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The Don’t in the Do- Post Episode Discussion


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41 thoughts on “The Don’t in the Do- Post Episode Discussion

  1. Christine!!! Ugh. Girl, you have some bad timing.

    When Booth said he bought the lingere for Brennan because “I love you, I guess” I was waiting for Brennan to say “you guess?….want to prove it me?”

    Best quotes: “baby, baby, dadda. FBI!” “Good luck. I hope I don’t have to fire you.”

  2. I loved Brennan’s little lecture to Arastoo. So many quipy lines tonight. “Who cares about the Egyptians?”, “let it melt” and that extremely green lawyer really made me laugh. The case was pretty interesting and the reveal was very, very creepy.

    If anyone had any doubts about Booth and Brennan behaving like just friends, I think that last scene was evidence against that hypothesis. Bad girl Christine, bad girl!

  3. Loved the episode. And surely no one thinks B&B are still just friends with a baby!! Loved the last few minutes.

  4. Loved it too. That ending scene was sweet and hot-definitely did not get the friends with benefits vibe. Short of them being in bed half-naked, it would be hard to do a scene that clarified the nature of their relationship better. Didn’t love that Booth went with Sweets’ lingerie suggestion, but liked that he was so initially flustered by the inability to make things right with Brennan, especially in light of the fact that he’s always been able to make her feel good before. Definitely a guy-thing. And I agree, the reveal was uber-creepy and the over-all case satisfyingly meaty.

  5. Arastoo: Hmmm, “Tactile Detection of Bone Anomalies in the Digital Age”, that would make a good next paper, wouldn’t it?

  6. Really loved it from beginning to end. So many great quotes tonight! I liked the case – it was complex. If that last scene doesn’t quiet sceptics about their relationship, I have no idea what will.

  7. Bones….Booth…lingerie…upstairs…melted ice cream?!!?!??!?!?!

  8. It’s been a long time since an ep has produced MULTIPLE lines that I ADORED, and my fave might be what Brennan said to Arastoo, but in B&B world, I ABOUT DIED when Booth was like “Well, they don’t live with you” about other men who might not think Brennan is THE SEX. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! HOTTTTT

    • Just wondering how Emily felt at the writers comparing her to fruit sizes 🙂 I adored so many lines from Booth! And that out of all the lingerie, he picked something that Brennan loved! So much to adore about this episode, I’m sure we’ll all be more coherent tomorrow! 🙂

  9. This episode was just so good. Everything about it was spot on. Here’s to decent writing again!!! AYAYYAYAAY

  10. Wow! Of course Christine had to wake up but the best part was she did not spoil the mood. Booth should have learnt that Sweets is very observant and he should have shopped alone but the outcome – great. Loved when he was about to ‘kill’ Sweets in his office – just before the phone rang. That was a real saved by the bell.
    When he said ILY, I guess – I assumed he was just trying to give her a reasin for the purchase not because he was not sure.
    Brennan is easing up on work more than before. Old Brennan would have been out the door before the Booth got off the phone and not go on abut what to wear and she would never have left unfinished work for a beauty treatment. Love her more this way. She’s still straight as a bullet but with more heart.
    Poor Arastoo. Brennan knew all along and I like that she spoke to him about attitudes. How anyone in that lab can ever think anything is a secret beats me.
    They got work pinned down really well and are working on their personal relationship.
    Brennan has also eased up a bit – she did not run off to the crime scene but still had time to choose clothes and she skived to go for a beauty treatment. Love this new Brennan.
    I love where B/B/C are right now and it can only get better I hope.

  11. Loved the ep. Loved Booth and Brennan. Loved BOOTH! So adorable. Taking down that guy was HOT….Now, Sweets? I can’t stand at the moment. He was beyond a jerk to Booth in this ep. I don’t find him funny. But besides that a GREAT EP.

  12. OMG how cute is Booth. He was always in a no win situation with Brennan. And he handled it so well. . . .Brennan acting so ‘normal’ is a good adjustment. . .Baby Christine= adorbs . . .Booth: Da da FBI = adorbs . . ITA, Sweets was way out of line. The writers are walking a fine line with him. I have seen so much Sweets hate since this epi aired. They need to tone him down, Sweets was a douchebag to Booth. He was lucky that he didn’t get a whack.

  13. Ice Cream anyone? Booth and Brennan are so damn sexy, sweet, adorable all at once. I love them and their little family!! I did really just want to hug Booth and slug Sweets. Could Sweets go to finishing school to learn some manners? Or get his shrinky degree, re-evaluated? Srly. Lovely episode tho. Bones is on a roll!

  14. Sweets saying that Booth was having a hard time because the baby had taken Brennan’s attention away from him really was over the line. Sweets came across as a thoughtless know it all. Booth was truly angry by that statement, accusing him of basically being jealous of their baby? What was Sweets trying to accomplish with that? I think that phone call saved his pretty face.

    • Ah, poor, young Lance. Sweets tries, but he was out of his depth here. Sweets is a boy, Booth is a man. End of story. I could NEVER see Booth as being jealous of his child. Ever. Never. Ever. Ever.

      And how cute were Booth and Brennan watching Christine sleep while they were eating? I mean, wow, they really love their little girl.

  15. That last scene was so unbelivably amazing, I don’t know what else I could say about it! Love seeing the affection again. Would like to hear an ILY from Brennan too though. Case was creepy, but enough twists that had you guessing who the killer really was. Best part of the night…no Daisy!! 🙂

    • I really am okay with Booth verbally saying ILY more…it just seems right to me. I don’t doubt Brennan loves him, and it doesn’t seem Booth doubts it either. Hey, he even referred to himself as a “loved one” in this episode:) Brennan also seems pretty secure that Booth loves her as well, “you guess, huh?” so cute. For some reason though, I almost fear hearing Brennan say ILY….I feel like that may really flow from her if something bad happens, like Booth being injured or something….

  16. Episodes like this remind me why I love Bones so much. And why Booth is pretty the most adorable guy on tv. BUT they also remind me why Sweets role should be reduced to a recurring character. He does not need to be in every ep. Too much Sweets gives me toothache.

  17. I understand why Brennan finds psychology so annoying– Sweets is guessing much of the time with Booth and when he suggests that Booth resents the baby, it shows just how little he really knows about their dynamic right now. Which is probably a good thing for them– Sweets should not be scripting their lives.

    Lovely episode. Brennan’s reminder to Arastoo was pure Brennan and poor Cam: she gets in the middle at the crime scene and when Brennan gives Arastoo her mini lecture, Cam looks like she wants to say something, but she already screwed up once with her.

  18. I assumed Sweets accused Booth resenting his own child to get Booth to angrily correct him with the real reason for Booth’s stress. But instead, all he got was the anger, ha.

    • Sammy, that’s what I thought too. It was so out of nowhere, I was like waaaaiiittttt, I see what you did there Sweets! Trying to get the truth out of Booth by that comment 🙂

  19. This was one of the best, if not the best episode of this season so far. Loved it! Is really interesting to see the way Brennan is changing without losing her spunky self. Booth was sweet, caring, protective and oh so sexy. I love the way he protects his relationship and the way he tries to find a solution to Brennan’s insecurities. Sweets really needs to back off and chill a little, B&B are not his little experiment anymore, their relationship is at another level and they both seem to be pretty content with what they have (judging by that last scene). The dynamic of the characters is what makes this show so special and so different from other shows on tv right now and I think the writers are doing a great job at letting us see this.

    • I LOVE their dynamic. I really appreciate how happy and secure they seem. It seems, to me, that they are right where they always dreamed of being and are happy to be sharing it with one another. They aren’t sticky sweet, but they are very loving.

  20. Booth was very sweet last night, and very in character. We know he likes to “fix” things and he really wanted to help Brennan. Seriously, y’all, can you imagine him with teenage Christine? LOL. A protective father who wants to be able to fix and protect is going to have A LOT of gray hair with a teenage girl. I pity the fool who make her cry or feel insecure for the first time, right? For some reason, I picture Christine as being a little tom boyish but then blossoming when she becomes a teen. I can easily picture Booth as George Banks in the first version of Steve Martin’s Father of the Bride. LOL.

    • Camcat, I love that, Booth would totally be George Banks!

      Also, I love how loving B&B are to each other too. It’s just so casual between them now. They are secure and happy. It’s a really nice dynamic. I think it would be fun for Brennan to just look up one day from the breakfast table, and say, “Hey, I’d like to get married today.” Kind of like her blurting out she had decided to have a baby over a corpse 🙂 Maybe as she’s getting Christine ready for the day or something….just that it just comes naturally from her lips. I could definitely see that.

  21. I think last night proved why Brennan and Booth do not need a television set in their bedroom:) Booth didn’t even want to hear what Sweets had to say about libidos going down for couples with new babies. Booth was adament that he and Brennan were fine and, well, it sure does look like they are:) It looks like there was probably only a minimum interruption in that department;) Once those “walls” came down, there was no turning back.

  22. Anybody else Google “tanga”? They’re both right! It’s a piece of lingerie, and a seaport in Tanzania. 🙂

    Loved this ep!

    …tiny drunken sailor in a onesie…

    Let it melt…

    • I love that Brennan is a newbie to lingerie, and obviously Booth didn’t know that much about it either. I love that they will have that to explore and have fun with together.

      Although I did think Sweets was pretty out of line with a lot of what he said, I think his suggestion about the lingerie in particular was really meant to be helpful. I thought Booth would protest more, but I guess it turns out Booth is a sucker for trying anything that might please his lady. Plus, once they got in the shop, it was really the saleslady who helped him pick out his purchases. For my own mind’s sake, at some part of that process I like to think that Sweets was not around.

    • Yes. “Let it melt” – perfectly delivered by ED with the eyebrow raise. And wasn’t Booth’s reaction great? “Whoa!” And went bounding up the stairs after his girl, ahem, woman.

    • …Tiny drunken saior in onesie… Aw.. and I love how DB added, I think, a improv of “I love it”. ED and DB definitely bring that new baby awe to B&B’s interaction with Christine. Booth is not a new parent, but every parent is in awe of a new baby, especially a peaceful, sleeping baby.

      • Booth may not be a new parent, but he’s in a situation he’s never been before. After all this time, he has the life he always wanted.

      • I think B&B’s happiness really comes across. If they had gone the original route, not written in ED’s pregnancy, and had these two “confused” about what sleeping together meant, it would have been a mess. I totally buy these two transitioning nicely into their new lives and roles. After all this time they have become partners, friends, and lovers and are where they have wanted to be for a long time. It totally works.

  23. I loved the case so may twists and turns, kept me guessing to the end. Very creepy with Sweets helping Booth. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!

  24. FINALLY got a chance to watch! What a fabulous episode!

    As everyone else said, I loved the ending. I rewatched it many times (what a chore) and I just love how unrobotic Brennan was. Her tones were superb, the flirting, the grabbing Booth when Christine started to cry. So natural and happy.

    I fell in love with Brennan before Booth. But I did struggle with her for a while there. This episode brought back the real Brennan for me and I really connected with her. She was confident, cheeky, flirty, fun, sweet with that awkwardness too. I don’t think anyone can accuse her of being Aspbergers in this episode (which people thought for a while there). I’m actually starting to believe HH and his ‘Brennan in hyper-rational state bc she’s in turmoil’ mantra that he sprouted at the end of season 5/start of season 6. And I loved how they ran up the stairs like a couple of teenagers 🙂 very cute. I reckon they are having the time of their lives. And I really want to continue seeing this Brennan 🙂

    As an aside….was it just me, or did anyone else look at the cup size of the lingerie that Booth chose and think ‘no way. too small’. I promise I was more focused on Booth the first 8 times I watched it…

    • Time to take a little break from this finale stuff and remember happier times.

      This is one of my all-time favorite endings. Could be #1, but it’s so hard to be so absolute with this show. Seriously, though, those two kill me. Of course, Booth being all sweet and wanting so badly to make sure his lady is happy might have something to do with it.

      “As an aside….was it just me, or did anyone else look at the cup size of the lingerie that Booth chose and think ‘no way. too small’. I promise I was more focused on Booth the first 8 times I watched it…”

      Haha, I had the same thought! By the time they figure it out, that would be the last thought on their minds.

      Everything about it was awesome sauce:

      1. Booth eager to give her the gift, and watching her carefully as she opened it up. Brennan actually happy with her gift, while many people predicted it would go badly. I love that it was new for her, and was quite eager about having lingerie.

      2. Brennan was actually fine with how she looked, just inconvenienced and somewhat annoyed. She only would have been concerned if Booth didn’t find her attractive anymore, but she believed him when he said he didn’t have any problems. And we now know that Brennan sees themselves as “mates.”

      3. That line about “Well, they don’t live with you,” accompanied by that look – *thud* I think that was my heart, or maybe it was Brennan’s too by the look on her face. We’ve seen Booth try to charm her, we’ve seen Booth actually charm her, but I think that was the first time we’ve seen Temperance Brennan actually swoon. She had to blink her eyes and tilt her head and give that little smile. Booth is her man, Brennan is his woman, and I just can’t understand why anyone would think that after that kind of scene they have anything else to prove in the way of love.

      • “Maybe we should go upstairs so I can try it on” – “Well comfort was all I was thinking about” Sure Booth, but who’s comfort? hah

        I love the way she looks at him after they kiss. It’s one of my favorite episode endings also, but there are so many good ones over the course of 7 years and this season we’ve gotten a lot of sweet moments between them. I also adore the ending for Prisoner in the pipes.

      • *Sigh*. With fluff like that, who needs angst? B&B are the only couple who I think I would never think is too much for me. I guess some people did complain, though, on both ends, too. Some thought it was too much lovey-dovey, others not enough, others just right. Personally, I think they went the minimalist route – just enough to satisfy and leave me wanting more.

      • I think they did plenty to show us the love and ‘togetherness’ without going overboard. I don’t think it was too lovey dovey, it’s not like they were calling each other pet names and making out at a crime scene…oh wait! 😉

        Seriously, I think they gave us just the right amount of fluff without changing the characters. Sometimes I try to read fan fiction and some authors out there just go way over the top with the cuteness, to the point of me not recognizing the characters.

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