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Morning After Q: Thoughts on Love, Parenting and Redemption?


Hello and I AM SORRY I completely forgot about a post-episode discussion. These Monday episodes are wrecking my Bones equilibrium, haha. I will be sure to have them going forward this season.

So having said that, I’ll make this MAQ a little more broad so that people can discuss the episode in full if they choose (but remember, please no spoilers for any future episodes).

When I woke up this morning, I thought, “Oh, was that end scene where Booth says he’s there for Brennan and Christine supposed to be like…a thing? An important thing about himself as a dad?” I sort of blinked awake thinking about it and realized that it probably was supposed to be that. I totally missed it on the first viewing. I saw that he said it, and I liked it, but the more I think about it, the more I’m wondering if it plays into the whole show’s theme of redemption. So that’s one question–Does Booth have something to prove in terms of fatherhood? As much or more than Brennan (with motherhood?) Thoughts?

That was my original MAQ idea, but like I said, I’ll expand. What did you think about Finn and Michele? With Finn, he gets a large helping of the ‘redemption’ storyline (though I’m hoping it’s not recurring–the theme, not the storyline. He didn’t bother me as much), what did you think of Hodgins and Angela standing up for him?

In terms of parenting, I don’t think we need to go into whether or not parents should utilize daycare–this isn’t exactly the blog for that kind of discussion. I was thinking more along the lines of the differences in mothering between Cam, Angela, Brennan and now Genevieve Shaw. Why do you think the writers also revealed she was a mother. Just for a Booth moment, or possibly more? I guess that could turn sort of spoilery–I have no idea!

Okay, enough from me. Discuss, discuss!



73 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Thoughts on Love, Parenting and Redemption?

  1. Yeah I liked the Michelle/Finn angle, but I do feel a bit bad for Cam too. I think it would be weird no matter what to have your coworker date your daughter. Cam realized she was being unfair, but I understand her knee-jerk response…you can know someone’s past, but when they are dating YOUR child, it makes it so much more personal. I think ultimately, Cam came to a good conclusion, but I feel bad. It’s not easy parenting teenagers, especially when tell yell at you “I’m 18 so I can do what I want!” and stomp away. But it did give Cam a storyline so yay for that! Just one question, where did her boyfriend go? haha

    Overall, good episode. I’m not a super big fan of obvious “ripped from the headlines” story lines, like the extreme couponer, or the sister wives ep, or the Jersey Shore ep. Kind of takes me out of the show a bit. And this crime wasn’t a real murder, she just hit under a truck that carried her away….but I didn’t guess the “killer” right away so it was an interesting case.

    I don’t think Angela was being a helpful friend though, now that I have had some time for the ep to sink in…Brennan was doing great back at work, getting her half hour updates, and personally feeding her child throughout the day, but Angela sort of guilt trips her into thinking it wasn’t enough. I think she said “And that’s enough for you?” like it shouldn’t have been. Or that she was a bad mother for not hiding her child in a filing cabinet. And then Brennan, so eager to be a good mother and do the right things, is filled with worry and doubt about working and leaving her baby.

    I thought the B&B moments at the beginning and end were well done. And them hanging out in the daycare in the middle. 🙂 They sure are adorable parents! And the mighty hut looks ah-may-zing! Give me the number for that construction crew that threw it together in a matter of weeks! 🙂

    • Quick comment. I thought that Angela’s comment was more along the lines of “how do you do it” than a criticism in any way. In a way, I think that Angela was a way of giving Brennan permission to feel conflicted, to want more time with Christine and to be a little “bad” to have that time.

      • Angelena, I agree. I don’t think Angela was being critical of Brennan at all. I think Brennan’s comment at the end about how she was going to bring Christine into the lab whenever she could kind of reaffirms this. Their conversation was meant to underscore Brennan’s struggle between how Brennan thought she was supposed to feel (rationally) and how she actually felt.

    • bb – Michelle and her boyfriend broke up last season. That was the episode where Cam revealed to Michelle that she had got Michelle into a prestigous college and Michelle thought it was a test and said she would wait a year and re-aply for the college of her choice.

    • Though I agree that Angela’s comment probably wasn’t meant to sound like a guilt thing, but I admit that I felt the same way, bb. And sure enough.. at the end Brennan is saying “I’m going to sneak Christine into the lab” and that disappointed me… because I really liked how Brennan initially responded to Angela. It was mature and authentic.

      And so were Brennan’s feelings at the end – that was a great scene. But I don’t think they needed to have Brennan decide to “break the rules” to express those difficult feelings that working mothers often have.

  2. First, I adored that final scene. I’ve watched it over and over. And, lordy, that’s a gorgeous house.

    I was going to say that I think that it’s less about Booth proving something about fatherhood than about finally having the full experience and having it with a woman that really loves him back and wants (and needs) to share the experience with him. We have never had any indication that Booth is not a great father to Parker. Yes, he has said that he wants to be sure the baby knows that he’s a good dad, but I think that that is more about Booth’s need to feel like a good dad which means acting how he thinks a good dad should act. That would be acting not like his dad, one aspect of which is taking good care of the mom as well as the baby.

    Anyway, I think it’s about proving it to himself, which is about redemption. But, it’s more about his needing to feel redeemed than about his really needing to be redeemed in anybody else’s mind.

    I think it is going to be a thing, but without spoiling, I can’t say why. I can say that I think that in part because of something that DB tweeted as well as other stuff that’s been said by TPTB.

    On other stuff, I really liked Finn and Michele. I also liked learning that tidbit about Shaw. My thought was that they are bringing some of the younger people more to the forefront, which is a good idea given that our main characters aren’t so young anymore. It’s particularly interesting to have some “young love” instead of middle-aged love. Could Finn and Michele be a substitute for Cam and Dr. Paul?

    On Shaw, I just liked the little bonding moment with Booth. Maybe it means we’ll see more of her. As with Finn and Michele, how are all their careers going? Will they be more available so they’re being set up to show up more?

    I’ll probably have more later after seeing what others have to say, but right now I have a paper to write and a lot of reading for class this evening. So, later, dudettes.

  3. Is Christine cute or what? Just like her mum, she can’t stop ‘talking’ can she?

    On redemption, the theme has been strong on that for a while now. Booth was away fighting when Parker was born but he was right there this timne around and all through Brennan’s pregnancy. All that he missed, he is working on and that is really wonderful because no matter what mistakes were made in the past, this is making up for it.
    Mothers are the main focus when babies are born and fathers are expected to fade into the background and only be there when needed but Booth wants to be a part of it all. With the way Brennan has been in the past, Booth has reservations and while he trusts her to always do the right thing for the baby, he will want his daughter to have some fun as well so everything has to be well-balanced.
    Booth wants Brennan to know that he will always be there for them no matter what the situation. She can count on him and he does not want to be spared at all. Brennan can go it alone and we all know that but Booth wants her to know she is not alone and can always have a shoulder to lean on.
    I love that Brennan missed Christine so much she could not put her down. IMO, I think she will begin to understand Season 5 Booth and how much he loved her. He still does – don’t get me wrong but he seems to be working according to Brennan’s pace. He does not want to frighten her away or make her feel uncomfortable. That is the only explanation I have for what we will describe sometimes as not seeing the love.
    Brennan has always been able to compartmentalise but she is really not doing that well and I knew that would happen with the baby. A baby changes everything and I am glad she sees more of what her friends have been trying to explain to her for a while now. Not everything needs to have a reason or explanantion to it. It just is.
    I sensed a tinge of fear in Booth at the end when Brennan got all emotional about missing Christine. I get worried myself when she gets all like that. I always think ‘oh she might go away again’ but I know she won’t and Booth reassuring her seems to make her feel ok. It is great she can express her feelings to Booth and they can discuss it.
    It was so sweet both of them at daycare for Christine’s feed. Lucky child. People tend to use childcare that best suits them. If Booth and Brennan had either of their mothers and she lived in the same city, they are all on good terms and wanted to look after Christine, I’m sure they would not say no but we all use what we have at hand.

    Brennan really has guts – a picture every half hour? Even Booth was surprised.

    I have nothing against Finn and Michele and Cam should take a chill pill. Which is better – them going out behind her back or with her knowledge? Hodgela did well to call her out on it. Finn is going to be a worthy ‘adversary’ to them all. He sure can stand his ground.

    And the sneezing head was one the most horrible things I have seen on Bones. Euh! Skip it on re-watches.

    I love how their family is shaping out and there is hope.

  4. I love what Angelena said: Anyway, I think it’s about proving it to himself, which is about redemption. But, it’s more about his needing to feel redeemed than about his really needing to be redeemed in anybody else’s mind.

    I agree 100% that it’s more about him proving it to himself than anything else. It’s been drilled into us that he’s a great dad but has to cram all of that into small doses. Now he gets everything. Personally, I can do without more needy/please-love-and-approve-of-me Booth but I hope that’s kept to a minimum.

    I’ll refrain from commenting on Michelle and Finn because I would just end up snarking on Cam and I do that enough.

    I loved the revelation about Shaw but now I’m worried about it. Rule No. 1 for Secondary Characters: Never Mention Children or Family Back Home or Anything That Could Lead to a Big Emotional Moment if You Die Unexpectedly. Seriously, that’s a rule. So now I’m worried about her. I love her and I want to keep her forever and ever.

    To be honest, I really liked this episode but more for the overall feel of it than anything related directly to B&B. Their vibe (IMO) has changed and I’m trying to adjust my expectations accordingly.

    • I had the same thought about Shaw as soon as she mentioned the baby.

      • If they’re going to kill someone off, dammit, it should be Daisy!

        (But not really.)

      • Second that or she goes away forever on another dig.

      • Yeah, but they won’t kill of Daisy because it wouldn’t be dramatic. They don’t want a sigh of relief for a cliffhanger going into season 8. They want us chewing our fingernails and sweating bullets; not champagne corks popping and little parties going on.

    • They could be setting us up for a Sweets/Shaw pairing but as they both work for the FBI, maybe not.

      • Yep. As soon as she mentioned that she had a kid, I felt a sense of dread. Her revelation that she had a kid was kind of like the J-Team finding out that Booth had a son – no one had any idea. I think Shaw being a mother made her very real. Shaw is hard-working, empathetic, and trying to maintain a balance in her life. We like her a lot. Which, sadly, makes me worry for her.

      • Man, I REALLY do wish they would pair Sweets/Shaw and get rid of Daisy. Oy. It seems the writers are fond of Daisy….can’t figure that one out. But, really, I could see Sweets/Shaw being a good storyline for Sweets. It sounds like Shaw’s baby-daddy isn’t around so Sweets would be really growing up if he took on that responsibility. I know the show isn’t about Sweets or Shaw but, wow, i can dream. Daisy doesn’t add anything. Sorry, that’s just how I feel.

  5. Oh, and – can someone please remind Show that Michael Hodgins is almost a year old now?

    • You saw that too MJ? Thot it was only me. He should be growing not regressing.

    • Yeah, I am sure that a filing cabinent drawer would not be very safe for an almost one year old.

      • My granddaughter just turned a year and she’s been walking for about six weeks. The thought of expecting her to lie down in a file drawer makes me laugh.

    • Gosh, yes please! A filing cabinet?!? I know Bones time is very fluid but come on!

    • I noticed that too. He’s got to be at least 6 months older (could easily be as much as 8) than Christine, but I guess they’re once again using their very special Bones timeline. At 7.5 months he would be much more active and tough to contain in a file drawer. Though, wouldn’t you love to open your file cabinet and find an adorable baby there? It’d sure beat all the boring files. 😉

  6. I found it interesting that when they were coming up with the grocery list, Brennan was only concerned about baby things and it was Booth who said that he added food to the list so neither one of them would starve. He is being the practical one and Brennan is focused only on her baby. Considering Brennan is usually the practical one I thought it was an interesting switch.

    I really liked the end scene, Brennan doesn’t want to let her baby go; but, she knows she must and Booth is right there next to her telling her that he’s there for both of them. He’s her anchor right now.

    We know that Booth is a good Dad because we’ve seen how he interacts with Parker. I think he’s more concerned that he won’t be like his father. He’s living with the woman he loves and they have a baby. This is a knew situation for him and it is a dream come true He doesn’t want to make the mistakes his father did. He doesn’t want to be his father and his dream turn into a nightmare. I think that over thinks his father’s influence on him. Pops raised him and gave him a good grounding. He’s more like Pops and than his father.

    I thought it was very Boothy that Booth did a back ground check on the day care director. I wouldn’t have expected anything less. How funny that they dragged their suspect through the store shopping and apparently using coupons.

    I like the Finn/Michelle story line. Cam was being very protective of her daughter and her daughter was fighting to show her independence as a young woman. Finn didn’t want to come between her and Michelle; but, he wanted to be with Michelle and he didn’t quite understand how he could fix it and make everyone happy. I’m glad that Cam relented

  7. As much as I can’t stand Finn’s accent and his liberal use of “imagery,” I was really impressed with the respectful, yet decisive way he stood up to Cam…both times. And two thumbs up to Angela and Hodgins for defending him. It was hard to watch Cam backpedaling on Finn after how fiercely she stood up for him initially, but I think it’s pretty realistic at the same time. It’s sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees when the person involved is someone you love and for whom you feel responsible.

    Moving on…I am loving watching Brennan learn to adjust to the irrationalities of motherhood. ED is doing a particularly fantastic job with that part of Brennan’s character (I’m sure the fact that she is also a new mother helps immensely) while managing to look absolutely beautiful in the process (she had this gorgeous “new mother” glow last night). And it was kind of funny (and sweet) seeing Booth be the “rational” one for once!

    The way I see it, B&B have come a long, long way from the days of, “I guess some people just aren’t meant to have a family/there’s more than one kind of family.” They ARE a family now…in (almost) the most traditional way possible. So I think Booth telling Brennan he’s there for her and Christine is just as much about Booth (once again) reassuring Brennan that he won’t abandon her as it is about him getting a second chance to be the father he’s always wanted to be.

    And that’s about all I can say without a re-watch.

  8. I loved the warm & fuzzy feeling I got from BB&B! This pretty much sums up my thoughts-
    Reblogged from omelette73
    Bones Addict: My impression about #Bones 7×08 The Bump in the Road

    The more I watch this show, the more I realize how much those two [Booth and Brennan] – even with a few minutes scene – can make a good episode just perfect.

    I loved the way Brennan holds back her feelings in front of Angela and Michael, I guess she was probably elaborating those thoughts that she just lets out in front of Booth at the end of the episode (isn’t gorgeous how fragile she is with him?).

    I totally agree! What we’re watching is something magic! The feeling Booth and mostly Brennan (Emily) are experiencing as parents is so fantastic! So sweet, tender and beautiful that i think if would be possible pull this off w/out David and Emily! Hell no! They’re fabulous actors and they’re bringing us on this precious B&B journey of being FATHER & MOTHER of a beautiful baby daughter hook,line and sinker! I love what Bones and B&B are leading us! The most sweet, sincere,unique, trugthful and beautiful love story!”

    • Booth’s never really been able to be a full-time dad and I think part of his reassuring Brennan is also about reassuring himself. We don’t know how much he was in Parker’s early life, however, it does seem that a person can be a great part-time dad, but not be a great full-time dad. Booth’s never had a “traditional” family and his attempts to be the perfect 50s dad is as much part of the journey of parenthood for him as learning to be a mother is for Brennan.

      What is truly lovely to watch is these two characters trying to balance everything going on in their lives and trying to re-write their histories. Brennan’s is front-and-center– she’s trying to understand this little life in her hands that has plugged into her emotions in a way that nothing ever has, and Booth, in a more subtle way, is trying to position himself as the perfect father/partner.

      Adding a baby to the mix ramps up the importance for both of them to get this right. Neither of them had an ideal childhood and neither of them wants that repeated for their own child. It means these two very disparate personalities have to somehow make it work and keep it working while keeping their team together. The “regular” killer-of-the-week is going to pale next to the killer who threatens to upend that dynamic.

  9. I thought this was a great transition to parenthood episode. Not over the top but showing B&B,mostly Brennan, adjusting to working and being parents. They clearly adore their child, and they’re just their for each other. They are by far the best tv couple I have ever seen. They are a good example, which very rarely happens on modern tv. They are honest with each other, supportive of each other and good people.And I love that while Brennan holds back even with Angela, at home with Booth, he doesn’t even have to try to get what’s bothering her out of her. She tells him right away, and he understands and supports her. The ending scene had me feeling all mushy. I swear I’m not a mushy person, but this show does things to me.

    I have to admit, I really disliked Angela in this episode. What was the purpose of asking Brennan if she missed Christine? I mean duh she does! Don’t have to remind her! And she acted like just because Brennan can compartmentalize and follow rules, there was something wrong with Brennan. Maybe I’m overreacting, but it really annoyed me. But I’m not Angela’s biggest fan to begin with.

    And on a shallow note, how H O T was Booth in that last scene? All in black casual clothes, I think that is one of his hottest moments(and he has a lot of them!!). Ok I’m drooling again…

  10. I just wanted to say that the opening scence goes easily in my top 10 favorites from the entire series. Christine’s beautiful expressions (including her mother’s crooked smile) and adorable baby coos, new parents gushing over how brilliant their child is, Brennan’s hesitancy in leaving the baby (huge for this woman whose work has been her life for years), Booth cracking jokes about how Brennan is “crazy about (him).” And then THE WINK!!! No argument from her about how she’s perfectly sane, no denying “I don’t love Booth.” Just the most adorable wink ever.
    I can’t count how many times I watched that as a sneak peek. So perfect.
    I kind of like Finn (especially his interactions with Hodgins) and I’d prefer to watch him and Michelle over Sweets and Daisy any day. But who am I kidding? The only couple I really care to see it B&B.
    The case was week again. I agree with bb that it was another “ripped from the headlines” set-up. But I’ve learned to not have high expectiations for that aspect of the show any more (unless a serial baddie is involved, in which case they seem to be written much better, probably because it doesn’t have to be resolved in 42 minutes.)
    One scene that was really cringeworthy for me was Sweets and Angela in the diner with the computer. “And look at this (e-mail).” “And look at this one.” I just thought that there must be a better way to expose the facts they wanted exposed.
    The daycare scene was fun. I gotta admit that when I heard about the poop pic from the sides way back, I dreaded it as another “clueless Brennan” moment. But Emily and David somehow made it almost cute. And the daycare worker sold herslef to me as someone who might play that subtle prank. “You wanted a picture. Here’s your picture.”
    Their house is AMAZING…and so bright! The beautiful lighting just adds to my happiness at seeing B&B domestic scenes. (Can’t wait to see the bedroom.–well, I can and I will–and have accepted that I may never–but IF we do get to see it, I don’t really care how well that’s lit.)
    I guess I wanted to say more than the fact that I loved the opening scene, but seriously, I LOVED THE OPENING SCENE!

    • Actually you make a good point about the new lighting in their new house. Their apartments were all dark colors and subdued lighting. Their house is light walls (That we can see) and well lit. It gives you a sense that they have moved into their bright future. No brooding allowed.

    • Their house is bathed in light! Seriously, it’s like the most perfect, warm, loving home! I want to be Christine!! LOL. I can’t help but think that when both B&B first saw the House from the curb, some childhood fantasy of what the perfect family home should look like triggered in their minds, right?! It’s beautiful without being too new/perfect/cookie-cutter. LOVE.

  11. Things we missed that would have been awesome:
    – Max’s face when he saw her/heard her name
    – Uncle Russ/Jared with a ridiculously cute niece, acting like morons
    – Pops’ telling Booth how proud he was (“pat shoulder with open hand like this * * *, not with a fist like this * * * “)
    – Parker as big brother/protector asking baby questions (there must have been a conversation while Brennan was present where he asked all about pregnancy and she told him everything and Booth just died)
    – Christine’s onsie with Buck and Wanda and the knives of death on the front

    I loved the Booth and Brennan scenes, both using thier positions to get CAB the best care – totally unethical and completely awesome. I love that it feels like a process – and they are both there for it – not fighting it, and not magically perfect like other shows.

    I am glad they gave Shaw something interesting, I hated that hero-worship silliness they were doing with Booth, (which makes even less sense now – but would rather have this Shaw, so don’t care)

    Words cannot describe how ridiculous and over-the-top Finn is. His speech to Cam (WHO IS HIS BOSS!!) after one date with her daughter was insane. I would watch a full hour of Daisy and Sweets rather than listen to that homespun backwater crap. If I were Cam I would be way more worried about having grandkids who talked like Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel than what may or may not have happened with the evil step-dad.

  12. Also, and I readily admit that this is from someone else who said it in some other Bones discussion: Booth with baby is actually hotter than Booth with gun. Gotta go find my fan. ;-D

    • Right! I mean we know from Parker that Booth is adorable in Daddy mode, and we saw how silly he was with baby Andy. I think a lot of us were excited to see Booth as the doting dad to his little girl and, well, now we have it! I LOVE how he just reinforced Brennan’s doting:) He was so cute in the Hodgins scene with Brennan and Christine. Such a proud daddy.

      • I just need one GGW cameo. So Booth can proudly show him BBB! 🙂 🙂 And I think I want to ship GGW with Avalon now that I think about it. 🙂 haha

  13. Very enjoyable episode. I strive to stay unspoiled, but I have a feeling there are dark days ahead, so the lighter eps are fine with me. Warm & fuzzies to the max – don’t know how many times I’ve watched the beginning and the end scenes. OHboy.

    Ramblings in no particular order:
    I like Finn a lot, accent and hick-sayings included. I liked him from the start, in ‘Hot Dog’. And I admire how he stands up to all the strong and powerful personalities he works with – first Hodgins and now Cam. He’s very young, he’s the lowest on the totem pole at the Jeffersonian, and he’s had a rough life – yet he will not back down from what he thinks is right.

    With all the really gross imagery we’ve gotten over the years I can’t say I’m usually that put off – although I should really avoid beginning dinner during the first 5 mins of any episode – but I must say that snot coming out of the dead head was The. Absolute. Worst.

    (Not exact quotes below, but if I refer to the episode that could be dangerous – I do need to get some work done today 😉

    Booth to Shaw, as the elevator door closes on him: “Remember me when you take over the Bureau…”
    Brennan cooing to CAB about the victim’s gory end – “…it went into her brain and killed her, yes it did…” coochy-coo LOL
    Brennan sending the bloody-remains pic to Day Care by mistake – “Uh-oh. Is there an Un-send button?”
    Brennan’s exaggerated wink was her saying “Yes I’m crazy about you, Booth!”, right, since Booth had just said CAB winked at him and she was “just like her mother, brilliant and crazy about me…”
    B&B casually do their grocery shopping with the handcuffed suspect in tow “…what aisle is that on?”…

    Is the Mighty Hut beautiful or what? Loved the outside shot with it all lit up, and the interior is just scrumptious. Hope we get to see the rest of it soon. Yes, their bedroom, and the nursery, and there must be a man-cave somewhere, with the blue stadium seats in it…

    When Brennan just couldn’t let go of Christine, even to put her to bed, and kept saying in wonder, “I missed her so much. I just missed her so much…” I couldn’t help but think of her saying before, “What if I can’t relate to our child?…”

    And as to Booth having something to prove, I agree that it’s mostly what he needs to prove to himself, even if he doesn’t realize that. And since all of this is new to them, they’re both just feeling their way along, and they’re bound to be tentative and hesitant at times. Booth has spent years assuring Brennan, with words and actions, that he’s ependable, will never desert her… must be a hard habit to break! But I think she knows for sure that he’ll always be there to “assist when needed.” In many ways. 😉

    And Booth must know he has her absolute trust or they never would’ve gotten to where they are now – a committed couple with a home and a baby and everything else that is all just wonderful and awesome.

    • If you want to see the nursery, see this

      And the ballpark seats are on the opposite side of the wall from the dining table.

      • >> And the ballpark seats are on the opposite side of the wall from the dining table.
        No, the stadium seats aren’t in any of these pictures. I think that in one of them, the very edge of the blue sofa is only just slightly visible in the picture and you’ve mistaken the little bit of the blue sofa that can be seen as being the blue stadium seats.

        Besides, DB has said that the real stadium seats are now at his house, outside along the edge of his pool.

      • I couldn’t find the ballpark seats in those pictures, either…. but thanks for the link, they’re great shots.
        Btw – bigger HQ versions are here:

        Wait – DB swiped Booth’s seats?? lol – that’s pretty funny.

    • “Brennan’s exaggerated wink was her saying “Yes I’m crazy about you, Booth!”, right, since Booth had just said CAB winked at him and she was “just like her mother, brilliant and crazy about me…”

      Absolutely, it was one of Brennan’s simple sylogisms.

      • Booth winked at Brennan first so I thought it was Brennan reciprocating though a bit exagerated. After Brennan winked, he winked again.

    • I LOVE the mighty hut sooooo much!!! I want it! Little Christine is so lucky to have that home, a loving one at that:) It’s such a warm, traditional home, but with B&B style. Best home on tv, no doubt.

  14. Did anyone else note the return of “let’s keep that between us”? Hmmm….. Booth brought it up both times in this episode. Oh, also returning in this episode, Booth’s pocket square! Hello! I don’t think we’ve seen that since the end of season 4.

    • Well…in these specific instances it wasn’t really, “What’s between us is ours”, sorry, no, but rather, in the case of Booth using his FBI security level to access the daycare director’s transcripts, that was actually an illegal misuse of his security clearances (just as it was every time Booth checked out Brennan’s boyfriends and when he checked out Padma), so that was ‘just between us’ because if became common knowledge, then the Office of Professional Responsibility (the FBI equivalent to police departments’ Internal Affairs) would have had to open an investigation into Booth’s misconduct. And the “let’s just keep that between us” at the end regarding their use of coupons to save money grocery shopping, was simply Booth being afraid that their friends would tease him mercilessly, implying that he’d become one of those couponing nutcases, and just wanting to avoid all of the deliberate abuse to which good friends make sure to subject their best buddies.

  15. For some reason, I wasn’t initially thrilled with this ep… but I think I was just trying to get my bearings as to what Bones + a baby would mean.

    So, upon reflection:
    – this was the first ep in a while where I didn’t feel like I was watching actors. One of the downfalls of reading too much about the actors/twitter etc is that I feel like I’m watching them work, rather than engaging with the character. With this ep, B&B felt so normal… and I loved it. They weren’t trying too hard. It felt natural and in-sync.
    – The ending was just delightful. I’m loving mummy Bones. As for Daddy Booth…*clunk* there goes my ovaries…
    – I wasn’t a fan of the whole Cam/Michelle/Finn subplot. They all annoyed me. It was just a date.
    – My fave part of the whole episode was when B&B have arrested the guy, and they start doing their shopping whilst closing out the case. That for me was a lightbulb moment: the crime-solving duo juggling family life. I’m sure I’ve seen this done elsewhere, but I’m definitely along for the ride:)

    • Well about the whole Cam/Michelle/Finn plot, I was OK with it in theory, but I didn’t like the way Michelle treated Cam (and its not the first time). Its a pet peeve I guess, but I really dislike when kids throw out the, “I’m 18, I can do what I want” or “If I’m old enough to go to war then I can do whatever I want”. Please. Then you can move out of your parents house, get a job, pay for your own schooling, clothes, living arrangement, medical bills, food, etc. The woman in front of you is only questioning your relationship with a guy because as the parent, it is her job to be concerned, and care for your wellbeing. And her reason? Because she loves you. The woman in front of you is paying for those clothes you wear, the food you eat, has provided you a vehicle, etc.

      And hey, I’m 28, so not that ancient yet, but it bothers me. I guess I wish kids had more of a realization of what parents have to go through to raise a kid. Give your parents a break, everyone! I was glad that Finn treated Cam with more respect, even at the end, more than Michelle did.

    • Just saying, if I were 18, still at home (after the going-to-college-to-follow-a-boy FAIL from last year) and some dude who I went on ONE DATE with mouthed off to my mom, then stuck his tongue down my throat in front of her, I would be tossed out, on my own, and paying for everything.

      • If I had EVER tried that “”I’m 18” argument at my house, my dad would have said one word to me, “Bye!” 🙂 I would have never been allowed to use the fact the government has decided turning the age of 18 magically makes you an adult. My parents let me stay at home one year after I graduated to save up money and then I had to move out. Which was way better than what my dad got back in his day. When he turned 18, his dad put 18 paper plats at the dinner table at his place. He told my dad, when the paper plates are gone, so are you.

        So I was grateful for my dad. haha! 🙂

  16. One of my best coversations of the ep was this:

    Finn: Dr Brennan, one thing
    Brennan: I am lactating so make it fast Mr Abernathy
    Finn: I think Dr Soroyan has taken issue with me keeping company with Michele. Maybe with you being a mother and all, you might be able to help me see her point of view?
    Brennan: But at this stage I’m only equiped to handle the concerns of a six week old so unless you have a diaper that needs changing or need to be breastfed, I’m afraid I can’t help.

    The look on Finn’s face was priceless. I was rolling with laughter.

  17. I seem to have a slightly different response to the end scene and Booth saying that he’s there for Brennan and Christine (when are we going to find out her nickname btw? I can’t cope with them just calling her straight up Christine) – it didn’t occur to me that Booth was saying that to reinforce his own position as father, or to redeem him for not ‘being there’ for Rebecca (I’m pretty sure he was, as much as she let him).

    I think he said it because his conversation with Agent Shaw made him realise that Brennan going back to work would be really hard for her and the fact that ‘she has you’ was important and would make it easier for her. That his reassurance and presence is invaluable. I loved the scene with Booth and Shaw – it was wonderful. Loved the idea that they dropped their ‘special agent-ness’ for a moment and were just normal people, talking about their kids. Booth was gorgeous in that scene – very reminiscent of early seasons Booth. These days it’s actually quite unusual for him to be that nice to anyone who isn’t Brennan, so I liked seeing him so interested and respectful with Shaw. There’s something about hearing Booth say ‘I bet you’re a great Mum’ that’s really moving.

    I liked this episode a lot. A lot. The case wasn’t particularly interesting but now that I have accepted that they play the cases for laughs, rather than serious drama or character growth like they used to, I can enjoy them for what they are. The sneezing head was by FAR the most disgusting thing EVER. Literally made me gag. I will be closing my eyes on every rewatch.

    The opening and closing scenes were absolutely wonderful, ED and DB are so comfortable and convincing together. I think the fact they’ve worked together so long now means they are genuinely comfortable with each other, which makes their on screen closeness much more natural and believable.

    How great is it that Booth knows Brennan is crazy about him? 🙂 She must have done a fair amount of convincing behind the scenes… 🙂

    • That’s how I saw the end scene as well. I didn’t think it had much to do with Booth’s insecurities and all to do with him wanting to reassure Brennan that he would be there for her to help her get through it all and he would do anything she needed. He’s being a supportive and loving partner, we already know he’s a great dad. His scene with Shaw was tied to this end scene. I’ve seen elsewhere people thinking that it was inappropriate and that Shaw was showing interest in him and I just don’t see that. She was one of the few people who was actually understanding and showing empathy towards Brennan by asking Booth how she was doing with. I thought it was very nice of her.

      • Seriously? People thought she was being inappropriate and making a play for Booth?! That’s absurd, she was just opening up a little about their shared experiences. I thought it was lovely.

        I like that they’ve given her character a little more depth and maturity than just the idolisation of Booth.

      • Absolutely. I thought it was a great scene and I liked that we learned a bit more about her. She has always been very respectful and I’m sure she also respects and admires Brennan.

      • Yeah, I saw the Shaw/Booth scene as more Shaw relating/feeling for Brennan. She’s been there, she knows how hard it is. The end tied to that very well because Booth IS there for Brennan and wants to be very badly. They are adjusting to this new chapter together.

    • I love how we are seeing that Booth seems very confident in knowing that Brennan loves him. “I would know if she loved me”. I like to think that the month – I think we know how the Bones timeline is – between HITH and CITG was chock-full of a hot-blooded lovin’ going on between B&B:) I think Brennan and Booth provided a lot of “proof” about their feelings for one another. Ah, we can only daydream. Maybe some lunches where they didn’t go to the diner….some naked omelett making…. Booth getting to “know” Brennan’s body… and Brennan, for a change, being “easy”;) They were just so happy, and Christine was the icing on the cake; they became family.

      • My very favorite part of this episode is Booth telling Shaw that he has to get to the market so his family won’t starve. He’s waited so long to be able to say those two words, ‘my family’, that it was a joy to hear.

      • Booth saying “my family” and Brennan saying “our daughter” means a lot. It’s simple, but it means a lot.

      • You forgot to mention in that month Booth gathered that Brennan is crazy about him.

      • Mar, how could I forget! LOL. We really don’t know Brennan’s full romantic history, but it sounds like she never had a real, long-term relationship prior to Sully. Even with Sully, there was indication that it was about a month that they were together when he asked her to sail away. Brennan was shocked that he could ask her that since they had only known each other for such a short period of time. Booth knows Brennan. He knows change doesn’t come easy for her. I would imagine her taking the leap to be with him, and possibly even some of the things she did willingly early in their relationship HAD to show him that she was “crazy” about him:) Hey, even when she agreed to move in together, that was BIG. Booth probably had long-hoped he would be the one who could be there for her when she was ready, but he may not have even thought in his wildest dreams that she would be ready and willing to go along with what they have now. And that, I think, is why he is so willing to give a little himself. He believes that they will be married one day – something that it seems means a lot to him – but he’s willing to do it on her timeline. He seems pretty confident, too, that she’ll be the one to ask him.

  18. I don’t want to be spoilery, but did you guys SEE the promo at the end of Monday’s ep for next week????? Sweets + Booth + mangoes = comedy GOLD! I cannot wait 🙂 🙂

  19. oh have I seen that promo! And then the previews??? Especially number one… Oh my gosh. I seriously was grinning like an idiot all the way to work today just thinking about that scene.

    • I have a feeling the murder for next week will, again, not be the main focus or taken too seriously. However, the B&B stuff may be interesting. Fox has been pretty good with the previews, that’s for sure.
      I am ready though for a murder where the victim is sympathetic. The last victim, and she wasn’t even the murder victim, was Amy in Signs in the Silence.

      • Yeah I definitely agree with that. I want the murders to be a little more serious and dark. That’s what made the earlier seasons so great: they were more “film noir” and “dark comedies” than straight up comedy. Well, as long as Bones is still on, I will accept anything they throw at me (though that doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally complain!).

      • Actually the poor woman with the brain damage in the first episode of this season and Debbie the toy inventor were very sympathetic. Also the guy who won the lottery and then got cut up and posted was supposed to be sympathetic too. But I agree there is too much of the ‘oops, I didn’t really mean it, it was just an accident’ type of murder in the last two seasons. More motivation would mean more decent drama.

      • I’ve been thinking about this for awhile since camcat’s post…I think the difference in cases could be for 2 reasons: 1) that the cast is sick of the really evil gruesome stuff and maybe it was getting really depressing at work, or 2) many cases in the beginning of the series were to draw out personal information of the characters and show their growth….now we have a more settled cast, like with Hodgela and B&B, that maybe there’s just not that necessity to be so dark with the cases….orrrrr just thought of 3) they are just giving us the “calm before the storm”…we’ve been introduced to Pelant, and he’s supposed to be a really bad baddie…maybe TPTB are setting us up for some crazy times ahead.

    • Without being spilery, yes, we know we have not seen the last of Pellant and that he is just kind of hanging out there. We know he is keeping tabs on B&B and that is just….creepy. B&B are settling into their new lives, enjoying their baby, and going to the market for baby wipes in between putting criminals behind bars. B&B and the J-team are making the world safer for their families. All the while, Pellant is watching. That IS kind of creepy. It’s kind of like he might strike just as everyone gets too comfortable…

      • Extremely creepy, camcat. What we’re getting now is the “calm before the storm”, as bb said above. Even spoiler-free as I am, I too know we haven’t seen the last of Pelant – far from it.

        We’re being set up to get all comfortable and happy and cooing over cute babies and romance (I hope!) and then… the you-know-what’s gonna hit the fan!

        This is Bones, after all, something dreadful is gonna happen, sooner or later.
        (And I’ll be running to rewatch these nice light episodes as antidotes to angst!)

  20. Happy Bones Day everyone! We are getting spoiled with three in a row 🙂 Can’t wait till tonight!!

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