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69 thoughts on “The Prisoner in the Pipe- Post-Ep Discussion

  1. One of my favorite parts was during the slow-mo birth montage, the camera would linger on their hands clasped together. They are team now! πŸ™‚ And the very end when the team surprised them at home…I just love the happiness they all share now…they’ve gone through up and downs with Cam being new and Sweets being new….and they are just such a cohesive unit these days. Love it. πŸ™‚

    And yay, Sarah is alive! πŸ™‚ hehe

  2. I really enjoyed the episode. And I will admit, the tears did flow.

  3. That was one of the most beautiful Birth scene shown on TV or Movie.

    • When you care so much about characters, it makes it so much more meaningful. How many times do we get to see two main characters on a show actually go through a birth like this? Probably never! It’s usually that will they/won’t they all up to the end of the show.

      And I’m so happy that Booth got to deliver his child. Hopefully helps to fill some of the missing spots he had with Rebecca in the past πŸ™‚

    • OMG -I couldn’t agree more! It was wonderful.

  4. Still trying to pull all my thoughts together….but
    I liked the case – and they got me. I had a different person for the killer.

    I agree with bb – I loved the close ups on their hands and how she really used him for support. I even loved the sweet bickering in the middle of labor. Only one small complaint – I really missed having them kiss – even if just a little peck. They had two perfect times for one and I actually felt like I missed it. Makes me wonder if maybe it was cut. Loved the episode though.

    OMG – that house is amazing!! Can’t wait for the rest of the season!!

    Hi Sarah – been missing you…and BT!

  5. Oh. My. God.
    Christine Angela is PERFECTION!! Brennan describing giving birth as pushing out a jack ‘o lantern made me laugh until I cried. πŸ™‚

  6. How beautiful was it to see Brennan unable to contain her laughter and happiness when the baby was out? So sweet!

  7. I loved it.

    It may have been the perfect episode. The case was good. There was a lot of humor. And, THE BABY!

    The birth scene was wonderful.

    They looked so happy and together at the end.

    Just wanted to express myself. Maybe more later, but right now I’ve got a lot of work to do.

  8. I really like how it was Hodgins and Brennan who exclaimed “we’re a family” when their respective children were born. Nice touch. Loved Protective Booth with his hand sanitzer at the end:) Aw.

    Sweets & Daisy in Brennan office. Ew. Just ew. Only part I really did not like.

    Oh, and god bless the Bones timeline. I want to hire Booth and Wendell to make me a home like the mighty hut in like, what?,3-4 weeks. Wow, guys! Bravo:)!

    • haha camcat! I almost forgot about Booth with the sanitizer! It was so Boothy!! πŸ™‚ And of course Brennan follows up with the science of actually exposing your kids to germs early. hahaha Oh Booth and Brennan, never change!

      • Talk about exposing your kid to germs. I would think a stable would very germy. Loved Booth delivering his daughter. He was very calm and absolutely there for Brennan when she really needed him to be. No going back now.

  9. I was so glad to watch this new episode. There was something about it that was the opposite of forced, the outline wasn’t driving the narrative, the characters were. As I think we said during the talk about the episode where Hodgins and Daisy are looking for rat’s nests, the two of them are very…interesting/compelling/funny together. And it wasn’t just one scene…there was the robot and the pitting and the sludge looking. Cam and Angela were nicely Cangelish :-). And Booth and Brennan seemed at ease and connected; Brennan smiled a lot and not just at the end. Oh and the Booth Sweets diner interaction! Hilarious! I really liked it. And honestly, I haven’t loved most of this season and I’m not really that tough of an audience! And way, thank you, Sarah, for putting up this space. It’s nice to be a part of this community. Sweet dreams (of Booth!), Michele

    • There were actually only 2 things I could have done without. I could have done without Sweets/Daisy in Brennan’s office, and I could have done without Angela/Cam acting like teenage girls with the whole “oh,come on, we’ll think you’re cool” with Brennan. That was just weird.

      • camcat, I actually liked the “we’ll think you’re cool”…because I thought Brennan’s reaction was adorable. I thought of the Queen Bee episode, and how she was the odd girl in her high school…she always did want to be cool I think, so her reaction brought that to mind for me. πŸ™‚ Nobody particularly got on my nerves, I even like Hodgins with Daisy.

      • Yes, Hodgins and Daisy. Daisy was so over the line, but it was still funny (to me). One of my favorite lines was “You are not getting anywhere near my cervical plug, Ms. Wick.” Ha!
        I didn’t even mind the Daisy/Sweets stuff as much. I thought it was going to be worse. She so idolizes Dr. Brennan.

      • Just watched the birth scene again and when they return home…even better the second time.

  10. Oh, and the name folks. Christine. I was spoiled on that for a while, along with her middle name. The middle name doesn’t bother me. Angela said last year that if she had had a duaghter, she would have named her Temperance.
    If you don’t like the name, you have to love the “our daughter’s name is Christine”. Aw. “Our daughter”. Very nice. And I have to believe her last name is Booth. I really hope it is.

    • Christine Angela Booth. Love the sound of that!!!

      • I liked them incorporating Angela into the baby’s name but I was kind of hoping they’d use Angela’s “real name” that we as the audience still don’t know. I imagine that she’s told Brennan her real name. πŸ™‚ My mission in life is to discover Angela’s real name and Booth’s mom’s name (actually to learn ANYTHING about Booth’s mom). Wow, I may need a better life’s mission πŸ™‚

      • bb – I couldn’t reply to you directly, but I think that that’s a perfectly cromulent (do you understand that reference?) or legitimate life’s mission. πŸ˜‰

      • Angelena!!! Nice! Not only is that a Simpsons reference, but the guy who wrote that episode also is the new Bones writer who wrote Crack in the Code! πŸ™‚ Well done!

      • Oops I mean he wrote Prisoner in the Pipe. He produced a few other Bones episodes but he actually wrote PitP. I remember when they released that he was writing the birth episode, people were nervous because he had been a comedy writer like with The Simpsons. But I think it was a good mix of funny and serious.

      • Thanks, bb. Nice pick up on the Simpsons reference. My sister and I use the term “cromulent” and always crack up when we do.

        Didn’t know about the writer, but that’s interesting to know. He did a great job.

  11. Loved the episode but I
    was disappointed that B&B did not kiss at the end. Then it would have been perfect. Wonder what Baby Christine Angela’s last name is? Booth or Brennan-Booth?

    • In the current TV Guide interview, ED says that a kiss that was scripted in the episode they were shooting 2 weeks ago (I believe) was cut because DB had a cold. Who knows? There may be reasons beyond anyone’s control for the absence of kisses, etc.

  12. Did anyone else think Brennan was going to instruct the prisoner’s not hurt her baby daddy? Lol! Mamma Bones!

  13. They did fool me with the case. I thought was someone else.

    The hospital scene was a riot. Brennan had those soon to be parents freaking out. I loved that Booth was even dismayed with what he saw when Brennan moved the black light around the floor and walls.

    I also really like the fact that Booth and Brennan were totally on edge when she went into labor and then calmed down and worked as a team, a real partnership. That’s probably the best baby delivery scene I’ve ever seen on tv. I know someone said that but it’s worth repeating

  14. Oh, who would have thought it would be Booth talking about a lactation nurse? He’s come a long way since the whole, “I’m not talking teets with you!”

    Also, to me, Christine is not only a nod to Brennan’s mother, but also a nice tie-in to Booth’s St. Christopher’s medal. If they had chosen to make BB’s first-born a boy, they could have gone with Christopher.

  15. It’s so wonderful that there were so many interesting bits in this episode that we keep naming more! The episode felt both like it was over so quickly and like it had a lot to it. I mean… what about the scene where booth is convincing her (not bullying her!) to go home and she acquiesces (gracefully) and then he starts mumbling about making her her favorite soup. And how about the prisoners parting like the red sea around her belly? A littlle silly (kind of like the cool thing with cam and Angela) but still funny and sweet!

  16. I cried. Hard. Not gonna lie. Beautiful episode. I loved them bickering while she was giving birth. So them. But so much love. Wow This show has not lost its magic touch. Sorry if i’m not making much sense I’m a bit emotional right now.

  17. I thought the birth was a little odd. I liked that Booth was the one to do it, good, but in the stable? Really? After all the Christianity bickering? Seemed a little silly to me. But I liked the episode, good case, hilarious Daisy/Hodgins scenes. I was giggling. Hodgins needs to be kept on his toes (and annoyed).
    Sweets had me DYING. He is a hardcore Booth-heroworshipper. Almost as bad as Daisy is with Brennan. The whole “No soccer!/ Don’t say that!” exchange was awesome.
    Not a fan of them getting it on in Brennan’s office, though. Nuh-uh.

    • I would have been fine with Booth pulling over, and Brennan giving birth in the SUV. I think that would have been fine. But, hey, a stable it was:)

    • Having her give birth in the stable WAS a part of the Christianity bickering – the whole “there’s no room at the Inn” gag. I found that aspect of the birth both cheesy and wildly amusing at the same time. The owner’s panic at the thought of his expensive wine tasting party being ruined and Brennan screaming from the SUV that she would squat in the grass and give birth right there was hysterical. That kind of bickering in such a ludicrous situation is so “them.”

  18. Thankgod for this episode. I think even if bub hadn’t arrived it would still make it one of my fav episodes. It was like watching an episode from the early seasons. Great humour, and I personally loved the booth/sweets thing and the hodgins/daisy thing, but I have no time for swaisy, sorry. And I love the ‘we’ll think your cool’ comment. I reckon Christine’s last name will be ‘Booth’. Brennan is all for tribe’s culture etc so I think she will want to name the baby Christine Angela Booth

    I was laughing and crying throughout the episode. Fantastic. Can’t wait till it airs here is Australia so I can record it and watch over and over again.

    And can I just say that I have missed these little chats πŸ™‚ welcome home Bones Fantatics xx

  19. Final Thought. It was very sweet of the J-Team to want to welcome the new family home. But….was it wise to surprise a former-sniper, and armed-FBI agent, when he was bringing his new family home after a long, long, long day? Hmmm…. That shows either a lot of faith in Booth, or a big oversight on their part;)

    • I want to know how they got in…need to tighten up security there Mr. Booth! I thought it was very thoughtful of them to bring B&B dinners for the next few days, they will not be getting much rest. Cam’s line about Brennan being able to drink champagne now makes me think of the moments we missed when the team found out about the pregnancy. Perhaps there was a champagne-lite celebration.

      • I think Angela has a key (that’s how it plays out in my mind anyway) and booth is very tired but I agree camcat, he wouldn’t ever be too tired to protect his family. Oversight maybe, or maybe he had heard them or saw sniper signs or something and knew they were there and pretended not to.

      • He might have known. Who let them all know that the baby had come?

  20. Lovely ep. Loved the case and the whole caring on Booth’s part. Booth was nervous and worried all through the case and I do love how he convinced Brennan to go home the first time. The over-protective Booth followed through in this ep but he really needed to be. No one else who is that heavily pregnant would be allowed in the field or even in a prison with dangerous criminals but Booth must have a special pass that he will protect her while out in the field.
    I love the hand-holding while she was giving birth and how he supported her leg on his shoulder. They do function well under pressure though.
    Typical Booth did not change his shirt again. It is now a running thing with Booth to keep Brennan’s blood on his clothes. He did have someone else’s too though.
    With all of Brennan’s anti-christianity, she has her baby in a stable just like the Bible story and she is allowing her to be baptised. That is so sweet and I can only imagine how happy Booth will be about that. I do hope giving birth in the stable still counts as a home birth so she has no wiggle room out of the baptism.
    The end scene was cool when Brennan gave Christine to Angela and then stepped back to be beside Booth. To me it shows that their relationship means a lot to her and nothing will be allowed to come in between them no matter what. BB look on with so much love and affection at their ‘little bout de chou’ and they have each other as well which is just wonderful and icing on the cake.
    This should have been a 2-hour ep. Went by so fast.

  21. Hey Sarah, Glad to know you are ok. Nice to have you back.

  22. It was a good episode. I was laughing at the beginning then got teary-eyed starting with the birth scene up till the end. πŸ™‚

    I found the birth scene to be quite intimate and beautiful and tender. I mean… Booth and Brennan… only the two of them… together… as their daughter made her entrance into the world. I liked the way it was done. I liked how Booth was wiping her forehead. I liked how Brennan held on the Booth’s hand. I like how Booth served some sort of anchor for Brennan as she pushed and how she found leverage with Booth. The way it was done didn’t necessarily make me feel giddy and squee but somehow I felt the love there…the love was there in a deep, quiet, profound way. πŸ™‚

  23. Great episode. Definitely needs a re-watch though as I missed some stuff the first time around.

    Not a fan of Sweets/Daisy in Brennan’s office. Yuck. And Sweets royally messed up his conversation with Brennan (Why did he do it as a “professional” thing when he told Booth he couldn’t interfere professionally? Why not do it as a “friend” thing as Booth initially asked?). But I loved the Sweets/Booth convo in the diner and all of Brennan’s snarky comments about giving birth. Very funny.

  24. Purchased the episode from Amazon and have watched the birthing scene and the end at least ten times. Wow! The love between Booth and Brennan was there for the world to see.

  25. Just watched the ep – oh the miracles of the internet…

    Loved loved Loved it! So funny and sweet.

  26. Loved that Brennan was on screen for most of the ep. Had she delivered in real life before this ep was shot? If not, kudos to her. If so, kudos to her and the costume dept. She really did great.

    • yes, she gave birth 2 days after filming episode 6. This was the first ep she shot after returning from maternity leave.

      ED actually had a silent hypnobirth – very different to this one.

      I can’t imagine trying to shoot that birthing scene whilst actually being pregnant….

  27. Brennan’s hair was great! it seemed so s1-s2 to me. She was so pretty!
    When they arrived home, and Booth listened noises and went right to the light switch, he put his hand on his waist (the gun I guess). Please someone correct me if I’m wrong.
    When I watched the Sweets/Daisy scene, I was grossed out terribly, but the rhythm of the story made me forget it. Good thing it didn’t happened, good thing Cam saw Sweets so they’ll never try again.

  28. Another thing I found interesting was the final scene on the prison (with Brennan walking through the angry prisoners). It seemed so risky to me from Brennan’s part, and at the same time I couldn’t help but thinking that I love when Brennan is convinced about her anthropological work and knowledge, it was so Brennan, she wouldn’t put herself to danger, she was just sure that nothing will happen. well…Yeah, until the guy with the pipe appeared.

  29. I’ve watched the episode for a second time now and, I have to say, I’m surprised there isn’t more love for Booth! I understand some people really did not enjoy the episode but, come on!, let’s here if for Special Agent Seeley Booth! He was super great with Brennan while she was giving birth, right?! He was doing his knight in shining armor routine for sure. But, seriously, he was so supportive, calm, and loving to Brennan. I wish he would have kissed her forehead but, hey, overall he did awesome!

    • I also have to commend the writers for not going with the cliche “I hate you baby daddy” delivery schtick so many shows fall for. Booth was awesome with her, and so was Brennan with him, never blaming him and assuring him that it wasn’t his fault and it was ‘the perfect place’ for their baby to be born.

      • Totally agree with you, Mar. I’m so glad there was none of the cliche “I hate you/can’t stand you/ahhhhh!” stuff a lot of tv deliveries show when women are in labor. They really were a team, and, very true to themselves. Booth is always protective of Brennan, and Brennan most always reassures Booth, right? Remember when VNM was shot? “You did the best you could. You did everything you could. You were very brave, I watched the whole thing.” Very true to character.

    • Booth really did great. He was twisted into a tight knot the whole ep. The relief was evident at the end. I guess no matter what he does, he just can’t win. Maybe if he never went so far with the blond people might have been more forgiving. But I stand by him 120% :-). All humans are fallible except maybe Brennan πŸ˜‰

    • Booth may not be perfect, but he was darned close to it in this episode.

      • God yes.
        That man was just the beacon of stength during the birth. Caring in the lead up, anxious to get her to relax, and just relieved when all went well and they were home.

      • She “can always depend on him to assist when needed” lol

        The delivery redeemed him from his crappy manipulative behavior trying to use Sweets to convince her to do a hospital delivery. He more than made up for it.

      • He was indeed just awesomely wonderfully there for her.

        @Mar – right – little did they know then just how much assistance would be needed!

        And, you’d think Booth (and Sweets too) would know by now that it’s totally useless to try and lie to/manipulate Brennan like that! (think: “Twister” ep. too) Just pisses her off, and that’s something to be avoided, for sure.

  30. Finally baby bones!!! Worth the wait. The birth scene was beautiful. I would have liked this episode to go a bit longer but got everything I wanted. Booth was everything Brennan needed. They do not need lots of words to express their love. Can’t wait to see daddy and daughter special time!!

    • I wonder if Booth will be shown as being protective toward Christine….I think that seems to be the consensus but Brennan may be so protective of her that Booth will have to try to be the “relaxed” one, all the while kind of freaking out behind the facade of calm, if that makes any sense.

      • Remember how she freaked out with Baby Andy who wasn’t even related. Will be interesting to see her with her own child.
        We know Booth will be protective – we’ve seen him with Parker.

      • It will be interesting. I do believe Brennan built up a lot of her rationalism over the years to help her cope with the world. When she opens her heart to someone, it’s pretty sincere and loyal. The most interesting thing, to me, about Brennan and Booth is that Brennan was more afraid about hurting Booth then him hurting her. I think, as Hodgins said, she has a lot of faith in Booth. She trusts him completely. That was never a question in her mind, she knew he would give himself completely. That’s really a twist we don’t see too much in fiction/tv/movies. I could see her fears about not being a good mother to this little creature that she loves like nothing she’s ever experienced. There has to be a part of her that is so afraid that she’ll loose this new happiness/family or that she’ll do something to harm it. I know it has been frustrating at times, but I think it shows what a good heart muscle she has:)

    • Oh yes camcat. Brennan is scared of hurting Booth and that seems to show through as her tiptoeing around the relationship. She knows this is a relationship where she can’t get angry and call it all off. She seems to know how fragile Booth is and when she is totally herself, she hurts him – like in eps 1 and 2 – but when she takes the time to think about and include him, they will argue but they will come to a compromise that works for them both.
      I love Brennan and the fact that she can take care of herself etc but here is a guy who really wants to be part of her life and not just for show but really does want to be there. I’m sure she can allow this and still be who she is fundamentally. Booth does understand and it is that fundamental difference in her that attracts him to her. She needs to understand that she is great as a confident, knowledgeable scientist and woman but like Booth said in the Baby Andy case, she needs someone to share it with. Someone who understands and will not try to make her feel bad for being successful.
      I love that she reassures Booth when it really matters, whenever he feels he’s done something really silly.
      She wants to keep their personal life separate from the professional but it is difficult for Booth as he is ‘over-protective’ of her. She still compartmentalises on some things but everything iss so interwoven I get confused at times.
      Christine will definitely present a new arc in their relationship that she will not be able to compartmentalise. She may defer to Booth on a lot of childcare stuff but I can see her digging her heels in on a few issues. I hope they have their man-cave and girl-cave where they can retire to and lick their wounds when things really heat up. They will make it. They have all it takes.

  31. I hope we get to see plenty of moments with Booth,Bones and christine….

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