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Morning After Q: Thoughts on Friendship and Confidence



Before we get to the MAQ, I wanted to let you know that there’s a new single column TV-appreciation site started called The Particulates Blog. Here’s the link, if you want to check it out. They’re covering Bones and Fringe and looking for more writers to cover discussions (including some spoilers/speculation, be advised 🙂 ) and episode reviews for other shows. And one thing I especially love about it is that they are looking to write about present AND past shows. Basically, it’s a site dedicated to loving TV, not being ashamed of that, and expressing it through writing and fun community discussions. Check it out!

Now, moving on to this episode.

1. For the second week in a row, I liked the Brennan/Angela dynamic. I think the show is doing a pretty good job of having them bond over work and motherhood. Thoughts from you?

2. Let’s talk about Booth. I’m trying to figure out why him asking Cam for help in making Brennan feel lovely was funny and why him talking to Sweets was frustrating. Of course, it sort of backfired on him with Cam, and she wanted no part of it, which was funny and Sweets basically bullied his way to a confession from Booth, which is annoying. So perhaps I’ve figured it out after all, haha. I consider Booth and Cam to be friends, but I don’t consider Booth and Sweets to be friends.

Do you think Angela and Sweets were both needed for B&B to have some confidence?  Other thoughts on this episode?


68 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Thoughts on Friendship and Confidence

  1. Angela for Brennan is great as they were friends before Booth came along and they do get along fairly well. I really believe Angela wants the best for Brennan even if we feel she goes about it in a wrong way sometimes.
    Sweets is a no-no. Like GGW, he works for the FBI and that is his immediate concern. The general attitude is that men don’t discuss feelings so Booth finds it awkward. I would have preferred Hodgins to Sweets any day. Cam is a woman and she will see things differently from a man’s POV.
    B/B have sorted out loads of things without Sweets so far and it’s only because Booth was physically manifesting his frustration that Sweets picked up on it. Once he smells a scent, he is like a bulldog. I wish Booth had slugged him when he suggested Booth was jealous of the baby. He needs to be put in his place though. I smell trouble from his end.

    • Such a great point!! I would LOVE to see some Booth/Hodgins new dad scenes, not the complaining kind that most shows would do, but some real and awesome conversations. (possible embarassing fist-bump at the end)

      • Hodgins would have been a MUCH better person for Booth to talk to last night – he’s been there! Pluse, I agree, I think both Booth and Hodgins love their ladies and love being fathers, so I think they could totally see each other’s POVs when it comes to those topics.

    • I remember the ep where Cam’s sister kissed Booth and the conversation with Hodgins. Booth initiated it but I just love that Hodgins made fun of him even though he told Booth to tell Cam. Also Hdgins asked Booth for advise on proposing to Angela. There is a minefield of fun that can be delved into with those two.

      Maybe Booth and Hodgins should babysit while the girls go on a girls night out. It will be great.

    • I don’t dislike Sweets, but I’m finding that his prying into Booth’s personal business is getting on my nerves. I do enjoy when Booth shuts him down, but I too wish Booth could have some real moments with Cam and with Hodgins, who he actually has a lot more in common with. I hear that more Hodgins/Booth scenes are coming, and not a moment too soon in my opinion. Otherwise, this was a truly enjoyable episode where the murderer didn’t leap out right at the beginning. And the B/B ending scene? Pure heaven…

      • I would also rather see Booth connecting with Cam and Hodgins, but since DB hates shooting in the lab, I guess that’s not workable in most episodes.

      • Sweets can be annoying, but I really do believe that he cares for Booth and Brennan, and wants to be part of their family or, eventually, attain what they have. He’s the original baby duck. Hey, maybe Sweets is jealous of Christine…

  2. I didn’t really have a problem with the Cam/Sweets things, although I did wonder…does Booth actually think that Brennan isn’t going to be suspicious when Cam compliments her appearance out of the blue? That’s not exactly the kind of relationship that Cam and Brennan have, so of course she didn’t buy it. From Angela, maybe, but not Cam. They are friendly colleagues, not girlfriends. I don’t even mean that as a criticism of Booth. I get that he was feeling a little desperate to comfort her, but if he’d really thought it through he’d have known it wasn’t going to fly. As for Sweets, I think he was just the only character that made sense to have suggesting that Booth purchase lingerie (which of course was necessary for that lovely little end scene 😉 ). I can’t see Booth having that conversation with Arastoo. I guess maybe Hodgins could have filled that role? I don’t know. But I think they really like to get some mileage out of Sweets prying and Booth telling him to back the f*** off. And I can live with that.

    I know that most of the people who are still frequenting this site have loved (or at least REALLY liked most of season seven), and while I haven’t DISliked it necessarily (excepting Hot Dog, which I found very annoying), last night’s ep was the first one I’ve actually been anxious to rewatch. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my munchkin will actually take a freakin’ nap today so that I can do just that.

    • I think that Booth was desperate to figure our what was going on with Brennan. Her concern about her attire was out of character and she couldn’t explain to him what the problem was and he had no clue what the real issue was. He was clutching at straws and unfortunately for Cam, it was her. Hodgins was having a field day trying to figure out what was going on, and probably would be the best person to help Booth at that point, but then where would the conflict be? Hodgins and Booth going on a buying trip? As it was, it was pretty funny.

  3. I liked Brennan and Angela this week too (Brangela?) I especially like that it feels “in character” for Brennan to go to her and ask questions – she has always recognized others’ experience in areas in which she is not an expert…also loved that she figured out how the killer did it, and walked out in a face mask – “I really liked this, let’s do it again” and then was at the crime scene in a bathrobe. Awesome.

    Booth: I thought his asking Cam was sweet too, more because he had totally floundered at home and was having a desparate moment, he totally knew that wasn’t going to really help, but had to give it a shot. His conversation with Sweets was annoying because it was Sweets’ hammering him for details, in a way that seemed self serving, thank goodness the result was actually helpful and I did laugh out loud at “these are crotchless!” Oh Sweets, bless your heart. Also, ew.


  4. Poor lil Sweets. I guess I forgive him his annoying tendencies because of the backstory they’ve given us along with the Baby Duck imagery. I really don’t mind him and Daisy because they are both so earnest in their attempt to be like their “parents” Booth and Brennan. Daisy wants to be as smart and accomplished in her career as Brennan, while Sweets seems to be in a sort of high school mode, idolizing the quarterback. He wants Booth to like him, and he wants to earn the respect by using his psych degree and knowledge to solve all of Booth’s problems. I think Booth has an awareness of that which is why he hasn’t punched Sweets in the face yet 🙂

    I think Booth needs Sweets’ needling him too. Booth is a “comfort zone” kind of guy. He’s not too apt to run and share all his feelings. Sweets has a knack for getting under his skin. He needs it sometimes. Booth is a hard head!

  5. No, Angela and Sweets were not needed for Booth & Brennan to have confidence, but they were needed for Booth and Brennan to have someone to verbalize their feelings to, so we the audience can hear them.

    Scenes in which the characters silently think about what is bothering them seldom make for interesting TV.

    Why did Booth ask Cam to compliment Brennan’s appearance? Because Cam was there. I suppose Booth could have had a later scene with Angela in which be brings up the subject, but 1) that requires taking the time to create a scene with Angela and 2) requires re-introducing the subject.

    In that opening scene, they had just established the B plot about Brennan’s body issues and Cam is already in that scene. She is the logical person for Booth to ask. (Hodgins is there too, of course, but that would have added a layer of inappropriateness).

    They could have substituted Hodgins for Sweets in the lingerie scene. Hodgins goes with Booth to see if any blue dye stuff is around the shop in little India, they talk about being new dads, etc. But Hodgins isn’t a character likely to pry, the way Sweets is, and of course Hodgins does not drive a Toyota.

    Sarah, I am going to take a moment to rant here. I know you mentioned the product placement in your GMMR review and I’ve seen complaints of it elsewhere too and honestly…I don’t get why people are so up in arms. Fox does not make Bones, or any other show, out of the kindness of their hearts. They do it to make money. TV shows are crazy expensive to film. The money has to come from somewhere. Would you rather have more commercial breaks in lieu of that 20 second scene? Would you rather the show have lower production values? Be unable to afford quality guest stars?

    The product placement is brief, they try to make it funny, and it seems to me they try to be as upfront as possible. Here’s our commercial, now let’s move on. I have seen shows do it much worse. The Closer, for example, featured an entire subplot about a pair of women’s sneakers and a scene in which the camera lovingly followed a package of Keebler Pecan Sandies around the squad room while various characters asked each other if they would like a Pecan Sandy.

    Certain things happen on the show as a practical function of making a TV show.

    /rant over

    • Barbara, I think you make some great points, I just wish it was a bit more subtle. Like on American Idol where they have the Coke cups in front of them. Or just make the dialogue more natural? I guess I don’t like the glaringly obvious commercial parts. It just makes me fast forward that snippet of the show too, like I do “real” commercials. If it was subtle, I’d prpbably actually watch their product placement which is what they want, right?

      • I actually like how blatant they are about the product placement. “The Sienna practically parks itself.” “Oh, look, the Prius tells you when you veer into the other lane.” “My prius averages 51 miles to the gallon.” et cetera. I fell like they are kind of laughing at themselves about it. I said this somewhere else already today (twitter, maybe?) but it would actually bug me if they tried to be sneaky about it. I prefer the up-front, unabashededness that is product placement on Bones. They even said, “There’s an app for that!” in a few season six eps. I just think it’s funny 🙂

    • I thought this was the funniest of the Toyota plugs so far – Booth’s disdain for the “robot car” was hilarious. And to be truthful, I could totally see a dude saying the same thing, “You get sports in here??” (Although, personal opinion, that much technology down in the dashboard seems REALLY REALLY unsafe…)

    • Didn’t really see that scene as product placement. Just watched and enjoyed it as a whole and it’s always nice when Booth gets under Sweets skin too. It’s just a short scene anyway and they were enroute to investigate. Talking about the car is better than prying to find out about BB.

    • I like your Hodgens replacement plan. It would have worked very well.

    • “The product placement is brief, they try to make it funny, and it seems to me they try to be as upfront as possible.”

      Totally agree. Is not even two minutes of a 40-minute show every so often really worth getting upset over? I don’t think they actually like it more than we do. The only support we give them is by watching, and even doing that through certain mediums doesn’t count in terms of ratings. They have to keep their bread buttered, so to speak.

      Obviously, some want subtle, some like it upfront. I think people need to realize this is a matter of personal preference, not right or wrong.

    • I agree. I think the blatant product placement is funny and I actually looked to see which Toyota Sweets was driving when the scene ended (was it a Camry?). I don’t think we’ve ever seen Sweets drive before so that was kind of fun (although now that I think about it, he was sitting in his car – also a Camry I think – in The Killer in the Crosshairs when Hodgins came to talk about his lack of guilt over the Gravedigger’s death). If they have to do the product placement they might as well have fun with it.

      I know Hodgins has the little Mini Cooper, but whose Prius were Angela and Hodgins driving in The Witch in the Wardrobe? Was it hers or his?

  6. email until I can read and respond

  7. Really liked the Brennan/Angela interaction in this week’s episode. The writers seem to be getting this friendship right in season 7 and we can see how Angela wants the best for Brennan. Getting her to a spa for a facial was a real coup and the scenes there were great. Leaving the spa to go with Booth to confront the killer while still in her robe and face mask was funny too.

    Because Booth and Cam are good friends I see why he would have asked Cam to make a positive comment to Brennan but it was never going to fly and his bumbling add ons about how good she looked in her suit were the words of a desperate man. ED certainly has perfected “the death glare” which Brennan directs at her man and this makes me laugh out loud.

    Booth and Sweets – not so much to like. I am always reminded of the difference between the two FBI psychiatrists, GGW and Sweets, one an adult the other a boy.I accept that the characters have to be different but given my choice it would be GGW every time. I do miss GGW and wish they could persuade Stephen Fry to come back for a visit. I agree with bb that Sweets seem to have some sort of Booth hero worship going on while at the same time he constantly nags and pushes. I want to slap him and can’t believe how patient Booth is – I understand the baby duck imprinting so don’t allow the relationship to spoil my enjoyment of the show but I wish the writers would give this angle a rest. Personally I’d like to see more of Caroline and much less of Sweets (as he’s currently characterised). Caroline would have had Booth into the lingerie shop in a second as she’s the person next to Brennan that he trusts the most.

    The final scenes gave us some lovely and natural B/B moments and I’m still basking in the glow.

    • I’m almost waiting for Sweets to come out and say that he thinks Brennan can’t be a proper mother. He’s kind of obnoxious here and I was glad that Booth’s temper flared.

      Sweets is going to be the thorn in the side trying to direct their lives until they find another purpose for him. I think Booth and Brennan are doing fairly well on their own without him. Angela usually helps Brennan understand the world (even last week when Brennan adopted Angela’s rejection of the rules.) Sweets helps, but it’s like he doesn’t believe they can manage their own lives. He doesn’t seem to accept that they are capable of adapting to their changing circumstances. And what does he know about it? He’s read his books and he’s passed his courses, but his life experience is different than theirs.

      When the others get advice from Sweets, they usually solicit it. Sweets immediately reads the situation and diagnoses it. What made it particularly odious was that he immediately tells Booth he’s jealous of his own kid and that makes Booth nuts.

      • Booth should have thumped Sweets. He got away too lightly.

      • Thorn in the side is a great metaphor. Booth is the man who came up with the smurfette, Brennan’s mother’s earring, Zack’s letter of admission that Brennan wrote to him and the Christmas tree-he certainly can come up with thoughtful, original things to make the love of his life happy. I think the writers should lay off some of Sweets’ advice, unless it results in Booth actually decking him. Now that would be absolutely priceless to see…

    • “Personally I’d like to see more of Caroline and much less of Sweets (as he’s currently characterised). **Caroline would have had Booth into the lingerie shop in a second** as she’s the person next to Brennan that he trusts the most.”

      Oh, that would have been hysterical! Caroline ORDERING Booth into the lingerie shop, and then making inappropriate suggestions. What if that crotchless panties suggestion had come from Caroline? Oh my GAWD!!!

      • Oh my word, I am dying! That would be great! Or maybe even Avalon out with Booth, well really in any setting, could be amazing. 🙂

      • I can just visualise the set on the day that is filmed with Caroline marching Booth to the shop. No one will be able to keep a straight face.

  8. OMG – Just peeked at the particulates blog – this is not a spoiler (or the writing really has gone to crap), but hilarious:

    “Brennan wakes up, finds Sully in her shower – the last five years have been a dream”

    (this is only funny if you are old enough to remember)

    • Don’t even go there LucyC. Lots of people might just end up with a cardiac arrest.

      • they would never, just someone joking about using the Dallas thing…but Sully in the shower might be good just for the visual, you know, “Peanut.”

    • What if it’s Hannah in the shower? Not so funny now, is it? Maybe an autistic Parker looking at the Jeffersonian in a snowglobe (very old St Elsewhere reference, if anyone remembers that show.)

      • Still watch St Elsewhere here in the UK mariu100
        AND don’t even mention Hannah. I will just start crying. If anything happens to Parker, TPTB will just find themselves getting serious threats from fans.

  9. Great episode!! B&B were hot, and it was nice to see that side of their relationship. It was very easy and natural, but sexy. DB & ED are doing a fantastic job portraying a couple that’s been together for a while, but not making it boring. Their chemistry has not waned in the least.

    I liked that they didn’t need either Sweets or Angela to help them. In the end, they talked it out, and i don’t think anything either Sweets or Angela said actually had an effect on how they worked it out as a couple.

    Not going to lie, I wanted to punch Sweets. He was WAY over the line. Booth’s anger was 100% justified, and I almost wish he had punched him. He just kept pushing and pushing where it was none of his business. It seriously seems like he wants them to have trouble in their relationship. They don’t need help, they’re doing great on their own. The way his character is right now, if he vanished forever, I would be happy.

    Overall, I thought it was a funny, well done episode, with some amazing B&B moments!

    • Somebody said somewhere that they thought that Sweets was deliberately pulling a stunt, saying that Booth was jealous or left out because of Christine, to get such a rise out of Booth that Booth would loudly refute the charge by shouting out the actual problem, thus tricking the usually very private Booth into revealing to Sweets what the actual problem was that Booth and Brennan were having. But it didn’t work out that way, Booth just got really angry and then his cellphone rang, interrupting the interaction with Sweets, and thus the fight that Sweets had deliberately started with Booth got dropped.

      So, it really wasn’t quite what it had seemed to be on the surface. Sweets was trying to goad Booth into revealing what was really going on between himself and Brennan.

      • I don’t buy that. I think Sweets was just shooting in the dark, trying to hit a target and he really thought that could’ve been the case. He kept on bugging Booth, to the point in which Booth told him “My life is not a game show” .

      • I agree. Sweets was looking for trouble. He lucked onto the lingerie. ANYTHING that Booth could have done to suggest he didn’t care what size she was would have done the trick because she needed that assurance.

      • I don’t think that was it. And even if it was, it’s still none of Sweets business. Unless Booth of his own free will tells Sweets something, he should just leave it alone.

      • You know it is true what Sweets said to Booth about being jealous with the attention Brennen gives to Christine, it happens in real life, and I have seen it personally quite a few times. Booth is a private person, and we do not know how often Booth was dropping hints that something was not going well in front of Sweets. Now if you recall B&B agreed to be studied by Sweets concerning their relationship. With that, perhaps Sweets cannot stop himself from trying to continue that. Also, Sweets is the psychologist for the FBI and B&B’s relationship goes against FBI regulations concerning interactions with outside contractors, so perhaps Sweets is trying to insure that everything is going well and who knows, he may have to report to the FBI on this. I like Sweets, he is that meddlesome friend we all have.

  10. I just loved the end.

    That is all.

    • Here, here. I don’t know that I could come up with that many more words, either. It’s hard for me to bring myself to care about anything else. It could have been the worst or best case ever, but I wouldn’t know because I can hardly think about anything but that awesomely hot&sweet last scene. DB and ED just get better and better (and I always thought they were great.)

      • ITA. During that last scene, I finally realized what all the “flailing” I’ve read about in posts actually meant. I would prefer to call what I was doing maybe something slightly more dignified, like, fist-pumps? Naaa. It was definitely flailing. Verbal skills were also affected – was capable only of inarticulate sounds. 😉

    • Agreed, Angelena! I adored the ending. Booth was so adorable, sneaking the present out while Brennan was in the kitchen, and then describing what was inside like “bralette”! haha It was just funny to see Booth in the same situation that many men through history have found themselves in after their significant other has a baby. I thought he handled it well. And apparently Brennan did too, when she suggested they could let the ice cream melt ;). Another new phrase for the Bones lexicon! Mighty Hut, “everything happens eventually, 4:47, and melted ice cream!

  11. I agree with Barbara, way up in the comments where she said:

    ‘No, Angela and Sweets were not needed for Booth & Brennan to have confidence, but they were needed for Booth and Brennan to have someone to verbalize their feelings to, so we the audience can hear them.’

    I agree that they now have Booth open up to Sweets and Brennan say things to Angela because it’s an easy way for the audience to hear what the character is thinking / dealing with. I think in previous seasons, they used to use the case as the motivation / mirror for the character’s feelings and the actors would communicate how they felt in any one scene to the audience using non-verbal cues. It’s more common now for the cases to be separate to the character story going on in an episode and issues are established, discussed and resolved in the dialogue.

    In terms of the Booth/Sweets stuff – it comes under the (quite wide) umbrella of TWTIF – otherwise known as ‘The Writers Think It’s Funny’. We know the writer’s love the Booth/Sweets dynamic which is why it’s now so prominent – it gives them leverage for a different type of comedy. They seem opposed to Booth just being honest about what’s on his mind and so make Sweets badger it out of him, which seems a bit unfair to the Sweets character to me. The writers want the audience to know what Booth is upset about, but they make Sweets act annoyingly nosey before they’ll let Booth reveal it. It’s a consistent approach, but not one that makes either Booth or Sweets come across particularly well.

    I think it’s a shame they didn’t develop the Booth / Hodgins friendship more (we haven’t seen much closeness between those two since seasons ago) but as Barbara said, Booth and Hodgins don’t naturally have many scenes together (I think there are entire episodes when Booth doesn’t interact with Angela, Hodgins or Cam at all actually) but the writer’s have chosen to go the Booth / Sweets friendship route and aren’t going to change it now. And I do think they’re friends – although Booth frequently treats him pretty badly.

    A few recent Booth / Sweets things that have cracked me up:
    ‘No soccer!’ – ‘Ahh, don’t say that’
    The crotchless knickers. Can’t believe they went there. DB and JFD must have been cracking up.
    The 10 inch weiner and ‘blow out from Santiago’ scenes – facial expressions of both are absolute classics.

    I could carry on, but this is already probably far too long!

  12. I still have to go back and read everyone’s comments – If I repeat something, feel free to give me your disapproving look.

    First, although I understand why the commercials within the show are there, that’s not going to stop me from being snarky about them. I don’t care that they’re short or mostly discreet or whatever; they’re there for me to poke fun at and poking I’m gonna do.

    Second, what I loved most about this episode was that I was wrong.

    I was wrong about Brennan being uncomfortable with her post-baby looks – she wasn’t being superficial, she was just stating a fact.

    I was wrong thinking that giving her lingerie was a bad idea. To another woman that gift might have just been a reminder of how her body isn’t back to normal. For Brennan, it was just a gift – and a surprise gift, at that. Her reaction when she saw it, the way she asked Booth why he was giving her a gift, that was so beautiful. It was like she still has moments when she can’t quite believe her life now is what it is, that she has everything she never thought she wanted.

    I was wrong in what I thought her reaction would be to that specific gift. It was a gift from Booth and she just accepted it as that, without looking for a deeper motive. She’s his “mate,” him saying “I guess” he loves her is funny to her because she knows – KNOWS – that he really does and when he answered her question about him being okay with her body, she accepted it as the truth it was.

    I’ve been waiting for this kind of moment for most of S7. Being wrong was a small price to pay for finally getting it.

    • yay, so glad you loved it 🙂

    • Brennan DOES trust Booth. She has known and believed for a long time that Booth would give himself completely to someone he loved. I think she seems very accepting of his love, and appreciating every moment of it. I love that. I love how sweet Brennan is. I love how much she seems to love/savor their kisses. She’s so……feminine:) She’s totally charmed and that’s fun to see.

  13. I’m going to jump into the line of fire here and say that I think Booth’s reaction to Sweets’ prying (in his office) was out of line. That entire scene felt a bit off to me and I don’t think Sweets deserves all the hate he’s getting for this one. It was a serious loss of control on Booth’s part and I think it was a gross over-reaction. The entire scene, in my opinion, was blown out of proportion and wasn’t a positive reflection on either character.

    Comparatively speaking, Booth’s anger in Con Man and The Signs in the Silence was much more justifiable. In Con Man, Brennan (his partner and the one person who he thought had his back) took his brother’s word over his, questioning his honor and manhood in the process. Punching the girl’s father in The Signs in the Silence was a knee-jerk reaction fueled by his abusive past and his anguish over seeing that happen to someone else. Both realistic situations. But while Sweets’ question may have been clearly unnecessary given what he knows about Booth, it wasn’t at all an unusual question to ask someone who’s partner has just had a baby. It just seemed an oddly strong reaction, on Booth’s part, to a simple question (although it’s possible he was reacting more to the challenging way in which Sweets said it than anything). All he had to say was, “No I’m not jealous.” Instead he completely lost his temper and threatened physical harm…in the workplace no less. Sorry, but that’s just as unprofessional as anything Sweets said.

    Sweets is well-meaning, albeit somewhat unprofessional at all the wrong times, but I think he looks up to Booth and really just wants to “help” him. Booth, on the other hand, seems to take advantage of that “friendship” only when it suits him. Both aspects of the relationship are played for laughs by the writers so it is what it is and I don’t expect it to change, but…yeah. I think I’ve said enough. Time to go hide in the bushes again. 😉

    • I do agree that that scene was strange. It seemed very random, and they never resolved anything, just kind of kept going. I’m not a fan of Booth and Sweets…friendship or whatever it is. It seems very forced and not real. I think that Sweets looks up to Booth, but Booth really looks at Sweets as a joke. After everything Sweets has done in the past, and how nosy he is, I don’t blame Booth though. I can’t take him seriously either.

    • I also think it was an over-reaction. (Interesting that that seems to be happening more than usual lately.) However, I also think that while Booth is pretty happy and he loves Brennan and his baby, it’s a lot of added responsibility, and we know how important it is for him to make sure things are right, or “fix” things if they go wrong. It seems to me that he’s really feeling the pressure, and Sweets’ prodding is like adding fuel to the fire. As a single incident, all that wasn’t needed, but as it was, it was an escalating scenario. I often think Booth can be nicer to Sweets in general, but when Sweets is really troubled, Booth is usually there for him.

      It’s hard for me to compare Booth/Sweets and Brennan/Angela. Brennan and Angela feel a lot more like equals. One layer of Booth and Sweets is big brother/little brother, and we know Booth isn’t really friendly to Jared – he feels obligated to look out for him. In the professional realm, Sweets definitely comes in handy and I feel he holds his own – Booth wants his input even if Brennan doesn’t really trust or understand it. But otherwise, Booth seems to dictate what they talk about and what they do together. I still think he could have offered him an olive branch after getting him into trouble with Brennan in Prisoner. On the other hand, I can also see that the writers want to use Sweets as a device to get Booth’s feelings out there. Booth definitely is internal with all that, and Sweets is the only one who cares enough and is persistent enough (besides Brennan except when he needs to talk to someone else) to try to get Booth to vent about whatever is bothering him, especially when he is very obvious about it and is blowing up over trivial things.

      • “C-bones: …However, I also think that while Booth is pretty happy and he loves Brennan and his baby, it’s a lot of added responsibility,…”

        Remember in The Bump in the Road where Booth told Shaw that he had to run out to the grocery store so that his family didn’t starve? Brennan was keeping track of all of the things that had to be purchased and organized to take care of Christine on a daily basis, but the ordinary daily needs of herself and Booth, she totally forgot about (not out of character for her, remember all those years when Booth would drop by her office to either force her out to lunch or would bring her pizza or other food, to ensure that she ate, because she’d get so caught up in her work that she wouldn’t remember to eat), and so all of that was falling onto Booth’s shoulders on top of his professional responsibilities, plus he would, of course, be making sure to take his turn at changing Christine or even feeding her on occasion when Brennan had left pumped bottles of breast milk.

        So, daily life for Booth these days is an exhausing juggling act of trying to keep all the balls in the air and not have them all come crashing down on him.

    • Sweets needs to learn the art of discretion and that you don’t poke the tiger unless you want to get your head ripped off. Is comment about Booth being resentful about Christine came out of nowhere. He just wanted to poke at Booth for saying his profile was ‘reaching’.

    • Well said.

  14. I also really, really loved the sweet ending! Gosh, I remember those early baby days of barely getting a quiet dinner. 😉 As a working mom, I am enjoying seeing the work-life dynamic I live out on a daily basis: taking kids to daycare, body image insecurities, pumping at work (Angela made a comment to Brennan about pumping)! It’s great – I think they’re doing a great job showing that.

    Does anyone know what episode we see Parker meet Christine?

  15. Just thinking about the Sweets/Booth scenes some more….I guess they’ve decided that Booth needs his own sounding board, like Brennan has with Angela. Booth really doesn’t have that guy friend to talk with. He sort of had Sully haha, or when Caroline or Max or Avalon guest star, he has moments with them…but no one constant like the Brengela friendship. Sweets did have his helpful moments when Brennan could not be there with the pregnancy….and maybe we are just seeing some growing pains as they settle into the new relationship. But with Hodgins mostly confined to the lab, Booth needs someone on the FBI side of it, and that is Sweets. And Booth does need someone besides Brennan to talk with now and then. Brennan has tons of sounding boards with her Jeffersonian team, and while Booth has sometimes Shaw around, we really don’t see many FBI people for him. So I can see why TPTB are utlizing Sweets so much.

  16. I think it’s interesting what this episode wasn’t about. I think I thought it would be based around B&B getting their sex life back on track after having the baby – Brennan not being sure if she’s ready, Booth not wanting to push it etc. I think HH also alluded to it being about that a bit -that’s why I thought Booth was buying lingerie, but it seems they’re right back on track with no mention of it – which is nice and fairly typical of them ha.

    • Even before the lingerie it seems like they were back on track, no major issues “I’m not sleeping in my car, if that’s what you’re asking” and then Sweets started prodding Booth about a possible low in sexual activity. Booth’s only answer was “Stop…we’re fine, we’re more than fine” so I’m guessing there were no issues there. I like it this way better, it was more natural.

    • Sophia, I think you make an awesome point about how they don’t have to show “IT” but we still know that it is happening, and probably often :). The magic of DB and ED! They can just look at each other across a kitchen table, and you get it. Or they wink at each other over their baby, and you see the connection they still share. While I’m sure not many of us would mind if they gave us a few more…physical…scenes here and there, but when Booth is buying lingerie and Brennan talks about letting ice cream melt, I get it. 🙂

  17. I’m feeling glad that I don’t read spoilers anymore. Reading comments about how the show wasn’t what they expected reminds me of why I stopped. I can just embrace and enjoy whatever comes. I’ve struggled all season with people out there (mostly) saying that B&B are just friends having a kid. I never saw it. I saw 2 people who were committed to making it work. I’m glad now that no-one can question just how into each other these two are.

    And Dear God. If DB looked at me the way he was looking at ED in that ep… no. No words.

  18. I know that this is off topic, but am hoping someone can help: I recall someone saying that we saw ‘4.47’ turn up in Crack in the Code. Can anyone tell me at what point this happened?’

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