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Vintage Bones: Stargazer in a Puddle


Hello and Happy Thursday!

There is so much that can be discussed in this episode, from Brennan and the video of her mother, to Angela and Hodgins and their wedding/non-wedding, to Zack joining the Army,  to Booth vs. Max.  Feel free to discuss your thoughts on any of those things.

But when  I watched this episode again, I just got the sense that Booth was positioning himself in Brennan’s life. There were moments before where he sort of did that, and moments after too, but I just really felt it in this one. You know how in business or other areas, often people will say “position yourself for the opportunity”…basically get everything in your life (or work) ready so that when the opportunity for advancement comes, you’re ready?

That would be true in soldier terms too, I would guess, and I just really sensed that from Booth in this episode. He is positioning himself in Brennan’s life to be ready, when the opportunity comes. I don’t even know if he knows what that opportunity would be or would look like, but he just wants to be the one.

Maybe it’s just me.

What do you think? Other thoughts?



52 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: Stargazer in a Puddle

  1. I love this thought and I can see that happening. Especially after Sully, when he basically allowed/pushed her toward someone else. Lesson learned.

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve watched this episode, but I do remember the Booth and Max stuff. I love that dynamic. You’re right that sometimes it really is Booth versus Max. I’m really interested in seeing if and how that has changed.

  3. I agree. I think Sully definitely made Booth more aware of his feeligns for Brennan. We know that between Stargazer and the 3rd season premeire B&B had not been working together, that Brennan stayed in the lab to avoid Booth. Booth, of course, was very concerned that Brennan didn’t want to work with him anymore:( Hence, the chase was on again. Even if Booth didn’t feel Brennan loved him, or still had concerns about how things would work between them, I do believe he felt he wanted to be the one to be there for Brennan when she was ready. I think Booth always felt/hoped that Brennan would some day be ready for a relationship and, well, when she was, he wanted to be the one. To me, this is what made the car scene in DITP even more devastating. She did finally get it. She got the sign. And some part of Booth – even with all that was going on and all that we know/think he was going through – knew she meant it. That’s what he had been hoping for and, well, in that moment he couldn’t be the one. That’s the outcome he was hoping for in the 100th episode.

  4. I love the scene with Max when Booth talks about him abandoning her as a child and “you don’t think she feels that every time you pop in & out of her life?”
    The fight in the parking lot between the 2 of them, both ending up sprawled on the ground.
    And the end scene where B&B are at the alter, hugging one another until Angela breaks it up. Then they are left to look at each other…”What do we do now?”
    Love it!

    • I forgot about the Booth/Max scene. Even though Max understands that Booth’s baiting him in order to get him arrested, it’s got to be one more of those things that makes Max appreciate just how fiercely Booth protects Brennan.

      • I just love that Max has always been a B&B shipper. Saying things to Booth like he wants a good man for Brennan, in this ep, he rushes over because he thinks B&B are getting married and not Hodgela…prodding them to look more like a couple in CitG…he wants his daughter to have the best, and he accepts Booth as a guy that will be that for her. And even though Max is a criminal, he is sort of a father figure to Booth, which I think is nice for Booth to have.

    • This season I’ve been really missing Max’s reaction to B&B FINALLY being together and making him a gramps. I would imagine his reaction would be one of great relief and joy.

      Something that hasn’t been mentioned yet is the case and Brennan’s reaction to the mother. It’s a big moment for Brennan.

      • Oh yeah. Would you say that’s when she forgave her parents?

      • Very true Mar. I think the case made her realise that parents do what they believe is best for their children, out of a deep-seated love. It must have made her think about what her parents did and begin the forgiving process.

      • I think she at least forgave her mom. Max may have been more difficult to forgive for her because he was still around.

  5. As has been said in the past, each season finale has been done so if the show was cancelled, they could still work in the them hooking up angle.

    Max allowing himself to get arrested by Booth was really quite sweet and sure put Booth in an awkward situation. He had already let Max escape once – the bounty hunter one does not count. Booth felt so bad he had to confess to Brennan even though she did not ask for any information. It’s quite funny he did not wait till after the ceremony to tell her. This bit does look like he was positioning himself and clearing the air between himself and Brennan and also with God.

    I’m not sure Zack was ready to go off to war. He had not experienced life in it’s totality and head knowledge is not the same thing as the real thing which Brennan was also discovering.

    Angela should have been more aware of her marriage situation. Having the whole family/guests there and then saying she did not know jumping over a broom stick counted was really silly.

    Great ep though.

    • Yeah, Tonia, Angela’s behavior is the one thing I don’t like about this ep. She has the audacity to demand a big wedding in a week’s time…and then oops, she forgot to mention her first wedding? I don’t think I could be as forgiving as Hodgins. This was still in the time period I did not like Angela’s character, she just came off as so self centered to me. But…she did give us the B&B at the atlar moment…so there’s that 🙂

      • B&B at the altar was just precious. Like opalinker said the preacher’s facial expressions were great.
        When Brennan hugged Booth, didn’t anyone there think it was strange? I would have loved to see Hodgins’, Cam’s or Caroline’s faces.

  6. There is a lot I like about this ep. What touched me this time was the whole Max storyline. From him showing up when he thought there was reason to celebrate his daughter to his arrest and Booth doing his job even though I don’t think he really wanted to. Telling Brennan about how the arrest went and what Max said and the hug. That look on his face, good stuff.

    Also, for some reason, I was watching the preachers face this time at the very end. I love her facial expressions and reactions to the situation.

    Bring on season 3!

  7. BRENNAN: I’d like to marry you.
    BOOTH: Kinda sudden Bones. Let me think about it.

    MAX: Hey baby.
    BRENNAN: Dad?
    MAX: Booth.
    BOOTH: Put your hand up.
    BRENNAN: Booth!
    MAX: I was hoping we could get a drink or something before this part.

    ANGELA: Will you be my maid of honor?
    ANGELA: At the wedding?
    (Brennan hugs her)
    ANGELA: Is that yes?
    BRENNAN: I’m completely, totally honored.
    ANGELA: Really? I thought I’d have to tell you what a maid of honor-
    BRENNAN: I don’t even care how awful the bridesmaids’ dresses are…I’m so glad you asked me.

    HODGINS Hey man will you stand up for me on Saturday?
    BOOTH: Sure, against who?

    BRENNAN: I’m not a bad daughter? Bad person?
    BOOTH: You’re not a bad anything.

    MAX: Wait, wait I’m old.
    BOOTH: There’s no time-outs during an arrest!
    BRENNAN: (To Booth) what do we do now?

    • (BT wouldn’t accept my usual email today so my formatting and everything is off…anyway…)

      1. I think this ep shows that Brennan is not a marriage hater, rather, she never could see herself married and with a family. I think she’s just scared. Maybe afraid she’ll fail at it. Booth and BBB can help her.
      2. This ep has Max and Caroline and Billy Gibbons. Guest star overload! Max + Booth = comedy gold.
      3. “What do we do now?” Well I’ll tell you Brennan. You will built a mighty hut, have BBB, maybe get married and have more BBB’s, put bad guys in jail, and live bickeringly ever after. 🙂

  8. I love the conflict Booth feels over Max. He knows he has to arrest the guy, and Booth wouldn’t be the person we know and love if he didn’t, but when he looks at Brennan…you can see what it costs him to be such a moral person. And Brennan was just awesome. Anyone else under the circumstances would be furious with their partner but even though she may not be happy, she understands that it’s something Booth needs to do. Knowing what I do now, I had to smile when she held up the pebble and Booth reads the words: I love you. Awww. And the end is one of my all-time favorite rewind moments, especially when Angela interrupts their very intense hug with “I’d like to get married now.” And of course the “all you have to do is tongue-kiss the maid of honor during the reception.” “Nice. Who’s the maid of honor?” “I am.” Buahaha…

    About Zack, I hadn’t caught these things before in part because I didn’t see the episodes in this season in the correct order, but in one of the previous eps Brennan is annoyed with Zack and he looks miffed as he says something to the effect of “you used to appreciate when I did X.” Here, Hodgins says that something isn’t rational and an emotionless Zack replies “everything should be.” They were clearly setting Zack up for a fall, what with his suddently cold demeanor and his need to find a place in the world. What initiated that change still eludes me, though.

  9. I don’t have much to add, but I love this episode! That hug at the altar… wow. TENSION! Even when Angela interrupts, they still don’t fully pull apart for a minute!
    And as always, Booth and Max are so funny. I think they have a very interesting relationship. Max respects and likes Booth, even though Booth arrests him and such. And Booth is willing to give Max a chance, and to some degree likes him, but at the same does not trust him and watches him closely.

    Brennan is so understanding of the whole situation. I’m really glad they never made her be mad at Booth for doing his job. He really didn’t have a choice. Had he let Max go, and not tried to get him convicted, I would have lost so much respect. This show pulls off things that no other show can!

  10. There’s a lot to like in this episode:

    ‘You know more about duty and honour than anyone I know’ – must have meant a lot / been a surprise to Booth to hear Zach thought of him that way.

    I LOVE when Booth and Max are getting ready to fight out in the parking lot and Booth places a bullet between his teeth and rolls up his sleeves. Hot stuff. (Also, his butt looks great in his suit trousers during the fight. Sorry for lowering the tone that far, but it had to be said 🙂 )

    • Thank you, sophia. I have always thought this myself — and drooled just a tiny bit. ;-D… (the dots are drool — think Homer Simpson with a donut)

  11. Just an FYI to the non-spoilery out there….Spoiler Land is all abuzz with new promos and information that has been coming out about April 2nd’s episode through the finale. Just be on guard if you are avoiding! 🙂 One of the new promos Fox is running is prettttty spoilery. Wanted to give you a heads up! Be careful out there, non-spoilers!

    • Thanks for the heads-up, bb. I’ve had to limit my usual cruising of the BonesSphere because of all the happy spoilerism going on out there. It was very difficult – I may not be strong enough to avoid peaking at those promos during the next 2 weeks…but I’m gonna try – for me it enhances the first viewing of the episode so much when I don’t know what to expect…

      This is exciting, though. Kinda deja vu re: last November. Once again, anticipation is building after yet another very lonnnnng break…

  12. So, April 2nd is coming. Who’s excited? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Anyone want to guess what we will get in the birth ep? No spoillers, obviously, but fun guesses? What’s Booth’s reaction going to be? How will the team be involved (if at all)? I mean, its got to be different than Hodgela, and I’m sure something probably dramatic will happen at some point–it is B&B after all….but the anticipation is killing me 🙂 So I’m guessing the actual episode will finish the job haha

  13. I wish I could comment more, but I’m 100% spoiled!! The one thing I CAN say is that I’m super excited and can’t wait for April 2nd to get here.

  14. I am not totally spoiled for April 2nd but, I will admitt, I have seen a couple of the promos and my excitement is heightened! Bring it on!

  15. Wow, during the last two weeks of our wait, I’m really missing BT to help getting me through! I didn’t realize how addicted I was to this blog! 🙂

  16. Helllooooo? Anybody home???? Dying of Bones withdrawal over here!!!! 🙂 🙂

  17. I guess we won’t get to season 3 before the next new episode.

  18. Can’t believe how disappointed I am each day I see no new BT post! Talk about Bones withdrawal – I got it bad, and no BT to help us in our hour (week?) of need!

  19. Been missing BT so much!! Watching S7 eps over again is helping…some.

    • Well hopefully Pelant doesn’t have Sarah! Unless that means B&B will come save her, which in that case, it would be totally worth it 🙂

      So what are you guys all thinking?!?! April 2nd is cominggggggggg!!!!!!

      • I can’t believe it is less than a week already! Mondays are so crowded now, but I will be watching Bones live and watch HIMYM & 2BG on dvr.

        I am not spoiler-free, but I know BT is… I am so excited. I watch the sneak peeks at least twice a day. That also helps…some!

      • I am so NOT spoiler free haha but I respect the BT non-spoiler rule. But what I can say, is:
        I. AM. EXCITED! 🙂 I’ve actually only watched one sneak peek so that I didn’t ruin it for myself…but its a long time between now and Monday…I might get weak and watch them! I hope we have a post-episode thread so that we can collapse into a pile of goo together!

  20. I think Sarah is probably caught up with life and The Hunger Games.

  21. Its like 4 days now! Bring on the baby! 🙂

  22. Bones has been officially renewed for the 8th season! Not that everyone here probably doesn’t already know it by now.

    • I know!! So happy! I was kind of hoping for a double season renewal through 9, because they talked about it so much at the Paley center, but I will take season 8 any day! 🙂 It just boosts my spirits as we wait for the next episode! I’ve never wanted a weekend to be over this badly before haha

      • I don’t think DB looked terribly enthusiastic at the mention of a ninth season. Maybe he was just surprised, but it seemed to me that he wasn’t jumping on that bandwagon just yet.

    • Wheeeeee! Excellent news.

  23. Quoting bb, above, “I hope we have a post-episode thread so that we can collapse into a pile of goo together!” —
    — Yes, let’s hope Sarah returns to give us a Post-Ep Pile Of Goo thread – a PEPOG! lol

  24. Hope everything is ok Sarah…it’s been a while and we miss you…
    Let us know if you need a hand keeping this blog active – I’m sure many of us in this little family would be happy to help.

  25. Baby Bones is here Day! Tonight @ 8 p.m. we will be welcoming Baby Girl BB to the Bones family! Can you believe it!!! Everything happens eventually:) Is there going to be a post-episode chat?

    • Even if there isn’t an official chat, let’s all meet back here anyway and squee together!

      • @bb – I was thinking the same thing! I know BT is the first place I’m checking tonight, post-ep. Provided I’m still functioning, that is… :-0

      • Spare a thought for those of us not in the States who have to wait at least another day before the magic viewing can commence!

        I’ll be going into ‘radio silence’ once the ep airs until I’ve managed to see it, but I hope you guys have a wonderful evening and love the episode and it’s everything you’ve been hoping and waiting so long for 🙂

        How amazing is it that at 8pm tonight people in houses across the US will be sitting down and spending their evening watching. Pretty cool thought 🙂

        See you all soon x

  26. Yes, Sophia – condolences to those of you who have to wait even longer.
    In a small way, I know the feeling, as those on the East coast get the episode three hours before we do here on West coast of the US. So I too will be keeping “radio silence” until at least midnight Eastern time, which is 9pm here.

  27. I just found out that DirecTV users might be able to watch it because of some disagreement between Fox and DirecTV. LAME. SERIOUSLY??? I’ve waited this long for an episode and now I might be able to watch it. ugh. MY LIFE.

    Let’s hope the following article is wrong or that they’ve fixed the problem. I’ll check tonight at 8. If not: well, then I’m just going to have to wait for some kind soul to post it online after 9pm.

    • 40 minutes left for East Coasters! 🙂 I can’t wait! I’ll be here if people want to SQUUUEEEEEEEE together 🙂

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