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Morning After Q: Thoughts on Luck and Love and Family?


Hello and Happy Tuesday!

I am sure you can guess that the question I WANTED to ask was “When will Daisy be mauled by wild animals and/or be reaped in The Hunger Games?”, but I’ll abstain ๐Ÿ™‚

How did youย like The Prisoner in the Pipe? It had some good moments for me, and some dreadful ones, but one thing that stuck out to me when I watched was Brennan’s comment that Christine was lucky to have the rest of them in her life.

It’s strange to me to hear her use the word luck here (even though she also used it at the end of Signs in the Silence in a similar context), though she was also running on an emotional high.

The other thing I’ve been pondering is this: Are B&B too partnerly? It’s something I’ve felt all season, and I did again last night too–and I’m wondering if it’s true, that the writers have dialed the romance way back between them, or if it’s just a reflection of how much love and affection they had for one another when they WERE ‘just partners’. Does that make sense? That they are basically partners+ right now might not be such a bad thing, since they loved one another as partners? Hmmm…I don’t know the answer to that…it’s just something that is swirling around in my mind as I try to figure out why I’m less than satisfied with B&B this season.

Enough from me. What are your thoughts? I always come back to Owl’s post on the rational criteria for examining an episode (read it here, if you haven’t already): Did it make you laugh? Did it make you cry? Did it make you think?


96 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Thoughts on Luck and Love and Family?

  1. This episode that I’ve waited so long for did make me cry, but that was about it. I’m a nursing student who just completed OB, so the entire pregnancy I’ve been watching to see how realistic things were. The birth scene wasn’t bad, it was probably the only part of the episode I really liked.

    I don’t know, but I think you might have pointed out something that bothered me, this entire time Booth has been all about baby, and I’ve felt no actual love for the mother. It wasn’t until they stood semi hugging each other at the end that I thought, “Maybe now they will be more loving towards each other.”

    I don’t know, I’m still iffy but overall, the case seemed lame to me, that first scene was just so bad.

    • I don’t think it’s Booth being all about the baby. He was the first one to say “I love you” and keep trying to pull Brennan into an embrace or kiss. She’s the one trying to rationalize his attraction to her. I think their physical relationship is very true to life with her being as pregnant as she was.

      • A lot of that may be that Emily Deschanel isn’t comfortable with the idea of doing love scenes with David Boreanaz. That may simply be analogous to what Ellen Pompeo (Meridith Grey of Grey’s Anatomy) said about herself and Patrick Dempsey (Derrick Shepard of Grey’s Anatomy): that she and Patrick are so very brother-and-sister like in their friendship that when they have to do Derrick-Meridith love scenes, it feels very awkward for them. So, Emily’s discomfort with doing love scenes with David may just be a pseudo-incest-taboo kicking in. But I’ve long felt that it was Emily who has been the fly in the ointment preventing us from seeing a more physical manifestation of Booth and Brennan new relationship.

  2. I think the Daisy and Hodgins are wonderful. So funny. The Daisy & Sweets scenes are a totally different story. They both act like ridiculous, horny teenagers. They’re so inappropriate together. It’s a terrible relationship for both of them. They’re so much less than they could be when they’re together.

    Booth & Brennan and their level of intimacy. I think they dialed it back due to Emily and her pregnancy. Personally, I haven’t felt any lack in their interactions as a couple. I think they played it out really well to reflect how a woman in the last stages of pregnancy would act and how love is expressed with a few kisses and cuddling because that’s all you’re typically physically up to.

    Watching Booth & Brennan this season in their new relationship feels really real to me. They seem like a couple in love having a baby and starting a life together. I’m honestly not sure what people are looking for.

    • “Watching Booth & Brennan this season in their new relationship feels really real to me. They seem like a couple in love having a baby and starting a life together. Iโ€™m honestly not sure what people are looking for.”
      I’m with you, Lisa. I’m very happy with the way that things are progressing. Especially in the last two episodes.

    • I also agree with you that B&B in their relationship feels very real; more real than many other TV character relationships.

    • I agree with you in theory and it’d be preferable in real life.
      But on screen, for me at least, this “real” relationship is being translated to a kind of lackluster romance. BB act more like my parents in a public setting than an epic romance.

  3. Anyone who thinks it’s romantic that Booth delivered Brennan’s baby has not been near a real birth. It’s one thing to hold her hand, it’s entirely another to actually deliver a baby, poop and blood and all. Sometimes, it’s good to not share every biological function. Keeps the romance alive.

    • I’d agree with you in most cases, but in this instance it isn’t like either one of them had any choice.

    • As the scene was written they didn’t have a choice. I think it was beautifully done. Anybody who thinks a man is turned off by watching his child come into the world regardless of the blood & poop has never had a man who loves them witness the birth of their child. Even in the hospital my husband was able to see everything due to the position of the mirrors. He cried when our son was delivered. It was a beautiful moment for all of us.

      • Not diminish your real life experience, but agree with BBones here.
        “As the scene was written they didnโ€™t have a choice” doesn’t really make sense in light of what the point is, that the writers had a choice in how they presented it. If the whole manger scene wasn’t played for maximum hilarity, I might even agree with Lisa.
        IF the scene felt raw. But it didn’t. All it did was emphasize that BB now seem to be the kind of couple that love each other so unconditionally that they leave the bathroom door open.

  4. wow. between last night’s post and today’s comments, I feel like i was watching a totally different episode than everyone else. i love and worship this show, but thought the only episode WORSE than this one was the competitive eating one.
    1. the forensics were even terrible. Seriously, Hodgins has to look it up to come up with acetic acid? anyone who ever made a salad knows what vinegar is. lame.
    2. tiny prison/weird and tiny riot. What? that was ridiculous.
    3. Brennan gives birth in a stable, then comes straight home (because why else is booth’s shirt still bloody?) and the whole gang is there and the place is decorated…what kind of crazyass timeline is this, anyway?
    4. again with the decisions not already being made (just like the ultrasound fight) give me a break that hospital/home birth wasn’t already decided, and booth isn’t that ridiculous, people give birth at home all the time.

    I liked that it was just the two of them for the birth – although the “life IS A MYSTERY!” thing was cheesy and could have been left unsaid, or said differently, I thought Daisy/Hodgins thing was hilarious, mostly because Hodgins seems to speak for the fans, which is a smart move by hart hanson & co., also thought the name thing was kind of cheese – but can live with it.

    but really, overall, was disappointed and thought it could have been a thousand times better – look at season 2 writing, this is so weak in comparison.

    • LucyC,- I just couldn’t let your comment about the tiny prison go by. I saw the episode, and I used to be a prison guard. What they were in was probably a “pod.” You see in a prison building it is divided into six separate sections, accessible via electronically closed doors, called “pods,” (at least where I worked) watched over via a central control room right in the middle of the sections and the riot could have been confined to that section only. It does not take much to start a fight in there, believe me. Other than that, I loved the episode, I thought B&B ought to have kissed after the baby was born. Anyway, in TV land, there is alot of things that do not get shown for time constraints, and it is to be assumed that B&B would have the baby checked out, called their friends about what happened and everything else fell into place. The baby was born in the late afternoon, and it was nighttime when B&B got home, no time was given, could have been late, thus the above mentioned things could have happened. Have a geat day.

  5. I think it’s a combination of many factors. They always behaved like a couple, even when they were not officially one. So, their behavior now doesn’t seem all that different and I think they are doing that on purpose so people don’t feel like the show is too different. They are still the same two characters who bicker, discuss , except now they can openly admit that what they always had with each other was love. The other factor was how pregnant Emily was during those first six episodes. I imagine it would’ve been very uncomfortable both physically as well as emotionally for her to be doing love scenes all the time. However, I think we clearly saw the love then too, just like we saw it last night. Just watching Brennan’s adoring face when Booth convinced her to go home by telling her he loves her was enough to make me smile. Then we have him apologizing for not getting her to a hospital and her sweetly reassuring him that it wasn’t his fault and that they were at the perfect place.

    Now that the baby is here and Emily is no longer pregnant perhaps we will get more scenes in which their love is manifested in a more physical manner.

  6. Last night’s episode was not my favorite ever, I’ll say that, but I did not hate it. I think they were trying to cram A LOT in to it. I think my favorite episode of this season so far is still Crack in the Code. I think B&B, to me, are fine. Daisy and Sweets were RIDICULOUS last night. Awful. Could there have been a kiss last night between B&B? Yes. But, to me, I don’t think that signals that they are not in love. I think they have been holding back a bit with Brennan but that feels right to me. Booth being the one to say ILY twice now, that feels right to me. Everyone is different. And as far as Booth delivering his own child, well, I don’t think you are really thinking or remembering the gross parts in that situation. My friend’s husband ended up delivering their son – unexpectedly. It didn’t ruin their relationship/romance. If anything, it brought them closer. They wouldn’t recommend it, but they got through it together.

  7. I love this show, so much; so there’s probably not anything they could possibly do to make me stop watching. However, I’m not blinded by my love.
    Last night’s ep had some good moments and some bad ones, but mainly it was weak. I’m big on the character development and the secondary plot lines, but I like when the case is interesting, smart, and is woven seamlessly in to the rest of the story. A lot of these season seven eps feel like there are two different things going on: everything is seperated. I like when they have character development over a dead body, while they’re talking about a case; but now it’s all one thing, and then all another…. (hope this makes sense). Obviously, I can think of several exceptions to this (when he comes back in the Prince in the Plastic and she says she’ll make the team go over the body all over again for more clues).

    Anyways, we don’t have time, especially with this shortened season and the fact that eventually this show will be canceled, to waste it on silliness – that is my main beef.

    The writers and the actors waste time on silliness – mainly Booth and Brennan. Instead of cute bickering, it’s just a lot of silly jokes – Booth and the cappuccino machine, Brennan acting like Booth in Hot Dog, Booth and Brennan in that weird sex thing at the crime scene, even Booth trying to get Brennan out of the riot. Even just the silliness of trying to get a room at the inn. I laughed at some of these things – don’t get me wrong – but they could do so much better than this silliness.
    They need to stop trying to make it funny and work on the story. Stop making Booth say silly things and stop making each situation silly. Anyways, that’s my main problem.

    However, to end on a positive note: something I learned from season six and season seven – rewatching the episodes makes a world of difference (some of season six’s eps are now some of my favorites – just as long as Hannah – gag – isn’t in them). I’m going to rewatch this episode again, without all those blasted ads to break up the flow every three minutes, and I’m sure it’ll be much better. Though not great.

    • I agree with you on the diner scene. It reminded me of the weird way they wrote Booth during Yanks in the UK. He became the rude, American stereotype and I didn’t care for it. He became that again at the diner. It seemed out of place in the episode.

      • Yes, exactly. That is precisely the episode I had in mind! It was so stupid and it was embarrassing to watch. It’s that kind of silly episode that I refuse to rewatch – thankfully, there are not that many!
        (Like you, I’m completely unspoiler free, so I’m looking forward to what’s ahead this season.)

  8. After waiting so long for this episode I was delighted with the birth scene in the stable and the way the birth was presented (not into reality of birth in fictitional prime time television series.) Given the hospital birth scenario has been done with Angela & Hodgins the writers would be seeking a new hook and what better irony than Brennan’s “Bible myth” .

    Emily’s pregnancy has probably affected the way B&B intimate scenes have been written but I believe series 7 eps have given us some lovely romantic moments and demonstrated the strength of what is now a seven year love affair (even with the blond road bump). The final shots of B&B&B in their new home surrounded by their friends were great – they looked so happy and in love with each other and their new baby Christine..

    I agree with others that Sweets & Daisy were unbelievably immature and unprofessional but balancing them were the very funny entertaining scenes with Hodgins and Daisy. I wish we could have more of these as they are excellent foils for each other and let the Sweets/Daisy romance just wither away.

  9. What’s all this about “real” relationship and love and romance?! ๐Ÿ™‚
    If you had hair as bouncy as ED’s after giving birth, if you fell in love at first sight but waited 7 years to consummate, if you thought it was mature to leave a son behind and go to war because of a broken heart, if you thought it was sensible to start a massive home improvement project while balancing pregnancy and a busy career, etc….
    You get my point. A lot of the BB story is exaggerated for dramatic effect, would be unbelievable and/or unhealthy in real life. So now that they’re together, it’s okay to expect that kind dramatic effect to continue. And yes, count me in as missing the spark.

    Disappointed but not surprised the show went for a wacky birth episode.
    Love your recaps on GMMR.

    • The way the relationship is playing out now feels real. Not necessarily how they got to this point.

      By the way, my parents bought and renovated our house when my mother was pregnant with my twin sister & I 2 months before we were due and she already had 6 children.

      • >> By the way, my parents bought and renovated our house when my mother was pregnant
        >> with my twin sister & I 2 months before we were due and she already had 6 children.

        Thank you! (For the “let’s get real” here.)

  10. Well here are my thoughts:

    I am a resident of Spoiler Land so I knew a great deal of what was going to happen, I’ve had some time to let this marinate in my brain a bit. I also know that the Paley audience LOVED IT. I am more on the love side, but there were issues:
    -I agree that the after birth timeline was awkward. But I’m assuming that they did go somewhere and have everything checked out, but that Booth just didn’t change clothes. We all know he is fine wearing bloody clothes! I also assumed that they called Angela to tell her the news, and Angela rounded the team up (and she had a key) and they took care of the decorations while they were getting the baby checked out. It’s a little fishy, but hey, its TV here.
    -The case was weak. Obviously this episode was about more than the case. Remember “Memories”? That was probably the worst case ever. But the character parts were so freaking good, I gave them a case pass ๐Ÿ™‚
    -Daisy: Well I don’t mind Daisy. She is well meaning and adores Brennan. Her scenes with Hodgins are hilarious! And no, they didn’t need the scene in Brennan’s office, but it was a good parallel to when Brennan cut off Booth’s advances in “Memories”” to look at the paintball pattern. Remember that? Poor Booth and Sweets and their forensic-minded ladies! Kills the romance sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚
    -Christine: Well I knew that was coming for sometime. I’d kind of hoped it was something else, just because Christine seems…I don’t know…an easy choice…I was really hoping they’d name her after Booth’s mom FINALLY opening up that storyline so we could know who she is!!! Sigh. Someday! But naming her Angela makes sense because Angela was going to name her daughter Temperance.

    Those who are disappointed or did not like it, give it some time. Think on some of the parallels like Daisy/Sweets paralleling Brennan/Booth in Memories. There is more there. I know I’ve had more time to think it over…and while it wasn’t perfect, I think it was a mighty fine episode. Rewatching will occur ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I loved the ep but still think the love is lacking. A kiss on the head, on the brow, something would have gone a long way.
    Booth freaking out at the diner just translated to stress for me. He was worked up and stressed and even at the prison, he was not at ease. He’s had to juggle a lot of things since Brennan got pregnant and Brennan is not easy to deal with. He needs to find a way to be one step ahead of her all the time which I guess will be hopelessly difficult.
    Brennan is changing and she does believe that there is something else out there apart from the facts. She loves Booth too and would do anything for him but that is a logic she can’t explain. She got pregnant – assuming it was after the first time – there is a force at play here that she can’t explain. Luck may be one of those things she just can’t explain but has to accept. She loves Booth, the baby, the family they have started. Her life can never be the same again and no matter what happens, she is tied to Booth for another 18 years at least.
    Like has been said, their romance was 7 years in the making so by now, there really isn’t anything to prove. They know each other so well it is frightening and what they share is what makes them unique and where they are now special.
    Hope we see mre manifestations of love but then they are private people after all.
    Where are Parker and Pops in all of this? Hope we see them at the baptism or even before.

  12. I actually missed the lucky comment. I may have been caught up another moment that seemed inexplicable to me, the prison riot.
    I started watching this show because of the strong female lead. I keep watching this show because I keep hoping it will get back to a strong female lead. Somewhere along the way I feel that the writers got confused with the definition of “strong” meaning defiant and reckless irrespective of the consequences. I don’t understand how a 9 month pregnant “genius” would ever think it would be ok to walk through a cafeteria of criminals that are rioting. It was just plain stupid. Or how Booth is “overprotective” in any of his comments to her about the prison. What is the message? To be a strong woman just do the opposite of what your s.o. does? No, to be a strong woman you stand by your morals and opinions; like with the debate about a hospital vs home birth. That could have been a great debate with humor but also showing why she felt it was ok besides her just wanting to control the environment.
    I really love the actors in this show and I think Hart Hanson is a smart guy but I wish they could recruit back some of the older writers.
    I still hold out hope that Bones gets back to the woman I once loved. Last night’s episode wasn’t the best. If the riot scene was excluded maybe I would not feel so bothered by the ep and have enjoyed it for the show it usually is. I truly hope that before the series ends they can bring back Brennan to a more reasonable point. My best guess is she needs to be exceedingly controlling so that the child teaches her she can’t be that way all the time and we can all learn the lesson of going with the flow. Or some other wonderful after school special kind of moment. I’m ok with that as long as she gets back to a more reasonable person.

  13. DB recently compared B&B to I Love Lucy in that there was always something going on with Ricky and Lucy. I kind of see his point. I would take Brennan running through a prison riot any day over a cheating storyline. That’s just me. So, yeah, I love Brennan with murder thrown in on the side. As long as B&B don’t turn into Daisy and Sweets, Imma okay. Oy. Note to B&B, DO NOT let those two babysit for Christine. Ever. Ever. Ever. I think that is something that B&B should agree on together.

    • That I Love Lucy as a touchstone explains a lot.

      Whereas I used to think of Bones as Thin Man + X-Files, equally matched sparring partners.
      Now it’s Lucy + every romantic comedy where the career oriented female learns to relax and let love in as wacky chaos reigns supreme.

      This post is just an excuse to bring up the intended Thin Man remake as sacrilege! I don’t care how cool Johnny Depp is, it’s just Tom Cruise level of self delusion to think you can remake Thin Man. Your off tangent PSA of the day.

      • I LOVED the X-Files, but I hated what they did to Mulder and Scully in the later years. Their baby was a fiasco. Poor, Poor William.

      • I never watched X-Files, but just read up on baby William. I don’t think I would have appreciated that too much. I guess they felt people would appreciate the intrigue.

      • On the X-Files, we kind of thought Mulder and Scully did the deed, but weren’t sure. Then, Scully ended up pregnant, Mulder went missing, was presumed dead, and rose again. We did not find out for sure that the baby was Mulder’s or that, indeed, Mulder and Scully had slept together and conceived the baby the natural way, until after he was born. Oh, and Scully gave birth in the middle of nowhere, but Mulder missed the birth!!!! I remember the fandom went NUTS!!! After all that, Mulder missed the birth! THAT was SO disappointing. Oh, and then Scully gave the baby up to strangers to protect him from aliens/government/whatever. And talk about a lack affection between two characters who had mad chemistry, and was built up for seven years!! I’ll take B&B where they are now any day, and Booth delivering their baby too, thank you very much.

  14. I was not that impressed. First of all, the gaps in filming meant everyone had different hair (Sweets, Hodgens) and Tamara Taylor has lost weight. Everything was extremely campy, from the diner scene to Sweets & Daisy to the prison to the birth. The entire birth scenario was RIDICULOUS. There is absolutely no way that Brennan would not have had that planned especially considering that to give birth at home she would have had to have a midwife lined up. THEN the birth position, especially after the comment about squatting on the lawn (which would have been an easy, natural, anthropologically correct position), was maddening. Laying on ones back is the *worst* possible way to give birth, which Brennan would have known, and with a knee to the chest? REALLY? Then it was broad daylight when they weren’t able to drive the 10 miles, yet when they are in the barn it is suddenly night time, complete with crickets?
    This show has been going downhill since Season 6 and it sucks ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m still hanging on…but…it’s losing me pretty quick.

    • The fact that Brennan DID NOT have the birth planned out actually seemed right to me at this time. For me, it showed that Brennan WAS taking Booth into account. Booth wanted a hospital birth, Brennan wanted a home birth. She went on the tour of the hospital for him. We were all a little miffed that she didn’t invite him to the ultrasound. She learned from that. She is trying to include him. If Brennan had had that baby 3 years ago via a donation from Booth, she would have plowed right ahead and made all her arrangements the way she had wanted. All the t’s would have been crossed and the i’s dotted. But now, now she has another person’s point of view to take into account. It takes these too forever to come to some kind of compromise/decision. Seriously. If they had tried to plan to have a child, Brennan would have been in menopause by the time they came to agree on all the circumstances. Remember in season 5 when they found the pregnancy test at the Jeffersonian? Cam said it couldn’t have been Brennan’s because she would never do anything unplanned. Well….. I think this pregnancy WAS a surprise. Not planned at all. That was just the beginning of a new world for Brennan. I still think Brenna’s first instinct would be to plan, plan, and then plan some more. But it is not just about her anymore.

      Again, this was not my favorite episode of all time, but I can overlook a lot here for some reason. Birth episodes are never my favorite. My favorite tv birth of all time was Murphy Brown waaaaaay back in the day, and there probably wasn’t anything realistic about that at all.

      • I remember that Murphy Brown episode! It used to be my favorite show, and I was like 11 ๐Ÿ™‚ haha

        And yeah, maybe if it was Brennan all alone it would have been planned more, but they are a couple AND crimesolving duo, who just bought and built a house…so they’ve been a wee bit busy. Even so, you’d think they would’ve discussed it before she was 9 months! I guess its one of those TV things we just have to accept. To get them in a wacky situation, things had to be unplanned.

        And as for why it was so quickly done….Bones is supposed to be a murder show. Sure, they could’ve dedicated the full hour to the birth, but then where is the crime? So I know some people say its “rushed”, but how else could it be? Then its not a crime procedural anymore, but just a drama. I think that its got to be hard to strike the perfect balance of a great crime and a great character situtation in the 43 minutes they get. I think they did well with those contraints.

        Will it ever be the perfect situation we plan in our own minds? Probably not. But while it wasn’t a perfect episode, I’d argue that its well done.

    • “This show has been going downhill since Season 6 and it sucks.”
      See, comments like that go way beyond just expressing an opinion. You think it sucks, and I know you’re not alone obviously, but there are others who don’t think so. Does that make you right more than others? Beyond that fact, there’s little conclusive evidence that that is the overall feeling with solid ratings in its 7th season, great support from its network and still many fervent fans of the show whether they watched from the beginning or last season. What about just acknowledging different people like different things, and sometimes showrunners take a show where you don’t want it to go. That’s personal preference to me, not right or wrong.

      • But the person did express a personal preference, that the show is going downhill, so what?

      • Not the show sucks, the going downhill sucks. Some might say the show’s gotten better and better but I’d have trouble believing they fully watched the first 5 seasons if that’s what they think.

      • Nothing wrong with personal preferences. My issue was that it was stated as a declaration, not as an opinion. I don’t mind if someone doesn’t like the episode, or the show as it is. But I would think that if it was in fact true that the show is going downhill, and has been for awhile, it would be struggling in ratings and in trouble by the network, not picked up for another season with nary a hitch.

      • The show could not stay the same for 7 years. Shows always change and evolve. Usually the tone of a show changes as it progresses past 4 seasons. It happens and whatever direction they have chosen to go, isn’t going to make 100% of the viewers happy. However, it seems like they have found a formula that works for them, enough for the show to make it to 7 seasons with what look like pretty solid ratings so far and while the show isn’t exactly how it used to be, it still works very well. These characters have aged, they have matured, they certainly can’t stay the same as they were 7 years ago, that would make no sense. To me, Bones is more a character driven show in which murders are solved than just another procedural.

  15. bethers – I don’t see the problem. Brennan is just as strong and confident as ever. I have never understood this bring back season 1 and 2 Brennan. I find s1 Brennan often hard to like. s2 is better, but I like s6 Brennan best of all. She’s still the brilliant, confident scientist, but she’s also someone who can see that there are other things than facts about life. She is open to other viewpoints which she was not early on. The openness doesn’t mean she’ll cave on something she believes, but it does mean she can consider others’ feelings and compromise sometimes — like with the baptism. She has “grown up.” As I have found in life, the more I know the more I realize how little I know. And, the more I know, the more I see that there are other viewpoints than mine. When you’re young, you think you know everything, but life disabuses you of that notion along the way. It makes you a better person, as it has made Brennan a better person.

    Now, the episode: I LOVED IT!

    I’m not ashamed to say that I loved it and have pretty much been loving this whole, too-short season.

    I loved that last night had everything: silliness, sappiness and a solved crime. I had the other s figured out at one point, but I can’t remember it now.

    There was silliness everywhere: Daisy and Hodgins. Booth. Brennan in the hospital noting all the blood and fluids and upsetting the other parents to be. The prison guard. Daisy and Sweets (yeah, they were unprofessional, but they’ve always been – comedic license). Mr. Ed in the manger. The whole set up had me giggling. Even if you hadn’t been spoiled, you had to know where that opening was going. Cam having trouble grabbing the eyeball and finally getting it. The prison “riot.”

    Sappiness: the end. Booth’s concern about Bones. The birth scene.

    The crime and it’s solution were fine. Not the best one, but not the worst one either. Not the ickiest by a long shot, BTW.

    BTW, someone had been complaining that the criminal was always the second suspicious person we met. That wasn’t true here. I think he was third or fourth.

    Anyway, I LOVED IT!

    • Brennan’s open minded maturity regarding the baptism would have gone down better for me if Booth had displayed similar open mindedness here- see above comments by Treadsoffly and Sarah’s review of Booth’s scenes with Sweets on GMMR. It seems like we’re just supposed to laugh it off when Booth is being stubborn or uptight about his beliefs.
      I’m okay with the baptism, and think it was a sweet gesture by Bones. But I’d be very disappointed if Booth keeps dismissing Brennan’s atheism. There should be mutual respect.

      • Well at times they’ve had Brennan call Jesus a zombie and say that God is a sociopath. They both have shown a sort of disrespect to each other’s beliefs. But that’s going to happen when you have two very different people and very different belief systems. It will be a rocky road for them as their child grows up! I’m sure they will address that in the future too.

      • But those instances are from earlier seasons when Brennan was supposed to be immature (and partly dry, tongue in cheek) and the instances where she’s supposed to have grown to the present version. Haven’t seen a similar growth in Booth regarding his hardcore beliefs. I was ok with season 6 saying, what was the quote, some things we don’t need to talk about. But then Booth should be showing his maturity in this relationship in season 7. Instead, I see the show just continuing with the old party line that Booth is fine, when he’s being stubborn about things, it’s just endearing. On top of which, we have had multiple instances of other characters piling on to teach Brennan humanity lessons. It’s just lopsided development to me.

        I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the show addresses Booth’s changes aside from a throwaway line about who proposes first, and really delves into the marriage issue.

      • Booth is as stubborn as Brennan is and IMO, I think Booth backs down more than Brennan does. There are certain issues that Booth will argue over and stick to his guns – not because he wants to be difficult but it just is a less messy alternative e.g. moving in together, marriage, religion but having a home birth as opposed to a hospital birth is not clean cut to him. He wants the best for Brennan and the baby and feels they will get the best care in a hospital.
        Booth’s changes are not magnified as much as Brennan’s because Brennan was such a strong independent woman in the beginning that now any minor change will easily be noticed as opposed to Booth, who had his flaws, but still could relate to people and was down to earth.
        I see nothing wrong in what they were or what they are now. People evolve and they are evolving in a way that works for them both.

      • I don’t know… the show really built up Booth’s emotional baggage, so it’s not very satisfying to gloss over it by saying his growth just isn’t as magnified. And just because most people would agree with Booth on the home birth – hospital issue, doesn’t make him righter.
        Plus, like Sarah in her reviews, aside from BB, the show’s attitude toward “teaching” Brennan to humanize has been a sore point for me too.
        They way they’re doing it does both characters a disservice.

        Think the birth episode really needed to be emotionally moving, not just har, har for me to get over the seasonal funk, but it’s like the show keeping on steamrolling over all the problems with increasingly broad humor.

      • There isn’t one character who does not have emotional baggage in one form or the other but the ones we seem to focus on mainly are Brennan’s. Why? It is all about her and how she has accepted to evolve while not changing her fundamental belief systems. All the things she has compromised on do not change who she is fundamentally. She still refused to say the guy was stabbed even when she was been goaded by Angela and Cam. She stood her ground with Booth because like you said, no one location of having the baby is safer than the other but in case of complications etc, the hospital will be a safer bet.
        The baptism is the one that got me but then, the baby is half Booth’s and if she won’t marry Booth, it is a compromise she is willing to accept just so Booth can have something his way. She is VERY strong-willed and stubborn and she knows it too which is why she could not be angry with Booth when they ended up in the stable.
        One thing I’ve noticed about Brennan is that she loves a good discussion and even if she does not agree with something but enough logical reasons are given to her, backed with facts, she will concede even if she is not 100% on board.
        While I say Booth’s changes are not so obviously broadcasted, he’s moved in with a woman he is not married to and not only moved in, bought a house with her and has a child with her. These are changes in Booth previously would have been a show-stopper between him and Brennan.
        Brennan has a right to be an atheist and Booth has the right to be a Catholic. How they make that work will be through respect of each others belief system. Catholic tenets are that all children born to a Catholic must be baptised in a Catholic church even if your partner is not a Catholic and with Booth attending Mass most Sundays, wonder how he would have reconciled that if Brennan dug in her heels.
        Love makes all sorts of us all and Bones really pushes the boundaries on a lot of things. Sometimes I am as confused as I am clear on what’s happening but it’s all fun and I’m glad that as complicated as my life is, it’s nowhere near these two.

      • Booth is being plenty open-minded, and Booth is making plenty of compromises.

        He didn’t get the birth situation that he wanted, and he apologized to Brennan for something that, if anything, was her fault for insisting on going to the prison, etc.
        He apologized for lying in the Twister ep.
        He realized he was wrong with Pops.
        He listened to Brennan about his dad.
        He’s living with someone without benefit of marriage. Ditto on the kid.
        It appears that he’s not fighting Brennan on spending on the house.

        There are others, but I can’t think of them without watching all the eps — which would be a terrible thing to have to do, but I’ve got a lot of work to do yet.

        I find this particular line of discussion akin to last season’s Booth-bashing. Lines seem to be being drawn. People who think Brennan’s emotional education has been too blunt, find no change in Booth, and vice versa. Neither is correct. They are both learning to be together. Sometimes one gives in, sometimes the other gives in.

        On the religion thing. Booth does not attack Brennan’s atheism anywhere near the way Brennan attacks Booth’s faith. I think that Brennan’s agreement to the baptism was perfect Brennan: she found a way to make it a rational choice. Booth knows full well that Christine is going to get an opposing view on god, and he knows that there’s nothing he can do to stop that. But, by the same token, I think Brennan knows the same. Booth will make his case, and there’s nothing she can do to stop that. For a lot of couples today, that’s reality.

        I will also remind us that it’s meant to be about Brennan’s journey.

        I will also agree with whoever said that, of course they’ve changed. They have to — it’s been 7 years. People change in that kind of time. At minimum they grow older. If they’re lucky — and I think that B&B do have this luck — they grow wiser and more understanding that they are not the center of the world. I think that both B&B have grown in this way.

      • Angelena, I love everything you said. It was beautiful. That’s exactly how I see it ๐Ÿ™‚ Both get their way-sometimes-and both have to compromise-sometimes. For all their differences, they are able to make it work. And its why Bones gets great ratings to this day. People like this show. And I’m so happy they do! Bring on the rest of season 7, season 8, and *hopefully!* season 9!

      • Brennan called God a sociopath in the second episode of this season. She has not changed her mind about God or religion so why should Booth change his stance about atheism. When you’re raised to believe in God and the Church it’s very difficult to understand how anybody doesn’t believe. Since Brennan keeps referring to God as a myth I wouldn’t exactly say what a gesture of maturity it was on her part to agree to his having Christine baptized. It was leverage to get her way about a home birth. Neither Booth or Brennan are perfect. They both have their blind spots and will never budge about certain things.

  16. OOPS! I forgot. Second watching made it better.

    • And a third. And a fourth… (with ff through Swaisy (in Brennan’s office, no less = no, no, No.) and many, many times for the last 8 minutes ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Well, Bones did very well in the ratings last night. Good promotion and people were curious, I’m sure.

  18. I will never stop watching because 1. I’m in far too deeply now and care way too much about the characters to be able to stop and 2. I will not abandon ship now that the ship has finally come in…I will not support the mythical Moonlighting curse.
    That said, the show is not what it used to be. Whenever I pull out my old DVDs I get a little depressed at how far it has digressed. What once was a Booth and Brennan spark, promising to ignite into a raging fire is now smokey remains. I’m not sure when it happened (though I highly suspect it was around the days of the blonde) and I’m not saying it can’t be brought back (can I mention next week’s previews without being spoilery? I’ll just say that one adorable fraction of a second and gives me hope.) But birthing the baby, while it is probably as “connected” as they could get, is just not the kind of intimacy I want to see between them. I’m not a big fan of Hodgela, but I definitely preferred their birth scene, with the sweet words and more typical delivery. Yeah, I know B&B are anything but typical, but sometimes I just wanna see sappy romance between them. Is that so wrong? With the B&B relationship as my primary reason for watching the show, that’s definitely my main rant. But, like I said, even if it doesn’t improve, I’ll watch through cancellation, using fanfic and David and Emily’s beautiful faces to keep me sane.
    I have a more minor issue with the digression of the cases. Again, when I pull out my DVDs from early seasons, I find myself watching entire episodes whether or not they contain significant B&B moments. I fully remember who the bad guy is and know most of the dialogue by heart, but when I think about skipping to the next scene, I usually don’t because, “Oh, wait, this part is good too.” I’m not saying every episode was a gem (ahem–Double Death of the Dearly Departed), but as a whole the writing was much more solid back in the days. Stephen Nathan keeps saying that, no matter what happens with the main characters, Bones will always be a show about murder. Then they should write more mysteries worth watching for 42 minutes.
    Maybe another reason I continue to watch is that every now and then they get it exactly right. (The jogging scene as a B&B example and Pellant is a great mystery.) Last night had its good moments, but also fell short of real Bones potential in many ways to me. When the next “perfect moment” arrives, though, I’ll be glued to the TV.

  19. I loved it. There’s always something that could be changed, but for me it was pretty much perfect. I don’t understand how people don’t see the intimacy between B&B. I really don’t. They were so sweet, and I loved the way Brennan held on to Booth while giving birth, and he was so calm and tender with her. I liked that the birth scene was fairly short, and that some of it there was no audio. I don’t like birth scenes in general(lets face it-they just aren’t pretty lol) but I thought it was very well done.

    As far as the timeline, I’m not sure why people are confused. Brennan gave birth at 4:47 pm and they got home at full dark, so clearly they went to a doctor or a hospital. Of course they wouldn’t change because I doubt they had clothes with them. I thought Brennan wearing Booth’s FBI jacket was so cute! I’ll just say it again, I loved this episode. It’s crazy that they have a daughter and I can’t wait for the rest of the season!

    The only gripe I have is that Daisy and Sweets make me wanna vomit. So I just don’t watch their scenes!!

    • Well, Kira, I guess we have to face the fact that we have such poor taste because we actually (mostly) loved this poorly written, lackluster, confusing episode.
      I will also pass on Swaisy. I was preparing myself for the worst, so it didn’t seem that bad when I watched it. But I don’t think ANYONE would complain if they took Daisy down a few notches with the whole “I always want to have sex” thing.

      • Yeah I guess so! If this is having poor taste,well I’m fine with that! I just love the show and am more than happy with where B&B are.
        Maybe I am blinded by my love for the show(I don’t think so though, I’ve admitted in the past when an ep was less than good, like Hotdog) but even if I am, is that a bad thing? It is a tv show after all, so loving it no matter what doesn’t hurt anything!

    • Well shoot me, because I loved it too, almost all of it…except the inappropriateness that was Daisy and Sweets in Brennan’s office. Those two need boundaries.

    • Some people are confused about why the baby was clothed…. When they arrived home, Booth was carrying a bag. I don’t think it is odd to think that they may have had a bag packed and ready to go in the car. That COULD have happened, even if they didn’t know where they were going to have the baby. Brennan was nine months pregnant, she WAS going to have the baby one way or the other, so a packed bag in the car wouldn’t be too crazy.

    • Kira, I’m with you – loved the ep!

      But how do you know that Christine was born at 4.47? I missed that bit!

  20. I haven’t yet seen the episode, but I do think that for Brennan, she’s in the relationship but not 100% invested because she’s still trying to maintain some control over her life. Seeing their relationship at the beginning (to a small extent) and then seeing it in the latter stages of her pregnancy, I really never expected them to be going at it like the Swaisy.

    Booth is not the love-sick puppy he was with Hannah– and we saw how that turned out. Instead, the both of them seem comfortable with one another, the bickering is back and when Brennan spouts oddball trivia it’s because she has no real foundation in the real world with which to make an argument and is still trying to control her life. In season 6 she was spouting stuff to keep a connection to Booth and it made so much of what she said and did seem awkward and out of touch with him.

    As with so much of B&B, things aren’t what one would expect. We saw a great deal of romance and sexual tension over the years before they became a couple. While we all know that’s true, it doesn’t mean that the writers can’t bring back a bit of that magic. I think they will– it’s another reason to keep watching every week, the tease that we’re going to see some new facet that we hadn’t seen before. That’s the promise of things to come.

    But are they just too partnerly? Probably. They seem very comfortable in living together and being in each other’s space. The 6 seasons have been a build up to giving Brennan a chance to break down the walls and allow someone inside. Is Booth not pressing the romance because ED/Brennan was very pregnant or because he didn’t want her to bolt? My guess is that Pellant will help us see, as will the baby, just how invested Brennan is in her relationship with Booth. I think we’re not getting the full-blown romance for lots of reasons, including that it is meant to show some of Brennan’s growth and Booth’s trust/belief in her. And sometimes the buildup is so much better than the payoff.

    • Wow, you made me feel so much better! Well said and so uplifiting! After reading all these thoughts and opinions, I can’t wait to get home and watch it again. I seriously do love this show – no matter what happens!

    • To me, Booth was trying WAAAaaaay too hard with Hannah. Trying to show everyone he was so happy. Trying to convince anyone who would listen that what he had with Hannah was real. It was just…..a lot.

      I do hope we get some stolen glances, some shared drinks at the Founding Fathers or over their breakfast bar at home, maybe even some more kisses:), and I think we will. I think B&B love one another, are in love with one another, and are comfortable with that. They know it. How they each see the future and how they process how their lives have changed remains to be seen, but I have no doubt they are happy and in love.

      • I know that TPTB can’t give us everything or people will stop watching. Camcat Booth was trying much too hard with Hannah, hiding who he really was and dismissing Brennan as “not like other people” when he’s talking to Hannah. But with the perspective of their new relationship, it’s nice to look back at some of the old, recent episodes. Booth’s look at Brennan at the diner when she’s listening to the conch says it all– she’s still the one that he wants to impress, she’s still the one who will make him want to change, she’s still the one he’ll tell all his secrets to. He listens to Brennan, knows that she’s diametrically opposed to him on many issues, yet he didn’t listen well enough to Hannah to realize that a proposal would end badly? Says a great deal about who is more important to him.

        One of the reviewers said that these are two people who need each other to filter the world through so that each can understand it. Brennan is still out of touch with reality, Booth still needs her to explain the science and they still need each other.

        I think we are going to get carefully meted out bits of romance, sexiness and love from B&B. We see how Daisy and Sweets are and I don’t think we need to see B&B grappling on the floor in her office. We see Angela and Hodgins and while they’re no longer trysting in the Egyptian room, we can readily see their affection and love. B&B have always been on their own schedule.

  21. Yeah, I’m actually hoping they bring back the sparks, maybe get some fresh blood in the writing group over the summer and refocus.

  22. First of all, I have not had a chance to ready through the comments above, so I apologize if I’m repeating anything. For the most part, I loved the episode and have watched it several times. The birth scene was beautiful, but seemed to be crammed in the last few minutes of the show. Another thing that bothered me was no kisses between them. I would have liked to have seen one right after the birth when they were all lying there together or even at the end of the episode as they were watching their friends taking on over Christine. I really do believe they love each other, I would just like to see some more affection between them. On a positive note, the birth scene did have me in tears. Kudos to Emily and David for some amazing work.

    • In response to many comments about no kisses between B&B I read an interview in which Emily said kisses were written into the final scenes but David had a cold and the decision was made to change the script. So just a health issue and not the TPTB deciding not to give the viewers what they want.

  23. At this point, there’s a lot of luck going on for B&B– luck that Hodgins’ phone call comes to take them back to the prison, luck (and some anthro) that the prisoners really do respect a pregnant woman, luck that they can find someplace (even a stable) in which to have the baby. I think that’s a big part of the message in the show.

    But it’s also about having faith in the other person and despite everything that happens, they have each other to rely on and they have a group of friends who marshal their resources and help them out. The team just clicks in solving crimes and solving the gaps that B&B have in their baby planning.

  24. Hey all, just read through the above comments! I thought it was a good episode, but I haven’t had a chance to re-watch yet. It did feel rushed to me at the end, and I found myself not paying as much attention to the case because I was looking forward to the B&B bits (I was also trying to follow the live tweets!).

    As a Catholic, I cringed when Brennan said she’d “let” Booth have the baby baptized. They’ll probably choose non-Catholic godparents (one godparent can be a witness if they don’t practice the faith, but one godparent *must* be Catholic). Being baptized as a Catholic means you (and your parents and your godparents) will raise you in the Catholic faith. A discussion for another day perhaps…

    I agree with someone above about the birth position – Brennan would have known, anthropologically, that’s not the best position, but sometimes in birth, you just do as your body tells you. Leaving the hospital-homebirth decision to the final weeks of pregnancy seems silly, but I guess The Show needed some humor there. ๐Ÿ˜› Homebirth is on the rise these days, and if Brennan’s pregnancy was indeed uncomplicated, then it’s likely she would have been fine. And if Booth had been doing his research to support her preference, he may have seen that as well. Also, nitpicking again, doulas are labor support – they’re not doctors or midwives – even if Daisy WAS a trained doula, she wouldn’t be getting near anyone’s cervix! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Those little details aside, I couldn’t help but notice some other Christianity parallels, besides baby being born in a manger, no room at the inn, obviously. There was the parting of the “red” sea of orange-clad prisoners in the jail, and B&B’s friends bearing gifts at the end. Even baby’s name, Christine (which I love!), seems an interesting choice, especially for atheist-Brennan, since it means “follower of Christ.” There’s probably more. I will observe more closely upon re-watch!

    All in all, I’m glad the baby is here! It’s tough having a newborn at home, so I’m sure B&B will continue to adjust to their new life together. I don’t need make-out sessions or anything, but I definitely felt like a kiss on the forehead from Booth (after the baby was delivered), or even a peck on the cheek when they were watching their friends coo over Christine was sorely missed!

    I loved the joy radiating from Brennan after the baby was born – and I could definitely pick up some fear/hesitancy/nervousness from Booth. We’ll see where it goes from here! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Well after another day of reflection, I think I have sorted out the timing of it in my head a little more. The great/worst thing about Bones is that they leave much of it up to the viewer’s imagination and handle things off-screen. That being said, if they had the baby in the afternoon, judging by the daylight, and the birth happened very quickly (if Brennan had mis-read her Braxton-Hicks contractions), then it still works. In my “head canon”, I could see the inn manager calling an ambulance and it arriving after Christine enters the world, and after the scene ends, so its off-screen. They go to the hospital for a quick check, in the meantime, Booth calls Angela with the news. While they are getting checked out, Angela gets Hodgins’ big fat bank card to go shopping and calls the team. She has a key as Brennan’s BFF. They assemble at the house. And then the Brennan/Booth clan comes home. Brennan and Booth are still wearing their clothes because they did not have anything packed and ready, so they just came home as-is from the hospital. It totes works. ๐Ÿ™‚

    To give us enough “important” parts, like the actual birth and the team all together, that background stuff is left out. So much is left to us to imagine! But as far as the timing of it, I’m OK with it.

    • Rule number 1 w/ Bones: don’t stress about the timeline.

      Bones-verse time is Bones-verse time. It has no relationship to reality.

      • Upon re-viewing and reading DB’s recent interview, I picked-up on the “still moving in” vibe at the mighty hut as well. There are boxes in the kitchen and the cabinets are empty. It also looks like Booth is still unpacking his collection. Nice touch. I missed that on the first viewing.

      • That’s true, but here we don’t even have to force anything. I think the fact that the transition from the birth to the last scene showed that it was night, when we clearly saw she had the baby during the day, was meant to show us that a considerable amount of time went by; enough for someone to alert the gang about the event and for them to get all those decorations and dinners to the house. The baby was clean and fully dressed too. It’s not hard to imagine that Booth drove them to that hospital to get everyone checked out and fill out all the papers. They can’t show us everything, it’s only 43 minutes of show.

    • Timeline did not bother me as the prisoners were having lunch when B&B arrived. Assuming they spent 2 to 3 hours at the prison then ran off at the onset of labour, anyone who is familiar with child birth knows that sometimes it takes a while for the baby to arrive so that is another hour or two. Then they have to go to the hospital – Brennan can’t talk her way out of that one – and that will take another hour or two so it definitely will be dark when they get home and now to be silly – if it was winter, it will get darker faster ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. I know I am late to the party, but, I couldn’t get here earlier and it took awhile to read all the replies. That being said, I have not been able to rewatch the episode since Monday and can’t wait to do so. But, I have been thinking about it since.

    I loved the birth, mostly because it was just them. After all, “what is between us is ours” and that they were there for each other and had to rely and trust each other was so special to me. As we said post episode, the close ups on their hands really got to me, in a good way. I do wish there was a kiss, forehead would have been fine, especially after the gaze into each other’s eyes in the stable. It still would have been just between them, but I am not going to complain. It just happened later in my head-canon.

  27. OMG! I watched the previews for next week and the baby they have playing Christine is SO. DAMN. CUTE!!!! And she looks like she loves DB:) Ha, ha! Smart girl. Wow, super cute. I mean, come on, we all knew if Booth ever had a little girl she would love her daddy….until it’s time for her to try and date.

  28. camcat – Saw that preview — it’s just adorable. I keep watching it over and over, it’s so cute.

    Now on to more important matters.


    As some of you know, I am an extreme commuter most of the time. There have been times when I’ve covered more than a 1000 miles a week, which was during the last spike in gas prices. Right now, I have some long rides, but I’m not at the 1000 mile/week level. Anyway, my point is that I have a lot of time to think and/or listen to all kinds of audiobooks, etc. (Last week I listened to a bunch of Kathy Reich’s audiobooks. That Tempe is quite different from our Bones.)

    While driving today, I had the following two (related thoughts).

    1) I mentioned somewhere above that it’s about Brennan’s journey according to Hart. That journey was kicked off by Booth, as Hodgins pointed out to Angela – in what ep, I can’t recall. Brennan’s journey meant that she was the one who was going to do the changing, with Booth’s (and to a lesser extent Angela’s) help. No news there. What finally hit me today comes in response to those who feel that Booth needs to do some changing too.

    Booth’s journey didn’t really start until The End in the Beginning. Whether Booth had baggage or not, especially beyond his Ranger baggage and his dad, these things were rarely, if ever addressed. I would argue, deliberately so. That was about Booth’s journey, not Brennan’s. The issues were only of interest to the extent that those issues of Booth’s had an impact on Brennan’s journey. (Soldier on the Grave, the episode that intros Jared) However, from EitB, we began to see more of Booth’s journey. That really took off with the 100th episode. It still mattered largely because of its impact on Brennan’s journey, but it’s clear that they have and intend to in the future give us more of Booth’s past and therefore his journey.

    Had Bones not run so long, they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go there, nor the need to, for that matter. So, for those who think Booth has his own issues, I agree, but only recently have TPTB chosen to let us see Booth’s journey. It would appear, from things that Hart has said that we will be seeing more of that over the remainder of s7 and in s8.

    2) To those who want s2 Brennan: you probably wouldn’t like it if you did. If Brennan were still the Brennan of s2, that would mean that she hadn’t changed, that she hadn’t grown. That would a) not be realistic and more important b) be boring. To the extent that the show is character-driven, and we know that was always Hart’s intent, the characters must change. We might not like the specific changes (I personally have no problem with them), but some change had to happen or it would just be a standard procedural. And, even in those (NCIS, Criminal Minds, to name the other 2 shows that I watch — tho’ less obsessively than Bones), we see some character development. It’s not much, but we clearly see changes in Gibbs, and the members of his team. It’s just kept more firmly in the background. It is not the point as it is for Bones.

    Had to get all that off my chest.

    Toss your tomatoes or your accolades as you see fit.

    • Well said Angelena. Could not have worded it any better.

    • I’m with you. I don’t want season 2 Brennan now, that would make no sense. The same way that we can’t have season 1/2 Booth either. They both have changed, grown older, more mature. When I watch early seasons, I’m struck with how brash they both are, it’s even hard to sympathize with them sometimes. They both have soften each other up without changing the basic aspects of their personalities. Whatever the changes, they have felt very organic to their characters.

    • Since I like tomatoes and would prefer to eat the ones in my fridge rather than throw them, I’ll opt for the accolades instead.:) Well said Angelena.

      I’ve been following the comments for the last few days and started typing a response at least twice, but ended up deleting it because, well…because I didn’t have the time to figure out how to say what I really wanted to say and I figured it wouldn’t matter anyway. But it’s quiet this morning, and I have a little bit of extra time, so I’m going to say it!

      As has been pointed out more than once, it doesn’t matter where HH, SN, and the writers take this story (and how they do it) – someone, somewhere, is always going to find something to complain about. It’s a can’t win situation for them and it’s why I’ve learned to let go and enjoy the story the way they choose to tell it (and for as long as they’re able to tell it)…barring anything completely ludicrous happening a la House falling back off the wagon, totally destroying his life, and then driving his car into Cuddy’s dining room.

      Anyway, it hit me yesterday as I was going about my day that I am content and comfortable with where Bones is right now. Content and comfortable. Sounds like a bad thing when you’re talking about a TV show. But it’s not. At least not for me. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that my sense of contentment matters so much because it stands so much in contrast with the push-pull of the UST in the first six seasons. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the anticipation of the chase and the tingly feeling I got every time the legendary B&B chemistry ramped up to full speed, but it was STRESSFUL. This season hasn’t been stressful. At all. I’m HAPPY with where they are as a couple. They bicker, they mess up, they say and do the wrong thing sometimes…but they’re comfortable with each other and (I think) secure in their love for each other and I LIKE that. I know a lot of people miss the zing and the romance, but watching B&B interact (most of the time) makes me smile. I almost cried at the end of The Crack in the Code when Brennan told Booth the house had good bones. It was a beautiful, perfect moment. Just as beautiful and perfect as watching Brennan lay her head on Booth’s shoulder as they watched their friends welcome baby Christine to the world. And there I go feeling all content and happy again just thinking about it.

      One final thought before I go…while the timeline and the circumstances are sometimes far-fetched (and I’m willing to cede a lot of those points to the constraints of a 42-minute scripted television show) and seem implausible…I don’t think the relationships are. I like B&B’s relationship because (prison riots and stable births notwithstanding) I can relate to it. I know that’s not what some people are looking for in a television show, but after six years of them doing things the other way, I am really enjoying the new dynamic.

      Phew. Glad I got that off my chest.

      • I totally agree with this. it’s funny because it’s something else I was trying to figure out how to write about. But, it’s exactly this.

        In a sense, everyone is right: once the UST is resolved, what do you get? Moonlighting Curse, of course. UNLESS you find something to replace it with. And, that is the brilliance of HH, SN, et al. These two won’t be UST sparky, but they will always be sparky because they will never agree on much. There will always be some kind of Unresolved Tension. It may not be sexual, but it will be something. How to raise Christine. If the Bible is a great story or fact. Booth’s gut on a crime v. Brennan’s science. The bickering will never stop. It just won’t be a symptom of UST.

        Of course, they’re not going to be all sparky all the time: they’ve got a kid and dangerous and difficult jobs. But, they’ll always be hot stuff because they are still the sexy scientist and the sexy FBI guy. They’re just not trying to stifle their feelings toward each other any more.

      • Exactly. They have different viewpoints, but respect and love one another. They do learn from one another, and I think that will continue. Plus, both Booth and Brennan, I think, realized they have what they’ve both always wanted – a family. That raises the stakes on everything because the alternative, not having one another, really isn’t an option. They’ve tried that, and it sucked.

      • camcat – can’t reply directly, but I think that this will come in the right place.

        And, as Angela once pointed out (in Pudding, I believe), being linked through a soul is a stronger link than marriage. So now B&B are inextricably linked forever through their daughter.

  29. I have waited a week to comment on this ep, because I was not exactly sure how I felt about it. I couldn’t help comparing it to Hodgens and Angela’s birth story. I know they are much more open and romantic than Booth and Bone’s are, but, this baby was the hope and dream of a lot of the fandom. I just think it should have been treated with all the emotion and love that H&A’s was, as a poster from way back said, a kiss on the forehead would have gone a long way. We had to endure a whole season of Booth having sex with Hannah, but we can’t have a few demure public displays of affection from these two? Look at how Brennan and Mr. B acted, that’s how I would expect them to be. I know, I know it was a dream, and I wouldn’t expect them to act like that every day and I know Brennan is much different than the dream Brennan, but a blend of the two would be nice.

    • I read one reviewer’s write-up about PITP and what they said about B&B rang true to me. They said that the scene in the barn where Brennan tells Booth not to blame himself about making it to the hospital, that they are in the perfect place, is really like Brennan saying, “hey, I love you, we’re okay because we are together”. Booth is very direct with, “I Love you”, whereas Brennan isn’t, but Booth knows. Just like CITC when Brennan beams at Booth for finding their house. They didn’t say ILY to one another, but they were happy, and they did kiss there.

      Plus, when I rewatched the episode, I noticed something in the beginning in the hospital scene. When B&B were leaving, it looked like Booth took Brennan’s hand, and then dropped it to make the sign of the cross, but, yeah, I think they were holding hands to walk out of the hospital. Little thing, but it made me smile:)

      • Exactly right. Brennan has her own way of saying I love you. I don’t want to compare Christine’s birth with Michael’s birth because Hodgins and Angela are very different from B&B. For example, I hated Angela’s hysterics during the labor scene. She was downright mean and rude to both the doctor and Hodgins, unlike Brennan, who probably had a good reason to be out of control.

  30. Back to Sarah’s original question!

    Is Christine lucky to have the Jeffersonian team? Yes, she is. She is lucky to have so many people there who care for her, and are there welcoming her to the world. But more than luck she is loved. She has two parents who love her, and want her, and are thrilled to be her family. Little Christine Angela Booth has family, and an extended “family” to help her navigate this word. So, yes, she has luck and a littl ebit more;)

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