela. Booth isn’t interested in squint romance, but Hodgins thinks Booth is awesome for just getting it…



B&B interrogate Ben about his whereabouts when Carly died.

“You know, we’ll get him, Bones, alright? Don’t worry.” Booth tells her.

“We do this all the time.” Brennan says. ” You know, I should be used to it. It shouldn’t bother me.”

“No, it should. Was she, uh, really gonna teach you how to cook?” he asks.

“Yeah. I’ve always understood the basics of cooking, the physics of it, but… Carly said she was going to show me what it was really about. To her, she said that it was a way of… well, she said “loving,” but then, she was prone to hyperbole.” 😀 😀

“Well hey,” Booth says. “I mean, that’s what family dinners are all about, right? Those are some of my, uh, my best memories.”

And then the conversation gets interesting. “I’m not as cold as everyone thinks, Booth.” Brennan says.

“Okay, that was a leap.” Booth tries to stay on track.

“Just because I think marriage is an antiquated ritual doesn’t mean that I don’t want Angela and Hodgins to be happy. I have an appreciation and a need for emotional and physical intercourse, just like you.” Haha!

“Yeah. Sure. I mean, okay, good for you with that.” Booth says, which is just classic.

“Did I make you uncomfortable?”

” No. Not at all. I just wanna focus. Let’s just focus on the- on the case.” Right.

“I did make you uncomfortable.”


I also love the scene where Hodgins and Zack are acting out the possible murder and Brennan tells Booth, “Zack’s always the murder victim.” Haha! Plus Brennan looks really lovely as always.

B&B get their girl and close up the case.

Then it shifts to Hodgins and his non-proposal proposal that ends up working because Angela believes him that he will take her any way.

Very cool move.

Run, dude; she’s crazy. Haha.


“You know, you should let me help,”Booth says.

“Cleaning up. You can do that.”

“Great. Wow! Mac and Cheese!” he practically giggles. Okay, not even practically. The man giggles. So there.

“Bones, This…this looks fantastic.”

“Yeah? Really?” Brennan asks, and y’all, I just love this scene. It’s got a lot of heart, and I like that they sort of try to please each other.

“I mean, you shouldn’t have. All this work just for me?”

“What?” Brennan asks. “No, I mean…it wasn’t that much.”

Right, Brennan. Only exactly what he wants, made by you, with love nutmeg.

“This is unbelievable,” he says, and dang.

“You like it?” she asks.

“I’d like to be alone with it,” Booth laughs. And that line makes me laugh too. Booth isn’t a prude, but he is a gentleman. But he also makes crude little jokes like that sometimes…with Brennan, to make her laugh. It’s just the right amount 🙂

“She said I could go with my instincts, so I put in a little fresh ground nutmeg.”

“Well, she taught you well. Thanks Bones,” Booth says.

And I love that Brennan mentions that she went with her gut a little bit–calling back to the earlier conversation about cooking being an expression of love. Brennan declared that hyperbole earlier, but I think it’s at least fair to say that she enjoyed cooking this meal for Booth because she cares about him.

I like how genuine he is when he thanks her. It’s just perfect. Plus the “Don’t Give Up’ t-shirt. Why thank you, Booth. I believe I won’t!

“Well, you know,” Brennan says. “We have to eat, right?”

“Yeah,” Booth answers. “Gotta eat. Always gotta eat.”

The music swells, the lights go dim, they do the dishes and Booth’s black t-shirt gets wet, so he takes it off, and…

Oh, sorry…I got a little carried away. 😀

Okay, let me know what moments from this episode are your faves. And we’ll be back tomorrow and on schedule with the end of season two!


24 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House

  1. It’s interesting to pair this conversation at the beginning of this episode up with what takes place in this season’s episode, The Memories in the Shallow Grave. Booth and Brennan again talk about marriage, but Booth is certain she will ask him to marry her, and Brennan drops her “dopamine and norepinephrine” definition of love and tells Booth, “I love you” in Memories. Which is awesome. 🙂

    And surprise! Bones Booth’s mom details!!!!
    CAM: Can you pour fabric softener?
    BOOTH: Yeah. Sure. My mom used to use this stuff. I didn’t know it was so, uh, scientific.

    She wrote jingles. She used fabric softener. Anddd that’s about all we know.

    “The music swells, the lights go dim, they do the dishes and Booth’s black t-shirt gets wet, so he takes it off, and…”


    Yeah, Sully got to go the restaurant for the fancy dinner…but Booth got homemade mac ‘n’ cheese made by Brennan herself! So there!

    Great episode 🙂

  2. What I really liked about this episode is that there was a sense of closure about the Cam/Booth conversation– Cam didn’t want more and it is obvious from Booth’s comments that he doesn’t want to revisit their relationship. There’s a sense of closure with the Hodgins/Angela proposal– they figure it out in the end and it’s weirdly cool how Hodgins presents the anti-proposal which becomes a proposal to Angela.

    And in its own way, we get a sense of closure with Brennan’s relationship with Sully, but something more is added– a sense that she understands just how much she is missing out on because she cannot let go and give her heart to someone. The conversation between Brennan and Angela is one of their best because we know how aware Brennan is. She talks dopamine and whatnot to Booth, her way of putting distance between herself and the one person who she might break down her walls to be with, but with Angela, she is painfully aware of love as being more than just a confluence of chemicals and other triggers.

    Then she feeds Booth. That scene is almost a rehearsal for Christmas dinner with the squints and the dinner with A/H and B/H where she is the odd woman out both literally and figuratively. And it’s a rehearsal for the real thing with Booth.

    ED is gorgeous throughout this episode in almost an ethereal way and I credit her father with putting her in the best light. It’s a lovely episode.

  3. Awwww, all that work just for us? Love it! And I love this episode almost as much as you do; it does have a lot of heart and even more subtlety. It’s always nice when the writers create a script that doesn’t spoon-feed the audience, yet allows for the actors’ expressions to fill in the blanks. Although the scene between Booth and Cam does make me a bit nervous, I’m always more intrigued by what I see as Booth wanting a connection so badly-any at this point-that maybe he’s willing to compromise once more (hmmmm-where has he done that before?!) and settle for someone with whom he wasn’t all that compatible to begin with.

    It’s also interesting how Brennan was much more able to express some aspects of her feelings for Booth when she didn’t realize there was any danger of him reciprocating. We heard all about how the murder victim equated preparing food with love and how Booth was so fond of family dinners-and there she is, making him something he wanted but couldn’t possibly afford in the intimate and very romantically lit setting of her home. He’s so ridiculously touched by her gesture and she practically blushes at his thanks which leads me to think she did understand on some level the significance of what she was doing. Let’s face it, she put a lot of work into that meal, picked something very special and had to invite him over probably oh so casually-definitely not ‘nothing.’ Aaahhh, the halcyon days when there were little undercurrents of romance everywhere between B/B but nothing was yet unrequited and stingingly painful…what little did we know then of what was going to be hurled in our direction. So Sarah, thank you very much for the lovely memories and the oh so yummy pictures.

  4. This is not at the top of my list, but this analysis does make me appreciate it more. Thanks, Sarah.

    On the gorgeousness: ED is just gorgeous here.

    On DB: Yum! The smile he gets when he’s just looking at Bones and adoring her is killer bee. Don’t quite get there in this ep, but we do get the little crooked smile (at Cam). That one gets me every time.

  5. 1. Me and my partner talk baseball. ha! Well played, sir. Well played.

    2. S2 Brennan was, I think, at her most beautiful. Just gorgeous, every scene, every show.

    3. Booth sticking his finger in someone else’s plate at the restaurant? Gross. Dude, you don’t know what else that person’s been eating!

    4. Brennan, so beautiful. So beautiful.

  6. Thanks so much for doing this — what a lot of work! Most definitely savored.

  7. It’s a beautiful episode. I always love the part in the commentary where Emily jokes that there is no connection between herself and Caleb Deschanel, and he sort of laughs and then says she’s grounded. It’s such a typical guyish way to say something. He might as wel have taken a megaphone and yelled “She’s my daughter! Mine!”

    I think the sushi was made of fruit because:
    Raw fish + hot stagelights + long hours of setting up, directing and filming = not a good idea.

    Thanks for the fun recap. Using nutmeg will never be the same again 🙂

  8. There’s one scene that’s not here that I absolutely adore. At the beginning when they’re walking toward the truck to put on their suits, Brennan just hands Booth her bag, without one word said. He takes it like he must take it all the time and carries it along as they walk. No spoken communication other than the case. No surprise on Booth’s part. No complaint or smart remark. Just the two of them working together seamlessly like they always do. And for some reason…that scene just speaks volumes to me about how far they had come since S1.

    • You are so right, ceeray. It’s those little moments that show us their connection. I like how in the beginning, they are going to a crime scene, they are walking with another person, but they are in their own B&B world, talking with each other like no one else is there. I like those moments as well. Another one that comes to mind is at the end of Passenger in the Oven, where they are talking THISCLOSE to each other and just looking at each other, until the teen suspect buts in. Until then, they were talking like no one else was on the plane.

  9. Oh…and I love, love, love and appreciate all the screenshots! I have a horrible memory and the pictures just bring everything back like I had just watched the episode! So thank you so very much for all the work that went into this post. 🙂

  10. I LOVE this episode…it’s just so fabulous.

    But, what I’d really like to say is that I just LOVE Brennan’s clothes in this episode…

  11. Brilliant work Sarah.

    It also seems to be the first time Brennan cooked for Booth. Brennan might have been testing the waters with Booth but each time she brings up the subject of “emotional and physical intercourse”, Booth goes all funny which could make Brennan misread him and think he is not interested in her that way. There have been lots of subtle undertones in their actions towards each other that each did not pick up on because of their different take on things and also because they did not fully realise what was happening – that friendship/partnership was morphing into something much more.
    They really do enjoy each others company and are comfortable with each other which is really wonderful to see. Anyone seeing just that last scene alone in the whole Bones series would find it hard to believe they were not a couple.

  12. I love that this episode and your commentary begin and end with arm!porn.

  13. Thank you so much for all your effort on this reliving of a great episode. As I watched it again, I found myself saying over and over to myself “oh, right, THAT happened in this episode too!” Like, the Booth/Hodgins “discussion” and subsequent hug, the fabric softener, the reenactment of the crime (oh, and I laugh so much when Hodgins stands up and declares “this part will be left to the imagination”), and all the great talks abounding.

    I too liked Brennan’s clothes and Booth’s “don’t give up” tee.

    One great episode. Thanks again Sarah!

  14. Ok, I am absolutely going home tonight to rewatch this episode now. The screen caps you have are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!

  15. This is a fantastic post about a wonderful episode. There is so much goodness in there!

    All those pics remind my why I’m always insisting Booth was at his absolute all time hottest in season 2. There’s no beating it for me, the man was in shape and I loved his hair and he was tanned all season and it was all just wonderful 🙂

    So much happens in this ep, I love the little head clash at the beginning and Booth eating so much sushi and Brennan opening up about the victim. I love how Booth’s face read ‘geez, that dude got everything’ when Brennan told him Sully had eaten the mac and cheese. I love the sexy ‘i want to be alone with it’, I love how slightly awkward Booth is when Brennan’s serving him, I love the rehydration of the hand, and the ‘ I felt satisfied‘ comment from Cam (I knew it!)

    I love the conversations about marriage and the prawn ‘non-proposal’, the hug between Booth and Hodgins, the myspace page (old school!), the glowing bones and the exciting case. Everything, I love it all. Thanks for reminding me why Sarah 🙂

    • “All those pics remind my why I’m always insisting Booth was at his absolute all time hottest in season 2. There’s no beating it for me, the man was in shape and I loved his hair and he was tanned all season and it was all just wonderful.”

      Amen! I agree with your whole post but especially this part. I have always thought season 2 was the hottest Booth!

  16. This is my favorite episode of season 2. It’s the only one from S2 I’ll rewatch over and over again (probably because most of the rest of the season gave me nightmares? (I’m a wimp, the first HP7 movie gave me nightmares for a month, and it took me over a year to touch a Howard Epps episode.)). I actually remembered a good chunk of it, which is amazing, because most of season 2 just draws a blank for me. Also, the DVD commentary is delightful (“Let’s sing the theme song!”). The murder weapon was ingenious, and it was a moving case, especially as someone who does use cooking as a form of loving. The non-proposal-proposal was amazing (but it’s Hodgins, who can also give adorable awkward man-hugs with ease), as well, and I always think of it when I eat seafood. Oh… and homemade macaroni and cheese is utterly amazing (and surprisingly easy to make).

  17. One of my favorite reactions in any Bones episode ever – In the scene where Brennan mentions that she took Sully to Carly’s restaurant after she says, “Says it was the best he ever ate.” Booth does this almost imperceptible motion with his head like he’s grumpily repeating what she said in his head in a mocking sort of way. It’s so subtle, but it cracks me up every time.

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